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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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good evening and thanks for joining us. is this the beginning of a new ice age. the agency responsible for new immigration laws will be getting thousands of more changes. sweeping changes in every aspect of how it does its job and greatly expanding who could face deportation. the new guidelines could transform them into the deportation that candidate trump spoke about.
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supporters call it long overdue and the president is keeping campaign promises. it is a shift in policy and millions of lives could be about to change. we will talk about that tonight. we begin with new guidelines and pamela brown joins us. explain these guidelines and what they do. >> the new guidelines could massively expand the immigrants detained and deported. all of the estimated undocumented immigrants in the united states could be subject to deportation. the white house said this is not supposed to be a mass round up of undocumented immigrants, but sean spicer said that now under the new guidelines anyone in the u.s. illegally could be subject to removal at any time. it is how things have changed under the obama administration. there were three priorities. convicted criminals and those who cross illegally.
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now under the new quite lines and undocumented immigrants charged with a crime like dui could be subject for removal. the marching orders give agents broader digression. if they are going after an imgrant who is a criminal and there is another immigrant with that person, they can round up everyone there and put them through the deportation proceedings. now the white house does say there is a group that is not impacted by these sweeping changes. that would be the dreamers. that would be the undocumented immigrants who are brought to the u.s. as children. now the white house said those protections remain in place for them. >> the memos outline changes in use of laws that are already in place. what is going to change? >> that's right. so basically what the dhs did today is send out quite lines to be used under the existing laws. what they do is in the so-called
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catch and release which is releasing people in the u.s. unlawfully as they await proceedings. in some cases that could be a couple of years. now the trump administration is saying they are ending that process and boosting expedited removal. people who have been in the u.s. for two years or less, expediting their removal and not having them go before a judge. these are the key changes and they were making it harder for asylum seekers to remain in the united states while they wait for their proceedings. there are a number of changes and dhs secretary john kelly is going to mexico and guatemala to talk about border security. anderson? >> for more on what these changes mean, joining us is the former director of the u.s. citizenship and those who look at the system. cnn homeland security analyst
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and cnn legal analyst and harvard law professor alan dershowitz. the bottom line here, what is the biggest change. it seems like it's the definition of who a criminal is just expanded. >> certainly the definition of who is a deportable criminal expanded, but the order in totality makes anyone unlawfully makes anyone removable. >> anybody? >> the devil will be in the details and how this is implemented. do they adhere to the priorities they stated or do they use this as a marching order to deport anyone some. >> and the rise in the number of ice agents, how significant is that? >> that will increase the ability to remove people, but other things have to happen here. you need to have attention space
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and the number of immigration judge resources to effectuate the proceedings. that money has to come from somewhere. we don't know where that is. dreamers is not included. >> this is an area where republicans were critical of obama and they were most up in arms about it. it's interesting that he chose to keep that. that's a good thing, but the rest of it i think it probably causing a lot of fear and panic among undocumented immigrants because under president obama the priority was the worst of the worst. the criminals and people posing a danger to society and even if they didn't do the mass deportations which they will, they are already catching people in the sweeps. where they would go to save one person for drug trafficking and a bunch of college students
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there and they will say we will let you stay. giving brought leeway to make decisions about who to arrest seems to be left up to the individual making that arrest. >> this is a very clever tact. they created a far more legally defensible if morally questionable approach. the job of the executive is enforcement and they give enormous power making enforcement decisions. and courts do not defer to the executive which it makes the rule like it did a few weeks ago. this is lawyers at work. they said you want to achieve your goals, achieve it through administrative actions and they will be much harder to review
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and will be retail rather than whole sail. democrats and immigration rights activist is up in arms. this doesn't seem it should be much of a surprise to about anybody. he is fulfilling a promise. >> one of the lines that is supposedly sophisticated in the campaign is you should take donald trump seriously, but not literally. it is apparent that we should take him literally. he wanted more people deported and he will have more people deported. alan is right that legally he is on solid ground here.
