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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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good evening, thanks for joining us, tonight signs the white house is running out of patience on president-elect trump, russian influence on the election. and u.s. officials telling cnn that hacking tools do point to russia which explains some of what he said this afternoon. especially his tone. >> might be time to not attack the intelligence community but actually be supportive of a thorough, transparent, rigorous, nonpolitical investigation into what exactly happened. >> that came off president-elect trump tweeted this. if russia or another entity was
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hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? only complain after hillary lost. >> we reported that timing thing is untrue. as to the general thrust, more to do with political grapes, not going down well with the intelligence community, some of whom keep their lives on the line to keep president informed. there is a better picture now of why the white house came out with such force earlier today. explain. >> no question. the intelligence community has believed for some time that hacking of this scale and target being the presidential election of the united states of america would require approval by the senior levels of the government. way the country is built, would be vladimir putin. now they have more evidence to back it up. one being the sophistication of
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the cyberweapons used in the attack. almost certainly require approval, order in effect, of president putin. in addition to other intlengs backing it up. had this belief and now the more they dig, more evidence and intelligence to back up that belief. >> it's universally held belief in the intelligence community? earlier heard about differences between the cia and fbi. >> differences on motive. long been a uniform belief in the intelligence agencies and fbi that russia was behind the attacks. question was why? disagreement why, just to disrupt the process or intent of helping one candidate, namely donald trump? i've talked to number of intelligence officials with growing confidence in that
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direction. colleague's understanding is not dismiss that assessment but less confident. happens a lot. there's no disagreement on russia as perpetrator of the attacks. >> is it clear if hacking is continuing or attempting? >> new reports tonight. intelligence and law enforcement officials telling us it is continuing unabated sinced election, targeting u.s. political institutions, parties including are democratic party. unsuccessful phishing attack, way to get you to click on something to allow access to the system. all this evidence, growing confidence and president-elect who has seen the evidence. it's our reporting it's shown to him in classified intelligence briefings, yet continuing to say in public he doesn't believe
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russia is behind the attacks. got to be driving force in part from what we heard from josh ernest. wouldn't hear unless the president gave the okay. >> donald trump saying what he has said, doesn't seem to believe russia is behind it, could be china, someone in their basement. other point is this is still continuing. efforts to hack still going on. >> that's right. i don't want to say it's not surprising because everything about this story has been intensely surprising, including the brazenness of these attacks. but russia had success here. whether or not they wanted trump to win, certainly causes ripples in the american election process and had success in other countries in western and eastern europe. it's view of u.s. intelligence officials this is going to continue. why wouldn't it? because from russia's
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perspective, it works. >> thanks jim. bring in the panl. van jones. monica langley. kailee mcenny and dpsh strt with a monica. new reporting on the view of the hacking story. you were at trump tower today. what are you hearing? >> my understanding is that some within the transition team advising him believe he is concerned about it. but late today i spoke to someone else said spending zero time worried about the russian hacking and all his time on choosing best cabinet possible and bringing back good paying american jobs. so they're saying look, whatever will happen with the russian hacking has happened. and that he's not focused on that. what he's focused on is getting the cabinet and jobs. and what he's ticked off about
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according to this high level source i spoke with in trump tower is that the democrats and white house are trying to delegitimize his election. that's his view. >> is that what you think the democrats are trying to do? >> think there's legitimate concern here but look at what is happening, seeing unraveling that's dangerous for the country. going from delegitimate opponents to now institutions. both sides with some peril here. first of all donald trump tried to delegitimate obama the whole time, hard to hear it from him. take that off. if you delegitimate the election, begins to make americans wonder why am i paying taxes? but if you defend yourself by delegitimizing intelligence institutions, knocking down beginning domino effect of all
