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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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say normally there's about 30 students were classroom. but they are adding that if it was a younger group such as kindergarten, there would be less students in the classroom. all of it unfolding today. just a horrifying scene. parents scrambling to pick up their students and hoping it's not their child who was shot. let's listen to some witnesses describing what they saw and heard this morning. >>. >> i don't see the smallest one. >> i guess you are really worried at this moment. what grade is your son in? >> second grade. >> one just got a bus. >> but you're looking for your second grader. >> they are telling parents to go to the high school. >> my boy's mom is over there now. >> soar they are not going to. >> they are going to cal state. they are going to parents to
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reunite with the kids. can i ask where you were? >> at work. >> so you were working and how did you hear about this? >> their mom works for the school district. she shot e me a text. >> could you tell from looking at your son how he's doing right now? >> he looked fine. you can see the distress in their face, but most of the kids were smiling. they didn't know what was going on. >> does he have a cell phone? >> no. >> it must be frustrating not being able to communicate. >> lewis roman. >> thank you so much. good luck. >> police in san bernardino saying that this is no longer a threat situation. but they confirm that two are e dead within a classroom at that elementary school. >> just so i'm clear.
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the phone conversation you had with the school was telling you that a student had some sort of issue with a teacher and you don't know how old that student or how old that classroom is? >> no, let's clarify that. the school district thinks as does the police chief this was a a murder-suicide or at least an attempt. they believe this stems from a domestic violence issue and so it is believed, talking to the school district, that the shooter was seeking some sort of retribution against a girlfriend or spouse. they believe the shooter was a male. they believe that the victim was probably a female teacher at the school. so there was no student against teach er. the two students wounded taken to the trauma centers were just basically in the classroom at the time from what they have been telling me. >> thank you for the clarificati clarification. awful all the way around. thank you. to the white house, moments
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ago sean spicer tried to clarify what many see as diverging statements from the trump administration when it comes to syria. the mixed signals coming a week after the u.s. missile strike in this war torn country. the president's ambassador to the united nations said regime change in syria is something that, quote, we think is going to happen. and yet secretary of state rex tillerson says the hope is to work with russia to achieve areas of stabilization throughout syria. remember, russia has been backing syrian president bashar al assad. moments ago, the white house press secretary sean spicer tried to explin how the two u.s. did you wants are not in conflict. >> i can't imagine a stable and peaceful syria where bashar al assad is in power. i think we all yek recognize that happens and there can be a multipronged approach.
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we are ensuring thattist cyst contained. >> let's go to clarissa ward there along the syrian/turkish border. there was a lot to that news conference. >> the thing that caught my ear to the point i still don't understand if he was speaking correctly is that he mentioned on three occasions barrel bombs. barrel bombs are these commonly used by the regime of bashar al assad. they are essentially crudely made barrels stuffed with explosives and nails and they are dropped out of the back of helicopters on to civilian populations. what he said was when he was
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talking about what would prompt or elicit another strike or strong reaction from the president he talked about chemical weapons and barrel bombs. take a listen. >> the red line for this white house chemical warfare, is conventional warfare enough to get the president to go further than this white house has gone before? >> the president has been clear there are a a number of lines that were crossed last week. he's not going to sit down. we saw that in the last administration. they drew these red lines and the red lines were run over. i don't think you're going to see the same play. not just syria, but the world saw last week that the president is going to act decisively and with justification when it comes to actions like that. and i will tell you, the answer is that if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, you will see a response from this president.
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that's unacceptable. i don't want to say, if you do this, this is the reaction you're going to get. the president made clear throughout the campaign and the transition and now as president that he's not going to telegraph a response to every action because that tells the opposition or the enemy what you're going to do and whether or not that response is worth taking. >> if it you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb on to innocent people, i think you're going to see a reaction from this president. if he was saying what it sounds like he was staying that the use of barrel bombs could constitute or prompt a military response from the u.s., that is a significant escalation because barrel bombs, while they are not used as much as they were a couple years ago, they are still a regular occurrence inside
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syria. this is not like chemical weapons. these are one of the more conventionally used weapons as grotesque and cruel and crude as they are, they are used a lot. so potentially sean spicer m making some big news. >> you also had the question about the air base which there have been pictures since some of the strikes that indicate that there are some aviation plane activity whereas you had the u.s. group come in had and try to take out some of the fuel areas and the planes. what's the sense? what do we know as far as how much of it was destroyed? >> so we have heard two versions of the story from the regime of bashar al assad it was business as usual. plens a taking off the runway. showing a defiant face saying you haven't destroyed our capabilities. we're going to continue on this military campaign.
