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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 21, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. president trump's surprise pick for national security advisor. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. to replace general makichael
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flynn. and a new executive order on immigration expected soon. plus president trump's sweden moment. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden who would believe this? sweden -- >> now the white house says the president was talking about a story that claimed crime from immigrants was on the rise in sweden. tonight i'm going to talk to the film maker behind that story. i want to get right to president trump's surprise announcement of lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. barbara. >> reporter: don, in the end, the president picked an active duty serving military officer who really did not have the option of saying no to the commander and chief. >> he's a man of tremendous talent and experience. i watched and read a lot over
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the last two days. he is highly respected by everybody in the military and we're very honored to have him. >> reporter: army lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster with years of battle field experience and deeply aware of politics at the highest levels of military. >> i'd just like tosy what a privilege it is to continue suving our nation. i look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything i can to advance and protect the interest of the american people. >> reporter: but now he wades into white house politics and a national security counsel in term oil since the firing of michael flynn for not telling vice president mike pence the truth about his contacts with russia. mcmaster is known to be very plain spoken. people who know him say don't expect him to change.
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>> if general mcmaster not only understands his role and accepts it as it lead to the national security counsel staff and serves as the lead policy maker for the white house and the administration, then he will have a chance to succeed. >> reporter: still he made find his biggest challenge is dealing with stephen bannon, the political advisor who has a seat on the national security counsel. >> if steve bannon understands his role as being the political advisor and nothing more than that, then it has a chance to succeed as well. if mr. bannon goes beyond that, then it could very well not only interfere with the innerworkings of the security counsel but result in disastrous policy choices for the united states. >> reporter: mcmaster didn't have the option of saying no, thanks like retired viced admirl
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harwood did. now a promise that new national security advisor can run his own operation. >> the president has said very clearly that the new nsa direct will have total and complete say over the makeup of the nsc and all of the components. and there is no demand made by president trump on any candidate. >> he wrote about the failure of the u.s. military to speak up to the president during the vietnam war. that book "daereliction of duty became a must read inside the military circle. now the question is will he continue to speak up to this president of the united states? >> thank you very much. want to bring in cnn military analyst, presidential historian
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brinkly, the author of "land for america." and kimberley dozier. so good to have all of iyou on. what is your reaction to the new national security advisor? >> general mcmaster is a tremendous pick as indicated in barbara's piece, he's very much an iconoclast. you have a military formation that moves in a certain direction and certain pace at a certain asimate and there's always somebody off to the side pushing it a little bit. when it comes to getting in the formation, he'll lead it and lead it tremendously. but he will speak out. he will go to the president, we can only hope and say this is what i'm thinking. he's not going to lay a bunch of problems in front of the president. he's going to say here's what we think and what we can do and i'm
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speaking for the national security counsel. i think he'll succeed. >> kim, i'm going to ask you that because you said he says what he thinks, he's rr famous for calling out big egos. how do you see that playing out? >> one of the things he was always valued for is his ability to say it plainly. putroys used to bring him in to trouble shoot top problems and therefore he's going to bring that same attitude into this situation. he's a guy who likes hearing this is an impossible issued to solve and i've spoken with one trump transition official who knows him and the players like steve bannon and others who are part of this team and they think mcmaster is going to fit right
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in because he knows how to work in people who are highly inhad telectual, had had healthy egos and all have a definite point of view. >> administration officials tells nen came down to mcmaster and lieutenant general kazline junior. is that -- what do you make of that? >> well, of the two men, h.r. is the one who wrote the book "dereliction of duty." he's the one with the reputation -- actually, sometimying his career a couple times. because he was known as someone who would mot pull his tongue and challenge convention within the army. eventually his rabbi in the
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military was able to get you first and then once he got in that first star, it's been like a rocket ever since. he's quickly gone from top job to top job where he's help hadding sthof form, he certainly has the intellectual heft to dmig to it and get the team behind his ideas. >> you've been standing by patiently. senator john mccain released a statement on the mcmaster pick saying in part i give president trump great credit for this decision as well as his national security cabinet choices. i could not imagine a better more capable national security team than the one we have right now. >> it goes a long ways to do that because general mcmaster is just top notch.
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fact of the matter is we've been talking about him as a thought leader, but that's something that they their ph.d.. a great in history. but he knows what it's like to be on the battle field and won the army distinguished service medal. and the contrast to general flynn who was halfcocked, making people very nervous about his proximity to donald trump, the falkt that we have a man as solid as general mcmaster, at that very key post. you've heard your other two cnn analysts say we're all had in agreement. this was a good pick. >> maybe there are voices that don't like him. have a surprise saying this is good.
