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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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county was having technical difficul difficulties. we're getting more voting in now. >> we'll get it up on the screen for you. >> you heard jon ossoff. he was trying to ral ethe troops and looking ahead to june 20th as a possible run off date. this is an energized democratic party in a ruby red republican district and it's going to be a competitive battle the next couple of months. >> i want to bring in monue monue in atlanta. >> reporter: well, it's a pretty enthusiastic crowd. to finally hear from jon ossoff and as we're waiting for the snaf oo to be resolved. at fulton county, a lot of folks are getting antsy, want to know the results. but jon ossoff saying right off
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the bat we may not know what the final tally will be at the end of the night. i can tell you we are expecting new information to come in shortly about fulton county from today's vote in that all important county and if it does come in, we could have a projection determining whether or not mr. ossoff could win this out right. and likely against the former georgia secretary of state, karen handel. this crowd, while excited to hear from ossoff, also recognizing this fight may not be over. this could go on the next two months. the party wants to show they can still win. >> i want you to stand by. now, david, as i understand you're ready to make a projection. >> it is going to be a run off
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election in june between the democrat, jon ossoff and the republican karen handel. the two top finishers in the primary. we're ready to project jon ossoff will not clear that percentage he needed to avoid the run off and now we're going to see what a one on one battle locks like. and they can have one instead of dividing by 11. so jon ossoff's challenge is bigger but the energy and enthusiasm is on the democratic side. i'm wondering how the crowd is reacting. if they have seen this projection of a run off. >> i can tell you people are still waiting for this -- they're showing cnn on the screen but the crowd really has not reacted much. a lot of people have left after
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jon ossoff has left. nobody's cheering this result right now. they're showing this right now. we'll see what people have to say in real time, don. but it will be interesting to see how he responds in a general election when it's just one on one. he has tried to take the high road, avoid attack. but as we know in a competitive one on one race you have to show distinction with your challenger and how did jon ossoff go and attack karen handel that risk of undercutting his own image. that's a big question going forward. we're getting early indication from the crowd. but they're cheering because they say themselves on cnn, not necessarily because this going to a run off. this is going to be a pretty spirited battle. you can hear them chanting behind me, flip the six.
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because they still believe they can flip the sixth district. >> maybe they can do it in june. so, thank you very much. i want you to stand by. and i want to bring my panel in right now. so again, were we listening to jon ossoff or barack obama? i'm not the only one who thought that as well. he did sound that way. he is a southerner from georgia. obviously the former president had some influence over him because the cadence was almost exactly the same. >> acknowledged. no, no, no i agree with you. i just think one of the things i'm really impressed with both with the crowd in the oroom and how he's run this race is there are a group of hill staffers that came together and said there are things we can learn from the tea party.
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they've been at town halls, rallying the troops in districts everywhere and i think there's a lot to be said for them motivating folks who have never been in grass roots advocacy to even pushing jon to this point. >> as far as the chaos of this, georgia has certain election rules you have to resign from the office you're in before you can run for a different office, which creates this mess a little bit of people waiting as long as they can to declare and so that's why you had so many people and so there were a lot of dynamics here. all politics were local and there are a lot of dynamics that allowed this race to become bigger than just the macro picture of it's a referendum on trump, a 30-year-old with enthusiasma enthusiasm enthusiasm. >> isn't there a sigh of relief?
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even if it wasn't just 50%, didn't win this? >> normally yes. i think that because the trump factor is such an anomaly that people don't know what to think of this. in traditional republican circles it would be like we're good for the run off. this was newt gingrich's district. it's been a ruby red district. it should never have gotten this far but it has and when republicans see that the democrat could raise that kind of money, they better get it together. normally republicans are able to do that but we'll see. the party apparatus is -- fractured. >> it's good news that ossoff didn't win? >> certainly. the republicans had one clear goal. they needed to turn out enough voters to live on to fight another day.
