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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  February 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> live from cnn's world headquarters, welcome to our viewers in the united states. i'm linda kincaid. >> we are covering breaking news on donald trump's travel ban. >> here's what we know. the white house is firing back after a u.s. federal judge put a temporary freeze on the
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president's immigration order. that order had banned people from seven muslim majority countries from traveling to the u.s. and had worldwide protests. in a statement issued a short time ago, the justice department will file an emergency request as soon as possible to stay the ruling. >> after the court order came out late on friday, u.s. customs and border protection said that the government is in the process of reinstating visas. the attorney general for washington state spoke earlier with cnn's anderson cooper and said he is willing to take the case all wait to the u.s. supreme court if necessary. >> i want to be clear and pug neighbors in defending the constitution. president trump violated that and we want to make sure he upholds the rule of law. >> where are you prepared to go
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with this? what is your argument? >> we will go wherever we need to go. the reason i feel so strongly is the executive order of such magnitude that the president signed is a violation of our constitution and different statutes. in such deeply personal ways. >> the white house reacting to the court order with a statement that called it outrageous, but then later released another statement with that word removed and said this. at the earliest possible time, the department of justice intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the executive order of the president which we believe is lawful and appropriate. >> as it now stands, the u.s. airlines have been instructed by the federal government to return to business as usual. meaning as it existed before mr. trump's executive order. >> u.s. customs and border protection gave that word to all
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major carriers in the u.s. and said the u.s. government would begin reinstating travel visas immediately and airlines should remove travel alerts from the websites. >> the agency's directive also allows refugees with valid u.s. visas to travel to the united states. cnn analyst joins us now. great to have you with us. >> nice to be with you. >> how significant is this ruling and what does it mean? >> it's a very significant and unusual ruling. there are 1200 sitting judges and this is a ruling by one judge who is essentially overruling the president of the united states and has issued an order to bind every court in the united states. usually you don't see that. they sort of stay to their own district when they issue a ruling. this is an unusual ruling. >> we have seen a number of
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courts issue a ruling on this executive order. how is this one different? this is nationwide. >> this is different. the other judges issued orders that pertain to their districts. for instance in new york, they have one order and boston has a different order. this seattle judge said you know something, the rules about getting into the united states affect the entire united states. so i find it's unconstitutional what the trump administration has done and we for the sake of uniformity of approach i'm going to apply it to the entire united states and he has the right to do so. he's a federal judge. not a local judge. it's unusual. usually federal judges don't do that. >> it was a matter of time before the trump administration responded. the white house calling the order outrageous and vowing to defend it. can they succeed? >> that's a great question. the boston appellate court that looked at the order up there ruled in favor of the trump
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administration. on balance, the trump administration has good arguments they can bring to a higher court to say this lower court judge made a mistake. but the appellate court on the west coast, the ninth circuit court is a liberal court and a court that might rule against the trump administration. if that happened, it will all wind up in the united states supreme court. >> so what does it mean for people caught up in this from the seven banned countries who have valid visas. can they now travel here? >> this is a ray of hope for them. this judge said this is clearly unconstitutional and the president can't defend it the case is so strong against it. however they would make a big mistake if they tried to board an airplane tomorrow because the order has been issued. a higher court could overrule this tomorrow or the next day
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and they could be trapped in an airport again. i would wait until next week to see how it plays out. >> this may be a ray of hope for refugees affected. >> no question about it. as a matter of fact the judge in the ruling specifically dealt with the refugees and said that the provisions restricting them was unconstitutional as well. it is a ray of hope for refugees around the world. >> in terms of politics, how does it play out for trump supporters? this was a promise he made in the campaign. it seems like a fiasco. >> you will see trump play this up as a fight between juds trying to make law and the president of the united states who was elected democratically. he was going to say i was elected by the electoral college that want restrictions on immigration and a single judge shouldn't be able to stop that. that's how the trump
