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tv   New Day  CNN  March 13, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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senator john mccain calling on mr. trump to prove his claim that phones at trump tower were tapped during the campaign or e retract that claim. >> the house intelligence committee is giving the justice department until today, the all of this is the battle over obamacare until it heats up. how many americans will lose coverage with their replacement plan. we are now 53 days into the trump presidency. let's begin our coverage this morning at the white house. good morning. >> good morning, poppy. plenty of doubt and skepticism here in washington d.c. this morning about whether the justice department is going to be able to come up with anything responsive to this request because past and current officials of the government who should have access to the right information have already denied the president's claim but it is an important moment because of
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how it could effect the president's credibility going forward. >> the president has one of two koiss. either retract or to provide the information that the american people deserve. >> pressure mounting for president trump to provide proof of his unsubstantiated claim that former president obama wiretapped phones at trump tower during last year's election. >> i have no reason to believe that the charge is true but i also believe that the president of the united states could clear this up in a minute. >> and now one of the p's top advisers illuding to alleged monitoring that she says may have involved more than wiretapping. >> there's an krtel this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets and microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera. what the president has asked is for the investigation into
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surveillance to be included. >> all of this as the house intelligence committee is calling on the justice department to present evidence today to substantiate the wiretapping claim. >> i don't suspect we'll see any evidence. either the president quite deliberately for some reason made up this charge or perhaps more disturbing the president really believes this. >> the committee has also been looking into possible ties between trump's campaign and russia. as former campaign admits to a private twitter exchange. the hacker who claimed responsibility for breaching the democratic national committee's computer network last summer and who is actually a front for russian military intelligence. telling the washington times his conversation with the hacker. and they happened after the dnc
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was hacked and it comes as the white house says it was unaware that now national security adviser michael flynn was lobbying to help the turkish government during the u.s. presidential campaign. also today a bit of a mild post for this as the cabinet meeting and two of his nominees have been confirmed. >> let's bring in our panel of political super stars. host of the podcast examining politics. washington bureau chief for the daily beast and david gregory the author of how is your faith. set the table. let's play this sound with kellyanne conway and the claim about the potential wiretapping against our president. let's play it. >> what the president has asked is for the investigation into
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surveillance to be included in the on going investigation that the house and senate intelligence communities are already doing. that's actually how they have agreed to do that. what is the investigation about? it's about the campaign's connection to russia. and by the way, director clapper who worked for president obama was on television a week ago sunday and he was being asked about the wiretap and he said that leaves a lot of people in a big administration. obama administration. but he also clearly said that he had not seen a connection between russia and the campaign. >> all right. david druker, first of all this isn't just about what chasing what kellyanne said when it comes to the trump campaign but more importantly the answer to the question of what was done to president trump during the campaign, if anything is a phone call away for him. and if he doesn't want to make that phone call, is any of this
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absent proof more than a distraction. >> no, it's all white noise and the problem here is from the beginning that the president has the nation's highest security clearance. he can make a phone call or two and figure out exactly what is going on because they have to held him and he either doesn't want to do that or they haven't figured out how to do that and let's keep in mind here when kellyanne conway talks about what this investigation is about, it's always been about russia meddling in the election. not about trump's connection to russia. number two, they have always said from the beginning before trump made his accusations against the former president that it was going to include the leaks that have damaged trump administration and so they didn't need the president come out and make these accusations to get this into the mix. >> but now she is doubling down on it many other republicans were trying to walk as far away as they could.
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she is doubling down saying it could have been more broad than the president tweeted. david gregory to you, representative adam shift that sits as a ranking member of the house intelligence committee says here's the real risk that you have a boy that cried wolf scenario. listen. if he's making that up it's a real problem. if he's not make it up it's true it's an even bigger problem. would people believe him. would american people believe him and that has real world consequences. >> is he right? does it have real world consequences or is that just politics at play. >> no, without a doubt there's consequences. it's shocking that we have to spend time talking about the fall out of the president of the united states not telling the truth. and what the consequences of that are for the leader of the free world to risk america's
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credibility and to have his advisers spreading more of this distraction about why there was surveillance for which there was zero proof whatsoever. it does have ramifications within an administration and as to rely upon intelligence and has to have a working relationship with his national security team and intelligence agencies around the world. and in the u.s. and be able to enlist allies around the world. and you have to have senator mccain saying that president trump should get to the bottom of this. and there's an intent by the administration to keep piling on the notion of an investigation by saying well we should include all of this surveillance.