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you have to decide whom you will deport, but if you put more resources and fewer restrictions on ice, you will deport more people. you said you have to say the sky is not falling. >> there is reason to be concerned that the floor has been lowered. where the obama administration said the worst of the worst, this seems open. that all of a sudden there will be these sweeps, the guidelines say that. this is where we have to figure out how is this going to be operationalized? the new rules will bump up against a lot of things. of money, where is the money to
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get all of this. state and local push back, a lot of mayors do not like this. they like to imemigrate and the dwof nors as well who said we don't want them in here doing this. we are not at the sky is falling let. >> they want the undocumented approaching the police and talking about witnessing a crime. they want to not talk about something they have seen. they are worried this may have
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ripple effects. >> they are right. this is driving people underground. people are not going to pay their tickets and not going to come for other services and now we see the conflict with sanctuary cities. some will say no, we are not going to cooperate. they are bringing lawsuits the way minnesota and washington did and others are considering doing it. attorneys general and the states will be the new heroes of the movement to try to slow this down. we are in for an interesting ride in the courts and in politics. >> if i can add one point to
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what alan was saying. when you talk about the sanctuary cities, what the republicans and president trump have said, you want to protect people who are undocumented in your communities. you are not going to get any federal money. what will they do in response? are there is a lot of discretion in the hands of the law enforcement office. >> there is as it reinstates. that will expand the pool. and then where local law enforcement officers are deppitized with the same authority as the police officers.
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that's for a much more strategic approach. there could be plenty when we come back. president trump is speaking out about anti-semitism and why one likens it to putting a band-aid on a cancer patient. [ rumbling ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a body without proper footd needssupport can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee or lower back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's. >>. >> we are talking about changes of human, diplomatic and you name it. potentially millions more undocumented immigrants at risk for deportation. they make it easy for some and harder for asylum seekers. and matt lewis at the daily
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beast. gloria, let's talk about political fallout. we are starting to see it. >> i think we are. it's how you interpret what this executive order is going to be. there are a lot of people including republican from states like florida and states like california who believe that people who shouldn't be caught in this will be caught in this wide net. there is a sense that we are not touching dreamers now. dreamers are not off limits forever. how are you going to pay for a law enforcement force. he wants 10,000 more people. where is the money going to come from? there are lots of questions that need to be answered. >> the most penitentiary thing for donald trump is fulfilling campaign promises, this was a major campaign theme and he's delivering on it. >> not terribly surprising and there is a question of how it is
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enforced because these are the things we will prioritize. there are two risks. a risk for many on the left to say you can't make the net this wide. for many regular voters to go if they are violating the law, that is a reasonable position. if the net gets too wide and you are not focusing on violent offenders, you end up with the same problem they are upset about now. prioritization is how you thread the needle on this. >> you have to decide what a crime it. if you are convicted of a crime, you are gone. is it tax evasion? >> the definition of what a deportable crime is -- >> we don't know. >> you will see a lot more stories out of el paso, texas this week. a woman had committed no outstanding warrants. she went to court to get a protective order and was getting the order. ice showed up and arrested her
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there. the county attorney thinks that the allegationed abuser tipped off ice. that is not the america people want. >> that's a libertarian-leaning conservative, i'm concerned about how you tell local agents what they have power to do and i'm not confident they can make those changes. >> it leaves a lot of discretion there. >> does it leave too much? >> the order gives them all the discretion they want. there is almost no guidelines. you don't have to be convicted of a crime. anyone who have a chargeable criminal offense.
9:19 pm
president obama prioritized violent crimes. i will leave it to jeffrey to describe why morally it would be good for the country to be deporting people who have been living here for decade with family and jobs here, why do those people need to be deported? >> i think what you have is upset in the country at the whole concept of illegal immigration. people feel like enough is enough. >> so make them legal. >> here's the ronald reagan story. in the early 80s when he went about budget cuts, cameras were filled with a, b, or c. they were benefiting under the program and he was throwing them
9:20 pm
out on the streets or had to do whatever. it was a terrible thing. by the time four years rolled around, people thought this was better for the economy and ketchup was not a vegetable. we are going to have the same thing for a while. we will see story after story that tears your guts out. >> you are comparing cutting off benefits to actually ripping families apart and it's a path to citizenship. >> that's not what people voted for. they don't want a path to citizenship. these are all anecdotal.
9:21 pm
you can find somebody who got caught up in the net. here's what i think donald trump should be doing politically. daca is a big deal. why not champion the dreamers and say we will be compassionate. they were brought here through no fault of their own and say we will go and get tough on criminals. i think if he were to balance it and i think it would be palatable. >> the obvious question is, none of this would be happen figure they haven't broken the law in the first place. >> it's a civil violation without papers. >> trump tower was built by
9:22 pm
undocumented workers. "the washington post" went over there committing journalism and a bunch of them said they were undocumented. trump himself benefitted as an employer and a businessman. the notion that now he is going to tear apart. the election was held and this is where it was. the way we enforce the law, that's what a lot of americans keep saying. we don't need new laws on the books. we need to enforce the laws and that is what he is attempting to do. >> you said he can prioritize. he replaced something that gives broad discretion.
