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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 26, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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face off against girls or boys. happeni ining right now in newsroom, as the trump administration fires back saying not so fast. >> the attorney general wants to recuse himself. >> go you agree with darrell issa that is a special tr prosecutor is needed. >> they're going to come to the same conclusion, that we had no involvement in this. and will tom perez be able to unite the party? >> the way the democratic party has been run, for decades has not worked. >> we have to do a better job as a democratic party of messaging what we stand for.
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>> krcnn newsroom starts now. hello, again, everybody, and thank you for joining us. i'm fredericka whitfield. the president's agenda includes a prime time speech to congress and a revised executive order on immigration, but first, he'll renew his focus on replacing obamacare. the president is set to meet with a group of governor at the white house where worries about replacing the affordable care act is a big discussion. big dinner with governors at house, much to be discussed including health care. athena jones joins us from the white house. athena, it seems like the president is ready to talk health care, but does that mean he's ready to give specifics? >> reporter: that's the big question, it's not at all clear that the white house is prepared to off specifics. we're seeing ideas proposed on
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capitol hill. but this has been a huge goal for republicans for years now. this was one of the president's main campaign promises, the idea of repealing and replacing obama care. he promises a terrific plan that would cover everybody at less cost, but wanting to do these things and succeeding in doing these things are two very different things that's proving to be a big challenge. we're see iing -- people tellin emotional stories, ohio governor john kasich who, by the way met with the president here on friday and talked about obamacare and this whole plan, he talked about those town halls on cbs's "face the nation" this morning. take a listen. >> look, i don't understand everything that's going on with these town halls, but i think it's having an impact to the point of, hey, people are watching, i don't think they
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mind reform, but don't take everything away. >> don't take everything away, another point that governor kasich made in that interview is that you're talking about 27 million people who now have coverage because of the affordable care act, and there's concern about millions potentially losiining coverage under some of the republicans we have seen on capitol hill. you had former house speaker john boehner who spent 25 years on capitol hill who said just last week that he was wrong to sell this as repeal and replace, he says that's not going to happen. he says it's going to be fixing obamacare, putting a conservative box around it. because he said in all his 25 years, republicans never, ever agreed on what should happen with health care, not once. >> there are new polls being
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released about what people, or at least those who have been polled, what they think about the president's job performance. >> reporter: right, and these are still not good numbers for the president. they're still higher than what we have seen in recent weeks, that had about 40% or 41%. right now, there poll says that 44% approve, while 48% disapprove. here's another interesting nugget from that poll, that might be seen as good news by the president. 53% agree that the media exaggerates problems, 45% disagree. of course this is a president who likes to bash the media and it looks as though 53% of the people believe that people in the media do sometimes make too big a deal about things. let's talk more about this with my political panel, republican strategist, brian
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morganstern and our political analyst ellis heineken. we have been waiting for the specifics on president trump's plan, will there be a big reveal tonight at the meeting with the governors, or perhaps even during that address to congress? >> patience, fred, i think you might have to wait a little longer for the real details. what's looking like is this will not be repeal, it will not be replace, it will be rebrand. and that's got to be disappointing for republicans who have been out campaigning for this for the last seven years. >> nancy pelosi says that the republicans have a lot of iterations with repeal and replace, but after that, they've got nothing, is she right? >> no, no, no. what they have is a variety of plans and they need to unite
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behind one of them. and i believe the meeting tonight will help go down that track, i believe that governors have a big role in administering health care and i think the president listening to them and what they're hearingi from the constituents what they approve of and what they disapprove of. i think listening to the govern governors, that can help a lot and it will help steer the plans twarz replacement. >> how does the white house get ahead of that if indeed a report that millions of americans will lose their health plan. >> i think it's a matter of correcting the record, they're not taking it away, but introducing a more marketable alternative, where the patients
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would be able to choose a different health care plan. in some states, there's a single insu insurer, maybe two, they want to introduce more of a marketplace, it's a matter of giving people something different as opposed to taking it away. >> bottom line, is there's a lot of people who have been benefiting from the aca who are worried that will lose it or it may not be as beneficial to them as what they have been able to enjoy, so what's the pressure on the white house that they're going to be able to alay those fears. >> there's nothing more difficult than i have health insurance now and i'm not going to have it later. this is not some philosophical thing, this is people, who truly, truly, their lives depend on this insurance, and you know what? good luck trying to pry it out of their hands. >> do how much of that is behind
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these approval or disapproval numbers, this nbc/"wall street journal" poll and report here showing that 44%, only 44% of those polled approve of his job performance. brian? >> he's got lower numbers than would be typical for a new president, so in terms of getting his approval numbers up, you know, so i'm sure they'll work hard to correct that. and part of that is going to be, we're going to make the health care system better, what we have now is not sustainable, we're going to give you an alternative that's going to be sustainable. they have said they want to make sure that everybody that's covered is able to continue to be covered. they don't want to take that away. and when they're able to achieve that, that will help bring those numbers up. >> it's health care, where the president stands on that, perhaps it's the relationship with putin that influences these
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numbers, that same poll, 38% say trump's relationship is too friendly with putin. and optics is influential and now you have a number of people in the gop saying there needs to be a special prosecutor involved here in this investigation. >> and those numbers are only goings to go up, too, those disapproval numbers. as we learn more details of this. if you believe as i do, that highly likely were some contact between the people of the trump campaign and the russian government. as those get out into the main stream, those numbers are going to shoot up way higher than they are. >> how bad does it look for this white house that jeff sessions, or there's a call for jeff sessions to recuse himself if there is an investigation forthcoming from the fbi.
