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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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hello again, everyone and thank you so much for being with me. i'm fredericka whitfield. absolutely intolerable. that is the response from the u.s. and japan after north korea fires a ballistic missile. south korean officials say the north side fired an intermediate range missile, the missile traveled about 300 miles before crashing into the sea of china.
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also known as the east sea. this is the first north korean ballistic missile test of donald trump's presidency, taking place just as trump was hosting japan's prime minister shinzo abe in florida. the two appeared in an impromptu press conference last night and here is the president's full statement. >> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, it's great ally, 100%. thank you. >> all right, let's go to cnn global affairs continue elise labben in texas. trump has been very outspoken on the campaign trail and here is his first test as president, and he was very short with words. >> reporter: really not even mentioning north korea, or south korea, the other u.s. critical
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ally in the region. it was a first test for him. he hasn't had a chance to get together with his aides and talk about the way forward. but his white house policy advisor steven miller did talk about the white house going forward. take a listen. >> last night was a show of strength, saying that we stand with our ally, having the two men appear on camera worldwide to all of planet earth is a statement that will be understood very well by north korea. >> reporter: i think that people are looking for a little bit more flesh on the bones of that, fred. what is the administration going forward this morning. there's not been so-- this was t a long range missile, this was an intermediate range missile. but north korea has made no
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secret that it's looking for that long range intercontinue known tall ballistic missile that could reach the continental united states. so this administration came into office very concerned, president obama had warned president trump this was going to be one of the key national security threats facing the united states. and i think, fred, this is really just the beginning. not only is north korea, kim jong-un the leader there, trying to test the new u.s. president. but every time north korea makes a test, whether it's a short range missile or a long range missile, they continue to develop their missile program. we're also covering this story from south korea, cnn's matt rivers is in the country's capital of seoul. can you say more about this call
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between a senior south korean official and national security advisor michael flynn? >> that was a pretty short call here in south korea. it was a very cordial phone call and really one where the u.s. side, michael flynn expressed support for its historic ally south south korea. the call took place between michael flynn, the director of national security. and in that call, both sides agreed to explore any and all options as they put it to further prevent north korean actions like we have seen recently. in terms of specifics, we didn't really get there, but this is a further bolstering of alliances that we have seen recently within the trump administration. >> so we know there will be other launches, but do we know how soon? >> we don't really know how soon, but given what we have seen from the north koreans recently, i think you can can't it to be sooner rather than later.
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i mean from january of 2016 to october of 2016, there was about two dozen separate missile tests, i mean that's quite a number. and think that most experts that we have spoken to, expect the north koreans to continue to push envelope there, every time they do this, they learn a little bit more with that goal of getting a functioning long range icbm missile that they can test fire and really push the trump administration to respond in a different way. it's different when they do a ballistic missile test that did not threaten the united states, to have to respond to a long range missile test is a whole other level of crisis that the trump administration would have to deal with that and that's the first time that a u.s. administration will have to deal with such a test. >> i want to bring in a former advisor to u.s. ambassador christopher hill and a visiting
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professor at georgetown university. good to see you. so why do you believe this intermediate range ballistic missile was tested in this manner now? >> well, i'm much more careful about ascribing motivations of north korea about its timing and to say that it was purposely done exactly at the moment that president trump was meeting with shinzo abe, it may have been more luck than anything else. we have to remember that north korea is motivated first and foremost, obviously for domestic purposes, but right now south korea ask undergoing quite an uncertain period. obviously the problems with south korea's presidency, there is essentially a leader ship vacuum, and i think if anything, it may be testing south korea and that's what's really being tested here, not necessarily the trump administration itself. remember that south korea has
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been living under the threat of north korea for actually almost 65 years. so this is -- and the steady level of aggressive actions by north korea have been steadily increasing since last year. so i don't know if this necessarily increases at a dramatic scale, the threat to south korea. however, what it does is, i think it crystallizes the prioritization that south korea feels for example regarding its missile defense system, in cooperation with the u.s. >> so is it your feeling, as it pertains to north korea, that this launch is most certainly a precursor stage to an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states, even if it is long term, but these shorter medium range missile launches are always a precursor to something like that? >> i think we have to look at
