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tv   New Day  CNN  April 5, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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as provocation from trump and xi jinping sincie both are set to sit down on thursday. the u.s. military says this was a medium-range land based missile launched from the port from sinpo and wept 117 miles up into the air. distance of about 37 miles into the east sea or the sea of japan. experts say it does mark a step forward from north korea's missile weapons technology because it appears to have used solid fuel. it is not the first time they fired this missile. they fired this one in february when trump was sitting down with the japanese prime minister. this style of missile is faster and set up to launch and makes it harder to try to intercept.
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you had statements from key u.s. allies in the region. south korea and japan condemning this. north korea has fired more than two times more missiles in the last five years than the whole 17 years of kim jong-un's father, kim jong-il, when he was dictator of that country. chris. >> ivan, thank you very much. a direct message coming from that country. the question is what is the response? president trump weighing his next move after the north korean missile launch and the chemical attack in syria that we told you about yesterday. cnn's joe johns is live at the white house with the crises facing the president. joe. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the focus certainly this morning on the new administration's foreign policy messaging. a pair of curious responses from the trump administration to troubling developments on the
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world stage. a warning. our report contains disturbing images. north korea raising the stakes ahead of donald trump's summit with the chinese president. secretary of state rex tillerson responding to the provocation with the foreboding statement. this after president trump threatened to go it alone if china doesn't confront the north korean threat. on the campaign trail, trump insisted north korea was china's problem. >> this is your problem. you solve the problem. >> reporter: a senior white house official issuing a dire warning that the clock has now run out. all options are on the table. this as the world reacts in horror to one of the worst chemical attacks in syria in
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years. experts say it is likely another saran gas attack. as world leaders condemn the atta attack, it took the white house nine hours to issue a statement. the president and his top diplomat declining to comment on syria during multiple public appearances on tuesday. the white house statement calling the attack reprehensible and laying responsibility at the feet of syrian president assad. also blaming president obama deeming the attack of the weakness and irreleva-resolutio >> he said he would establish a red line on the use of chemical weapons and did nothing. >> reporter: this contradicts the last chemical attack in
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2013. he urged not to retaliate with military action. two of trump's top administration officials signaling a sharp change in u.s. policy toward syria. >> the longer thermosterm statu decided by the syrian people. >> reporter: ambassador nikki haley says our focus is different. >> the bottom line it is a huge mistake. >> this is another disgraceful chapter in u.s. history. it was predictable. >> reporter: today, president trump's high level week of interaction with foreign leaders at the white house continues with a visit by the king of jordan. alisyn. >> joe, thank you for that. as donald trump prepares for the
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meelting meetings, a statement from the terror group, isis, calling trump an "idiot" in its first message to the president. we have foreign affairs analyst nicholas burns and phillip mudd and reporter for the washington post, abby phillip. ambassador, when secretary of state tillerson says north korea launched another missile, we have no further comment. what does that statement say to you? >> obviously, secretary tillerson is trying to take away the public relations advantage from north korea. the problem with what he said is that a lot of people are listening. people of south korea want to know the united states will defend them and have their back. people of japan are potential
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victims of the missiles and erratic behavior of the north koreans. you do have to come out and condemn this. back up your allies. he could have done is what donald trump should do. put the onus on china. china supplies the coal and food and has some influence in pyongyang. that is where the responsibility should lie. >> ambassador, they have $7 billion of trade. they have a shared physical and cultural boundary when it comes to north korea. they have done nothing to date. what is the u.s. leverage ? we heard from the white house, trade. >> i think the leverage here is president obama ordered the thaad missile defense system and should go ahead. donald trump can say this is the consequence when china doesn't restrain its ally kim jong-un. this is the first meeting.
