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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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high alert. the world on edge as north korean dictator kim jong-un shows off new missiles and warns his nation is ready for all-out war. how will president trump respond? >> north korea's a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> we have a correspondent live with vice president pence as he touches down inside south korea, and we'll take you inside pyongyang, as tensions ratchet up. plus the biggest non-nuclear bomb in the u.s. arsenal. the pentagon drops a massive bomb on isis fighters in afghanistan, just days after a surprise u.s. strike in syria. >> if you look at what's happened over the last eight weeks and compare that to what's happened over the last eight years, you'll see there's a tremendous difference. >> is the commander in chief letting his generals run the show? senator bernie sanders will join us live. and unfriendly skies. outrage as a united airlines
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passenger is violent by removed from a flight. what can congress do to protect passengers' rights and prevent this from happening again? plus the best political minds will be here with what happens next. happy easter everyone. i'm jake tapper in washington where the state of our union is on the brink. north korea fired off a missile last night, it failed. u.s. authorities are still determining what kind of missile it was but defense officials tell cnn they do not believe it could have reached the u.s. the news came as quite a relief to u.s. officials after the north korean regime spent the weekend displaying its weapons with dictator toial pageantry and lauding itsiness for what it called all-out war with the u.s. but the pentagon remains wary and concerned what kim jong-un might do next. vice president mike pence arrives in south korea. our day in a bash is traveling
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with the vice president and cnn's will ripley inside north korea. let's go first to pyongyang, north korea. will, have the north koreans acknowledged that their missile launch failed? >> reporter: they have not, jake. we will not have any public acknowledgment of this failed missile launch because north korean state-controled media only talks about the successes of their leadership, not the failures. i had a conversation with a couple of north korean officials this afternoon in pyongyang who said they were aware of the reports but there would be no official comment which isn't surprising. i've been in this country before where there have been failed missile launches. everybody in the rest of the world is talking about it and inside the country it's as if it never happened. we know with north korea if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. kim jong-un made it clear failures don't deter him or his rocket scientists from trying to test more missiles. it's not really a matter of if but when. will it happen while vice
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president pence is in the region, could it happen closer to april 5th, a major military anniversary here in north korea? it could be neither of those dates. we simply don't know. what we do know north korea's nuclear test site is primed and ready for the sixth nuclear test according to analysts in the u.s. and south korea who have been saying this for several weeks. given the fact kim jong-un had a missile launch failure some are concerned this could mean he's more motivated to do something bigger to show force after unveiling all of the new missiles at the military parade. it's quite a thing standing on the sidelines and the ground is rumbling with the missiles rolling by. these were mockups likely an display, missiles would be a safety concern with hundreds of thousands in the crowd and the leadership in the stands but nonetheless this could be a sign of things to come, jake. we have to watch and see what happens. >> will ripley in pyongyang, north korea.
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let's go to seoul, south korea, where we find dana bash. who just visited a u.s. air base that the north koreans have threatened to destroy if provoked. >> this morning's provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day in the defense of the freedom of the people of south korea and the defense of america in this part of the world. >> dana, what are white house officials telling about this failed missile launch and also their concerns about a potential nuclear test? >> reporter: well i have to set the scene for you, jake. it was quite dramatic. the vice president on air force two with reporters like myself in the back of the plane, was on route here to the korean peninsula when the white house and the world got word of this failed missile test, and of
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course we in the back of the plane didn't have communications, but as you could imagine at the front of the plane where the vice president and his aides are, they have state-of-the-art communication. he was immediately briefed, had a call with the president of the united states and some of his aides came to the back to tell us about this, and immediately it was very clear what the administration response would be, quite different, jake, from what we have seen from the president himself over the past week or so really with tough talk, provocative tweets vis-a-vis north korea. instead, white house policy adviser focusing on foreign policy made clear that this was just a matter of if, not when. they knew this was going to happen. perhaps when the vice president would be on the korean peninsula and they were just taking a deep breath, maybe a sigh of relief
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this wasn't what will was talking about and another thing that they were bracing for, which would possibly be the sixth nuclear missile test that north korea would launch, didn't happen but it is really significant that the vice president is here right now, reassuring the south koreans and again trying to take the temperature down a notch when it comes to the administration's rhetoric. >> dana bash in seoul, south korea, a tense situation under way. joining me to talk about this and much more is former democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders, a vermont senator. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> the north koreans put out a statement beannouncing the trump administration's mamaical military administrations. how do you think president trump has dealt with the crisis so far? >> well the important point is how we go forward. it is a very complicated and difficult issue. you have a regime which in north korea is isolated, which has put incredible resources into a nuclear and missile program, while millions of its people over the years have starved to death.