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we were hearing a different story from sean spicer and the pentagon saying that some 20% of the syrian regimes fixed wing aircraft were taken out this those u.s. strikes and essentially what we saw when we saw those planes taking off from the air base sean spicer calling that a pr campaign saying these must have been prefuelled planes because the fueling capability of the air base is done. the radar capability of that air base has also been destroyed. so you're getting two versions of reality. one coming from the regime of bashar al assad, which is very keen to show it has not been weakened by this strike, but hearing a very different story from the u.s. military about the impact because to lose 20% of the fixed wing aircraft is not insignifica insignificant. >> sean spicer calling it a pr stunt. clara r clarissa ward, thank you for listening. thank you so much.
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david is with me now. he's the distinguished professor of history at trinity university. he's a consultant to european governments and the u.n. on this particular issue. and david, as i know we have spoken in the past, you have met with bashar al assad multiple times before 2009. you wrote the book "syria: the fall of the house of assad." so if i may spring board after the assumption on the note from the news conference, on the barrel bomb comment and how significant do you think that would be if that would be the line not to cross for the trump administration. >> it would be significant because the syrian government just does not have the man power or the resources to go city to city to extract the opposition, they need this warfare in order to carry out its military object
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objective s. as part of their policy and unfortunately it's been successful to date, is to bludgeon the population, particularly the civilian population that houses many of the syrian regime calls terrorists into submission. and into entering into these so-called reconciliation agreements with the government. it's worked to a certain agree. so if you make it so difficult for the civilian population, maybe it will facilitate the government and possibly a less unviolenting environment for what syria calls the terrorists. . so this would be significant. to further parse the words, sean spicer said barrel bombs against innocent civil yans and they have been saying they are using them against terrorists and armed opposition. although there's a lot of collateral damage. if sean spicer did mean barrel bombs in any use, that's game
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changer and will force to recalibrate even more so than he has with the red line on chemical weapons. >> let me take you back to last week. why do you even think assad would have gone through with this and laurvelged this chemical attack. >> if e he did do it, there's still some skepticism regarding this. it's clear sglsh do you think he did? >> the preponderance of the evidence suggests he did. it will be impossible to find out beyond a reasonable doubt ultimately. but let's assume he ordered it. i think it was act of arrogance. it was an act of overconfidence. it was a are action to trump administration statements the week prior to that saying they are accept iing assad's positio. i think he figured the russians are bombing the province. the u.s. has been bombing the province. so therefore, the world will look the other way if i do so.
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tr assad's perspective and the syrian government perspective over the years, they feel that if the u.s. government wanted him out of power, he would be gone by now. the fact that he isn't gone, means they want him to stay in power. he's the least worst alternative. so the action against the air base was really a slap on the wrist. in my mind reenforced his view that the u.s. wants him to stay in power because it was just a limited proportional targeted atta attack. >> so you don't think this was you say overconfidence. was this to test president trump? >> it could be. it could be a message sent to the israelis because there's been some israeli tensions of late in an attack into syria. but it could have been to test the trump madministration. i can't believe the russians are happy about this at all because it certainly placed them in a difficult position.
