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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we are live in london. i am max foster. >> you are watching cnn newsroom and it starts right now. >> now president trump's controversial ban remains
11:01 pm
unclear. >> now the states, filed a legal -- >> now, it says the low courts' suspension of the ban from donald trump. travels are unable to enter the u.s. just a week ago are now returning to american soils. >> the president is lashing out on twitter. jessica snyder explains. >> reporter: after raising eye brows, president trump took to his twitter feed on sunday, continuing to rail against the justice system. president trump tweeting this, just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such pr peril, if something happens, blame him and the courts system. people are pouring in bad. >> i have instructed homeland security to check people coming
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into our country carefully. the courts are making the job very difficult. president trump putting the target right on the federal judge and the courts system not agreeing of the decisions that's made and not agreeing with the circuit court. >> mike pence is also talking about it saying he believes that the travel ban will be put back in place. >> take a listen. >> there is no question under the constitution and under federal law that the president of the united states has the authority in the interest of national security to determine who has the right to come into this country. we are going to challenge the judge's order on that bases. >> reporter: this legal fight will continue into the week and coming weeks and months. in addition, we are looking at a battle as well. next up is betsy devos, we are expecting a vote in the senate on monday morning. at this point, two republican
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senators say they'll not vote for betsy devos. that means mike pence may come in and breaks what is expected a 50/50 tie. jessica snyder, cnn, palm beach, florida. the legal battle over the u.s. president trump of traveling can be unruling. the latest action of the ninth circuit courts of appeals. >> the ninth circuit of appeals, it denied their motion for that immediate, essentially a restraining order on the lower courts restraining order. they are asking the higher courts to stop. that's all that's happening.
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the ninth circuit court appeals denied that notion. >> both sides put their arguments on their paper and an oral argument where they can go and argue face to face with the judge. the mere denieal of the notion does not mean the trump administration will ultimately lose. >> other companies are joining the legal fight of president trump's travel ban. stho th they have to get a court's brief. >> the ban is harm ing the companies. it hurts their ability to check on workers and increasing stocks and making it harder for them to compete in internationally.
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>> morris, this extraordinary situation where you got the president taking on the judiciary, has it happened before? >> if you lohe handled it profe and he moved on. it is funny that the president of the united states two weeks is challenging the other branch of government. that's why we have checks and balances. it is unprecedent. donald trump says he wants to make history and he's being historic in the way he's hahn handling these things. >> are we seeing mood changing? >> i thought he would have 18 to 20 month bump. i still believe that. you will see if he starts to lose momentum, you will see people start to move away from him. >> republicans are coming out with the bill that -- as this
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war goes on, we'll see how much political juice he still has with republicans. if his ratings still staying under 40% in the midterm, you will see people moving away. you will see if they'll stay with him or not. >> the opportunity for the democrats, he's not really seem to be hearing that voice loudly now. >> if the democrats are only an opposition party, they'll never get the white house back. there is one thing to be opposition, you have to show the american people that you have a better solution. i have not heard my solution from the democrats. >> why not? >> the democrats don't have the presidency anymore. you have two opposition leaders in the house and the senate who don't control the agenda. they need a party leader that can set the tone and get on tv and propel the message forward. >> is this the democrats way of getting more of the attention
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let minimal fall on his face. >> is it a political tactic? >> well, because they don't have a leader. the people are rising up. the sad thing is the people did not go to the polls like this when hillary clinton was there. you see emerging voices that could be the next generation of the political leader of the democratic side. there maybe more leaders to come forward and people from ohio, for example, where they need to win or pennsylvania. >> key states. >> key states that donald trump flipped. the democrats need a leader of new generation leaders so they'll look at these people. >> they adodon't reflect of national news because the polls have not come out. >> that's very much reflected by the election campaign and a lot of these quiet supporters out
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there. >> the silent majority is starting to rise up. if you look at what's going on right now, there is a lot of women and minorities out there. they're out there on segmented issues. >> this is the problem for the democrats last time, they splitspli split the voters and did not have a cohesive message to motivate the population. you look at donald trump's message and it motivated everyone. the democrats although they represent a lot of disparaging parties, they need to bring people together. until they are able to do that, there will be fragment of parties. you sa thank yw the messages of cohesive message. >> morris, thank you for coming in on a day you are feeling a bit down. your falcons lost. >> i have my red for the falcons. >> thank you, morris.