9:23 pm
>> there is catch and release. this expedites deportations in some places and does a lot of other things. >> catch and release should not be applied to human beings. can i say that? >> i didn't invent the term. >> they are human beings who came into the country and they should be given a path to citizenship. >> i'm for that too. we lost that argument. donald trump is the president, the american people voted him in and this is what they want. >> really? that's what i said with obama. i remember that. >> that's what you said. >> we will have much more to talk about in this hour. president trump condemned anti-semitism for the first time publicly. what he said and why some say it's too little, too late. the future of business in new york state is already in motion. companies across the state are growing the economy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades,
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>> president trump did something he had pressure to do. condemned anti-semitism. a surge since he took off has been fueling him to address them head on and unequivocally.
9:28 pm
he did so in a visit to the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible. >> president trump is speaking out on the rise of anti-semitic since e incidents. >> it's a reminder of the work that must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil. >> since january there has been an eruption of anti-semitic incidents and threats across the country. a bomb threat led to the evacuation of this jewish community center in la jolla, california. this brings the incidents to 70 affecting jewish community centers in 27 states. a rash of other targets too including damage at this
9:29 pm
historic jewish cemetery in missouri. a synagogue in chicago earlier this month and swastikas painted on this car in florida last week. while all this has been unfolding across the country, the president remained silent. >> since your election campaign and after your victory, we have seen a sharp rise in anti-semitic incidents across the united states. >> given two opportunities last week alone to denounce the rise in hate, he switched the subject. >> i want to say that we are very honored by the victory we had. 306 electoral college votes. >> be rating a reporter who asked the same question. >> quiet, quiet, quiet. he lied about asking a straight simple question. >> rather than issuing a swift condemn nation of the threats -- >> we are concerned about it and
9:30 pm
what we haven't heard being addressed is anti-semitism. >> he referenced his own views. >> i am the least anti-semitic that you have seen in your entire life. >> this was an issue that dogged him throughout the campaign. he was criticized for attacking his opponent with anti-semitic themes. >> in which hillary clinton meets with international banks to plot the introduction of u.s. sovereignty to enrich these global financial powers. >> accused of a stereotype when he told a jewish republican group -- >> perhaps more than any room i have ever spoke at. >> using anti-semitic imagery and tweeting a graphic of a-pointed star that looked like the star of david which he said was a sheriff's star and being forceful in his anti-semitic
9:31 pm
backlash of a jewish reporter. >> i don't think anything about that. >> the criticism leading his orthodox jewish son in law to write an op ed in his defense. >> what are has been the reaction to president trump speaking out about this today? >> what hasn't satisfied his critics and many saying yes, it's a good thing he came out and finally acknowledges there is a problem and denounced the anti-semitic attacks, but they are saying it's too little, too late. the ann frank center called this a sudden acknowledgement on the part of the president that announces a band-aid approach to a big problem. it's not enough to denounce it, but they want to see plans for how the trump administration will go about this problem as this problem continues with jewish communities and something they will be watching in the
9:32 pm
days, weeks and months ahead, and as this continues. >> thanks very much. the quote that was mentioned was from the executive director. he released a statement called too little, too late. his statement is a pathetic condissension of which he and his staff reflected anti-semitism and day after day refused to a poll joiz and correct the record. making a mistake camming out of this administration is the worst we have seen from any administration. ceo and national director of the anti-defamation league and founder of this center. jonathan, you saw president trump do what he didn't do last week. calling it horrible.