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there has to be some here and russia. and again when they should be s saying it's not just about president trump. it's an attempt to undermine democracy moving forward. in terms of the reporting here we have deadlines. you have comey coming on next week. he's going to be asked about wiretapping and a lot of other things but what is the risk here that you wind up having ahead of the fbi saying i don't know what the president told me about it. >> let's not forget he did this whole situation with alberto gonzalez and john ashcroft so he is not afraid to come out and sort of speak truth to whoever is in the white house or whoever is above him in power. so the white house, there is no proof of this has to be a little nervous about this. there is a deadline today for
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the intelligence committee and the justice department to give them proof. the ranking member said he wasn't optimistic that anything would be delivered. as david said the fact that we're still discussing this is perplexing not to mention let's not forget what was going on that week. was this just a distraction to take the heat off of jeff sessions. when he testified? it doesn't make sense why the trump administration would be directing everyone back to the russia-trump connection. it doesn't make sense. >> so let me pause at this. i wonder what you think. >> let me ask you this, here's the thing, when we look at cnn's polling of what voters and what people care about it's not russia. they care about the economy number one and that's where this president won this election.
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does it behoove the administration some way, somehow to drag out this russia stuff? because then you don't have people talking about the issues that really matter in terms of the democrats. does it hurt them to not focus on obamacare, obamacare, obamacare, here's how you're going to get hurt. instead we're going to talk about russia, russia, russia. >> when the president came out with this obamacare the bill hadn't been released so we didn't have something to distract from and as we have seen with the president's poll numbers they're in a pretty good place for him. they're in the mid to upper 40s and that's since he went live with his twitter tirade about wiretapping and i do think the president likes to do is sew chaos and distrust in u.s. institutions because if people can't trust institutions they should only trust him at least for his base. >> no actually it doesn't.
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democrats on the hill get this. the best way to try to beat president trump politically is the talk about issues. talk about health care. talk about jobs. try to poke holes in the president's agenda and stop focussing so much on all of these wild goose chases that the president gets off on if there's something there at any time, it will all benefit them. >> quick word david. >> look, the republicans are leading this charge on russia as well. john mccain is the most outspoken about this. you can walk and chew gum at the same time. they can focus on the issue and there will be democrats that keep the pressure on in the intelligence area. >> democrats to a man and woman believe this russian inquiry is going to yield something. they believe it is of the upmost importance. they're not going troe lent. >> thank you guys. republicans are bracing for a congressional budget office analysis. it really matters.