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institutions eroded. if you're president-elect and want to stop the process and govern well, get out in front of this, own it, say i'm concerned about this, appoint -- take it off the table as something you're complicit in. by being defensive, looks complicit and erodes faith in him, the election and our intelligence agencies. >> kalee, should donald trump embrace idea of bipartisan commission. said not going stand in its way but he's not embracing the idea. >> i think he should embrace the idea of bipartisan commission, republican congressmen seem to be on board. that being said. i understand his frustration. only imagine you won in huge victory, and anonymous individuals within the intelligence agencies leaking information to "the washington
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post" and "new york times" saying the motive to elect donald trump and fbi saying not sure it's their motive and john podesta saying the electors should be briefed before voting. this has been politicized by the democrats. i think should embrace the commission but understand the frustration. >> jim sciutto still with us. talking about politicized, that's something the cia and other organizations, they get back up against the wall when they hear that. >> no question. not just politicized. keep in mind had the intelligence community attacked and dismissed by future commander in chief. this is a serious analysis that took months and really more than a year for the community to reach this conclusion. i would dispute one thing that
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kailee said there, not anonymous sources telling us, this is dhs and director of national intelligence who put out statement a month before the election that russia is behind the hack. white house and president talking about russia behind it. i do agree, based in part on the fact it's classified information they're talking about. unnamed officials and sources are talking about the different assessments of the motive. and establishing motive is hard for any intelligence investigation. did they want to disrupt the election? help donald trump? there is disagreement but there's very public accounting and no disagreement from our sources within the intelligence community about who is behind the attack. that's what donald trump is questioning. >> you're right about that. that's why i said the anonymous sources leaking the motive. my frustration and congress's,
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on the 17th, a report out, james clapper before a congressional committee saying can't identify the hacks. there's no disputing it's from russia but don't have information about from wickileas and supposed to be briefed and canceled. >> there is a line donald trump could walk. i don't agree russia was trying to get hillary clinton to lose and siding with me but i am concerned about russia's hacking of the systems and should be investigation. >> i think the question is what was the motive? undermine confidence in the election process? america's security? influence the election? that's the question that i think we can all agree needs to be answered but to jim's point yes this information was known and pointed out by the
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administration. josh says in the press briefing that october seventh white house was informed. knew on october seventh. why didn't point it out at that point? >> they did. reported, department of homeland security, office of director of national intelligence said i quote, intended to interfere with the election process. didn't say to favor one or the other. first who cares? >> my question, does motive matter? isn't it more the fact they were successful and able to do it? how do we stop it going forward. >> clearly in the process, not playing tetris, trying to monkey around with the elections and obviously the effect was. who benefits? gee, i don't know. some reporting that they hacked republicans as well and didn't leak any of that.
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lindsey graham said he was hacked. none of it was leaked. >> d.c. leaks or whispers. >> okay. i stand corrected. but intent to interfere. whether this fine distinction for hillary or muck around, not a difference. trump has to get in front of this. will dog or doom him in the presidency and we can't afford a crippled president. >> from national security standpoint, if there are vulnerabilities, will continue to be attempted. appreciate the point. distinction without a difference. china hacking to hurt our economy, and then russia hacking us to hurt our democracy and undermine our confidence in american institutions. should bring americans together. hold on a second. we created internet and now used
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against us economically and politically and actually having intended esktd rather than us sitting together saying not going to have it, saying maybe it's this or that. someone in the kremlin is laughing. >> you have reporting also about the role of donald trump's adult children. >> two sons will take over the real estate empire. controversy has been starting, see them influence s picks of the cabinet, sitting in on the tech meeting. i asked did b that. from the day he becomes president, the two boys will no longer sit in on meetings and be involved. abide by a line. that's what they're saying. >> why wait? >> because this is the transition and not running the government. that's what i'm told. that's what they plan.