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very important meeting at mar-a-lago tomorrow. the u.s.-china relationship is a function, it will be graded on what china can do on north korea. to put that front and center on the table, i think president trump is within his rights. >> abby, when rex tillerson says we will have no further comment, but messages that all options are on the table for having to deal with north korea, obviously it keeps north korea guessing. it keeps the american people guessing as to what the policy is. >> that's right. that's a really important point, alisyn. talking to foreign policy experts, just the lead-up to the administration, one of the things that comes up often is the degree to which the administration doesn't send clear signals. it is not entirely clear who is in charge. whether that is rex tillerson on the policy on this issue or the white house or perhaps jared kushner. there is a bit of uncertainty
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here of who is setting the agenda and what is actually on the table. we do know that the president is pretty much 100% focused on the issue of north korea with china. we know leading up to the inauguration and campaign, he talked about trade. one of the things we're learning is the president is actually more concerned about north korea and dealing with china on that issue than economic stuff. this is a really big deal going into the meeting with xi at mar-a-lago. it will be up to them to discuss clarity with world leaders on what he intends to do. >> important test, phil mudd. there is no easy answer. if there were one, it would have been found already. when you look at north korea and syr syria, they are complex. they are involved.
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they are multipart. if you have a solution, it requires lots of negotiation. these are things we have not seen in the early presidency. syria, let's pivot to that. you have trump when he was a candidate, judging government, he said don't go into syria. that is crazy. there's no upside. the white house taking the opposite view. it is all about obama being weak and should have done more. >> it is a problem. you have a president who issued a statement in the north korea case suggesting he will do something. i think there are parallels in both situations. as he saw with health care and immigration reform, there are limits to the presidential power. take syria. you have two observers who are critical are making this simple. one is the continuation of the civil war. refusal to deal with bashar al assad and maybe the arming of syrian opposition who proven
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unable to oust assad. the second option to deal with the russians and say we want the civil war to end. we have 400,000 plus dead people. we have a situation where isis tlie thrives. we have to deal with assad to tighten the screws on isis and civil war. which option will you pick? a civil war we can't win or pick supporting a dictator who used chemical weapons? this is one reason rex tillerson didn't say why. there are limits to what they can do. >> ambassador, diplomatically speaking, it feels like the eyes of the world on are syria. all world leaders have come out to condemn this. why is it so hard in that case, since there is a consensus to solve the problem in syria? >> this is a major violation of international law. chemical weapons convention. the world united against use. if saran gas was used, there
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needs to be a resounding denunciation. president trump should say we will take this to the u.n. today. i thought it was cowardly to say he blames president obama. the logical extension of trump in his written statement is the united states is taking action. phil said correctly the united states has no intention of taking action against the syrian government. this is a calamity of errors by the administration this week. if you think you are not going take action to remove president assad, you don't say that publicly. that is a gift to assad. >> that's what he does. our president talks tough and that worked well in the campaign trail and confines of washington, d.c. abby, is it true or are you
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hearing from your sources the confirmation of the principle of the high eyebrow syndrome in the white house. talk tough of going alone in north korea and all of a sudden, north korea launches a missile. you know, they talked about how obama is so weak and they should take care of their own problems in syria. all of a sudden, a chemical attacks. words are coming back. >> you know, the white house is trying to manage a lot of situations wherefo they have fe real solutions. the statement on assad was largely an attempt to put the blame on the situation for his predecessor, but not actually present any solution. it buys them a little bit of time. it is very clear the white house is trying to manage things that they don't have a full handle on. they don't have the relationships they need to deal with it. they wanted to broker a slightly
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different relationship with russia which is now on hold. that's kind of tied their hands in terms of how they thought they wanted to deal with the issue of syria and that region at this stage in the white house. they're trying to buy time to figure things out. it is really not clear that they are responding to the fact that a couple of days ago after saying assad should probably stay, assad is moving forward doing the kinds of provocative things that he would do if he feels there are no consequences to his actions on the global staplin stage. >> ambassador, can you say why it would take the white house nine hours to respond after we saw all ofsmashed? >> you have to come out quickly. secretary tillerson had an opportunity to come out quickly and didn't say it. the secretary and president
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needs to take ownership here. it cannot be what the obama administration didn't do. they should have spoken out. we're the strongest country in the world. we're the moral voice in the world on issues like this. this shouldn't take much to condemn bashar al assad. >> you look the pictures. this is a man or administration or regime that is comfortable attacking his own, including children. you have the white house who just put out a statement with the secretary of state, they can figure out their own problems. it had the white house on its heels. look at the back fire. look at the problem. what can we do? >> panel, thank you very much for all of your expertise and reporting. coming up, we want to loet you know i will speak with the 7-year-old child who is the face of the war in syria. her tweets bring global
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attenti attention. she will tell us her message to the world. a top democrat on the house intel committee is predicting members of trump's staff will be jailed because of the russia fallout investigation. what is known that could lead to any indictment let alone a criminal prosecution? next.
