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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  April 20, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. >> tillerson's comments came a day after he certified to congress that iran is complying with the deal. questioned whether sanctions shouldn't be reimposed because of the sponsorship of terrorists for iran. >> you heard rex tillerson mentioning north korea which has sky high tensions with the neighbors and the u.s. today, american and south korean forces are conducting the max thunder drill. the second biggest aviation exercise on the korean peninsula. we have cnn's paula hancocks in seoul with the up close look. >> reporter: dave and alison, this is a massive air operation with the united states and south korea here in south korea. there are more than 80 aircraft involved and more than 1,500
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people. we know it is routine and annual. we are told by the lieutenant colonel in charge when they carry out the drills, they don't have a specific enemy in mind. given the tensions on the korean peninsula, this is more in the spotlight. this massive fire power seen by north korea as well. it is not what north korea likes to see. every single year when the drills happen, they becomefurii. they believe this is a dress rehearsal for invasion although the united states says they are defensive in nature. keep in mind, north korea said the u.s. pushed the situation to the point where nuclear war could break out anytime. china suggested the military drills should not happen. if the u.s. holds the military drills, potentially north korea could suspend of the missile program. it is not a new situation or suggestion and not one that the u.s. welcomes. dave and alison.
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>> great reporting. let's bring in tal kopan live in washington this morning. >> good morning, dave and alison. >> let's stay on the subject. korean peninsula and talk about the fuss over where donald trump said. the president. regarding armada sailing to the korean peninsula. we have sean spicer with the statement. >> we are sending an armada. very powerful. we have submarines. very powerful. far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. that i can tell you. >> the statement that was put out was the "carl vinson" group is headed to the korean peninsula. it is heading to the korean peninsula. >> it is headed there now. it wasn't headed there last week. >> that's not what we said. we said it is heading there.
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>> the president believed he may have spoken to quickly on the location of the vessel. >> the president said we have an armada going to the peninsula. it is a fact. it is happening. >> i don't want to get caught up in semantic debate, tal. the president said we are sending armada there. that is not false. sean spicer is right. what is the problem with the way the pentagon handled this and what is it indicative of? >> it is a question of timing. on the campaign trail, donald trump was known for being loose and saying things and throwing them out and see how they stick. we have been talking about it since the beginning of the presidency how foreign policy doesn't typically work that way. he is having to adjust strategy. at the same time, tough talk is a central approach to business negotiations and foreign policy. he puts out a front that is aggressive and perhaps peels it
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back in negotiation. it may not be evntirely surprising a bit of bluster. in fact, some think his strategy of keeping our allies and enemies an alike on their toes a little bit is a positive thing for foreign policy. >> tal, you look at the pick picture of the intternational fingers in international waters. the trump administration taking action in syria and strong talk on north korea. from rex tillerson, we hear about the iran nuclear deal and the president asking a multiagency review to figure out lifting sanctions should be on the table. it feels like a lot of regimes that the administration is putting its fingers in a lot of regimes at once. it seems like it is upping the
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ante of the risk level. what are your thoughts? >> it is interesting, alison, during the campaign trail, trump was against regime change as a u.s. policy. definitely, he is not rand paul anti-interventionist, but he was scaled back from the obama administration was trying to influence world affairs. since he has taken office, we have seen the administration come quite a bit closer to where the obama administration was on foreign policy which includes a lot of very concerning hot spots in the world. this is an example of how the administration is trying to respond to those. certainly we see them trying to influence things. they are trying to find their way to do it which is the sometimes good cop-bad cop with the countries. >> they are trying to find a domestic agenda. dana bash talked vice president pence and talked about health
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care. here is what the vice president said to dana. >> while it was clear that a little more than a month ago congress wasn't ready to do it. we never relented in the commitment to keep that promise to the american people. i'm confident in the days ahead congress will come together and we will take the important first step to repeal and replace obamacare with the health care reform that president trump envisioned. >> tal, the president needs a "w." are we any closer to agreement on health care? >> those in d.c. know we have a few more days of recess and the lawmakers out of town. traffic is really light. they come back next week. they have been in the home districts and have had town halls. some are angry that republican lawmaker s considered supportin the first health care bill. they are angry about that. it is not pleasure that the bill
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has been pulled. you know, our reporting shows many talks happening over recess between the hard line conservatives and the more moderate members of the republican party who thus far have not been able to vote for the same version of a bill. you know, there is a lot of talk. there is a lot of talk of optimism. truth is in the pudding. there is no indication we are that much closer to a deal than we were with the spectacularly failed and pulled from the floor. we have to keep watching. next week when they get back, they have to make sure government doesn't shutdown. >> the 28th. on friday. that's important. tal kopan, thank you. see you in 30 minutes. up next, a changing of the guard at fox news. harassment allegations too much to keep bill o'reilly. what's next for him and fox news?
