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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  December 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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against the ocean of dams and against hatred. we are hoping that these natural innovators will find a way and share it. here is to the dutch. long may they bloom.
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what are our expectations. which of the things we desire are within reach? it is not now. when? and will there be some left for me? ♪
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this is where the real power is -- china. ♪ if you live in manhattan like i do and you think you live in the center of the world, this world will confront you to a different reality. it is an ancient culture. centuries old and culinary tradition and smells and flavors. lock away this. an ultra modern and levels of wealth and luxury and a sheer of
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volume of things and surface and unimagined by the greediest and of capitalists. >> the city is split by the river of the yangsi. the one thing i know for sure about china is that i will never know china. it is too big, too old, too diverse and too deep. it is simply not enough it is t it is changing so fast. china has a population around 1.3 billion people.
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a number of them who are joining this class demanding their share of all that good stuff in sf infrastructure and the clothes and the classes and the engine that drives the whole world. ♪ >> anthony: very much, yes. >> okay. >> what do you want? >> anthony: yes, soup dumplings. professor of shanghai at jou dong university. by so many people you meet here, he's chinese but educated at american universities and was taught at yale and duke university of state. >> anthony: you fiorgive me,
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china looks different every time i come. it is changing so quickly. how did that happen? >> china enjoys a long series of peace. the manufacturing industry took off and policies and every country went into trade with china. >> anthony: there is no doubt that we are bound on. we are hopefully lessly and our economy is hopelessly interveneal. if one fails, the effect is disast disasterous. >> global impact to say the least. >> anthony: this was what i was waiting for. shaolin bows. >> if you don't know what you
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are doing. look, there are a lot of reasons to come to china and to shanghai in particular. these babies, done right, these things alone are worth the trip. ground pork and shrimp, folded exactly always 20 times freshly made individually rolled out dough. as they're steamed and delicious fat render and with the soup of the god's, if are not careful, it can change your life forever. oh, so good. in the china of the future, places like this, will be even more packed by chinese and by visitors looking for the deeply satisfying rush, screamingly hot goodness, the chewy and fragrant and perfectly shaped and folded
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designed for pure pleasure. and the allure of shanghai style pork chop. the local take on whorshire sauce. it is it is irresistible. the difficult nowadays is just the technology is so advance. we don't really need that many people to do things that many people used to. what's the population and 7 billion people? we do not need that much people working. >> anthony: right. >> and question is what are human beings doing. how can you let -- how could you not do anything and still live a
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good life? >> anthony: right. >> i don't know. >> and facing the whole world. >> anthony: what is the future? i don't know. to a great extent, it can surely be determined here. is there a plan? probably not. only appetites. the means to fulfill those appetites. those dreams and aspirations. who'll drive the car that takes us to where ever we are going? they'll be young who ever they are and not unlike minchi, 30-year-old native and educated in the u.s. a and currently featured in the shanghai daily. china and shanghai particularly maybe transforming fast.
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this place stays the same. mr. shu runs the place serving classic home style. there is no menu and no waiting list. and you will only get a seat if she likes you. >> oh, i did too much. >> anthony: fantastic. no, i am very happy. we are joined by her friend. >> anthony: this looks fantastic. how do you eat these? >> i eat them whole because i really like it. >> anthony: oh, they're good. >> i think they cook it in a few seconds. that's the secret. >> anthony: the tiny little shrimps, deep fried first and tossed in a wok with garlic, ging ginger and soy. what's classic sang hihanghai fd
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what's distinct about it? shanghai has been for some time now a city of immigrants. the food reflects that geneal y genealogy. the professvince known for litt use of soy and sugar and attention to preserving the liveness of the dishes. it is the best of both worlds. great sauces and ingredients. braised pork belly of dark and light soy sauce and cinnamon and sugar and angus. a small punish poached first in rice wine and fried in ginger garlic and soils and ginger until a liquid produced. it is marinated and blanched and
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heated and left in the wok with dark soy, salt and sugar. a clay pot soup of bean curd and tofu ribbons and bamboo shoots. >> it is a commonist country. >> it is the most dynami dynamic -- country on earth. what do you think about that. >> i think a lot of my friends coming here thinking that china is a portion of north korea or -- they come here and they're surprised and it is not that much. they do seem to be promoting the free market even more with the free trade establishing
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shanghai. it is amazing. >> anthony: the world is becoming more china's influenced and food and you build a casino in vegas, you have to consider what will the chinese think. is that exciting? >> it is exciting. we would not think that we would be in the central spotlight and or dreamed about it. >> anthony: for me, the most terrifying scenario that china becomes a free market and non-communist society because various -- anthony bourdain,
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♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer >> anthony: to me which is gl y glorious. dig deep and it is always about the money.
