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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 18, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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top of the hour. we begin this hour with breaking news in a part of the world that's desperate and dangerous. where innocent people may finally be moving toward relative safety tonight. i'm talking about syria, particularly the war ravaged city of aleppo. news that the mission to evacuate thousands of families and children is now back on. that's after several days of on again, off again evacuations because of serious safety concerns. international agencies have been trying to get people out of aleppo for days but the operation keeps getting called off because nearby fighting is continuing. also some of the these buses are using to bring people out of aleppo have literally been set on fire. let me take you now live to the border between syria and turkey. that's where it's after 2:00 in the morning. we're hearing now that these
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evacuations are become on. what are your sources telling you about how many people, especially those children are still trapped inside of aleppo? >> reporter: well, we know there are still several thousand people trapped in that eastern part of aleppo. the fact we're starting to see some buses move is very good indication especially if it holds. people have been holing out hope that the buses would be moving all weekend. they haven't until now just literally at the last moment. of course we're not talking about a lot ot movement just yet. it's only about five buses or so filled with people. the last rebel stronghold. they will be taken to the aleppo country side. in conjunction with that we understand some civilians e trapped this neighboring villages that have been under siege, they will be released as well. it's part of a complicated plan. the fact the buses are moving is definitely a good sign. >> the images speak volumes and
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looking at the faces of these children is horrifying for everyone. here is yus one. another picture just released today of a little boy, a teenage boy holing bag of stuffed animals hiding behind one of the remaining walls in eastern aleppo. when you talk to these people, those who have made it out and those who are still there, have they given up on the international community or do they somehow still hold out hope that frankly the world will do more? >> you know every single person i've talked to including people who have been evacuated from aleppo, they feel like the world has turned their back on them. i don't think they hold out any hope that, for example, western countries will come and support them.
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they really feel as though they have been abandoned by the rest of the world. >> please keep us posted. thank you very much. i'm glad to hear the evacuations are back on. let's bring in andrew tabler. he wrote the book in the lion's den. an eyewitness account of washington's battle with syria. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> are you hardened heartened bs it's back on and people are stuck freezing and starving in aleppo? >> it's hard goat your hopes up in such a situation. the people seem to be moving. it was after a day in which buses were burned outside of two shiia villages. we have progress at the security
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council tomorrow where french draft will be voted on. there seems to be a consensus. in the past we thought it was consensus. >> let's say there is a consensus. what will the reality be for the people on the ground in aleppo. how would that play out for them? >> there's some issue of access but mostly it's monitors. this is first time the u.n. monitors will be placed inside these areas. it would put blue helmets, so to speak, or of sorts into the middle of this. >> speaking about the united nations and the role of the international community, so many people have given up that the world is going to help them. back in 2005, the responsibility
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to protect, the duty to prevent and halt genocide and mass atrocities lies first and foremost with the state. the international community has a role that cannot be blocked by the invocation of sovereignty. that's happened to that when it comes to aleppo? >> i think very clearly the responsibility is called r.i.p. wlp that's the case, i don't know. i think her team has worked very hard to push this. president obama did not want to intervene in syria and continues to not want to intervene even
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though we have these venevents going on. >> you said iran is making demands for any support of evacuations from aleppo. what are you talking about? >> in the sense that an exchange for the evacuations from aleppo is what's left, it's no longer about that. the iranian backed malitia, and other shiaa malitia have been participating. that's caused the most recent hold ups. that's an interesting twist. it shows iran's involvement in the conflict and how they can be even when russia gets involved and tries to negotiate evacuations with the
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international community. >> thank you much for coming on. obviously for everyone watching as you go to bed tonight, remember how lucky we all are. thank you very much. turning now to politics. prominent republican senator john mccain slamming president obama's response to the russian meddling in the u.s. election. mccain said the investigation not enough. >> we need to have a select committee. jake, the responsibilities for cyber is spread over about four different committees in the senate. each doeng their own thing will not be the most efficient way of arriving at a conclusion. this is serious business. >> the bush is bipartisan.
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tomorrow the 538 members of the electoral college meet to select the nation's next president. they meet in their respective states, make their votes. remember those electors are not constitutionally bound to follow the will of the people they represent meaning the way you voted and the way your state went, they don't have to vote that way but some almost do. some say they are pressured to go rogue. president-elect trump tweeted earlier tonight, if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be swocorned and called terribl names. right now he's projected to have 306 electoral votes. 270 are needed to win.