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but this is the whole conundrum of patron relations that the tail wags the dog rather than the dog wags the tail. that's caused some headaches. >> i watched an interview i talked to you five years ago. we were talking about assad then and you were talking even then about how you remembered him as being cocky. you said to me then you thought the only way assad would be leaving syria was by body bag. do you feel the same way now? >> i do. because i think assad and his supporters really believe from their perspective they are saving the country. they have convinced themselves that their well being is synonymous with the well being of syria. so they are in this for the long haul. the military fortunes have improved as of late. the russians and the iranians are all in. so they really figure they can retake the rest of the country and they know they understand
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they have to enter into some political reform process. this is where there's a difference with the russians. . the russians would be very happy transitions away from assad. they have told anyone who wants to listen that same thing. they have been telling everybody this for a number of years. unfortunately the next line is usually we have no choice right now. he's the only horse we can ride on. the alternatives are worse. the to maintain our interests in the short-term, we must rely on him. they also realize he's a liability. and so in the long-term future, they know that it must trab sigs away from him. that's why the russians have taken the lead of late in initiating diplomatic processes to political settlement that is the least of their advantage where they can control the process, where they can almost hand select a successor eventually down the road. >> so curious to e see what happens with the secretary
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tillerson meeting in russia and if he meets with putin. we'll continue our conversation. thank you so much for coming back. >> my pleasure. west wing drama. to two of the president's top advisers apparently feuding them. one a son-in-law, the other helped him win the white house. so whose power shrinking? also why is democrat gabbert skeptical that assad was behind the gas attack in syria. liberal leaders now calling for her head. and chaos in a plane, this united flight. have you seen this video after this airline picks a a passenger to kick off, drags him off the plane. what the heck happened. we'll talk about that coming up.
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welcome back. let's talk about this power struggle behind the saeshs of the white house. appear to have a right wing of the administration on the roeps. you have chief strategist steve bannon versus jared kushner, the president's son-in-law. the president scolding the pair behind closed doors as we're
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told tr officials. telling the two to cut out the bickering. and to work out your differen s differences. but the white house is down playing this. telling reporters this is much to do about nothing. >> he understands that we have some pretty smart, talented individuals who are opinionated on a lot of subject. but that our battles and policy differences need to be behind closed doors. we need to focus and ultimately all come out committed to the agenda. >> this meeting on the friday where the two principles were essentially told by the president cool this and get along and get on the same page. >> look, i think there's a lot of stuff that was overblown about this. it gets a little more sensational than it truly is is. the president obviously is pleased with the last week he's had and the accomplishments especially on the foreign policy
12:21 pm
front. >> this comes after a tough week for steve bannon. he was removed from his top post and reportedly lost in convincing the president not to strike syria and then his private feud with kushner went public. i have ned price, former cia analyst during the obama administration with us. ned, thank you for coming on. and randy evans is back with us today, member of the rnc. nice to see you, sir. let me begin with you. you're buds with reince priebus. you're very close with the chief of staff. he reportedly met with steve bannon and jared kushner to help work it out, as per the. is it going to get worked out? what's he telling you? >> i'll tell you this. the bottom line is when you put a lot of elephants in a a small space, they are going to bump into each other and you have some powerful personalties in that west wing. it's pretty close quarters. >> it's small. >> if you start to drag through,
12:22 pm
you had the immigration order, which had its difficulties followed by sessions recusal by the health care failure and then the recusal by nunes. there's a little exhaustion and not having exactly -- >> let's be real. are you sleeping better at night knowing stooech bannon's influence is on the down swing. >> i like them both. i have friends in all those offices so i don't worry about it. but i will agree with you on this. clearly tensions did es ccalate. there was a moment it had to be addressed. i think it has been addressed. everybody is kind of getting back to their comfort zone of where their strengths are and let the president leave. >> at least you admit it. this is step one on a process here of elephants in a small space. ned, here's a question to you. do you think this is a signal that it raised itself up to the
12:23 pm
president to be dealt with. do you get the sense that this more far right. pop list agenda is waning in the white house? >> i think we actually saw two important moves in the national security world within the course of the past week. one, you have mentioned the removal of steve bannon from the national security council. but the other is actually more meaningful and more important. that's the apparent dismissal of mcfar listened as the security adviser. she, by all accounts, is being on a slow boat to singapore being offered the ambassadorship there. in doing so, mcmaster, who replaced mike flynn as a national security adviser, is trying his best to put his mark on the security council. he's trying his best to maneuver people like steve bannon ask kushner and reince priebus who crowded him out and crowded out security can council officials. i think with this move the security adviser is signaling that the amateur hour within the
12:24 pm
national security council staff is over. >> sean spicer was asked about that. he said you asked about this when we got the job and would he have the power to over the national security council and e he does. it appears that way. what about reince priebus? i had a source here on friday saying she was hearing from. top sources that reince priebus could be ob his way out. there was a full screen graphic with four faces who could potential ly replace him. what's the word an that end? >> that's a great example of rumors taking on lives all to themselves. reince is kind of the glue that holds it all together. he's the person that worked with every different section or faction of our party bringing them all together in the general election. he's close friends with speaker ryan. he works well with steve bannon.
