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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 20, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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election and that unfounded claim that president trump was wiretapped by president obama. it is a very important week for trump. supreme court pick facing questions in the senate and the questions for the house. we are breaking it all down. welcome to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> just got the papers. 5:00 a.m. it is monday. march 20th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. i can guarantee you the headline is all about the crucial week ahead for president trump in every paper in america with his legislative agenda and supreme court pick and health care on the line. two big hearings on the hill. in hours, james comey testifies to the intelligence committee. we expect him to contradict the president. we expect him to tell lawmakers that the trump campaign was not wiretapped on orders by president obama.
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and asked about alleged russian interference in election and whether any collusion with the campaign and russians. and democrats may take aim at nominee neil gorsuch as his hearings begin. let's start with the fbi director testimony. ryan nobles has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, dave and christine. this morning's hearings is the first time lawmakers get james comey to state publicly what his agency has learned about president trump's claims that president obama wiretapped him at procedutrump tower. this as democrats and republicans say there is no evidence to back up his claim. in addition to pressing comey on the wiretap, expect the members to ask if the fbi was able to conclude if the russians were helping the republican. this is something the republicans have denied. devin nunes has not seen any
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evidence to suggest there was collusion. his counterpart adam schiff is not so sure. >> have yyou seen any evidence f collusion of what i will call trump world. associates of campaign officials, trump world and the russians to swing the presidential election? >> i'll give you a simple answer. no. >> there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence of deception. that's where we begin the investigation. >> reporter: and this divide is where the congressional investigation to breakdown. if the findings of the committee breakdown over party lines, that's where there is danger that the probe could be written off as too political. it is something the leaders have promised they will work to avoid. while republicans and democrats are not on the same page of the russian influence on the election, both parties are clear. no one has been able to provide any evidence to support the
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president's wiretap claim. that is a point that could be emphasized during today's hearing. christine and dave. >> ryan, thank you. on the senate side of the capit capitol, questions begin for neil gorsuch. hanging over the nomination is what will senate democrats do? eight democrats would have to cross the aisle to vote for him. republicans say they are confident they can get enough democrats partly leaning on those facing re-election. >> many democrats are angry that the supreme court nominee of president obama never had a hearing last year. could not even get a meeting with senators. they may look to retaliate against gorsuch. republicans are making clear they will do what it takes to get gorsuch on the high court. even if it means changing rules. the hearing is expected to last four days. republican leaders hope for a
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vote next month. healthcare reform is a top priority for president trump. he meets with house speaker paul ryan and secretary tom price and emanuel. house republicans scrambling to secure the 216 votes they need to pass repeal and replace bill ahead of thursday's vote. more than two dozen republicans are against the maeasure or leaning that way. the trump administration signaling it may be willing to phase out the medicaid expansion earlier to satisfy conservative critics. moderate republicans are worried about the impact of medicaid changes on the older low income americans. >> that's the part that aarp is stepping up the fight against in the republican health care bill. it vows to hold lawmakers accountable for how they are voting and calls the bill a tax on older americans. aarp recognizes the magnitude of
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the vote on the harmful legislation that creates an age tax and cuts the life of medicare and gives sweetheart deals to drug and insurance companies and doing nothing to lower the cost of health care or precipitati prescriptions. we intend to let you know how our representatives voted. aarp points to this from the budget office for the age tax. 64-year-old earning $26,000 a year will see premiums rise from $1700 to $14,000. half of the income under the republican plan. they could pay more because the new bill let's insurers charge more over what younger people will pay. this is why we have an expert here to break down the drama. reporter eugene scott. >> good morning. >> we heard paul ryan. he said, hinted, there will be changes to the health care bill.
