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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 4, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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live from headquarters, welcome to our viewers from the united states. we're following u.s. developments from the u.s. travel ban. >> on friday, the federal judge temporarily blocked enforcement of the president's order. >> the travel ban sparked huge
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protests and around the world. it barred travel from seven majority muslim countries and cancelled visas will now be reenstated and now one airline says they can board flights bound for the u.s. >> here's jessica with more. >>. >> reporter: well, after one week after being caught up in the courts the order being kaugts up from the sev-- caught the -- the white house tonight saying they are fighting back. they say that the department of justice plan to issue an appeal.
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they've continued to maintain now even in the walk of this ruling that what president trump dw did was completely lawful. we understand that the department of justice will file an appeal but it will not be immediate. it will likely not be in the early hours tomorrow. of course, this entire issue has been in the courts front and center for the past week. we've seen numerous judges ruling on this whether it was the day after president trump issued that order or the lawsuits all over the country. this is the latest legal wrangling that has come up and this puts this executive order out of commission and so what they have said, they said it is now back to business as usual. they had a conference call with the airlines and they said they
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should begin as usual. airlines should remove some of those travel ban alerts from those websites, so going forward customs and border protections should be moving forward as if it's business as usual, but the white house vowing to fight back. the department of justice, they say, will be filing an appeal, so to be continued. cnn palm beach, florida. >> and here are more details at what's in the order. it bans travel to the u.s. from these muslim countries. >> the order also suspends the u.s. admissions program for 120 days until so called extreme vetting programs are put in place and syrian refugees are
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barred for an undefinite program. >> and earlier, we spoke with legal analyst and he ex- planed to us the significance of the case and how the washington state is different than other rulings on the travel ban. >> there are the hundred sitting federal judges in the united states. usually, you don't see that. usually they sort of stay to their own federal district. so this is an unusual ruling. >> we have seen a number of courts issue a ruling on this executive order. how is this one different? >> this is different, the others issued orders that pertained to their district. but this seattle judge said, you know something?
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the rules about getting to the united states affect the entire united states and i find it's n unconstitutional what the trump administration has done and for the sake of uniformity of approach i'm going to apply this to the entire united states. he's a federal judge but it's unusual. >> it was only a matter of time before the trump administration responded, vowing to defend it. can they succeed? >> that's a great question. if boston appellate court that looked at the order up there ruled in favor of the trump administration so on balance the trump administration has some good arguments to bring to a higher court to say that this judge made a mistake. but the ninth circuit court is a liberal court and it's a cord
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that might rule against the trump administration and if that happened it will all end up in the supreme court. >> u.s. customs and border protection gave the word to major passenger carriers. an airline executive tells cnn tells us they will regulate passengers with u.s. visas to travel to the united states. a statement on i website reads, nationals and all refugees seeking admission presenting a valid unexpired or green card will be processed accordingly upon arrival.
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people woke up to the latest news this morning. and of course iraq is one of the countries listed in that travel ban. qatar airlines is allowing people to fly, no doubt many iraqis will be on those planes. >> we understand after speaking to officials that nobody so far today has shown up with the intention to travel to the united states. keeping in mind of course there are no direct flights between iraq and the united states and there's another thing. even if they wanted to ghet et the airport, roads have been closed between 4,000 people are participating in the baghdad annual marathon and therefore, that might not be so ease se. but nonetheless they do have
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valid visas whether it's part of the special immigration visas whether it's people who used to work the the united states army, the embassy here, but many people are hesitant to go rushing off to the airport even after hearing this news because there's the very good possibility that this executive decision could be reinstated as a result of further legal action from the united states. so there's a good deal of uncertainty. keeping in mind that those who travel to the u.s. with valid visas arrived there, those visas were cancelled and they were sent back so many people who have valid visas to the u.s. are rez tant to go at this point so they may find that while they were in the air everything has