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>> also, of course, donald trump, watched the super bowl. >> he tuned in as the patriots won. the curse has come back in super bowl history. >> based on the falcons rallying from 20 point points to win 34-28 in overtime. trump tweeted congratulations. what an amazing come back and win by the patriots. bill belichick -- i hope i said it right. total winners. wow. >> lets get our sports analyst. andy, how did they pull it off? >> andy scholes. >> to me, it was the greatest super bowl of all time and the greatest come back. >> the patriots were down by 25 at one point in this game. now, there is little question. tom brady is in fact the
11:10 pm
greatest quarterback to ever play the game. he's won five super bowls for the most ever in history. this game did not start well for the patriots at all. in the second quarter, brady throws the interceptions to robert alfred. they would get up to by 25 points but the patriots would mount a come back in the fourth quarter. right here, this maybe the greatest catch in nfl history. >> snatching the ball right before it touches the ground. that would lead to a patriots' touchdown and they needed a two-point conversion to tie it up. brady could come through again finding andy amendola, for the first time in super bowl history, we had overtime. tom brady marches it right down the field. james white punches it in for the touchdown.
11:11 pm
new england wins in a stunner, 34-28. tom brady adds to his legend as he's named again super bowl mvp. >> thank you to all our fans. everyone back in boston, new england, we love you, you have been with us all year. >> we are bringing this soccer home. >> tom brady. >> well, you know, andy, outside the u.s., people may mott heano of the team but they heard of tom brady. >> explain to us why this was such a big one for him? >> reporter: this week, he got emotional quite a few times when talking about his family. his mom had been dealing with health issues with the past 18 months. she was here at the super bowl rooting on her son and we got to see touching moment after the game with his family, you see
11:12 pm
him there kissing his wife and his mom right there. the brady's lady shirts on. brady getting emotional after the game spending time with his family. he was dedicating this win to his mother. another reason this game was important was the whole deflate saga. for patriots fans, this year is called as tom brady's revenge. roger goodell was booed. this was a moment for patriots fans as they were able to get their revenge of the whole deflate gate. he was not happy after the game. turns out somebody stole his game jersey that was in his locker. i am sure he was planning to keep as a cool piece of memory. that jersey is missing in action and they don't know where it is. >> if somebody tries to sell it, they'll caught up quickly.
11:13 pm
>> andy, you looked pretty happy, who are you backing? >> i am a tom brady fan. >> so. i was pretty happy. it was special to see him win it. >> thanks andy take care. >> still ahead, the white house trying to clear up mix messages of russian vladimir putin, we'll have the message next. >> you will hear president trump saying he's troubled with the situation of russia and ukraine. riiight. and that means...? i'm the money you save for retirement. i help you get organized so your money could multiply. see? got it. who's he? he's green money for spending today. you know, paying bills, maybe a little online shopping... makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. president trump will attend the meeting in europe. mr. trump spoke with the general on sunday. the two leaders discussed the importance of the alliance in troubled times. >> the republican leaders are calling out president trump over his defense of the russian president. >> on fox news with the authoritarian regime of vladimir put putin. >> do you respect putin? >> i do respect him.
11:18 pm
>> why? >> well, i do respect a lot of people. he's a leader of his country. i say it is better to get alone loughi along russia. >> major fight, that's a good thing. will i get along with them? i have no idea. >> pew tutin is a killer. >> we got a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders twha ahat ar killers. >> take a look at what we have done. i have been against the war in iraq in the beginning. >> a lot of people are killed and a lot of killers around. >> lets get more on russia's reaction. joining me now e claiclaire, go morning to you. following those comments by president trump.
