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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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to look for, instead of a man on a horse to save us, or a wall to keep us apart, to our better angels. -- captions by vitac -- >r th this ip >>. >r > welcomp >> pin the united states and a the world. i'm george howell. >> anr >> and ip >> >>. r we ap we awe are foll in california. in people are fleeing the area near a dam after a hole was found in a spillway. a devastating flood could be released if that hole gives way. >> officials are trying to plug that hole up. there is no danger that the dam
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it sever will fa itself will fail, but this is still a risky situation. >> we had water coming over the top of the emergency spillway. it was beginning to erode the ground. it starts to undermine itself. but when it's doing that, it starts working its way back towards the emergency spillway. that portion of it has nothing to do with the dam itself, a large portion, but if that is not addressed and we don't tarah ta -- take care of that and mitigate it properly, what we are looking at is a 30-foot wall of water that would be coming out of the lake. >> joining me on the phone is eric curry, a reporter for the san jose mercury newspaper. what are you able to tell us about the situation on the ground there, and just how bad is this? and how bad could it get? >> caller: well, like the other gentleman just described, the potential for a huge wall of
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water coming down is there. it was really scary around 4:30 to a lot of residents when they started getting these phone calls saying this was an imminent thing. they thought it was going to happen in the next hour, based on projections how the hole is growing. thankfully, it didn't progress that fast. and in the end, the water stopped coming over the top of the dam. so it's certainly tonight look as imminent as it did for a while. >> we are looking at the pictures there. it is an incredible-sized hole there. talk to us about how that may have happened and also with all the people that need to be evacuated from the region have done so. >> caller: yeah, they set up evacuation centers. they're full already. all the hotels, motels in the
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nearby towns are full. the funny thing about the hole, the pictures you're probably seeing, that hole in the main spillway, the one that's usually used. the one that's actually of concern right now is the berm, the emergency spillway. now that hole in the main one happened, that started coming out on tuesday. and as a result, theystoned sending as much water down that as they could, just because they didn't want to exacerbate that problem. so the end result was the water started coming over the secondary spillway, and that's what caused the real problem today. >> all right, and of course there's concern because more rain is expected thursday, right? what sort of impact could that have? >> caller: well, so they want to get the water level dropped by 50 feet. and that's going to require them continuing this sort of high volume coming out. wednesday night it's supposed to come in light. thursday it's supposed to pick up. they're saying this storm is going to be mostly a little
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further to the south. but, you know how weather's kind of unpredictable. so they're hoping to get it to drop by 50 feet just kind of as a safe guard, so they have the storage capacity they need. >> all right, thank you so much for talking with us, bringing us up to date on the situation on the ground there. want to get more now from our meteorologist pedram javaheri, he joins us from the international weather center. those images are amazing. what are you able to pull together on this? >> it's incredible what's happening in such a short time period considering the drought that was in place across the region. we know the dam is not jeopardized right now. it's the spillways, the main parts of the spillways. there's the emergency spillway. we know the head of the spillway also jeopardized because so much water in recent days had to go up and over this particular
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area, where the water levels were at 33% of capacity. this dam sits at 235 meters or 770 feet high, it's a good bit taller than the hoover dam. this is what it looked like in 2011, pre-troudrought. and now exceeding 101% of compa capacity, so it shows you where we were, where we are now with the video you're seeing. the deadly event in california history was in 1906. it was the san francisco earthquake that took over 3,000 lives. the second deadliest was the collapse of a dam. the dam here is not jeopardized. but the spillways, because of the tremendous amount of water. you get too much water coming to down in an uncontrolled fashion,
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oraville, officials are making sure 1,000 people are exiting this location. because wednesday into thursday, one storm comes in. some rain, some snow associated with it. the concern is if you get a warm storm system and there's less snow and more rain, if that is the case, then you get the water level that will go up traumatically very quickly. if you get snowfall, the water level can rise slowly and you can fix the issues at hand and the water level will drop. but very, very serious situation. so a couple days for officials to get everything under hammend. other news we're following this hour. the united states demanding the united nations take action after north korea conducted a missile
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test. japan and south korea also calls for an emergency meeting. north korean state media claims it is a new type of medium to long-range ballistic missile. >> south korea's military said it was likely a modified musudan. that type of missile has an intermediate range and can reach line three you're looking at on the map right now. sunday's missile traveled only about 500 kilometers. but north korea still calls it a success. >> our reporters stationed around the world bringing reporting this hour through the region. matt rivers live in seoul south korea. matt, to you, this meeting of the u.n. security council has been requested by south korea, by japan and the united states, but what can the u.n. really do here? does it have any reference to change course with that nation?
