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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 18, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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baeking news, nail biter in georgia tonight in a tight race to fill an open house seat. we're awaiting the results to come in now that democratic candidate came on strong initially but needs 50% of that vote to avoid a run off in june.
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republicans are desperate to hold on to this seat in traditionally red district. the president is invested in this race. let's get right to atlanta this evening with the latest. so this special election, hotly contested, closely watched. you're at the headquarters, bring us up-to-date. >> well, don, i can tell you sources in both parties are expecting this to go to a run off on june 20th. do not expect os off to win this seat tonight if he we to do that would need more than 50% of the vote and right now 77% of the presinchts reporting he's at 50.3% of the vote clinging to that 50% threshold.
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>> second place has deep relationships as well. she's expected to do well as more of the vote comes in. especially from today. so right now, i can tell you, here at ossoff headquarters people are energized they can see on the big screen behind us. but there's also a sense of concern that perhaps will not get that 50% margin and there will be that run off on june 20th. and when is that happens this is going to be a much different race. republicans can unite. with one candidate. and democratic money will flood in as they are trying to flip the script. >> what are they chanting? >> they're saying flip the six. because we're in the sixth congressional district. would be the first time this happened in 30 years if they do
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go to the run off on june 20th. >> that's a #flipthesix that's been trending on social media. do you know when we might have this outcome to be more certain about it? >> we're waiting for more of the results from fulton county to come in. that's really the last piece of the puzzle here. once those do, don, we can probably get cloegsser to makin projections. most watching this closely do expect a run up, they do not expect mr. ossoff to clench it out right. if he does not reach that 50% threshold it's a sign of the democratic strength behind this candidate and question whether or not he can get over that 50% flesh hold come june 20th if it does go to a run off now that
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republicans would be able to unite behind one candidate. >> let's just say, you've already said sources of both parties, both campaigns at least his campaign and the republicans are saying they expect a run off. so if he wins, what if he wins, what happens next? >> if he wins tonight, don, that would be, or even june 20th which is entirely possible he could still win this race then, republics will even tell you privately given the mood of the country being so unpredictable and people not satisfied what they're seeing in washington even republicans that would be a major repudiation for the president who stuck his neck out in this race urging republicans to come out to the polls and recording robo calls and putting
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out tweets. not many presidents do that for a house race. and it's a sign if the six does flip there's a very serious chance democrats could pick up 24 seats they will need next year to take back the house majority for the first time since the 2010 midterm. so that would be very significant place for democrats who are here in the atlanta suburbs, a place where they have not performed well in the past but one in which democrats could be making some significant in roads if oss off comes close or wins this seat. >> all right thank you from a rauk us atlanta room. drink your coffee. see you soon. bringing in former senior advisor to the trump campaign.
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chief politic at analyst. politic at director. political contributor. and senior political commentator, get your coffee. i have mine. this could be a long night. this is officially a nail-biter. >> sure. it is and the fact we're even talking about a democrat in this red district potentially getting 50% of the vote in a crowded field is quite remarkable and i think it sort of goes to prove why the democrats are spending, ha, $9 million there. because they believe this is exactly the kind of district they could potentially flip in 2018. you know, don, did you live in this district? >> i lived in atlanta, yeah. >> okay. so you know this district. it's wealthy, suburban district. it's diverse. it's highly educated. and this is exactly the kind of
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place where the democrats believe they have opportunity. >> so gloria let me say this because i heard talk about fulton county if fulton county is everything you said it is, and one thing that's called inside the perimeter and outside the perimeter, which is inner state runs a ring around the city which is inside the perimeter and inside that perimeter which is fulton county people tend to be less conservative than they are outside the perimeter. >> yeah. >> that would bode well it would see for os osoff' in that count >> they're waiting on fulton which is karen territory so they believe they're going to do very well in faunlulton and destroy ossoff's chances without going to a run off. >> david what do you think, what
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do you have to say for yourself. >> as we're talking about fulton county we should note it's parts of fulton part of decabbe parts of cobb and fulton county makes up 50% of the voters we're expected to see. so roughly half of the voters come from the fulton county piece of this. that's why it is so important to wait to see more reporting from out of there. it's karen country remember a lot of what we're waiting to see is election day vote and the republicans have been doing far better on election day vote. than they did in the early vote. that's why i think you hear manu saying folks on both sides expected at the end of the day for this to head to a run off. but i will say as you said it's a nail biter and one of the interesting things to look at should it go to a run off if it does kudos to the republican,
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kept the goal to 50% that's the goal to get this to a one off run off but if he indeed is actual will you ending up, hillary clinton had 47% in the district in 2016. >> right. >> if he's able to go above that, add to that, it shows he has room to grow beyond what the democratic presidential nominee had. if you are on the ossoff team looking ahead to the run off you don't necessarily put your head in your hands quite yet. you see a real path here for kpret competitive race even in a one-on-one situation. >> so david, this is to you, john who? john ossoff. most say john who. he's a 30-year-old political unknown who didn't even live in the district but became the front man in a proxy fight for something that is much bigger, right. >> no question. he's the generic democrat. sprung to light. he has no real history.