12:25 pm
if you remember early on, there were issues that priebus and bannon had issues. at the end of the day, he's starting to be the constant of it all, if you will. he's the one that makes the engines and trains run on time. >> what about gary cohen? this is jared kushner's economic adviser. registered democrat, former executive. apparently he's tight with jared kushner and the president of the united states. how does that make you feel? >> he's called globalist gary and has a counterpart, as i understand it, now in a prominent ogs. that's dena paul. i think you are seeing a shifting power center within the white house. i frankly have been heartened by some of these personnel moves. right now what we have seen are the adults emerging within this white house and taking their
12:26 pm
rightful positions. >> thank you both very much. we're going to continue our conversation here because we have to get back to the breaking news on the deadly shooting in california. this elementary school in san bernardino. police confirming two adults were shot and killed inside a classroom, children may have been wounded. we're waiting for a police news conference. it should begin any minute now. we'll take that live. also ahead, shocking cell phone video of the united passenger bloodied as he was forcibly removed from this overbooked flight. . we'll talk to one passenger who witnessed the entire thing. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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you thought you had bad experiences. look what happened on an overbooked united airlines flight when an already seated passenger refused to give up his seat. >> you busted his lip. >> look away you did to him. >> oh, my god. >> so here's what united says. flight 3411 from chicago to louisville was overbooked. after our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate. . we apologize for the overbooked
12:32 pm
situation. an overbooked flight. . who among us has nod i guegnoree request. jade kelly was on that flight. she was sitting across the aisle from the man you just saw being drag ged off the plane. jade, i have seen this video multiple times today. i cringe every time i watch. tell me what happened. >> it was very traumatic. i actually was sit iting across the aisle from the gentleman, but one of the officers told e me and the passenger told me to move before the man was taken off the flight. so we were moved to the back of the plane standing up and i. couldn't see very well over the officers. but i heard the screaming. and i saw it appeared they were dragging him off the flight. . we returned to our seats after that, but it was horrible. i had trouble sleeping last night. even just now hearing the video
12:33 pm
again, it gives me chills. it was a traumatic experience. i was sobbing as the man left the plane. one of the flight attendants handed me some tissue because i was so upset at what had happened. >> i don't blame you. . i don't understand how this so quickly got so physical to have a man bloodied and dragged. why did this -- they needed two people to hop off. then that became four. but connect the dots for me between somebody volunteering and somebody getting dragged off a plane. >> originally, we were told one passenger needed to leave the flight at the gate. then we were allowed to board. so i assumed that united had had handled the situation and somebody had volunteered. then we were informed that four passengers needed to leave because united had crew that had to work coming out of lewisvill on monday morning. so a at that point, the gentleman in his wife were told
12:34 pm
that they had been randomly selected to leave the plane. and then the situation just very quickly es ka laplated. when united couldn't handle it, when they lacked leadership to handle it, they called in the security and tr there the man was dragged off very violently. >> after he was dragged off, he ran back on the plane. >> e yes, ma'am, about ten minutes later, i'm not sure what happened, but i saw him running back on the plane. . his face was bloodied and he needed to get home. and so he had not -- it appeared he hadn't gotten medical attention and he was taken off the plane again, but this time it was not by force. and i'm not sure where he went after that. >> what are we coming to? this is what the united ceo has said. this is an upsetting event to all of us here at united. i apologize for having to
12:35 pm
reaccommodate these customers. our team is moving to work with authorities and conduct our own detailed review of what happened. so you get to louisville. what did the flight attendants say and do e we know how this guy is doing? >> when we initially did take off for louisville about two hours after the original departing time, the flight attendant said they were sorry that we had had to witness the incident. and the flight was dead silent, the mood was very solemn returning back to louisville. even leaving the plane we were told again they apologized they had to witness the incident. but the apology was not coming from any kind of sincerity. it had nothing to do with american airlines as a company. they were sorry it inconvenienced the other passengers. >> i understand people needing to get to the next city on time,
12:36 pm
but come on now. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'm so sorry you had to go through that. >> thank you veif for having me. >> thank you. we have an update also on the deadly shooting out in california. that elementary school we have now heard from the police chief giving an update. let's take a listen. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm lieutenant mike with the san bernardino police department. i serve as our public information officer. this morning at 10:27, e we began receiving reports of a shooting which had just occurred at north park elementary school in the city of san bernardino. this elementary school is at 5378 north h street and our officers responded to the call. with the initial responding officers arriving in four minutes within the call.