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on the real estate, whether it's going to be disposed of and sold, a lot of people calling for the properties to be disposed of. they're not going to do that, they're going to hold on to all the real estate, the properties that have his name on them all over the globe. >> won't divest? >> going to lay out not involved. >> but still own it. >> and reason not going to sell it, even though people say why don't you just liquidate? it's not like a stock, iconic real estate properties. at first everyone thought would be a fire sale. how can you put them all on the market all at once. now they're finding that so many potential people want to buy trump property in foreign countries, go for high prices. as one person said it's no-win
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situation. sold for high prices people say taking advantage of selling the property. >> also reporting on ivanka trump and her role. >> some conversation she could take over the first lady's office in the east wing. she wasn't happy about that. she believes that she would have a more substantive role. i understand would want to be in the west wing and she and jared are looking for -- full and complete separation from both businesses and both have substantive businesses. big real estate business and her own fashion business. trying to separate everything by the first of the year to come to washington to help donald trump. >> so somebody else is -- somebody else would run her businesses or sees to be functioning? >> i think that's still being
9:16 pm
determined. but she's making it clear she realizes, unlike her father who says simply i don't have conflict because i'm president and no law against running business and country, she understands there are all kinds of laws that would apply to them. we've got to completely separate, make it crystal clear. don't want to be attacked that way. but she wants to be in the west wing, not east. she and melania talked about roles. she plans to be the first lady. i think a lot of talk coming out of it, since ivanka coming before melania, she would assume that role. she didn't like that. would they say this about a boy? wants to be substantive in the west wing. >> formal policy role? >> no not form.
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informally as first daughter and advocate. wants to do the paid family leave and also advise her dad on that and other issues. so she wants to be in the west wing but not as paid person and be informal but does want an office. >> more to talk about next. president obama is weighing in on the hacking story and possibility of retaliating. and in spite of that, donald trump could raise restrictions against russia. and rage tweet about long-running feud over the size of here we go again, donald trump's hands. scores don't change that much. i haven't changed. oh, really? ♪ it's girls' night they said business casual. i love summer weddings! oh no. yeah, maybe it is time.
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before the break. donald trump is not worked up over the russia hacking story but new news how president obama is. we need to take action and we will. unclear what that will entail. some republicans ready to take action. lindsey graham is breathing fire. >> we're going to hit you and hard, going to introduce sanctions that's bipartisan naming putin for not only hacking into our political system but trying to destabilize democracy around the world. >> next guest congressman kingston, you met with american business leaders in moscow. on behalf of the incoming administration? >> no. i belong to international law firm and been in moscow for years. what we've been doing in wake of
9:20 pm
the election and -- had election summaries in brussels and london and australia and this happened to be in moscow. work with client base and chambers of commerce there. report from the fox hole of america. >> did the business leaders see you as envoy for the president-elect? you've been on television many times as donald trump surrogate. >> well, i think people may see me as someone who knew and followed the election. i have the honor of also working with john boehner, trent lott, rodney slater, lot of good people on both sides of the aisle. when they see us, often think of us identified with a particular candidate. in this case as you know i had the horn of following the campaign on a volunteer basis
9:21 pm