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meet tim sai, residence of communist china. a man of impeccable taste. accustomed to the good life. >> anthony: he likes nice things. >> wow, they're in good shape. >> yeah, we keep them happy. they're nice and happy and safe. apparently. >> anthony: tim is an investor into real estate and telecom and the service industry of the new china. he's also the president of roosevelt china investment, long history doing business here created by the roosevelt's
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family, maybe you heard of them. this is his clubhouse, really. the house of roosevelt right in the middle of it all. wine is big here now. the french chateau more and more they look at china. china in general bought two billion of bottles of red wine last year iou loaalone. they are now the leading market of red wine in the world. >> anthony: it is pretty amazing here. >> i designed this place in five minutes. i look at this place for like six months. >> anthony: uh-huh. >> daytime and nighttime and finally one morning, i am going to build a wine cellar out of this. >> anthony: looks so good. wow, this is nice. hey guys. tim invited me to dinner
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alongside of a few people in booming china. danielle jong of a real estate dw developer and coco shu. >> anthony: do you eat like this all the time? >> today, we are surrounded by southern french wine and northern italian wine. if you like it, we have different district wine country every night. >> anthony: is this supposed to be communist china? i mean it seems like -- >> any comrades party members? >> anthony: no, i am a bit of a red diaper baby. what i mean to say is that the realm of the possible here is that we are big.
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>> absolutely, tait is a big stage. that's probably the only one in the city. in shanghai, there is more coming up in the next couple of years. it is a big world, big city by small village at the end. i think food is the best weapons on earth to make peace. it is the food. we have better peace on earth. and you probably -- the united nation ambassador. >> anthony: in time. >> this is the shrimp from south po. only new zealand has it. try it. >> a lot of chinese restaurants in new york? >> anthony: i grew up in the '50s and '60s. restaurant chinese food was an
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essential part of being in new york. if you did not know how to use chop sticks as a new yorker, you are a terrible new yorker. >> do you speak like a brooklyn person? >> anthony: it is a tough accent. it is more of a -- i live right next to it my whole life. the accent -- >> oh, we just want to hear -- >> anthony: not for nothing. >> that's brooklyn? >> anthony: i can use a little more wine. no. >> nothing, nothing. all right. [ laughs ] >> anthony: shanghai chef,
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jack jack jackie chu preparing the food style that not every one can afford it and among more and more everyday can afford it. >> what is it? we have tomatoes and potatoes, that's it? >> anthony: that includes bones and fat. this is about a thousand dollar worth of stake. even if tim wants to serve this good old beef, this is still the best the quick trip behind the bookshelves. >> anthony: wow. >> this side shows our interest
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in wine. >> anthony: this is the house collection? >> that's correct. now i want to show you the membership area and the bourdain area. and it is all roosevelt collection of wine. please, open it. >> anthony: whoa, cool. it is good being me. >> it is good to have you here. >> anthony: thank you very much. close it up. >> close it up, man. [ laughs ]
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>> anthony: here is the thing even of the modern china rising around you, the same thing you see for sale everywhere, where people have money these days. even with all that, there is still this china. south of people square. it is still happening. the good, old stuff. the china you first fell in love with. walk down the street and looking in any direction and there is
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something to eat. i may not know what it is immediately but chances are, it is good. we talk about foodies and what the hell does it mean? it makes just about chinese person i ever lay eyes on is foodie which is a reasonable person who enjoys and pays attention to where the good stuff is. look at this. one street and stuffed oysters grilled over charcoal and snake treats? yes. yes, it does taste like chicken. there used to be a lot of streets like this where you can look and shop around and eat all out in the open. happy and delicious food. the government as government do,