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in particular, he talked about the cohort. people who are potential trump supporters. rural, older americans who would get hit under the gop plan. >> we believe that we do need to ada did additional assistance. if a person in the 50s or 60s has additional health care costs, the tax credit adjusts for that. we agree. we believe we should have more assistance. that is one of the things we're looking at. >> it is interesting. they are hit by both sides. conservatives talking to steve bannon who want medicaid expansion to be rolled back more quickly. on the other side, aarp and people representing that cohort who want more generous benefits. >> they certainly are. one of the most interesting things in watching this push back to the plan to repeal obamacare is just that some of the most vocal voices are not from the left. they are from within the party. we saw this weekend, mike pence
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speaking with business leaders in florida saying they are willing to make changes in the plan in areas of work requirements for able-bodied people and allowing block grants instead of the medicaid. the efforts to make it more appealing to some of the people who don't think it will work. >> the million dollar question or 1/5 of the economy, how do you produce a bill to satisfy the right, conservative group in the house, and pleases the moderates in the senate? those are worried about the medicaid expansion. that is gymnastics that none of the u.s. gymnasts were able to pull off. that is simone biles type of stuff. >> you got simone biles into the health care conversation. well done. the reality is you can't. the president is working hard trying to get some conservatives
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on his side. there is some, no matter how much lobbying he does, will not support it. they do think it is a nicer version of obamacare. >> we heard paul ryan and others. mostly paul ryan as the cheerleader. we are where we need to be. this is the process. there are 26 people now saying no or leaning no. we expect big changes this week. >> we have to. one of the things i'm interested in and this happened after the election. the number of people who may not support the plan who just haven't been vocal about it. it actually could be higher. we could be surprised the amount of push back. >> it is hard to have the aarp staring you down. they are a big powerful lobby. they represent a demographic. >> you weigh that and the trump districts. a tough juggling act. also on capitol hill, this intel committee hearing with james comey expected to say there is no evidence of wiretapping at
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trump tower. also, no evidence of collusion of the trump campaign and russians. what do you think changes after today regarding this hearing? >> i don't think much will change frankly with president trump. the reality that there may be no evidence will not stop him from putting forward this idea. if he deeply believes this happened. we saw with the birth certificate situation that despite multiple people prese presenting proof for years. we may hear this claim for a while. i think what some democrats are hoping to do is just expose trump once again as someone who puts forward ideas that cannot be supported. whether or not that matters to some of the people in his base still remains to be seen. >> this is not about democrats. this is about james comey. will he go far to say no evidence and suggest that the president lied? >> he is expected to say there is no evidence. i think one of the reasons why he will be a bit more aggressive is because of the integrity of
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the fbi is on the line right now. we saw the fbi and other agencies accused of things that would be illegal if they didn't have permission from the president to do. there's no evidence suggesting they have that permission. >> the integrity of the fbi and credibility of the white house. i want to play a bunch of different sound bites of republicans over the weekend dismissing the president's claims. listen. >> was there a physical wiretap of trump tower? no. there never was. >> no evidence to support the president's claim that he was wiretapped by predecessor. >> we have not seen evidence of any of the like you described. >> did you know any evidence to support that allegation? sgr ja >> jake, not that i have seen or aware of. >> you get james comey who goes out and puts the period on that sentence. then donald trump wins. now this is behind him. everyone said there is isn't
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any. he moves forward. it is like the birtherism debate. it percolates with supporters. >> here is the challenge. donald trump campaigned and promised he would not be president of his base, but all americans. his support with all americans continues to go down. as someone who continues to talk about wanting to be in the white house for eight years, he has to approach the job in a way that convinces people not on the trump train to get on it. i don't know he can continue to win if he only has people who are already on his team backing him. >> gallop shows his approval at 37%. >> not enough to win again. >> i want to ask about the neil gorsuch hearings in the next hour. cnn will have live coverage of the house intelligence committee with james comey. that is at 9:00 a.m.
