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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 16, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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didn't understand the out come. even though he didn't understand how the story was going to play out. it was being a part of god's story. the vice president of the united states mike pence in south korea reassuring allies while visiting the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. in turkey, the president there is sweeping new powers after voters say yes in a constitutional referendum. >> and the hunt is on for this man, across several states in the u.s., he murdered a man and posted the video on facebook. welcome, i'm rosemary church. >> i'm george howell. cnn world headquarters in atlanta. newsroom starts right now.
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>> a top u.s. official just got a rare look inside north korea, u.s. vice president mike pence traveled from south korea to the dematerialized zone. >> he stood just about 200 feet, some 60 meters from all the while you can see here under the gauge of north korean troops, at one point they appeared to take a picture. here is what the vice president had to say about the dmz and u.s. ties to seoul and the nuclear programs. >> and i'm here to express the resolve of people of the united states and the president of the united states to achieve that effective, through peaceable means and negotiations. but all options are on the table as we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with people of south korea for the denuclearization
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of this pe innocence laand for the long-term pros sparety and freedom of the people, of south korea. >> keep in mind, pence's south korean visit follows a failed launch of north korean missile. paula han cox cockshancocks, glu with us. >> we're expecting to hear from mike pence. >> shortly you've seen this video here where our cameras train for those two leaders to speak any moment now. the vice president at the dmz, what does that mean to this region? >> just one update we're being told by the president's office, that statement is going to be delayed by about 30 minutes. we'll bring that to you when we can. the fact that the u.s. and vice president is going what he
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called the historic frontier from freedom, shows the u.s. is taking this north korean situation very seriously. he's going between the two countries and remember there's technically a war, there was never a peace treaty signed and -- and he's also, as you can see in those -- that footage, being seen by north korean soldiers. it is a message, those they're taking all. going back to leadership. it's a very viz to show north korean with the mike pence sees. astounding shoulder to shoulder with south korea. it's also a more personal journey for him. his father fought in the careerian war and he tweeted not so long ago. he had mean rgful business 4
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years ago my dad owned the star in the korean war. it stayed close. not just a message to the north koreans, for mr. pence himself, it is emotional and personal visit for him. >> so the vice president there, obviously, the optics hoping what's happening there. reassuring allies and talking to the past, they're talking at some point about history of the korean war. the question that i have at this point, though. is there still concern that north korea could do something regarding its nuclear program? >> certainly, there's always that concern, the fact that we're talking about hypertensions on the korean peninsula doesn't change anything for north korea. the leader has been as clear as he possibly can be, saying, i am going to continue my nuclear testing,ly continue my missile testing. he said it at the beginning of this year.
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i'm coast to test launching a ballistic missile that could hit main line. the leader could not be any cleaner about what he intends to do. we understand from those who watched the satellite imagery where these nuclear tests have taken place. they are ready. they're primed and ready to go, all that they're lacking the green light from the leader. since last september when nuclear test number five happened very quickly after that, they said number six will be coming soon. they had no doubt at all that the next nuclear test is going to happen. i think that's the sense here. that nothing much as changed. north korea will continue to do its testing until something changed, whether negotiations, but, of course, it is interesting that now people are more openly talking about the potential pre-emptive strike on north korea, that most people will never happen.