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administration will handle this. >> great to have your expertise and perspective. thank you very much. >> the latest challenge to mr. trump's travel ban comes as the president arrived at his mar a lago in palm beach, florida. >> we have more on how u.s. agents are responding to the federal judge's decision. >> after a week of being caught up in the courts, president trump's executive order banning immigration from the seven muslim majority countries is halted. a federal judge in washington state put the brakes on the order, issuing a temporary restraining order that does halt this executive order. the white house tonight said they are fighting back. they said the department of justice plans to issue an appeal. the white house continued to maintain throughout the past week and continues to mayintain what president trump did in
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issuing the order was completely lawful. we understand that the department of justice will file an appeal and it will not be immediate. we are waiting for that and it will likely be in the overnight or early hours tomorrow. this entire issue has been in the courts front and center for the past week. whether it was the day after president trump issued that order or numerous civil rights groups filing lawsuits in the federal courts. this is the wrangling that comes up. this puts the order out of commission. what they said is it's back to business as usual. they had a conference call with the airlines and said airlines should begin resuming as usual and the government will reinstate the visas. airlines should remove some of the travel ban alerts from the
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websites. going forward, customs and border protection said they will be moving forward as if it's business as usual and as if the executive order was never signed and the white house vowing to fight back and the department of justice will be filing an appeal. to be continued. jessica schneider, cnn, palm beach, florida. >> cnn analyst and senior editor of the atlantic joins me now. great to have you with us. another big week for the administration. your response to the court ruling on trump's immigrant ban? >> it's a really striking moment. it exemplifies i think the way the conflict in american politics has grown more complicated. what we saw was a democratic state going into federal court and taking a move against the trump administration order that democrats in congress don't have
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power to pursue. it's a shock wave. it is not the end of the story. there is going to be appeals through the appellate courts on the west and the east coast and the supreme court will have to decide if it can while it is divided 4-4 at this point. >> we are just two weeks into the trump administration and we are seeing a radical shift in foreign policy. instead of tearing up the deal he called the dumbest ever, he looks to be reinforcing it and condemning the kremlin and israel turned 180 on that as well. new settlements he was against and he is now for them. what should we make of the back flips? >> your statement there of 360 is actually the preview. i don't think the zig is the last zag. the trump administration will be that it is somewhat improvisational.
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there is a north star when he said he wants to be a president of america first. that is in fact his north star and he will challenge much of the international rules based order that the u.s. construct and led since world war ii. he said he could care less if the european union dissolves. he walked away from the transpacific partnership and the implementation of a day to day and week to week, we will see a lot of zigging and zagging. what he saw here was vladimir putin and ukraine and benjamin netanyahu with a settlement that took the statements as perhaps even more of a green light and now they are trying to dial it back, but the general direction he set out of embracing netanyahu and trying to melt the chill and be more accommodating,
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he will get back there. this shows there are limits. >> looking at america's closest neighbor, mexico. trump reported to send in troops. they carry a great deal of weight. >> he is clearly adjusting to the difference between being a candidate whose stock and trade was being outrageous and the president. his words move markets and send armies on to ships. they dispute the characterization that he was threatening mexico and he was offering to help mexico. we don't really know. there is reporting that goes towards the characterization. broad opposition to building a wall and support relatively tepid among the core groups. the working class white voters
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who were at the foundation of his victory and opposition enormous on college-educated whites and among young people and more republicans in congress raising questions about whether the cost benefit analysis plays out. what it would cost to do that and whether it is justified at a time when we had net zero undocumented migration for several years. >> ron brownstein, we appreciate your time. thanks, paf ever we will take a short break and be back on the trump travel ban being struck down temporarily and what that means for international travelers to the u.s. >> plus, how world leaders are reacting to the ban and the trump administration. those stories are just ahead. stay with us. introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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welcome back, everyone. we are live with breaking news. a new court ruling affecting u.s. president trump's controversial travel ban. >> that provoked protests in airports across the u.s. >> the u.s. government instructed airlines in the u.s.