every single day and tried to keep up to speed on the issues as well as i can. >> in your conversations with businessmen in russia, talk about the possibility of donald trump lifting sanctions against russia related to aggression in the ukraine? >> i think the overarching theme was for american businesses in russia, about $50 billion worth of business a year. fortune 500 companies been there 20 to 30 years and weathered a lot of political storms and high tension, national security, international security type issues. they want to have a good working relationship. president obama actually established a presidential commission that was a u.s./russia communications conduit and worked with america businesses to do it but that was disbanded when russia invaded the ukraine and crimea situation
9:22 pm
and so forth. but think the opportunity for a new administration to look at these issues with fresh eyes is always a good thing. >> do you think sanctions should be lifted? >> i don't know be lifted based on information that i have but for a new administration to go in and take a look, did we get the results we were looking for? most people would say spotty at best. lindsey graham is talking about increase sanctions, i think again the new administration should go in whatever directions it wants but i don't think you can say the sanctions have achieved the results that people thought they would or hoped. >> they have hurt the russian economy significantly? >> and sometimes with e have to remember when you do that, laying off russians and americans as well. maybe to some people in the best interest but in the spirit of cooperation and communication, looking at these things, keeping
9:23 pm
good relationship with one of the largest economies and nations in the world is also a good thing. we overlook a lot of things china does and other trading partners. not advocating for that but when you have americans doing $50 billion worth of business on the ground in russia, should keep good communications and some of the rhetoric coming out of washington might not be as productive. we have to address syria and ukraine, important issues but can have ongoing business relationship while the military issues are being resolved. >> thank congressman. back with the panel. president obama just told npr we need to take action and will in response to the hacking. what would be the options for retaliation? u.s. has cyberwarfare
9:24 pm
capabilities and acted against states in the past. >> you have escalating menu of options. started with naming and shaming. in private first. president did with putin in china this summer and in public, did it a month before the election. then further steps. discussed with jack kingston, economic sanctions, administration response to russian military action in ukraine and mr. kingston is right, imposed economic costs and not changed behavior on the ground. questions whether effective. next step is retaliate in cyberspeed. u.s. has tremendous capabilities, arguably the best in the world. ranges from exposing embarrassing information about putin, about his finances et
9:25 pm
cetera, but also to the degree of turning the lights off in moscow just as a -- i don't know do that but attack critical infrastructure systems in russia. trouble is, and this is something obama administration expressed. we assume the adversaries have similar abilities. if you do that, get a response and in a cycle. what's the next step up the ladder? president has to decide. >> some believe that president obama should have had a more vigorous response earlier. donald trump raised the point. >> there's a ladder that you climb but part of what i find bizarre right now is talking about russia, best as i can tell, is an enemy, adversary of
9:26 pm
the united states government, as best i can tell, doing as much as they can to disrupt us inside the homeland but republican leader after republican leader come out with kid glove comments, maybe not hurt their economy so many, business interests. i can have in conversation but strikes me as bizarre. if president obama when running for office, nigerians or chinese hacking and causing chaos, afterwards talking about having better economic ties. doesn't make sense to me. i'm confused by it. >> it's interesting reversal. i remember growing up in the 1980s and '70s when republicans were saying let's be tough on the soviet union, they're the evil in the world. >> clearly russia is in a position of strength right now.
9:27 pm
putin is strong because obama has been weak. we need to step up, shaming to sanctions to potentially the next step, certainly more strong. what we have been doing up to this point is clearly not working. absolutely have to step it up in some way. >> trump was excoriated throughout the campaign for suggesting friendly relationship with russia and it's ironic, remember back to bush who called russia a strategic partner and then they invaded georgia and obama came out with reset button, negotiated a treaty, and whispered in the ear -- and russia invaded crimea. donald trump has to think through the actions russia has taken after offered friendly overture and maybe can make them a partner.
