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tv   New Day  CNN  April 5, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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she wants the world's attention and help. >> and representative of a generation of chased out of the. >> she just said we are not terrorists. we are children. all right. that story is going to continue on the heels of this latest attack on the citizens in syria. we want to thank our citizens for watching. for you, "cnn newsroom" is next. for u.s. viewers, we have questions about what the president is going to do about the international crises. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." we start with breaking news. president trump facing several international crises. north korea firing ballistic missile a day before mr. trump is set to meet with china's president. the white house reaction is
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mixed. a dire warning of a clock has run out as well as the statement all options are on the table. then a statement from the secretary of state saying nothing. >> the donald trump white house facing issues over bashar al assad. his regime at issue. dozens of people have been killed. including children. according to observers on the ground. why is president trump blaming his predecessor instead of trying to oust assad? a busy day. 76 of the trump presidency. we have ivan watson live in seoul with breaking details on the missile launch. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the missile was launched after dawn local time here on the korean peninsula. it was tracked by the u.s. military and south korean
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military. it followed an unusual arc. flying an altitude of 117 miles in the air. only a distance of about 37 miles into the east sea or sea of japan. it has been identified as a medium-range ballistic missile fired from land. identified as a kn-15 missile. that is not the first time it has been fired. another model of the missile was fired in february during the summit between president trump and the japanese president shinzo abe down in florida. this is a step forward for north korea's missile technology because this kn-15 missile uses solid fuel. that means they can set it up more quickly and takes less time to fire it which makes it harder to intercept. key allys in the region, south korea and japan, are wringing their hands condemning this. china put out a statement saying
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it is calling on all sides to maintain. the chinese foreign ministry says there is no wlilink with t missile launch and the meeting tomorrow between president trump and the chinese leader in florida. alisyn. >> ivan, thank you. president trump is now assessing his options after the ballistic missile launch and the horrific chemical attack in syria that we first told you about yesterday. cnn's joe johns is live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. spotlight on the crisis messaging coming out of washington this morning. a pair of curious responses from the trump administration to troubling developments on the world stage. a warning. a report contains graphic and disturbing images. north korea raising the stakes ahead of president trump's summit with the chinese
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president. secretary of state rex tillerson responding to the provocation with a foreboding 23-word statement. north korea launched another intermediate range missile. the united states spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. this after president trump threatened to go it alone if china doesn't help confront the north korean threat. on the campaign trail, trump insisted north korea was china's problem. >> what i would do simply is a china, this is your baby. this is your problem. solve the problem. >> reporter: a senior white house official issuing a dire warning that the clock has now run out. all options are on the table. this as the world reacts in horror to one of the worst chemical attacks in syria in years. expert says it is likely another saran gas attack that killed dozens and injured hundreds.
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as world leaders condemn the attack, it took the white house nine hours to issue a statement. >> bashar al assad. >> reporter: the president and top diplomat declines to comment on syria during appearances on tuesday. the white house statement calling the attack represent hee and laying the issue at bashar al assad. also blaming the issue on president obama. >> president obama said in 2012 he would establish a red line against the use of chemical weapons and did nothing. >> reporter: the criticism contradicting president trump's tweets after the last chemical attack in 2013. in which he urged then president obama not to retaliate with military action. just last week, two of trump's top administration officials signaling a sharp change in u.s. policy toward syria. >> the longer term status will
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be decided byyrian people. >> reporter: these remarks draws sharp rebuke from republicans. >> the bottom line is it is a huge mistake. >> another disgraceful chapter in american history. it was predictable. >> reporter: president trump has been having a high level week of interaction with foreign leaders here at the white house. it continues today with the visit from the king of jordan. chris and alisyn. >> squljoe, appreciate it. we have david gregory here with us. bill richardson. former democratic governor of new mexico and ambassador to the u.n. and michael smerconish. host of "smerconish." david gregory, you have two issues here that are showing a really big example of the impact
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of words. you have donald trump talking to the financial times csaber rattling. on the eve of the big meeting, a missile launch. he has tillerson go out. nikki haley saying syria will figure it out. then a chemical attack. do you think that disconnect is setting the white house on its heels? >> i don't know that there is a coherent view of how they want to go after the two problems. problems that have been around for a long time and very difficult to solve. you know, in the case of north korea, as you talked with guests this morning, the united states has limited military options. they want to show strength and the possibility of a military response. the north koreans have very little to lose. governor richardson has a lot of experience with this regime. he can talk more about that. now tillerson is saying very
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little. strikes me as prudent. they don't want to saber rattle against north korea. the whole mad man issue relations only goes so far. they want to get china to apply the pressure. the president wants to work this privately with the chinese president. with regard to syria, like the obama administration, there is no good option that goes to taking out assad. the president has been i inconsistent on the view. blaming obama is easy. it is his responsibility. he has a new round of chemical attacks. this is where pressure on russia becomes important. this is where a regional approach becomes important if you are the trump administration. >> governor, you do have vast experience with north korea. do you agree by rex tillerson saying the u.s. has spoken enough about north korea. we will have no further comment. that gets their attention more than saying something else? >> well, i think that was an
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unfortunate comment because you have on the one hand a white house and state department op officials talking differently all options on the table. then the secretary of state stays silent. the problem is twofold. one, you have the president saying things and tweeting and you have the foreign policy team and secretary of state on both issues. on north korea and syria. the two imminent issues talking differently. different nuances. i think the key is also going to be another unfortunate situation which is china. china is the only entity, i believe right now, because they provide food, they provide energy assistance and enormous support to north korea to be helpful to restraining north korea. if we go out and challenge china as the president has done openly and say we will have a trade war through trade. it is up to china.
