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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 9, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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perfect. >> i feel jewish today. terror on palm sunday. isis claims responsibility for two blasts at christian churches that killed 47 people. >> and another busy week ahead for u.s. president trump in the wake of the u.s. missile strike on syria. but there are mixed messages coming from his administration. >> plus it all came down to one tie breaking hold, sergio garcia finally wins his first golf tournament. the new champion. hello, welcome, of course all around the world, i'm rosemary church. >> thank you very much for joining us. we're live on "cnn newsroom."
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se christians in egypt during the morning after bomb attacks hit two of their churches that killed at least 47 people. isis claimed responsibility and promised more attacks. >> and word of warning, his report contains video some viewers may find disturbing. >> reporter: day of celebration turns to mourning as a ball rips through the crowded church. the devastation, the bar barrism as isis claims responsibility. >> i was sitting in the front and suddenly everything went dark and i passed out and someone pushed me off my seat. a few seconds later i got up and saw bodies all around me. then hours later the pope delivered his sermon. outside a man in the blue jacket tries to gain entry, when he denied, he detonates his bomb.
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so much innocent bloodshed on this holyiest of days, sadness quickly turned to rage. christians bogged a police chief. >> the authorities have received warnings before that the church is being targeted, why weren't proper measures taken to protect people. isis has been stepping up attacks against christians here in egypt, killing dozens in previous months, with nerves raw and tempers high, he urged unity. >> i want to say to the who egyptians who can hear me now, you must know what is being done is an attempt to destroy us. if you're one unit it will be difficult for anyone to attack this country. >> granting the police and army extra powers. it's hard to quantify this type of violence everyone outside
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this church has a story of a loved one. the pain seen in the eyes of the survivors. >> this is your friends blood. >> yeah. >> on the rope. what happened to your friend. >> this christian man asked me when, when will he be able to pray in peace, a question tonight with no answer. cnn in tanta egypt. >> we're getting word the death toll has risen to 49. we want to get more on the attacks in egypt. we're joined from lon i don who an terrorism expert. horrifying images there. it's worth pointing out this is not the first time isis' attack
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inside egypt. what do we know about how many cells that might exist inside the country and what's the government doing to try to hunt them down? >>. >> reporter: rosemary, as you mentioned, this is not the first attack against christians two years ago. in fact they attacked around time. the three attacks in the last four months, december at a church in cairo, that was also claimed by august. this group in february issued a message which was to increase to christians to carry out attacks. it's not also been against churches and targeted assassinations and kidnappings involved. isis, unfortunately, is growing in egypt. there are a number of different elements across the country. there's also a very powerful affiliate of isis in the sinai. they were behind the bombing a few years ago. the russian airliner.
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the egyptian authority have up until now to say they've got the situation under control, clearly they don't. it's a mission that they're accepting to face the challenge now they've declared three months state of emergency and to build up to easter, the worries there could be more attacks. >> this is the worry, indeed. these two attacks, particularly on the christian community in egypt have highlighted just how vulnerable they are in the country. what level of protection are they likely to receive now and was there much evidence of security when these attacks took place? we heard in that story there, one man saying they don't have any protection. >> reporter: the contact community has been that they're not getting enough state protection. they've had to provide their own security and mechanisms to try and ensure the people that want to prey on churches can do so. unfortunately the state
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authorities have not been doing enough to help the christians. they'll have to fundamentally change. they'll request state support. unfortunately the other aspect that this is not unusual. there are some 6 million christians in egypt. they've always claimed they've suffered discrimination and this goes well beyond the last few years, during the time of former president, there were attacks against the christians. it's only now that there's a greater momentum. >> all right. go ahead and thank you so much for joining us live from london where it's just after 7:00 in the morning. many thanks. >> here is a closer look at egypt's christian minority. while 90% of the country is muslim, the other 10% is believed to be christians. >> they base their theology on the teachings of the mark who introduce christianity to egypt. they've faced increasing
