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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  April 18, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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happening now, the vice president arrives in tokyo and gets a big endorsement on important policy shifts on north korea. and the white house facing major pushback on transparency, passenger visitor logs, why won't the white house make it all public? good morning, welcome to "early start." >> good to see you, i'm dave briggs. >> i'm alisyn kosic. >> a first vice president mike pence arriving overnight in tokyo, bringing his u.s. message of u.s. resolve to the japanese in a welcome move the japanese returned the favor. prime minister shinzo abe told the vice president he supported president trump's stance that strategic patience with north korea has run out. once again, that all options are on the table. >> abe adding dialogue for the sake of dialogue with north
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korea and international pressure has to be applied. a sentiment pence echoed. >> the united states of america believes time has come for the international community to use both diplomatic and economic pressure to bring north korea to a place that it has avoided successfully now for more than a generation and we will not rest aed we will not relent until we achieve the objective of a denuclearized korean peninsula. >> there comes a day after pence said in south korea strategic patience has run out. we go to alexander field, she is live in tokyo outside the prime minister's office with more on pence's visit. >> you know, it's interesting to see how there are a lot of talks here today in tokyo about boosting trade with japan, but these provocations with north korea really becoming the focus
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of this trip. >> reporter: right, absolutely. there are economic talks which are a key part of this trip. but security is the focus right now for so many people, because the threat of north korea presents itself for one that is real and also grave. it's the issues leaders had to talk about today, one that cannot be ignored. how do you start when it comes to ensuring the safety of people in japan and the rejean and people beyond that vice president mike pence gave remarks inside the prime minister's residence, he called the threat the most ominous one the region is facing. he again reafirms the message that has been delivered by other top u.s. diplomats to visit the region, saying the u.s. stands firm with their allies, their resolve has never been stronger to combat this growing north korean threat. you we heard all options are on the table. but the vice president was clear in sort of outlining some of the strategy that the trump administration did not employ in terms of dealing with north
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korea, not just this threat that a military option could be on the table but close work in the region with tokyo, talks with china about how to further isolate and pressure north korea to the point of denuclearization, that is the goal, it is the objective 100% as vice president mike pence put it today. prime minister shinzo abe saying they value the fact that washington is looking at all options to counter this threat. >> alexander field, live from tokyo, thanks very much. the vice president to tokyo comes the day after he set off a round of north korean saber rattling by warning that pyongyang should not test president trump's resolve. in response monday, the ambassador to the u.n. told a hastily arranged news conference that it's the u.s. that has created quote a dangerous situation in which thermoand nuclear war may break out at any moment, joining us live from seoul, paula hancock with the very latest.
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good morning to you on the cover the front page of the washington post. they say south korea is dealing with a new wild card. they suggest that president trump is that kooild wild card. >> reporter: well, thank you. it's certainly interesting that this press conference in the u.n. by that deputy ambassador was hastily put together. the fact that it was such a quick response to what vice president pence was saying. it's unusual to see that. that just shows how strong those words were and how much that could have concerned the north korean regime. certainly here in south korea, the fact that this is being dealt with so vocally, it would be welcome candidate. you we heard that from the acting president when he was meeting with the president. pence pointing out the u.s. military defense system is definitely going to be deployed and is going to be operational as soon as possible. so certainly, they seem to be backing up this sort of psychological deterrent that the trump administration is trying
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to put on north korea at this point. of course, there are going to be concerns when there are, there is talk of a potential preemptive strike on north korea. now, this is something that the trump administration continues to say that all options are on the table. but the fact that the military option is being openly discussed would concern some, obviously hoping that it wouldn't go too far. >> thank you, paula. all right, let's discuss more about everything going on from the far east of walk we got political analyst the author of "the trump's america" good morning, thank you for coming in. >> good morning. >> let's talk about north korea, this fiery language being used, obviously not just by north korea but from the trump administration as well. could there be a miscalculation going on here, as least on the u.s.' part? >> well, words can be palpable in a situation like this. the rhetoric has been hotter than it has been in many years in north korea.