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>>. >> reporter: what the security council has the act to do is enact more sanctions. there were two rounds of sanctions levied against the regime in pyongyang, and they were escalating in the first and the second. but those sanctions were levied after two different nuclear tests. and what we're talking about here is not a nuclear test, and frankly, we're not talking about an intercontinental ballistic missile. so exactly how the u.n. security council is going to respond we're not sure yet. but what is different about this particular test compared to other tests of intermediate-range missiles is how this missile is being fueled. in the past they were fueled by liquid fuel. this appears to be, according to officials we have spoken to, this missile is being fueled by
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solid fuel, and that gives a couple different strategic advantages to the north koreans. it allows the missiles to be more mobile. they don't have to be put into mace, a place, and it also of allows them to be launched faster. it's not to the level of a nuclear weapon test and it's not an intercontinental ballistic missile, something pyongyang is working on as we speak. >> matt, thank you for the report. >> so let's go to steven jung. we haven't heard from beijing yet. we do expect to hear from them soon. when they talk, what are they likely to say? >> reporter: well, rosemary, they're likely to say what they have always been saying,
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probably refrains from taking unilateral actions that would escalate tensions on the korean peninsula. now one reason some analysts say beijing has been fairly quiet so far is because they don't view this as a threat to the region as a whole but rather they view this as a call for attention from the new trump administration and the ouu.s. a well as a warning shot to japan. you're right about china as the only major ally north korea has on the global stage and provides an economic and political lifeline to the regime in pyongyang. but the two sides haven't been seeing eye to eye on the issue for some time. one telltale sign is xi jinping has yet to meet with kim jong un since he took power a few years ago. on the other hand, of course, china does feel the need of having north korea as a security buffer between itself and south korea, which has a large u.s. military presence, and also
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china does not want to see a massive refugee crisis on its doorstep if the north korean regime collapses. and one other factor that's been affecting all of china's consideration lately is the deployment of the thaad missile system. that's probably why the chinese officials haven't come out and said much. the state-run newspapers running editorials saying the latest missile test by north korea would only give the u.s. a further excuse to deploy that missile defense system and harming china's strategic interests. >> many thanks to you, steven jang, appreciate it. >> let's bring in oh jun. it's a pleasure to have you with us this hour. let's first talk about the united nations. when it comes to sanctions, they have been applied before against
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north korea, but that nation seems undeterred regarding its nuclear program. are sanctions the answer here? >> well, i think vaengsly, sanctions will work. the toughest measures have been introduced in the course of last year. it takes time. i think we can wait out north korea, but i doesnn't know if t considering the changes in the united states, and also the change of power in south korea, i don't know if the leaders of these two countries are able to wait out until the effect of sanctions take place. >> >>i want to show our viewers map of the range that has been considered when it comes to north korea's abilities. this latest missile test traveled about 300 miles or 500 kilometers, that's represented
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bit number o by the number one red heiline y see here. but they have some on line three, and they are striving for lines four or five on this map that could certainly strike the united states. so the question comes in about the possibility of more direct conversations. you look back to the six-party talks. are efforts like that still an option here, or has the situation escalated beyond that? >> well, that's still an option, but, you know, the question right now is what is the, what kind of intention north korea has this time. you know, north korea is not known for being very rational in making decisions. and this is also very puzzling. it seems to me. you know, if, i don't know if they have considered everything, including the new trump