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discrimination and persecution since the regime was over thrown back in 2011. since then dozens have been killed. with the trump administration foreign policy will be the focus this week as the international community looks for clarity on what could happen next in syria. >> washington is putting out mixed signals on the future of bashar al assad's regime. >> the big question for the trump administration heading into this week, what's next. what's next when it comes to the delicate situation on the korean peninsula. and what's next when it comes to the crisis in syria? >> is the strike specifically to keep assad from using chemical weapons or is it the start of the war involving u.s. policy supporting the removal of assad. the message from top trump officials over the weekend wasn't all that clear. >> we are hopeful that we can work with russia and use their influence to achieve areas of
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stabilization throughout syria. that creates political conditions for the process in which we can engage all the parties on the way forward. it is through that political process that we believe the syrian people will ultimately be able to decide the fate of assad. >> there's not any political -- if you look at his actions and look at situation, it's going to be hard to see government that's peaceful and stable with assad. >> of course, the matter is more complicated than just assad. the fight against isis raging in that region and forced the regime's relationship with russia in vladimir putin. this delicate balance will be on full display this week as tillerson travels to europe. he'll meet with european leaders on monday before traveling with leader. tillerson said he'll push to put pressure on their allies to
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eliminate any chemical weapons they may still have. back at home, the president has some work to do with congressional leaders, some are questioning the overall strategy when it comes to syria. just days after the u.s. attack on syrian airfield, fighter jets were also some of the same locations where the chemical attacks took place in the first place. cnn, washington. >> president trump called the neighbor commanders who conducted the strikes to thank th crews. two u.s. destroyers launched the 59th to mahawks missile. >> the president later thanked the navy in a tweet. >> joining us now is political consultant. we heard mr. tillerson and nikki
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h haley they seem to be going different directions. >> typically certainty from foreign policy comes from the top. right now we have a president who largely is governing by instinct foreign policy wide. i think tillerson is a thoughtful individual when it comes to decision making and he's not likely to put the u.s. on the record in favor of the regime change unless he's sure that he's the question he's getting from the other top. haley has heard something differently or less concerned on making a decision on behalf of the president. it's truly rare, especially on the issue that severe cut as to whether the of big boogie man for foreign policy should be removed or not. >> generally, about mr. trump's foreign policy week. and the strike in syria, which was the most notable on that
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end. what have you learned about this administration's foreign policy and handling of foreign policy. >> i think the most fascinating we've seen this week is how normal trump's foreign policy has been these past few days relative to the first few weeks and months of the administration. his administration started off a foreign policy rollercoaster from the statements on taiwan, china, to statements by rex tillerson on potentially going to war to the sea to any number of the issues. the last week or so, it seems mcmaster and some of the sort steady foreign policy have taken control of the administration. it will be interesting to see if that stays or whether there will be another shift towards folks like bannon starting to get some power back. >> when you have a president who has never governed before who is not familiar with foreign policy, there's always some concern at the beginning of the
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term to how the president will adjust to that. has he raised some of the concerns for you who has expressed criticism in the past? >> i don't think he's erased all of those concerns by a long shot. i think tillerson and haley. when you have an president who is experienced in foreign policy, which many are, you hope they're going to staff their upper echelons with steady foreign policy hands. secretary of state tillerson and haley both have zero foreign policy, as well. he could have picked those of us on this show we have all opinions and tillerson, none of us have been in the foreign policy before. so i'm not assuaged. that being said, so far the greatest fears of the first few weeks when we were seeing travel ban and chaos at the airports seem to have died down.