9:28 pm
would be great but eye to history. >> putin is thug and only understands strength. russians did go with obama on sanctions against the iranians, terrific accomplishment that hillary clinton helped negotiate. but reset a failure. most fair-minded people would say and i'm obama supporter. i think the united states should have retaliated sooner, six months ago. i believe president reagan, peace through strength. this guy has seen a chance to move and moved. it's telling what donald trump is saying, doesn't just want good relations, he attacked a gold star family, p.o.w.s and the pope and never uttered a word of criticism of putin, a thug and dictator. why is it? who knows. his son in 2008, high up in the
9:29 pm
trump organization and successful in the family said quote, russians make up pretty disproportionate portion of our assets. see a lot of money pouring from russia. maybe that's changed since. won't release the tax returns. but don't know why the only person or entity this man won't stand up to or attack is putin. >> repeatedly said putin said something nice about him. said this repeatedly. i guess the translation was wrong of what putin actually said. said bright. not intelligent but sparkly shiny bright. so there's question about what putin meant but that does seem, donald trump, people are nice to donald trump, he's generally nice to them until they're not nice and tries to counterpunch. there's element of that. >> donald trump's whole campaign
9:30 pm
was counterpunch. he does play along with you. used to like ted cruz and then came at him viciously, used to play footcy on the debate stage until at it and went after him and his wife and father et cetera. >> the good thing would be if this is a bizarre psychological problem that he sort of is nice until he's not but we don't know if its more than that. if that's all it is, it's weird. but if there's more going on. financial interests, if you can connect all these dots by saying, won't release taxes because financial conflict of interest, won't attack these guys and they helped me get elected, you start running into a crisis of legitimacy in your country. that's danger we're looking down the barrel of already and not even inaugurated the guy. >> but it's mistake to assume
9:31 pm
that because he -- will continue to be friendly. >> weren't friends, donald trump said had a relationship for a long time. then admitted never met or talked. >> closer to inauguration and assumes mantle of the presidency and in position to take force as needed, certainly going to to be much stronger than we've seen -- >> why? >> if he strikes against america -- >> he just did. cyberwar is real war. when a country strikes at you in cyberwar, it's the real deal and it happened. he hasn't responded and won't believe our own spies. >> question is whether it was to influence the election or for him. undermine the process or -- >> regardless, it was an attack. stealing. >> he's not saying shouldn't
9:32 pm
investigate that. saying we should. >> he says he's fine if somebody wants to but he's not calling for investigation. >> he said perfectly fine for investigation to determine. >> if isis did this would be calling for everything possible to respond. russia is doing the exact same thing. well jeez if you want to look into it. undermines attention of the american people. totally unnecessarily. costless to him to say not going to tolerate this as president of the united states. >> take a break. more breaking news. president obama talking about taking action. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6.
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more on the breaking news. president obama told npr, we need to take action and we will, in response to russia's hacking. joining me now is mr. woolcy, when options does the united states have? >> president obama is master of the empty threat. four years ago he threatened syria with severe consequences if they crossed the red line and used chemical weapons against their own people. they did that, he shrugged and handed the problem to russia. wants to take threats with the grain of salt. other problem is we've not hardened our electric grid the way the russians and some other countries have theirs. it is -- could be quite
9:37 pm
vulnerable to hacking, especially against the control systems which run over the internet. and internet is very welcoming to outsiders. it was designed to everybody could share, share, share. and so getting into it, and hacking in it and causing trouble is not as hard as we wish it was. we have a very good system, out at nsa and able people and american hackers. but you can't harden the electric grid overnight. and it takes some work and commitment and we've seen none of that from the obama administration. >> i want to talk more about this but gotten the audio so let's play that and then continue. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integry of our elections, that we need to
9:38 pm
take action. and we will. at a time and place of our own choosing. >> so when you were saying that russia has hardened electric grid, ours has not and can't do it overnight. is the implication if the united states were to retaliate through cyber means against russia could be a tate for at that time back and forth and we're more vulnerable? >> could have serious problems. look at russians in estonia, crimea, ukraine, going against the electric grid. and there's another dimension to this. that the russians have been trying to undermine western democracies, including ours for after the least 80 years, since the late 1940s, instituted a system called disinformation, otherwise known as lying. they've used it.
9:39 pm
have hundreds of thousands of people committed to working on it according to the head of rome mainian intelligence who defected in '79 to us. he said in his books and otherwise, that russia is all the time trying to undermine western democracies. focused on europe more until relatively recently. going after relatively weaker parties and so forth and expanded to here. it's not new. russia, even when they smile, they have still maintained the disinformation program. and they're right now probably finding some way to try to get into the system. it was not hacking up until relatively recently. now it's hack. they've used different technologies over the years and decades. this is not new that they're
9:40 pm
trying to damage western democracy. >> general hartley, what are the possibilities for the u.s. to retaliate? >> there is no possibility. we're in the midst of cybercampaign right now. not all out cyberwearfare, it ws element, we watched estonia, what happened there in georgia and ukraine and other places. talking about what is going on now, early stages, spyware in place. seen many examples. mr. podesta, senator graham and others have said it's placed in the system. affected the trust. that's usually phase two. next thing is how do you affect infrastructure? what do you attack and how?