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this is a good day for the white house. you say douglas because this is general flynn was a birther. had tweeted some controversial themes. it appears this particular lieutenant general has none of them. >> that's right and time magazine in 2014 picked him as one of the most influential people going out there because he's rethinking the army. he's trying to bring it into the 21st century but somebody not afraid to speak truth to power. we saw that in his book "dereliction of duty." when he was able to go after some of the problems. so this is a solid pick for donald trump. >> general, big challenges. what are the biggest challenges for mcmaster? >> i would say the first thing that had h.r. needs to do is sit down with the president and say mr. president, let's right now
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determine what are the top three things that the united states must accomplish over the course of your term in office. let's start with the three thorniest issues. those i recommend would be russia, china and what are we going to do with radical islamic terrorism and how will that change over the course of time? let's not boil the ocean. let's really attack all of those and make a determination as to whether we want to cooperate or compete in all of those three. and i think it would be a great time for the president to stand up with h.r. at his side and have a public conversation that says i have my new national security advisor. we have a new team that is the spoke in terms of the capabilities we brought to the table and we're going to be aligned, instep and we're going to maintain a measured pace so we can get this stuff done. that's the first thing i would
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recommend that general mcmaster take on. >> at first i want to play something for you. but i want to get inhto the president's foreign policy. after calling nato obsolete and saying the u.s. should have kept iraq's oil. here's what both of them said today. watch this. >> it is my privilege, here at the nato head quarters to express the strong support of president trump and the united states of america for nato and our transatlantic alliance. >> all of us in america have generally paid for our gas and oil all along and i'm sure that we will continue to do so in the future. we're not in iraq to seize anybody's oil. >> kim, you think these comments will be enough to cume rr people around the world who may be concerned about the national security and our policy here? >> it's a start. it's going to take action to
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follow up. with the nato comments that vice president made, one way to look at this is not everyone innato is unhappy that the u.s. is rattling this particular saber and saying you've got to start paying up. think if you're a defense minister and you've been trying for years to get that kind of investment in your forces and your local government says no. now you can go back to that government and say look, pence is saying this but we know that trump wants us to pay up. you're going to have to start putting more money in this basket and that is actually a good thing. in terms of secretary of defense going to iraq and reassure them about not taking iraq's oil, that is something i know iraqi officials have basically behind the scenes been begging them to do. saying we need to be able to keep working with you for the
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coalition to succeed and you're making it hard with our people on the ground when you say something like that. >> do you think the president wants his team soft peddling his past remarks on a world stage? >> no, i don't think it's necessarily that. i just think there's a schizophrenic behavior coming out of the white house on foreign policy. we have tillerson and mcmaster who want to have a coherent foreign policy and on the donald trump likes to say things that disturb people. so hopefully they're going to have -- porzin key wrote a piece about something in need like a truman doctrine, streamlining what the trump foreign policy is. hopefully we'll get that in coming weeks.
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meanwhile, vice president pence has really went to europe and nato and he's the voice of reassurance while everybody else in the world is quite nervous about donald trump saying one thing one day and one day something else the next. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. the trouble with sweden. president trump doubles down on claims about immigrants but the truth is very different. getting heartburn doesn't mean i means i take rolaids®. rolaids® goes to work instantly neutralizing 44% more acid than tums® for fast, powerful relief of your worst heartburn. i trust my rolaids®. r-o-l-a-i-d-s spells relief. the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom...
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when president trump mentioned sweden at his rally, everybody wondered what he was talking about. and youtube documentary about immigrant violence in sweden. so, thank you so much for joining us tonight. you made this short documentary about immigrant crime in sweden. tucker carlson interviewed you about the film and talking about how the swedish public feels about the situation. >> they know that this crime is happening. they can feel it. the stucyatistics are clear and they would say it's happening more violence. men raping people, not the refugees. the majority of the people want an open door policy.