12:37 pm
this does appear to have been a murder-suicide with both male adult and female adult victim sum coming to injuries with the male su coming to a self-inflictself-inflict ed gunshot wound. we had two students who were tragically injured and are listed as critical at this stage in area hospitals. we are not releasing the names or ages of those students at this time pending notification of family. however, we will release that as soon as we possibly can. again, this is a tragic incident that has befallen our city and i assure you that we are doing everything we possibly can to conduct a very thorough investigation into this matter and to reunify the students at the school as quickly as possible with their parents. i would like to turn the podium over to the superintendent.
12:38 pm
>> so who adults killed and two students taken to the hospital there. we know the students were bussed on to a local high school to be picked up there in san bernardino. more ob the breaking news now. sean spicer suggesting a barrel bomb is a red line for president trump in seyria. if if true, that's a major escalation. we'll discuss that. also democrats turning on one of their own after a a hawaii congresswoman questioned whether the syrian president's responsible for last week's chemical attack. we'll debate her argument, coming up. two become one.
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. the question who is responsible
12:43 pm
for the chemical attack in syria that killed mothers, children. the answer can is clear. bashar al assad. but for democratic congresswoman who recently met with assad in damascus, there's no proof. listen to what she told wolf blitzer. >> if president assad is found to be responsible after an independent investigation for these horrific chemical weapons attacks, i'll be the tirs one to e denounce him, to call him a war criminal and call for his prosecution into criminal court. make sure those consequences are there. but the key is now with president trump's reckless military strikes last night, it flew directly in the face of the action that the u.n. was working on at that time to launch an independent investigation. to find out what the facts are, who was involved and who was responsible. so i'm skeptical because we have
12:44 pm
to take at a premium the cost of these wars not only on the syrian people and the people in the middle east, but the cost of these wars here in the united states. >> now you have democrats who are calling on the congresswoman to leave office because of what she said. howard dean tweeting, this is a disgrace. gabbert should not be in congress. we have jonathan with me. strategic and former bernie sanders supporter. also the executive director at the state democratic party. . gentlemen, good to see both of you. first to you. you agree with the congresswoman. >> yes, and i think he's taken a judicious position and compliment her to be under fire in this environment to say let's look at the facts. i wish she'd put up on the screen her full statement. the only thing i disagree is she called for the execution of assad if he's found guilty by the international criminal
12:45 pm
court. they turn peopleover to the host countries. but since this is opening of baseball season here, it feels like they are doing it all over again. what they are saying is let's wait for the facts. she harkens back to the iraq war. >> e she says where was the evidence. . weapons of mass destruction. >> we rush to war. tens of thousands of people are killed, trillions of dollars were spent and isis was created among many things. >> what do you make of that point? >> we have been seeing the effect of what assad is doing to his people for six years now. i understand where jonathan is coming from. there may be a knee jerk reaction or some kind of way to distract from other issues that were going on at the white house at the time, but we have seen
12:46 pm
these images. what i would have liked her to say is refrain this conversation. he's on his way to russia. how is he going to hold russia accountable. that's where democrats in particular someone who has been affected by this to hold on. >> do you doubt the evidence? >> i was not on the ground there. i think slight disagreement. if this had been an attack going over the last six years, assad has been a brutal dictator. he slaulgterred tens of thousands of people, that would be one thing. this is a targeted thing about this one incident. put aside it was completely useless and not strategic and tr a military stand point kind of a joke. . they flew 50 missiles. >> let's be honest, it was wag the dog. it was an attempt to divert attention from what's happening
12:47 pm