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administration in the united states, in making this decision. if they considered all of that, they might be doing this either for technical reason, because they need it to complete the program. or for political reason, because they have their own domestic dynamics that warrant this kind of move. if they have not considered what is happening outside north korea, it's very dangerous, but i think we will have to see. >> ambassador, is there a possibility of the timing, as you point out, the questions about the trump administration, when this launch took place, the u.s. president was with the japanese prime minister. those two leaders came together to give that joint statement. but is timing here a possibility with north korea testing these administrations? >> yeah. that's what i'm not quite sure about. you know, whether they consider
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the timing, you know, back in 2009 when president obama came in, north korea went for nuclear bomb test in may. and i think by doing that, they kind of lost an opportunity, a window for improving ties with the united states. this time around, i don't know if they are considering everything. but it's not a wise move, in my opinion. >> ambassador oh joon live for us in south korea, thank you for being with us and giving us your insight on this situation. we'll take a short break here, but coming up next, president trump will start his week with a meeting with canadian leader justin trudeau. >> and they will likely talk about some tricky continental sticking points, as newsroom continues. i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune.
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>> the travel ban is expected to be one of the major talking points. >> reporter: after wrapping up a weekend of diplomacy here in south florida with japan's prime minister shinzo abe, the president is kicking off another week of diplomacy, starting today with a meeting and press conference with canada's prime minister justin trudeau. soon after the inauguration last month, the president said one of the top items on the agenda when he meets with the prime minister would be nafta. of course, renegotiating nafta was one of trump's central campaign promises. of course doing so will necessarily require the participation of mexico, and it's not chelear yet when that canceled meeting with henrique nieto could begin again. it's clear that people have very
11:21 pm
different views on fleeing persecution than trump does. he was one of the world leaders who tweeted in response to the travel ban, that refugees are welcome in canada, regardless of their religion, and that travel ban was a big topic on the sunday shows as the white house figures out its next moves in the wake of that ruling by the ninth court of appeals that keeps in place a temporary hold on the ban. steven miller said that the white house is pursuing all options, including continuing to fight for the ban in court and issuing more executive actions. here's what he had to say on fox news sunday. >> i want to say something clearly. this is going to be very disappointing to the people protesting the president and the people in congress who have attacked the president for his lawful and necessary action. the president's powers here are beyond question. >> reporter: so he was making the case that the order was within the president's powers.
11:22 pm
and that they are not reviewable because they deal with national security. that is an argument that did not persuade the ninth court of appeals. they could be issuing a brand new executive order as soon as monday or tuesday. it's not at all clear that the white house is prepared to do that. but of course this white house is full of surprises. so anything could happen, and we will be watching. back to you. >> joining me now to talk more about what's happening with the trump administration is greg bluestein. always great to the chat with you, of course, and there's always so much to talk about. >> yeah, there is. >> let's start with steven miller coming out talking about the travel banan the executive order ang saying we're looking at all options. now this despite president trump saying they're going to rework it, they're going to get it in
11:23 pm
place really quickly. what are these options that he's talking about and how much power does steven meller wield within the administration? >> he could rewrite the entire order, this time tailor it so doesn't get in legal trouble. he can appeal to the entire supreme court, enbank. now we're hearing he could fight the battle in the courts now, and you keep on seeing his tweets and his public responses to the court saying basically, there's a war in the judiciary right now. >> and what's interesting, too, talking about wars, is looks at the various advisers within the trump administration, it's looking very much like michael flynn and spicer would being in
11:24 pm
troubling a trouble and possibly kellyanne conway. >> we know jared kushner has his own the circle. we know sean spicer has been frustrating to trump. we know after the "saturday night live" issues that trump was very embarrassed. we saw the trump administration, one of the top aides, steven miller refuse to defend michael flynn when asked about michael flynn's apparent conversations with russian authorities. michael flynn looks like he's on the hot seat right now. >> we'll see what happens there. and president trump tweeted on crowd size again. he said just leaving florida, big crowds of enthusiastic supporters lining the road that the fake news media refuses to acknowledge. why is he apparently obsessing about crowd sizes, when there