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>> let me ask the question deferently, was this week a net win for him, politically? >> politically, i hate to say it, but, yes. when you go and invade -- this is not invasion, when you go and send missiles to a hostile power that people feel your predecessor should have punished for chemical weapons. it's perfect follow through that trump has made the whole way along. he's doing to respond to red lines and syria, the way -- i expect his popularity to pick up a few points. i think that being said likely to polarize for there to be a huge slaying. >> would you agree that it's something where he has improved on the obama administration and failed enforce his own red line. >> i think it's hard to compare apples to apples on this. in some ways we have learned from the past and i think that
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any president in this situation, given this set of options, probably would have now made this decision based on the fact that the red line was not effective. that being said, absolutely. i have repeatedly said that i believe that not following through on the red looin was the obama administration's worst mistake either domestic or foreign. >> thank you so much for coming on the show. it was a pleasure to have you. >> thanks for having me. the u.s. is building up pressure on north korea. america warships are being redeployed to the korean peninsula. >> after the break, we'll see how he's responding and how a top chinese company is bringing thousands of jobs to the american rust belt. stay with us. ♪ "the birds and the bees" by dean martin ♪
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welcome back everyone. the united states is defending its redeployment to the korean peninsula. the military move is in direct response to recent missile test of north korea. it's not unusual for u.s. to show off its naval force in the
11:19 pm
region. >> they tell cnn suddenly the aircraft carrier is another provocation by the u.s., that u.s. national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster is standing by. >> it's prudent to do it, isn't it? north korea has been engaged in a pattern of provocative behavior. this is a regime that is now a nuclear capable regime and president trump agreed that that is unacceptable, that what must happen is that denuclearization. so the president has asked us to be prepared to give him a full range of options to remove that threat to the american people and allies and partners in the region. >> and alexandra field has been closely following this story. she joins us live from seoul in south korea. how much concern is there across south korea about what might
11:20 pm
next come? >> reporter: while, officials here in south korea and in the u.s., of course, see the provocations as coming from north korea. that's why they have three back to the waters. as we continue to point out. it is not untususual to see u.s aircraft to carry in these waters. they routinely participate in exercises. what, of course, significant is the fact that u.s. officials are saying that this return of the u.s. has mentioned is the result from provocation from north korea. you have defense ministry saying the return of the benson shows it is clear that the uss they were creating nuclear threats as grave threat, talking about the syrian threats that we continue to see coming out of north ko a korea. it is no secret that washington has upped its responses to north korea. they're considering all options. as you heard the national security adviser saying, that's
11:21 pm
what's been coming out of washington in recent days and weeks. we have not seen a policy from the trump administration. we've seen a lot of talk about this considering of different options. you heard the u.s. secretary of state on a trip to the region saying a military option could be on the option if deemed necessary by u.s. of course, that option no one wants to talk about or entertain. pre-emptive strike we're against north korea of any type which will result in retaliation against south korea, specifically on the city of seoul and 24 million people who live in the wider metro area here. we've seen this return now, position to return to the waters off the peninsula. right now as it shows strength and got some 30,000 u.s. troops who are permanently stationed here. this is a flexing of american muscle and return of this ship to these waters, designed to send a message.
11:22 pm
the question, how will he respond what they seizurely as another provocation. >> exactly. alexandra, and expectation, now, is that north korea could fire off the test at the moment. what's being said about that. >> that is a constant concern both for officials in the u.s. and right here. defense ministry here in seoul is saying that we could see another missile test somewhat soon. you could also see another nuclear test, it's impossible to predict when north korea takes these kind of actions, as we well know. but south korean officials say this is a time to closely watch north korea, because you've got some important political events coming up, including celebration of the founders birthday. we know that in the past north korea has timed these provocative measures to coincide with either important going on inside north korea or outside of the country on a wider
11:23 pm
diplomatic scale. of course, south koreans are closely watching north korean as always. you've got analyst to continue to closely monitor and interp ter -- sbe pret, that north korea could be planning to try and conduct a sixth nuclear test. rosemary. >> keeping a very close on developments there in seoul south korea where it is 3:23 in the afternoon. many thanks. u.s. president donald trump has accused china of stealing american manufacturing jobs. well, our matt reports on chinese company that is doing the opposite, bringing thousands of jobs to the u.s. matt found this story from beijing to ohio. >> mooraine ohio is an area tha use to be filled with
11:24 pm