12:20 am
it's astounding. >> the president of the united states to spread what amounts to false information. >> the whole thing is surreal. it was a saturday night and i get a text from somebody "i think the president just referenced you." clearly it seemed to be he was intumating this interview with tucker. so, yeah. it's incredible, surreal. it's unfortunate he had the misstatement but all good for me. >> we have to keep our country safe. you look at bhauwhat's happenin germany. you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden. who would believe this. sweden, they took in large numbers. they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> what did you think? >> first of all i have no idea
12:21 am
this would be global blew out of proportions. i felt like he changed two words. if he just said i was watching something last night, it would have changed. did he mean there was a terrorist attack? did he mean he was watching a show? i can't discern that. most of the media seemed to indicate he was talking about a terrorist attack last night. i don't know how he would come up with that. but depends on your perspective. >> and as you know, he has to be precise with his words. he is the leader of the free world and there's a lot of weight that goes into the worlds and there was no attack. this is a moment in your film and then we'll discuss. let's play this. >> while the staggering increase in rape has made some news, this phenomenon has been coupled with a less widely reported increase
12:22 am
in violence. several immigrant riots have broken out and shootings have increased sharply. >> we looked at the stats from the u.s. state department. crime rose about 7% from 2012 to 2015. most of it was nonviolent computer fraud and vandalism. in 2015 there was no staggering increase. where did you get your information and did you look at the official numbers? >> the far more accurate resource, state department. i look at the keeper of all stats for sweden. so i'm talking murder, i'm talking about sexual assault. sexual assault in 2006, 2015 is almost 50%. now, so those are the real
12:23 am
numbers. >> well, the real numbers don't show up almost 80%. >> for 2012? >> here's it numbers that you have. but especially when you considerer the population of millions of people and there were maybe 12 more murders, of course it's going to be higher but that is not a spike in murders when you look at the population especially of immigrants in the country which is probably 1%. >> no. way higher. >> if you look at the population of immigrants, there's no correlation between immigrants and a spike in crime, which there is no huge spike in crime. it shows over an average -- >> take a look at 2012. >> that's on an average. it's on an average that there's no spike here. crime goes up and down as it does here in america and every single country but as an
12:24 am
average, there is no spike in crime. >> it's just not true. if you look at 2006, 2016, murder's up. how is that not a spike? >> if you look that overall. numbers go up and down every year. you can say numbers are up this year. they're down this year, they're up. but if you look at them over a long period of time, it's not up. . >> so i'm telling you rate is up from 2005. >> but do you understand why those numbers are up? it's the way that they classify. >> no. that's not true. they change the definition of rape in 2005. i'm talking about stats from 2006 to 2015. after the definition was changed. the numbers from 2006 and 2015 are up 50% and they're up every single year except for 2014 to
12:25 am
'15 where there's a slight dip. >> that's not how the experts are reading the numbers. here is the swedish prime minister in response to president trump. >> do not forget that in interagzal rankings in human development, we like our guest from canada are doing very well. so, yes, we have opportunities, we have challenges. we're working with them every day and i think we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly and verifying any information that we spread. >> the swedish prime minister is upset or concerned about the president's classification. yours as well. they feel unfairly targeted. they say the numbers don't match up to what you're saying. they don't deserve to be in the middle of this and you've blown
12:26 am
this out of proportion because you have an agenda behind it. >> is that a beromter for rape and murder being up. we can go these numbers back and forth but again i feel bad repeating the same number again but i'm telling you the overall number from 2006 to 2015 is up. >> you're making a correlation to immigrants. >> we didn't talk about that. i think there's an absolute correlation. >> but the evidence doesn't show that. the numbers -- according to the numbers i have here and the numbers from the state department, they don't show a correlation between immigrants. >> they don't talk about immigrants in any of the statistics. it's interesting, in 2001 they used to have a classification for what the backgrounds of the people committing the crimes. they stripped that from the
12:27 am
numbers. so of course there's not any correlation but that comes from other places 3. >> the most recent terror attack was an anti-immigrant terror attack in januaryt. three suspected neo-nazis bombed an immigrant place. and that's part of the crime stats as well. >> not rape. rape has nothing to do with anti-immigrant said. >> but there's no correlation. >> why do you say there isn't? >> all you have to do is read the evidence. it doesn't show. >> wait -- >> we can get to that. but my question was about the anti-immigrant crime. >> horrible. i condemn completely and neo-nazi crime is disgusting. >> does your film focus on that?
12:28 am
>> my film is about the social unrest it's causing in sweden. there was a terror attack in september. interestingly enough it was a sunni attacking a shiite cultural center. no difference if you're attacking white or shiite people. that's a terror attack no matter how you slice it. >> but your numbers again don't show a spike -- not necessarily your numbers. the numbers you're reading don't show tat. >> tell me if you agree with this number. let's look at the sexual assault numbers. from 2006 to 2015 the numbers are up 50%. and by the way, that's an even bigger number than it seems because everywhere else in western europe and the united states, those numbers are up significantly. and one more quick stat. you want to talk about correlation. the people who commit ---ing the
12:29 am
people who have been raped in the u.s., 2/3 of people do not know their victim, right? in the u.s. in sweden, 2/3 of the victims do not know. >> the truth is that swede n las define rape more broadly than other comparable before and there's little stigma to reporting sex crimes. but according to official statistics, the sexual violence rate has been about the same from 2005 to 2014 and for the most part, the story of dark skinned foreigners targeting blond european women. is not supported by the evidence. >> i'm confused.