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they have to resolve it. we are the main player in east asia in that region. we have to bring south korea, japan and china. china is the big player and publicly even insulting the chinese leader before he comes is saying okay, you have to show your stuff. i don't know if that is the right approach to diplomacy. >> michael, when you look at syria specifically, do you think we're seeing our first international example of how the white house has to learn words have impact. it sounds good in the u.s. saying let them figure it out. we're tired of wasting our blood and treasure. then this curious timing of him launching an attack on his own killing kids. >> i think that statement is accurate. you only go halfway, chris. you can only combine all of the
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headlines we have discussed recently and i'm making reference with the cozy relationship with the president and vladimir putin. if you cozied up to putin and nikki haley made it clear, you are green lighting the sort of behavior we just saw in syria. why would assad feel he would be held in check by the united states given your relationship with putin and the comments by haley? that is the response you are seeing. >> david, it took president trump nine hours to make a statement about the hideous attacks that we're seeing in syria. what's that about? what are the conversations in the white house where they are saying slow down and hold off on a statement? >> we don't know the foreign policy and national security thinking is within the white house. he sent his son-in-law to iraq on a major envoy mission in terms of the strategy on isis
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and not secretary of state. i can't tell you who has the power and who has the president's ear on foreign policy or who is helping him device a strategy on issues. these are hard for anybody, let alone people without very much experience. that may explain some of that. the only thing we know based on what the president asserted and those around him asserted, they want to bomb the hell out of isis. they don't have a strategy for connecting that for how you deal with the future of assad in syria. those things have to be linked. if you want to back off and say, you know, the future of syria is up to the syrians, which is ridiculo ridiculous. of course, they are victimized by the dictator there who is helped by russia and kept in place by russia. that is not a strategy. they have to be linked together and they have not done that or expressed how they have done that. >> the proof is in the contradiction going on right now
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with the syrian disposition of the white house. you have donald trump go after president obama's red line deal. he couldn't have been more clear about it. check the twitter thread of what he said in 2013. after that chemical attack. now you have the white house trying to blame obama for being weak as if we got there. it all is a none too clever cover for the situation that takes negotiation. maybe there is still not a good answer, mr. richardson. >> i agree. the problem is if you are president assad and you see that donald trump and secretary of state, they minimize human rights issues and bahrain and el sisi where we welcomed him with open arms without mentioning human rights. and the chemical attack on
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children and women without any serious consequence from the united states. you have the fact that russia and iran, they are also the culprits. it is their military assistance and cooperation with assad. then the united states. we are still the big player in the middle east. saying all right syria, the syrian people need to decide the future of assad without leaning enormously on syria. we have that leverage. the biggest leverage is with china. if there is any good measure here is perhaps the relationship with putin and trump together put the real pressure on syria to stop this. these are international war crimes. this is not being done by terrorists. this is the syrian military. this is our planes cooperating with russia and iran. this is the fundamental human
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rights stand that america should take the lead instead of sitting back. >> michael, to david's point, who are the big brained experts? who has the geo-political experience in the white house so we can feel we're in good hands? >> i fear we are about to find out who holds sway. the statement by secretary tillerson that said we did enough talking was intended to invoke fear and trepidation on our enemies. maybe the white house doesn't have a strategy. alisyn, i can't give you direct answer of who holds sway other than the president. >> to be clear. these are complicatecomplicated. you have a lot of big brains around president obama. they were in the same same mes >> obama administration deserves criticism for handling of syria. that part just because it may
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have been inconsistently stated by president trump. doesn't take away the fact of the criticism to be levied on the obama administration. you go back to the end of the clinton administration on the sensitive missions in foreign policy and into the bush administration on north korea and iran. same situation. horrible problems. difficult to deal with. new administration says we're going to figure this out. they have a difficult time figuring it out. with regard to north korea, it is constant negotiation trying to get china putting pressure on it. >> governor, david, michael, thank you very much for all of your perspectives on this. so as we have been talking about, president trump is facing several critical foreign policy challenges. syria, north korea, russia. how do the democrats think the president should move forward? we will have former vice presidential nominee tim kaine