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he may have grown up in the district but no political history in the district, never held office in the district, isn't a celebrity of any kind. so this say pure measure of sort of democratic energy in that district and the fact that it's close is really interesting. should be troubling to the republicans. but one thing i would point out is he's raised an enormous amount of money over $8 million, i think he has $2.1 million left. thats what the last report going into the election. karen handle raised $450,000. now millions have spent against ossoff by republicans. now if she's the other candidate in run off she will raise enormous amounts of money and i expect this will be very expensive. probably a pretty competitive race. >> does that money matter is much when we're talking so much
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about this cult of personality that's been winning the elections. i know jack's been talking about money. $8 million but does it matter that much? >> it doesn't. >> i think it mattered in this race. i think money mattered in this race. because had they not spent the millions they spent in the last few weeks i think ossoff would be over this and he may still but he would have been over 50%. it took that kind of resources to put him in a position where he may not make the run off. may have to be in a run off tonight. so i think money mattered at the margins and in a marginal race which this is likely to be that's important. >> so my former neighbors are watching me in atlanta and said it's north donna and brook haven, mostly white, new tech yeppies i said what's that mean conservative or liberals they
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said too young to know they like his honestly regardless if he's republican or not. >> i think it's important point. couple folks have talked about john ossoff as being this nobody and i think we should look at this more the way voters do. which is the sort of anti-politician. karen handles run for office as people have said many, many times in georgia. but john ossoff is fresh and interesting and young and enthusiast that he has thousands of glass root volunteers. jack you get plenty of time to talk all the time if you don't
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when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at back now with. back now with backing news regarding special election. i should report that there's also some breaking news, we're hearing that fulton county, georgia, where they are waiting for some results, technical difficulties, it's not clear when we will get the final numbers now. >> plot thickens. >> i thought it was david challean earlier who made a important point sch is the reason everyone thinks this will
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go to a run off because ossoff started off the night with early voting and throughout the night the for story has been attrition and we believe he won't end above 50% and there will be a run off. look i believe this district, and if already regardless of what happens, just the fact it's this close is going to have a motivational effect on the left. going to rally them. going to cite them. going to have more money come from democrats. again, is it that much of a bell weather. it's certainly outsized. the importance is not just 24 democrats need 24 house seats to take back the house. the importance of this transcends one of the 24. it's symbolic. we also have to remember this district as you were saying this is a marco rubio type district
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not a donald trump type district and there's a stark contrast between the two. >> jack kingston the president is invested in this race and publicly attacked ossoff. listen to the robo call. >> only you can stop the super liberal democrats and nancy pelosi's group, in particular, jon ossoff, if you don't vote tomorrow, ossoff will raise your taxes, destroy your health care, and flood our country with illegal immigrants. >> and then he tweeted half dozen times about it. do you think that will prove to be a good call. >> i think it is. no part y wants to sit out a race. any candidate with $3 million could run a great race. he could have money in the bank.
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karen handel will not have money in the bank until tomorrow morning and she will need money to catch up. as people start looking at the candidates, karen has been county commission chairman in fulton county and was secretary of state and has been a successful business woman. she ran the suzanne b susan koh foundation and he doesn't even live in the district. >> shouldn't you be more worried that he doesn't live in the district and doing so well. >> no because when he was running with the republicans no one was paying attention to them because they could not he was the democrat choice and i think the party did good job on this candidate and now he will have a big magnifying glass on him but he doesn't have much of a record.