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to resume normal operations just as they existed before president trump issued the travel ban on people from seven mostly muslim nations. that does include refugees with u.s. visas. >> the stunning development came immediately after a u.s. judge in washington state issued a temporary halt on the nationwide ban. u.s. customs and border protection said it will begin reinsay thing visas to affected international travelers and told all airlines to scrub websites of travel alerts. >> the directive allows refugees with valid u.s. visas to travel to the united states. here now is more details about what is in that immigration order that u.s. president trump signed one week ago. >> it bans travel to the u.s. from these seven muslim majority countries. libya, sudan, somalia, syria,
9:19 pm
iraq and iran. it suspends the program for 120 days until so-called extreme vetting procedures are put into place. >> syrian refugees are barred from entering the u.s. indefinitely and also people holding certain visas will have to undergo in person interviews in order to renew them. >> the latest opposition to the order came from the western u.s. state of washington. the state's governor reacted to the ruling and he said he is proud to be pushing back. >> we are expected to abide by the order and we will not accept any deviation. the constitution is supreme and i am proud that washington state has led the country in standing up to the basic values and will not allow anyone including the
9:20 pm
president to come between those values. we have a federal judge who was appointed by republican president george w. bush decide a forceful decision that this is a country that we are not going to allow the decision of who comes into our country. we will not allow the decisions to jeoparde the national security. the fact is in this case that the people in these seven countries, there have been 700,000 refugees admitted since september 11th and not one, not one incident where people from these seven countries caused a fatal terrorist act. >> for more on the airlines and customs officials are reacting to the business as usual, let's go to washington. >> the white house on friday night said the justice
9:21 pm
department will file an emergency request to stop a seattle federal judge's nationwide halt of president trump's immigration order. trump's executive order he signed last week suspended immigration from seven muslim majority countries for 90 days and the refugee program for 120 days and indefinitely halted syrian refugees from entering the united states. the white house in a statement said it planned to appeal the ruling in the meantime, cnn learned that cvp customs and border protection told major airlines that the government is reinstating visas and back in business as usual prior to the executive order. that all according to an airline official. >> donald trump quickly earning a global reputation for his let's say unpredictable approach to diplomacy. joining us now from istanbul in
9:22 pm
turkey. give us a sense of how this was received and the temporary pause is going to look like. the shock and the chaos was signed and didn't know what to expect. after that, you really had so many people who were devastated and you were talking about refugees waited to try to get to the united states. all of a sudden they were back into this limbo where they were waiting to be resettled and not knowing what is going to happen. at the same time after that news sunk in with people, huh that feeling of insult. people were insulted by this or this was the collective punishment some described it. and the very people who are running away from terrorism in their countries as they
9:23 pm
described it, the syrian refugees they were now branded as a terror threat to the united states. you hear from a lot of iraqis who said they are at the forefront of that fight. they are currently fighting isis and say on behalf of the world. at the same time they were viewed as a terror threat to the united states. there was real uncertainty. i was in jordan when the news came out last week. jordan is a key ally and not impacted by the travel ban, but people there were concerned that this administration is so unpredictable. a country like jordan could be included at some point later on. jordanian students in the united states didn't want to come back because they were concerned. if they leave, they can't go back. >> the trump administration has gone out of its way to say it's not a muslim ban at all.
9:24 pm
is that how it was perceived in the region? you live in jordan and travel the region. how was it viewed there? >> it was definitely viewed by so many people as a muslim ban because if you look at the countries that were included in the ban, they are muslim majority countries and of course this talk about minorities that have been persecuted and not included in this ban and really exacerbated the feelings that this was a ban against muslims and a sentiment against those millions of people, tens of millions from the countries being seen as a terror threat because they are muslims. so yes, definitely that was the view by many people that we have spoken to in the general reaction by many in the region. >> thanks so much. on duty for us on istanbul. >> stay with us as we cover
9:25 pm
breaking news over trump's travel ban. still ahead, not a matter of politics. washington state attorney general explains why he moved to suspended ban. it was may, when dad forgot how.
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>> welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> a big set back for president trump's travel ban. a u.s. federal judge halting the order which suspended travel from seven muslim countries.