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syria's assad regime is believed to have launched a chemical attack on his own people killing dozens, including children. let's discuss with former democratic vice presidential nominee senator tim kaine of virginia. thank you for being with us. >> glad to be here. >> in the wake of the hideous images of the apparent chemical attack on innocent civilians, including children, what should the trump administration and u.s. be doing? >> first, we need to call out this is a war crime. that's what these atrocities by bashar al assad are. we should be prosecuting them. progre prosecute in the haig. they need to finally implement a u.n. security council resolution. from february 2014, that called for cross border delivery of humanitarian aid in syria.
4:22 am
we should establish a safe zone for the aid to be delivered to the syrian people with military protection for the safe zones. if anybody tries to mess with it, they will regret it. we have to see from the trump administration is the willingness to call out atroc y atrociti atrocities. i worry they are trying to be cozy with russia and they are unwilling to call out bashar al assad. >> is that why you think it took the white house nine hours to make a statement on what's going on in syria? >> absolutely. whether it has been in confirmation hearings of key officials like secretary tillerson or watching for statements coming out of the white house. they are reluctant ever to doing anything. it gets cross ways with russia. bashar al assad is their puppet basically. they are not willing to call out the atrocities in the way that we should to exercise leadership
4:23 am
in the world. using chemical weapons against civilians is a violation of every international norm there is. >> what do you think about secretary tillerson and ambassad ambassador haley? the u.s. is no longer going to make a priority of getting rid of bashar al assad? >> we supported a security council resolution. does that not mean anything? in 2014, the u.s. and other nations, this is one russia would not veto. we could do cross border to syrians who want to stay in syria if they can and be safe. the international community, including the u.s., and i was very critical of the obama administration. this is equal with the trump administration. we have done nothing for three plus years. we should provide humanitarian assistance. if that needs military protection to happen, the nations of the world, including
4:24 am
the u.s. smhould protect that mission. >> president trump suggested this is president obama's fault saying there is a red line and not following that up with action. do you draw a direct crorrelatin and that red line and spiraling out of control in syria? >> that statement of president trump's is rich. he is president now. when something happens and he tries to blame president obama. give me a break. when president trump was just donald j. trump, he was urging president obama not to do anything in syria. he was urging president obama not to do anything in syria. he is the president now. he has to put on his big boy pants and own up to the job. >> what can congress do? what can do you so you are not just americans don't feel they are idling sitting by watching? >> the first thing we shouldn't do is slash the state department and humanitarian budget which
4:25 am
president trump is proposing to do. we need to be robust with aid. why haven't we prosecuted bashar al assad for war crimes for his own people? we just celebrated the six tt t anniversary of the war in syria. i was just as critical of the obama administration as the trump administration. >> ivanka trump tweeted about this moments ago. she said heart broken and outraged by the images coming out of syria following the atrocious chemical attack yesterday. no tweet. no tweet. con sp from president trump. do you have a sense of who is in
4:26 am
charge of the white house? >> right now, it is the president. it starts at the top. this is a president who will never get cross with russia. so because russia is the great benefactor to bashar al assad, that is why the president is not condemning them. he is trying to blame president obama. again, he is the president now. the world is waiting for him to lead. >> secretary tillerson said something interesting about north korea. another obviously hot spot on international relations. he put out the statement saying the united states has spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. that's in relation to the ballistic missile launch. what does that mean to you? >> i have no idea what that means. i hope we have more comment. there is opportunity coming up that is more powerful with the visit of chinese leader xi to the united states. there is an opportunity that is
4:27 am
power for the president and chinese leader to stand and publicly address the north korean threat. that would send a message that could be very much a calming message around the world if the u.s. and china are together on the problposition that the prov indication of north korea needs to stop. i hope the president doesn't miss that opportunity. >> that would be reassuring. that is up to the chinese. president trump can only do so much. it sounds as if the trump white house feels diplomacy has not worked before with north korea. >> the president has said rightly and so hasek tillerson in terms of leverage over the north koreans, china has more leverage. china has a lot of levers to play. china should be worried of an unstable north korea. the more allies in the region