9:33 pm
does that seize your mind? >> it was an important step and the time is always right to do what is right. we would have liked him to say something earlier and let's acknowledge that he has shown moral leadership lacking for months and now that he stepped up and said something, we need to take concrete steps and action to address the problem. >> why do you think that it has been lacking for months? >> it's hard to say. we have been struggling with this as members of the jewish community. as you said in the segment, they were threatened and cemeteries desecrated. just last week a white supremacist was arrested for plotting a columbine style attack in myrtle beach. we have been worried and to hear the president's words, that will send a signal that is lacking. when you don't call out abuse, we need to step up and we are
9:34 pm
glad he said something. that's just the first step. >> i spoke to you i think the day before the inauguration. you gave an address and i wonder what you thought of the president's remarks and do you agree that you wish it had come sooner? >> first i will say that his remarks today was a direct repudiation of anti-semitism. of course. i'm also of the opinion that as soon as you hear anti-semitism and you are president of the united states, you should use the earliest opportunity to repudiate. this is very important. president trump basically was the first president to invite a rabbi to his inauguration. i don't think that enamored him to the altite or extremists. the last time that happened was
9:35 pm
in 1985. >> you saw what the ann frank center said. i was surprised at how tough their statement was, calling his words is a pathetic asterisk of condissension. he thought he was anti-semitic. that's an incredibly damaging allegation. >> first let me say at this point we have to do it right now. concentrate on the culprits and why it may not have been brought to justice. they are asking that he establish a task force to make sure that happens. the other thing i will say is that to call donald trump an anti-y is might is over the line and preposterous. every time donald trump kisses
9:36 pm
his jewish grandchildren, he is repudiating anti-semitism. >> do you agree with that? >> look, i think it's wonderful that donald trump has jewish grandchildren, but the fact of the matter is that grant children from jewish community centers were evacuated and that happened almost 70 times in the last two months. we need to get past the angry rhetoric and get to real action. we want to see number one, a full doj investigation of these crimes. number two, we want the president to convene a cabinet level task force to address the issue. i think ag sessions is well situated to department of justice and fbi to put the full force of the federal government against this. we want to see law enforcement training on hate crimes and it's also time i should point out for
9:37 pm
hate crimes laws in all 50 states. that man in south carolina couldn't be charged with a hate crime because there is not a hate crimes law in south carolina. governors should get that done as well. >> jonathan green black and white and rabbi, it's great to talk to you. i'm sorry it's under these circumstances. the president's new pick for national security adviser. he has a long talk of tough talk in history. we will look at that next. break thand dry roots with l'oréal's new extraordinary clay. this hair rebalancing system with 3 refined clays... purifies oily roots... hydrates dry ends. for up to 48 hours of fresh hair. l'oréal's extraordinary clay. from l'oréal hair expert/paris. ♪
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>> president trump awe new pick for security adviser is a fighter and a thinking and has a ph.d. in military history and author of a well respected book and when it comes to his philosophy and how it aligned with the president's, it seems to be overlap. >> hr mcmaster has a long hflt of speaking up about russia and flat mile an hour putin.
9:42 pm
>> russia understands this. vladimir putin understands this. he is waiting and using a brought range of means to do that. and a sophisticated campaign with information and subversion and so forth. >> he is under fbi investigation with the russian ambassador. in recent months, he worked on a review looking at how russia is impacting global security. >> this is a sophisticated strategy when russia is employing and we are doing a study with a number of partners. it combines conventional forces as cover for unconventional action and much more sophisticated campaign. really operating effectively on the battle ground of
9:43 pm
information. >> we announced how we intent to limit our level of effort. we ignore the effect that public announcements can have limitations on the nature, scale, or time of our effort that they have on maintaining our will to fight. >> on the fight against isis, he stops with terrorism, and adamant about the need to defeat terrorists. >> we are engaged in righteous causes right now. i think it's okay for us to want to win against these misogynistic murderous bastards we are fighting. we ought to be unabashed about it. >> and he suggested defeating
9:44 pm
sis may involve involvement. >> it may be insufficient resolving this in a timely manner because we simple um scribed and relied on the use of proxies. >> barbara star, cnn, the pentagon. >> we want to talk about this. when it comes to the more hawkish positions, the president was aware of the background. >> it's frankly a hawkish on russia. what he has been doing is leading this review that tried to look at what russia did in ukraine. they looked with a great deal of
9:45 pm
admiration and they were able to execute this strategy partly conventional. partly intelligence and trolling and fake news. all that. full spectrum. he used it as an aggressive move by the russians. this is what they have to protect against and the type of thing that donald trump has been pup ewing. he said it's nonsense and it might be a guy sitting in his basement. he's a thoughtful guy and a well-considered view with a lot of evidence and the review he was doing was in collaboration or at least in contact with the pentagon. >> it's interesting. one way to look at this is it speaks well to donald trump that he is willing to have the
9:46 pm
masters in security adviser and general mattis who is running the defense department just the other day said when he was going to iraq, we are not here to take iraq's oil and candidate trump and president trump said he wished the u.s. had done. one way to look at it is perhaps it's a good thing that he is willing to have people with different viewpoints. >> what has to give president trump enormous credit for the whole range of his national security appointments. you look at matic and he is a bright guy. it's an impressive bunch of people. it's not just mattis.