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all of north korea's aggressive actions as a pattern and a planning for a longer term goal, and every test that it makes, whether it's short range, immediamedium range and so on, even if they spectacularly fail, they are all a part of developing it's missile program. which i think this regime is absolutely intent on pursuing. >> do you want to take a guess on how far away north korea may be in a position of doing that? >> we simply don't know, by all estimates according to the experts, it will be at least another year, but we just don't know what north korea's internal timeline is, or technological timeline for that matter. >> earlier i also spoke with u.s. ambassador bill russell about russia and north korea and this is what he had to say. >> so let's be sure that, one, we reduce our nuclear weapons, yes, we should modernize them,
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keep an eye on them and that's the main issue that too close a ties with russia and north korea. so the nuclear agreement is in your portfolio so find experts to lead us in the strong negotiations with north korea that hopefully will reduce or eliminate their nuclear program. and with north korea, don't let them forget that they're an important ally when it comes to nuclear weapons and they have not lived up to their side of the bargain. >> we have to remember that russia is also an asia pacific power, it's right next to north korea. the focus has been on china, i personally think a little too much because it's clear chinese
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administration says all options are on the table as they look to regroup after the appeals court agreed not to reinstate the travel ban. athena jones is traveling with the president in palm beach, florida. the president has a lot of options on what he may ultimately do? >> reporter: it looks as though they're looking at a lot of different options, the president did talk about issuing a new order as early as tomorrow or maybe tuesday, he did not commit to that time frame. it's clear his aides are working on a couple of different approaches, the president does believe he will ultimately be successful in defending this travel ban in court, he feels the nation's security is at stake, the big question is what among these many options does the white house do. let's listen to some of what the president's senior policy advisor steven miller had to say about all this on fox news sunday. >> right now we are considering and pursuing all options, those
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options include seeking an emergency stay at the supreme court, continuing the appeal at the panel, having an emergency hearing on bonk or going to a trial on the district level on the merits. they also mentioned the possibility of new executive actions designed to prevent terrorist infiltration of our country, but i want to say something very clearly, and this is going to be very disappointing to the people processing the president and people like chuck schumer who have attacked the president for his unlawful executive action, the powers here are beyond question. >> reporter: and that last bit is very important, it's a point that steven miller stressed that the president's actions are lawful, necessary and that his powers here are beyond question, he's saying that it's entire within president trump's constitutional and statutory
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powers to institute this travel ban. he mentioned article two powers that the president has to conduct tmatters material to national security. but that is exactly the argument that the ninth circuit court of appeals disagreed with explicitly in their ruling. so it's not surprising to hear the white house continue to push that, but it's an interesting point. i will note of course that the white house will do everything they can within the law, so they're going to abide by these rules and they're going to figure it from these rulings. it doesn't necessarily sound like that new order really is as imminent as the president suggested, i doesn't sound like they have one ready to go tomorrow, but of course we'll have to wait and see because this white house has been full of surprises. >> let's talk more about this
1:17 pm
with historian and professor at princeton university. good to see you julian. trump's travel ban has had two major set backs in federal court, and now talk of an executive order, and athena says it's still not imminent. >> the president has staked a lot in this order, they can challenge it in the supreme court, there's not a lot of grounds to think that the court is going to change this, especially as it's sfliplit. but maybe if they rewrite it in a narrower fashion, and some of the legal concerns that have now emerged twice, maybe have a chance to get this through, part of this is about the defiance of the president to keep trying as much as the outcome. >> do you have the feeling they may broaden out adding more countries or eliminating the
1:18 pm
current seven all together. >> that is an irony if this actually starts to cover more people rather than newer people, in an effort to show that's not targeting so many countries, but that causes a problem, that's why so many were left off this list, my guess is they will try to narrow it, define it more e precise precisely, and this is a ban on muslims that has now come out on these reviews. >> this is a provocation of north korea, what are the leaders evaluating as he handles this? >> they're testing the new president, you see if they will sfo respond with force, and how far they will go. especially if it's a president who has little experience and thin skin, this is as much about the technology and the missile as it is to see what he does.
1:19 pm
can he be provoked into some kind of military action that make this is a bigger cause against the united states, rather than defending their own right to fire these missiles. >> and a lot of eyes will be watching this week, as donald trump meets with other country leaders, he'll be meeting with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau, followed by a meeting with israel's benjamin netanyahu to talk about security. >> ordinarily these individual one-on-one meetings, they matter, they're important, but they don't necessarily change the waty relations are working. trump has gone back and forth on israeli settlements, first giving a green light to do as much as the israeli government wanted and then pulling back genl against that.