11:25 pm
are so many other things on his plate. he's got the travel ban. he needs to find some way to get that accepted. and then there's north korea with the missile test. >> i think it's safe to say for donald trump, the campaign has never ended. this is the same sort of rhetoric we've seen tfor him at every campaign stop. he would say to the media, you're not panning the camera to the size of the support groups, you're only focussing on the protesters. he's still keeping this up. every time he goes on the road where he feels the most comfortable, he is pointing to the size of the crowds and is again claiming the might yeah, which he -- media, which he is in a running war with, are diluting and not reporting. >> thanks very much, appreciate it. live in the unit and around t -- united states and around the world, we follow the breaking news, thousands of people
11:26 pm
escaping this homes in northern california. the latest on the hole in the spillway at the oraville dam. >> critics say president trump is terrorizing families who just want a better life. the crackdown on undocumented immigrants in the u.s. stay with us [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom." it is good to have you with us. i'm george howell. >> i'm rosemary church. north korea claims its latest missile can avoid interception and carry a nuclear warhead. state media confirm the test of a new medium to long-range ballistic missile on sunday. the u.s., japan and south korea condemned the launch and requested an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council.
11:30 pm
in mexico, thousands of protesters sent a message to the u.s. president donald trump. they marched through the streets of mexico city wearing shirts that said "no wall" and "no immigrant raids." most of the protesters focussed on mr. trump, but some focussed on corruption in their government. nearly 200,000 people near a dam in california have been evacuated for their own safety. a devastatinged into could flo unleashed if that hole increases. >>. a major story we are following. joining us on the line is sean dennis, among those forced to leave their homes. sean on the road with his wife
11:31 pm
and two children. thank you for being with us. first of all, tell us where you are right now and how are the evacuation efforts going? >> caller: well, as of right now, i'm currently on highway 20 in california. i'm on the outskirts of a city called yuba city. we're about 30 miles down south of oraville. so the threat we face is if there is a catastrophic failure of this spillway, we're looking at the river possibly breaking our levee or overflowing into our town. so everybody here's leaving. the evacuation efforts have been going all right. i've been in the car now for about four and a half hours and i'm just now on the outskirts of town. i've made it ten miles south of the town center, so it's not going that quick, but we're starting to move a little bit better now. >> we were looking at video moments ago, if we can show that again. you see the highway there, the road that so many people are
11:32 pm
traveling. you do get a sense that traffic is backed up. there are many people trying to get out of the way, you know, until this situation becomes more stable. i do want to get a sense, though. have you been told of a place to go? where people can, you know, seek shelter? wait for this to play out? >> caller: there was an evacuation center set up in chico, california, which is north of oraville, so it wasn't even possible for us, being south of oraville. they weren't allowing us to head north. but there's another one west of us, and that's currently the route me and my family are taking. we're heading west. at first we were getting initial reports that it was possible they were going to evacuate sacramento as well. that was our first intended target to head to sacramento. but then we were hearing there was a possibility sacramento could be evacuated. so we decided to take the safer route and head west. >> just talk to us about what it was like when you first got that
11:33 pm
evacuation order. you know, you're concerned, obviously, about your home. how quickly were you able to get out of that area? >> caller: well, to be honest, it was pretty quick. we heard about the spillway eroding a couple days ago, but it was kind of presented to us as not being that significant. it was under control. when i initially got home from work today, i turned on the news and heard that they were evacuating lower oraville, and within an hour it had escalated and they had evacuated my town and all the surrounding areas as well. it was pretty scary because of how fast everything was developing. me and my wife managed to throw as much stuff as we could into garbage bags, whatever we could find. we got both of our cars loaded down pretty well. and we're not taking any chances. >> sean tennis, live dennis, li phone with us on the road, one of the thousands escaping this area as we continue to follow
11:34 pm