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the behavior so far not that different. so the danger, of course, is we get into a debate, an argument, our language gets rougher and rougher and at some point somebody does something. >> what na thing is, what military action of north korea is, we can't glynn to speculate. we will come back here to the battle front that is trance parent t. trump administration on friday, friday afternoon, mind you, to say we're not making public the white house visitor log, now taxes is once again on the forefront. democrats say they're going to tie the president's release of his tax returns to any tax reform bill that the president wants to get through, chuck schumer say figure he doesn't release his returns, it's going to make it much more difficult to get tax reform done. why? >> well, because i mean it's a political club. the democrats can use against donald trump. >> what do they need to see in those? >> well, as a practical matter,
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nothing. there is nothing in there that really is going to affect chuck schumer's views than the tax policy on things. you know what, it's a powerful political weapon. three-quarters of americans want him to release his tax returns. now he points out he was elected anyway. but you got to assume, dave, that there's got to be something in there, otherwise they'd put him out. >> they're saying it's because of his audit, his audit. why won't the administration say you know what, you're not going to see them. why don't they say it? they're not going to surprise anybody. >> listen to the kids, donald and erica essentially said the same thing. you will never see those tax returns. i'm not holding my breath. i think frankly the only way we get fem e them is if they get leaked or some government position forces it. congress can require their release. i don't think we're there yet. >> on the one page, it looked
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like a high source. >> all right, today not just tax the big special elect in the atlanta suburbs. this is a district that has been republican since 1978 when newt beginning rich won there. but donald trump won this district by 1.5%. so is it anything short of a democratic win there, actually underperforming hillary clinton. >> the narrative has been this might be a warning shot to republicans across the country. but look at the numbers, okay? hillary clinton got 46.8. isn't anything less than that underperforming hillary clinton? >> you know, you make an earlier point. in any comparison, it depends on what is your base of comparison? if you focus on the trump numbers there, they got a win. now, that seed issue was in the republican hands for congress for many years. it's not a donald trump kind of district, a highly educated district a. fairly affluent, suburban. those are not exactly trumpsters, i guess. >> so what do we make of today's
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results? >> say it's believed to be not yet north -- >> they'll probably get close, it will get tough. >> are you telling me he needs to get -- >> so you push it. there are 18 candidatesin this jungle primary, i love that term, throw everybody into it. but so if the -- if you assume those republican votes in the second primary will vote for whoever the republican winner is, it's very important that the dem get over the top or at least darn close it to. >> are we making too much of this election? >> oh, it's fun, c'mon. >> what is it indicative of? >> here's the question, there is clearly great passion among active democrats out there. mostly jepp ratesed by donald trump. they're despising of this president. c the question is, can they turn this out and win elections?
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this is one of the early tests. i am interested. >> democrats raise $8 million. daniel jackson making calls. president trump making robo-calls and tweets for the republicans. >> stick around, it will be fun. >> we will bring you back in a little bill bit. president trump and the state department. not quite on the same page regarding sweeping reverend dups. what did president trump relay to president erdogan? we are live in i stan bull. he's a nascar champion who's she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. my doctor and i choose xarelto®
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y2bg6y y10my president trump offering his congratulations to turkey's president erdogan for winning a referendum that grants him sweeping new powers. the despite objections from turkey's opposition and voting irregularities witnessed by election monitors. for the latest, let's bring ian lee live in istanbul. good morning to you. what are the irregularities election observers are seeing there? >> reporter: good morning, dave. these observers from the osbe,
2:17 am
the european monitors say it wasn't a balanced fair playing field for the yes and no campaign with yes getting far more support from the government and from the state media. these monitors also talks about 2.5 million ballots they say has some questionable voting irregularities surrounding them. in a statement, they said, if there were so many irregular envelopes and irregular votes actually not valid concerning to the law, that a referendum may be, may have had a different outcome than we know. so really casting doubt on this whole devon item process that these irregular votes could have swayed the election, he called president erdogan to congratulate him. there in walk, mixed signals as well from the state department said that they were concerned about these irregularities that were coming from the european
2:18 am
monitors, they urged the turkish president to safe guard the freedoms. dave. >> it's a difficult situation in the united states. ian lee, live if istanbul, thank you. a tough loss for the spurs. the grizzlies got a little heated. my rights deserve the right to be in that game. they did not even give us a chance. take that for data. >> whoa. some of those guys, you can see that boiler, we will show you more.
