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tv   New Day  CNN  February 13, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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years but because it's speaking to a niche. the half of the country that is anxious about a trump presidency. >> if he had that conversation and lied about it he needs to go. >> the message we're sending to the world is strength and solidarity. >> the united states of america stands behind japan. >> the real answer to curtailing north korea is china. >> voter fraud is a serious problem. >> there's not evidence. it's a lie. >> the president of the united states is correct 100%. >> the supreme court is our last refuge against the president that overreaches. >> we're going to do whatever is necessary to keep our country
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safe thnchts is n safe. this is new day. >> welcome to your new day. president trump's national security advisor is on thin ice. white house officials dodging opportunities to defend general michael flynn after he reportedly discussed sanctions with a russian ambassador before president trump took office. >> mr. trump also facing his first foreign policy test. north korea launched a ballistic missile into the sea of japan. how will he respond? it is day 25 of the trump presidency and joe johns is live at the white house with the latest. good morning. >> good morning allison. unsure footing here at the white house as this administration tries to move it's way through multiple controversies including questions of confidence and trust involving one of the president's personal advisors who hahnels some of the most sensitive national information.
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president trump's national security advisor under fire. the white house side stepping questions about flynn's future. >> does the president still have confidence in his national security advisor? >> that's a question that i think you should ask the president. >> u.s. official confirming that general flynn did discuss u.s. sanctions with a russian ambassador before he was sworn in. contradicting denials. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or impose it against russia. >> on thin ice despite the refusal to address the fire storm. >> i don't know about it. you i haven't seen it. what report is that? >> a senior administration official telling cnn flynn has no plans to re-sign nor does he expect to be fired. president trump facing another big test over the weekend. north corey firing a ballistic
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missile into the sea of japan. as the president met with japan's prime minister shinzo abe. both addressing it late saturday night. >> the united states of america stands behind japan 100%. >> meantime the trump administration is weighing their options on the suspended travel ban which could include writing a new executive order. >> we can appeal the emergency stay to the supreme court. we can take our case on bond for the next circuit and continue the appeal to the panel or return and have a trial on the merit. all options are on the table. >> as fears grow in immigrant communities after hundreds of people in 11 states were arrested last week. this as an advisor reignites a conspiracy theory about voter fraud that's been debunked without providing any evidence. >> there's massive numbers of
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noncitizens in this country that are registered to vote. that's the story we should be talking about and i'm prepared to go on any show anywhere any time and repeat it and say the president of the united states is correct 100%. >> today the president meets here at the white house with the canadian prime minister. the north american free trade agreement president trump wants to negotiate. >> they'll also be talking about helping women in the work force so it will be interesting to move into that conversation as well. joining us now is scott taylor from virginia. he's a former navy s.e.a.l. and iraq war veteran. good morning congressman. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing well. thank you. what do you think of what's going on with michael flynn as national security advisor? >> well i'm seeing the same reports you're seeing. i don't have any outside information. certainly some of it is concerning and the president
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will have to decide whether he has to have confidence in general flynn or not and that's up to them to decide. >> if general flynn did have a conversation with the russian ambassador before president trump was in the white house should he be dismissed? >> well it all depends. it depends on what he says of course. you know, what did he say and what did he have the authority to say or not say and a couple of days later so it's not that black and white and clear. i was listening to a former national security advisor on another network yesterday saying the same thing so i think it's not black and white. you know, i'm not privy to any inside information and that's something that the white house will have to look into and decide if they continue to have confidence. if he was wrong or right or somewhere in between. >> do you sense that there's some rift between michael flynn and the intelligence community? >> sure. there's some rift between some