1:20 pm
i think netanyahu comes in not knowing what trump's stance is there. get a sense of what the potential peace plan might be that the administration is working on. >> and shifting gears a little bit, and ask you about this controversy involving twitter and the department of education and now apparently it really does put the new education secretary betsy devos in the hot seat toot, then there was an apology coming from the department of education, another misspelling on apologizes, apologies, is this just an honest mistake, or is this ta taking take on a life of its end
1:21 pm
how does this department and administration handle? >> you're in twitter politics, and you know, misspellings and hash tags all of a sudden take on political importance. i think the anger doesn't stem from that, the concern about her stems from her positions on public schools and some of her positions on the substance of education and the controversies from the culture wars, so i think that's why the misspelling starts to gain so much traction, but i do think that we have to be cautious to keep the focus on the real policy issues and not just the tweets which we can't really read the politics or the intention to misspell. >> the omission of attention to detail speaks volumes. >> the administration is using twitter and many cabinet leaders will as a central means of
1:22 pm
communication. so it is fair to say if you're going do that, you have to be careful about how use say things and what you say and mistakes like this, because a small mistake can mean a lot. whether you're talking about you're talking about devos and whether you're talking about foreign policy, and how the president has talked about issues overseas. we can't discount this issue as er relevant. coming off we'll hear from one mom who lost a son to heroin and is hoping to convince people not to do drugs in the way she shares the story. bl s refund advance - a 0% apr loan. can't get that online!
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as trump dined with japan's prime minister, a second guest was also invited, owner of the super bowl champions, patriots owner john craft. while the team will soon be honored at the white house, at least six players with the new england patriots say they will not be going. some cited their political opposition to the president, others were less forthcoming
1:27 pm
saying only they had other plans. >> reporter: the president's controversial first few weeks in office has inspired a new wave of athlete activism, nba prayer, lebron james, prima ballerina, all speaking out against president trump's policies. super bowl coach joining at least four other patriot players passing on a white house nemeetg with the players later on this year. >> i won't be going to the white house. >> reporter: you will not? >> will not. >> reporter: you want to expound on that? >> i just don't feel welcome in that house, let's just leave it at that. >> reporter: he said he won't
1:28 pm
attend because the president has what he called too many prejudices. >> i'm not going to go. it is what it is. people know how i feel about it. >> reporter: bennett supported hillary clinton on social media during the election and criticized trump's travel ban days after the order was signed, tweeting, america was built on inclusiveness, not exclusiveness, patriots leadership firmly on team donald tru tru trump -- trump's make america great again hat displayed in brady's locker. and while brady visited the white house during the bush years, he skipped it during obama's term citing family commitment. that day brady spotted shopping in an a apple store in new york city. brady has reached out to the white house and has yet to
1:29 pm
severe a response. christine brennan says it's her sense that more athlete also come forward to express their political opinions. >> my sense is we're going to see more and more athletes speaking out and their fans actually supporting them and thanking them for it. >> reporter: already on the record, a number of former and current nba players, criticizing trump's immigration restricti restrictions. >> i think it's [ bleep ] i think it's slew [ bleep ] our country, is the land of the free. >> and when under armor cnn's plank, calling him an asset to the country, golden state warriors guard seth curry said i agree with that description, if you remove the et from asset. not the first time players have taken a firm stance, this iconic olympics in the 1968 olympics in mexico city, athletes raising
1:30 pm
their fists. and colin kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem, citing racial injustice, now other athletes standing up to challenge the white house. >> and we'll be talking to a number of other athletes, next weekend when we take our show on the road to new orleans. we'll talk about that and many other matters coming up. people in mexico, now taking to the streets today. coming up, their message. thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪
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all right, scores of protesters are lashing out across mexico today. the biggest demonstration is in the capital where protesters are gathering near mexico's independence monument, they have been speaking out against trump's border wall and his past rhetoric against mexicans. we are seeing new raids in the arrests of hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least 12 states and we learned that most of those arrested had criminal convictions and most of those have been deported to mexico. according to "the wall street journal," a group of mexican lawmakers and public figures are vowing to fight deportations by, quote, jamming u.s. courts, let's talk about this with cnn
1:35 pm
writer and immigration lawyer raul reyez. >> how would this work? >> to understand how this would work, which is definitely in a trial phase, we have to look another two structurals a peb s aspects of mexico's -- in mexico, their greatest source of cash to the government is remittances, in 2016, mexico received $20 million in rem remittan remittances. that same year, mexico received $23 billion in its money from oil exports so mexico needs this money from remittances, the mexican governments have a vested interest in protecting their nationals in this country, because if donald trump were to proceed with these massive deportation process, it would