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in a decision that is rocking the world of cable news, bill o'reilly, the long time host of the flagship show "rylan "o'reilly factor" is out. the network pushed to public pressure. >> now we have immediate wra repo media reporter for the hill. joe concha. we worked together at fox news. >> not well. everybody kept reynolds. >> that works. bill o'reilly is out of a job because? >> because 50 advertisers, more than, left his show and pulled ads. fox news saw this script playing out over and over again when
2:13 am
they tried to add more advertisers, those advertisers because of social media -- it is no longer write a letter and lodge a complaint. everybody has a megaphone now. they are in existence to make sure bill o'reilly never gets back on the air. >> it is not a corporate culture thing. it is a bottom line decision. >> always follow the money in these situations, dave. >> it is interesting. you start to hear the stories from people who would not necessarily expect to either fr hear from. we heard from kristin powers at cnn. a former fox analyst. she tells a detailed story about what happened to her at fox news with bill o'reilly. listen to this. >> i think it is stunning because bill o'reilly was fox news. he had so much power there and was unthinkable he would ever leave accept on his terms.
2:14 am
i did his show regularly. i thought about an incident early on in my career where i was on with margaret hoover. he got margaret's name wrong. margaret said get my name keep . at the end, he says thank you for your blondeness to both of us. i went to his executive producer and say he needs to apologize or never do that again or i won't do his show. they said he is bill. he is a throwback archie bunker. i went to my boss's office and what can we do. it is bill. there is nothing we can do. we are sorry, but there is nothing question do. i complained to roger ailes.
2:15 am
i was told it is bill. he's a jerk. nobody likes him. roger said bill likes to put up dirty pictures and ask pretty girls to talk about them. the whole thing -- then he said, what am i going to do? i don't like him, but he makes so much money. >> who said that? >> roger ailes. this was the culture which was bill is too big. there is nothing you can do about it. >> he was just too big. if that is not a red flag, i don't know what is. >> is roger ailes still with fox news. >> we know that. >> i'm getting back to dave's point. >> it had to get to the point, boiling point, for fox to take action. it could have handled this a long time ago. this wasn't yesterday when this story happened. she is not the first. action could have been taken earlier before it hit that.
2:16 am
>> margaret hoover said she makes a point never to be alone with bill o'reilly while at fox news as well. she is with cnn. you are saying retroactively this could have been taken care of a while ago. that's how it works in television. there are people that are above the law. just like politics. they are above the law. >> are they really? >> until the complaints come in. this is not justifying it. i'm getting in the executive's head. we can't get into this because he called a woman blonde. >> here is what bill o'reilly. >> different rules with different people. >> the past 20 years as fox news, i have been proud to launch and lead one of the most successful news programs in history. disheartening we part ways due to unfounded claims. that is the issue we must face
2:17 am
in the public eye. what is bill o'reilly's legacy and future? >> dave, sometimes we are remembered for what we do last. when you hear the name bill o'reilly, it is the same for joe paterno. they remember he was a great coach for years and they will remember the scandal at penn state. and bill o'reilly was ousted for sexual harassment claims. moving forward? i got my money on glenn beck. "the blaze." they exchanged e-mails as o'reilly was coming back. >> they might have an opening. tomi lahren no longer at the network. i bet bill o'reilly is worth $85 million. >> that is enough for bill o'reilly? think about his ratings. >> they have a good platform. it is not cnn. it is not fox news. he is not signed by abc or cbs. he has to go to a network like
2:18 am
the blaze and put them on the map. for him, it is a culture warrior. he will be willing to take a pay cut. he doesn't have anything else to do. >> news parmax? >> i don't think in he has the relationship there. i think that with beck, he does have that relationship. if he is there a year, we will play back the tape. >> joe concha from the hill. we will talk sports next. do you think serena williams can dominant tennis while pregnant? andy scholes with details in the bleacher report. that's next. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
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well, the thunder's russell westbrook put up huge numbers last night against the rockets. his team still lost. didn't just say he didn't hold back on the post game press conference. >> we have andy scholes with more in the bleachr report. >> thunder's russell westbrook was a one-man show. no difference last night. check this out. westbrook rocking this outfit. that is a fashion statement. westbrook ended up with 51 points in the game, but it took 43 shots to get that 51. he was ice cold in the fourth quarter when james harden and the rockets. afterwards, westbrook didn't care to hear how many points he
2:24 am
scored. >> when you look at your line at the box score, how do you grade your line? >> i don't give a [ bleep ] about the line. we lost. >> they are down 0-2. they really need a win in game three tomorrow night. back at okc. need some help? >> i think i got this, but thank you. maybe. >> all right. >> thanks, man. see you in a minute. hold on one second. all right. that was cool. >> you can always count on gronk for a laugh. patriots tight end rob gronkowski surprising sean spicer in the pressor. tom brady was not there. he posted this picture of his parents on instagram. their 48th wedding anniversary. brady said he did not go to the white house to attend personal family matters. his mom is currently battling