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folks in the intelligence community. some of those in the administration of course and those that agree with him that are in there and it's important for the president to have confidence and the top leadership of the intelligence community as well. it's important for our nation and the national security of this country. so they need to get on the same page very quickly if they're not on the same page now. >> yesterday i want to ask you about something said on sunday's show. president trump's top advisor steven miller went on the sunday shows and claimed again without providing any evidence that there was vast voter fraud during those past presidential elections. and this year of course and something as important. and route out any potential
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voter fraud and we all know it does exist and we can keep the integrity of our country. >> do we all know that vast voter fraud exists. >> i don't think that that can stop every caution necessary to keep the integrity of our election. >> sure. agreed and i don't think that anybody would argue that it's something to look into. that's fine. particularly if there's voter registration irregularities. however, why do you think the white house -- since you don't know of any evidence of vast voter fraud we in the media can't find any evidence so why do you think the white house keeps talking about it? >> but you're saying isolated
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incidents. >> i wouldn't say it's isolated to the point -- there was a study that only took into account i think 8 counts in virginia and there was a descent amount of voter fraud so i'm not willing to say what he said on there but it's responsible for every state to be able to take precautions to have integrity. >> the vast majority of the secretary of state say there is no evidence of vast voter fraud in their state and i think there is a distinction between a hand full of cases which you cite and people do know about. >> no, don't put words in my mouth allison please. >> you tell me your numbers. i am trying to figure out the
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numbers because i think you're citing the old codominion university. if you're citing that study they did not find vast voter fraud. if that's the study and the research that you're pointing out. they found again registration irregularities but not significant voter fraud. >> you're going to answer this question of course which is fine. and sure i'd like to see it of course. >> but is it responsible for the white house to be talking about. >> well because it keeps coming
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up. steven miller brought it up again this past weekend just when we thought we moved on he brought it up again so there's a disconnect between what we have been able to find and researchers have looked into it so it's curious that the white house keeps bringing it up. >> sure he should absolutely. >> congressman thank you. let's talk about what's coming up for you a week from now. you're having i believe your first town hall meeting. there's other town hall meetings that have run off the rails a little bit. here's some video of this. this is in utah a few days ago. this is what they confronted. are you concerned that this might be what you find?
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>> i'm not concerned about that. i'm really not. the only thing that would concern me is the safety of my people in there. some of those folks they're actually hurting folks on the other side from having a seat at the table. that's what we want. i'm not concerned about some folks organizing like that. i want to hear and listen to everyone's opinion and i want them to have a seat at the table because there's plenty of common ground to work and move forward. those trying to shout down people, that does nothing to help people out but it's important for me to get out there and listen to our speed. >> thank you for answering our questions and being here on new day. >> any time, thank you. >> so new england is getting
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hammered by another winter storm. schools in boston closed again this morning. we have jennifer live in boston. what is the status now? what is the update for us? >> it is snowing steadily. the winds are expected to pick up this afternoon. this is all on the tree branches and the power lines when you have winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour later this afternoon. the potential for power outages will be there. we were talking to the crews plowing. they have been plowing consistently overnight and now again today they're pulling double duty saying they're having to clear trees as well. they had trees down last night. that's going to be the big concern moving forward.