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the key point here is that the united states must not act impulsively, and we must not act unilaterally. the key i think to this situation i think president trump understands this, is dealing with china. china now receives about 80% of the imports of north korea. they are virtually the only ally that north korea has, and what china has got to understand is that they have got to put incredible pressure, work with the entire asian community, in telling north korea that they have got to cease their efforts of develop intercontinental ballistic missiles and more nuclear weapons. i think china has the capability of doing that, so the partnership with china and other countries in that region is what we have got to focus on. >> as you note, president trump has seemed to follow that basic that china is the key, after he met with chinese president xi, an editorial in a semiofficial
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chinese newspaper warned that north korea, warned north korea specifically that it must rein in its nuclear ambitions or risk losing vital chinese trade. it wrote "chinese society will be willing to see the united nations security council adopt severe restrictive measures that have never been seen before such as restricting oil imports to the north." it seems to be something of a policy shift for china. do you agree, and if so, do you think president trump's policy of leading on china is the reason this is happening? >> no, i think this policy shift on the part of china has been taking place for quite a while now. as i understand, for example, china did not have a representative at the military parade in north korea the other day. that says something. just the other day, a plane trips between beijing and north korea were suspended.
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not to mention that china is now cutting back on the importation of coal from north korea, which is the major source of their foreign currency. china has to do a lot more. they have got to be working with the united states, with japan, with south korea to make it very clear to north korea that these policies cannot continue or else there is going to be significant economic sanctions destroying that economy. >> you were one of the only members in congress opposed to the strike in syria two thursdays ago. you warned it could lead to a quagmire. since that time there have been no further u.s. strikes against the syrian regime. president trump said this week "we're not going into syria." is it possible that that air strike by the u.s. was a one-off? >> well here is the point. jake, when we talk about national disasters, what is happening in syria is almost beyond belief. you have a dictator there who
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appears prepared to destroy his entire country in order to hold onto his power and his wealth. 400,000 syrians are dead, 10 million people displaced. they have detainment camps, massive torture. they bomb hospitals. this is an horrific regime. what our job there has got to again not act unilaterally. in this case we have got to demand that russia and iran stop their efforts in supporting this horrific dictator. assad has got to go. isis has got to be defeated. but i do not want to see the united states get sucked into perpetual warfare in the middle east, see our men and women get killed, trillions of dollars being spent. we've been in afghanistan now for over 15 years. we've been in iraq for a very long time. i don't want to see us dragged into another war in syria, when kids in this country cannot
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afford to go to college, when our infrastructure is collapsing, when 28 million americans have no health insurance. we have got to start paying attention to the needs back home, work with allies in the region. the war in iraq was the worst blunder in the modern history of this country. precipitated mass instability. we cannot continue to make those mistakes. countries around the world have got to work with us to address those crises. >> senator, arab leaders and former obama administration officials applauded the strike by president trump against assad's forces. they said it was exactly what you're talking about, a way to send a signal to him that what his behavior is unacceptable, while not getting the u.s. involved in a quagmire so i'm not sure why you opposed the strike. can you help clear it up for us? >> listen, it's not a question of one strike or one big bomb in afghanistan. what you need is a strategy, and
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that strategy has got to demand that russia, which supplies an enormous amount of very sophisticated weaponry to assad stop what it's doing. this will require intensive negotiations, to tell russia they cannot support a dictator who is destroying his entire country. one strike is not going to do very much in that process. >> all right, senator sanders, stay there. when we come back we'll talk about many more issues. airlines are making big changes as a result of the backlash to the united airlines passenger's violent removal. can congress push the airlines even further? should they? more with bernie sanders next. marie knows that a dutch apple pie can make any occasion feel more special. so she makes her pie crust from scratch. and sprinkles on brown sugar streusel. so that you can spend more time making special moments with your family. marie callender's it's time to savor ...that had the power to whawaken something old......