9:41 pm
you have to be quiet and nuanced about it to make sure the attacker is not known specifically. seen that in this campaign that russia has initiated several years ago and peaked in the last several months. and full extent of the campaign is some shutdown, financial apparatus, electrical power grid or government. all in play. we have to be careful and cries to have people investigating it is critically important. president in his statement tonight has suggested there are counters to this. one of the main elements of cyber warfare, never allow people to know what you're doing and has to be nuanced approach. that's what the president is saying. we've got capabilities too, be careful what you're doing russia, could come back to haunt you in a variety of ways. that's the threat the president was making in nuanced way tonight. >> and pointed out time and
9:42 pm
place of our choosing. director woolsey. do you support investigation? you have republicans and democrats calling for full investigation exactly what happened, how, is that something you would support? >> sure. we need to know what took place. congressional investigation or national commission would be one way to do it. but one thing we have to keep in mind here, general referred to it in a way, is noise doesn't help a lot. talking about we are shaming you doesn't help a lot. teddy roosevelt said speak softly and carry a big stick. with the case of dealing with cyberissues, sometimes better to say nothing and carry a big stick or increase the size of the stick to use it effectively. but let them wonder where things are coming from, don't always get out there and start
9:43 pm
trumpeting about what you're doing. >> and that's what russia has been doing. allowed us to wonder where it's coming from and some of the politicians fallen into the laps. gee i wonder if it's russia, fat guy on a bed or any of those other things. we've got to be careful. this is 21st century asymmetric warfare and very effective. >> russians call it contact-free war. mean it's not contact between bullets and human beings but conflict been different electronic systems and the rest. and it's contact-free perhaps but not conflict-free. >> or impact-free unfortunately. >> and also falls into the normal doctrine, you mentioned a couple of words earlier, give you one more. let people believe it's coming from another direction, that it's not us. very successful at doing that.
9:44 pm
>> exactly. >> fascinating. thank you both. just ahead. going deep in coal country, many life-long democrats betting on donald trump. advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it?
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on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. since the election been going across the country listening to voters to get their take on the pledges donald trump made on the campaign trail. tonight west virginia, nowhere to look but up. many voters, life-long democrats who backed donald trump. >> in mcdonald county things so bad, sheriff has to plead with commissioners not to lay off half the deputies. >> hurt the sheriff's department and whole county. >> things so bad, 32-year-old adam roark, husband and father,
9:48 pm
laid off four times in one year. >> it's hard. >> so bad, the local walmart closed. local food bank's biggest supplier. once home to billion dollar coal fields ranks last for almost everything in west virginia with one exception, deaths from prescription opioids, number two. and blame the collapsing coal industry for all of it so when one candidate says going to put coal miners out of business. >> going to put the miners back to work. >> is it any wonder why 75% voted for donald trump? something else you need to know, no republican stronghold, every elected official here is a democrat. including the sheriff. >> been elected nine times as
9:49 pm
democrat. >> and when you voted for president this time? >> donald trump. >> and county commissioners. >> i voted for donald trump. >> like his father and grandfather, adam roark is also a democrat and coal miner. he was thrilled election night. >> facebook was going off. ding ding ding. all excited. most of it, 96% of it was coal miners. >> in a kate whose residents like to point out most jobs lnked to coal mining, folks already feel a difference. like the profossil fuel choice to head the epa. rourke's been called back to work at mine and hearing about other operations opening up. >> do you it will come back the way it used to be? >> at moment, not 100% way it used to be but back up close to
9:50 pm
it. we're hoping that president-elect trump when elected, probably can't do everything, he can't. but if he'll do half, try, just try to help us. that's more than we've had in eight years. >> no one i spoke with it returning to the days of king coal but in mcdowell county things are so everything. >> this was not based on hurting, this was based on -- >> livelihood. hopes and dreams. hopes and dreams. >> martin, what can you tell us about reports of new activity for coal production, president-elect trump possibly being involved? >> reporter: there's a lot of excitement down here about that and there are already some mines that are at least looking they're going to reopen. it seems to be, based on speculation, donald trump, the
9:51 pm
businessman, is expected to be good for business. he's also talked a lot about improving the american infrastructure again. that's building bridges and building highways. all of which takes steel. and you can see the coal that comes out of that southwestern part of west virginia? they don't use it to generate electricity. it's too good for that. this is the highest grade coal in all of the world. it's used for primarily one thing, making steel. they hope they'll be busy. anderson? >> martin savidge, thanks very much. up next, donald trump versus the editor of "vanity fair." their feud started decades ago when carter branded trump a short-fingered vulgarian. now trump is taking aim at carter for a totally different reason.