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are tightening the screws and old is bad. new is good. not everybody thinks this is a good idea though. bill wang was born in shanghai and studied here. he began teaching english before he was out of college. he suggested me wonton, there maybe wonton all over shanghai but bill says this one, this one is the one. you are an english teacher? >> yes. >> anthony: most of chinese background who speaks english, there are teacher who is are british or australian or new zealand and they have those expressions and accents and more and more these days and younger generation of more and more tv accent, is that good or bad? >> i think it is good, you know,
8:29 pm
tv series especially american series are so popular in china. >> anthony: what are the most popular american shows? >> right now is "house of cards." >> anthony: "house of cards"? what do you think is the appeal here. >> in china, there is no way you can talk about those sensitive topics and so many people love that show. it is really, really good. >> anthony: wow, that's a surprise to me. these are huge. >> yes, wonton. >> anthony: good. >> is it good? >> anthony: minced pork and bok choi and all mixed up nicely
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and with soy sauce and peanut butter and you get the sweet and saucy and everything going on with everyone bite. you want this. you want this bad. in fact, you need it. what do you students want to do when they enter in the professional field? >> a lot of them are lost of this generation. you don't know what to do. if you ask a student is what is your dreams? my dream is to buy apartments and cars and that kind of thing. >> anthony: are there enough jobs for everybody? >> it is more competitive. there is a huge gap fwebetween companies and new graduates.
8:31 pm
new graduates want a good job. >> anthony: now. >> they are not ready for it. they don't want to do hard work and start from scratch. >> anthony: right. >> that's the problem again. >> anthony: it looks to me, china and shanghai is changing very, very fast. every time i come is different. in your recent memory of the last ten years, what's the most noticeable change to you? >> food like this is becoming more and more difficult to find. this is handmade. and i think it is real food and it is not very expensive and it tastes great. a lot of food, processed fo food -- of course, it is internet. it has pros and cons. the good part is you can get information easily. >> anthony: easily. >> the bad part is people don't talk to each other. couples they take pictures and they don't talk to each other.
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>> anthony: they communicated with everybody in the world but not at the table. >> it did not happen. >> anthony: until you tweeted i will say. >> oh my god. you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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>> anthony: what's clear is the way china claims things are and social media and access information and the way they actually are, two different things. meet thomas yeo. hacker, entrepreneur. he recently received star up money to build what he called an open source project to share platforms to connect chinese students with the world. >> anthony: when you say hacking, what's -- what do you do when you hack? what's the intent? >> actually, it starts from mit. if you go to the computer science of artificial intelligence building, it will show you the definition of hacking. it is actually a positive word but it became a very negative word. the word "hacker" describes the
8:37 pm
people who are like programming and sharing information. just like you love sharing recipes to other friends for the love of cooking and etc. >> anthony: morally, is there anything wrong -- you are breaking into information base. i am not going to do anything, i am going to go and look around and leave without disturbing anything. >> would most hackers say that's okay? >> yes. >> it is okay for our communities. i got lucky, i got into a big hacker community here and met a lot of great mentors. >> anthony: started in this business at 21. >> exactly. >> i didn't go to college. >> anthony: why not? >> most proffers, the development speed of the communities. >> anthony: why? >> your country is so advance in
8:38 pm
so many ways, why not in this area. >> we have a great file world and it blocks a lot of important information websites and a lot of people calling it cutting edge technology which we don't teach in college at all. >> anthony: right. >> and the it is getting more and more serious. >> anthony: because everyone is going to silicon valley. >> these a these are the famous ribs. >> anthony: other than the soup dumpling, of course, simply cuban ribs. ♪
8:39 pm
>> anthony: it takes two cooks working at once to make this dish. one deep fries the ribs in hot oil and then another spicing it up the wok and there goes the rib. >> you sit as close to the kitchen as possible to capture that dissipating breath, flavor of the wok itself. toss them around and coating those bones with all that good stuff and serve. >> anthony: and because we like it to burn. thomas ordered a spicy chicken dish. hey, means energy. that's what you are looking for is the flavor of the essence of tl very old carefully seasoned cooking vessels.