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thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> thank, poppy. >> he said they would be scorned and called terrible names. he's saying vote the way your state went. some of these folks and tactics aside are calling into question the legitimacy of the election. ten electors wanted a cia briefing about the russian hack and intelligence. those are some of the their concerns. during the campaign the president-elect questioned the legitimacy of the process. how do you square the two? >> i think it's pretty clear that donald trump is the president-elect and hillary
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clinton was tluzer in thhe loses campaign. some people are using this for their own personal gain for 15 minutes of fame. they get to talk about these things they want to demand. they get to continue to be upset with the election. this really isn't as big of a story as some have made it out to be because donald trump is st president-elect. he's going to get everything that's due to him tomorrow, which the american people voted for him. these others that are sore losers and donald trump is right. as being one of the deplorables out here, the people on the right had done there when barack obama won the first and second time you would have been called racists and bigots. i think there's a bit of a double standard here. it's time to move on past it. let's get to january. we have gna new president comin in. if these people want to be famous more a moment, do it, knock yourself out. you still lost. >> you think that's what's it
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about mayor nutter? >> not at all. it's shame you don't want to give acknowledgement to the fact that part of your statement is incorrect. the american people, by a popular voted for hillary clinton. a bunch of things happened during the course of the campaign and even mr. trump was questioning the legitimacy of the election. now that he's won all those issues, in his mind, go away. >> do you think he's not the president? >> ben, hey, ben, we're not going to do this tonight. you're going to let me finish. the number of intelligence agencies have now indicated clearly that there was russian interference in the election process. mr. trump said one thing during the campaign. i think the electors have a right as they do in many states to follow their conscience.
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we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> ben. the 12th amendment doesn't obligate the electors to vote one way or another. you still take issue with what mayor nutter is saying. why? >> the fact you're even implying that somehow this may have not been a free and fair election, i would ask the people that vote in this election if they felt like -- >> i didn't imply it. the intelligence agencies is. >> let me finish. you say that all of a sudden because hillary clinton got the popular vote, you use that again to dig at donald trump to imply he's not truly the president-elect. he is. this is just undermining -- >> i didn't say that. >> you said this is unprecedented and we have a president that didn't win the popular vote. >> you said the american people -- >> i'm not going to do this tonight. to quote you we're not going to do this tonight. let me fin herb ish my point. everyone that went in to vote
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and every candidate to sign up to run including hillary clinton knew that. it's her fault she didn't win enough electoral votes. >> no dispute. >> there's many states she didn't go to that you took for granted and you lost. that's why she's not president. >> that's not under dispute. >> as we heard president obama say in his press conference fed up with the fact that russia was interfering with the electoral process. he never once said that this election wasn't a free and fair election. he never once said the voting machines were tampered with. i think if my team can pull up the sound bite, hillary clinton did say earlier this week about russia's interference that it was personal. listen. >> vladmir putin directed the
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covert attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy because he has a personal beef against me. >> mayor nutter, some of her critics read two things from that. a, it sounded like she was implying the voting machines themselves were hacked. the election, itself, was hacked. secondly, that she is pointing her finger for the loss at russia rather than taking responsibility herself. how do you see it? >> yeah. first, i saw the president's press conference. it is great that he continues to have press conferences. i heard what the president said. i agree with president obama. i have know evidence and no one has really laid out any direct evidence that machines were interfered with. we cannot deny, again, what the three intelligence agencies have laid out. there was, in fact, these
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fingerprints as they call them that it appears that russia did hack into the dnc and access john podesta's e-mails. that's the level of interference that most people are talking about. >> ben, to that point -- >> these are facts. all the intelligence agencies agree with. >> ben, to mayor nutter's point. as you well know, as i turn my alarm off. as you well know the president-elect has not said what his fellow republicans have said calling them to investigate, what the head of the cia said in statement this week in agreement with the director of national intelligence and the fbi that indeed russia did interfere in the election and they agree on the scope and intent. instead he's tweeting about
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electors and people threatening electors. he can tweet about that but he hasn't tweeted once or said one negative thing or damning thing about russia interfering or about vladmir putin being, as the president pointed his finger to, at the head of it. why is that? >> i don't think he has to tweet about every single thing. >> ben, he hasn't said one thing about it. it is a big deal. every american should be angry that -- should every american not be angry that russia tried to screw with our election? >> we have a president of the united states of america that looked at vladmir putin and told him to cut it out but did nothing else to stop this hacking. that's something that we should be angry at. >> the president-elect in his last press conference 144 daying ago, the last thing he said about vladmir putin and hacking