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>> it calls for a special prosecutor to elevate the issue, which is the opposite they want, what they feel is the right path. that's why reince priebus was out there talking about the conversations that he had with the director of the fbi and called it bs and said there's no there there. they're going to be out there saying, this is fake news, let's just say focused on the agenda, as any white house would. they want to make sure that if there is something there, they address it quickly, and if it isn't, just get it out of the conversation so they can focus on their agenda. indeed a big week ahead in washington, the president giving his first address to a joint session of congress tuesday night, our coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and then on wednesday, a town hall with senators john mccain
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and lindsay graham, that cnn political special beginning at 9:00 eastern time. and straight ahead, now that the democrats have a new leader to bring together their divided party, how will tom perez prove to the bernie sanders progressive movement that she is the man for the job? we'll discuss. >> one of the things that tom is going to have to change, is how we elect democratic leaders. i'm not satisfied with the process that now exists. lars. with taxes and fees included. that's right 2 unlimited lines for just $100 bucks. all in. and right now, pair up those two lines with two free samsung galaxy s7 when you switch. yup! free. so switch and save hundreds when you go all unlimited with t-mobile. on a perfect car,
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experience amazing. an unexpected cloud over the oscars tonight following the surprising news today that actor bill paxon has died at the age of 61. paxon passed away due to complications from surgery. his family released a statement saying bill's passion for the arts was fell by all who knew him. >> game over, man. game over. >> reporter: bill paxon was a star of some of the biggest
1:16 pm
hollywood blockbusters of the '80s and '90s. his illustrious career began with character rolls with smash hit moves. and a starring role in the cutting edge 1996 film "twister." >> christ, jo, is that what you think it did? >> saying on his podcast just this month, that he spent a good part of the seventh grade in bed battling rheumatic fever. >> any dad said, we'll go watch the motorcade drive by, it was something about seeing him in color, he's in a blue suit and his hair was red. >> tom hanks would help direct a
1:17 pm
family called "parkland." playing a polygamous mormon husband in hbo's big love, and then helping to elevate the history channel with his emmy winning role in the series, in the hatfields and mccoys." >> you see the big stars who work all the time, and i have never had that one movie that really put it all together for me. >> this franchise officially closed to numerous fire code violations. >> he was currently starring in the movie "the circle" and the cbs crime show "training day". his family's same said bill's passion for the arts was felt by all who knew him and his warmth and tireless energy. we find stephanie elam on the red carpet.
1:18 pm
already the stars are arriving? >> reporter: they have said to the press to get off the red carpet, because they're going to close it down and we're going to start to see the stars making their way in here. you can see the media is here, you can see the folks in the back, they're all in place, because they're hoping to catch a glimpse of all the best nominees, casey affleck or ryan gosling, or maybe they want to see denzel. or the ladies, maybe they want to see us bell -- lots of predictions of what's going to happen. one thing we would like for it to stop bringing on oscar sunday is the rain, because it has been raining off and on here in los angeles. the sun does not always shine in
1:19 pm
southern california. we are zedealing with that, it' kind of in and out, but a lot of coats here on the red carpet. >> so no big canopy or something like that protecting you from the elements. >> reporter: oh, yeah, they learned there lesson, there is a canopy over there. >> what's your feeling for best picture, emma stone for best actress, but what are the rumblings out there for best picture. "la la land" tying 14 nominations. it is a postcard from l.a. to l.a. and from hollywood to hollywood. so it wasn't be surprising if it does well here tonight. but a lot of people think they're going to go for more meat and potatoes, like "fences"
1:20 pm
or "lion," or "manchester by the sea." if ""la la land" doesn't win tonight, a lot of people will be surprised. if there is not a political statement made, that will be breaking news. >> stephanie, you'll bring it to us, whether it's breaking or unbreaking. we'll have much more right after this. hat lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. smartmade frozen meals. real ingredients, grilled and roasted. it's like you made it. and you did... n't. 90% of the world's largest supercomputers run on intel? that means you can take a universe of data - in your case literally - and turn it into medical discoveries, diagnostic breakthroughs... ...proof that black holes collapse into one singularity. i don't know what that is. but yes. innovation runs on supercomputers...