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welcome back. violent clashes between and over president trump this weekend in berkeley, california, 11 people were injured and at least 21 people were arrested as fights broke out between pro trump and anti-trump protesters. "the los angeles times" said the oath campers came to protect the protrump protesters including many to protest president trump's refusal to release his tax returns.
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we're back with senator bernie sanders of vermont. senator, in addition to that berkeley protest, democrats across the country yesterday gathered for rallies all over on tax day calling for president trump to release the last of his tax returns and i heard many democratic senators believe the president's tax returns could be subpoenaed in the course of the senate intelligence committee investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. election. do you think his returns should be subpoenaed? >> i think the american people need to understand what kind of involvement trump's business dealings have abroad, and what kind of leverage those dealings may have on his policies as president of the united states. they want a president who is going to represent the american people, not his own interests, business interest which extend all over the world. but you know, jake, when you talk about planes, as i think you know, tomorrow afternoon tom perez, the chair of the
9:18 am
democratic party and i will be taking a nine-state tour. all across this country, to do what i think is absolutely necessary, and that is to help revitalize american democracy. so many of our people are giving up on the political process, that is frightening. in the last presidential election, when trump won, we had the lowest voter turnout in 20 years and in the previous two years before that in the midterm election the lowest voter turnout in 70 years. i think what's happening is the middle class shrinks as people perceive that the media and congress is not hearing their pain about a declining standard of living, income and wealth inequality, not being able to afford to send their kids to college. they're giving up on the political process. we cannot allow that to happen. tom and i are going to go all over the country, we're going to be fighting to see that the democratic party becomes a 50-state party. you can't just be a west coast party and an east coast party and we need a bottom-uhm party,
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a grassroots party which is prepared to stand up to the big money interest which have so much influence over the political and economic development of our country. >> let's talk about that, kansas and georgia are red states. you're on this red state tour that will kick off tomorrow but just this week a democrat you supported lost an election for a special house seat election in kansas, a democratic candidate john ossoff is seeking to fill in georgia a seat vacated by the now secretary of health and human services secretary dr. tom price in georgia. are you concerned that the dnc, they're doing this big red state tour with you but a lot of people criticized the dnc for not sending enough resources to kansas, so it's great that they're doing this display. >> let's be clear. the point here is that all over grassroots america, democrats, independents or republicans people are perceiving trump did not tell the truth in his
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campaign in terms of what he would do as president of the united states. he was going to drain the swamp. well, he's appointed more billionaires to his cabinet than any president innistry, et cetera, et cetera. what i think has happened now in kansas, it is true that the democratic candidate lost. it is true that the democratic party should have put more resources into that election. but it is also true that he ran 20 points better than the democratic candidate for president did in kansas. so what you're seeing in kansas, what you're seeing in georgia, i believe you're going to see it in montana. i believe you're going to see it all over this country is the many so-called red states working people are going to wake up and say wait a second. republicans want to cut social security, medicare, medicaid and education and they want to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 1%. that's not what we elected trump to do. climate change is real. it's not a hoax. we got to move to sustainable
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energy. i think all over this country in red states and in blue states people are beginning to stand up, they're beginning to fight back, they're demanding a government, which does not just represent the billionaires but represents the working class of this country. >> senator i want to ask you about this horrific incident last week in which a passenger was dragged off a united flight after refusing to give up his seat voluntarily. democratic congressman of illinois is planning to introduce legislation to ban airlines from being able to involuntarily bump passengers from flight. this could result in higher fares for consumers. what do you think congress should do? >> well i think anybody who flies a lot, and as a united states senator, i fly a lot, knows how dysfunctional in many respects the airlines are. they know that there are many, many delays that are caused not because of weather but inappropriate practices on the
9:22 am
part of the airlines. this overbooking, which caused this particular problem, is not unique. i've been on airlines many, many times where people have been asked to leave, and i think what we do need is to take a hard look at the airlines in this country and make them much more responsive to the consumers than they currently, in terms of pricing. you could have two people on an airline, one spending twice as much as another person. the idea of taking a hard look at airline travel and by the way, the consolidation of ownership in the airline industry is something that i think would be a very useful effort. >> senator bernie sanders of vermont thank you so much. have fun and good luck on your red state tour. >> thank you very much. come up, failure to launch. will kim jong-un's unsuccessful missile launch prompt him to try again or try a nuclear test? that's next. a heart attack doesn't care what you eat or how healthy you look.