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changed yet again. >> you make a good point there. it's been a week now. beside the confusion about this latest twist and turn, i mean, what are iraqis saying about the overall ban? >> i mean, by and large, they see this ban as an insult, an insult to the country that's an allie against the war against isis, the war against terrorism. pup iraq is not syria or iran which have a long and troublesome history with the united states so many people think it's an insult. it's like spitting in the face of iraq. many people point out that thousands of iraqi soldiers have
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died fighting isis. millions have been made home lets as a result of the war against isis and therefore they don't understand why iraq is being treated as, in a sense, a terrorist exporting country when really they feel this is a country has been a victim of terrorism. >> okay. thanks so much. and cnn politics reporter joins us from new york. how much of a roadblock is this going to be for the trump white house? can you put this in prospective for us? >> well r everything is back to normal as if it was not originally planned. trust and believe that the
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administration is working on ways to prove that this ban who's kons nugsalty has been questioned is in the best interest of the american people and illegal. >> and the white house may have lost a legal battle. it certainly has not lost a political war. >> this is one of the first steps of a larger system they hope to put in place that they believe will improve national security. if you recall when it was rolled out there was a sug jex thgesti there are many countries that could be added to this list. so they are going to move forward with this progress because they think this is what's in the best interest in the war on terror. >> how big is this for president
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trump? or does it fade into the background with time and defending on the results. >> i think we saw everything can almost fade into the background with time when you constantly have issues surfacing but this is this third weekend in his administration where there's been significant roadblocks and pushback on policies that he's hoping to implement. this is legal and this can help america and battle terrorism and achieve every goal that he set forth, that remains to be seen, but we've seen organizations on both sides of the aisle argue for different things regarding this ban. >> mr. trump has made enemies in his first two weeks in office. with politicians, but isn't that
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exactly what some of his voters at least want him to do? >> reporter: yes, in the shore answer. i'm not sure he's made any new enemies some of his battles are continuation of the day that he addressed the day he said he wanted to be the president of the united states. for him to make enemies as much as for him to be their friend and to be their ally in government and that's what he's arguing he's doing. the reality is there are millions of americans who disagree with him and them. >> all right. following this rapidly developing story here with us. thank you very much. and coming up, president trump has lost one of his cabinet picks. why one of his pick social security out of the running.
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and following breaking news a bug setback for president trump's travel ban, a judge suspends the travel ban. >> and the white house again, senate plans to appeal the ruling as soon as possible. in the meantime at least one carrier says it is allowing passenger to board u.s. flights as long as they have valid documents. president trump's pick for army secretary is withdrawing his nomination. the billionaire from new york founded several companies. >> he is still offering his support to mr. trump and the add money strags and the new u.s. defense secretary has said quote, china has shredded the hope in other nations.
2:19 am
james made the remarks before he left japan. he was on his first tour as parts of the u.s. team. >> today the minister and i discussed a security situation and i made clear that our long standing policy stands. the united states will continue to recognize japanese administration of the islands and as such, article 5 of the treaty applies. >> and china's foreign ministry responds to this and confirming that the islands are indeed chinese. moving on teheran says it will talk legal measures against americans after the u.s. said it was hitting airan with new sanctions. >> they plan to release the names and people that helped create extremist groups.
2:20 am
>> the u.s. treasury department applied the new sanctions to punish iran for the newest tests of the ballistic missile. >> and tell me, your assessment here, how much of what we're seeing from washington and from teheran over the last week is posturing versus mouch of it is real deep substantive policy change? >> i suppose on the surface i can say on a diplomatic level it is escalating to a very dangerous climax, so on the surface it is escalations beyond no end and beyond any predictable future. >> excalation any predictable future. what do you mean? >> i mean that we don't know and
2:21 am
we cannot anticipate anything concrete at what happens in both ends. so to be on the safe side, we can say the escalations will go on and on until something happens, some -- until one side is trying to exercise self- -- until then we go to a very dangerous position. >> are you saying that the risk of conflict has become very real between the u.s. and iran? >> yes, unfortunately, yes. diplomatically we can see that and any error, something somewhere may just provide the fuel for the disastrous climates. >> and belearning this, coming that war games and military