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rlgs. right know there is a sea of ro refugees trying to flee the fighting in iraq. the iraqi army launched an offensive last year to rid mosul of isis fighters. an investigation into the murder of the half brother of north korea's leader widens, authorities say that he was killed with a nerve gas so toxic that he was dead in 20 minutes after the attack. the autopsy is apparently now complete. what else are we learning? >> reporter: well, this autopsy really just confirming, further corroborating what we have heard
1:25 pm
from malaysian police, what we heard is that two women, smeared that nerve agent on kim jong-nam's face in terminal 2 at the airport here in kuala lumpur, and he was dead within 20 minutes according to the minister of health. the malaysian police had come out and said that on friday, but what we heard from the minister of health on sunday is that the autopsy and the results from the autopsy were in line with what one would expect in this kind of a ta attract. one further line of investigation that's come out. we do know that the two women at the center of this case, one an indonesian national, the other a vietnamese national. both women are now saying that they thought they were just part of a prank show, they didn't know what they were really getting themselves into here.
1:26 pm
both of them sticking to this story, malaysian officials saying they don't buy it, they believe both of these women were trained for this attack. >> and police have finally swept this airport where the attack happened, have they uncovered anything new? >> reporter: thankfully no, there was no chemical substances found that could be dangerous, a hazmat team went in for several hours, in the middle of the night, saturday into sunday, they went through the entire terminal and they didn't come up with anything, no reports of injuries to anyone here. it's been two weeks since this assassination has happened and this is the first time a hazmat crew has gone through this airport. pretty scare you considering out dangerous and deadly this particular chemical used in the attack certainly is. >> all right, coming up, back in this country, as tom perez takes the reins of the democratic
1:27 pm
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mmm...these are great! my work here is done. phillips', the tasty side of fiber. hello again, thank you so much for joining me. bernie sanders says he does not believe the election for the new dnc chairman was rigged. b >> i want to ask you about a tweet from president donald trump this morning, he said that the race for dnc chairman was totally rigged, bernie's guy like bernie himself did not have a chance. perez! >> congressman ellisman and i
1:31 pm
got a kick out of that. donald trump up in the morning tweeting about us. our party is our greatest strength, and it's his greatest nightmare. what we need to be looking at is whether this election was rigged by donald trump and his buddy vladimir putin. we need an independent investigation because that is a serious, serious issue. and the american people need to understand whether the russians, in cahoots with the trump folks and others rigged the election. when sessions and flynn are out there together campaigning, they clearly lack the -- >> congressman ellisman lost the
1:32 pm
race to former press secretary tom perez. at a time when the republicans control the white house, the state house, and most of the u.s. -- did the same old, same old win? >> well, look, keith ran a great campaign, he took on in essence, democratic insiders and yet he came close to winning, that was a very impressive effort when you realize that he was playing inside the establishment's house. but right now i think tom perez who was a very, very good secretary of labor has a real opportunity in his hands and i hope he seizes it. and that is to understand that in fact the way the democratic party has been run for decades has not worked. >> you have a massive email list that helped your presidential campaign raise $218 million online from 2.8 million donors, are you going to give your list to the democratic national committee so that you can help
1:33 pm
them become more grass roots? >> we are going to do everything that we can and we have started that progress. to transform the democratic party into a party that stands up for working families. and we have, and we will. strongly support those candidates who are going to take on the issuine ings of income a wealth unequality, they're going to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical companies, and we have to transform our energy system. so we're going to work to support progressives who are running for the senate, who are running in the house. and who are running for school board, for city council, for state legislature. >> i want to bring back our political strategists, welcome back, guys. so ellis, sanders says, you know, to the whole email list,
1:34 pm
he's going to do everything he can to help transform the party. what does that entail to you? >> well, he's going to back candidates, he'll be out there. i mean, listen, in a funny way, this is weird to say, but in a funny way, bernie won, the future of the party, the passion of the party is all on the progressive side. so while keith ellison didn't win as the party chair, that really is the direction that the party is heading and bernie sanders should be proud. listen, i'm always skeptical of claims of party unity on either side. most claims of party unity are constructed with wallpaper and paste. these are big tents, you got to cover a lot of stuff. >> are you a believer in this
1:35 pm