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welcome back to "state of the union." i'm jake tapper. the world is waiting to see how kim jong-un will react now that his overnight missile launch has failed. vice president pence just landed in south korea, apparently ready to back up president trump's tough talk against north korea's nuclear regime. north korea made it clear it is to respond to any u.s. provocation, the country's state-run media, statement from the army on friday saying the trump administration's "serious military hysteria has reached a dangerous phase." during its show of force on the country's most important holiday this weekend, north korean soldiers chanted they were ready to die for kim jong-un. let's turn to the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee republican congressman ed royce of california. thank you for joining us on this easter sunday. >> thank you, jake. >> so the "new york times" reports that president obama
9:28 am
started a secret program to sabotage with electronic warfare north korea's missile program. "the times" writes "the north's launch failure rate has been extraordinarily high since mr. obama first accelerated the program." do you think u.s. covert action is the reason why this missile launch failed? >> you know, i think there's a couple of possibilities, that's one of them, but i would say that we shouldn't take too much comfort, because even in failure, this program continues to advance, and they will be closely, in the not too distant future in a position where they could hit all 50 states in the united states with an icbm, so i do say don't take too much comfort in this but it is a good development failed. >> dana bash is reporting from seoul, south korea, the u.s. was concerned the north koreans might try to test a nuclear device that has not happened yet. do you think the north koreans still might try that even with
9:29 am
vice president pence on the peninsula? >> well we do think that they may try that. this would be the sixth test that they would do, and of course there's additional pressure now that we've put on china. i passed legislation last year through the house that was signed into law, which is a north korean sanctions act which now was actually taken up by the security council as well, and that puts additional pressure on neighboring countries such as china, not to transfer to north korea. we have found that unfortunately china has continued to transfer some of the parts that north korea has gotten their hands on now, and continue to transfer the type of fuel that keeps the economy going. what we're urging this president to do at this point is what was done once before with banco delta asia, that is shut down any foreign banks doing any kind
9:30 am
of business in hard currency with north korea because when we last did that, we shut off the money for their program, and we shut it down tight as a drum. and i think that's the next step that has to be deployed. >> president trump was asked if the moab bomb dropped on afghanistan was intended to send a message to north korea. take a listen to his response. >> does this send a message to north korea? >> i don't know if this sends a message. it doesn't make any difference if it does or not. north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> the north koreans are calling president trump reckless and warning of a dangerous situation in which a thermonuclear war may break out any moment. do you think the military actions by the u.s. in syria and in afghanistan were in any way designed to send a message to pyongyang about president trump's willingness to use military force? >> i don't presume that that was
9:31 am
the reason for either of those attacks. what i do presume is that it is the reason for the negotiations with china right now. because there is the realization that if china does cut off all transactions with north korea, we'll be in a position where once again the dictator will not be able to pay his generals. that's what happened the last time we had these kinds of sanctions imposed on chinese banks, some ten banks back during banco delta asia. so i think that's the negotiation right now. that's the leverage, and we need that kind of political leverage, because that's the way to get the attention of the regime in north korea, and have them reconsider on their nuclear program. >> do you have any indication that the white house is considering the measure that you're talking about, sanctioning these ten chinese banks that do business with north korea? >> i do. and i also have additional legislation that i and elliot engel, our ranking democratic member, are putting forward right now, in order to go with third party sanctions on some
