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tv   New Day  CNN  April 17, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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late latest. >> reporter: this was always going to be an intense trip. the fact that the vice president decided to go to the dmz at this time we sabers are rattling. it is more note worthy and remarks telling. >> mr. vice president, i was watching you watch what is behind you earlier. what was going through your mind looking at north korea? >> this is a frontier of freedom. now for more than six decades, u.s. forces and forces of south korea have held the line for freedom here at the dmz. and it is inspiring for me to see the resolve of these soldiers and see the alliance we have forged with the people of south korea throughout the generations. it gives me great confidence as we go into the future that we will achieve our objective. the secure and prosperous south
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korea. also we will see a korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> it was the policy of the united states of america during prior administrations to practice strategic patience. that is hopeful to get support and end to the ballistic missile program of north korea. that has failed. the advent of nuclear weapons tests and the nuclear program and this weekend to see another attempt at a ballistic missile launch. all confirms the fact that patience has failed. >> what does it mean to end it in practical terms? it is either use military force or find a diplomatic solution
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that has alluded predecessors? >> we will abandon the failed policy of strategic patience, but we're going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on north korea. our hope is to resolve this peacefully. i know the president was hartened with his discussions with president xi. we will take actions to bring pressure to north korea. there needs to be more. >> this is real for you. there are estimates that north korea could have a missile ready that could hit the continental u.s., seattle, by 2020, which is going to be on your watch. is that weighing on you and is that a deadline you have in mind? >> i know the president of the united states has no higher priority and the safety and security of the american people. the presence of u.s. forces here
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in south korea are longstanding commitment to the asian pacific and ensuring the security of the continental united states is the priority of the administration. we want to be clear. our hope and frankly our prayer is that by marshalling the resources of nations across the asian pacific, not just south korea and japan and other allies and china to bring renewed pressure to bear will achieve our goal of a nuclear free korean peninsula. the people of north korea should make no mistake that the united states of america and our allies will see to the security of this region and see to the security of the people of our country. >> i know we're running late. i have to ask about your dad. i heard you say that general brooks gave you some information about his service here. he was awarded the bronze star. what did you learn?
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how does it feel to be here in an area that is still at war effectively. armist armistase. >> it is meaningful for me and my family to be here. so many years after my father's service. to be honest with you, my dad did not talk about his combat experience much until we were all grown up. a lot of tough fighting here. he spent time on pork chop hill and the general was kind enough to share that information with us. i think in some ways, my dad my be smiling from heaven to see the sacrifices that he and other american soldiers and south korea soldiers now passed on to my generation has not changed. our commitment to the security and prosperity to the people of south korea. the sacrifices that he made and that generation of americans
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made made this an extraordinary success of south korea possible. for me, it is deeply meaningful to be here in a small way to continue that generation's work and clear to the world that america stands with south korea to preserve freedom on the korean peninsula and to bring stability and security to the asian pacific. >> reporter: you notice standing in the dmz with north korean troops. it is hard to see because it was done in a glass area. the vice president was much more focused with answers to my questions on diplomacy. it was an hour later that he was standing with the acting president of south korea and he struck a very different tone. he was much more aggressive saying that the regime of north
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korea should remember the strength of president trump when talking about the strikes in syria and afghanistan. he said north korea would do well not to test his resolve or strength and that of the armed forces of the united states. very different tone there. poppy and chris, standing with the south korean president. obviously in diplomacy like any other way, shape or form we see these speeches come, the fact he wanted to stand side by side with the south korean leader was telling. >> dana, that was the issue of the day and the interview to have. be safe. see you at home. h.r. mcmaster says the problem with north korea is quote coming to a head. can the u.s. pressure china to stop the north's nuclear ambition? we have cnn's athena jones in d.c. with more.