party unity stuff that ellis is not buying? >> look, the crazy bernie socialist wing and their representative keith ellison got darn near half the votes in this election and that shows, it basically illustrates that the democratic party, the establishment's been trying to fight back the looneys and try to keep some modicum of credibility. and there's going to be a split going forward, and this is going to be so hard for them to unite, because they don't have elected leaders at the state and local level. they were decimated during the obama years, where half of the party hates the other half of the matter. so she is n >> what's your opinion of being able to bridge that gap. >> negativity is obviously a big motivate for in politics, like
1:36 pm
hillary clinton was the biggest motivator and unifier for the democratic party, it's a message for president trump to go some ways in terms of unifying their party. but they don't have a message, they don't really have an agenda in terms of what they're standing for. that's what really hurt them in this last election, so many people who were not on either coast didn't hear a message that appealed to them. the bernie message, the hillary message, obviously didn't cut it. >> so, ellis, is the big unifier going to be the going against donald trump? but again, as brian just said, the message leading up to 2016, being against something as opposed to forsom something, is this -- >> the democrats got more votes. more people like that, even that
1:37 pm
poorly delivered message than the one that got trump through the electoral college. i don't think there's nearly the vision you're talking about. the progressives have won here, hillary is not coming back, that wing of the democratic party is in severe decline, it's on the way to where moderate republicans are going. >> what about claiming that the progressives won when tom perez doesn't represent the progressives -- >> hold on a second. >> he represents more of the establishment? >> maybe a little bit more than keith ellison, but he's not some sort of blue dog regular. he was a very assertive labor secretary, i think the guy's got some fire in his belly that may surprise a lot of people. >> where may we be surprised? >> we may be surprised if we start to win some stuff.
1:38 pm
so not only does perez come in sort of representing the establishment wing of the party, as opposed to where the energy is on the far, far left, he's got to start from scratch on both the message and recruiting candidates where they have to defend twice as many states in the senate as they can go on offense. so this is just a brutal position for him to be in. we'll see if he's able to rebrand the party and unite it. but it's going to be really hard. >> brian, ellis, thanks so much, good to see you every sunday. ahead, new military missions is facing new questions today. while the father of the fallen navy s.e.a.l. is calling for an investigation into the president's operation.
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(thud) uh... sorry, last thing. it's just $45 per line. forty. five. (cheering and applause) and that is all the microphones that i have. (vo) unlimited on verizon. 4 lines, just $45 per line. the father of fallen u.s. navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens is calling for an investigation into his death in yemen. the operation was targeting al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. 36-year-old owen was killed along with more than 20 civilians. now his father is sending a message to the president. cnn washington correspondent ryan moguls is joining me now,
1:43 pm
what is wombill owens saying? >> reporter: bill owens is a military man himself. he says he did not vote for donald trump. he's now questioning the motivation for this mission that killed his son. he's questioning why did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn't even barely a week into his administration. why, after for two weeks there was no boots on the ground because there was not a target worth one american life. now all of a sudden, we had to make this grand display. owens is not the only one with concerns about the mission, republican john mccain was also critical of this mission and it's necessity in the days after the reason for the mission was revealed. spicer and the white house repeatedly said that the mission did recoup plenty of valuable
1:44 pm
intelligence. bill owens warned that the white house should not, quote, hide behind his son's death to prevent any investigation. >> and so how has the administration respondedive at all? >> reporter: at this point, they're being careful not to be too critical of this father of this fallen navy s.e.a.l., but this morning on abc, mark huckabee hailed owens as a hero, but also pointed out that that mission was successful in gathering that intelligence. >> i know that he paid the ultimate sacrifice when he went on that mission, i know that that mission had a lot of criti critics, but it did feel important information that did help save more american lives. again, i can't imagine what this father is going through, i think his son is a true american hero
1:45 pm
and we should be forever be in his son's debt. >> does the president want an investigation? >> i haven't had an opportunity to speak to him about that. >> reporter: there's a standard set of investigations that take place after the death of any s.e.a.l., including ones who will specifically look into his death in particular. president trump made a special trip to dover air force base to be there when owens' body returned to the united states, but bill owens said he refused to meet with the president while that ceremony took place there at dover air force base. straight ahead, 28 injured after a drunk driver plowed into a crowd of people at a new orleans mardi gras parade.