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but the fact that it's being openly talked about, in the past it wasn't so much. >> a lot happening on the korean peninsula. following it all live, thank you for the reporting, we'll stay in touch. >> japan's prime minister has reacted following the latest provocation. about sunday's failed north korean. >> the trump administration has been clear. they won't be taking the strategic patience and all options are on the table in order to tackle the problem, which is something our country approves. we are consistently thinking and preparing for situations where japanese residents in the korean peninsula will need to be protected or evacuated. . we'll be able to evacuate residence due to the military legislation as we strengthen our ability to protect overseas japanese. >> the u.s. national security adviser is also speaking out about north korea. thank you. was in after dpan stan someday,
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he told abc the problem is coming to a hit. >> and i think it's really the consensus with the president, japan and south korea, in particular, the chinese leadership, that this problem is coming to a head. so it's time for us to undertake all actions we can, short of the military option, to try to resolve this peacefully. >> well, for more on north korea, we're joined now from romania by daniel pinkston. they're talking with us. as we've seen here, vice president mike pence has gone to the dematerialized zone and he's auked in these shs are still on the table. how is that likely received and s interpreted? >> i think the vice president had delivered the appropriate message of the resolve of the
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united states and republic of freedom and allied nation. of course it's been on the table in june of 19 a when the korean war start and certainly been on the table since november 1954 when the defense treaty between the u.s. came into force. so mentioning that slogan or short term message raised the question under what conditions and how and when force would be use. uss defense treaty commitment and we also have a commitment to fill the cease fire between the military of combatants in the war. >> now, the leader of north korea, kim jong-unis known to be very unpredictable. it's said that donald trump is also unpredictable. how bad could this get do you think? >> well, there is certainly the
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possibility of miscalculation. i would argue that the north korean regime. they have a very strong will to survive and they do not want to commit suicide. they are aware of the balanced forces that are against them so that's the good news. i believe they can be deterred and we have to have the correct prosper. he was signal the resolve. i think thf represents what i'm calling the complexity, simplicity say that after speaking to the president, you realized that this problem on the peninsula is very flex and i think every actor and region is restrained -- restrained from acting morally. i don't think we have any real violent options, accept in terms of containment, which has been the policy over the past
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decades. >> when we look at the optics of this trip by the vice president mike pence, he wasn't initially scheduled to go outside, was he? but once he did and he was photographed by some of the north korean sol, jr.s there. once he do that and staired right into north korea, how would that message be received, do you think? >> well, i'm not familiar with the vice president's ie ten rti. certainly that's not new. they have gone up to the joint security area on the dnc before and to veto the area and signal u.s. resolve. i think it's the same signal we've seen and heard before. i don't think it's new. what they need to be aware, in case of any military actions by north korea. >> thank you so much for talking
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with us, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. turkey's president is promising a new era declaring victory in sunday's historic ref run dem. the opposition disputes the count. they claim voter fraud. here is more with that report. >> mark, this is the day that turkey changed forever. thousands celebrate a new constitution, preliminary results give this president, president erdogan more power. regardless of what people voted for, i would like to thank every single member of our nation who attended the battle box. turkey in respect of supporting its democracy and choices, turkey will be able to over come all sorts of difficulties, cry sees and issues. and would have rebuked who has led the country for over a decade. that's why millions of young det
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have this vote. >> telling me it's better for my country, the economy, my children's future that the president has more power. >> we all say of course he voted yes. benefited greatly by the leadership and i said, no, the bath times are returned. >> comes celebration and sorrow, nothing couldn't let him go independent. >> independent of getting gloves on it. getting slanted coverage and that's what had no voters despairing. >> actually, i'm certain, it's really sad that we have to do this, i mean, in 15 years, we sold e rat cal israel and we up -- >> this daughter had voted for
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his daughter's future also telling me it's courageous to auk about this. separation of powers, checks and balances, it's valuable, no. security concerns also dominated the lead up to the referendum. the attack moved large. security has been tight at polling stations for instan bull. hundreds of thousands of security forces have been deployed across the country to secure the referendum. polls closed without a major incident. with such a narrow victory, no perceived mandate and the president previously calling no voters tread dors. can tie up every wounds, of this deeply devai zif and polar risi rising et ren dumb. >> he'll call you back. it's good to have you.
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so wanted viktd ctory out of la margin. does this have any recourse given the final vote? >> let's look at that map, for a second, where they voted and how they voted. you can see in the inner part of that region, you can see that there was strong support for the president, for the yes vote. when you move to the costal area and the big cities, it was a no vote that led predominantly in this referendum. a real despairty between the large cities and rural area. as far as the opposition, going forward and with the no votes, they have ten days to file their claims and there are -- the chp, the main opposition part ji is ca -- party is calling for a recount. they're outraged that they'll
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announce just before close close yesterday that the ballots didn't have to have a stamp on them, an official stamp that validated them, they said. and these ballots that don't have an official stamp can be proven and come from within the polling statement they're still validated. there was a real change at the final minutes and the opposition parties are furious. >> let's go back to the map. i want to talk about the perspective in the country southeast, what does this mean for kurds, many of the people in the southeast who voted, no? >> reporter: well the kurds, as we've seen have been, at least, the kurdish militants, they have been battling the government. they complain of being marginalized, being discriminated against and being targeted and saying they aren't
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treated to citizens to turks and so sththat is the problem for m years now, but really flairing up recently. and so when you do look at this electoral map, it really is that core base of supporters that president erdogan and his party has relied on coming through and pulling out that wind by wind, slimmest of all margins, although that is the contested conversation. >> when it came to the yes campaign, i mean the billboards, the posters, they seem to be everywhere. when it came to the "no" campaign, i read in one article that officers made them take propaganda down for the "no" campaign. was it harder for no to get the same exposure as yes? >> absolutely. i smoke with the monitors they say that's the one thing that will lead up to this referendum.