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>> reporter: chris, that is the key question. the president is vocal on twitter and otherwise about his expectation that china, north korea's main trading partner, is going to step up pressure on the regime to rein in the nuclear ambitions. he acknowledged that china may not have the silver bullet here. one thing is clear from the perspective of the president's national security team. that is some action is necessary. here is more of what national security adviser h.r. mcmaster had to say about this. >> i think it is the consensus with the president and allies in the region. korea and south korea. the chinese leadership that this is coming to a head. it time for us to take action we can short of the military option to resolve this peacefully. >> reporter: you heard mcmaster talking about all actions short of military action. it is interesting to see the
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president take to twitter on sunday morning to talk about u.s. military prowess. he tweeted our military is building and rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. frankly, we have no choice. you have a lot of tough rhetoric on both sides. you have north korean officials saying the country is ready for war. the president bragging about u.s. military strength and china calling on both sides to reach a peaceful solution. a lot of eyes will be on what comes out of the vice president's trip this week. poppy. >> athena jones in washington. thank you. u.s. military experts analyzing these images of the north korea missile arsenal for the world to see over the weekend at the parade. what does this issay about the military advances? we have barbara starr at the pentagon. they are pointing to one image
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they say is new. >> good morning, poppy. the slow moving parade rolled through pyongyang. the question is how fast does this represent an advancement in the weapons program. and lalysts looking at the canisters that could contain intercontinental ballistic missiles. the missiles which could reach the united states one day. is this real or not? canisters, but are missiles with it? officials are not saying. it would be bigger than anything north korea has built so far. only one thing they showed off in the parade. intermediate range missiles. these are the missiles that could hit south korea or japan. as they look at all of this, they are trying to determine how much of this is real. how much of this represents north korean operational ability. they had a missile test failure over the weekend.
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if it is all real, that race between north korea's capability to threaten the u.s. and the u.s. ability to get diplomatic method to roll them back becomes more urgent as the world waits to see if north korea, the next step, may be another underground nuclear test. poppy and chris. >> barbara, thank you very much. let's discuss the state of play. dana bash. traveling with the vice president in seoul. we have gordon chang. he is a columnist for the daily beast and david gregory. gordon, one of the pictures made your eyebrows pop up. let's see if question get it back up there. what did you see in the parade that may be a favor to the united states and not just a threat? >> a very large canister rolling on a very big transporter launcher.
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it could be empty. it looks like the canister for the chinese and the d-31 missile. it is not to say they gave them the missile or they could have stolen the missile or got it from somebody else. this is important. the missiles that north korea launched on august 24th and february 12th. looked like china's jl-1. there looks to be a pattern forming. we need to get the questions to beijing. >> and dana, not just the experience of being there with the vice president, but your time on air force 2 flying over there with him. you written about this firsthand of a real surprise that happened. just the juxtaposition of having the vice president in the demilitarized zone as north korea is flexing its muscles there. a show of strength by the united states to send him. what happened on air force 2?
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>> reporter: that's right. when the vice president took off after refuelling, we were on the plane as well. he refueled in alaska. it was within an hour that they got word up in the front of the plane where they had communication. we departmeidn't in the back of plane. we got word they launched a failed missile test. this was staring them in the face as this plane was headed toward the korean peninsula where we are now. the vice president and his aides maintained and no reason not to believe them based on what we have seen from north korea in the past few weeks and months and years. they he mamaintain they expecte something along the lines because of the big anniversary where showed off the weapons on saturday, the day before the test. it wasn't a surprise, per se.
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they tried to downplay it. they said it lasted two to three seconds in the air. it was a reality check of the kind of challenge the vice president would be facing that we saw all day today and monday at the dmz and talking about for example the need for china to get on board and be more aggressive diplomatically and two hours later standing next to the south korean leader and defending the thaad missile system. it shows the completiplexity of military side and diplomatic side and this can has been kicked down the road for so many administrations in the u.s. >> we have the defensive missile system in place in south korea which is part of the dynamic of defense. we also have the dynamic of
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offense. we heard the most threatening words yet from the united states leader on this issue. let's play what vice president pence said. >> just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the united states in this region. >> david gregory, do you see this as an intentional form of brinkmanship? >> i do. i think that there's a signal sent to the north korean regime that there is a new administration. not afraid to use force. i think you are dealing with a madman in north korea and certainly letting him know that the united states is paying attention in a different way and is ready to bring this to a head in a different way than the predecessors, the last couple
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predecessors in the white house. that is an important signal. at the same time the administration, you heard the national security advisor mcmaster saying they want to find all ways short of force to resolve this. i think what is clear this administration is engaging on this issue. very intensely, but on a lot of different levels. i think the pressure put on china is different. dana and i have covered this issue under previous presidents, including president bush, who had the same set of challenges in pressuring china and the response back was we don't want the north korean regime to collapse and refugees coming into the country. now this administration is putting more direct pressure on china. you, china will face financial and other repercussions if you don't do morning to defang north
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korea. they are doing all of these covert systems in the missile tests failing. the fact that the vice president is there is a show of force and also resolve for south korea. what is complicated about this, chris, there is not any targets to hit in north korea. we have 37,000 troops in the south. >> according to you, gordon chang, david gregory is reporting of the different times the obama administration had the surge and offensive against the missile launches, including electronic warfare, basically hacking. and no comment from k.t. mcfarland. this at a time where you describe kim jong un as unstable and weakened.