9:32 am
additional financial institutions worldwide, and cut off the ability of north korea to use what's called slave labor. this is the indentured servitude where the money comes back in to north korea for their workers that they accepted out to neighboring states. we are looking at shutting off every dime of money that goes in there, because it's very expensive to run a program like this, and if you cannot pay for the foreign parts and if you get the cooperation from china, you can shut it down and we must shut it down. >> there are concerns of course, i don't need to tell you or anybody in california, that north korea could build a nuclear weapon that could reach your home state of california. the pentagon spent more than $40 billion since the '90s trying to build a defense system but the "l.a. times" recently wrote of the program called the gmd "in nine simulateed atacks since gmd was deployed in 2004, interceptors have failed to take out their targets six times." how worried are you about your
9:33 am
home state of california being fully protected from a nuclear attack from north korea? >> well, jake, when you consider the fact that the missile that you saw in the parade was actually capable of being fired from a submarine, it's not just california. yes, i'm very worried about this program and that's why i say, when we have a strategy that worked in the past, and frankly, sanctions worked on south africa, when you really deploy them with international support, you can get a regime like the south african regime to give up its atomic weapon and frankly that also ended apartheid there. when we have something that has been that effective and we know how to do it, we must do it now because we have such little time left before they finally work
9:34 am
out this capability of miniaturizing this weapon that they now have and they may have enough inventory for 100 of these, and then can put them in the icbms which they've been testing. this is the urgency. >> congressman ed royce, a republican of california, the chairman of the house foreign relations committee, thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate it and happy easter to you and your family. >> thank you, jake. happy easter to you, too. this site cannot be found, shutting down the website that reveals visitor logs along with financial disclosure forms for white house employees. why so secret, president trump? stay with us.
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what are we doing right now in terms of north korea? >> you never know, do you? you never know. >> "you never know." president trump keeping his cards close to his vest on north korea, but with tensions rising, what is the plan? with me to talk about all of this, republican congresswoman
9:39 am
mia love, jason candor, bill kristol and bacari seller, former south carolina state representative. thanks for being here. happy easter and happy passover. let's start with this congresswoman love president trump talking tough. north koreans responding they're preparing for all-out war. do you feel you have the strategy from the trump administration when it comes to north korea? >> first of all, no. i think we need to know. i always have these rules that before i send my neighbors off to war, before we commit any act of war members of congress need to know, we need to make sure we have a clear mission and a plan. we need to have a way out and make sure the people that we're sending are equipped and trained well, and so i think the house of representatives is a branch of government closest to people. we need to have a dialogue to
9:40 am
understand how serious the situation is with north korea. that being said, i know that there are times where he has to act quickly, and i'm fine with that. because we have to make sure that north korea doesn't chance. it's scary to see what's happening. it's scary to know they want us gone. all of us on both sides of the aisle really want to be engaged in what's happening before we make any major steps. >> let me ask you, jason candor, you are in addition to being a former missouri state official, a veteran of the army, and there's been a lot of talk this week about how much president trump is deferring to the generals. whether it comes to the syria strike, most particularly with the bomb dropped in afghanistan, not clear president trump knew about that ahead of time even and when it comes to north korea, general, secretary mattis is the one who issued a statement yesterday. are you concerned about that at all or do you like the deference to the generals?