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is perhaps russia should find hillary clinton's e-mails. that's the last thing he said to address it. would you like to hear him say more? >> i'm fine with him tweeting something about this. i think he has republican leaders that he is talking with who made it clear on capitol hill they will investigate this and stop this. let's remember he's not the president yet. he may have a very big plan. >> come on. >> ben, i love having you on the program but i want you to answer my question. do you want to hear the president-elect in the next 30 days before he takes office address this and say vladmir putin, there is not okay? >> i have no problem with him saying that. >> do you want lihim to say thi? >> tweet so it people look at the irresponsibility of barack obama handling this when we is the president of america. i hope he does tweet it. >> nice try. >> all he said was hey, we know
3:18 pm
you're hacking into our elections, cut that out. >> mayor nutter -- >> you don't know what else the president said or did. >> one of the fiercest critics of putin said he believes it's the eight years of failed russian policy on behalf of the obama administration that has allowed it to get to this point. a failed russian reset. do you believe -- does ben have a point on that? >> i'm not exactly what ben's point is other than not answering your question. >> i answered it. >> he did answer. >> no you didn't. you responded. >> he said he wants to see it. >> ben. >> do you believe -- here is my question. do you believe the obama administration should have taken a harder line on russia? >> i think president obama, a, because he is the president knows more about all of this than the three of us on the
3:19 pm
show. he said what he said. that's what he shared. we don't know what else he said. i'm certain what he said the other day is that the united states of america will take a series of actions with regard to what russia has done. some we he know about. some he won't know about. >> what has he done? >> i trust president barack obama. >> what has donald trump done? he goes after vanity fair and restaurants. >> we got one minute. let's get one final question in. ben, the president said we're going to take action. the public might see some of it. they might not see some of it. do you want the president-elect to follow through on the action that the sitting president takes? >> absolutely. he should have done it months ago when he knew they were trying to do it. this is a president that underestimated russia and mocked mitt romney when he said the cold war is over and acted like russia was under control. look at what that have been involved in aleppo. this president has done nothing to help the people.
3:20 pm
he continues to give us empty words. that was meaningless rhetoric from the president who was going to do nothing to stop them. that's why they were successful. >> mayor nutter, 30 seconds. >> president obama made clear in the press conference on friday the complications of syria and aleppo which mr. trump completely does not understand and if he went to a briefing he might get some more information. i think the president is being very measured, focused and direct on these issues. it does take a coalition to make these things happen. >> nice to have you both on the program. thank you both. coming up, electoral college voters told not to vote trump with harassing calls and letters. some of them getting death threats. also, riding wave of populism in europe. is this guy the dutch donald trump?
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noon tomorrow is when the electoral college convenes to cast votes for president. some pro-trump electors say they are getting death threats pressuring them to break ranks. one man said he received 600 letters in day demanding he not vote for trump.
3:24 pm
>> this came in day before the election. hey, blank head, i'll find you and put a bullet in your fat blanking mouth. >> reporter: death threats fill his social media accounts. >> this is a tweet i received. has a picture of a noose on it. >> reporter: his mailbox packed with demands coming from around the country. 2,000 just this week, he says. >> oregon, oklahoma, washington state. >> reporter: the mailman even interrupting our interview to deliver another 600 letters. all calling on him not to vote for donald trump. something he along with michigan's other 15 electors pledge to do regardless of the pressures. >> i've had death wishes. people just saying i hope you die. do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus. i was reading a blog about me and unfortunately, these people not only called for the burning of myself but my family, which
3:25 pm
is completely out of line. >> reporter: banerian has no choice. michigan state law keeps him from changing his vote. electors in 27 other states and the district of columbia have faithless elector laws. in 22 states, electors can go rogue. anti-trump groups are not letting up. posting the names and addresses of 283 electors on the internet. encouraging people to write them asking they vote against trump. the group hamiltonelectors are leading the charge. they say 20 electors are on board. they need 37 for the election to go to the house of representatives. >> republican members of the electoral college, this message
3:26 pm
is for you. >> reporter: hollywood stars are pushing for an alternate ending as well releasing this video. >> by voting your conscious, you and other brave electors can give the house of representatives the option to select a qualified candidate. >> reporter: that's never happened before. he says his vote won't help this year be the first. >> it's utter hypocrisy. i don't think most of these people would be okay with them being faithless and voting for anyone other than hillary clinton had she won. >> thank you so much for that. van jones takes us to a deep blue corner of ohio that turned deep red this year. hear why these voters put their faith in donald trump and the republican party for the first time in many years. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't.