1:46 pm
new information on the suspect's blood alcohol level next. [ laughter ] yes, even the awkward among us deserve some laughter. and while it's okay to nibble in public, a lady only dines in private. try the name your price tool from progressive. it gives you options based on your budget. uh-oh. discussing finances is a big no-no. what, i'm helping her save money! shh! men are talking. that's it, i'm out. taking the meatballs. that's it, i'm out. ♪ (music pla♪ throughout) announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪ ♪ (crowd cheers) ♪
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we're learning new details about the man police say drove into a mardi gras parade. the suspect had a blood alcohol level of .32. that's almost three times the legal driving limit in louisiana. spectators said that the scene was complete chaos. >> it's like something you would see in a movie. i have never encountered anything like this before. >> reporter: eyewitnesses described the chaotic scene in new orleans after a truck rammed into a crowd of mardi gras revelers. >> i hit the ground because it
1:51 pm
sounded like a gunshot. >> when i heard the impact here, i seen the truck hitting the people on the ground, coming through the crowd. it ricocheted from one car to another when he hooked a hard left. that's what had all these people, on the ground over here, everybody was trying to help one another. >> reporter: police say a suspected drunk driver drive into the spectators. >> there was a truck driver who was on the opposite side of the parade that was active, was driving in the opposite direction than the parade, struck two vehicles and then ran into -- in the process before that truck came to rest, struck a number of pedestrians. >> reporter: seven victims declined medical attention, while 21 others were taken to area hospitals. five of them in serious condition. the youngest victim, 3 years
1:52 pm
old. >> we had multiple by standers who were helping us initially to treat the patients here. >> reporter: fortunately none of the injuries appear life threatening. >> we suspect that that subject was highly intoxicated, he is in custody, he is being investigated right now. and he is at our dwi office. >> and the fbi has released a statement in part, we are currently coordinating our federal, state and local law enforcement partners to determine whether an investigation is going to take place. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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white house press secretary sean spicer asked to view reporters cell phones in order to try to identify an overwhelming leak from the media. the he then reiterated his
1:56 pm
frustration about the leaks, spicer has declined comment on that meeting. and tonight will mark an unprecedent move for the "new york times." for the first time, the paper will air a 30-second ad during the oscars. >> the truth is our nation is more divided than ever. >> the truth is alternative facts are just delusional. >> the truth is locker room talk is harmless. >> the ad is titled, the truth is hard. it's the first tv ad the paper has run in seven years, trump tweeting this. for the first time, the failing "new york times" will take an ad, a bad one to help save it's failing reputation, try reporting accurately and fairly. the paper's executive editor was asked about president trump's tendencies toward the media. >> do you think these are
1:57 pm
authoritarian tendencies the way outsiders have suggested they are? >> i'm not going to go that far, i'm going to hang on to my media hat. i think it's troubling. i think it's dangerous. all of the institutions, including the press, specifically the "new york times" have the responsibility to ask hard questions. it will not be hard to do inside our newsrooms, we're going to ask questions, we're going to continue to be tough analysts and reporters about the donald trump administration and it's action, fair and tough analysts, but i think he clearly wants to convince his supporters that we're not to be trusted. >> is trump the best thing to ever happen to the times sub
1:58 pm
subscription strategy. every time he tweets, it drives subscriptions wildly. and all eyes will be on hollywood tonight as the 89th annual academy awards are presented. and it's fair to anticipate that the trump presidency will be mentioned a few times. it's the subject of this week's state of the cartoonian by jake tapper. >> reporter: it's probably a safe bet that president trump will be watching the oscars tonight ready to tweet thoughts if anything gets political. one wonders how president trump might have responded to previous oscar outbursts, such as in 1973. >> you don't have to go with pocahontas, you don't have to go that far. >> perhaps trump would have -- >> we're going to stand up to china.
1:59 pm
>> but how would he have responded to susan sarandon and tim robbins taking the stage protesting haitians who were being held down at guantanamo g bay. would the president have gotten into a spat with michael moore after railing against president bush. arguing about who was opposed to the war first? >> i was against the iraq war from the beginning. >> reporter: all we know for sure is that the president will be ready, tweets ablazing, for hollywood's biggest nights. >> boy, look at this, you all are losers. thanks for being with my today, i'm fredericka whitfield, newsroom continues with dana bash right now.
2:00 pm
you're live in the cnn news room, i'm dana bash in washington. president trump is facing his most crucial week yet since moving into the white house. his first speech before a joint session in congress, that's squhuft two days a way. plus a brand-new edition of his controversial travel ban will come out any time. and he will attend a black tie event, the governor's ball. he tweeted, big denver with governors, tonight at the white house. and the academy awards, with millions watching, will anybody on stage get political and how will donald trump respond? i want to bring in white house correspondent athena jones, it sounds like president trump is ready to give specifics on health


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