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in maine that's the bulls eye. we're going to get a foot of snowfall throughout the day today and blizzard-like conditions. and winds houling at 40 and 50 miles per hour. in areas around boston. >> the wind is already picking up here in new york as well. thank you for all of that. we're following breaking news now where nearly 200,000 people face evacuation orders near the dam and it's because you saw on your screen there there's the damage right there. it's a big hole and an emergency spill way that's increasing. this morning the county sheriff said the damage may not be as bad as originally thought. and it's not eroding. officials plan to use helicopters to drop bolders to close that hole. >> we'll have a live report in the next hour because that could
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be a massive situation. president trump is defending the federal raids going on. they're going around and arresting people they say for violations of immigration. we're going to talk to a congressman near the border, next. s every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. because safety is never being satisfied. why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you? the doctor said it's not contagious. [coughing] credit karma, huh? yeah, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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>> the president tweeting yesterday the crack down on illegal immigrants, illegal criminals is the keeping of my campaign promise. gang members, drug dealers and others are being removed. joining us now is the democratic congressman from texas. do you have any problem with continuing raids that round up people who break the law? >> well, if we're focussing on those, i don't want to support
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them. the question is i did listen to the white house yesterday and they danced around and never said it was only a focus on people that committed felonies here in the united states. >> what we heard is one these were already planned several weeks ago so some predating this new administration in terms of who deserves blame for the rates. secondly that they're all people that violated immigration law. aren't you supposed to be picked up and taken out of the country? >> yeah. i can believe it's a 1950s law. it's an immigration law that says the moment you come over
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it's a misdemeanor and we know it exists. and have violated it and that's what president obama did and i think this is something that almost everybody does. >> you understand the reality of life down there along the border in texas and different remote parts as well. do you think it would keep us safer? costs aside. there's mountains and rivers and a lot of boundaries that we have right now that will make it very difficult to put a fence or a wall. in texas most of the private property is in the state of
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texas and private property, there will be lawsuits that them and if we have strategic fencing and if you look at electronics and surveillance and other things we have been using in the past and more personal and working to our neighbors to the south and work with those across the border. >> part of the criticism is that you guys want to leave everybody alone in here. you believe that if they make it here they should get a fresh start and the gop and specifically president trump is playing that to advantage. do you agree with this? the notion that you don't want to kick people out just for being undocumented. they have to commit a violent
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crime i don't believe in catch and release. and when you talk about catch and release and the moment like a wet foot, dry foot, no i think we need to make sure that we don't have catch and release. we added 55 new immigration judges about to be higher and we have another 25. we need to have judges so people can have their cases heard as soon as possible and not two or three or four years and they can have the new process in court. >> what's going on with michael flynn. the idea that he was talking about sanctions with his russian counter parts before trump actually took office and flynn was actually installed as an
4:23 am
intel official. do you care? >> of course and did he lie to the vice president and did he lie to other people? it looks like the administration relied on what he said and looks like that's not the case and i have a serious concern about having that conversation sanctioned before president trump came into office. >> do you think it's worthy of removal? there's a lot of work about people starting to do the work of government and talking to people and how much trouble do
4:24 am
you think you should make over this? >> i do have a concern and i think we should have him come before a committee and be able to answer some questions which i doubt he will show up so first let's find out because it looks like the transfers are contrary to what he said and then second of all i think that it's more of the white house would be very concerned if one of their individuals is not telling the truth and certainly i think the vice president and other folks should be in a very difficult situation. in terms of finding out what happens there are transfers. it would be helpful to this conversation if those transcripts can come out. everything you can do to make that happen will be appreciated.
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millions of people voted illegally without any evidence. the administration's latest plan is buses full of voters in massachusetts were brought in to new hampshire. >> go to new hampshire and talk about anybody that worked in politics there for a long time, everybody is aware of the problem in new hampshire. >> i'm asking you, the president made a statement -- >> do you have any evidence. >> is this is an issue that
4:30 am
interests you then we can talk about it more. >> let's get the facts now he conducted a study on the president's claims of voter fraud and he looked at this as well. you did research of whether or not the president and his team's claims of vast voter fraud is true. what did you find? >> the study was done before the new hampshire allegations and we looked for evidence of widespread voter fraud and didn't find any evidence. >> this is the conversation we're having right now but it still needs further clarification. the president said 3 to 5