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the republicans woke up to the threat is that was before them and donald trump jumped on the band wagon that end and no doubt will claim some credit. the question is in a one on one battle will we see karen handel fly to the district, campaign side by side or will she see him as more of somebody who's going to jin up the democratic base than deliver votes for her? >> you think he's going to campaign for her? >> i would be surprised if she wanted him to come. part of what we're finding is that donald trump and changing the complexion of the republican party. it's been stronger in areas that have larger populations of noncollege educated whites and weaker in areas with higher population of upscale republican whites. so this is -- you say this is a ruby red district but hillary
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clinton came pretty close. i think what we're seeing here is the republican party is getting weaker in certain areas, maybe getting stronger in more rural and poor areas with large white populations. but this is the kind of district the republican party's division, a significant chunk of republicans who still have reservations about donald trump. >> i need you to stand by because as we've been saying there's going to be a run off between karen handel and jon ossoff down in georgia. what do you have? >> i believe now we have the le latest vote totals with 95% of the vote now in you see there why we were able to project jon ossoff is at 48.6% to karen handel's 19.5%. it is that dropping below the
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50% that we were able to make thet projection we're headed for a run off. if he maintains that number at the end of the day will have performed even better than hillary clinton did when she made end roads into this district and that will give democrats some heart that there's a fight to fight. 95%, right? this is 95% of the vote in. so this is pretty much where it's going to settle out. >> how did he get so close as we've been saying ruby red district, david? >> exactly what peter was gist discussing. he got so close because he saw how hillary clinton got so close, which was making an appeal in a district that though it has been relied -- been relied -- establishment figures
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in the party were choosing different candidates. early on the democrats coalesced around jon ossoff. that was a key move to take all the democratic vote. now we're going to see what a one on one race looks like with the type of republicans that have been resistant to trump in the trump era. that's what we're going to see on june 20th. >> do you think at the end of the day they'll come home in georgia? >> i don't know. the purse in in the republican seat i would have identified him as a typical conservative. he knew house procedure like nobody's business. this guy who's now part of the trump administration has been tarnished not by the actions he took since becoming the h.h.s. secretary, it's because of the things he did while in the house. there are tremendous conflicts
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of interest challenges. this could be referendum on a tom price kind of republican. >> now we have -- manu. so i understand you have news. you're back and you're better than ever. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. well, i was going to say i spoke to karen handel earlier today and she said two things he that were interesting. one she acknowledged how the republican base is not happy with the results in washington so far. there's lot of anxiety about the failure to repeal obamacare, concerns and frustration that they did not do what they promised. and that is what she hears time and time again. would you be willing to campaign with donald trump and she said yes, she would. she welcomes him here in this district. we'll see if that actually hap nds but clearly she believes
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that trump could be beneficial, even though he only won by one point and almost lost his seat despite sticking his own neck out. but she did not embrace him the way some of the republican opponent said did trying to distance herself on key issues. we'll see how she deals with this now with a one on one race and if she tries to win some of the swing voters in this district, don. what do you want to say. >> of course she's going to say sheell'll welcome to the presid to come there. and depending on what happens between now and june 20th will depend whether he goes to that district. he is that lowest favorability than any president at this point in the last six presidents. and people are -- we saw the
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gallop poll that shows 17% down on keeping promises. trump may not necessarily bed a ven tajs for her. >> at any rate he's tweeting about it. >> of course he is. >> he said despite major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big "r" win with run off in georgia. glad to be of help! >> glad to be of help. can i say something? the candidate that supported mcmullen out performed the rest of the pro trump people thatd were republicans in that run off. so i don't know about that, mr. trump. >> it's not just that donald trump is unusually unpopular, it's -- so that's another thing you have to be concerned about, right? are they going to be able to
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coordinate the message with the stuff donald trump is tweeting at 2:00 a.m. in the morning? >> good luck there. >> regardless of what you think of the tweet, this wasn't a very important election for this president. >> it was. and the tweet saying glad to be of help was inevitable. we had said all night long he clearly had placed a bet that ossoff was going to end up below that 50% mark and with the robo call, the tweeting multiple times about the race, he wanted to lay down a marker and one we knew he was going to collect. he could pile on with that as well. i don't know all the republicans in georgia think he had a ton to do with it but if he helped turn out a little bit among republicans, ossoff got close.
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i think the big question going forward is will he be a help? how present will he be in the race in the one on one run off? >> thank ayou, david, thank you panel. that's it for us tonight. don, thank you very much. >> we are following the breaking news and of course all eyes on that special election that's being viewed as a major test of donald trump's presidency. >> this is the sixth district that has been solidly republican for decades. but jon ossoff is making big push but cnn projects he'll fall below the thresh hold needed for the out roit majority. president trump has taken a personal interest. he was attacking ossoff on
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twitter. well, joining us for our coverage at ossoff head quarters in atlanta. indeed, it is a full house in l.a. talk radio host and trump supporter, john phillips and we have in the mix, cnn senior reporter for media and politics. welcome to you all. >> so, of course we've heard from ossoff. he made a very brief statement. he said this was a historic victory. how is it a victory if he's heading to a run off? >> reporter: it's not a victory. it's a moral victory, if you will. this is the best a democratic candidate has done in decades. most do not get above 40%. this has been held by republicans for 37 years and he came close to winning but close is not winning. it's go stoing to get a lot har.