8:21 pm
i challenge you find two or three things he did. i rattled off karen handel's accomplishments, i don't think anyone in georgia who was on tv chairing doing the flip the six don't know anything about that. >> let me just respond to this. >> i will let you respond. but a lightniot of people are p attention. this is angela rye who is also on our network who is saying i know him. he's done tons of work in the area and worked on the hill together. go ahead hillary. >> i was going to say he was military legislative assistance to a congressman from georgia and meante of congressman of john lewis. >> that's the same thing that's one. >>. you inflate karen handel's reputation she not only didn't run the susan kohmen foundation
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she was the attempted cause of women's health clinics being shut downs from doing cancer health screens when she was there and she got fired so there's a lot of baggage karen handel has. jack let me finish you got to talk. so jon ossoff being a newcomer who has legislative experience, who has sat the feet of great folks like john lewis, really energizes people in a way old politicians can't and people on this panel are ignoring the fact that people like people other than politicians these days. that's actually a plus. >> wasn't that the whole point, wasn't that donald trump's raise on i'm not a politician and therefore only i can get it done. why is it zifrn now different now? >> i think it was said todaydif
8:23 pm
different now? >> i think it was said today something about jon ossoff and sam none he's no sam none. >> come on guys, 30 years ago sam none was a successful candidate but today people are looking for something different, non-politicians, people who energize them. they're not looking for a moderate that way. >> i think the question is in that district what will work if there's a run off. i think being an elected center person in that district may not work in a one-on-one race. i think karen handel has some problems because she's run state wide twice. she ran for governor. she ran for senate. she lost both times. people may view her as a perennial politician who ran a lot and lost. so that's not going to help her.
8:24 pm
and he may be viewed as a ne neophite who may be too left neither is a canadian. >> sounds like we're talking about hillary clinton and donald trump. but i digress. go on. >> i was going to say each side is going to paint other a too right or too left for the district. >> right. >> there will be a battle to tie jon ossoff to his hollywood liberal donors and to tie karen handel to the most right-wing trump supporters in a district it's not really a trump-style republican style district. both sides will attempt to do that, no doubt but if you watch what each has been doing, handlhand zlhandel and ossoff in this campaign, they've been running the middle of road message that's what the district is calling for. >> okay i got to go.
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thank you to all my zbeguests. jack kings ston playing the role of jeffrey lord tonight. thank you guys. don't go far because we may be on who knows how late because it's getting down to the wire. we're going to come back and bring you the latest on this fight georgia race. no one's the same without the game of football... like @squirrelgirl52, who writes, "no football on sundays has left me with h h h h h h h h h h h so i've constructed a sanctuary for local squirrels." try watching the nfl draft. maybe watch with a friend. or doctor.
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. back with breaking news, waiting for final results in georgia to fill open final seat. i want the to bring in my analysts and guests. including chief white house ethics coordinator under george w. bush. good evening to all of you. david i will start with you. tax day. or tax night, whatever. universally loathed by americans. you recently got president trump
8:27 pm
2005 tax returns he doesn't like releasing taxes he doesn't want to do you think we will ever see his returns at all? >> we will see trump's returns when congressional republicans decide it's in their interest to make them public. tax returns were public in the 1920s. newspapers ran counts naming people and how much their income was and what their taxes are. congress still has authority to get these tax returns and audit them through the joint committee on taxation. which has staff that handles tax rig writing. donald will never show us voluntari voluntarily. >> don't the american people deserve to see. >> i think it's absolutely critical we do so particularly with things like ivanka trump's deals for the trademarks in china and one of trump's sons
8:28 pm
telling forbes magazine that he talks about the family business with him all the time when donald trump said he will never talk family business with his son. >> let's talk more about that the trump family nothing we've ever seen in terms of conglom ratio of different businesses, real estate, licenses in the u.s. and around the world is it possible for the family to extra indicate themselves from business decisions. >> it's possible but they won't do it and president trump will not divest his businesses. he will not stop focusing on his business interest and it's very clear the trump family is going to get very rich from the presidency. the presidency has become a president for the trump family. and american voters are sick and tired of that. that's what we're seeing in georgia regardless of what happens tonight it's quite clear
8:29 pm
there's a lot of upset voters. we have upset voters here in minnesota. voters want a president who is responsible to the american people not just for further erg his own business interest and those of his own family. that's what's going on. now we're closing up to dictator around the world in turkey and others simply to further his business interest and that's not what the american president should be doing. we have a lot of upset people. >> it's hard to know how much money the trump family makes or are worth it's largely a mystery. here's what is told yesterday on wall street journal. said we will be doing 30 deals across the globe if his father was president. do you buy that? >> well, i think to what you were discussing, right, right, i think it's a nice line, i think
8:30 pm
today we've seen breaking news with ivanka trump whose business is carrying on just fine which doesn't surprise me because sources are wondering what ivanka trump is doing there except to dress up and model her brand when she leaves office she's richer. let's look at the kushner family who are an even more tight-knit family than the trumps. look at jared's conflict of interest. he handed off his real estate interest to a blind trust under the control of his brother who has a health care company, oscar, currently valued at $2.7 billion. p teal has a chunk of that part of the white house structure.