4:31 am
million people voted illegally and all voted for hillary clinton and now there's a subset of theories about how non-legal citizens are able to get drivers license. did you find any substance to any of that? >> we didn't look at driver's licenses but what we did is we looked at measures to the extent of which we cannot explain trump's vote share. the difference is a measure of how much we don't know and we didn't find that. you would expect noncitizens
4:32 am
probably voting against trump and we would find he did really badly all things equal in places where lots of noncitizens live and we didn't find that there are studies that show they're sloppy and out of date. some people move and don't notify the previous voting authorities that they have moved. is there any connection between voter registration problems and voter fraud? >> no, there isn't. yes, you do find that people move including in his family. they move. they don't cancel their registration in one state and they register in another. that is such a far cry from actual voter fraud. it is an issue though and people
4:33 am
like the research center have put a lot of money and effort into studying this and suggesting ways to improve it but that does not add up to voter fraud. interestingly whenever people in the trump administration happens they do as you say point to the studies that show that our registries are sloppy. there's problems every election we have. and it's about the scale here another number that came up that's coming up a lot john is 14% of all noncitizens in this
4:34 am
country are registered to vote. we heard it from steven miller yesterday. we heard it from one of trump's kids. you looked at that claim. what's the truth? >> the truth is is that that number comes from a study that has been widely discredited. it was based on certain statistical assumptions that have been shredded by other political scientists and we do not have a solid number there and i would only draw people's attention to the fact that we can't only rely on studies such as we're talking about right now. the reality is is that there's a lot of eyes on this issue as
4:35 am
voting takes place in the months afterward. you would have spotted it through many means. thank you for giving us the stats on this. >> some had a rocky start and may be on the rise and may be on the outs. we're going to explore. start here. at fidelity, we let you know where you stand, so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. it's your retirement. know where you stand.
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to do something about his national security advisor michael flynn after revelations that he talked to russia about sanctions before he took office. and the white house press secretary continues to be lampooned on snl over his style. that's less of a concern on atht level. is the president eyeing a shake up. let's discuss. mike great to have you. the issue with flynn isn't going to necessarily be a legal one. the logan act we can talk about all day and flynn one telling the truth about what he did. >> it's a big issue. and it's an issue because wouldn't you think that someone
4:40 am
with his experience and understa understanding and if you want to convey the vice president and and that would be at some point by a leak of just this kind. that washington post story had nine different sources or so it said and people are wondering what is going on i don't think that they necessarily care who
4:41 am
is up and who is down but it is very important and interesting to look at who has his ear and who he is trusting most right now. >> i think allison that it was inevitable. what is missing from that list? what is missing from that list is white house experience. what is missing from that list is david. who has served a variety in the white house itself. they have political stripes of varying degree. he is the example of that but where is the executive experience in administering the different branches of government and the different regulatory agencies and that caught up with them. number one. lack of white house experience. number two, by design and steve bannon would play the role of chief advisor and third, speaking of conflict, you have a
4:42 am
president of the united states that thrives on personality confli conflict. >> i saw something on the schedule today that jumped out at me as showing ivanka's fingerprints all over it. having the first major bilateral visit with the prime minister trudeau and for the first time in a meeting such as this they will be having a working lunch i believe or at least a meeting about women in the work place. and they're inviting all of the female ceos. that has her signature written all over it so she is playing a role, we don't know how major, in what her father is doing. >> not enough to keep her husband from getting boxed out of the executive order. >> still they think he will play
4:43 am
a role. >> he was supposed to be a big player. what is your take? bannon boxed him out on the executive order. there's the story going around that it happened on a religious day that they roled out the order. many say it's a cover story. that jared was boxed out. >> i think when prime minister netanyahu arrived we'll see the extent of jared's influence. i would say blood is thicker than water. he trusts his family. there's no surprise there and when you run against a machine, when you run against establishment as he did you're limiting the pool of individuals you can bring in the government so while we're talking about the turbulent nature of the first days of the trump administration. you have to ask the question of to whom could they go if they were to bring in new folks and by definition many of the usual suspects are out of the equation.
4:44 am
that's a problem. >> the experienced hand that has the stripes that knows the type you need in that white house as a stabilizing force. >> it's hard to get one those when those people can't depend on consistency from the top. they don't want to set themselves up for failure. check out a 1924 law today. a congressman from new jersey is pushing it to allow the ways and means committee to look at irs tax statements. >> tell me why. >> it could be the law that allows congress to get trump's taxes. that's why. >> look at that part.