12:30 am
2005 -- and my mic is working. 2005, 2016 rape is up 50%. >> are your ears and eyes working because the numbers as we're reading from bra and from the state department they don't show what you're saying. you're manipulating them. they're right here. what does that say? but even if you look at crime in the united states, overall for the past decade crime is down. there was spike. one year. over time. that's the same thing. okay. let's say that you're right. you're classifying this as a sky rocket. it's not a sky rocket. >> so you think when rape is down in the united states and everywhere else in western
12:31 am
europe and up 50%, that's not sky rocketing. >> because of the way they classify rapes now. if you're at a concert and someone touches you on any part of your body, that is now classified as a rape. it was not before. >> sexual assault, not rape. >> sexual assault in the united states but it's not in sweden. it is now under the rape law. >> you're mistaken about that. the definition of rape in the united states -- >> we know what it is in the united states. we're talking about sweden. >> the definition of rape in the united states is essentially the same in sweden. yes, it is. >> it's a different classification. we'll go back and look at your information. >> my pleasure. >> we'll be right back. as that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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a president at the start of his term facing grass roots protests at the start of his
12:36 am
presidency. here with more. >> reporter: well, to a capacity crowd, representative taylor faced a town hall a crowd increasingly upset with the trump administration. town hall fury from utah. to nebraska. constituents chasing down congressman at public events. this time aiming squarely at their own districts. the president even noticing. >> they fill up our alleys with people that you wonder how they get there. >> white house press secretary sean spicer shared the administration's theory. >> this has become a very paidast roturf type movement. >> are you making any money on this? >> this is not a money making
12:37 am
venture. >> reporter: meet the team responsable for the movement. three former democratic congressional staffers. >> we had seen the tea party emerge and so we knew how powerful local action could be because it was used very effectively against us. >> they sketched out an online guide for progressives how to stop trump's agenda. >> it was 10 people were reading it and then 90 people. >> reporter: then it crashed. they posted what's now known as the indevisible guide on a website now viewed 50 million times, about 7,000 indevisible groups formed. >> there are four simple tactics to engage in. >> reporter: a viral video followed. their $10,000 video was crowd
12:38 am
sor sourced from donations. they have filed with the irs as a nonprofit. there's one full-time employee who still hasn't been paid. three weeks ago they put opdonation tab on their website. their movement growing. based on a simple idea. >> no is a complete sentence. that's a smart move because it keeps your coalition together and allows you to have the greatest impact possible. >> i was just so inhspired and motivated by what they said. >> reporter: do you know the people who wrote this guide? >> no. i couldn't tell you their names. >> reporter: this is ann taylor, founder of the indiviable 57. how do you feel when the gop brushes you off as somebody paid? >> i think it's funny.
12:39 am
i think it's a desperate attempt to delegitimize what they see as a powerful grass roots movement. >> reporter: it was loud at times, he did get booed. some of the people said he didn't answer their questions sufficiently, that they wish he had had spent more time but appreciated that he showed up; that he held a town hall to begin with knowing he would face this crowd. there wasn't any major conflict, if there was, people not able to get in started to turn on each other. there was one arrest. >> don't miss a democratic leadership debate live wednesday night, 10:00 eastern. we'll be right back.
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breitbart editor and provocter, yiannopoulos h-- it' monday already. feels like friday. also political contributors.
12:44 am
iicide have just taken the holiday off. but everybody welcome to the panel. yiannopoulos was disinvited at cpac after a video surfaced advocating for sexual relationships with young boys. >> it's a beautiful thing, right? that conservatives criticize people on the left for the last year for hating this guy for thinking he's empty and provocative and ignorant and all the sudden they liked him because he was their gay willing to criticize other gays and identity politics and people on the left. now they have egg on their face because their gay turned out to be just as gross as everybody said he was. >> some people are calling pedophilia because he's talking about young people.