1:36 pm
start draining away the source of those funds, and those funds are a significant portion of mexico's gdp. on our side of the border, in our country right now, i'm sure you know fredericka, we have 11 million undocumented people here, we also have another 12 million nationals who are green card holders, so that means we have -- to handle this 24 million? we only have 274 immigration judges. and about 20 of them handle administrative tasks, so our immigration courts are tremendously backlogged and i think what this group of lawyers is going to try to do is take advantage of that backlog. >> for people that have been arrested, we mention that 3,700 have been deported, but they're
1:37 pm
not deported right away, there is a holding area, et cetera, what's your understanding about the sequence of events? >> i want to preface this by saying there's really two sequences of events, there's a sequence of events that exists in theory and that should always happen and there is is sequence of events that can happen and does happen to many undocumented people. anyone who's undocumented in this country who's detained by the federal government is entitled to due process under our constitution. that means they have the right to counsel, they have a right to go before a judge. >> many of them don't know they have that right. >> the vast majority do not know this, our immigration and our legal system is just -- many people who are held by the government, sign papers agreeing to be deported or they're just caught up in these mass raids
1:38 pm
and the paper work is done very quickly and they are removed from the country. that's really the difference between what was what happens in theory and what generally happens. what we're seeing from donald trump, we have heard so much about this travel ban, the so-called muslim ban and how it's being challenge in the court. but donald trump recently sent out another executive order, going back to january 26, this really changes our immigration pry priorities, under the immigration guidelines, if you're charged with a crime, but not convicted -- >> these are things they're saying that were put into place by president obama. >> any immigration lawyer during the obama administration, they had three choices for removal. that's -- >> trump has changed it, under
1:39 pm
the new trump guidelines, those guidelines are out, under trump's executive order of january 26, the people who can be processed for removal immediately, those convicted with a crime, those charged with a crime and those who the arresting officer, the i.c.e. agent thinks could be a threat to public safety. so that means basically anyone. what donald trump, what his administration has already done, has really lowered the bar for deportation, this has created a lot of fear and panic, obviously in the immigrant community, there's also confusion surrounding the way it's going to be implemented, that's why we're seeing so much confusion, and i think anxiety over is raids that did take place over the weekend. coming up, an alarming spike in heroin overdoses in one state, dozens of calls in just 32 hours what, officials on the
1:40 pm
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louisville is the next in a long line of mass overdoses. >> i love you, i kiss him all
1:44 pm
the time. >> reporter: arlene rice knows all too well the opiod epidemic is having on families. she lost her son gabriel nearly four years ago to a heroin overdose. of her four children, three have battled substance abuse. >> they're all missing. he was the best boy, we always say, i love that boy. and he was the best kid. even up until -- we were close up until the day he died. >> reporter: janice's son jason has been fighting addiction for more than 20 years. he is currently in a treatment center. >> the guilt is the worst, what did i do wrong?
1:45 pm
or should i have done this better or that better. and everybody wants to tell you do tough love, and until they have a child that has an addiction, they don't know what that means. >> reporter: louisville, this week officials responded to 52 overdose calls in just 32 years, nearly double the amount from the week before in the same time span. >> it makes me sick, that's the first thing they think of, it's just getting worse and worse, and it seems like there's nothing working or nothing being done. >> er doctors here are overwhelmed with patients. in january alone, metro emergency services answered 695 overdose calls, that's 22 a day, many of those patients are transferred to norton audobon hospital. >> in years past, it would be unusual to have that many heroin
1:46 pm
overdoses, now it's unusual not to have them. it's a very good day in the emergency department without a heroin overdose. >> reporter: the worst day, this past fall when he treated nine overdoses in one shift. doctors are administering higher dos doses of a meds sin called naloxone. the heroin is getting stronger and stronger. she carries it with her lipstick. >> i never got a chance to tell him how sorry i was. >> reporter: sorry for what? >> for not understanding his plight. there does come a point where you sometimes wear down, but then you get back up and you fight. you're like, i am not going let
1:47 pm
this win, i will fight until the day that i die, to try to ensure that someone else's child doesn't die. i can't save all of them, but maybe one. >> reporter: now, fred, one of the ways that arlene is trying to fight this epidemic, is to try to get na rrrcan in the han of every single person in kentucky. 12k3wr we'll be right back. get 4 lines of unlimited lte data for 40 bucks each. that's right - all unlimited. all in! and now, for a limited time save more than you pay in taxes on all smartphones. so switch to t-mobile and save hundreds vs. the other guys. it's better than a tax holiday! and it's only at t-mobile. and now we unleash it onwerful your taxes.pecies has created.