8:40 pm
>> anthony: thomas tells me there is no mandarin or shanghai word for wok, it is simply called a cooking pot. which i say, i really do know nothing about this country. fantastic, wow. >> it is actually salty. >> anthony: you are not loving it? >> not too good and it is bad. >> anthony: to me, it is spicy and fresh and vibrant. >> i will take you some where better. >> anthony: so are you a foodie? >> yeah, i eat a lot. >> anthony: were you born here? >> yeah, i was born and raised
8:41 pm
in shanghai. >> anthony: it is hard to imagine any place has changed as profoundly and changing as quickly as it is changing here. >> our quality of life is improving really, really fast. >> anthony: of a poll of 85% of chinese who are asked the question, do you feel that your life will be better next year? 85% said yes, it will be better next year. extraordinary number. i don't know a lot of other countries that would say that. >> yeah, that looks great. so good. >> not bad. >> anthony: i am finding the the soup really delicious and you are saying it is okay --
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8:46 pm
busiest port and you can smell the money. maybe the real story is the newly emerging participants in global capitalism. the middle class, the works class who also wants flat screen tv and cars and vacations and the promise of better for their kids. take this couple, typical working class, chinese from the worker paradise. a bus driver and his bride to be. today is their wedding day and custom must be observed. when it comes to weddings, the chinese have always gone big. these days, big are still. a lot of food and booze and a lot of people. which is why thomas and i had to come, wedding crashers. the constellation bar for a pre-wedding drinks. the classic cocktail, the moscow
8:47 pm
mule. okay, maybe not chinese. >> anthony: these are good. >> it is the reason why i love this place. >> anthony: are you married? >> no, no. i am not a big fan of marriage. >> anthony: you have been to weddings? >> yes. >> anthony: have you ever crashed a wedding before? >> no. >> anthony: it is going to be a little weird. i mean we don't know anybody there. how do you do? well, i hope the food is good at this thing. >> anthony: there is probably a lot of drinks. >> it could be really crazy. >> oh, really point. >> anthony: yeah. >> they drink a lot. >> anthony: really? so ready to crash a wedding? >> yeah, lets do it. >> anthony: all right.
8:48 pm
>> cheers. ♪ >> anthony: the chinese wedding is not cheap. you need a banquet room. chinese weddings, a presence of formalities. first, meet the bride and groom upon entering. red envelope is also known as the hung bao, it is a little something for the bride and groom and helping them get started in their new life. >> anthony: thank you.
8:49 pm
>> okay, table settings and booze and whiskey and smokes for the guests. >> so this is like a traditional chinese wedding. >> anthony: i know, i do this every week, i go from hotel to hotel and i crash weddings. >> anthony: roast duck, i will have. some beef tripes and garlic sauce and sauteed in garlic and ginger before being stuffed back in the shells. steamed turbo with scallions. >> wed dings in china have thes kinds of meals for two weeks.
8:50 pm
>> anthony: we'll do this and you and me, twice a week, we'll go to weddings. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you may kiss the bride. >> and there is of course, drinking. much drinking.
8:51 pm
>> she wants to share with you. >> oh, come at me. when i first came to china it was for business and one after the other, everyone at the table came up and said, i would like to do a drink with you and then i didn't know how to politely say no. i just kept doing it and doing it and got super -- i went to do karaoke. i sang billy idol songs. i think i sang white wedding.
8:52 pm
you're making it a personal mission to get me seriously drunk. >> when i looked around the table and i was like who at the table is going to try very hard to get me very drunk, i wouldn't have guessed it was going to be her. >> all day long. i just don't like the taste of it. >> we have to get this straight. that is not wine. that is like grain alcohol. that's what we call liquor. >> okay. just so we're clear on that. >> this is a small wedding by those standards. just booking the room took two years. a toast followed by many more toasts to the bride. to the groom. to prosperity.
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where are we going? who will drive us there. what will it be like when we get there. i think it will look like this.
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>> anthony: when i first went up this river, i was sick with love. the bad kind. the fist around your heart kind. i ran far, but there was no escaping it. it followed me up river all the way. that was ten long years ago. a previous episode of a previous


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