2:22 am
exercises will go on shortly. is that part of -- what is that, sending a message to washington, i suppose? >> it is defiant, yes. defind mood of the country and although we can say it was preplanned drill, it seems that the name of it is in contempt of the american sanctions so the name of this drill, is the content of this drill is defying diplomacy unfortunateunfortunat. . >> thank you very much. something we'll definitely have to watch ou this escalates or not. thanks. and mr. truch's calls for
2:23 am
better ties between the u.s. and russia are also being put to the test. violence has started to rise. with more on that including mr. trump's expected phone call with jew ukraine's president. what is the leader hoping to get from his phone call, his chat? >> reporter: well, i think the first thing he'll be looking for is a bit of clarity. because ola lot of the things h said on the campaign trail are worrying. he said he might consider the understood pen dense of cr--
2:24 am
you know, it was really quite a turn around in terms of the u.s. attitude to russia so i think they'll be be looking to hear this in mr. trump's own word. that speech from his u.n. ambassador. which we know that it was fine web, but we'll be looking for clarity from that. >> and also the clarity of what is going on in the ground. the violence is dramatically escalating. >> you're absolutely right about
2:25 am
confusion. we do know that the escalation of violence has been some of the worst that we've seen. thaw say they've been unprecedented cease fire violations this week. but if you watch the russian tv and media coverage it looks like they're covering two different wars. russia is covering destruction and ukraine is covering the destruction and they're both blaming each other for violating the terms of the cease fire and for starting this in the first place, but the one thing they do agree on is the force of si vailians the getting increasingly dire. we know that the violence has knocked out critical
2:26 am
infrastructure. thousands, maybe even tens of thousands without heating and electricity and that creates an increasingly desperate situation in that area. >> we're going to take a very short break. when we come back, our breaking coverage of a suspension to a u.s. travel ban continues. >> and how the white house will respond just ahead. all right, here we go, baby. hey! we're doing the wave! taking off with me! for 42 minutes he's been trying to bring an entire stadium to its feet. you missed it buddy. (rich) why does he do it? for glory? notoriety? we don't know. waaaaave! frankly, we don't need to know. but much like this hero, courtyard is all about the game. taking off with me! one, two, three! waaaaave-- there's my guy! yes.
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> hi, everyone. great to have you back with us. a new court ruling knocking down president trump's controversial travel ban. the trump add -- administration has defended the ban. >> it will begin reinstating u.s. visas in order to affect international tralers. and qatar airways will now allow people to travel to the united states. we spoke with the political fallout over the ban. he's also the founder of ea world view, a website on the middle east and world policy. i asked him what he thinks the
2:31 am
trump administration will do next. >> let's be very clear here, the trump add min station would impose this ban to quickly and did so without consulting agencies, and that was a challenge to the system. it very much was a challenge to its own agencies and to jew d--h >> look, you put it mildly when you said it was a challenge to the system, but didn't trump's voters send him to washington to do exactly that, to challenge
2:32 am
the system? >> with respect, you know, america is not founded just simply on voters determine what is legal. our founding fathers said you know, in the 18th century it is not tyranny in the majority. this has to be legally right in the defense of freedom and i think we're making the assumption that all of trump's voters would like to see him go this far but in the end you don't use polls to see what is right and what is wrong. >> and i should point out this has happened in other administrations in the past. this has happened to many others and my question was on the politics and how much this helps or hurts donald trump. and he has a man date to go
2:33 am
ahead and pick a fight. >> we don't know where the politics will find up and i'd be a fool to make a prediction, but what i can say is that this is a fight which is continuing to escalate. this isn't the same as say, a challenge to barack obama's ecktive orders. the trump administration has said we're in office, we're going to do whatever we want, come back at us. that has ruled out the possibility of compromise. they signal that will congress as well. so i have to say, this is an important moment. if it backs down in the face of this judicial ruling it signals a change in its approach political politically. if it carries on and carries a significant court ruling maybe it does think that it can
2:34 am
succeed with its agenda. >> do you think is going to cause a rethink in the white house of how to handle things going forward? how to govern? might this be a learning experience or getting back to the early experience is it going to take it to the establishment going forward? >> perhaps it's time especially the trump add min station to take a step back. remember, this is a president who when he has been challenged has insulted judges. he has a chief strategist who has criticized the judiciary for being out of press with americans. he has a spokesman who has said play with alternative facts. so no, they don't back down. so far they don't. >> a group of women say he's doing great thing for the u.s.