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it puts a price tag on how much this health care plan will cost and frankly how many people will be covered by it and will not be ensured and there's growing concerns within the party about whether or not this can make it to them and live from capitol hill. good morning. >> house republicans are really trying to push this through as quickly as possible through congress but the congressional budge office report could very much slow it down. we'll talk about the cost of this plan and also how many people are impacted. it is estimated that 15 million americans potentially will lose their health care coverage over the course of ten years under this new plan. republicans anticipating this are already trying to down play this potential. >> i can't answer that question. house speaker paul ryan can't answer how many americans will lose health care coverage under
3:13 am
his plan to replace obamacare. >> you get it if you want it. that's freedom. >> proponents of the american health care act arguing their plan will yield more choices and lower prices. >> i firmly believe that nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we're going through. >> so far no republican is able to back the president's campaign promise that no american would lose coverage under the new plan. >> i am going to take care of everybody. i don't care if it costs me votes or not. everybody will be taken care of. >> but clearly not all republicans are on the same page. >> if we get what we got from ryan he will not have the votes. this country better be careful. we're not losing the soul of our country because we forget people in need. >> some lawmakers warning supporting a bill could put the majority at risk come midterm
3:14 am
elections. >> do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that could have to face the consequences of that vote. >> likely to influence how much the bill will cost. the congressional budget office set to provide an estimate as early as today. but trump's budget director casting doubt on the cbo. >> sometimes we ask them to do stuff they're not capable of doing and estimating an impact of a bill of this size. this is the best in the gop. >> when you're getting consensus everybody doesn't get what they want. >> it is expected to come out later today. house members will not be back in session tomorrow. president trump will host a group of 30 conservatives and trying to woo them to his side to support this legislation and wednesday this goes before the
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house budget committee, chris. >> thank you very much. something for you to watch at home. have you heard any republicans say nobody will lose coverage under this plan. i promise. if you haven't there's a reason when the cbo report comes out. we'll show what the price tag is and we're on that and also we have steve king on the show. he said something that has a lot of people shaking their heads. we'll tell you what, next. (vo) this is not a video game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪
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for less than you pay at the store. because food is better when you start from scratch. get $30 off at i would say do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot pass the senate. >> when you're a governing party getting consensus among your wide big 10 party everybody doesn't get what they want. >> what's unusual though is that everybody to be such a big part of the same party within the gop
3:20 am
you have people at odds over this plan to replace obamacare. the big factor is going to come as early as today. that's when the congressional budget office you'll hear cbo. they're going to score the plan. what will it cost us. david gregory cbo matters. it sounds wonky and insider and this is the reckoning. is it more expensive than obamacare and who wins and who loses. how big a deal. >> it's a big deal for a couple of reasons. one you have a problem in the republican party on two different levels. and it runs counter a dee logically too. you have a lot being done left without insurance and most vulnerable in the population and
3:21 am
that leaves them scared politically as well. there's a third impair tif which is they have to get this done. they have to find a way. we're in the middle of a process where there's going to be more negotiation and if it's dead on arrival it's going to have to look different but there's a huge political imperative for republicans to get this done. it's a gateway to other achievements and politically was a major promise. >> let's take a moment to listen to what paul ryan said about this. he's undercutting whatever the ceo is going to come out with even before they scored this and is exactly what the white house asked them last week. how many people would be covered or would not be covered i can't answer that question it's up to people and here's what he said about the cbo. >> not as many people will get coverage because this isn't a government mandate. this isn't the government makes you buy what we say you should buy and therefore the government thinks you're all going to buy
3:22 am
it. there's no way you can compete with on paper a government mandate with coverage. >> preparing a fight. and of course it's not going because we're not forcing anyone to buy it. everyone loves the cbo if they're not in power. trying to use it for their own purposes. and in this case it's not going to help the republican argument and this give ways to conservatives that already hate this bill. they're going to use this. they and the democrats are going to use this to say it's not right and paul ryan initially was saying this is your bill and you're going to like it and now it seems like he is going to have to negotiate with conservatives and it's also not helping that you have the white house saying something else. they're saying that oh, yeah, maybe we can work around the edges as far as when medicaid expansion starts to freeze or end. so there really are a lot of
3:23 am
competing positions here having to do with one bill within the republican party. >> that's the good news for republicans in this. >> the issue is you cut money out of medicaid. poor people can't get care. i don't care if you give them a health savings account or tax credit. if you don't have the means to make up the short fall between what it costs and what you're given, that's the reality and ryan won't own it and we don't hear anybody owning it. >> republicans are trying square a difficult circle here. how do you deliver all the things people like about balm care, pre-existing conditions, keeping your kids on insurance