manufacturing jobs. this is the rust belt, so the restaurant closed, the jobs left. the factories rusted out. >> we met shane, a local, in a place where moraine has pinned its hope chinese company opened this plant last october in the center of this small ohio town. supplies auto glass to resurgeon industry in detroit and elsewhere. more than 2,000 people work here and plans for hundreds more. >> makes you feel good as a person, makes you feel more complete. i mean, you're needed somewhere. >> larly this plant was occupied by general motors. they make trucks and suvs but it closed back in 2008 and laid off thousands. >> this suv right here is the last one that rolled off the line before gm shut it's door
11:25 pm
and this is the first one that was made after they took over. >> it's invested a billion dollars over all into u.s. operations. but made in america, thanks to china, concept, feels like it could be because of this. we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. and that's what they're doing. >> the president campaigned on antichina rhetoric accusing it of stealing millions of american jobs. jobs he said he'll bring back. his tough talk resinated with people in this part of ohio. factory sits in montgomery county, which voted obama in 2008 and 2012 but went narrowly for trump in 2016. it's one of the key counties that deliver in the presidency. and yet here there are thousands of people rely on chinese company for president. >> why hasn't the president's rhetoric about china scared you off? >> i'm a businessman, he says,
11:26 pm
that was trump. i think his threats are just campaign talk. the company has faced accusations of low play and safety violations. there's a drive to yuanized workers. he said it's addressing the concern and plans to be here permanently. we asked him what he would be doing otherwise? >> trying to find another good job, which is very hard here in dayton. >> the hope is that he'll bring back other local jobs to an area that was, until recently, all about what use to be now focused on what might be. matt rivers, cnn moraine ohio. >> just a few hours at the summit. they likely dominate the agenda when we come back. >> plus u.s. syrian says her response to recent u.s. is like
11:27 pm
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get the fastest internet and the best in-home wi-fi from xfinity. and stream on speeds so fast you can catch up on the fast saga before the fate of the furious hits theaters april 14. xfinity. the future of awesome. i'm rosemary church. let's look at your to be stories this hour. isis has claimed responsibility for two deadly bombings in egypt. the blast killed at least 49 people on palm sunday. the start of easter holy week. the first hit a church in the city of tampa. the second struck outside of alexandria cathedral where the pope had just given a ceremony.
11:31 pm
>> they supported a strong international response to the use of chemical weapons in syria. u.s. president trump spoke with him on saturday. they agreed to cooperate of regional issues, including north korea. the u.s. is defending its redeployment of carrier strike group to benson pool. h.r. mcmaster said it's imprudent to send the corrupt shifts. this is not unishl they'll get ready to move in that series. >> secretary of state breaks in just a few hours he'll make the sixth of his counterparts from around the world to discuss syria and russia's role in last week's devastating chemical attack. >> tillerson said that there was no evidence moscow was involved. that doesn't mean they're blameless. >> regardless of whether russia was conclusive here or whether
11:32 pm
they were simply incompetent or got out witted, you would have to ask the russians that question. clearly they have failed. >> officials are hoping the u.s. will clarify its position at the g-7 meeting. nick robinson is on location. >> it certainly seems that syria is going to take up more than talking time here than was expected. you have tillerson, the brit irk, french, canadian foreign mill sis all here brought with her money, the british said he's cancelled a trip to moscow, he wants to work with the foreign ministers here to come up with a collective position on syria to help strengthen rex tillerson's position, u.s. second of state, when he goes on to moscow later in the week. what he won't be able to do is get us direction on their
11:33 pm
thinking. they want to banter the united states and g-7 applause taking aim to bring it into the war in syria. that's a one-sided. if you just rewind about a week or so, ten days ago, rex tillerson was visiting the nato foreign members. he's wanting them to up their spending there. what was the u.s. position, because it appeared ten days ago, that u.s. position was focused on isis. assad was second issue. clearly that's a space of ten days that position has changed with chemical strike and u.s. strike. now you have the foreign ministers here, want to find out, what is the u.s. position. what is that position on it. and concern potentially about the pair of daylight between nikki haley.
11:34 pm
there's going to be a lot of drilling down about how they're going to attack on isis in syria. nick robinson, cnn, italy. lindsey graham who has been critical is praising the u.s. military strike that he ordered last week. >> some critics question whether the strikes went far enough, especially when the syrian airfield re-opened less than 24 hours after the strike. graham says the saw dees are underestimating u.s. president donald trump. >> here is what i think assad is telling trump by flying from that space, f you. i think he's making a serious mistake. if you're an adversary of the united states and you don't worry about what trump may do on any given day, you're crazy. >> the antiisis coalition groups and ally syrian opposition forces, at a joint base in southern syria. >> the u.s. led coalition as the
11:35 pm
group carried out an attack on the syria of jordanian order against a vehicle rigged with explosive device and 20 to 30 suicide bombers. >> initiate there were no coalition casualties. ryan brown has more on this. >> this was an intense battle, as you said, involving multiple suicide bombers. this vehicle i.d. the u.s. had to call it air strikes against this isis assault in order to help repel it. this base, it's not really where a lot of the attention and the isis fight has been in recent months. in fact, most of that fighting has occurred further north where they're making a push. self declared capitol backed by u.s. troops. this has been along the jordan border, the south, a little bit out of the way. so a little bit of the surprise with the coalition and they're able to fight it off successfully in this case.