8:31 pm
should obamacare be repealed that company would be worth next to nothing. jared kushner therefore has a clear conflict of interest when it comes to the health club bill no wonder he was on vacation, so too were powell and the jared kushner brilliantly taken over the white house for the shadow government. i think we ought to stop concentrating about this important conflict issue we're look agent the fight between jared kushner and steve bannon. i agree with what richard painter said, as time goes by -- classic regime. >> it's interesting, if you listen to david and richard if you listen to what she said and maybe all of this intrigue has been made up to take the voter's
8:32 pm
eyes away from exactly what's going on. she also mentioned ivanka trump with the chinese president, she got three trademarks from the chinese -- >> this is why people say to me great influence on her father what has she actually done. she said she was going to fight for planned parenthood where did it get her? nowhere. then she said she was going to stand up for gay right. her father doesn't actually seem to be listening to her on policy. so that's why, i come back, this is all about branding. the kushner's and trumps are going to leave office rich, they hope. >> i want to ask you more about ivanka trump's businesses but let's talk about jared kushner the 666 building which is one of
8:33 pm
his trademark deals that deal didn't go well he's still trying to sell it. it's written about in new york papers a lot that it was, you know, sort of the one of the worst modern day real estate deals. how is this person supposed to fix the middle east and government when he can't make a real estate deal after being handed millions and millions of dollars to do so. >> superman, he can do everything. you know, he can stop wars with the middle east with the single raising of his right hand. i mean this is part of what you are seeing in this presidency, there's no policy. i have to tell you i have the tvs on in the back ground while i'm working during the day and i hear all sorts of people come on shows and they try to divine a trump dongt rctrine or trump po there's no doctrine or policy it's how do we react to the thing of the moment with no
8:34 pm
knowledge and how much money can we make. we're seeing hypocrisy in action. >> ivanka trump says her family assets are in a trust this in a statement from her attorney -- ivanka will not weigh in on strategies -- has trustees for any conflict of interest or a appearing like one still seems she's to determine what is or isn't a conflict. >> yes this makes no sense she owns the business. the trust structure has nothing to do with the conflict of interest. she owns the business she owns the conflict and can't participate in government matter that has economic effect on the business including trade, imports from china, including the real estate industry her husband is in, meaning the tax
8:35 pm
code which is loaded with goodies in the real estate industry and the banking reform, they're going to have to stay away from all of that stuff. they can maybe get involve in middle east peace for women's rights or do something useful like get steve bannon fired but can't get involved with substance violation issues without violating statutes, they still own pt assets. >> so what is going on. >> that's exactly right. because unless you actually sell, which in real estate would be really interesting to see there's a thing called capital gains tax. jared kushner, you know, he's conflicted. are they going to have another go at health and what happens when it comes to tax reform. i read a book about real estate
8:36 pm
industry and wrote a magazine article about the kushner forres choir. people in realest worry about not paying taxes and both sides have done nothing to address this. if donald trump is serious about tax return jared kushner can be nowhere near that. let they actually he is. >> perhaps in this country someone wants to run for business we say divest maybe they should sell all of their businesses to see how much they really care about running the country instead of their businesses. >> david what did you want to the say about that. >> well and part of the amazing part of this is when you serve in the government there's a law that allows you to sell and not
8:37 pm
pay capital gains you get to diversify your holdings and don't have to pay capital gains so there's a benefit if though want to take advantage of it. but they got other fish to fry. the effort to sell the 666 building on fifth avenue was a squirrely deal that wasn't a normal transaction and stunk to high heaven of favor and pay off that's what we need to be very concerned about. i don't see anyway out of this for the trumps except zidivesti their holdings and having it done in a way that involves a known broker. they're not going to do that. they don't care about this. they have no regard. donald trump has utter contempt for his bosses, you and me. >> yeah. how much time do we have. can we talk about heard one. i want to talk about turkey
8:38 pm
turkey president erdogan. giving him unchecked powers. listen to what president said in an interview in december 2015. >> i have a little conflict of interest because i have a major, major building in istan bu lrk and it's tremendously success job called trump towers. they're incredible people. they have a strong lead zbler as a business man the president dealt with strong leaders does it give him different perspective about the wisdom or feez interof working with these men. first david and then richard. feasibility of working with these men. >> absolutely. donald trump does businesses in places not normal transactions. they are favor granted by the strong men, the king, that's the
8:39 pm
kind of people donald is comfortable with. for donald to praise this man who has a journalist held for life because erdogan didn't like what he wrote is appalling to individual freedom and liberty. >> this is what said, thank you erdogan forelaunching towers ini ini inis istanbul. do you think they can separate their business in the trump. >> of course not. we're going to be supporting dictators around the world because they're doing business with the president and his family that's not the american values we expect to be supported by our president and we're going to have soldiers over seas who