3:17 am
how humiliating the failure was and the ramp up from the obama administration played a part? >> clearly kim jong un wanted to show the missiles and that is why they were highlighted during the parade. to have this failed three seconds after the launch is embarrassing. he has to do something else. he needs an exclamation point at the end of this. with the regime, this is weakening. he has a low threshold of risk. president trump has a low threshold of the use of force. i can't think of two things more dangerous. >> i appreciate it, panel. a lot of topics. this is our main he deevent. dmz. president trump firing off a new type of offensive. tweets. now he is targeting all those protesters demanding to see his
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so president trump spending easter sunday tweeting from florida about a variety of domestic and foreign policy issues. let's break it down with david gregory. david drucker is here with us as well and abby philips. david drucker, one of the many things he tweeted is about the protesters over his tax returns and on tax day making their voices heard in a democracy. someone should look who paid for the organized rallies yesterday. the election is over. we know he won. putting aside why he is talking about the election still. this is at a moment when democracy should be celebrated. when this country is fighting against the power that has been in syria and north korea. frankly in russia to some extent. wasn't this an opportunity to
3:23 am
say something different about democracy? >> yes. let's be clear. trump supporters love him to go after the media. given what the president himself is trying to do in the middle east, with syria and turkey. what he is doing to try to reduce the threat from north korea, i think he missed a huge opportunity to compare and contrast with here and what he is fighting over there. he could have said look, this is great. people in america can do whatever they want, including protest the president. i disagree, but totally welcome it. i think that would go a long way in terms of the president expanding his base and reducing the polarization. it would help him politically. he is consistent. he is a 70-year-old man. i don't think he will change. he won the election doing this.
3:24 am
presidents think whatever they did to win should continue. par for the course. he did miss a huge opportunity. >> david, do you see it as being sloppy or is there no hope for message discipline? even as simple as why would i call china a currency manipul e manipulator? that is owning the fact it is a lie when they were a currency manipulator. they have been buying up the currency. he would have known that. now he has to own the reality. is this about sloppiness? do you believe the hope for message discipline out of the white house is false hope? >> i think it is false hope. there are a couple of issues. the latter point about the currency manipulation is he is more than anything else tactical when it comes to dealing with alliances overseas and dealing with foreign councils tries.
3:25 am
the administration is showing a sobriety and layered approach that has to be dealt with critical problems at this point as we are in search of an overall strategy. he is willing to pursue different kinds of deals in order to reach an objective. the tax issue is different. this still gets to his desire for legitimacy. anything that pokes at that, i think he can't help himself. he should move on. >> when it comes to the white house and transparency. all white houses get knocked for it. the obama administration did not want to release the visitor logs. now abby, you look back at the president's twitter feed in 2012. why is barack obama spending millions to hide his record?
3:26 am
he ran on transparency. what gives? >> as they say, life comes at you fast. in this case, i think trump is realizing that the rhetoric that he used leading up to the point really is hard to keep up with when you are actually p president. this is one of those cases where it is really a shame the white house abandoned the opportunity. a simple opportunity to continue the pattern of a past administration and be more transparent. they will be locked up in litigation for the foreseeable future. there is a decent chance they might win and they may have to disclose more information. at the end of the day, this is the white house. the people's house. it is not donald trump's house. it is a public place. there is a certain expectation that the public should know who is coming in and out of that
3:27 am
building with reasonable withholding. those privacy concerns, if they existed today, they existed six months ago when president obama was president. there is no reason for them not to continue this unless they want to continue looking as if they are trying to hide something. >> here is a president who is so transparent in ways you would not expect. he will do interviews and tell you what he is thinking and eating at the time he is thinking it. yet, whether it is conflict of interest or the visitor log or taxes, he's unnaturally s lly secretive about them. it is all about the juxtaposition. >> it doesn't mean he is being candid. the ho-hum of hypocrisy here. "snl" couldn't love it anymore
3:28 am
than they do. here is the latest sample of their take on the president. >> jared, steve, standing before me are my two top advisers. they only have one photo in my hand. that's right. tonight is elimination night. a lot of drama in the house and that's okay. one of you must go. if you do not see your photo, you must leave the oval office and join kellyanne conway in the basement. the person that will stay on as my top adviser is jared! >> jimmy fallon playing kushner as someone who doesn't speak. he never said a word during any of that. >> it was actually an accurate difficult dipiction.