this breaking news story at the oraville dam in california. we'll stay in touch with you as well. another story we're following. the u.s. president's immigration policies and plans for a boerd wall sparking huge protests in mexico. demonstrators jamming the streets in cities across that country. one of the largest protests in mexico city. an estimated 20,000 people marched there. >> many wore shirts saying "no wall." lila santiago reports. >> reporter: we saw people here from thousands of people here from all walks of life, all political parties. parents with their children, students, activists, political leaders. i mean, this was quite a wide range of people, of thousands of people who came out to protest president trump. we heard things like "out
11:35 pm
trump." bridges, not walls. a variety of messages to send not necessarily directly to the u.s. and its people, but to the white house and its president. i had a chance to speak to mexican senator who has been very vocal, has really been critical, actually of the mexican government and what it has done in this new relationship with the united states. and i want you to hear what he had to say. >> well, it's an important call for unification, of different ways of thinking. how we must work against donald trump, and i think it's very good that society, from different kinds of people, different, they just are here in the height of mexico, in the city of mexico, making this kind of call. >> reporter: and we also saw u.s. citizens out here, protesting, marching along with mexicans in unity, to show
11:36 pm
support. we talked to two women from los angeles who said they preferred to be on this side of the wall for this protest and to really show support for the people of mexico. but something that organizers made very clear was that this was about president trump, not the people of the united states. and they do not want to in any way develop any anti-american sentiment. >> well, despite the backlash in mexico, the backlash in the united states, in fact, the president is proud to say that his administration has arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in the last week. he tweeted this. the crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. gang members, drug dealers and others are being removed, exclamation point. >> critics accused the trump administration of spreading fear in immigration communities. they say they will release details and photos from the
11:37 pm
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." tensions aresqua lating between iran and the united states that could have negative consequences for conflicts in the middle east and also for iran's economy. our senior international correspondent fred pleitgen is live in iran. if you look back here, when it came to the nuclear deal with
11:41 pm
iran, it did take somewhat of a perfect storm of a moderate leader in iran and a moderate leader in the united states to get that deal done. with the new president of the united states, donald trump, who is no moderate, that is not the case now. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. if you look back, the administration had to tap dance around a lot of rhetoric, and the obama administration had to fight a lot of the rhetoric in america. and that's what made this deal happen. but right now that deal is in jeopardy. we went to one of iran's premiere ski resorts and spoke to some of the people there. here's what they had to say. internationally, not many people know that iran has a wilt ealth ski areas. fewer religious conservatives, more moderates. and many of those moderates feel
11:42 pm
president trump's harsh stance on iran could lead to renewed conflict. >> the iranian people, they show the relationship, a good relationship to american, but i don't think that trump shows a good faith. he's against us. >> reporter: we're not happy with what trump is saying about us, he says, but the ironanian government and people will show it's not true. relations have taken a nosedive since donald trump took office. hoyting them with sanctions. iran hitting back. its president rouhani calling trump a political newcomer and emphasizing that iran will not back down from its positions. many iranians now fearing escalating tensions could harm the nuclear agreement between iran, the u.s. and other nations
11:43 pm
that curbs nuclear. many worry that donald trump's tough stance in iran could destroy the deal. tourism is one of the sectors iranians hope will blossom after decades of stagnation. and many here still hope souring u.s./iranian relations won't derail the fledge ling upswing. we're happy when the relationship is going well, he says. we need good relations, not conflict. the new trump administration has caused a feeling of uncertainty for many ironenanians, they're hoping the downward trajectory doesn't become even steeper. and you can really feel that the government realizes that it's walking a very fine line with the united states. you've heard that over the past couple days with the government continually criticizing some of
11:44 pm