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all right, let's talk sports. the grizzly's coach can expect a pesky fine after his tirade after the playoff loss to the spurs. >> live with the mount morning bleacher report" is cory wire. >> check this out, grizzlies are down two games to none in their best of seven series. spurs were machine like. kawai leonard rolled in at 37 points. half the points came from foul shots, officials gave the spurs as a team more than double the amount of foul shot attempt, david tisdale there, he was not happy. he goes off the officials saying there was a lack of respect. >> i'm not going to let them treat us that way. i know pops got pedigree, i'm a young rookie, they're not going to rook us. that was unacceptable. that was unprofessional 678 my
2:24 am
guys dug in that game, earned the right to be in that game. they did not even give us a chance. take that for data. >> oh, coach. mvp front runners russell west brooke and james harden laid out to be a class of the titans. they are actually really good friends. they've known each other since they were ten years old, playing hoops at the boys and girls club. they were teammates for four years, listen to what west brooke has to say about their friendship on the court now? >> here on the floor, i got one friend, i have been like that since i was a little kid, i told you that when i was younger. once you get on the floor, you got one friend. >> who is harding. west brooke went all tom hanks in castaway. wilson!
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girls can't run in the boston marathon, that's what katherine was up to six years ago, smers veered, becoming the first woman to officially win the race, yesterday she pinned on number 261, one more time. she felt nothing but love in her 40th marathon. she finished in four hours, 44 minutes, 44 minutes slower than her time 50 years ago. >> 50 years. i can't even -- >> averaging ten-minute miles is what she did. so they will retire her number 261. incredible shoutout to katherine. you are an inspiration. >> one more thing now i'm here with you guy, we showed you a story two days ago, hitting two home runs when he spotted lucky underwear. and this is what our dave briggs tweeted. easily awaiting our king tut cory wire. yes, sir. i did.
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2:31 am
has been anything but. why won't the white house release the president's new tax returns or visitor logs? i'm dave briggs. >> good morning, i'm alisyn kosic. up first, mike pence bringing his u.s. resolve against north korea to the middle east. in a welcome move the japanese returning the favor. shinzo abe telling the vice president he supports president trump's stance that strategic patience with north korea has run out and all options are on the table. >> abe adding dialogue for the staik sake of dialogue with north korea is a waist. a sentiment pence echoed. >> and the united states of america believes the time has come for the international community to use both diplomatic and economic pressure to bring north korea to a place that it has avoided successfully now for
2:32 am
more than a generation and we will not rest and we will not relent until we achieve the objective of a denuclearized creep peninsula. >> this comes a day after pence said in south korea, the era of strategic patience is over. for now, let's bring in cnn alexander field live in tokyo outside the prime minister's office with more on pence's visit. good morning to you, alexander. let's talk about bilateral negotiations between the two countries on trade but also the failure of dialogue regarding discussions with north korea. what struck you? >> reporter: yeah, it was the sharp word the strong words of failure, that message from vice president mike pence which did echo the failures that secretary of state rex tillerson talked about last month. pence went on to say these failures amounted to nothing but broken promises by pyongyang and more provocations t. defense the
2:33 am
white house has been putth out there, all options are on the table, including a military option. the state ruling again this era of strategic patience is over. what really struck me is the fact you have the prime minister in japan, shinzo abe, coming out, saying japan values washington's position in saying that strategic patience was over. the prime minister went on to say they value the fact that washington is looking at all options and that really speaks to the gravity of the situation. a situation so grave that vice president mike pence called it the most only 90 threat to the region. it's a real threat for people that live here in japan. the prime minister is well aware, he is speaking publicly about. he says the steps in his administration have to do with securing and protecting people in japan as the u.s. talks about charting this course forward in dealing with north korea. the japanese government is looking at what it could do to extricate japanese koreans from the peninsula should that be necessary. they recently conducted a missile evacuation drill right
2:34 am