2:25 am
cancer. finally, serena williams sending the sports world in frenzy with the caption of 20 weeks. she quickly deleted the picture. causing speculation she is pregnant. her agent confirming the news she is in fact expecting. if she is 20 weeks, she won the australian open while pregnant. serena turns 36 in september. guys, she will miss the rest of the 2017 season. the wta confirming they expect serena to return in 2018. >> congrats to her. this is serena. maybe the best athlete of our time. >> we will see. she is getting up there in age. >> we have been saying that for a decade. >> we have been saying that for a long time. two big stories we are following. u.s. not backing away from diplomatic standoffs from
2:26 am
adversa adversaries. and bill o'reilly ousted from fox. the latest on those stories when we come back.
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talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. the trump administration says it will not blink in the face of threats from global adversaries, iran, north korea and russia. and the crown has been taken from the now former king of cable news. bill o'reilly ousted at fox. what is next for him and the network following another rough departure? welcome back to "early start." i'm alison kosik. >> i'm dave briggs. it is 30 minutes past the hour. this morning, the trump administration not backing off the tough talk in several fights it is waging around the world with iran, north korea and russia. on the iran nuclear deal, president trump is asked for a multiagency review to determine whether lifting sanctions in exchange for tehran curbing the
2:31 am
nuclear program is really in the national interest. >> secretary of state rex tillerson saying the deal forged by the obama administration and u.s. allies completely ignored all of the serious threats that iran poses. >> iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism and responsible for multiple conflicting and under mining u.s. conflicts in syria, yemen, iraq and lebanon and continuing to support attacks against israel. unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. >> tillerson's comments coming a day after he certified to congress iran is complying with the deal, but questioned if sanctions shouldn't be reimposed because of iran's alleged sponsorship of terrorism. >> you heard tillerson mentioning north korea which has sky high tensions with the
2:32 am
neighbors and u.s. today, american and south korean forces conducting the annual max thunder drill. the second largest aviation exercise on the korean peninsula. we have paula hancocks at the air base in seoul with a closer look. >> reporter: dave and alison, this is a massive air operation here in south korea. there is more than 80 aircraft involved and 1,500 people. we know it is routine and annual. we are told by the lieutenant colonel in charge when they carry out the drills, they don't have a specific enemy in mind. of course, given the tensions on the korean peninsula, this is in the spotlight. the massive fire power seen by north korea as well. it is not what north korea likes to see. every year when the drills happen, they become angry and infuriated. they believe this is actually a dress rehearsal for invasion
2:33 am
although the united states says they are defensive in nature. keep in mind what is happening on the peninsula. north korea have said the u.s. has pushed the situation to the point where a nuclear war could break out anytime. china as well suggested these military drills should not happen saying if the u.s. holds these military drills, potentially, north korea could suspend nuclear and missile program. it is not a new situation or new suggestion and not one that the u.s. welcomes. dave and alison. >> great reporting from paula hancocks. to help us with perspective. let's bring in tal kopan live in washington. >> good morning. >> could be much ado about nothing, but a lot being made of what president trump said about the armada. aircraft carrier sailing to the korean peninsula. here is the president and sean spicer defending his actions
2:34 am
despite the ship sailing in the opposite direction at the time the president said this. >> we are sending an armada. very powerful. we have submarines. very powerful. far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. that i can tell you. >> the statement that was put out that the "carl vinson" is heading to the korean peninsula. it is heading to the korean peninsula. >> it is headed there now. it wasn't headed there last week. >> that's not what we ever said. we said it was heading there. it was heading there. it is heading there. >> does the president believe he may have spoken to quickly on this location of the vessel before it was -- >> president said we have armada going to the peninsula. that's a fact. it has happened. it is happening rather. >> let me try to settle the semantic debate. the president said we are sending. that is technically true. nothing there is false on that statement. what is the problem that the
2:35 am
administration and pentagon may have in regard to the situation? >> dave, that is right. in foreign policy, there is more precision required than on the campaign trail. that is what donald trump is gathering on the job. if there is one thing he is known for, it is not necessarily sticking to the script. in foreign policy, every word that a president says is parsed by allies and enemies alike. that is what he is dealing with at the same time there are supporters of trump who believe being a bit unpredictable and hard to pin down and unscripted actually keeps allies and enemies on their tos. that is the appeal of the trump foreign policy. that is one of the explanations fr it. you are seeing the white house having to clean up after the fact and explain what the u.s. is actually doing versus what the president is saying.