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tonight we return to the heart land to hear from voters who helped push donald trump across the finish line. van jones has been out in the field listening to voters, including long term democrats. the corner of ohio that until election day had been reliably, remarkably blue. >> reporter: for the first election in more than 40 years trumble county oh has turned red. they did until donald trump ran for president. how did it happen? how did hillary clinton, my candidate, lose these people? there's only one way to find out. oh, lord. first stop is the mocha house where local political rivals
3:31 pm
hash out their agreements over breakfast. >> how are you? >> good. how are you? >> good. my name is van. >> reporter: it's where i meet up with two young trump voters. he's the candidate of her college conservative group. marcy does outreach work for children's charity. you're both young women. there's a lot of controversy about tape that came out. a lot of controversy about things he said. that didn't impact you guys? >> no. >> no. >> i guess for me it's easy to portray you're a perfect person that you never had sex or sent a picture and never said the p word before. more people than think do those things on daily basis. i look at it like a lot of those things wouldn't have come out if he wasn't running for president. that's how i feel. >> i sense a part of what was going on is it was a white lash.
3:32 pm
there's an element of the trump phenomenon, not the whole thing, but an element that does seem to be antimated by racial resistance against muslims, mexicans, black people. have you seen any of that? >> i can't say i personally have. i think it just boiled down to we had a failed presidency for the last eight years. yes, some things good came out of it but at the end of the day jobs were taken away. manufacturing was gutted. i think especially in this county you see that these people lose jobs and i think a lot of people, you know, looked at that and felt that emotion and trump's happen to speak about it. that's where they connected at. >> reporter: job loss especially manufacturing job s an emotional
3:33 pm
topic. >> they raise this between a year and 18 mons ago. >> it must have been heartbreaking? >> it has been. >> reporter: he shows me mills or factories that have shut down or scaled back. >> there is a 100-plus-year-old motor company. they have shut down in the last six months or go. they used to employ 18,000 people in our community. >> that's a lot of people. >> they will be lucky to have 66 600. they'll have to fight over those jobs. >> this is gone six months ago. >> you're saying while the democrats are running ads
3:34 pm
showing donald trump saying offensive things to women, arguably offensive things about women, people are looking out their window and seeing factories shut down in the middle of the campaign season. >> yeah. this is copper well steel. this was a vital part employing tens of thousands of people. i believe they last poured about 18 months ago. they're in the process of gutting this plant out and tearing some of it down. you feel like people feel abandoned? >> yes, that was a big factor in this entire election. people feel disenfranchised, abandoned, it's a bit of everything. it's a lot of affected democrats who came into the primary headquarters and said we're switching over. this is the first guy i heard that speaks what i'm thinking. >> end of the day it's economics. it's jobs.
3:35 pm
it's trade. >> we voted big for open change with president obama. it didn't get delivered here and people were willing to look for that other change. give another guy a chance. i think a lot of votes were driven that way. >> fascinating. thank you so much for that. >> straight ahead for us, my colleague bill weir on the man being called the dutch donald trump. a preview of tonight's brand flu episode of the wonder list in the netherlands. that's why you. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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bill weir might just have the best job in television. i think hands down he does. he travels the world. tonight on a special airing of the wonderlist he takes us to amsterdam for a city that's been one of the most liberal cities in the world. in this episode he uncovers a different sentiment. he meets with the dutch donald
3:39 pm
trump. >> reporter: amsterdam became this intellectual, rich capital because of it was the most open minded, accepting tolerant society of the time. >> i agree. >> you're going against everything i taught the dutch were about. how can amsterdam be amsterdam with your ideas? >> that's a good question. we dutch are tolerant people. we are tolerant country. we started to become tolerant to the intolerant as well. to the ideology of hate that has no tolerant for us.
3:40 pm
it's come to the public crime, rates they are also represented enormously. i didn't say and i didn't mean that all moroccans are wrong or bad people. i would never say that. he is popular. >> that's what made it so interesting. the dutch built that country out of salty marsh. nobody wanted it. >> it should be under water. >> they're a tight knit community. most liberal society. those values are being challenged in the age of immigration and isis, terror. these sortss of things. he was member of the a liberal party years ago but came out with this one. he's from a rural part of the
3:41 pm
country. he was just lone voice crying in the wilderness. now he's favored to become prime minister of holland next year. >> he's obviously not the only voice you talked to in this. >> he's a wonderfully generous spirit. the country has the embraced him in ways that's more difficult to a carpenter. his story is so telling about just how hard it is first to get to a country like the netherlands and go through their system. five different settlement areas. the mayor is a muslim from north
3:42 pm
africa. he said it took him 15 years. the pressures of all these people wants to come to the country is a shock to the system. >> it kpexemplifies how open an liberal this culture is. did you leave thinking this is changing. what is it? >> it's everything that you see happening in the united states. it was such a mirror of what's happening here. you had people on the coast going donald trump, come on. you had people in farming centers going i like what this guy is saying.