12:45 am
that's just a bridge too far. the question is wlie didn't all the other things he talked about. yiannopoulos was a guest on "real time with bill maher." here it is. >> the one area i'm a little concerned is when you go after people individually. if it's in the cause of a greater truth, if people are hurt as collateral damage, i'll go there. but i didn't understand the ghostbusters thing. who gives a -- >> i wrote a bad review of a movie. i said she looks like a dude, she does. she's barely literal and i do not accept that a hollywood -- that the star of a hollywood blockbuster is sitting in a hollywood mansion crying over mean words on the internet. get over it. >> i don't like that kind of
12:46 am
insulting and vile kind of speech, particularly the comments today with regard to pedophilia. but he's not my flavor, not my style of commentator. he himself has said i'm not a conservative. >> he's been a protege of stephen bannon. people loved him criticizing the gay left. until this moment he was their gay. their house gay. come on. >> those are your words. don't put those words in the mouths of conservatives. >> should he have been invited? invited to cpac. have been - he doesn't represent conservatism. he has some relationship to standing up to free speech on college campuses but he does not
12:47 am
represent -- >> my question has been all along did conservatives do their homework? because i think many people on the left knew about these things. all you have to do is a google search and that every saturday night he lifts black men out of poverty and his driver takes them right back the next morning. >> this is a horrible person. he's depraved and decadent to paraphrase hunter s. thompson. he's not a conservative, you're absolutely right. this is a guy who basically -- it's like the enemy of the enemy is my friend. because he's mean to leftists and radical feminists, we make him a hero. that doesn't make you a hero. being politically incorrect -- it may make you a joke but
12:48 am
doesn't make you a hero by virtue of doing it. i think it's unfofrminate that have a conservative movement that has gone from regan to milo. >> you're going to have to do it after the break. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪sweet, sweet st. thomas nice. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪st. croix full of pure vibes. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ st. john a real paradise. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ proud to be from the virgin islands. ♪ ♪ and the whole place nice. to experience your virgin islands nice,
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back now with my panel and maria didn't want to weigh in on this, i'm sure. i'll ask you the same question i asked matt. do you think the people defending him and saying his free speech is being stiepalled, when there are many people saying this is about hate speech. do you think they did their homework? >> no. of course not. one, it was irresponsible and hypocritical for cpac to feel outraged about what he's done in the past. if they didn't know, that's inkaufi incompetence on their part. they asked him to come to thumb their nose at the protest at
12:53 am
berkeley. yes, they turned violent and that has no place anywhere, in the left, right, center, middle, anywhere. but people had a right to protest him and cpac invited him to stick it to the left. and this guy who is less than zero and our president, the president of the united states has actually tweeted positive things about him. so i'm happy to hear hailey and matt disavow him but a lot of people have -- >> a lot of conservatives. i would say most mainstream conservatives don't like him. it's more the that likes him and i think he gets mileage out of the british accent. he plays identity politics. you can't call me a bigot because i'm gay.
12:54 am
whatever. >> i'm egoing to let you finish. i'm pulling a kanye now. this goes into what i want to say. because simon and sustr canceld the book. so whatever. and then he posts an apology on his facebook page. i am partly to blame. my own experiences as a victim led me to believe i could say anything on the subject no matter how outrages. but i understand how my usual blend of british sarcasm, provocation humor might -- >> i'm a very forgiving person and i want to forgive them if they ask for it but there were a lot of scapegoats from the british accent to -- there were a lot of others.
12:55 am
he's a victim. there are lot of kids hurt deeply by the scandals that he referenced in his discussion and he needs to come out from the bottom of his heart and apologize because that's very hurtful. >> he's insisting the tapes were edited deceptively and he does not advocate for illegal behavior. >> ironic that somebody who has literally promoted badly edited tapes now says this. this apology doesn't ring true. he's blaming everybody else. he has imposed a hoouj amount of hurt for people across the board. now that he's at risk of losing his job, all the sudden he's sorry for his sar kacasm.
12:56 am
the most important people in this country, president trump and stephen bannon have not disavowed him. >> i appreciate. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. woof! eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence] [engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues] . . . sometimes you just know when you hit a home run. that's how i feel about blue-emu pain relief spray. odorless and fast-acting. it soothes all my muscle aches and pains.
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new details on what we will see in the travel ban. how is the white house working to ensure this will survive? president trump moving ahead with a new pick for national security adviser. how is the white house responding? the white house weighs in after a series of threats to jewish centers nationwide. did the response measure up to those unhappy with the president's earlier answers on anti-semitic? i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm ana cabrera. it is tuesday, february 21st.


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