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all right. the good news is thhouse intelligence members are doing their job again. i guess that is good news. you have a top democrat on the committee making a bold prediction. listen. >> if somebody asks me my impression, my impression is people will probably be charged and people will probably go to jail. >> based on what? that's the question that statement encourages. let's bring back phil mudd and
3:20 am
abby phillip and mark preston. we are used to political hyp hyperbole. we heard this. everybody is going to jail. where is castro coming from? i thought they didn't know anything. >> he is playing into the same hand the republicans were dealing earlier. you know, he's basically politicizing a committee that republicans have been criticized for politicizing a committee. he has no moral ground for what he did. >> unless he can back it up. >> even if can he back it up, this is ongoing investigation. he is supposed to be an investigator looking into the administration in its acts and tactics and whatever. to say probably. he hedges it by saying probably. irresponsible. >> abby, what is the reaction to what congress member castro said? >> it has been a bit of inn
3:21 am
difference. this investigation has been off the rails for some time. both sides using hyperbole that it almost renders statements meaningless. so far, we have seen no evidence to warrant that. we don't know what the committee has seen. it is important to note he has access tos information we don't. he has access to classified information and soon to testimony we won't. there is nothing we know of now that has warranted a criminal investigation. if it did, he would not be in position to say something about it. it goes to show that the partisanship on the committee has gone into high gear. they need to rein it in to move forward to have credibility. >> who has a better sour face? phil? >> phil. >> they have competing sour
3:22 am
faces. mudd, why are you so sour when it comes to castro? i want your take whether or not what susan rice said to pbs. what is your take? >> sour face. i have to look at you at 6:10 in the morning. >> do you believe he said that, alisyn? how dare you, mudd. >> let's take the congressional piece first. this is a freak show. we have a republican critique last week for going around the committee and suggesting he was more loyal to the white house which is being investigated than it was to the committee. democrats rightfully said he eliminated the prospect this committee is going to operate fairly. next week, this guy, castro, comes out before they run the committee, and says i made my decisions and indicated my bias before the hearing. these guys should step away and go on vacation and let the senate handle this. on susan rice, a ckoconflation
3:23 am
issues over concerns of her past over involvement in benghazi. i think that is irrelevant. i think she spoke clearly and in my experience as a professional, accurately, of how you unmask information as a national security professional. this is another game in the freak show. we'll are trying to divert attention over the russian sanctions. >> she said she didn't know what nunes was talking about. >> she was on cable news. somebody confronted her and said why did you say i don't know anything about this. i didn't know what nunes was talking about. how would she know? nunes was unclear when he came out. >> he said they were doing surveillance. they were unmasking and catching up trump people. she said i didn't know what he was talking about. >> he wasn't as clear as you par
3:24 am
phras paraphrased it. >> if i have to read into what she said and i think there should be further questions. i do think she should be in front of a congressional committee not because she did anything wrong, but she can add perspective on the impact of russia and sanctions and people coming into the ovals office. what she might have been saying, i'm guessing here, i get briefings every day. she has a briefer who would show up in the morning 6:30 in the morning. hands her a pile of stuff. it is not uncommon for her to say whether it is sanction or terrorism, on this piece of intelligence, i need to know who the american official is. she may say i don't remember. >> mark, how is something going to prove what she did was politically motivated? this is getting into the mind of somebody. when somebody says i want this name unmasked. how can you tell it is