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they say they looked for whether it's free and fair. and they said, going into it, at least, that it looked like it was going to be free, but not so much as fair. that's because if you look at state media, if you look at progovernment media, which is far more than the other types of media, that the yes campaign just had overwhelmingly -- overwhelming coverage against the "no "vote. if you look around t yhe yes campaign had huge billboards. they also complained that the government funds were going towards supporting the yes campaign, too. a lot of the people in the no camp said they really didn't have a chance because of that support and of the privilege the yes campaign had. >> it is 9:17 in the morning in instanbul turkey. still. >> police in the united
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they're asking people in states in indiana, pennsylvania to be on alert. here is more with the story. >> the city of cleveland and also much of the u.s. is still in shock and in disbelief after the senseless crime was captured on camera and eventually uploaded on to facebook. authorities say that steve stevens is a man who appears to go on this rant in his car and sets his sights on an innocent man. authorities with the latest information on this case. >> we want him to turn himself in. if that doesn't happen, then, again, we have all of our partners on this and we'll look until we find him. currently division of police is,
11:23 pm
of course, the lead on this, but, of course, our partners from the fbi are state and county partners are working with us diligently to make sure we get this person off the streets. >> we're now learning more about the victim in the case, 74-year-old man who was walking on the side of the man and by all accounts randomly targeted. his family have reacted to their loss. >> he's a good guy. he will give you the shirt off his back. i'm not just saying that, the camera, i'm telling the truth. this man was right here was a good man. >> cnn spokes to steven's mom. she said the last time she saw her son on saturday. told her that it would be the last time she would seen him.
11:24 pm
cnn, atlanta. now to guatemala. >> it turns out he actually stole hundreds of millions of dollars, rafael romo has more on the capture and what it means to mexico's governor. >> reporter: he had been missing for more than six months. last october mexican authorities issued an arrest warrant against him with charges of money laundering and racketeering. the 43-year-old was located friday night on a resort in a quad ma lan tourist town where he was arrested by police. accused of handling millions of dollars. this case is an embarrassment to mexican president. both politicians belong to the institutional revolutionary party, which governed mexico for most of the 20th century.
11:25 pm
he once mentioned, as an example of the new younger, less corrupt pri. in november mexican officials froze 112 bank accounts. they alsz seized five businesses and four residences owned by the former government. the mexican government was offered about $810,000 for information leading to his capture and arrest. mexican officials announced sunday they now have 60 days to request and carry out the extradition back to mexico. he's just one of several former mexican governors in trouble with the law. last week, former governor of the vai -- who had been on the run since 2012 was captured in florence, italy. rafael romo, cnn. on the campaign train, donald trump had harsh words for china. coming up, why there's been such
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>> it will give the president power to withdrawal and results. and is promising and. >> it's been beneficial to focus on the new era and changes and i invite everyone to respect our
11:33 pm
nation's decisions. the other countries, especially those we consider as our allies, should respect our sensitivity, especially, in respect of our approach against fighting with terror. >> now the opposition party, chp, it says it will contest at least a third of the ballots because of suspected voter tampering. the middle east bureau chief for time magazine and joins us now from instanbul. this vote means more power for the president in the coming years. he says that will bring about more stability. put it into context for us. just over a year ago, there was the failed coup attempt and then following that the claims that the president jailed many of his opponents following what happened. did this help to pave the way to where we are today?