9:47 pm
vice president pence and tillerson have been using what donald trump said repeatedly. pence went up and we are not here to take your oil and he has the long history he used or european friend of mine. the question we ask ourselves is what do we make of what the president is saying? we have all these guys who say this, but at the end of the day, he's the king. >> it's a bit of whiplash. >> it does seem that from everything people have said and who know donald trump, often there were competing groups or he had people at odds with each other. that's how he sort of came up with ideas based on these competing groups whether they are arguing against each other or trying to convince him of
9:48 pm
their position. >> i think that might be true and it's important to give him credit. this is a range of high quality appointments and this is a pivotal role. this is the guy who woord nates policy and speaks for the president. this is a thoughtful intellectual guy. if you listen to his views on isis and islam, what is striking is how sophisticated they are. he is bitterly opposed to isis, but very much believes it is a perversion of people with whom he worked in iraq day in and day out are honest decent people. he has a very nuanced on the ground "the view" of having worked with arabs and iraqis that is not the caricature of islam or the arab world. how that will fit in with the donald trump and steve bannon
9:49 pm
view who said islam is the enemy, we will have to see. >> thanks very much. >> it seems to be par for the course that president trump spent time golfing. he tweeted president obama was golfing when he should be doing other things, but is he taking his own advice? . . . modern way to pay. you excited? it's sold out. don't fret, my friend. i masterpassed it! you can use it online and on your phone
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before he was elected, president trump, one of his frequent criticisms of then president obama centered on two things, the false claim that president obama wasn't born in the united states and the opinion that he spent too much time golfing. now that president trump has visited the golf course six times during his presidency, it's creating a problem for his aides who don't want to admit when the president is teeing off. >> he played more golf last year than tiger woods. think of it. we don't have time for this. we don't have time for this. we have to work. >> reporter: then candidate donald trump taking a few shots at president obama for playing golf. >> and i won't be playing golf instead of going to see the people in louisiana, who have been devastated by floods. >> reporter: but that was then. this is now. >> look at that.
9:54 pm
look at that. >> reporter: as president, donald trump's visited two golf courses he owns near mar-a-lago. nearly every weekend since taking office. playing six times so far. not that his aides want you to know that. they won't even say if president trump actually played the courses. but social media shows he did play during most visits. just this past sunday, the president teed it up with rory mcilroy at trump international. the golf blog "no laying it up" posted these pictures of president and their fore some. mcilroy said the president shot about 8 strokes above par. while mr. trump is quick to brag about his golf skills. >> these hands can hit a ball
9:55 pm
about 280 yards. his golf game seems to be a cloak and dagger operation. a white house spokeswoman told reporters sunday that the president played a couple of holes. then, after learning that mcilroy had shared the president had played 18, the spokeswoman explained that the president intended to play a few holes and decided to play longer. she was quick to note that he had a full day of work afterwards. unlike trump's teams, obama's team allowed reporters to show the president on the links. and told reporters who he played this. thanks to this tweet from the president, we know when japan's prime minister played earlier this month, they were also joined by ernie els. >> it's great to play golf, but play golf with heads of countries. >> reporter: the president leveled harsh tweets over the years, like this one, suggesting president obama was out golfing while the tsa was falling apart. mr. trump even offered president obama free lifetime golf at any of his courses if he would just
9:56 pm
resign. but president obama also said he golfed to relax, a habit supported by another president who it took heat for golfing during wartime. >> i know the pressures of the job, and to be able to get outside and play golf with some of your pals is important for the president. >> reporter: every stroke counts in golf. let's take a hook at the score. mr. obama did not play his first round of golf as president until about three months into his term. he reportedly played 333 rounds of golf in office. less than woodrow wilson, so president trump has catching up to do. randi kaye, new york. coming up, sweeping changes for the agency that enforces immigration laws. and dreamers are safe, at least for now, say the white house. a look at all that, next.
9:57 pm
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topping this hour of 360, no changes yet for the dreamers, difficult days ahead potentially for almost any other undocumented immigrant. sweeping changes to enforcement guidelines make it easier to deport people immediately, making it harder for asylum seekers. expanding the focus of the border to anywhere else on the country. in a home, one former border state mayor on what this may mean on the ground, and also the political pluses and minuses for the administration. pamela brown with the very latest. >> reporter: tonight the department of homeland security releasing new guidelines that could massively expand the number of undocumented immigrants detained or deported from the u.s. they will exp