3:25 am
politically or not? >> what she said yesterday she did not know and she never did it. it will come out. if she lied, we're going to learn. >> they want to finger her as a leaker. that is a tasty suggestion. did you do it because of politics? that means you're a leaker. >> i think phil brought up a smart point about benghazi. they are trying to compare benghazi to where we are now. the trump administration has done a very good job of conflating all threads. >> they are basing what she said publicly on benghazi which touched o turned out not to be true. >> go up to the congress ional committee and senate and do it behind closed doors. to try her in the court of public opinion right now is
3:26 am
irresponsible. >> panel, thank you for all that. we will cover it throughout the program. vice president pence is trying to restart health care we fo reform. is he making progress? we will have a live report next. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin
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there are two big showdowns gripping capitol hill today. vice president pence trying to revive health care and the senate is trying to confirm neil gorsuch. cnn's sunlen serfaty is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the white house continues full scale blitz on capitol hill. mike pence expected here later today for the third straight day trying to revive the bill. he met last night with the conservative house freedom caucus and after that meeting, the chairman mark meadows emerging saying yes, steps are going in the right direction. notably, no legislative text yet. no one signed on to agreement. certainly the big divide with house conservative members and moderate republicans still exists. that's what originally brought down the bill in the first place.
3:31 am
over here to the battle going on in the senate, republicans took the first procedural step which sets the wheels in motion pushing toward using the nuclear option on thursday to get donald trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch through. in the time, democrats are using this time to rail against gorsuch. i want to show you live pictures of senator jeff merkley on the senate floor at this hour. he is entering in the 12th straight hour of the talk- talk-a-thon. they cannot prevent the inevitab inevitable. once the nuclear option is invoked, chris, on thursday, it is up for a final vote on friday. >> sunlen, thank you. north korea launches a missi missile. obvious play for attention. we often report what they do. we rarely understand why they do it. when we come back, we will look at what kim jong-un wants exactly. bria ust need to
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breaking news out of north korea. the country has fired a
3:36 am
ballistic missile once again into the sea of japan. once again. the timing is relevant. a day before president trump is set to meet with china's president. secretary of state rex tillerson issued an odd non statement. the united states spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. fueling the speculation that do we have policy? do we know what to do when it comes to north korea? do we know what north korea wants? do we know their motive or missiles part of an end game which is larger? let's discuss. cnn reporter will ripley with extensive reporting. and victor chia. he served during the bush administration. will, the sources in north korea. do they see this as another flexing of north korean might or is there a suggestion that something more nefarious is
3:37 am
afoot? >> reporter: look, north korea is all-in when it comes to the missile program and nuclear program. every time i go into the country, i hear the same thing. they believe they have the right to be recognized as a nuclear state. they will do that at any cost. despite international saknction, the last to be put are the nuclear programs. the two big issues next week. this could be the opening act. the legislative gathering. the supreme people's assembly. on saturday, the biggest holiday of the year. the day of the sun. it is around the major events we see provocative acts like a nuclear test or icbm launch. >> thank you for that. the question becomes what do they want? the timing is obvious. president trump speaks strongly about going it alone in north korea and china. a step up. you have the big meeting tomorrow. the missile launch.