here in japan. that was after a missile test conducted by north korea just last month when they want full projectiles, all three lasting off the coast of japan in a training exercise simulating hilting u.s. bases right here in japan. prime minister sinz abe also earlier this week pointed out the possibility that north korea could carry out a chemical attack in the region, suggesting they might have the capacity to mount chemical tipped warheads to their missiles. so again, the security concern is real here in japan. what people in japan wanted to hear from the mr. president is not what he delivered, which was a commitment to security in this region here and a strengthening and a deepening of this decades old security alliance here. >> he sure did. alexander field live in tokyo. we should add some speculated the trump administration might reverse policy on tpp. he said that is a thing of the past t. united states moving on from the tpp. thank you. with north korea as a
2:35 am
background, the pentagon announce as review on the use of xhuk clear weapons for the first time since early in the obama presidency. these reviews typically happen every eight years, but there one is expected to look very different than the last, which was down in 2010. >> that before said that russia and the united states are no longer adversaries. from the mid-'90s on, the u.s. has been de-emphasizing nukes as a part of its national strategy. ahead of the u.s. command says america's adversaries, including russia and china have quote taken the exact opposite view, building up their nuclear arsenals, giving mounting tensions with moscow in recent years t. new review likely to take a different tone. a final report is due by the end of the year, joining us to talk about this political analyst, the author of "trump's metro
2:36 am
papers." let's touch briefly on the situation between the united states and north korea. one united voice at the strategic patience, we are past that all options are on the table, what do you make of the u.s. stan and their strategy to don't down that nuclear foot print. >> the tough part goes from the talking to the doing. right. clearly the rhetoric is hotter than it has been seen in recent years. it's still kind of unclear of what exactly we are going to do. we agree all options are on the table. is it clear that we are taking at least a different tone? >> absolutely. >> than obamaed a min sfraition? >> absolutely. -- obama administration? >> absolutely. >> the underlying question, does that make us safer or less safe? i don't think we know the answer to that. >> we we heard from the trump administration that president trump is not into letting you know what his strategy is. >> that's right. that's right. >> talking on a different network about this. let's listen. >> i don't want to teledpraf
2:37 am
what i'm doing or -- telegraph what i'm going to do this or that. i'm not like other administrations that say we will do this in four weeks. i hope there will be peace. they have been talking with this gentleman for a long time. >> that interview will be airing on "fox and friends" this morning. is there something for being said to telegraph your plans, just because we aren't hearing about the plan, it doesn't mean the trump administration doesn't have one. >> there are two possibilities. one that there is a plan recall, we don't want to reveal it for strategic reasons. the other possibility is we have no idea what we're going to do. >> well, no one has any idea what they're going to do if there is a nuclear test. >> exactly. >> leaning on china, hope for some economic leverage there. let's talk now about transparency in this trump administration. it comes down to two things,
2:38 am
really, tax returns with the trump administration said they will not release, because it's under audit. here's what sean spicer says about not making proper exhibitor logs to the white house. listen. >> it's the same policy that every administration had up until the obama administration. frankly the faux attempt that the obama administration put out, where they would scrub what they didn't want put out didn't serve anyone well. >> okay. so don't hold your breath on tax, what about some faux transparency regarding making public of white house visitor locks. >> i prefer transparency, most of us are. we want to know what our government is doing. why did obama plan never reveal every single person. it revealed a ma vast majority. we will tell you everyone except for these categories. i'm for more instead of less. i don't like any times they close the books. >> the visitor log issues, it's the tax return issue that drum
2:39 am
beating again for president trump to release his taxes, keep in mind, a federal law requires an audit happens on the president's taxes every year. but in this case, okay, could president trump maybe release his taxes in previous years? >> if you ask, yes, he could release any of these years. there is nothing about an aude that it requires these things to be an old secret. i think a judgment has been made that previous years, that there is stuff in there that is more damaging tan the political pressure that's being dealt with now. >> speaking of political pressure, it was easy to see one particular senator, senator tom cotton of arkansas at a town hall tried to defend the president. watch this. >> as far as i'm aware the president says he's still under aud audit. it doesn't fake a lot of effort to find out what donald trump has, he normally puts his names on buildings.