3:29 am
trump likes the theater and visuals. you are never going to beat family. jared kushner is family. that is where bannon is lacking in the competition. >> quick react from david. >> i love the line of the kushner going to afghanistan in the flack jacket. its was called glamoflauge. >> i love how they captured the image of trump keeping his white house and team like a reality tv show. maybe he doesn't like firing people, but he makes them fight for their spot. >> who is going to play gary cohn? >> i have no idea. i hope it is good. thank you to the panel. we have been dealing with north korea and the white house response to the situation. another big story. a suspected killer is on the run
3:30 am
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so turkey's president, recep tayyip erdogan declaring victory after historic referendum that granted him more power. including moving away from the parliamentary system. the party is demanding a recount this morning because he won but such a narrow margin. this change resets his term limits. that could keep erdogan in power until 2029. we are following breaking news. the search for the killer who posted a video of the deadly shooting on facebook. it is expanding beyond ohio. investigators now chasing a new lead as people in pennsylvania, new york, indiana and michigan are all told to be on alert. cnn's sarah ganim is live in cleveland for us. what is the latest? >> reporter: chris, moments ago,
3:35 am
police in erie, pennsylvania, be confirmed a ping detected from the cell phone of the suspect. 37-year-old steve stephens. wanted for aggravated murder. s police say he took a gun and shot in the head 74-year-old robert godwin sr. walking home from celebrating easter with his family in cleveland. st stephens posted a shrvideo of h driving up to godwin with the gun. you can imagine people began alerting police in cleveland to what they saw. as the manhunt here began, stephenss continued to post video of gambling and how he
3:36 am
lost everything in the year and he wanted an easter massacre to get the attention of his mother and girlfriend. he claimed to have killed 15 people. to be clear, police have confirmed one victim. that is robert godwin sr. they have not confirmed any additional victims. police are asking people in michigan, indiana, pennsylvania and new york to be on the lookout. this man steve stephens is 6'1", 244 pounds and last known to be driving a white ford fusion. poppy. >> sarah ganim, thank you very much. we will follow the developments. president trump using military force in syria and afghanistan. north korea. could it be next? would that be a smart foreign policy decision or distraction? we will debate it next.
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vice president mike pence warning north korea not to test president trump days after the u.s. dropped the massive bomb in afghanistan and syria. let's discuss this. we have retired brigadier general for the u.s. forces in afghanistan and best selling author of "besieged." and william harden. he is at the center for international policy. he wrote an article saying is there a new trump doctrine in the making or has the president
3:42 am
found a way to distract the public and media froms his troubles at home? the media of all distractions. with the bombing in syria and afghanistan and now appeared to be renewed brinkman brinkmanshi. >> one bomb isn't going to change the problem. the threats in north korea did not work. i think he is trying to project toughness. he is the new sheriff in town. different from obama. none of these things is dramatic unless he escalates. in which case we are in trouble. >> why is the tactic he did not
3:43 am
want to destroy the assad regime? in afghanistan, if you take one of ours, this is what happens. isis comes after you. in north korea, don't push it. why isn't that enough to measure them as successful message? >> i think the signals are mixed. first of all, if you attack assad and make no difference in the military capabilities, he could look stronger. >> he hasn't used chemical weapons again. >> that's right, but it is still too soon. >> general, what is your take on that? >> i think the real distraction has been president obama's lack of foreign interest in the last eight years. it is like we walked with the lights off and walked in and turned on the lights and roaches everywhere. i have been in the fox hole in afghanistan. when you drop that bomb on that kind of rat line into
3:44 am
afghanistan and you kill upwards of 90 enemy fighters that are not there to plant ieds in the road, you have done something productive. general mcnicholson and i worked closely together. he made that call. it was a tactical decision and strategic impact. just to back up a little bit. president obama's own national security strategy talks about u.s. vital interests and rules based international order and preventing the escalation and spread of weapons of mass destruction as mr. hartung should know. syria used weapons of mass destruction and president obama drew a line in the sand and did nothing about it. in fact, he turned it over to the russian was a wink and a nod. we had assad still in power and chemical weapons.
3:45 am
if mr. hartung is in support of chemical weapons, i don't understand the point of the logic there. now we have north korea on the korean peninsula threatening three of the world's largest economies. the republic of korea and china and japan. bowing down to our enemies and apologizing and giving billions of dollars to iran which is funding hezbollah who has 160,000 new missiles. i don't understand why we're saying that president trump is not acting decisively here. >> point. counter point. response? >> let's look at north korea. you know, to threaten preemptive strike has no impact on north korea. if you don't have strategy to back it up, you don't get anywhere. under clinton, they had threats, but they froze his program for
3:46 am
the bulk of that administration. as soon as the bush administration stopped talking, that is when the threat continued. it cares only about survival. i think it is a pipe dream. s as for the larger picture, it is president trump trying to put the larger message. not that this is tactical, but he is a different person. president obama dropped 12,000 bombs on syria in the last year. that is not somebody not taking military action. if trump wants to double down, i think we have seen in all of our conflicts that bombing doesn't solve the problems. even major generals talked about this. i'll grant you tactical accomplishment in afghanistan. in terms of the overall policy, bombing alone will not get the job done. >> you should read it for yourself and draw conclusions. general, i appreciate your input. mr. hartung, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you, chris.