11:34 pm
>> that's right. this referendum came at the tail end of more than a year of political turmoil, political violence in the tomorrow of terrorism and attacks throughout the country. and i don't think this vote is going to do much to resolve those tensions. it's a narrow victory and it's also potentially devai zivisives you said challenging the opposition of the vote. this vote does more power massively expanding the power of his office. but it does so in a way that is the most divisive out come possible, which is a narrow victory that is disputed by at least half the country and that's going to, i think, erode the trust and ordinary people and institutions and in some ways this is worst case scenario. >> does the opposition, sir, have any recourse as they're claiming tampering? >> well, that remains to be
11:35 pm
seen, you know, the both of the main opposition parties are saying they're going to challenge this through legal means, but ultimate say over these matters lies with the high election counsel and so i think at this point the -- everyone's victory is a political reality, they seem -- he and his deputies seem determined to move forward with the transition and i think seize the initiative before any -- real opposition can be mounted. and also there were some ambiguity coming from the opposition side who has the leader of the chp last night saying, both -- claiming both that it's possible that they and the no campaign had won more than half the votes. we respect the will of the people. it was a little bit of confusion coming from him. and i think this sort of wiggle room in his messaging is going to create some ambiguity there. >> help our viewers around the
11:36 pm
world understand the motivation of people who voted yes for this referendum to give the president more powers. we're going to pause for a moment, sir, i want to go to a live event that's happening right now. we have the vice president of the united states, mike pence, speaking alongside the acting president of south korea giving statements. let's listen in. >> translator: good afternoon. first of all, i would like to wholeheartedly welcome vice president pence on his first have visit to korea. i would also like to extend my warmest welcome to his family and delegation.
11:37 pm
>> translator: vice president pence's late father was a korean war veteran who had devoted himself to the defense of our freedom and democracy during the korean war. this morning, vice president pence visited the demilitarized zone to inspect the best posture and reconfirm our strong will to deter north korea. this similymbolizines not only special tie, but what's lasted over 60 years.
11:38 pm
>> translator: in particular at this time with the security situation on the korean situation is dire due to north korea's nuclear's implications. the first destination since picking office shows the firm stance of the new u.s. administration on developing our alliance and responding to north korea's nuclear and missile threats. as such, i believe vice president pence's visit is timely and meaningful.
11:39 pm
today, the vice president and i shared the view that op the basis of -- on the basis of close collaboration, the u.s. alliance has grown into indenseble for peace on the korean peninsula as well as successful strategic alliance that works together to resolve global challenges. we have also reconfirmed our unwaivering will to continue to make our alliance even stronger
11:40 pm
through further cooperation in the areas of security, economy and trade and global issues. ten days ago on spoke with president trump on the u.s. china summit and days to work
11:41 pm
together going forward. today with vice president pence, we share the understanding of the gravity and urgency of north korea's nuclear and missile threat and agreed to double our efforts to change north korea's strategic calculations by further tightening the pressure on north korea and thoroughly implementing sanctions under the unwaivering principle of denying north korea nuclear weapons. >> translator: furthermore, we
11:42 pm
will closely strengthen our cooperation with china. if north korea implement another, we'll implement measures based on our communication with china. >> translator: at the same time, north korea's advancing nuclear threat, we have agreed to pursue various measures to strengthen our deterrence capabilities and the posture. we have also agreed to further
11:43 pm
strengthen the readiness posture of iraq u.s. alliance in response to north korea's growing threat by ensuring the early deployment and operation of usfks fast system. >> translator: in this respect i appreciate united states taking on the -- with china's d -- we have agreed to continue to work together so that such unfair actions may come to an end at an early date.
11:44 pm
>> translator: furthermore we share the view of resolving issues, the collaboration of between our two countries and all future policies and measures will be made under seemless cooperation and coordination. >> translator: we have agreed to
11:45 pm
work together to resolve global issues as global partners. tran it >> translator: i'm confident that today's meeting will zer as yet another meaningful further answer of the alliance. thank you. >> good afternoon. to acting president, thank you
11:46 pm
for your kind words and the hospitality you've shown me and my family in welcoming us to the republic of korea, my very first stop in the asian pacific as vice president of the united states. it's a great honor to be in south korea today and i bring greetings from the president of the united states, president donald trump. and on his behalf, i'm here to express the unwaivering support of the united states for our long-standing alliance with south korea. president trump and i are grateful for your strong partnership with the united states. we commend you, personally, for your steady hand in this time of transition in south korea. the president and our entire administration admire the south korean's people to the rule of law and the democratic process, and we look forward to the upcoming election with great anticipation. while change is coming on may the 9th. the people of south korea may be
11:47 pm
assured. whatever change happens in your elections, the commitment of the united states to south korea's safety and security will remain unchanged.