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go-getters, and should-be sleepers. from all of us at delta, because the ones who truly change the world, are the ones who can't wait to get out in it. fbi gedirector james comey expected to shine new light on the russian meddling in the 2016 election. the russians hacked the dnc and the clinton campaign in the effort to help trump win. let's go to cnn's nick paton walsh with the latest. this consumed the air waves here. what about there, nick? >> reporter: i think at least on the surface, saying the kremlin won't be watching today. that is the reflection of the scornful distance we have seen about the allegations. they say they have better things
2:17 am
to be doing. i'm sure somebody within the quiet walls of the kremlin will keep a careful eye on what james comey has to say. on the record, spokesman says they are clear they consider the allegations to be quote a broken record with a futuristic song. that is what he said a few days ago. there is granular details from the fbi director or nsa mike rogers, they may take a step back and look at how this is playing for them. i'm sure some of them are relishing the idea. although they deny they are able to manipulate the election from the other side of the atlantic. you have seen the report into allegations of assisting hacking and vladimir putin directly ordered it. if they were hoping in the years ahead extra trump will be more persuadable of the pro-moscow policy, i think the volume of
2:18 am
criticism of scrutiny and allegations of collusion of his people and those around vladimir putin will make it hard for the white house to necessarily come up with anything which may please the russians with foreign policy. we are seeing relations sinking to the worst they have been since the cold war. in the kremlin, they are enjoying the disorder in washington today. >> that is interesting irony, nick. that may be so successful in meddling around with the election. now it has undermined the goal. so interesting if that were to be true. thanks, nick in moscow. meanwhile, the sweet 16 is set. after a shocker in south carolina. second seeded duke done. coy wire is here to stomp all over my brackets this morning with the bleacher report. ine® 9% bad breath germs for a 100% fresh mouth. feeling 100% means you feel bold enough to... ...assist a magician...
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more to stream to every screen. all right. dave has cried his tears. after the weekend, march madness is down to the sweet 16. >> do we have to have the bleacher report? >> it is not a good day. millions of people had duke going all the way. like myself and dave briggs. they were all wrong. we were all wrong. thanks to the gamecocks of south carolina. >> i've been like a little kid all day. i've never been good enough to play in a game like this. why don't you break the ice for me. >> coach marsh's team down by one at halftime.
2:24 am
he exploded for the second half. most given up by mike krzyzewski's team. they played in greenville, so the fans were loud and rowdy. just like the team in the locker room after the upset. south carolina dancing into the sweet 16 for the first time since 1973. back when richard nixon was president. another upset. michigan wolverines. coach has to cool them down with the super soaker. they stunned louisville. continuing a run fit for a movie script. wolverines have won six in a row since the plane slid off the runway before the big ten tournament. they will get the oregon ducks in the sweet 16. kentucky ended wichita state's season. the shockers coach of gregg marsha marshall, lynn marshall let her passion get the better of her. security visited her three times
2:25 am
for misbehaving. she was asked to leave the court area after the game. wichita state declined to comment saying they were not aware of the incidents. i have to say, i'm with you, lynn. i understand your pain and frustration when i woke up and realized my duke blue devils who i had winning it all were knocked out by south carolina. she sums up how dave and i are feeling this morning. >> you usually get an escort to the press conference. she got a police escort. romans has a shot. she looks good. >> she has three alive in the final four. i'm watching you, romans. >> we sports guys know our stuff. >> i tell you. >> thank you, coy. >> shooting darts at a dart board. >> i know. well done. very important leweek for donald trump as his plan for
2:26 am
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kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. fbi director james comey set to testify on russian meddling into the election today and the highly anticipated hearing, comey is expected to deny the claims that president obama wiretapped trump tower. >> this could be the most important week of the presidency yet with hearings for supreme court pick beginning today and a vote over the gop plan to replace obamacare looming. the most critical week yet. i said that every week. this time i mean it. i'm christine romans. welcome to "early stafrrt." >> i'm dave briggs. it is barron trump's birthday. he's 11 today.