3:47 am
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boy, an emotional return for isaiah thomas a day after the tragic death of his sister. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. we have seen the pictures of him. emotion and consolation by his teammates. what do we know what is going on in his life? >> i'm not sure how he did it. chris, smhowing he has the biggest heart after his 22-year-old sister chyna was killed in a car accident. his team was there comforting him on the bench. he wrote r.i.p. little sister and i love you. tears continuing to flow out during the national anthem. thomas would go on not just to play, but play extremely well. leading his team 33 points in all. in the end, points were not enough. bull goes on to win game one in boston.
3:51 am
106-102. oklahoma city's russell westbrook and james harden, the two mvp candidates in round one of the series. harden making heads spin in houston. westbrook had a solid 22 points on the night. harden goes for 37 and up. the win column. the rockets crush thunder 118-87. poppy, i'll catch a flight. i'll join you and mr. cuomo in studio tomorrow. >> good. thank you. looking forward to seeing you. coming up, the era of strategic patience is over. vice president mike pence in south korea. will the democrats got behind the next move? what's behind it. next. when heartburn hits,
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vice president mike pence warning north korea it should not test the resolve of president trump after u.s. military strikes in syria and afghanistan. joining us now is democratic congress member jim hines. nice to have you here, congress member. >> good morning, poppy. >> good morning. the words are you would do well not to test the strength and resolve of the armed forces of the united states in this
3:56 am
region. you tweeted over the weekend calling the president a malevolent baffoon. >> you have a lot of symbolic gestures. the moab was a big bomb. it is not like we have been dropping bombs on afghanistan and on iraq and syria for a very, very long time. all of the saber rattling with north korea. it is not like the previous three presidents. obama, clinton and george w. bush and before him george h.w. bush. whatever the president sa vice e city of seoul, is within easy artillery range of north korea. vice president can say what he wants.
3:57 am
it doesn't change the formula. >> it does seem the administration may be having a bit more success or perhaps a lot of success to get china on board to play ball. would you not admit that? >> that remains to be seen, right? you know, china did not stop them from trying to test a missile the other day. the missile blew up shortly after launch. it is not like the chinese stopped that. look, the american presidents have been working with china for a long time. china at the end of the day holds a leash on north korea. do you think the leadership of china looks at donald trump and says here is a guy that much smarter than the previous presidents and he will fix it out. the chess board in north korea is still pretty ugly. if the north korean's decided to, they could obliterate the
3:58 am
city of seoul. >> you have tens of thousands of american troops stationed over there. >> some 30,000 plus troops. exactly. >> congress member, the new york times reporting that the obama administration accelerated the program to be sabotage the miss program. do you believe that program and ramping up is responsible for the failed launch over the weekend? >> poppy, like most people in the u.s. government, i can't confirm or deny anything along those lines. i can generally say it is not like mike pence and donald trump just noticed north korea and all of a sudden, the military is acting with great resolve. in the last eight years, there is no resolve. tell that to osama bin laden or some eight or nine countries in which obama undertook military action. what you are seeing here is a political statement which is
3:59 am
we're going to be different and more belacose than the previous administration. that may have tactical capability. it may cause assad to think twice. he now knows he will lose airplanes if he undertakes a chemical attack. in the long run, the chess board has not changed. >> congress member, let me get your take. you sit on the house intel committee. are you focused on a lot. the one thing getting attention is the russian interference in the election and ties with the trump campaign and russia. i know you have a witness list. you decided who you will call. when will the public start getting answers on that? with a c what can you tell us about mike quigley of illinois about his trip? >> i think we are happy on the
4:00 am
committee. things seem to be back on track. the appointment of mike conaway while nunes recused himself will take the scrutiny off the committee caused by nunes and interactions with the white house. i think we're back on track. we have witness lists. both parties put together a witness list. >> cyprsig cyprus? is that about paul manafort? >> the remarkable thing -- yes, it is partly about paul manafort. cyprus and cypriot banks keep coming up in the context of the administration's people. including folks that are not talked about within the russia investigation like the commerce secretary. on the board of the bank at cyprus. i think mike went over because cyprus keeps coming up


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