11:19 pm
how is that defense of putin being received in moscow? >> yeah, he's getting a lot of attention and leading the bulletin and this morning, i think it is interesting to know that the kremlin, despite a number of mixed messages coming out of the white house. and maintaining a level of o optimi optimism, the foreign minister used the word moral preaching. he was pleased to see there was not any of that in the conversation between mr. trump and putin. the kind of comments of what we have for donald trump is what we see out of the kremlin. the vice president came out and saying it was not the case of equivalent si. it is a striking parallel. president trump equated things
11:20 pm
like russian actions and cream crimea of what the west have done and the vdecisiveness of te u.s. i think that's why it is so striking to see this comment from a sitting u.s. president. >> claire, you are talking about that. mike pence spoke about ukraine, i want to show off what he said. take a listen. >> we are watching. very troubled by the increased hostilities over the past week in eastern ukraine. i know the president had a conversation with vladimir putin >> did she say he was troubled? >> they spoke about ukraine and i expect those conversations to be ongoing. >> claire, we know they spoke. they spoke about ukraine, do we
11:21 pm
know what was said? do they see eye to eye of the question of ukraine? >> interesting, that was the first time we heard from the u.s. a that they had spoken about ukraine when we got the read out from that call of two saturdays ago. it was the russian side of passing just one line that they spoke about ukraine. we have seen an escalation in violence over the last week in eastern ukraine. a slight of quieting down over the last few days to bring the power back onto a particular flash point time in eastern ukraine. it is still a source of concern, particularly from the russian side, they are all worried that that will get in the middle of the relationship of the approving relationship as they see it between the u.s. and russia. i want to read you one tweet from a prominent politician
11:22 pm
yesterday. m that gives you a sense of how the russians are looking at it. >> the time is 21 minutes past the morning. thank you very much claire >> well, it is fox news that mr. trump did not clarify what he plans to do under the obama administration. >> they have total disregard for our country. they are the number one terrorist state. they are sending weapons all over the place. cannot do that. >> you are not real bullish on iran at this point. >> i would have lived with it if they said okay, we are all together now. >> but, it was just the opposite. it is like they're em beholden where they follow our planes and
11:23 pm
they circle our ships with their little boats and they roespect and they cannot believe anybody is so stupid to make a deal like that. >> he says a group of people were being horrible by tweeted. >> some people in iraq are saying thank you but no thank you >> the kids in baghdad camp may do little of what they have. the people here fled in northern iraq when isis took over, losing homes and businesses and everything they own. >> you would think they would rejoice of president trump's suggestion, he will give presence to christian refugees. >> she's not jumping at the offer. >> translator: i don't want to
11:24 pm
go abroad. i love iraq. it is my country. it is the country of our parents. >> camp residence nailed crosses and iraqis flags to their temporary homes. eager to stretch their iraqis first and christian second. >> reporter: some of the people here have been in this camp for two and a half years. >> but, despite that, some of them say even given the chance, christians to move to the united states, they still would not go there. >> welshe shares her skepticism >> translator: lets say i went to america, what would i get out of it? >> no, let me live in my iraq and die in my iraq. >> before the u.s. invasion,
11:25 pm
almost a million and a half christians live here. since then as many as two-thirds have left. >> not only christians suffer but also other muslims. lewis rafael the first is the catholic patritriot of babylon. >> giving christians over muslims will only increase resentment. >> it does not matter, they are christians. >> they are human beings. just this -- you know, this was very bad. the faithful communion of baghdad st. joseph church. the pews are emptier than before
11:26 pm
of a sense of loss seeing loved ones leave. never to return. >> he thinks it is a good idea to stop all iraqis regardless of religion from leaving. >> enough immigration, they should not let your young people go. no one will be left here. >> the president's words called comfort for dwindling blocks. cnn, baghdad. now, president trump's travel order lashing out on twitter. more on other battles he's facing as well. >> benjamin netanyahu will meet with the president and what's on the top of president trump's agenda? next. yeah, 103.