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president-elect trump has reignited a feud with an old enemy. it took one tweet he posted this morning. has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of "vanity fair" magazine? way down, big trouble, dead. graydon carter will be out. graydon is the long-respected editor of the magazine. trump's vendetta goes back apparently 30 years. and this times it looks like a scathing headline in "vanity fair" set him off. randi kaye tonight reports. >> the headline was probably enough to get under donald trump's skin. trump grill could be the worst restaurant in america, referring to the steak restaurant in the lobby of trump tower. the review was posted late wednesday in "vanity fair." on the filet mignon it reads, the steak slumped to the side over the potatoes like a dead body inside a t-boned minivan. and in describing the short rib burger, the reviewer wrote, it was molded into a sad little meat thing sitting in the center of a massive rapidly staling brioche bun, hiding its shame under a slice of melted orange
9:55 pm
cheese, along with it, woody batons called fries. seemingly in response, trump turned to his keyboard hurling insults at graydon carter. the two men have done this dance for decades. carter has covered trump for 30 years. date back to when he was the editor of the satirical magazine, "spy," which often mocked trump. it was 1988 when carter first described trump as a short-fingered vulgarian on the pages of "spy" magazine. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? >> reporter: listen to what trump told "the washington post" following that debate where marco rubio mocked trump's hands. >> nobody other than, you know, graydon carter, years ago, used that as a, you know, but my hands are normal hands. >> reporter: remember, graydon carter first mentioned trump's hands 28 years ago. so the insult isn't something the president-elect has forgiven or forgotten.
9:56 pm
in fact, in november, 2015, carter shared in "vanity fair" that occasionally trump sends him an envelope containing a photo of trump's hand circled with a gold sharpy pen along with a note that reads, e, not so short, referring to his fingers. after carter wrote about that, trump tweeted. "i have watched sloppy graydon carter fail close "spy" magazine and now am watching him fail at "vanity fair" magazine. he is a total loser." trump called carter a loser back in 2012, too. "dummy graydon carter doesn't like me too much. great news. he is a real loser. @vanityfair." trump once even slammed carter's new york city restaurant in a tweet. don't be grading carter who is presiding over dying "vanity fair" magazine is also presiding over dying waverly inn, worst food in city. and now on "vanity fair's" website, a brand-new banner that reads the magazine trump doesn't want you to read.
9:57 pm
the saga continues. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> all right. in the next hour of "360," more on president obama's tough talk aimed at russia for the election hacking and what to make of it. stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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good evening. the breaking news topping the hour, president obama's call for action over russia for its interference in the election. that and late evidence regarding the kremlin. and trump's concerns that it detracts from his victory. here's a portion of what president obama said to national public radio's steve insky. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will, at a time and place of our own choosing.