4:28 am
have to arm up to confront north korea. china doesn't want that. unstable north korea could push refugees over the border in china from north korea. they have an interest in improving stability. if president trump is the negotiator he says he is, he will sit down with the chinese leader and say we will condemn what north korea is doing and tell the world what we are going to do about it. >> i want to ask about the russian meddling into the election as well as the allegations of ties to mr. trump's campaign. you know, the trump white house says the real story here is about leaking and is about the unmasking of american names. it is about whatever national security adviser susan rice did. do think susan rice did something wrong? >> look, we should investigate it. there's an allegation that she was talking about names of people connected with the trump transition. i don't know if that is true or not. get to the bottom of it. alisyn, that does not obscure
4:29 am
the trump administration is trying to divert attention from one of the most important investigations in the history of the united states congress. did the russian government cyber attack an american presidential election. the answer is yes. did they do so with the collusion or cooperation with the trump campaign, trump transition or now trump administration? we will get to the bottom of that. that investigation makes this administration incredibly nervous. as it should. we will get to the bottom of it. >> senator, as someone personally affected by the meddling of russia into the election as you were, are you satisfied with how the investigations are going in congress? >> not on the house side, alisyn. on the house side, sadly, the activities of devin nunes to decide i want to be a lap dog rather than watch dog has blown up the house investigation. i don't think that will be
4:30 am
recoverable although adam schiff and members have the right instinc instincts. on the senate side, i give credit to mark warner and richard burr together in a bipartisan way. they are marching down this path. i'm confident that the senate investigation as well as the ongoing fbi investigation which was finally revealed, the combination of the two investigations, we'll get to the bottom of it. >> senator tim kaine, thank you. >> absolutely. chris. >> growing fallout for fox news and specifically the big anchor bill o'reilly. more than 20 companies have now pulled their ads in the wake of sexual harass mment allegations. is the man on your screen in real dejeopardy here? can i get some help.
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fox news facing a major advertising revolt. more than 20 companies killing
4:35 am
out of bill o'reilly's show. what does that mean? we have host of reliable sources brian stelter with us. we have seen money talks. if the money goes, sometimes it forces a hand. is fox different? >> it is all about money. o'reilly's settlement and how much fox paid to the settlement and how much money o'reilly factor makes. this is the man who has highest rating across cable news. he has been a draw for 20 years. that is why he is a profit engine for the network. the x-factor is the advertisers. we started the day yesterday with two advertisers telling cnn they are withdraw from the show. by the end of the day, more than 20. others called up fox and said get away from the "o'reilly factor." are they trying to do the right
4:36 am
thing publicly? will they come back to the show? that remains to be seen. this is as "the washington post" put it the most severe blow to o'reilly in his 20 years at fox. >> is there any sense his ratings have taken a hit with all of the allegations? >> not at all. o'reilly is unique because people come for his show. people are watching all day long. e water rises when o'reilly is on. his fans, if they care about the allegations, they don't care enough to stop watching. >> where is the network? they are caught in a box. if you don't do anything, you are evndorsinendorsing. if you do something, you cave to the pressure and media. juxtapo.
4:37 am
>> o'reilly may not last at fox. >> these are allegations. this is not where he said something and you know he said it like don imus about the women's rutgers basketball team. you knew he said it. the advertisers turned on him. he was out. >> there were advertiser boycotts in the past that hurt people like rush limbaugh. he is still on the radio. glenn beck. >> he also -- i think the glenn beck one is instructive. he was a huge star at fox. he got great ratings. when advertisers would not go on his show, he was gone afterwards. >> there is a giant open question the myrurdocks who own fox what they think about o'reilly. they renewed his contract and knowing the allegations.
4:38 am
>> everybody in the contract has a moral clause and all of these things. >> because they knew doesn't mean they put him on the air. will the murdocks with stand the corporate pressure and keep o'reilly on the air? keep the door open. roger ailes seemed to be invincible last year. then gretchen carlson sued and then more women came forward and he resigned afterwards. effectively money talks. >> brian stelter, thank you. the president's allegation of spying by the obama administration has not had any real proof on it. now you have a senator speaking out about it. what republican senator mike lee is saying to fuel the theory that trump may have been a victim. he makes the case next.