2:36 am
>> and speaking of foreign policy. iran sort of landed on the table via rex tillerson. yesterday or the day before, tillerson certified that iran is complying with the nuclear deal hashed out by the obama administration. now it looks like the trump administration is questioning whether sanctions should be imposed on iran. the trump administration looking to changes things in iran and looking to change things in north korea and syria. we are coming up against the 100-day mark for the trump administration. this is coming fast and furious. is there a time clock happening? why should this happen this quickly? >> i think it is a few things going on, alison. to one point, on the 100-day mark, the trump administration is grappling with what they have to show with the first 100 days. an artificial deadline. they don't have a lot of wins on the domestic front. there has been a lot of scrutiny of rex tillerson and nikki haley
2:37 am
and the various foreign policy players in the administration and if they are visible enough. it is always just again a matter of the reality of governing. on the campaign trail, president trump promised to tear up the nuclear deal. when you get in office, some of those things are not that easy. while there is absolutely serious hot spots in the world that demand immediate attention, the administration is still sorting out exactly what the strategy will be in regards to the flash points. >> another thing they like to tear up is obamacare. that is one of the central promises of the campaign. running into the reality of that it has been difficult. mike pence talked about this with dana bash and said it is on the hot burner. they like to get details in a vote next week. this morning in "the new york times" editorial is the plan to
2:38 am
sabotage obamacare. this is not surprising there mr. trump would see this is a bargaining trip. he shows no concern about gambling with the health of millions of people. this is not mr. trump's promise insurance for everybody. it sounds like a hollywood villain with carnage if he doesn't get his way. if this crumbles, where does the debate move next? >> this is an example of lawmakers focus on political posturi posturing. the calculation is and you hear this from the white house and trump himself of who owns obamacare. if some sort of problem happens in the marketplace if the americans feel health care is worse or not good enough, who do they blame?
2:39 am
republicans have tried to say if we don't fix this, democrats it is on you for passing this bill. this type of threat from the trump administration saying they won't fund something or support the bill. that's the type of thing that can shift the blame on them and gives democrats ammunition. you had the opportunity to prop this up and you undermined it. there is a bit of gamesmanship going on on top of the non productive discussions on what republicans want to do with repeal and replace. >> funding the government. they have to do by next friday. >> yes. >> i want to pivot to bill o'reilly. not so much the details, but bill o'reillys o'reilly's impac politics. it harkens this month when president trump defended bill o'reilly. this is was on april 5th. he said i know bill. bill's a good person. i don't think bill would do anything wrong. what's behind this defense coming from donald trump?