2:31 am
good wishes sent to the young man. a crucial week ahead for the legislative agenda and supreme court pick and credibility on the line. drama starts with two hearings on the hill . in hours, fbi director james comey testifies in front of the intelligence committee. he is expected to tell lawmakers the trump campaign was not wiretapped on orders from president obama. comey is likely to be asked about alleged russian interference in the election and whether there was collusion with the trump campaign and russians. >> democrats may take aim at nominee neil gorsuch as the senate confirmation hearings begin. let's start with the fbi director testimony. cnn's ryan nobles has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, christine and dave. this marks the first time that lawmakers can get james comey to state publicly what his agency has learned about president
2:32 am
trump's claims. that president obama wiretapped him at trump tower. the white house refuses to back down. as republicans and democrats say there is no evidence to back up the claim. in addition to pressing comey on the wiretap issue, expect the members of congress to ask if the fbi is able to conclude if the russians were working with the trump campaign to help elect the republican. this is something the administration is forcefully denied. the republican house chair of the intel committee devin nu flrks nes has not seen any evidence of collusion. adam schiff is not so sure. >> have you seen any collusion of what i call trump world and the russians to swing the 2016 presidential election? >> i have a simple answer. no. >> there is direct evidence, i think of deception. that's where we begin the
2:33 am
investigation. >> reporter: this divide is where the investigation to breakdown. if the findings of the committee breakdown over party lines, that's where there is danger that the probe could be written off by critics as too political. it is something the leaders of the house and senate intel committees promised they will work to avoid. while republicans and democrats seem not to be on the same page about the russian influence, both parties are clear. no one is able to support the wiretap claim. that is a point that could be emphasized during today's hearing. christine and dave. >> thank you, ryan. on the senate side of the capit capitol, the hearings begin for the supreme court pick neil gorsuch. the big question hanging over the nomination is what will senate democrats do? gorsuch needs 60 votes to win confirmation in the senate. that means eight democrats have to cross the aisle and vote for him. republicans say they are confident they can rally enough
2:34 am
democrats partly by leaning on those facing re-election. >> many democrats are angry that president obama's nominee never got a hearing last year. barely get meetings with the senators. they may look to retaliate and dig in their heels against gorsuch. republicans are making clear they will do what it takes to get him on the high court. even if it means changing senate rules to cut off the filibuster. the hearing is expected to last four days. republican leaders expect a vote next month. hittiealthcare reform is a priority today. he meets with paul ryan and secretary tom price and ezekiel emanuel. more than two dozen republicans are leaning against the measure or leaning that way, enough to kill the bill. the trump administration signaling it may be willing to
2:35 am
phase out the medicaid expansion earlier. meanwhile, you have moderate republicans worried about the impact of medicaid changes on older low income americans. >> very people who helped get him to office. >> threading the needle is tricky. helping us break it down is eugene scott. >> good morning. >> what changes have to be made first to satisfy the conservative house members? before we get to the senate. >> one of the main things they are concerned about is the idea that funding could expand that would require government and taxpayers to put more money into the plan that they already think costs too much money. one of the criticisms from conservative lawmakers is the debt is already higher than they want and the way things are being proposed right now can only become more expensive. >> paul ryan over the weekend seemingly to nod to the age tax crowd. aarp movement. the demographic will get hit
2:36 am
hard under this and changes on that front. that could cost more money. listen. >> we believe that we do need to add additional assistance to the people in the older cohorts. if a person in the 50s and 60s has more health care costs. the tax credit adjusts for that. we believe we should are more assistance. that is what we are looking at. >> maybe changes coming this week and the house members who vote for this thing as it stands will get creamed by the aarp with the lobbying effort. >> absolutely. you would expect them to because the aarp has many members and supporters who supported the house members as they supported trump. there has been concern he is not following through and backing the people that helped back him to get him into office. >> also this morning, 9:00 a.m., fbi director james comey testifies in front of the intelligence committee. expected to say there is no
2:37 am
evidence of wiretapping of trump tower by the obama administration. also no collusion of the trump campaign and russians. how far is comey willing to go and how does it change the debate if at all? >> the second question. i don't think it changes the debate. number one, i don't think donald trump is going to completely believe and stop saying or apologize or backtrack or, or, or, regardless of what comey says. also, i don't think democrats will stop believing and stop pushing foosrward the idea of collusion in the event that comey says there was not. there will be suspension between people on the left that something happened that was below the law. >> adam schiff says there is circumstantial evidence of that. >> also the way of the investigations. overlapping investigations. sometimes they take a really long time and they work slowly and carefully. you have the media and white house and congress. we like to have answers. we like to have this buttoned
2:38 am
up. we need to prepare ourselves. this could go on for a while. >> if not years. one thing the democrats will ask is why was this information of possible relationship of trump associates and russians, why su election? i think comey will defend his agency. we saw accusations in the last week about illegal activity suggesting intelligence agents were involved. i think he wants to defend. >> if that is not enough. neil gorsuch. the donald trump supreme court pick. hearings begin today. opening statement from him. an opening statement yesterday from connecticut senator richard blumenthal on the strategy for the democrats in the hearing. >> donald trump has in fact established a litmus test promising that he would nominate
2:39 am
someone who will overturn roe v. wade. if he fails to be specific and forthcoming and direct in disavowing that claim, we have to assume that he has met the litmus test. >> if he fails, final question, are you prepared to filibuster? >> not only filibuster, but use every tool we have if he is in fact out of the mainstream in that way. >> all right. they don't really have any tools. if they fight it, the republicans are going to get him through. they made it clear they will change the senate rules and get him through. what do you expect democrats to do? >> i think they will try to highlight the idea that gorsuch is actually dangerous for america and he would move things backwards in terms of the area of progressivism. the reason they will focus on that. >> will they vote to confirm him after painting him as this guy? >> i don't think eight will. i don't think eight will.