9:29 pm
>> he reiterated the ban was legal and will seek a stay of the ruling as soon as possible. in the meantime, immigration officials told airlines the government is reinstating vis as. >> the attorney general spoke earlier with anderson cooper and explained what it took to file the order and why he did it. >> that's not easy to get for the obvious reasons. the standard is we in the state of washington, i had to show and demonstrate that we were likely to prevail on the merits. the judge had to reach that conclusion that we were likely to prevail. in washington state, obviously i
9:30 pm
assume there are a number of businesses and oiously amazon and others. did they play a role in this? >> they did. i guess first in terms of why i filed it, a couple of thoughts. number one, we are a nation of laws. i had a clear view and opinion that the executive order was unconstitutional and my legal team agreed. we moved very, very quickly, literally working around the clock and that is not an exaggeration. around the clock since last weekend to prepare our complaint and motion. the reason i feel so strongly is the executive order of such magnitude that the president signed is a violation of our constitution and impacted so many in deeply personal ways. to your point about businesses, i appreciated.
9:31 pm
they quickly wrote declarations for the filing for the court in support. that impacts the employees and the business. that helped us make our case that there was an adverse impact, not just the washingtonians, but the businesses in the state also. >> a lot of people will see this through a political lens no matter what side of the aisle they are on. you are a democrat, but the judge who made this order tonight is a republican appointed by george w. bush, right? >> that's correct. one more thing i will say. if people say this is political, that's what they say when they don't have an argument. i'm in my 50 years, in my first term i twice sued the obama administration. i deeply respect and admired the president, but that is relevant to my decision on whether to file a lawsuit.
9:32 pm
if they are violating the law, it is my responsibility to defend the rights of washingtonians. it doesn't matter who the president is and it doesn't matter if they are democrat or republican. irrelevant. they don't know what they are talking about and don't know my record and they don't understand the constitution. >> cnn legal analyst and defense attorney joining us. great to have you on the show. this teams to be throwing the whole immigration system into chaos. what does this ruling mean? >> this judge didn't strike down an executive order. all he did was issue a temporary restraining order. it's important to understand the only thing it does it preserve the status quo. it's like hitting the pause button, but the standard that the plaintiff had to get is very, very high in a case where they are seeking a temporary restraining order.
9:33 pm
you have to show substantial likelihood of success on the merits. in this case that's exactly what the judge found. most will tell you it's difficult and rare to get the tros granted, about you the judge in a very short opinion ruled that there was a substantial likelihood that they would prevail on the merits and that's why he issued this stay. this temporary restraining order. >> for has been argued that this is unconstitutional. has that case been made? >> it's been made and very well made. the state here argued, the state of washington argued several constitutional claims. one was the equal protection clause and the idea that any law that treats classes of people dierently based on race, national origin, religion, is subject to strict scrutiny and likely unconstitutional.
9:34 pm
another is that this executive action violated the establishment clause. they listed other federal laws that potentially violates that as well. the thorny issue is this. this very short written opinion by the judge only essentially says i find substantial likelihood on the merits. it doesn't address which of the merits. for that reason in the coming days, this actual opinion raises more questions than it answers. >> people caught up in this from the banned countries with valid visas, is there going to be a lot of con2350ugz at the airports and should they try to travel to the u.s. and will they be welcomed here? >> there is a lot of confusion for everyone. as i said, the order, the written opinion is really hot off the presses. rather inskrutible. it doesn't give a lot of guidance.
9:35 pm
it's one thing to read a legal justification and another thing to take that piece of paper and start administrating it and actually putting it on the street and seeing how it plays out. i think this order is going to be open to interpretation because it's so short and it doesn't create more than it resolves. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> breaking news. a judge's suspension of trump's administration travel ban. >> the fallout from the controversial move coming up next. the highly advanced audi a4, with class-leading horsepower.
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we are following breaking news for you tonight. the white house ready to fight for president trump's travel ban after it was blocked on friday. >> a u.s. judge suspended the order nationwide, reopening u.s.