4:45 am
>> you'll use it on your show, guarentee. >> take your parting gifts, michael. see you later. >> i'll do it. thank you. >> it's a big one. it's how they got nixon's taxes and how it exists. >> this is what mike enjoys. >> president trump revealing a new approach to foreign policy appearing to abandon the go it alone strategy he discussed as a candidate. what's behind the change? we have the former deputy of state in here to tell us.
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russia is sounding the alarm saying isis may be looking to do more damage to the ancient syrian city of palmyra. the drone relayed images showing stepped up truck activity in the area. it is proof isis wants to damage the region's historic relics. the warnings suggests isis would use explosives to destroy as much as it can. >> verizon customers can get an unlimited data plan. this will run you about $80 a month. it includes up to 10 gigabytes of mobile hot spot usage and will allow customers to stream unlimited hd video.
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>> she spoke about her divorce and the presidential election among other issues. it was all done over the intercom. and get off the flight. some wishing the how will president trump handle this international crisis and is his foreign policy shifting now that he is in the oval office. here to discuss is cnn global affairs analyst tony blanken. help us understand what happens. you get word north korea, kim jong-un has launched a test missile. what happens in the white house? >> this is nothing new. this is north korea on a relentless course over the last year or so to improve, perfect its missile and nuclear program.
4:51 am
this is the 25th test over the last year. the qualitative threat is growing every single day. they're getting closer to the day when they can actually hit the united states. the administration needs to look at its approach here and do it quickly. >> what is that, tony? what should their approach be now? >> two things. over the last eight things under president obama, we recentlessly built up our defenses in south korea, japan, throughout the region, putting in missile defense. speeding up the employment of additional defense systems would make a good deal of sense. second, there has to be an unrelenting sustained pressure campaign against north korea to force a choice on north korea, to decide to move away from testing, to get back to the table to negotiate. this is where china comes in. china has more influence on north korea, more leverage on north korea given the trading relationship between the two. president trump's change last
4:52 am
week was a good thing, getting back to a better place with china, moving away from the confrontation he started over this issue that's so important to china, and that is taiwan and the so-called one china policy. this now creates an opportunity for the president to try to work with china to exert pressure on north korea to get it back to the table. >> as we have been reporting, this, the word of this missile launch came during dinner that president trump was having with the leader of japan, president abe, and that's interesting because president trump has sort of changed his rhetoric about japan. so, as you'll remember, during the campaign, he had said, well, it could be very well that japan will have to protect themselves, they may have to have their own weapons or even nuclear weapons, they may have to go it alone. the united states can't be the policeman for everybody. i'm paraphrasing. then here is what he said -- i'll play it for you -- on
4:53 am
saturday from palm beach. >> i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100%. thank you. >> that happened at 10:30 at night on saturday. that's how important president trump felt it was to make that statement. >> alisyn, the president's remarks, the meeting with abe is welcome. it's an important about face and a good one t. solidarity with japan, south korea, our closest allies in the region is vital to our own security, especially when you have the threat that continues to grow from north korea. it's important we be in lockstep with the japanese, the south koreans. to the extent the president made a real change from where he was in the campaign, that's a positive development. >> you were talking about china
4:54 am
and how you'll have to use the -- the white house will have to use the leverage of china to help with north korea. it's confusing because steve bannon, one of the top advisers to president trump has said some things that have been seen as aggressive, certainly not conciliatory on china almost a year ago. here is what steve bannon said in a breitbart interview about what will happen in the south china sea. >> we're going to war in the south china sea, aren't we? no doubt about it. they're taking sandbars and making stationary aircraft carriers. they come here to the united states and say it's an an chechbt territorial sea. >> that might have been bluster back then, almost a year ago, but what does that tell you about moving forward now? >> well, i'd say alisyn, first, reality has a way of intruding. when you become president, when all of these problems start to
4:55 am