3:24 am
until they're 26 years old and all the things people don't like. it's one of the things that make it -- >> rate of increase is better than it was before. >> yeah but if obamacare was work sog great republicans would have left it alone because people would have liked it. when you're trying to deliver goodies and you're not trying to include all the things that make them possible you're in a tough place but at the end of the day they can call this ryan's bill. this is the president's deal and it's his first big deal. he's going to get this done by negotiating with republican wls with carrots or sticks and for him that's the real test. >> changing topics, someone going to be on this program a little bit later, steve king of iowa that's known for saying controversial things over the weekend tweeted what the far right candidate said here. understand that culture and
3:25 am
demographics are our destiny. we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's baby. so why does this matter? this guy is running to be the next prime minister. >> he's like baby trump over there. >> yeah. >> he has the blonde hair. he talks about kicking people out of the country. >> right. and he has talked very -- he has praised him before but after he tweeted this, david gregory, guess who tweeted agreeing with him? david duke. >> yeah, this is just openly an ignorant thing to say. the idea that other people -- we don't need other peoples babies to stand up for western civilization. how many children of immigrants does congressman king think are fighting in the united states armed forces and have for so many years in this country. does he not understand what america is? so i'll be interested to hear his explanation for what he means. what has happened is other republicans have been disgusted by this comment and has set off
3:26 am
another round of questioning about republican values within the republican. >> thank you very much for that. coming up on new day we have him on here he's going to tell you what he meant when he said what we just read. that will be in the 8:00 hour. >> meantime police and protestors clashing in the streets of ferguson missouri last night after this new documentary has come out raising new questions about the death of michael brown and what happened in the hours before it. this is newly uncovered video that the american public has never seen before. we'll dig into that straight ahead. ♪
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more than 100 million people in the u.s. with winter storm
3:31 am
warnings ahead of this historic march blizzard. how much snow and when and where, we're joined now. one of the last times he'll be in a suit for the next few days. >> i have those boots you don't like too. probably 12 to 18 inches here in new york city. maybe less in boston if it mixes in with a little bit of rain. not with those huge numbers we're going to see here. what is going to happen is its going to interact with the atlantic ocean and the ocean is warm. relatively warm. it's warm enough that when the storm is here, down here across the deep south when it runs up into the ocean and grabs that moisture, if you heard of lake effect snow this turns into ocean effect snow so by tonight we start to see the snow. by tomorrow morning you and ri
3:32 am
in it and then snow is in d.c. i would say 10:00 tonight. 2:00 here in new york and maybe noon for boston for tomorrow and keeps snowing. it could mix in with rain along the coast. that keeps the numbers down but new york city i don't see it. at least a foot, maybe more. >> yikes. >> all right. >> i'm not going to be able to make it into new york. do you know where i'm from? i'm from minnesota. i walk through that. >> i need you. thank you very much. i made fun of his boots but i'll have the same pair of them. we're following breaking news. there have been protests in ferguson missouri. several arrests outside of the market where michael brown was in there shopping or that's a subject of controversy in the hours he was shot and killed by a police officer in 2014. st. louis police called in to help keep demonstrators away from the store. these protests coming after the
3:33 am
release of a new documentary that alleges brown never robbed the market. do you remember that? the police suggesting it? always a point of intrigue. cnn cannot confirm the video's authenticity but an attorney for the store claims the film stranger fruit used editing techniques to falsely imply there was an exchange of marijuana between store employees and brown. that attorney says the market will release the full video later today. >> we'll be look for that. also five more jewish community centers in the united states and canada. the target of bomb threats over the weekend. the threats coming on the jewish holiday. no devices found. no arrests have been made. this is the second time in less than a week that they had to be evacuated because of the threat. overall more than 150 reported threats against the jewish centers since january. >> in south korea prosecutors
3:34 am
are expected to pursue criminal charges against the country's now former president: now she left the executive mansion on sunday. two days after they voted to uphold the first impeachment in that country's history. ivan watson is live with more. i was actually thinking as i was reading that how are they dealing with this being a novel instance? what's the latest? >> it was a remarkable moment for korean history. you had the former president leaving the residence under cover of darkness in a cloud of disgrace. it's about 48 hours after she was stripped from office and for the first time she was seen in public since that took place. she was greeted at her private residence by crowds of supporters who chanted we love you and she made her -- she broke her silence, her first public statement via a spokesperson and had almost no
3:35 am
remorse. she said i'm sorry i couldn't fulfill my duty as a president until tend. i will accept all the results. it will take time but i believe the truth will definitely come out. she can now be prosecuted as a private citizen and guess who is celebrating? north korea calling this a victory for justice which is rich coming from one of the most repressive countries in the world. >> good point to make. thank you very much. so just 7 days until the households the first public hearing on russia's meddling in the u.s. election. what do we know about the trump campaign ties to the kremlin? what are the issues? what are the things to look for? it's complicated but we'll break it down for you. the facts, next.