2:35 am
>> the only criticisms are how the media and democrats have treated him. martin savage has more. >> i was so elated i could hardly stand it. it was leukothe best early christmas present i could have gotten. >> these women love everything about donald trump and can't understand it if you don't. >> i really worry about their judgment. >> has he made new mistakes in your mind? >> not at this point for me. >> the people he's surrounding himself with, the cabinet choices. >> great. incredible people. just incredible people. >> but is he moving too fast? >> no, he's going to move forbard quickly because he's going to do what he said he's going to do. >> they see nothing wrong with the president but plenty wrong with everyone else. >> and i think that's a terrible
2:36 am
thing that the left is doing to hold things up and it's so purposeful. >> but it sounds like what the republicans were doing during the obama administration. >> no, they showed up. >> these people are not showing up for the vote. >> people really dislike him. i don't understand it because i love him. i love who he is, i love his transparency. >> speaking of transparency, what about the tweeting? >> i love it. and you know what it does? it leaves you out. >> the you she's referring to is the main stream media which the group sees as a nonstop barrage about the president. >> you push and you don't back off and frankly, i'm fed up with it. >> they're also sick of the demonstrators who they say can't
2:37 am
accept that hillary clinton lost. >> let the man get to work and better our country. stop with the protests. >> speaking of moving on, what's with trump's crowd size? >> i think it's fair for him to defend himself? >> and what about the president's claim for widespread voter fraud? >> do you believe president trump when he thinks he says there were several million votes cast illegally. >> i'm really glad that he's checking that system out. >> trump's immigration executive order is another issue the supporters see differently. seeing the move not as discriminatory but rather as safety for americans. >> as a mother of four kids i think it is the right of my kids
2:38 am
to grow up in a country where they feel safe. >> and we lead with our emotions, this country's sunk. t you can't lead with your emotions. >> these women believe they can unite as a nation under president trump. we did on inauguration day. >> everybody was just kind of like, yeah, this is a transfer of power. well, after a calm start to winter, strong storms ramp up across western europe. >> we'll have more coming up. plus an iraqi couple unable to reach their young son in the u.s. stay with us.
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hurricane force wind gusts slammed the coast of france on friday with yet another storm approaching this weekend. >> we're at the world weather center. what's going on? >> hold on to your hats. it's possibly the best advice i can give people and getting outside and realizing the weather is not playing along across western europe. but it has been quite a different story across the month of january. in the uk, they only received a slow chance of rainfall. it's all thanks to an increase in our good friend the jet stream. the strong upper level winds that race from east to west and that helps drive the storm systems across the atlantic
2:43 am
ocean. this is a low pressure system moving across the uk. take a look at this. i don't believe i'm going to pronounce this correctly, but along the extreme north western tip there, 123 miles an hour. that's gusty stuff. even london, 80 mimes per her gusts. we experienced about 178 millimeters of rainfall. and guess what? there is more wasn't on the way so you need to be prepared for this. this could slow your travel down and certainly bring down at least some small branches if not electricity poles, and lines going forward. this is the second storm system that's going to battle the coast of france.
2:44 am
then another storm system lines up behind it but that is set to impact a little bit further to the north. if we zoom no across the latest radar, you can see the eye or the center of this quote unquote hurricane that reached the coastal shores of france. i put quotes around the word hurricane because it wasn't actually a hurricane but we saw the wind gusts in excess of hurricane force. this is the overall perspective of the weter patterns and this is a storm that's gong to ramp up as it travels across the alps. rome into athens you've got a lot of rain headed your way. double check your flight plans because they could be impacted by this wild february weather. how much rain, how much snow? i want to bring you to the other side of the world to give you a
2:45 am
head's up on something we're monitoring closely. this is just off the shores of the philippines, a tropical disturbance starting to pruk our interest. the good news is the majority of this will stay uf the capital city and will start to veer away to the north and ooers. you can see some of those rainfall totals anywhere between 15 to upwards of 30 millimeters over the next 24 hours so it learn si could have been worse because that system is just a few hundred kilometers offshore. >> did you refer to the good friend, the jet stream. >>? without it we would not have weather. >> you ore about ready to be a dad. good timing. you're watching cnn. thousands felt the impact of the
2:46 am
trump administration's travel ban. we'll introduce you to a young iraqi boy separated from his parents as his life hangs in the balance. stay with us. she's got natural stevia, no bitter aftertaste, and zero calories. all the partners agree? even iced tea? especially iced tea. goodbye, sugar. hello, new splenda naturals.