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and so the political rows continue on, as melissa mccarthy reprices her role as sean spicer on "saturday night live." >> here's how it's going to go down. you've got your tsa agent right here, okay? and first you got barbie coming in, nice american girl, back from a dream vacation, we know she's okay because she's belonged. so she gets in. it's easy, we understand that, perfect, now who's up next? uh-oh. uh-oh, it's luanna, uh-oh, slow your roll, we're going to pat her down, and we're going to ask her questions, and if we don't like the answers, which we
1:52 pm
won't, whoa guantanamo bay. >> we're not exactly sure how many times they will use her, because alec baldwin who's been playing trump all season is not a part of the cast, but you can't describe how great mel poli police -- my firefighter is when she took out this big piece of gum and shoved this huge piece of gum in her mouth. what needs to be said about mccarthy, is it's not just funny, it's really pointed and it really makes fun of spicer, in a way that kind of injures his credibility. >> i can't imagine that he like this is. let's talk about numbers because we know a certain person in the white house really loves to talk about numbers, but alec baldwin
1:53 pm
hosting the show last night, it had its best ratings in six years, what's the appeal? what's going on. >> it brought in about a 7.2 overnight rating, but it brought in a bigger rating than when the real donald trump hosted just 14 months ago. that brought in a 6.2 "saturday now is much watched television. i have covered it for years, i have never seen people get into it as much as they were last night. and that's because of alec and donald trump, both of them have made "saturday night live" great again. >> i think people can predict, something happens, something newsworthy or not, people think, oh, my gosh, that's kind of great material for "saturday
1:54 pm
night live", melissa mccarthy was not the only one taking aim at the administration. b this gets under the skin of president trump, he said he didn't like mccarthy playing a man. she's basically saying everyone in washington, d.c., she played jeff sessions last night. she played kellyanne conway, which is in my opinion is better than hillary clinton. and the best last night was elizabeth warren. it's not adjust the republican side, they're mocking everybody. and kate mckinnon is just doing incredible work, and from the reports out there, this might be irking the administration. >> might be? i think we're all guessing that it must be. all right, frank, thanks so much, appreciate it. good to see you.
1:55 pm
>> thank you. and thanks so much for joining me, i'm fredericka whitfield, we have so much coming with annika cabrera, we take you to denver where it just got a little bit easier to hit the slopes on the your next business trip. >> denver, colorado is a bustling western city surrounded by the stunning rocky mountains, that welcomes more than 75 million visitors a year, if you're traveling on business, but want to sneak in some skiing after your meetings, it just got a lot easier to head to the mountains, and you don't even need a car. i rode amtrak's winter park express, the only training in the country that takes you from a major city's downtown directly to a ski slope.
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traveling by rail in the u.s. can actually be more convenient an the airlines. if your plans change at the last minute, amtrak allows you to switch your ticket without any fees. plus there's no tsa, you just walk right on. i booked a seat on the winter park express, which departs every weekend from denver's newly renovated union station. >> it's like nothing else in the world. it weaves through 28 tunnels, it goes in and out of the flat irons above boulder, it goes through some of the most remote wilderness on the front range of colorado. it's something to see even if you never touch the snow. >> reporter: brad's right, the view is stunning. we pull-up to the mountain, and now that we're here, it's time to gear up.
1:57 pm
not bad.
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thank you for joining us, you're live in the cnn newsroom. let's begin with the missile launch in north korea. the launch comes just three weeks into trump's presidency, and experts say it's no kwibs dense that officials sty the missile traveled 100 miles before the splashed into the sea of japan. why would addressing the world, the president saying very little, but affirming that the united states stands behind it's ally, 100%. elise labbet has been following this since it happened. >> reporter: i think you saw just a very short statement by the president last month because he w w


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