2:40 am
they need aeight to go over to make sure he is confirmed. i don't think they will. they need him to lose. >> then republicans can change the rules in the senate and if they get another opening, they get whoever they want who will be further to the right than neil gorsuch. >> whether or not he will get confirmed remains to be seen. especially movement among democrats. to respond the same way republicans responded with garland. i think they would get creamed for that considering how much they gave republicans a hard time with that approach. the gorsuch rollout was a successful one for donald trump. >> the best move by a mile. >> and many people voted for donald trump because they were hoping he would put a conservative up front. trump needs this to be a win after everything this week. democrats will work hard. >> he seems untouchable. >> we will see. it is a long week. no votes will be made today.
2:41 am
>> you have to see if democrats have a nugget that comes up with the questioning. something we don't know about. >> we may not. you can be certain neil gorsuch knows about it. >> yes. they will have to use this moment as best they can and we have to see. busy week. >> veriy busy monday. thank you. cnn will have live coverage of the house intelligence committee hearing with james comey. that begins in a few hours. 9:00 a.m. white house security under scrutiny this morning. a string of embarrassing incidents putting pressure on the secret service. two men setoff alarms at the white house in one day. we have more next. listerine® kills 99%
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two new security incidents at the white house this weekend. lte saturday night, secret
2:46 am
service detained a man who claimed to have a bomb in his vehicle. no confirmation if a device was found. president trump was at mar-a-lago at the time. earlier saturday, unarmed man jumped over a bike rack in front of the white house. he told authorities he was trying to deliver a document. police still hoping for a credible clue this morning seven days after a 15-year-old tennessee girl abducted by her teacher. elizabeth thomas' teacher tad cummins is believed to be armed and dangerous. police received 240 tips from 24 states, but nothing credible. more than 400 homes evacuated in boulder, colorado because of a wildfire that appears to be human caused. another 800 homeowners put on notice. they may have to flee if the
2:47 am
winds shift. over 60 acres scorched near the university of colorado. the fire is 50% contained as of late last night. much of colorado battling drought conditions with new mexico and kansas and nebraska. it is that time of morning. 47 minutes past the hour. let's see what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joins us. >> hold on. i'm getting my face put on, christine and dave. it takes a village. >> yes, indeed. >> i heard you talking about gorsuch earlier. this is a big day. a lot of hype for weeks now about what are we going to find out about gorsuch. is he going to be a political hostage somewhat to situations going on? specifically with the executive order? and what will fbi director james comey say? he has two big questions coming his way. the beginning of the intrigue. will he answer? remember, technically he is not supposed to talk about ongoing
2:48 am
investigations. specifically national security once. so, he could fit both of these situations in there. will he talk about surveillance of trump? will he give a direct answer? will he do the same on the russian questions? there are huge ramifications. dave, you were going at it with eugene. the idea of if they screw up gorsuch, the democrats could get a much more conservative choice down the road. i don't know about that. for originalists, gorsuch is a dream. i think they have as much pressure on them to figure out how to get it done as the democrats. you teed it up very well. >> you think they will find those eight votes? >> you know, i don't know. i think gene was circumspect for a reason. so much pressure on the votes. there is no farce like when wh see at the hearings.
2:49 am
everybody tap dancing. a lot of pressure on the democrats. you are asking all the right questions. >> chris cuomo, thank you. compliments will get you everywhere. more bad news for uber. another executive leaving the compa company. why he left the company after just six months. ub uber, what is going on over there? we get a check on cnn money stream next. procrough usaa so effortles, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. an unlimited data plan is only as good as the network it's on. and verizon has been ranked number one for the 7th time in a row by rootmetrics. (man) hey, uh, what's rootmetrics? it's the nation's largest independent study and it ranked verizon #1 in call, text, data, speed and reliability. (woman) do they get a trophy? not that i know of. but you get unlimited done right. (man 2) why don't they get a trophy? (man 3) they should get something. (woman 2) how about a plaque? i have to drop this.