9:41 am
>> i'm deeply concerned about it. if you think back to when he was asked whether or not he approved the dropping of the moab in afghanistan, his answer was something along the lines of, it started with "uh" and went from "uh" to "everybody knew exactly what was going on" which is of course the opposite of true. he was giving the answer because he didn't want people to know exactly whether he approved it or not and what bothers me there are two acceptable answers to that question. the first was, i am the commander in chief, it was an important decision to make a change like that to step up to that level of using that weapon, and so i made the decision, and the second was, here's why that decision was made by the tactical commander on the ground and then defend it. he doesn't do either and i believe the reason is because he wants to take credit for good things when they happen and blame generals when bad things happen. that's no way to lead a military, certainly the most powerful military in the world. >> you have a son in the marines. do you agree with that assessment? >> general mickelson made a battlefield call, no difference between dropping ten bombs
9:42 am
together add up to the explosive force. >> it set a precedent. it's a big step >> i don't know if it's that big a step. anyway, whatever. the president should take responsibility for the strategic decisions. i don't think you want a president micromanaging the generals in certain respects. the generals who are civilians now, general mattis and general mcmaster in the hole as military adviser. they have a long record of understanding that. mcmaster in iraq, jason knows this, one of the key advocates of counter insurgency, making sure you have to win hearts and minds. you can't just bomb people into submission. mcmaster made his name in tel afar in iraq 2005 before general petraeus. i'm not worried about mcmaster and mattis. >> it's not just about whether or not he made that decision. it's the other things that the president has done. it's pushing responsibilities
9:43 am
down of whether or not to conduct raids in countries like yemen, below that level and that coming after him saying about ryan owens, the navy s.e.a.l. who was killed that the generals lost him rather than saying we lost him. we as a country lost him. that is a big difference and from a military leadership point of view, that concerns me a lot. >> one of the things that's interesting is we've seen a lot of president trump talking about how difficult issues are and he didn't realize it, he said that about health care a few weeks ago. this week he said about north korea, to "the wall street journal" you're talking about thousands of years and many wars and korea actually used to be a part of china, and after listening for ten minutes to chinese president xi i realized that it's not so easy. >> i think we understood that we elected a president of the united states who had this knowledge deficit when he went into the office. we all understand that. we all agree, democrats and republicans alike, but i think one of the biggest problems many people including myself have, when you address north korea or syria or afghanistan, the white house seems to be ill prepared,
9:44 am
for a perfect example, not only was he ill prepared for the meeting with president xi but you look at the fact we don't have an ambassador to china, we don't have an ambassador to japan, we don't have an ambassador to s south korea. we're doing all these things and the white house is fundamentally broken. we're not prepared to take on the challenges. whether or not it's the meeting or whether or not it's his staff or whatever, we are fundamentally unprepared on the world stage. >> there are people acting in those roles just not formal. >> can we at least give him credit for engaging with china especially when it comes to north korea? i know that there are so many things that people would prefer for him to do a little bit better about you that's why he got elected. he got elected because he wasn't the regular politician. they wanted somebody to feel -- >> i think as a country though, i understand not being a regular politician but when we're expanding our military footprint, we're on the verge of war in three different countries which with all due respect to president trump, president obama or anybody else, democrat or republican that fundamentally terrifies me.
9:45 am
>> he is not fundamentally changed obama's policies in any areas. there were troops in syria when president obama left office. we were fighting in afghanistan. >> 500 troops. >> they were fighting in afghanistan throughout the obama administration. >> we've been there for 16 years. >> they launched a cyber program to sabotage the nuclear program. >> over the last two weeks we haven't reached a point where we are escalating things in afghanistan, syria and north korea? >> the main difference is syria where president trump to his credit came through when president obama didn't. >> wow. >> here's what concerns me. >> incidentally most democrats supported the strike in syria. >> president obama had a strategy. the difference is president obama had a strategy. >> what, to draw a red line and not enforce it? >> he had an overall strategy. the people in his administration understood commander's intent. in the military, when there's a decision to be made and you don't avery exact guidance you know overall what the boss wants.