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big date to remember. one week from today the house intel committee will hold the first public hearing on russia's interference in the election. part of the probe and senate and
3:40 am
fbi investigations are all going to be looking at potential connections between president trump's team and russia. new details emerging every day what is the state of play? what is that basis of analysis? last week cnn learned the fbi is looking into connections between computer servers in the trump organization and the largest bank in russia. investigators find the connections odd but odd doesn't mean anything to investigators. they don't know what the significance is. we'll be looking for that. they're looking into communications between trump's associates and the russian ambassador to the u.s. this probe sparked when trump's former national security adviser was forced to re-sign after allegedly misleading the vice president about the nature of his conversations with that ambassador. since then two previously undisclosed meetings between that ambassador and current attorney general jeff sessions
3:41 am
have also come to light. the russian diplomat also met with trump campaign advisers j.d. gordon, carter page and trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. and filed paperwork with the justice department last week identifying flynn as a foreign agent. acknowledging he worked for a turkish owned company that may have benefitted turkey's president while advising trump and attending top level intel briefings. the white house at first denied any knowledge of what flynn was doing and eventually had to own it. the trump team owning that they were aware of flynn's work. all right two other points of intrigue also emerging this weekend. the first, hacked text messages allegedly from one of paul manafort's daughter. he was the campaign chairman for awhile. point to possible influence between him and a former
3:42 am
ukrainian president. lead to the deadly crack down and in 2014 and they come from his daughter. and he is currently under investigation as well for other millions and also denied taking any undeclared payments. the second related to political adviser roger stone. he's manafort's former business partner. it's the first time he has communicated with someone that claims responsible for hacking a dnc. they believe with high confidence that he is a front for russian military intelligence. so what is the deal. stone is now defending his communications and bragging about insisting that they were a brief exchange of messages that
3:43 am
occurred after the hacker posted the information from the dnc. but that timing is in question. was stone talking about what stone was going to happen before the e-mails came out? you're going to hear about that. now on friday he did say he had a back channel to wikileaks during the presidential campaign. he later deleted that tweet. stone made similar claims during the election. and denies any communication between stone and founder julian assange. that is the state of play. those are the questions. the big question of course is what are they going to find to substantiate the claims. >> we'll learn more on monday when the hearings begin. thank you for going through all of that. coming up for us a new york congressman not mincing words at all on the future of health care in this country. he says getting rid of obamacare would be a death sentence for tens of thousands of americans. we'll speak with the democratic congressman straight ahead. you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data,
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bosses be ware. millions of americans are going to be busy filling out their
3:48 am
brackets. more in the bleacher report. you going to get some action going there? let's do this chris. >> one firm estimated that $1.3 million in each hours during a tournament. people get excited about it like northwestern did. the moment they found out they would be going to the tournament the very first time. they were the last major conference school to have ever made it to the tournament in the 78 year history. villanova in the east they were the number one overall seed. kansas in the midwest and north carolina in the south and gonzaga in the region. who does vegas have doing it all. in the east there with villa nova picked by odds makers.
3:49 am
and new orleans at 6:40 eastern and then kansas kas and north korea central and u.c. davis followed by providence playing usc. the round of 64 will start on thursday but look we want to have some fun with you guys too during the tournament. if you think you can pick a better bracket then go to brackets to join the group named cnn and see if you can get lucky. poppy is pretty, pretty good. >> you can pick a better bracket than me. >> allison did it on the basis of the uniforms and she killed it. >> i know my lane and i'm going to stay in it. >> he has one of the most beautiful heads i've ever seen in my life. he was meant to shave his head. >> that's going on my highlight reel. thank you so much. >> what's inside that head we'll see when you fill out your bracket. >> take care pal. >> new revelations about the trump campaign russia contacts
3:50 am
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no, it's reality. introducing intuitive, one touch video calling from vonage. call now and get amazon chime at no additional cost. welcome back to new day. the house intelligence committee
3:54 am
demanding that the justice department today turnover any evidence that it has of the president's claim that he was wiretapped by the former president so senator john mccain is calling on president trump to pull it back. joining us now new york congressman a democrat and member of the judiciary committee. nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> a lot to get to you with this monday morning. we know that obama ordered a tap of trump tower but his -- the president's senior council lor kellyanne conway doubled down on that. just from yesterday she said there are many ways to surveil other people and she said you can surveil someone through their phone. certainly through their television sets. she went on to say microwaves turning into cameras. this say fact of modern live.