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now he has a two months one on one race with karen handel who's well known in the district and the state. decent name id and will pose a threat given she can presumably consolidate the republican field behind her and make this a one on one contest with ossoff. so, the questioning now is how will democrats regroup? this crowd was fired up. they believe they can still win in two months' time and expect a lot of money to come in here as democrats still view this seat as very winnable so they can flip and believe can take them closer to taking back the house majority next year but certainly not winning tonight. makes that just a little bit harder. thank you for that.
9:18 pm
stay with us because we'll continue with our coverage here, obviously. >> we certainly will. and i mean, at the end of the day, it's going to a run off but it's a good night for democrats and republicans have to be asking themselves what went wrong. >> i don't think so because you had so many republicans running in this jungle primary. the democrats cleared the field for ossoff so he could spend all his money attacking the republicans. the republicans were taking part in a circular firing squad. now donald trump carried that district narrowly but he carried it. the incumbent republican price won. if it you look at down ballot in other states, wisconsin, they ran ahead of donald trump. i expect the republican to do the same in this race. >> i want to put it to matt.
9:19 pm
i think this is a bit of a disaster for the democrats. trump won this district by less than 2%. democrats said this is referendum on the trump presidency. what it means is that they have made no ground against donald trump since the november election. they have not won 2% of the support in the last five/six months. >> i think it's a huge victory for the democrats. if you look that the democrats for reelection, they're raising a ton of money. the enthusiasm is clearly there for the democratic party. they're go having to two months and handel's go having to to defend donald trump's record. >> and let's go to david. he's in washington d.c.
9:20 pm
let me ask you as we talk bute the gains ossoff made in this district. how did he do it? how did this 30-year-old former aid, documentary film maker get to this place of being such a challenger? >> because two things -- three things. the shifting demographics in this district and it's a district that's affluent, well educated, young. exactly the kind of demographics that although has been reliably republican, not trump republican. two, he was running against a split field of republicans, splitting the republican vote and the democrats were very wise to get in early, john louis the iconic congressman from the area. ossoff 's former boss coalesce
9:21 pm
around him. so the democrats didn't have the split field rproblem and the energy right now is the antitrump left wing energy of opposition and resistance. we saw it in kansas where they came closer than they should have and in the amount of money ossoff has been able to raise from a number of celebrities throwing money into his campaign coughers. a lot of added district money into the race. all of those factors brought ossoff closer than most democrats but still didn't get the job done out right and the entire republican electorate is going to be able to coalesce around one candidate. it doesn't mean it's a run away for republicans. this is going to be a competitive couple of months and the special election will still
9:22 pm
be really important. but jon ossoff loses oton the split field. >> thank you. everybody stay with us. we have to squeeze in a very short break. you're watching cnn's continuing coverage of runoff election. >> a lot more analysis to come. do stay with us. is to always kek of your employees. micromanage them. make sure they're producing. woo! employee of the month! you really shouldn't leave their side. vita coco coconut water, hydration comes naturally.
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welcome back everybody. 25 minutes past 9:00 on the west coast. cnn projecting there will be a runoff between democrat jon ossoff and republican karen handel. >> this special election is viewed as something of a litmus test on a local level and he has taken a personal interest in it. mr. trump attacked ossoff in a robo call and tweets. and he tweeted this "despite major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big "r" win with runoff in georgia. glad to be of help!"
9:27 pm
>> and cnn senior reporter for media and politics. a lot of money went into ossoff's campaign, a lot of it coming from california actually. will there be the same level of inthuz as thuz as im for the ru? can they continue to spend $8 million plus on every congressional district? >> if you look at tonight 's election in georgia, the recent election in kansas, what you're seeing is that democrats are seeing hope. you know you call it the litmus test, the big question is can democrats have a shot at taking back the house next year? for them, results like what happened in georgia tonight seemed somewhat promising. obviously they would have liked to have nipped this thing in the bud and that didn't happen. while there is opposition to
9:28 pm
trump in some of these historically republican districts, just being an antitrump politician is not going to take you far enough. you have to offer a new promise, a new vision for what you're going to do otherwise you're going to see those results coming in kpangtexactly where td for trump. democrats want to go beyond run ds runoffs, if they want to go beyond a being on the fence in these partisan districts. >> john phillips, lets rr stay with the president. does he get further into this fight? should he get further into this fight in the runoff? >> god, i hope they never take that phone away from him. i look forward to those tweets so much. i think this is going to become
9:29 pm
a national fight because it's the only game in town. this is the race that everyone's focusing on. and to expand on a point that you made with dillen about taking all of his money from california and all these hollywood stars, this is a republican district in georgia. taking more money from jane fonda is not going to help you without the veterans unless they're part of the vietcong. >> we're not going to go there. >> let me just say just being antitrump is going to carry the democrats farer? and i'm not -- a lot of these democrats are not going to need a new vision except to be antitrump. let's remember he's about the least popular president a president has ever been at this stage. i think the democratic party is in pretty good shape. when we're talking about the
9:30 pm
house election next year, the enthusiasm is so high and the money is so enormous. look at how much the congressional hispanic caucus is raising. the democrats are in good shape just being antitrump. >> we're going to have a lot more analysis of that race.