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to all right. syrian situation is a horror on many levels. we saw civilians, children killed. the allegation is it was done by the assad regime. they may have used a nerve toxin. that is the latest reflection of the interactable situation with syria. it is also a very big test for president trump. how will he respond? joining us now is republican senator mike lee from utah. he is a member of the judiciary committee. senator, good to have you here.
4:43 am
let's start with the proposition of what you are comfortable within terms of action if syria. there has been reluctance from both parties to put boots on the ground. does this attack make you change your opinion? >> first of all, this is a tragic thing that happened. our thoughts and prayers go to the victims. people are suffering on the ground in syria and other places in that part of the world. we don't have any idea what the trump administration wants to do about this. the one thing i do know and the one thing you will find a great deal of consensus around is if the trump administration does want to do anything by intervening military, he needs to present a plan to congress. >> that is a unique position. many in your party, but certainly in your office have abdicated that power of declaring war to the president. we have an aumf from 2001. that would be a legitimate debate if brothers and sisters
4:44 am
want to take hold of the constitutional responsibility. with what we have seen from the white house, they say one week, nikki haley and rex tillerson, assad, they will figure it out in syria. right after that, the boldest attack in years from assad. do you see a connection? something you chose to ignore you now empowered. >> i think it is a mistake that congress chosen to ignore for well over a decade or some say many decades. the declaration of war power. the president is the commander in chief of the armed forces, but when it is time to send american personnel in harm's way, boots on the ground on foreign soil, we need to be authorizing that. we need to pass a declaration of war or an explicit authorization for the use of military force.
4:45 am
a few years ago when this was talk of deploying to syria, i was the first to step up and say we need to do this expressly if we do it. i know one of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who agrees with me is tim kaine, who you had on a few minutes ago. >> he was just on. that is part of the untold story of the red line with obama. yes. there is retiscence. once the president was in, he was all in and congress wasn't there in terms of getting that motivation to be on the ground. it's complicated. it remains complicated. does it concern you? to circle back, in one week, the white house is putting out a statement that assad is serious problem. we are not going after assad. that is not our goal. shortly after, we see one of the worst attacks in years from him. >> we certainly don't want to be doing anything that might encourage or embolden him to do
4:46 am
this. i don't necessarily think you can draw a connection between them to say that any one in washington caused assad to do this. we need to monitor this carefully and watch what he does. >> all right. i want to ask you, did you mean to add fuel to the fire of speculation of susan rice when you said that political espionage is too common and too tempting? did you mean to suggest that susan rice may have done her unmasking for political reasons? >> i have no idea what she did. those facts are being investigated. i made this clear in every interview i have done. >> breitbart is using you as a poster boy. you know that is the president's viewing of choice. he is loves to see what they put out. they are using you as the poster boy that susan rice was politically motivated in unmasking. >> i'll tell you what i told them. i don't know what happened in
4:47 am
this particular instance. i don't know what susan rice did or didn't do. that is under investigation. i really want to know that. what i said to breitbart and every other media outlet that asked about it, i have been expressing concerns about section 702 of fisa for the last six years. in many cases, it has fallen on deaf ears. the fact remains we have the technology that can do a lot of things. this is a big brother type of problem that we have to figure out. if we are not carefully constrain the limits of the power of those who have access to technology, this is going to really take us into a strange direction. i have been warning about it for six years. i talked about it in my book. "lost constitution." every presidential administration from fdr through nixon. the administration in power used intelligence agencies to engage
4:48 am
in political espionage. human behavior hasn't changed. we have to be on the lookout for it. >> you have no reason to believe that any of those concerns are at play with susan rice. in fact, you have every reason to believe they were not at play with susan rice because as far as you or i know, we never heard of anybody wanting to leak and doing so by leaving a paper trail of making a request for the information that she got. she unmasked, a big procedure, no indication she did not follow it. that means she would have created her own paper trail to do political espionage to use the phrase of the political right here on the story. there's no basis for it. why conflate the two issues of potential surveillance with instance of incidental surveillance where those do not seem to be at play? >> i have done so such thing. for the third time on your program this morning. and to reiterate every single
4:49 am
time to recoporters, i don't kn what happened with susan rice. >> you say it is not unreasonable to suggest it could have happened. that doesn't fly in a court of law. it does fly in the court of public opinion. it seems you are saying rice has to prove it wasn't politically motivated for me to believe it wasn't. that is not fair. >> absolutely absurd manipulation of what i said. that is not at all what i said. i did in fact say something like this could have happened. i did not say it -- every time i said anything like that, it has been accompanied by i don't know what susan rice did. i don't know the facts of the case. i'm sure it will be investigated. >> senator mike lee. you are on the same page as everybody else. we want facts to back up the allegati allegation. i appreciate you okay the show. >> thank you.