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welcome back to our viewers. let me bring you up to date with the main stories we are following. imt m i am max foster. >> and i am isaac soares. in the meantime, the band remains on hold. >> heavy snowfall sets off a series of avalanches which killed 59 people along the afghanistan border. the death toll could rise. rescuers are working to evacuate people under villages buried by
11:31 pm
snow and ice and rocks. the patriots super bowl champions again. they rallied 25 points down against the falcons to win the first overtime game in super bowl history. >> 34-28. the patriots' fifth super bowl title tom brady. >> tom brady, did he play? >> apparently. >> more of president trump's ban and looking at how everything is played out. he banned the order from muslim countries. >> now the following day protests erupted around the world and many angry of what they saw as a ban on muslims and this past friday, a federal judge held to a ban. >> donald trump's third week of president, it has only been
11:32 pm
three promises to be as bumpy as the first two. he's following a lot of push backs of his executive orders. >> suzanne has more. >> reporter: after just the the first two weeks in office, president trump is preparing o f a traditional show down. to the dismay of both democrats and republican lawmakers, trump spent part of his weekend disparaging the temporary judges. >> if something happens, blame minimal and the courts system. people pouring in bad. >> this could become an issue for republicans. judge neil gorsuch distancing themselves from trump's comments about russia when he suggested
11:33 pm
in an interview of a moral equilvalency between the u.s. and putin. >> monday, president trump makes his first major public address to u.s. troops since his inauguration. when he go to the mcdill air force space in tampa, florida. >> cnn, washington. the british prime minister will meet in london today. >> thebenjamin netanyahu callin for a united front. a spokesperson for may -- lets get more, joining us now is our associate follower in the middle
11:34 pm
east. thank you very much for joining you. >> plenty on the agenda today. we heard from benjamin netanyahu saying there are sunt opportunities in this relationship with theresa, what do they mean? >> i think they're just back from washington. maybe closely relations and i think about settlements. it is all his problems at home. >> in many ways, it is almost like a preparation there in terms of to sinynchronize of what's happening in thank you k and the united states. >> trying to work out exactly what the u.s. policies is. >> how is teresa going to be able to help mr. benjamin netanyahu for that?
11:35 pm
>> i think tom started this election campaign by saying he's -- then he said these are not enough to make concession love. >> this is in the the way to win the election. then blamed obama. and he promised to take on a different view. moving the embassy to jerusalem. >> in the meantime, of his building of around 6,000 houses, home homes. the settlements are not dependab dependable.
11:36 pm
>> at the same time, the u uuk uk -- we'll have to find a solution. sometimes sentiments. >> this is it. >> correct. >> again, it is not exact consistent >> a you fdays later condemning con jerry for saying the same, he needs the most right in the history of the country. >> at the same time, condemning the settlements and of consistency in british policies to the surf men and of course, the fe -- and as we know, at ti
11:37 pm
we think this is the worse deal ever. >> this meeting does not sound like they they'll see a lot of eye to eye a lot of point. >> the same time, they'll go in elections served in the uk. if you look at the trade vol, it is 5 billion pounds a year. and intelligence. so you know it is a mixed bag. the issue is reiterate fortin and russian. >> the different, substantially, the closer relations will be the next. maybe tbt up daks as you go. a lot of plays here. >> we'll be following it all threw and when he goes to washington >> thank you very much. >> national has lunched her presidential campaign. >> he restricted immigration and
11:38 pm
fight gloenlization. how is more on the presidential race there. >> on one hand, the economy economy resigned from the government last year to stand as a an independent. he's hoping to convince as many voters from the right and the left to back his interest and a credible alternatives to the barge right. 1993 she spoke here today. a campaign that she believes is going to take away from these days. >> it was an unashare. what about the need to retreat behind france's border and holding a referendum on the matter. she wants to leave the platform and the one that donald trump stood in the united states.
11:39 pm
>> it is now going to carry her to power. she speak to thousands of supporters and they convinced that her time have finally come. >> both are expected to make it in the second round of the election if you believe the polls at the time is being. ? this is going to be one of the hardest selections to call. melissa bell, cnn, new york. that means celebrating 65 years. >> these sapphire, the green have no public event plans. >> is it normal for an event like this, she does not have anything planned? >> she waumarks that way.