3:38 am
what does this tell you about how intention the north korean side of the equation is? >> two things, chris. first, i think this is another attempt to perfect the missile capability targeted on u.s. bases in korea and japan based on the type of missile. secondly, this is north korea's way of giving the finger to the united states and china before the big meeting this week and to say they don't really care what the united states or china is going to do. as will said, they are set on developing a ballistic missile force and it doesn't matter what the united states and china say. >> mr. cha, do you believe the theory of this is a proxy thing? they want the capability, but to get something to not use the
3:39 am
capability? do you buy into that? if so, what would they want? >> so i think there are a lot of people in the policy community for many years believe this was basically an effort to try to get into a negotiation with the united states and recognized by the united states. things of that nature. i think things fundamentally changed when kim jong-un took over five years ago. it doesn't seem like the north koreans are all that interested in talking to anybody. there is a popular perception that the chinese are angry at the north koreans and they are because of the behavior. the absence of the meetings with china and north korea is because north korea doesn't want the meetings. china is trying to influence them. north korea is not interested in talking to the united states, south korea or russia or anybody else. >> will, you are nodding.
3:40 am
i heard you report on similar issues in north korea. how pronounced is it when how the officials want or need a relationship with the united states? >> reporter: they say that they really don't care about the united states. what they care about is self preservation was a society. they consider the leader the head of the society. you can cut off an arm or leg, aka, the people that live there, but you can't cut off the head. they want to keep in place the power that gives kim jong-un absolute power. if they have a viable nuclear weapon and ballistic missile that could hit the u.s., they will not face invasion like iraq for example. >> it seems plain, victor, they don't face the threat of invasion. look at the talk that is coming from the white house right now. whether the financial times interview where the president
3:41 am
suggests the u.s. could go it alone, and you see the secretary of state with a nothing burger. is there really basis for perceived threat? >> i don't think so. when we were in negotiations with the north koreas and why would we want to invade you? you have nothing the world wants. what this is does, it provides ammunition for the trump administration going into the summit to put pressure on china to cut off financially their ties with north korea. there's a lot more pressure to be brought to bear on the regime to get them to understand if they want to pursue the path, they will feel pain for pursuing the path. i think tillerson teed up a number of things in the last trip to china and thises vi vis mar-a-lago will see if it delivers. >> victor and will, thank you. she is the face of the
3:42 am
children of syria. we speak with 7-year-old bana alabed. her message to the world next.
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so another round of severe weather to talk about. targeting the southeastern united states. hail and threat of tornadoes. we have cnn meteorologist jennifer gray with the forecast. >> this could be one of the most active weather days in several years. we will get to the forecast brought to you by xyzal. so we are going to see the development of thunderstorms. especially across the southeast today. you see them already firing up all of the lightning strikes. the driving force to the west. we have thunderstorm watches in effect. this is going to come in several waves. if you see storms roll through and you have a quiet period, doesn't mean it is over. this is off and on through the day.
3:47 am
we already have thunderstorm warnings in effect through eastern portion of birmingham. this is the area to watch. chris, on a scale of one to five, the red area is about a four. we could see dangerous tornadoes. thank you for keeping track of it. we will see you late near the sh later in the show. in the world of sports. tony romo trading in cleats for a microphone. hines ward is here with us. >> i thought he was going to play for the texans. this is not easy making the jump from the field to the broadcast booth. i'm sure tony romo will be a natural. he had offers to play, but he said becoming the lead analyst for cbs was too good to pass up. >> there is no part of me that wants to play. i'm completely 100% to cbs. i understand you are always giving yourself wiggle room.
3:48 am
i don't envision that being a scenario. i'm choosing cbs over playing football. that's what i'm doing right now. >> like you said, chris, tony will replace phil simms as the number one color commentator. he posted this picture saying it is my time to start dressing up. and cardinals stevens piscotty had a night to forget. in the fifth inning, he was hit in the right elbow and goes to first. minutes later, he tries to steal second. the throw hits him in the left elbow. if you are keeping score, twice he has been hit this inning. then a scary moment for piscotty trying to score from third. he gets hit in the helmet. the third time in one inning. he had to leave the game. hopefully he is better. the team says he will have more tests done today. a rough night. the cardinals lose to the cubbies 2-1. >> he got hit three times in one
3:49 am
inning. >> i can relate. this is what happens when i try to play sports. that's why i don't do it. >> you need hines ward. he can take hits and keep playing. >> hines, thank you. we have to bring you this story. perhaps you know her name or face. 7-year-old bana alabed. she is the face of the children of syria. she will join us to talk about the horrible chemical attack we have seen there this week and her messages to the world. ica's? you make it detect what they don't. stop, stop, stop! sorry. you make it sense what's coming. watch, watch, watch! mom. relax! i'm relaxed. you make it for 16-year olds... whoa-whoa-whoa!!! and the parents who worry about them. you saw him, right? going further to help make drivers, better drivers. don't freak out on me. that's ford. and that's how you become america's best-selling brand.