11:48 pm
on behalf of the president of the united states, my message to the south korean people is this, we're with you 100%. even in these troubled time we stand with you for a free and secure future. the united states of america stand shoulder to shoulder with the republic of korea and the service and individuvigilants o soldiers on this frontier stands as testament to endearing partnership between our people.
11:49 pm
the alliance is the lynch pen on korean peninsula. the commitment to south korea by the united states is iran clad and immutable and under president trump's leadership, i know our alliance will even be stronger. our nations will be safer and the asia pacific will be more secure.
11:50 pm
>> it's more evident than to commit the most dangerous and threat to peace than security, the regime in north korea. since 1992, the united states and our allies have stood together for a denuclearized korean peninsula. we hope to achieve this objective through peaceable means, but all options are on the table. just in the past two weeks the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea will do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the
11:51 pm
united states in this region. we will continue to deploy the bad missile defense system as defensive measure, called for by the alliance and for the alliance. we will continue to evolve a comprehensive set of capabilities to secure the security of south korea. as our secretary of defense made clear here in south korea not long ago, we will defeat any attack and we will meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective response.
11:52 pm
>> strategic patience has been the approach to last american administration and beyond. for more than two decades the united states and our allies have worked peacefully to
11:53 pm
dismantle north korea's nuclear program and alleviate the suffering of their people, but every step of the way north korea answered our overtures with willful deception, broken promises and nuclear and missile tests. over the past 18 months north korea has conducted two unlawful nuclear test in an unprecedented number of ballistic missile test, conducting a failed missile launch as i traveled here for this visit. the era of strategic patience is over.
11:54 pm
earlier this month, president trump spoke with you, acts president, to reaffirm the strength of alliance. as i reassure you today, well eel continue to closely consult with south korea and your leadership as we make decisions moving forward. we also call on other regional powers to join us to confront north korea and demand it demand its nuclear and ballistic programs to turn away from
11:55 pm
renewed hostility towards his neighbor and end to presentat n oppression -- and to end to presentation of its own people. earlier this month president trump met with chinese president at the southern white house. the two leaders noted the urgency of the threat posed by north korea's weapons program and each of them reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearize peninsula during that meeting. they committed to fully
11:56 pm
implement un security council resolution and convince north korea to abandon weapons missile program. it's hard to get china to commit to -- for taking appropriate steps to defend itself. the better path would be for china to address the north korean threat that is actually making such defensive measures necessary. now, while issues like that remain, the president and i have great confidence that china will properly deal with north korea, but as president trump made clear just a few short days ago, if china is unable to deal with north korea, the united states and our allies will.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
so today it is my privilege, on behalf of president trump, to reaffirm the united states enduring commitment to the security and trump of south korea. and to ensure the people of south korea of our unbreakable bond. we're bound together by our shared values, but also by our shared sacrifice. a free and demo ccratic south korea were forged from both of our lands, and my father was one of them. 65 years ago, second lieutenant edward jay pence of the 45th infantry division fought alongside brave south korean forces to win the freedom of this land. while he came home to raise a family, he had friend in uniform from america and korea who went home to eternity.
11:59 pm
so, too, the friendship between our two free nations is eternal. we have bled together. we have prospered together and on that foundation, the people of the united states of america and south korea will face the future together. with courage, determination, and faith we go together. so thank you, mr. acting president for your hospitality. it is a great, great, honor to be with you today. >> well facing the future together we heard there from mike pence, the vice president of the u.s. delivering a very clear message to north korea. it would do well not to test president trump's resolve. also said the u.s. will defeat any attack from north korea and gave his 100% support to south korea. we also heard a lot of concern
12:00 am
there about china, the critical role that it should play. we will talk about that, and also the early deployment of the defense system. let's bring in paula hancocks now with more from seoul. paula, there were a lot of headlines coming out of that, but the big one, of course is how much they're relying on china. >> reporter: that's right, rosemary, there were certainly some sign of hardening responses from china, we heard from vice president pence saying, after that meeting between president and president trump, that they were seen in a positive light what was happening, they pointed out about china's economic retaliation against south korea buzz of the u.s. missile defense system thaad which is being deployed. china has not officially acknowledged but south korea and the united states


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