4:50 am
alisyn. >> global outrage of the attack in syria that killed dozens of people, including children. what can be done? cnn's arwa damon has seen the carnage there first hand. she joins us next.
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global leaders condemning the asad regime for the deadly chemical attack. president trump put out a statement. he is blaming his predecessor. he says, quote, a demonstration of the past administration's weakness. joining us arwa damon, who has seen the violence first-hand. it just feels so intractable to figure out what's happening in syria and something like this happens and it feels there is a ground swell with everybody condemning it and then why can't anything be done? >> if we had the answer to that, we would be in a different position. solutions haven't been put forward. it is unconscionable that the various different key players in syria have not somehow been able to put aside their own personal
4:55 am
national political gains and desires and are continuing to use the syrian population as cannon fodder in this sickening game of geopolitical chess. we have to keep talking about it because we cannot allow a sense of futility to silence us because then where are we? >> you reported very well on location and elsewhere about the complexity of what that power vacuum has created. you have what started off looking like a several war against the asad regime who has turned into a battle by russia with some help from iran, maybe even coincidentally and the asad regime. so now you have a battle that helped birth isis's main motivation. you had isis in the middle. so now you have that on top of what was a civil war, on top of what seems to be a regime. >> that's the problem, it is not
4:56 am
one dimensional. what is also important to add to all of that is the recognition when you have things like the clear violation of international law with the use of chemical weapons and nothing happens, that is like candy for extremist organizations like isis who can then turn around to what's left of this moderate opposition and say, look, you guys want freedom and democracy, these countries like america are not coming to help you. they're watching you get foddered. in fact, in the 2013 chemical attack that crossed on president obama's red line and resulted in nothing was a huge gal van nicing point for these extremists. the come pensionty of the situation is not enough for world leaders to want to shy away from a resolution. >> there is all of this complexity and it kind of exhausts your mind to think about all of those shifting sands. and then there is sort of the
4:57 am
simplicity of a seven-year-old girl who has a twitter feed who is the window of the world into what's happening in syria. we just talked to her this morning. listen to how simply she puts it. >> the world is watching. the world doesn't do anything. >> what do you want the world to do? >> i want stop the war and i want the children of syria to play and go to school. >> she wants the children of syria to play and go to school. i understand the nigh yef day of a seven-year-old, but at some point don't you think something has to be better than asad. >> i met her and her mother in turkey. to hear her talk as you say in
4:58 am
these simple little terms it does make you wonder why it is that there is no moral compass that we seem to have lost that could somehow be put back together again to at the very least stop the bombs. yes, political change is different. we all understood that, but let's stop the mass killings. there are cards to be played. there are ways to prevent the death we see day in and day out. >> except the players complicate the picture, right? the u.s. has had limited success in dealing with iran. russia, we see this odd cozying up to you sharussia by our curr administration. you have known no real leverage with them. and then you have asad himself which the white house said he's not our concern. syria will deal with him. so the players themselves make this difficult. >> that's the problem because
4:59 am
the u.s. does have leverage. what kind of a world do we live in right now in which america has zero leverage with russia. the question is whether or not the u.s. has been in the past. our un has not been willing to use what leverage it has with russia, willing to back channel with iran. everything is about trading bits and pieces for something. the problem is syria is no one seems to want to necessary trade needed to help the syrian people. >> thank you so much for being here. >> we're following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. we begin this hour with breaking news. president trump facing several international crisis. you've got north korea firing another ballistic missile one day before trump is set to meet with china's president.
5:00 am
a dire warning on the run hand. all options are on the table. but then an odd 23-word statement from the secretary of state which essentially said nothing. >> and the future of the syrian president. the evidence points to his regime carrying out the worst chemical attack in years, killing dozens of people including children. it is a busy day. our coverage with cnn senior correspondent who is live on seoul on that missile launch. what is the latest, ivan? >> they launched the missile shortly after down here. it was described as a medium range ballistic missile. the specific form is a kn-15. it was fired from here a submarine base. it flew for only about nine minutes in the


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