3:43 pm
these liberal open border democracies have seen better days. >> you ask what happened to an open minded place when so many minds and borders are slamming shut? did you answer that question? >> i hope i did. they are proud of being one of the most progressive places in the world. they are coming to grips. this is life on a more crowded planet. some of the most notorious pot smoking coffee shops have shut down.
3:44 pm
they invented the book and the newspaper. we're seeing what they have cooking for the future. how they are imagining life, a better life especially in big cities. >> that's beautiful. thank you so much. good to have you back. watch it tonight. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event.
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3:48 pm
visitors including some foreigners. jordanian officials say four gunmen are dead. >> reporter: jordanian officials say the attack is over. what's going on is clearing and combing operations as what they have described as a terrorist attack. what's ongoing is clearing and combing areas. they say four attackers who they described as terrorists were killed in this operation. they say they found a large number of automatic weapons on them as well as a large amount of ammunition. also in the house that these attackers described as terrorists were using in a town near.
3:49 pm
they say they found suicide vests and explosives there. this was multiple incident shootings that took place. to the north of the city karak, their forces came under fire. also these two shooting incidents, one where a police patrol came under fire. the most deadly is where gunmen positioned themselves in the karak castle. that 12th citizen crusader castle. they opened fire on a nearby police station there. they were surrounded by security forces and gun battles ensued for a few hours. this type of take is rare in this country. jordan really prides itself with security and instablility in th
3:50 pm
midst of this region. it's been a target of terrorist organizations who say they have thwarted several terror plots this year. it's unclear who is behind this attack on sunday being blamed on terrorist groups by jordan who says where the the government is investigating their affiliations. poppy? >> live from amman. we appreciate it. quick break. we'll be right back. with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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the hunt for dow 20,000 is on but it is not all wall street is watching. paul la monica has more. hi, paul. >> hi, poppy. the big question on wall street this week, will the rally keep going? the dow hit a major milestone last week. now, i'm not talking about dow 20,000. it's now the strongest post-election rally of all time. in the five weeks since the election, the dow is up more than 8%. that's better than 1996 when the dow jumped 5% in the five weeks following bill clinton's re-election. the industrials went on to gain 22% during the first year of clinton's second term. we'll also be watching the u.s. dollar this week. it is sitting near a 14-year high. since november, the greenback is up nearly 10% against global currencies. good news for travelers, you're getting a better exchange rate for your u.s. dollar. bad news for u.s. multi-national companies like ibm, gm and coca-cola. that's because it makes their goods more expensive overseas.
3:55 pm
poppy? >> it does. thank you, paul. remember to check out the new cnn money stream app. meantime, let's have a little fun. the halls of the white house may be decked out with boughs of holly, but donald trump decides who has been naughty and nice. it is jake tapper's state of the cartoonian. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ the most wonderful time of the year. >> we're going to start saying merry christmas again. >> reporter: this year, donald trump wants to make christmas great again. he's starting right inside trump tower, which closed down early this week for its annual christmas party. >> ho-ho-ho. >> reporter: we in the press were not invited so we have to imagine the festivities, such as kanye singing carols. ♪ all a good night ♪ we all living the good life ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪
3:56 pm
>> reporter: one imagines that santa trump has a list of naughty or nice, which he is definitively checking more than twice. ♪ be good for goodness sake >> reporter: there are plenty of gifts he has to doll out, such as this one for former texas governor rick perry. others, however, should probably expect a lump of coal. i'm looking at you, governor romney. >> happy new year. but merry christmas. >> pretty awesome, jake. thank you for that. coming up in the next hour of cnn newsroom, ominous words on russia from republican senator john mccain who warns of a possible unraveling of the world order because of moscow. hear what more he said on that. also, president-elect donald trump tweeting his irritation with a last-ditch effort to try to stop him from becoming president. folks, this is highly unlikely. we'll talk about the electoral college and that vote tomorrow. straight ahead. that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe...
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7:00 p.m. eastern. you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm popty hea tpy harlow in new. we begin with a dire warning from john mccain. telling our jake tapper russian hacks aimed at influencing the u.s. election threatened to, quote, destroy democracy. also, mccain says the existing world order may be crumbling. watch. >> what's happening here when we see the seizure of these ships. when we see the cyber attacks. when we see the dismemberment of syria. when we see the tragedies that are taking place there which are heartbreaking, absolutely


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