8:40 pm
may be endangered because we're supporting the wrong people in the wrong places. this is a very dangerous world and we cannot have the president supporting foreign dictators simply because he's making a lot of money off them. turkey is just one example. we have a similar situation in the philippines and many other countries where donald trump is doing business. he needs to sell these businesses and focus on being president or stop being president and let someone else do the job this is not working and the american people are getting fed up with it. >> fascinating conversation i really enjoyed it. thank you all. i appreciate it. we're going to get back to our breaking news, nail biter, special election in georgia to fill an open congressional seat. we're still waiting for the final results to come in. want the to get back our reporter in atlanta tonight. so manu, hotly contested race there, closely watched, jon ossoff, headquarters tonight is where you are, so bring us
8:41 pm
up-to-date. >> well jon ossoff is still clinging to 50.3% of the vote. and the magic number as we've been reporting all night is over 50% for jon ossoff to win the seat out right. if he talls below that if it falls below that number heads to two person run off in a month and could allow republicans to keep the seat. a seat they held for past 37 years. we're waiting in large part for fulton county which has been slow to report it's results. only 19 of 116 precincts have so far reported their results. a lotot of the early vote numbe are in. but a lot of the today vote numbers are not so we're not clear whether or not ossoff can hang on to 50.3% of the vote right now what we're expecting
8:42 pm
from sources from both parties is likely to fall short because karen handel who is number two republican, who is in position for second place, has a lot of in roads, a lot of support in fulton county and is likely to peel away from some of that support so we expect ossoff to fall just shy of that 50% threshold and face karen handel in a two-person run off. it's not over for democrats they think they can still get that number 50 plus 1 but right now it is looking unlikely. it would be disappointing but encouraging to some saying this is the best any democratic candidate has done in this district and a sign the party could be rebounding after last year's disaster election result. chance they can take back the house next year. >> manu long night for you thank you very much.
8:43 pm
see you soon. it's getting close to midnight on the east coast and still waiting for final results in that special election to fill that final open seat. want to bring in my analysts and commentator john phillips what's wrong. >> i feel left out you're all in new york i'm here in the sunshine all by myself of. >> that's the last question you will get in the panel. >> all right. so, i gave away your thunder a little bit because you were texting me. >> yeah. >> you were like next time i'm going to say it's off the record. >> on that ground. >> you said you know jon ossoff. he's 30-year-old former congressional staffer, documentary film maker. >> i didn't know the film making side but we worked together on capital hill i got to work with john with congressman johnson and lewis came together to plan
8:44 pm
our jobs initiative when black unemployment was sky high at the time and we wanted to go out and do something in the community and john kept his head down, got the work done, he's an amazing guy. i was saying since we're all on in back ground, live, reading my text, i was telling terra that one of the things that i said was oh, my god it would be great but i didn't know he would get this far i think it speaks volumes about where we are. >> what's it say 50% democrat in that position what's it say. >> i think it's major and another thing that came up david axel rod was saying he has not done a lot of work in that area, that's not true we're talking about fulton county, parts of other counties he has done work
8:45 pm
and grew up there. it says a lot about where people are in insuring donald trump will hold them accountable. >> did you expect this race to be so tight. >> no i think we're seeing it's not that unusual but early in a presidency there's a backlash. if you think of scott brown's victory in massachusetts in 2010 as a backlash against barack obama that n kind of thing happens. what's unusual this is happening so early in donald trump's presidency. he has had no political honey moon at all and usually things get worse going through the first or second year of presidency. so like barack obama got worse beginning from 2009 to end of 2010. then he would be in epically bad shape. we don't know that will happen. but this is definitely a warning sign. >> there's still a very good chance, maybe even a probable chance that republicans hold
8:46 pm
this seat assuming they get through tonight. but when you speak about what this means broadly, unless donald trump can recover politically the early evidence will be it's going to be a very, very bad 2010 election. >> what do you think republican on the panel. >> i'm gelgt too old. >> i'm surprised it's this close only because we know and expected the run off. i mean he did raise almost $8.5 million which is unheard of for a congressional district like this. but it shows the chaos of the republicans allowing 11 plus candidates to run for this special election. that's just absurd. in time's past, the republican party, nrcce, they would have this under control. rnc would say you guys need only two or three people to run. they would never split the vote
8:47 pm
so shows division in that party structure, the trump presidency has thrown structure into absolute chaos. >> we should be fair jon wouldn't be the pick for the democratic party either to be fair. >> as tara said he raised $8.3 million in first quarter. how much do you think money mattered in this race. >> oh, it meant a lot and also funny things happen in these jungle primaries i remember back when neil ambercrombie ran in hawaii and a republican ran and won and soon as he went against the democratic it became the yankees against the mud hens. if he is held under 50% -- >> you got to find a new word. for mud hens. come on.