2:40 am
>> he says you will not see members of congress jump to his defense on this again. >> no this is the middle of trump country. it's not blue america down there. >> no, people would like to see their president's tax returns. >> there are some dozen republican law makers that have joined democratic calls for him to release them t. question is, there are two fronts in which they're applying pressure. one is the public and town halls. the other is democrats saying if you want tax reform. if you want a big bill to cut tax, you will release your own tax returns. which of those has a more likely, a better strategy to get them? >> you know, i'm not sure either one is going to work to tell you the truth. in the end, if you are trump, right, and you say, listen, what is the damage to me of releasing this and what is the damage of fought releasing it? i think the calculation has been made pretty clearly, you know what, i don't want to release this. >> student: i am not holding my breath on this. either it will get leaked.
2:41 am
and we should get busy on that by the way. >> which breaks federal law. >> they could commit the leak. not to be too technical with you, my friend. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> good to see you guys. watch out for this thing. president trump's policies are threatening the u.s. travel industry, according to a new report that forecasts a huge drop in visitors. one study forecasts a decline of 10.6 million travelers over this year, not just this year next year as well, that's a 7% drop according to tourism economics, which is a forecasting term. the drop will cost the u.s. economy more than $18 billion in lost revenue and about 107,000 jobs as companies deal with slowing demand. researchers say even though the president's new travel immigration policies would affect a fraction of all
2:42 am
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everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to >> police in cleveland say the search for suspect steve stevens is now a national manhunt. he is accused of shooting robert godwin on either. he then posted video of the murder on facebook. the victim's grieving family talking to cnn had a disturbing message for stevens. >> and all i want to see is him brought to justice. i want my family to have closure. it's a hole in my heart right now. one thing i do want to say is i
2:47 am
for give him. we are sinners, if you out there, if you listening, turn yourself in. >> police say the fugitive stevens is still considered armed and dangerous, several reported sightings, including one in philadelphia have not panned out a. suspected ping or signal from stevens' cell phone in erie, pennsylvania turned out to be a false alarm. a special election today to fill a georgia congressional seat could have national impolitic, 18 candidates are vying in a so-called jungle primary to fill the house seat vacated by house and human services secretary tom price. 11 of them are republicans. the democrat is leading in the polls. democrats are hoping to steal the seat in georgia's sixth congressional district that's been red for decades. by getting more than 50% of the voet, if no one cracks it. they will face off in a runoff.
2:48 am
president trump recording a robo-call in a last ditch effort telling georgia voters, the only way to stop quote washington liberals from taking your money and safety is to vote republican. samuel jackson making some robo-calls for the democrats. >> this will be a nail biter. >> this will be an issue on "new day," chris, here's the thing, president trump lost that district by 1.5%. isn't he likely to under perform what hillary clinton did? >> maybe. we'll have to see. these types of races are tough to predict because you have thin turnout. are you asking the right question? we'll get a little perspective about it this morning. he will come on being a newby here and having the president of the united states bring in the heat not just with robo-calls but on twitter.
2:49 am
we'll take a look at and why it may matter overall. the big influence in congress really starts at the state legislative level. they're the ones who pick the districts. all this talk about jerry mannedering and redistricting. that's what states do. they need more attention. one is, what do we see developed in terms of white house, united states strategy for the asia pacific region? it's not just about whether or not we do a preemptive strike on north korea. what is the leverage with china. how can japan be used. what is the relationship here? what does it mean with eastern. it's very complicated. we'll take you through. we have two more tasty bits t. first one is alex jones drama. people know who he is from info wars. the president, seemingly a fan called in during the campaign said you'll be proud. now in this custody battle. we never like the trafficking of people's personal problems.
2:50 am
he's made it an issue in a custody battle saying that's just performance art. what does that mean to his audience? is that a legitimate thing? we have two lawyers on to talk about it. then we will talk about the phantom of disclosure, transparency. do the taxes really matter and if so why? >> chris and cuomo talking about tasty bits. >> thank you, chris. see you in a bit. >> that was my gift to you this morning. >> we always need one. >> we will talk netflix. it is one of the hottest stocks on wall street. the numbers are climbing faster. i'll tell you more as we get a check on cnn money. >> that is next.