11:36 pm
>> police in sweden have made a second arrest after friday easter r's easter -- terror attack. a man they arrested after the attack was likely behind the wheel. >> the prosecutors say a second man is being held. new video shows the chaotic moments of the attack. this is from inside the shop. you can see people fleeing and that was the truck speeding by. this street is normally for pedestrians. >> terror has not scared them away. >> the biggest determination is to get life back to normal. that message has come from the king to prime minister. so imagine this was the street where the attacker came thundering down in his truck. that's how busy it would have been, amazing to think there were more deaths, there weren't
11:37 pm
more injuries. the message here is that people should carry on with their ordinary lives it defines horrendous terror threat. the truck came thundering down here and put up ply board, that you can see, to replace the smash window. instead of leaving it there. they're coming there. and so much turn into a makeshift shrine. you can see messages there, people pin the message. but mostly, and repeatedly, the word, which means, together. all the flowers are being taken from areas like this and placed on some steps around the corner for a vigil. and that was a national moment. it's been a huge out pouring of gratitude as well to the emergency services and rapid response to the attack on friday so people are laying flowers on police cars, with cars, saying, we're proud at what you did. max foster, cnn, stockholm
11:38 pm
sweden. >> coming up, the hunt is on for this man who allegedly sent it to the president of the united states. police say he's armed and dangerous. we'll tell you what the fbi is doing next. . plus the mental illnesses that plagued california's tank industry. we'll have a report on silicon's valley darkest secret. when we come back, stay with us. . with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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it contained writings an grievances against the government. >> police say the man is armed and dangerous, security has been ramped up in churches an places
11:42 pm
of worship. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward leading to his arrest. it made cnn series mostly allen is digging into some deep dark secrets of silicon valley. >> some of the creative genius is linked to depression and bipolar disorder. here is a closer look. >> i've been covering it for many years and got to know a lot of founders during this journey to success. one thing i started knowing as, you know, we only tell one i'd of the story. in some case, not all, some cases there is is a darker side of success. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> i think as the ceo, you're asked by your invest stores, by employees friends and family to have this undefeatble nature that you're on top of the world. the reality, of course, is completely different. >> he's the kind of nontrep
11:43 pm
neurothat you'll see. he's the founder of mosque which grew from a small start up to a company worth millions. but there was a dark under country to all expected. they're expecting to get no less than 18 # $0 million out of that. the start up odds are working against you. it took me months to identify. >> it wasn't just a bad day or a lot of pressure, it was clinical depression. >> what role do you think start up culture played in contributing to pressure? >> it's difficult to say. when you're swimming you don't realize it's all around. it's a badge of honor to show how busy you are. all these things that normal human beings do and need, people need families and need to go to sleep at night. somehow that is excluded from the acceptable portion of the culture. >> how are you doing now?
11:44 pm
>> better, but there's an association of shame. no one is willing to talk about it, lack of openness, role models talking about it. meant that you felt even worse. you'll put this out there and be rejected and turned away. certainly speaks to why a lot of people not -- are not comfortable sharing. >> one of the people who helped him through his depression. >> i was like you've got to talk to jerry, here we are today. >> i get it. think of him as the ceo whisper. he spent his career as influential investor now he's coach to some of the prominent leaders in the tech world. he empathizes because he's been there. >> i found there was profound depression. i was suicidal and wanting to leave. it doesn't matter how much external success you have.
11:45 pm
the more external affirmation you have, the less you feel. >> what is the myth of success? >> that it will bring happiness. >> we look at this issues of mental health, the reality is it impacts so many people, according to cdc, it's one and four that are impacted by this. i have had family members if you ask around, everyone in some sense has been touched by this. what's different about it, it's really difficult to talk about it. when you look at silicone valley, your brain is perceived as your money maker. if people think something is wrong with your brain, then, you know, maybe you won't get the deal, maybe this won't be a good thing for you. i think that's where a lot of people are trying to break down barriers and have a conversation about this and not just in technology but all around the country and world because it's certainly important conversation. >> and you can watch more of the reporting, by visiting human.