9:39 pm
borders to visa holders from seven muslim majority nations. hours later the white house said the justice department will challenge the judge's order and defended it as lawful and appropriate. >> tehran fears it will take legal measures against americans and u.s. companies after the u.s. announced it was hitting iran with new sanctions. officials are planning to release the names of the companies and people they say created and helped extremist groups. >> president trump said iran was not behaving. they implied the sanctions to huhhish iran for the launch of a missile. >> the tehran correspondent if for the "los angeles times" joinses us from iran. thank you for being on the program. iran's response was pretty
9:40 pm
quick. fill us in on the white house implementing new sanctions. >> hello. >> can you hear us? >> i can hear you, but not well. >> what was the reaction to the sanction? >> the sanction so far has been lukewarm and they tried to lay down the impact of the sanctions and tried to show how iranians are victimized by the sanctions. >> do you get a sense the escalation and the sense that the warming relations between iran and the united states is over? >> i think so because the period
9:41 pm
is gone with the winds of change in the white house. diplomatically the impact is the people in their psyche are worried that what would happen. they are an miss pating about days to come. >> that infamous line that we heard about iran being put on notice. how was that interpreted in iran? >> iran is under surveillance and monitor and if anything goes wrong, there will be harsher reaction from the american side. the interpretation is iran is under surveillance and any day something happens wrongly against them. >> iran doesn't like to be
9:42 pm
threatened. no country does. do you get a sense of what's coming out of the white house might provoke him into another test perhaps? >> i think what i understand is that iran is investing on the gap between america and eu and china and russia and trying to get benefit from the widening gap that is papping and they should invest in that so they can get economic benefits between the white house and the eu and other powers. >> exploit the lack of unity. appreciate you joining us. thanks so much. >> mr. trump calls for better
9:43 pm
ties are being put to the test. the ambassador slammed the kremlin in the first security clearance. for more on the phone call with the president, cnn's clair sebastian joined us from moscow. he hinted at easing the sanctions and he changed his position on that. what are you learning? >> president trump was expected to speak to president putin, but that was not mentioned at all and violence kplared up the next day. in the middle of the week when there was an optimism when the u.s. modified an existing obama administration sanction to allow businesses to pay customs duties
9:44 pm
to the russian intelligence services. that was played down and he said he is not easing anything and we saw the comments from the u.s.'s una ambassador said they would not be lifted. they are trying to not let this rirl out of control. they said they never indulged in optimism, but it seems they are watching the situation to see what comes out of the u.s. >> president trump is expected to speak with the ukrainian president in the coming hours. what can we expect? >> it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of that and given the comments from nikki haley, they will have it raised from the u.s. side.
9:45 pm
the sments made and extremely worried. the president of ukraine was in new york back in september. they did not despite having offered to do so did not end up meeting with mr. president trump because of a scheduling issue. they will see how the conversation goes when they talk for the first time. >> it seems to have playered up yet again. >> this is the backdrop to all the toll picks going on at the moment. this is unprecedented. they said they saw the worst violence they have seen in a year. the deaths with the fighters and
9:46 pm
the international on the ground reported two civilian deaths and critical infrastructure has been. 20,000 people north of the area where some of them are being evacuated and some are dealing with a lack of heating and electricity. it is below freezing. they are focused and i'm sure it will come up when president trump speaks later. >> we will touch base with you then. to you. >> the new defense secretary is accusing china of shredding the trust in other nations where china expanded sand bars. >> james mattis just left japan after two or parts of asia and reiterated support for japan's
9:47 pm
claim on the islands that china also claims. coming up, we will have much more on the breaking news of president trump's travel ban. >> thousands have been affected including that young man there, a young iraqi boy who is very ill and separated from his parents. we'll be right back.