domestically. donald trump's failure at many levels. the health care debate and so on. and we don't know the evidence. so as the congresswoman in her statement was very clear. if president assad is guilty of this horrible chemical attack on innocent civilians, i will be the first to call for his prosecution and then she said execute. >> the pentagon points to evidence, we're not on the inside. i don't know how much the congresswoman would know. sooes a veteran and sees things we wouldn't. absolutely the obama administration said, yes, indeed, it was assad. >> that's right. interestingly enough, there were concerns at that time as to whether the president should take action here. he pulled back a little bit and went to congress. it was actually vladimir putin who essentially created the agreement for assad to back down the on the use of chemical weapons. that's what needs to get
12:48 pm
revisited. it will be interesting to see the relationship with putin on this issue going forward. that's where i think the congresswoman could be instrumental in congress. to say if you're going to go in, if you believe the evidence to be true, at least let congress dictate how you do this, when you do this and what's our definition of success. >> i talked to david latch, who is brilliant on all things syria. he's met with assad multiple times. he still believes the only way assad is leaving is in a body bag. >> but there's no military solution for this situation. that's what the u.s. has to understand. there's only going to be a diplomatic situation. he's not going to leave in a body bag. at least not until u.s. action. we should understand the u.s. role can only be and i see this back in the iraq war as a diplomatic effort and some way of having an arbitration there. >> diplomacy has not worked. >> more time to talk syria. thank you both for your time.
12:49 pm
i appreciate it. next, neil gorsuch sworn into the united states supreme court today. could this be the win that the white house so desperately needs right now. we'll talk to jake tapper, next. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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. .
12:53 pm
under the constitution and laws of the united states. >> under the constitution and laws of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> history made today as neil gorsuch was sworn in as the 113th associate justice on the united states supreme court to be a conservative appointee of president. he takes the seat left vacant by the late antonin scalia. jake tapper joins me now, host of "state of the union." nice to see you, my friend. is this the win, is this the shot in the arm that this white house needs for say future legislation? >> i don't know that it's going to make a difference in terms of future legislative fights, but it's certainly a win. it's certainly clear points on
12:54 pm
the board. president trump promising that he would deliver from a list of conservative possible supreme court justices and getting him nominated and confirmed within the first 100 days is a sizable accomplishment that was no doubt on the president's mind as he spoke earlier today. >> you just heard that the most important thing that a president of the united states does is appoint people, hopefully great people like this appointment, to the united states supreme court, and i consider this a great appointment. and i got it the done in the first 100 days. you think that's easy? >> you heard him there saying you think that's easy? it's nice. think that's easy? a little bit of a victory lap there. we have to point out, of course, that in order to get justice gorsuch confirmed senator mitch mcconnell had to change the rules after the democrats staged an attempt at a filibuster, and,
12:55 pm
of course, as you know, brooke, because we've been doing this every day now, gorsuch, his nomination, his confirmation fight and his confirmation haven't really been a top story because of everything else going on in the world in, syria and with the russia investigation, the failure of the health care bill and on and on. that said this is a clear win for the president, and the legacy that he will have going forward, he put a conservative on the supreme court. >> jake tapper, thank you so much. we watch you as we do every day 4:00 eastern, "the lead" in just a couple of minutes. we'll move along and tell but a manhunt under way for a suspect who allegedly stole more than a dozen guns and sent a 100-plus page man photo to president trump before up and disappearing. why schools and churches are now on alert. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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on that video of a passenger being dragged off this united airlines flight because apparently the flight was overbooked. he refused to give up his seat, so the chicago aviation officer involved in this ordeal has been placed on leave now pending an investigation. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. thanks, brooke. did the white house just draw a new red line in the sand when it comes to military action in syria? "the lead" starts right now. what is the next move against bashar al assad and syria? different msis and this afternon the trump administration seemed to draw a new line when it comes to barrel bombings. and will this rattle north korea and kim jong-un or have the opposite effect in his quest for nuclear weapons? >> oh, my gosh. look what you did to him. shocking videos of