the moves of the trump administration but at the same time emphasizing that the iranian government and the iranian people have no problems with the american people, george. >> fred plight again not only coveri covering the details but getting a little skiing in with that report. thank you for being with us. some of the biggest stars in film were honored, and you will hear what celebrities had to say on the red carpet. plus the grammys celebrate the mbest moments in music. you'll hear what everyone's talking about from sunday night's big show. stay with us. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." entertainers from around the world came together in london for the british academy awards. >> but it wasn't just the movies that grabbed people's attention. isa suarez was on the red carpet where things got a little political. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: the fans were out in force. and on a bitterly cold night in london, it was the stars that
11:49 pm
turned up the heat. ♪ >> reporter: excited? >> understatement of the century. >> i'm really excited. especially since i get to share it about my mwith my mom and st dad. >> reporter: rubbing shoulders with the duchess of cambridge and prince william. it offered few surprise. ççç
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
by some of the most talented people in the industry, proving that hollywood and aresjust about glits and gla mour. -- cnn, london. >> it was also a big nightç fo music. 2017 grammy awards held in los angeles on sunday. adele's was tonight's big ym swinger. she won songs and record of the year for her two "hello" and album of the year for ç"25". >> chauncey won best new artist and made history as the first musician with a streaming only album to win a grammy. david bowzv used 25th and final
11:52 pm
album black star picked up five grammy awards including best rock song and rockç performanc. the music legend died in january of last year. joining me now to talk more n annual on entertainment. great to have you. >> thank you for having me.ç >> but it was a night went to adele. she won all 20 of the main categories, including albumb of the year. she was open with the performance and she does a tribute to george michael. let's listen because she had a little bit a flop of the sound and let's see where she went. >> i'mç sorry. i can't mess this up for you. ♪ >> but what a voice.
11:53 pm
really, were you surprised she ! spo -- were you surprised she took all three at goirs. >> every person that was trying to predict what was going to happen betweensbeyonce, adele. so we -- nobody had not answered. it was a power punch typeç of situation. either way, and clearly adele was a favorite. she's not ymundeserving. it was heartbreaking to watch the tribute, just a little bit for me, i mean, but adele is the personç that becomes so real t express that that's we'll get her now. wherever thatç happened, she said, let's start over and rewind and if that wasn't fitting for adeleuqrz she is as
11:54 pm
a person as an artist, nothing is. >> and absolutely, adele and beyonce will always go head to head. and there's a moment where she was going to give the bestç awd because she recognized what an incredible album that was. >> you have beyonce that album dropped,ç it was an epic world seismic event. it was a video e effect. it was a movie. it was not just an album dro no that impact, ironically she had it. but they are two÷ú artist in different realms that are equally powerful. for her tob recognize her rivalry, that spoke to the artist more than anything. they came together. look, we're not against each ko
11:55 pm
other. we love each other. we're representing each other and i'm supporting you equally. she did look like she was going ug. i thought she was going to call beyonce on the stage. even still it was beautiful to see women juqt women artist jut say, you know what, we've got this, girl.ç >> mutual respect. >> and the baby bump. >> roll downmy the stairs, not sure if that was designed, we'll leave that to the audience to decide. how do you think he went as a host? >> iç think he was okay. i love him, we love him. oing the carpool karaoke, one of my favorite things ever, i think it was okay. i don't think it was like the best i've ever seen of him.ç
11:56 pm
he was good. i like the fact that he went with 21 pilots and gotten ymnak. he said that was how they decided that were going to take them up. but he's funny. he didn't go tooç far either w, politically. but he's a fantastic comedian and i'll sit here and watch ymh. >> it was great. >> fantastic night. >> best night for the grammys for a while. >> i think so. >> and great to talk to him. >> thank you foru! having me. >> i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm george howell. hour number twozv just after th break on cnn. stay with us. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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welcome to our viewers here nts united states and of course all around the world i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm george howell.ym following the breaking news from northern california, the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people living near the tallest dam in the united states have beenç ordered to leave their homes for their own safety. >> yeah and they are


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