come at you, you realize you have to deal with them and deal with them with with partners and allies. sometimes those partners, like china, you have profound differences on other issues, including the south china sea. when it comes to north korea, we have to work together to confront the threat posed by north korea's missile program and nuclear program. i hope this is the administration adjusting to that reality. >> today we're going to see president trump meet with prime minister of canada, justin trudeau. how do you think this is going to go? they are not necessarily completely philosophically aligned or tight allies. >> i think they'll put a good face on it. there are real differences. the starkest one recently is on immigration. we've been trying to shut the door through the administration on immigration and refugees, canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the
4:56 am
world. it's not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. if you look at our own country, something like 40% of the fortune 400 companies in this country were created by immigrants. half of the startups in silicon valley created by immigrants. half of the companies valued at a billion dollars or more, created by immigrants. we don't want to be killing the goose that lays the golden egg. canada is being smart in having this welcoming environment and also doing the right thing. >> immigrants, as business leaders, that's an interesting topic. also women at business leaders. what jumped out at me at their schedule, roundtable discussion with female ceos about women's role in the workplace, how to get more equity, how to make life easier for women in the workplace. it's the first time, i believe, that a sort of major bilateral meeting has included this topic. i couldn't held but think that this means ivanka trump is sort of influencing foreign
4:57 am
relations. >> that's a welcome development. a good thing to be talking about, where there could be a lot of -- very much a common denominator. to the extent that's going to be one of the important parts of the agenda, that's a good thing. i think you see ivanka trump pushing that agenda. one of her top advisers, the president's top advisers dina powell coming from wall street where she worked very hard on programs to empower women. that would be a very positive achlk en da for the administration. >> tony blinken, thank you very much. we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> general flynn's comments just add to our concern about the relationship with russia. >> those conversations had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> i don't think you would want a guy who would forget that. >> defending against the north korean missile and nuclear
4:58 am
threat i consider a very high priority. >> north korea is testing president trump. >> there are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote. >> nobody believes that. it's a lie. it's a delusion. >> we'll keep this country safe. >> this executive order is so bad, he out to just throw it in the trash. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day," monday, february 13th. 8:00 in the east. is trz's national security adviser on thin ice? some defending general flynn after reports he discussed sanctions with a russian ambassador before president trump took office. >> the president facing a test on how to respond to adversaries like north korea and russia. a growing list of challenges on just day 25 of his presidency. let's begin our coverage with cnn's joe johns live at the white house. joe. >> i think you can say it's a
4:59 am
bit of uncertainty here at the white house as this new administration tries to work its way through a number of controversies including questions of confidence, questions of trust involving one of the president's most important advisers. >> reporter: president trump's national security adviser, general michael flynn, under fire. the white house sidestepping questions about flynn's future. >> does the president still have confidence in his national security adviser? >> that's a question that i think you should ask the president. >> reporter: a u.s. official confirming that general flynn did discuss u.s. sanctions with a russian ambassador before trump was sworn in, contradicting denials made by flynn himself and vice president mike pence. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states' decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against russia. >> reporter: general flynn on thin ice despite trump's refusal
5:00 am
to address the firestorm. >> i don't know about it. i haven't seen it. what report is that? i'll look at that. >> reporter: a senior administration official telling cnn flynn has no plans to resign, nor does he expect to be fired. president trump facing another big test over the weekend, north korea firing a ballistic missile into the sea of japan. as the president met with japan's prime minister shinzo abe, both leaders addressing the launch late saturday night. >> the united states of america stands behind japan, its great ally, 100%. >> reporter: meantime the trump administration is weighing their options on his suspended travel ban which could include writing a new executive order. >> we can appeal the emergency stay to the supreme court. we can take our case to the ninth circuit, we can continue the appeal with the panel or return to the district court and have a trial on


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