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♪ this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back everybody. we have breaking news on that closely watched u.s. congressional election in georgia. cnn projecting there will be a runoff. >> this special election viewed as a litmus test of president trump trump support on the local level. he tweeted this "despite major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican kand d dts, big "r" win with runoff in georgia. glad i could help!
9:35 pm
i mean that's the headline. this thing will go to a runoff. what is the feeling among the ossoff camp and among supporters about what the road ahead will look like, what this fight is going to be like to win this run off against karen handel. >> no doubt there was disappointment in the room, a hope that perhaps he could achieve that 50% thresh hold and win the seat outright. but at the same time no one -- top officials in both parties were not expecting jon ossoff to get to that 50% thresh hold. public polling showed he was probably in the 40s, mid-40s and even internal polling suggested the higher 40s. if you were able to exceed that, it would have been a huge surprise. nevertheless the fact that it is now a one on one race against a republican karen handel, someone
9:36 pm
who's run state wide twice and lost two state wide races but won as georgia's secretary of state. she's a pretty well known quantity and will be a formidable candidate against jon ossoff in a general election. the fact he got 48% in a district no democrat has won in 37 years has given democrats a lot of hope they can win by winning conservative leaning districts like this one. they just need 24 seats to win back the house. that's something a lot of democrats feel a lot better about after seeing jon ossoff exceed expectations tonight. >> republicans should be feeling pretty good. they just wanted to get to a
9:37 pm
runoff. but is essentially fools gold now for democrats. trump won it by five points. does this have much implications beyond the sixth congressional district? >> we hear this a lot from dmps, national democrats and people who don't understand the state. oh, georgia's going to go purple. georgia's going to flip. and here's a guy without much of a portfolio but the democrat party is motivated. they're the minority party right now and behaveing i accordingly. 90% of his money came from out of state. most of his campaign apparatus was propped up buyout of state consultants. there's an old expression you can't beat somebody with nobody. he's 30 years old, has very little to show for his 30 years on earth in terms of vocation,
9:38 pm
career, anything like that. karen handel is a party activist and very comfortably take this seat with about 54% of the vote. >> it didn't help that ossoff couldn't vote for himself because he doesn't live in the district, right? >> i think we might get reminded of that several times in the coming months. >> so, democrats were hoping this was going to be like the moment of scott brown taking over the seat with a swing of more than 20 points. this is nothing like that. >> but in terms of this district, looks like jon ossoff is going to end up in a one on
9:39 pm
one race. the fact that the democrats are this close, considering -- i think you'll agree they're incredibly enthusiastic. we may or may not win in georgia but it bodes very well for 2018. >> take a quick break. we're going to keep this conversation going. more analysis after this quick break. i never miss an early morning market. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep or get up in time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am. the average family's new, but old, home: it stood up to 2 rookies, 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement.
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we continue with our breaking news coverage on the u.s. congressional election in the state of georgia. it's being watched closely from everyone from donald trump on down. it is historically a republican district. this is why it's so important. many people see the results as some indication the democrats will be able to take back the house in 2018. but right now we know that ossofp will head to a run off against the republican in june. >> thes president's commitment,
9:44 pm
he put out tweets, everything to get involved and show his support for the republican field. just a short time ago this is what he tweeted. "despite major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big "r" win with runoff in georgia. glad to be of help!" >> there will be one republican next time against one democrat. this is exactly what the democrats were hoping to avoid, right? >> yeah. and i think when it's all said and done the republicans will have more votes than the democrat candidate and expect them to be a favorite in the general election. they're looking at districts that hillary clinton won that have republican incumbents or republicans retiring thap that does not reflect this district.