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testinhuh?sting! is this thing on? come on! your turn! where do pencils go on vacation? pennsylvania! (laughter) crunchy wheat frosted sweet! kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. feed your inner kid >> we are live with breaking news on that new court ruling
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knocking down u.s. president donald trump's controversial tr travel ban. but the trump add min station said it will challenge the order. >> at least one airline says it will now allow people with valid documents to allow people to fly to the united states. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer said this is a ruling for the constitution and for many of us who believe this will not make us safer. well, donald trump is just two weeks into husband presiden -- his presidency.
2:51 am
but most are not happy with what they see so far. 53% don't approve. that's the highest disapproval rating since polls began tracking those numbers. >> according to the poll 53% of americans are against the poll for travel reinstructions. and the travel ban affected seven countries. and the mu man impact of that move has certainly been well documented. >> we bring you the story of a young iraqi boy separated from his parents. >> they give you these little gas heaters to heat up. and by the time they got him, the plastic melted and fell on his face and feet. >> it was his first birthday.
2:52 am
iraq, january 4th, 2016. the soft cartilage of his nose and most of his face ravaged. the images are tough to see. >> you realize there's something different about him and it's sad. >> the name means wounded heart and his story is complicated. it's a story of being trapped. fleeing to this refugee camp and now trapped in the united states without his parents. you see this woman is not his mother pt she's not even a relative. she is simply a kind stranger. >> his parents a world away. but we tracked them down in northern iraq. >> it's really hard, his father said. he needs his parents?
2:53 am
the british aid group arranged for he and his father to come to the hospital in boston. that was for a first of operations to slowly release his lower lip allowing him to take a bottle again. but with his wife about to give birth he could pn't stay. >> at that point they say to you, please take care of him. we'll be back. >> so you know, they said we'll be back four to six weeks at the most because they weren't sure of the exact due date for his wife. six months go by and now we're at three months. >> when his little brother was born his parents grateful that the united states had provided medical care, decided to name their newborn son trump. that's right. trump.
2:54 am
>> translator: we want to show our appreciation to america if for what they're doing to our boy. then despite being initially approved, their visas were revoked. they were in iraq. the two neerld w-year-old was i united states. >> they didn't give us visas because they thought we would go there and stay. we want to finish our's treatment and return home. and then things got even worse. >> secondly i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. >> president trump likely made it impossible that his name sake along with mom and dad will travel to the united states any time soon. >> that's what we're afraid of, is they have to wait 90 days
2:55 am
which maybe he doesn't have that. he needs this surgery as soon as possible. >> what's the sentiment or the emotional -- are they angry? >> not really. just sad and hopeless. they don't know what to do. >> do you think there will be an exception made? >> we're praying for that. >> and it's worth pointing out why these visas were revoked. they say these parents could not show they have strong enough ties in iraq. the concern that they would come to the united states and not leave and the family said look, we had visas, we could have come to the united states, mom was pregnant at the time. the baby could have been born in the united states, could have been a u.s. citizen, but they chose not to. thaw eel try to make this case
2:56 am
and say they should be the exception to the rule. they should be the exception to this 90-day ban. >> a very powerful story there too. we do have good news about an infant girl from iran who needs some heart surgery. she should be allowed into the u.s. as early as next week. >> the trump travel ban went into effect and they were turned back. late friday, andrew cuomo announced the girl and her family had been granted permission to come to the u.s. >> that's it from us here at the cnn center. thanks so much for joining us. "early start" begins in just a moment. good reason to stay with cnn.
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♪ president trump's executive order banning immigration from the seven muslim majority countries is halted. >> nothing is more sacred in our country than the rule of law, period. fuel stop. that's it. and that's for everybody in the country even the president. >> there were 1200 federal sitting jumps in the united states. is this a ruling by one judge who is essentially overruling the president of the united states. >> this president is not going to take this lying down. a very strong signal from this white house, that they intend to go right after that temporary restraining order as soon as possible. >>


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