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secretary of state rex tillerson fresh off the visit to asia set to meet with president trump later today. tillerson spent the final leg of the trip in china paving the way
2:54 am
for chinese president xi jinping meeting with mr. trump. that visit overshadowed by the concern of the north korea test of a rocket. let's go more to cnn's will ripley. it was interesting with the interaction with tillerson and the chinese. why did this raise eyebrows? >> reporter: dave, you are right. for one, the meeting with secretary tillerson and president jinping happened at the same time that kim jong-un tested that rokcket. it brings them closer with the icbm. we know north korea dominated the conversation not so much with xi jinping. they chatted for 30 minutes. it was cordial. they were laying the ground work for the meeting next month with president trump and president xi. when tillerson met with the diplomats behind closed doors, they had candid discussions to
2:55 am
rein in north korea. china has economic leverage because china is the only country that trades with north korea. beijing wants the u.s. to stop the exercises with south korea. they don't like the missile defense system that is installed. they believe this is further motivating the north korean regime. we have to see what the trump administration does moving forward in the conversations with the chinese president. >> certainly a departure from the campaign talk. let's talk japan. reports they held the first evacuation drills and missile launches perhaps from north korea. what do you know about this? >> reporter: it is just for a lot of people that lived through world war ii in japan, this is bringing back dark memories. school children in the coastal village are practicing for north
2:56 am
korean missiles raining down on the village. this is the town which is 200 nautical miles away from the ballistic missiles that landed in the waters o s off the japan coast. >> you wonder if the kids are aware. will, thank you. >> we do lockdown drills at your schools. they made it a game. they don't make it so dire. let's get a check on cnn money stream. dow futures lower. the test for the stock market this week, does trouble for the health care overhaul indicate industrial problems? shares in asia closing mixed. another bad headline for uber. jeff jones is stepping down after six months on the job. he came from target the retailer. jones headed the ride share operations. he was second in command to travis kalanick. the ceo says jones did not see a
2:57 am
future at uber and decided to step down. maybe he saw chaos. kalanick was part of the last controversy after getting into an argument with an uber driver. he said he needs leadership help. the company is facing sexism allegations from a former engineer. it hired eric holder to help investigate the claims. leaders from the world's biggest economies dropped a long standing public endorsement of free trade following with the first meeting with the trump administration. g20 issuing this statement. we are working to strengthen the trade to tour economies. that seems benign. what is important is what is missing. this phrase. we will resist all forms of protectionism. a complete roll reversal. shows the influence of the treasury secretary steve mnuchin
2:58 am
and president trump. usually the united states is goading against protectionism. now it is the reverse. disney's live action version of "beauty & the beast" saying hello to big dough this weekend. >> bon jour. >> if that doesn't get you going. the film starring emma watson as belle broke the record for the biggest march debut of all time. $170 million. this is the best opening weekend of 2017 so far. even more impressive. the film raked in $350 million worldwide. this is counter programming to march madness. >> and apparently working. i can't wait to see it. >> i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. gaston and chris cuomo. "new day" starts right now. as far as wiretapping, i
2:59 am
guess we have something in happen. >> all eyes on the fbi direc directer's testimony. >> what the president said is false. >> there was no fisa warrant. >> we will investigate each and every one of this these things. >> there is a great deal of skepticism of neil gorsuch. >> democratic filibuster will not succeed. >> we will have great health care. it will be passed quickly. >> i think there are enough conservatives that don't want obamacare-l ir obamacare-lite. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers around the world. poppy harlow joins me. i'm saying the date slowly for april reason. this is a big, big week. donald trump, president of the
3:00 am
united states, facing properly the most consequence al week two months in office. in hours, fbi director james comey will testify before the house intelligence committee. the >> how will he answer the question about the president's unproven claims about being surveilled by his predecessor. >> how much will he reveal about potential ties between the trump campaign and russia. meantime this big week begins kicking off this morning these confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee as all of this as congress and the courts stalled much of the president's agenda. we're now in day 60. we have it all covered for you so let's begin this morning at the white house. good morning. >> good morning poppy. another


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