9:45 pm
it's one that they won. they're going to play for it because it's aer the only election on the calendar this cycle but they're not go ing to win. >> most of the country doesn't like donald trump. so running against donald trump is very good for the democratic party. >> does that enthusiasm die? >> not at all. the money is so throughout right now for the democratic party. i think the democratic party is so enthuse i can't siastenthusi. the fact he got this close as well as in kansas is pretty amazing. i koent know whether -- >> does it mean you have to, as a democrat, if you don't get the runoff, you have to expand this beyond just a referendum on trump? >> i think you can go very far just being a referendum on trump. 60% of the country does not
9:46 pm
approve of donald trump. he's also doing a terrible job. the democrats are in good shape in terms of just running against trump. we're in los angeles. orange county you have two seats. does anybody think walter or iceice isa are going to take the seats? >> runoffs help or hurt? >> i think it helped and ultimate lee he will help the republican candidate win the election. >> all right. stay with us, guys. this conversation is going to continue. but to other big political news. teresa may has shocked her country and europe calling for a snap election in june as she works on a deal to leave the european union. >> her party has a slim majority in the house of commons but if
9:47 pm
she can widen the gap she'll have a lot more leverage. we'll have a lot more in the coming hours on the congressional elections. and we're watching very closely, bill o'reilly. his fate is now in the balance.
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hello, everyone. breaking news to bring you up to speed. closely watched u.s. congressional election in georgia. cnn projects there will be a run-off between jon osof and karen handel. he had a strong showing in a solidly republican district. it's being viewed as a litmus test of president trump's support on a local level. saying it's a referendum on the president himself. and donald trump taking a personal in it, attacking osof in a robocall and in tweets. fox news may be close to dumping talk show host bill
9:52 pm
o'reilly. "the wall street journal," which is owned by the same company as fox reports the network is preparing to cut ties with o'riley after a slew of sexual harassment claims. he's denied any wrongdoing. his lawyer said that his client has been subjected to a brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post mccarthyist america. there's a petition at fox news, demanding he be fired. a woman has said he harassed her at work for months. >> he would come by her desk when there was no one around and make sexually inappropriate comments to her, and racially harassing comments. he called her hot chocolate. she's african american. she found that very offensive. he would leer at her, at her cleavage, at her legs, saying, yeah, baby, have her get off the elevator first and make comments about her.
9:53 pm
she found the whole thing very upsetting. >> well, cnn legal analyst arrivea martin joins us now. his lawyer says he's been the victim of a character assassination. he also went on to say it's been orchestrated by the far left, a smear campaign, he has evidence which he'll come out with. where is he going in terms of a legal defense? >> i think he's trying to save his job, first and foremost. there's really no need for a legal defense, because there's not been an action filed with respect to these last two accusers. i think this is all about him trying to save face, him trying to present to the board of directors and the management at fox news, a case for why he should not be let go because he's seriously close to losing his very, very high-paying position. >> one well placed source is saying he could be gone by the end of the week, but negotiations are under way. what would those negotiations
9:54 pm
look like? >> severance pay. how do you get rid of him, give him a soft landing? he's never going to admit liability, any wrongdoing, and there's the question of pay-off. he may have a contract. he just signed a contract recently. so the question, what's the value of that contract and is fox going to pay him that in exchange for his resignation. >> and roger ailes left under similar circumstances. would you expect there would be some kind of clause in his contract which would make it easier for fox to remove him under these circumstances? >> sexual harassment is awful conduct when anyone engages in it, and a company has the right to terminate you for cause. so if you engage in sexual harassment, the company has a legal right to terminate your contract. the fact that they haven't fired bill o'reilly before this is really appalling. because we're talking about these latest two allegations,
9:55 pm
but we also know there was $13 million paid in settlement for women who made very similar allegations, and in most companies, most individuals would have been fired long before this. it's just because of the cash that he's brought into the network, which is why he's still in the position today. >> so you talk about the legal settlement they've made with fox news. but the latest accusers, wendy walsh and the latest accuser today, that i not after money. >> no, but lisa bloom has said repeatedly, he wants an outside investigation, she wants someone other than the law firm retained by fox news to do an internal investigation. what women want is for this company to rid itself of this hostile work environment. we're hearing these sexual allegations don't just -- they haven't just plagued bill o'reilly. all the way to the top, roger ailes. so the question, is, is there a culture, are women safe in this
9:56 pm
environment? that's the question that i think the protesters were asking that are outside demanding that bill o'reilly be terminated from fox. >> lisa bloom, the lawyer, described fox as a cesspool of sexual harassment and retaliation. if fox does not change the culture, what are the legal liabilities? >> more and more lawsuits, and some where they are asking for money. right now, there's no money on the table with respect to bloom's two clients. but if women have suffered sexual harassment and there's a statute of limitations period, it could be huge damage, as well as advertisers leaving the network and major consequences for fox. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. it's a busy night. we have lots of news to bring you. we'll be live for the next couple of hours from los angeles. >> stay with us. a short break and a lot more news to come.
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