11:46 pm
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spanish golfer sergio garcia defe defeated roeds in a massive playoff. >> he's the third spaniard to win the green jacket and he won it on the birthday of his idle the late great. he is how garcia explinained to the show down. >> so, that was awesome, many congratulations they say the best things come to those who wait. >> most people will have no idea what it was like to go through what you did today, can you describe what it was like and what was going on inside? >> to tell you the truth, i was quite calm all day, which was great because it allowed me to
11:51 pm
have clearer thoughts in my head and allowed me to sing a little bit more freely. it allowed me to create thinks which was able to do throughout the whole career. yeah, it was an amazing day. it was a joy to be out there playing with justin and both playing well and going at each other, so there was a thrill. >> what happened at the end? >> i mean he was a very moving moment for everybody who was watching. >> it was incredible. >> you can feel the energy from the crowd and everything. everybody was -- it felt like everybody was just still looking -- so looking forward to that moment. not only myself and my whole group, my whole team, but
11:52 pm
everybody about that community, et felt like they were waiting for that to happen and, you know, just a lot of different thoughts, a lot of different memories, past memories from past masters, for me. and all the major championships and all the tournaments. so just a whole bunch of little flashers that -- it was nice to go through it that quickly, i guess. >> i can only imagine how emotional it would be, just to do it. but to do it on what would have been 70th, 60th birthday. >> if he were here what do you think would have been talking about. >> i think probably he'll be proud of me. i think that he'll probably have a little glass of wine together. but it was special to do it -- to do it on his -- what would have been his 60th birthday on a place that i know has been so
11:53 pm
special for him and for his him and now also for me. and it's just i'm glad i got to do it and, you know, we can enjoy it. >> australia has been getting backed by cyclone and season isn't yet. cnn national weather center, joins us now with more on that, karen. >> a lot is taking place. typically, this would be the tail end of the tropical cyclone season in the southwest pacific basin. but a lot of activity here. the season was very slow to start, once it did, we saw very powerful system, the last one with tropical cyclone debby, that just plowed in across queensland. it pummelled sections of new zeala zealand, beginning to move in.
11:54 pm
we've got the development of a potential system, could be cyclone and then there is this, cyclone cook. it is already moved across and is now moving across. it had a clearly defined lot. this is not a huge massive cyclone, but nonetheless, it has high concentration of brain fog. any accountability that we've seen significant rain fall totals. you can see under 300 millimeters at one location, but there is more in store for him. it moved across the ice, already moved across and we will expect, perhaps, the insffrastructure wl be heavily damage and we will see plenty of property damage there. potential of loss of life over the next 24 hours, hours we couldn't expect an additional
11:55 pm
100 to 150 millimeters. then it starts to move towards the south and southwest. it starts to weaken. what happens? remember in new zealand, that's near that, we sought devastating rain fall there. so it's still pretty far the future, but nonetheless one to keep an eye out for that area was so devastated. this is quite a different system, scenario speaking across india. the heat, this also encompasses a good portion of pakistan when the next several days, they're looking at temperatures running way above normal. as i mention, this is premonsoonal here that takes place here. it starts to move towards the north and start to see that flow across india, that breaks that heat. until then, we have seen devastating heat waves with this premonth season began watching
11:56 pm
and it was back in 2015, back to you guys. >> from the international weather center here at cnn. thank you so much and thank you for watching. >> i'm rosemary church, we'll be right back after this short break with more news from all around the world. do stay with us. ♪ looking for clear answers for your retirement plan? start here. or here. even here. and definitely here. at fidelity, we're available 24/7 to make retirement planning simpler. we let you know where you stand, so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand. ♪ time to think of your future tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed... trust safelite autoglass. for these parents, driving around was the only way to get their baby to sleep.
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terror on palm sunday, egypt now in mourning as isis claims responsibility for two blasts at christian churches that killed 49 people. >> and another busy week ahead for u.s. president trump in the wake of the u.s. missile strike on syria. but there are mixed messages coming from his administration. plus it all came down to one tie breaking hole, sergio garcia finally wins his first major golf tournament at the master as cnn sits down with the new champion. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm cyril


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