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president trump offering his congratulations to turkey's president erdogan for winning a referendum that grants him sweeping new powers, this
2:55 am
despite objections from turkey's opposition and voting irregularities witnessed by election monitors. the "new york times" offers a ballisticering editorial saying, in part, his victory is expected to prevail, leaving turkey in the hands of an erratic and vengeful man and the world wondering whether a nation serbing as a bridge between the muslim world can possibly have future with someone under such little respect for democratic structure and values. for the latest, let's bring in ian lee, now the election monitors have noticed and noted these election irregularities, where does the story turn from here? >> reporter: well right now, dave, the supreme electoral board is going to review all the discrepancies and issue a final statement within ten days a tfr last poll closed. but this is a real damming report from these european
2:56 am
monitors the osce saying that it wasn't a level playing field and a lot of criticism towards 2.5 million votes they say are questionable. one of the monitors saying that if there were so many irregular envelopes and irrelevant lar votes actually not valid concerning to the law. the referendum would maybe have a different outcome than we know. so he is questioning the actual outcome of the referendum, that's what we are hearing from opposition parties who are calling for this referendum to be nul and void, we also are hearing that president trump called president erdogan to congratulate them. >> that talks about iraq and syria, president trump also thanking president erdogan for his support in the actions that he took in syria, but this differs from what we are hearing from the state department who drew concern about these reports coming from the european monitors, also telling the president to uphold the freedoms
2:57 am
and liberties of the turkish people. dave. >> a tough situation for the u.s. needs their support but can't condemn what went on in this election. ian lee, thank you. >> let's get a check on wall street. global markets are struggling. and we're seeing steep losses in stockmarkets and shares in asia posting mixed overnight. investors seem to be shifting away from geopolitical concerns and looking on profit reports from big u.s. companies. we are in the middle of first quarter earnings season. bank of america and johnson & johnson reports before the opening bell, there are comments treasury secretary steve mnuchin made to the financial tiles. he says the original august deadline for tax reform is not realistic anymore. he tells the paper quote, it started as an aggressive timeline. it is fair to say it is probably delayed a bit because of health
2:58 am
care. money from obamacare was supposed to go to tax reform. hitting a major milestone, 100 million subscribers, netflix wraps up 2016 with a record 19 million new member, going into the year, netflix had a total of 93.8 million people watching, expecting it to hit the 1 million mark this week. the stock is up 20% this year and almost 35% over the past 12 months. you can get yourself a share for $147. the tax date is due by midnight local time. as well as any of the remaining money you owe to the government for 2016. if you haven't filed yet and you need more time, file for an automatic six month extension. few owe money, you will pay a small fine. we got to go. thanks for joining us. >> "new day" starts right now.
2:59 am
>> i need the people to understand, you don't know how successful the president has been and how much he paid in taxes. >> it's basic. why doesn't he release his tax returns? >> as far as i'm aware the president says he's still under aud audit. >> this tax reform will go nowhere. >> north korea would do well not to test his resolve. >> when the president says, america first, does that mean without our ilice? we will see what happens. >> i hope there will be peace. this individual's world is very, very small. >> reporter: a cross country manhunt for a cold blooded killer? >> he committed a heinous crime. we want to get him off the streets. >> there is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> we want to welcome our viewers. it's april 18th. 6:00 in morning.
3:00 am
the trump team refusing to release any of the president's tax returns and the administration is being sued for not releasing visitor logs and those that allow the public to know exactly who is going then candidate and citizen railed on president obama to release the logs. remember, he campaigned on drain the swamp. now ethics experts say this add manage is the least transparent in decades. could this impact the president's ability to deliver on his promises. we'll cover this and more on day 89 of the trump presidency. let's begin with joe johns live at the white house. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, chris. on a day when millions of americans have to file their taxes it's a reminder donald trump ran on transparency and used it as a weapon. now after he's gotten the job and taken


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