9:46 am
nobody has that in the trump administration. there is not commander's intent. he's doing whatever comes to his mind from the last person he talked to. yes he is engaged with the president of china, we a ten-minute conversation which has apparently shaped our policy toward north korea. that is the problem. >> or pictures or how he goes from being a non-interventionist in syria to having pictures shown to him that fundamentally change his foreign policy. >> i just want to interrupt because president trump just tweeted i don't know if he's watching the show right now but possibly, it seems like he's -- a lot of his tweets are tracking with what we're talking about "our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. frankly, we have no choice!" >> maybe he was responding -- >> can i just say, i like the old adage, peace through strength and i think we need to do everything we could to make sure we build up our military so we are ready for situations like this. >> and doing that is not strong. >> well i think that you know, making sure that we have people that are enlisting and not just bodies but trained bodies so
9:47 am
that when we have situations like this, we know that when we are sending people, even as terrifying as war is, because it is incrediblier isifying, it is a lot better if we are much more prepared for it. >> there are already troops in south korea and afghanistan and some in syria so this is not, i would say if president trump is serious building up the military he should insist on the supplemental needed in the next month and much more about increasing the defense budget than he's done about it. >> one of the issues i suppose is that you're right, there is u.s. presence in all the places but there's been an escalation in yemen, in syria. >> somalia. >> in africa, and then obviously the use of this new bomb in afghanistan, and one of the things that i think is curious about it is we don't necessarily know why. other than he wants to bomb the bleep out of isis, most of his talk on the campaign trail was about redirecting american attention to the united states. that's all. >> i agree with that and i think he's been marked by reality and
9:48 am
stumbling his way to a better foreign policy. we'll see how much he listens to mcmaster and mattis and people who have thought this through. >> i think he needs to engage congress. >> i actually agree with you and bar rah lee and others on this, he needs to come back and engage congress because we're in a war-weary country as you stated earlier we've been in afghanistan for 16 years. i've lost three high school classmates in wars. you served, you have a son that served. when making these acts these are not just pieces on a chess board. these are human lives and i don't want somebody fundamentally watching "state of the union" and tweeting about it. i want somebody with a sound policy. >> and increase national defense. >> one quick thing i want to turn to one other subject because this week it was announced the white house is not going to release the visitor logs to the white house. president obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming, there was a lawsuit but ultimately he did release the visitor logs and that became white house policy. president trump reversing that policy. take a listen to sean spicer talking in december.
9:49 am
>> conflicts of interest arise when you're not, when you're sneaky about it, when you're shady about it, when you're not transparent about it. >> they just exist. >> no, if you tell everyone hooer is what's going on, the process, the people playing a role that's being transparent. >> that of course was december. we are now in april. isn't transparency important? don't the people have a right to know who is visiting the people's house? >> well i've always said whether it was former president barack obama or this current president that house doesn't belong to -- it belongs to the people. you know, i guess it's a game. i'm not really sure. there are times where i believe that we need to be as transparent as possible and there are times where i don't know if you know, there's a reason why they want to keep those logs -- >> they claim it's security concerns. >> there may be some security >> i think it's nonpartisan. i can't say president clinton got it wrong. barack obama got it wrong. the democratic republican should be able to see and evaluate.
9:50 am
>> barack obama had concerns about it and you have president trump. >> very consistent. no visitor logs or tax returns. >> right. >> you can find a tweet contradicting it no matter what. happy easter, happy passover, thank you for being here. great panel. coming up, easter at the white house, trump style. i wanti did my ancestrydna and where i came from. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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9:55 am
pleasure to stand here before you, as the first lady of the united states. >> the trumps tend to put their unique stamp on everything. we imagine their first'ser egg roll might be too average for his style. >> i'm really rich. >> will we see fabbri jayed eggs scattered about. president obama had his own tradition. >> i read the same book. it's one of my favorite books, "where the wild things are." >> president trump might read from his as well. >> i wrote "the art of the deal." to this day, it's the biggest selling business book ever written. >> you can't have an easter egg roll without the bunny. president trump has the perfect guy for that role, his own press secretary, sean spicer played
9:56 am
the lovable rabbit when he was an aide for george w. bush. >> of course, i want to thank the easter bunny. >> today and tomorrow, let the good times, or in this case, the easter eggs roll. happy easter. >> happy easter, thanks for watching. fareed zakaria is next. and their families in the developing world. we can be the generation remembered for ending the global water crisis once and for all. ♪ thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today.
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this is gps, the global public square. welcome to you in the united states and around the world, i'm fareed zakaria. we'll begin the show with talk of thermal nuclear war. that is what the north says the korean peninsula may be on the brink of. they say the person responsible is president trump. what should he do now? is it possible to tamp down the tempers there? that and much more with a terrific panel. then, president trump and coal. >> get ready. you are going to be working your asses off. >> trump thinks coal is coming back.


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