3:55 am
>> you to have some evidence. i know that senator mcconnell is saying that congress has to investiga investigate. you can't come out and make a allegation especially when you have a reputation as a serial liar as this president does. >> why isn't he getting more pressure to call the fbi himself. >> mccain called upon him to come up with evidence and that's good because you can't say terrible things about somebody with no evidence and then demand that somebody else investigate it. >> well, you can. that's what he is doing. you can. >> that works by the way. >> he is moving that you can. >> he is proving that you can but let's rephrase that you ought not be able to because especially when you have shown you're a liar from everything whether it was raining during the inaugural speech to
3:56 am
everything else. but is that false outrage? this is what happened. clinton did it, obama replaced people, bush did it. reagan did it. these are all appointees. >> there's nothing unusual about removing the attorneys. normally you do it in a reasonable way to continue the work of the office so that you say okay we're going to replace attorney x and we're going to replace him with attorney y and he stays on until the new guy is ready to take over. here overnight they fired them by close of business. these are not spies. they're good u.s. attorneys.
3:57 am
what's the rush. >> so you don't like the process but we knew this president was going to be unconventional and he does follow in the footsteps of bill clinton in his first year. 80 of 93 u.s. attorneys were replaced. >> they were not replaced. >> not overnight but you bring up a question. >> investigate certain things about the president. maybe this is all a cover up. >> but he's never said he had anything to do with trump. >> he has said nothing and what i said is pure speculation and maybe he's totally innocent but the real question is why get rid of everybody -- it's not just a question. it's bad procedure.
3:58 am
you maybe jeopardize the cases to say to people we're out tonight and we don't know when your replacement will come and who that is. >> although you have hundreds of deputies underneath him that will -- they're going to continue these investigations unless someone comes in and replaces them and tells them not -- he is really the one that made -- it's interesting because he said the president asked him to stay on, right? a few months ago. >> that's another question. >> right but he's the one that refused to re-sign and to be fired. >> he was asked to stay on by the president and all of a sudden the president fires him literally overnight. why? what happened? >> why was he asked to stay? right? that's -- he's a democrat. he used to work for chuck schumer. schumer wanted him to stay is what the reporting s. seems like trump was trying to do a nice thing and whatever happened was not so nice so why would he do a favor for schumer.
3:59 am
>> that's all possible. all i'm say as good there are questions. >> but they're a little bit -- you're teasing it out there though that there's something here that's negative worth speculating on. we don't have any basis. he would say this is wrong. >> unless he can't say. >> well, what would mean he couldn't say? he said a lot on twitter in the last 24 hours. this is someone that prosecuted democrats and republicans. >> he's been very nonpartisan. prosecuted major political democrats and republicans obviously. had to be out of the office by the close of business with no replacements in site. it's highly unusual and not very good for continuity of it. >> we didn't get to obamacare.
4:00 am
we'll have you back. >> will you come back please. >> certainly. >> thank you. >> i saw that tom price was right about obamacare. >> you believe people will be uncovered? >> absolutely no question about that. >> thank you for watching this morning. for our viewers here in the united states new day cons right now. >> president trump has to provide the american people with evidence. >> we'll be able to ask is there any truth to this. >> the president has asked for the investigation into surveillance to be included. >> former campaign adviser admits to a private twitter exchange. >> this is undercutting the trump agenda. >> 5 to 10 million people are going to have no health insurance. >> i can't answer that question. >> do you want to hear from paul ryan. >> his way or the highway. >> you're


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