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world leaders condemning the chemical attack in syria. activists say at least 70 people killed, including 10 children. hundreds are injured. president trump called the attack reprehensible. the syrian military denies responsibility. one refugee, 7-year-old bana alabed has become the face of the syrian children. >> this is my message. it is never too late. save the people of syria. >> moments ago, i spoke with bana and her mother, fatima. >> bana, do you blame president assad for this? >> yes. >> what is your message to president assad? >> i am very sad.
3:54 am
a lot have died and no one helped them. the world is watching. the world doesn't do anything. >> what do you want the world to do? >> i want to stop the war and i want the children of syria to play and go to school and live in in peace. we can help them. we can save them. >> bana, when you saw the video and pictures of what happened in syria this week, what did you think? >> i am very sad about this. 100 children were killed in syria.
3:55 am
th they were just people. let me ask you this just didn't start today, but it has been going on for six years. why can't you stop the war? >> i don't know, bana. i don't know why the world can't stop the war in syria. bana, do you want to be able to go home to syria some day? >> yes. i love my home and i love syria. >> fatima, you tweeted out to everyone in the world, go to the streets and demand justice for people killed today in syria. come on. share this as much as you can. fatima, what do you want the world to do? >> it is not fair.
3:56 am
all the syrian people die for war. that just they are people. they just want to stay in their homes. they want more me at my home until the last breath. my home destroyed. yet i stayed there until they make me get out. refused me for this. it is not fair for all the people. they want to kill everyone. they want to kill everyone. the war is not good for all the people. not just for children because all the people they have the right to stay. wherever they want in their
3:57 am
home. they don't want to be a refugee. let us help them to stay. let us help them to stop this war. make them live in peace again. you know that trump has been with the syrian people. you know we must do something to let the people stay in their homes. >> fatemah, who do you blame? >> all of the people in the war. they saw this happen. they didn't speak out. they don't make any difference. they just let bashar al assad and russian people do what they want. they start using chemical weapons like in aleppo. now it is more dangerous than in aleppo. one day, they start using
3:58 am
chlorine bombs. i smell it. i can't breathe. my children have problems from this. it is nasty smell. you can't take a breath. it is so dangerous. what do you think if it is nearby homes? we saw the first sulfuric bombs near my home. this is not fair that they are seeing us dying every day and do nothing. >> so, fatemah, what is your pre message to president trump? >> time is not gone. can he do something for us. he can say this is not right. you must -- if he can stop the war, he can stay that it's not fair to using the chemical
3:59 am
weapons on his people. at least he can do this. what i want him to do is stop the war also. not just banning us from his country. we have right to stay in our country also. >> bana, what is your message to the world? >> stop the war. stop the war. >> that is the message. stop the war. we pray for you. we pray for both of you. we pray for all of the innocent people of syria. bana, we hope you get your wish to go home to syria and go to school and play as you wish. thank you both so much for being a window into the suffering there for us. we're glad you're safe. from the mouth of babes. she wants to go home and go to school and play. she wants the world's attention
4:00 am
and help. >> and representative of a generation of chased out of the. >> she just said we are not terrorists. we are children. all right. that story is going to continue on the heels of this latest attack on the citizens in syria. we want to thank our citizens for watching. for you, "cnn newsroom" is next. for u.s. viewers, we have questions about what the president is going to do about the international crises. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." we start with breaking news. president trump facing several international crises. north korea firing ballistic missile a day before mr. trump is set to meet with china's


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