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
and welcome back everyone. we are covering some fast moving breaking developments on u.s. president donald trump's controversial travel ban which, of course ignited huge protests in the u.s. and around the world last week. >> absolutely. white house says it will challenge a u.s. federal judge's order which temporarilyalts the ban nationwide. it wants an emergency stay. we're waiting for the u.s. justice department to file that appeal. >> but in the meantime, it looks like we could have another weekend of travel uncertainty to say the least after the judge's ruling on friday. u.s. customs officials said they are alerting airlines that the u.s. government would begin reinstating visas that had been revoked. >> now, the travel ban, of course, affected seven countries among them iraq. and the human impact of that move has been well documented. >> but the story of a young iraqi boy separated from his
9:52 pm
parents is particularly affecting. here now is sanjay gupta. >> they give you these little gas heaters to heat up. if you don't unclog it, a fire breaks out. by the time they got him, the plastic melted and fell on his face and feet. >> reporter: it was dilbreen's first birthday. iraq, january 4th, 2016. in an instant the soft cartilage of his nose, lips and most of his face ravaged. the images are tough to see. >> you realize there's something different about them and him and it's really sad because these kids, they're always scared of him. >> the name dilbreen means wounded heart and his story is complicated. it's a story of being trapped, his family fleeing from isis to this refugee camp and now trapped in the united states without his parents. you see, this woman is not dilbreen's mother.
9:53 pm
she's not even a relative. she is simply a kind stranger. dilbreen's parents a world away. we tracked them down in northern iraq. it's really hard, his father said. he's little boy. he n his parents. so what happened here? well, after the fire and burns, the british aid group road to peace arranged for dilbreen and his father to come to shriners hospital in boston. for the first of a series of operation to release the contractures of his chin and lip allowing him to take a bottle again. with his wife about to give birth in iraq, he couldn't stay and begged adelaided to watch after his son. >> at that point they say to you, please take care of dilbreen. we'll be back. >> yes. so you know, they said we'll be back you know four to six weeks the most because they weren't sure of the exact due date for
9:54 pm
his wife mech weeks go by and a month and two months and now we're at three months. >> when dilbreen's brother was born the day after the election, his parents grateful that the united states had provided medical care decided to name their newborn son trump. that's right. trump ajil mo sun. >> we want to show our appreciation to america for what they're doing for our boy. that's why we named him trump. then despite being initially approved in early january, their visas were revoked. they were in iraq. 2-year-old dilbreen was in the united states. his father said they didn't give us visas because they thought we would go there and stay. we want to finish our son's treatment and then return home. cnn did reach out to the state department for comment and were told "we are not able to discuss the details of any visa case." then things got even worse. >> i'm establishing new vetting
9:55 pm
measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america >> reporter: president trump likely made it impossible that his namesake, along with mom and dad, will tvel to the united states anytime soon. >> that's what we're afraid of is they have to wait 90 days which baby dilbreen doesn't have that. he needs the surgery as soon as possible. >> what's the sentiment or the emotion? are they angry? >> not really. just sad and hopeless. they don't know what to do. >> do you think there will be an exception made? >> we're praying for that. >> reporter: it's worth pointing out again exactly why she is vis vas were revoked according to immigration officers. they say these parents could not snoet show they have strong enough ties in iraq that the concern was they might come to the united states and not leave.
9:56 pm
family says look, we had visas. we could have come to the united states. mop was pregnant at the time. baby trump that you just met in the piece cos have been born in the united states would have been a u.s. citizen but they chose not to do that and want to go back to iraq. that it's the case they're making. they're going to go back on sunday to the immigration office once more and try and make this case and say they should be the exception to the rule. they should be the exception to this 90-day ban. they want to be with their son. we'll see what happens. back to you. >> what a story. sanjay gupta reporting. really tough for the parents to be away from their child for that long. >> awful. >> that does it for this program. i'm lynda kinkade. >> i'm michael holmes. >> we'll be right back after the break with more breaking news coverage on then new court ruling on u.s. president trump's travel ban. stay with us. be right back. go sensationally bold! new colorsensational loaded bolds from maybelline new york. loaded with hyper-color pigments
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live from cnn's world headquarters in atlanta. welcome to viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm lynda kinkade. >> i'm miking holmes. breaking news on donald trump's travel ban and the ongoing fallout over it. >> here's what we know right now. the white house is firing back after a u.s. federal judge put a temporary freeze on the president's immigration order. >> yeah, that's an order that, of course, sparked huge protests in the u.s. and indeed, across the globe. presidential order banning people from seven muslim majority countries on traveling to the u.s. for 90 days. after the judge suspended on friday, the white house went


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