11:40 pm
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. all right, welcome back. many families with visas were stuck from psident trump's ban. >> one of the families finally reunited on sunday in virginia. >> the husband is a u.s. citizen, he was waiting for his wife and children, including the ten-month baby. cnn spoke with them at united.
11:44 pm
>> it is been a difficult week. i am happy that it ended happily. what were you feeling when you were getting on the plane? >> so scared. it is very hard. >> i used to hear the campaign rhetoric but i never thought it would be so personal to me. but, now it touched us personally. from now on, even though my family already came here, we feel for all those who are still in limbo and not knowing what will happen next. they're planning to leave the u.s. soon. >> not surprise from what has happened. our paul sandoval spoke to one
11:45 pm
couple. a search for refuge from aleppo syria to atlanta suburbs. >> away from the war zone, it was their home fighting between isis and forcing them into neighbor country. >> i didn't say in turkey because there is discrimination against kurds. >> two years after, syria admitted in refugees. to, they make a living working this these aisles and in the kitchen of northeast atlanta. the moses are among the sixth
11:46 pm
generations working here. it is about giving refugees a chance to ease into life in the u.s. >> i am happy and pleased to be able to give them that opportunity to allow them to express all that they want to do and allow them to go was. it is my hope that i can help train them and help them, you know, assimilate. >> ronny says life in america is hard at first but she's working through to over come language and barriers. >> translator: when i first arrived, i was a bit concerned but after meeting some friends, they helped me and helped me with language. things are better now. >> the moses would see this ban to be lifted. >> i did not communicate with anyone here about that ban. yes, i know about it.
11:47 pm
but, it hope that president trump will revisit his decision and open the states again for the refugees. the ones who are living as refugees, they are suffering where ever they are and many countries they are in. they are suffering and they have to need and right to live a good life with dignity. >> cnn, atlanta. a series of avalanches in afghanistan and many are killed. >> it is going on and on there. our meteorologist is joining us. when you think of what's going on here and pakistan, it is well known from being heavily disputed borders across the region. more people here losing their lives from the area due to weather. really, it puts it in perspective of what's going on across this particular region.
11:48 pm
to show you the topography in this area, there is kabul. >> sleeps of 50 or 60 degrees here in some of these slopes. to get avalanches, you only need slopes that are 20 degrees or later. it certain lly meets the criter across the region. when you look at what is occurred in recently days, the number in red indicating fatalities. >> when you see yellow numbers, that's the number of people that are currently trapped across the region. some of these roads impassable so officials cannot make it there providing any sort of rescue operations. this widespread coverage of land is what's most striking. this is the size of the country, uk of the amount of land you have avalanches occurring left and right across the region of the world. >> you have to have the elements
11:49 pm
coming together and weak bonding between the layers of snow. we got plenty of it and several meter hav meters have come down. you get sleet and freezing rain and causing a thin layer of ice to form and this caused the instability of layers leading the avalanches. you are finding yourself in these sorts of situation, it is a good trick to pull out a credit card and swipe it right through the ice or snow and if they are running it through easily when you are trying to make a payment, that's not good news. >> of course, you get this to take place and you have of the players and additional snow accumulating of the stability. that's precisely what's happening there across parts of indiana and pakistan. the weather pattern does not look conducive here for recovery
11:50 pm
efforts. later in the week, max, we are seeing another storm system right through. additional snow is kpenexpected these high elevations as we go towards friday. >> a great tip with the credit car card. >> great to see you. çzvççzv
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at . president donald trump isn't the only world leader taking a physicalu! this year. >> and said he hoped it would bring zvtogether. [ speaking foreign language ]çú
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11:56 pm
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>> keeping your change and the back and forth continues over president donald trump travel bannl@@(t&háhp &hc% >> trump weighs in on twitter. >> queen elizabeth celebrating 56th year on the thrown. >> he low and warmswelcome. this is "cnn ÷únewsroom." >> it is coming down to wire for both sides over u.s. president donald trump travel ban. >> it's onç hold but that coul


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