8:48 pm
>> he's right if it goes into a run off, it's been republican for 37 years, mitt romney won 23% trump won by only 1% that's the difference we can't ignore that dynamic this is more of a rubio district they're not trump fans in georgia six. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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frm frmsh back now with my panel. and by the way there's a technical glitch in fulton county. so they have to do all of that by hand. that was the most demented laugh. >> suppression. that's what that was. >> it's about that drama. we want drama on the show. so they're giving us a little
8:53 pm
help. >> no. we want -- >> elections actually should be handled properly and calmly and competently and we can have drama in other parts of our lives but not with whether democracy going to survive. >> there's no lack of drama anywhere on this planet. i think this is going to a run off. this is georgia and ultimately you're going to have a republican that's run state wide four different times against a democrat who's a first time candidate, who worked for al jazeera and took money from jane fonda. i think this is a race republicans can win. >> i don't know that you know he actually grew up in the district and that matters. i know you're watching and that's fantastic. >> you can't vote for him sfw.
8:54 pm
>> just listen. >> jon ossoff down in atlanta. >> hi everybody. hey now how you all doing? you all ready to flip the six? >> all right now. thank you all for being here. thank you all for everything that you have done. and that you are continuing to
8:55 pm
do. i know it has been a long evening. and it looks like it may be a longer one. we may not know the outcome for some time. but let me tell you this. there is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages. that no matter what the outcome is tonight, whether we take it all or whether we fight on, we have defied the odds. we have shattered expectations.
8:56 pm
we are changing the world. and your voices are going to ring out across this state and across this country. we will be ready to fight on and win in june if it is necessary. and there is no amount of dark m money, superpack negative advertising that can overcome real grass roots energy like this. so bring it on. because we are curages. we are humble. and we know how tofight.
8:57 pm
this is not a story about me. this is a story about this community in this moment in history. this is a story about women in this community. those strong and determined women who have picked us all up. who are carrying us forward, who are going to carry us to victory tonight or in june. so for all of you who have been pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, making phone calls and there are thousands of you. and there will be thousands more. thank you.
8:58 pm
this is the most inspiring team i've ever had the honor of being a part of. so for those of you who want to stick around, stick around, this is going to go on for a little bit longer. let's show what people power is all about. let's show what it means when we say that we have more in common than we have apart. that we reject fear and scapegoating and division. that we choose to love one another and to make things happen and to win. thank you so much everybody. thank you.
8:59 pm
♪ >> that was jon ossoff in a very tight race in atlanta. he sounded liking barack obama. >> yes, he did. he did. he's 30 years old. if it worked for him. >> yes, we can. >> i want to bring in david, who is standing by for us in d.c. and also senior congressional reporter in atlanta tonight at ossoff head quarters. and angela rye, those are the folks that you heard. david, to you. what do you read in all of this? >> not sure if we have the updated vote totals in the graphic, don. but we are starting -- you were mentioning before that fulton
9:00 pm
county was having technical difficul difficulties. we're getting more voting in now. >> we'll get it up on the screen for you. >> you heard jon ossoff. he was trying to ral ethe troops and looking ahead to june 20th as a possible run off date. this is an energized democratic party in a ruby red republican district and it's going to be a competitive battle the next couple of months. >> i want to bring in monue monue in atlanta. >> reporter: well, it's a pretty enthusiastic crowd. to finally hear from jon ossoff and as we're waiting for the snaf oo to be resolved. at fulton county, a lot of folks are getting antsy, want to k


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