2:40 am
if you think about bill o'reilly, he sort of created this movement. many think that if there was no bill o'reilly, there would be no president donald trump. >> these two men go back quite a way. and donald trump and fox news go back. trump started to crafts his personal persona. fox was a key platform. he would call in and trualk frequently. o'reilly was a key stop when he tried to sell his message. on top of that, you get into the theory of conservative and how fox news and o'reilly pioneered that style certainly the trump effect owes quite a bit to that ground work. its was a little bit odd when that statement came out with trump defending o'reilly with
2:41 am
the accusations and the history of the campaign trail and the tape that came out about donald trump. it dredged up a lot of that. trump felt loyal to bill o'reilly and showed that sense. >> those two have been friends for decades. a good question. would we have president trump if we didn't have bill o'reilly? thank you, tal. >> thank you. more details on the move rocking the world of cable news as we have been telling you. bill o'reilly, the top rated host of "o'reilly factor" is out. the network cancelling the show after pressure from the public and the advertising dropping out. >> in a note to the company, they pay tribute to his ratings and accomplishments and underline the commitment to fostering a work environment built on the values of trust and
2:42 am
respect. >> fox's decision to force o'reilly out is a stunning about face for a company that stood by the superstar host through years of sometimes tawdry allegations. after roger ailes resigned last summer under a similar cloud, momentum shifted against the host. o'reilly wished the network well as he moved out and defended his honor. over the past 20 years at fox news, i have been proud to launch and lead one of the most successful news programs in history. it is tremendously disheartening we part ways due to unfounded claims. that is the reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. it is unclear if o'reilly is getting a big payout. he may be owed tens of millions of dollars, but also his contract may contain clauses to have fox get out of the deal. stay with us for the story on
2:43 am
"new day." breaking news. general motors pulling out of venezuela after the plant was seized by authorities. a move the automaker calls illegal. gm plans to fight back legally and will make severance payments to the thousands of venezuelan employees. gm's decision will not help the worsening economic crisis. the country racked by huge anti-government protests demanding elections and denouncing critical food shortages and demonstrators calling an authoritarian government. one shot and killed in a protest yesterday. two civilians were killed and hundreds of people injured. utter chaos. big cuts at the epa. why and what is the broader impact? that's next. ) at rs, seen most eve so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you.
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welcome back. the environmental protection agency plans to reduce the work force according to a memo. the agency will maintain a hiring freeze with very limited exceptions. 350 jobs went unfilled at the trump administration hiring freeze. the union that represents epa employees says the administration wants to cut 3,000 and 4,000 full-time positions. that would be more than 25% of the work force. the epa has not responded to a cnn request for comment. time for a look at "new day." s chris cuomo joins us. >> good morning, alison. we will talk to people who
2:49 am
shared a set with bill o'reilly. what effect does this make on fox news as a political culture there? what about professional culture there? and is that going to change even if bill o'reilly is gone? what does this mean for president trump? i'm not talking about support of bill o'reilly, but you have to remember how important bill o'reilly was in the development and introduction and motivation of donald trump as a presidential candidate. also on the other side of the aisle, the book making waives. "shattered." it details what went wrong in the hillary clinton campaign. we have the authors on. they will give us reaction from the clinton camp. that is on "new day." >> okay. i'll be watching. >> thank you. >> more bad headlines for wells fargo. federal regulators had hundreds
2:50 am
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congress member jason chaffetz announcing he will not seek re-election in 2018. the utah republican insisting u. he is best known for heading the investigation of the hillary clinton use of the private e-mail server as secretary of state. he has expressed interest of becoming governor of utah. seeking shell tore for tter planes. that strike for retaliation for the chemical attack that syria launched on its own people. we have barbara starr with
2:55 am
details. >> reporter: dave, alison, the u.s. missile strike in syria now reverberating across the syrian military. that missile strike took out 20% of the syrian operation fighter jets. now the syrians have apparently moved most of the rest of the inconvenieventory to the base a coast. close to the russians looking for the russian umbrella of protection with russian anti-air systems and russian missiles. it may keep the syrian aircraft safe, but still launched additional attacks with helicopters and artillery and rockets. syrians are moving their arrest tille tillery. alison. dave. barbara, thank you.
2:56 am
an increase in isis use of chemical weapons in iraq. according to officials, four incidents in the last week of isis fighters using chemical weapons, including mustard gas in mosul. no deaths or coalition casualties have resulted from the attacks. new military conduct rela regulations ban personnel from distributing nude photos without permissi permission. making any violation a crime punished by a military court. it comes on the heels of a nude photo sharing scandal that rocked all four branches of the military with naked service members posted on private facebook sites. an attorney hired by the family of aaron hernandez says he will investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the former nfl star. corrections officials say hernandez was found hanged in his prison cell wednesday more
2:57 am
than. his death came days after being acquitted in the murder case. he was serving a sentence for life for the killing of odin lloyd. the medical examiner is conducting an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. let's get a check on cnn money stream. stocks pointing higher. shares in europe are mixed. stocks in asia are higher overnight. the first quarter earning season off to a rocky start. ibm falling off a cliff. sinking 5% after the company reported it beat profit estimates. investors dumping the stock. ibm is the first tech company to report. investors are watching the sect sector. big blue dragging the average to its second straight triple digit lost. nasdaq is up for the week. s&p 500 is flat.
2:58 am
a troubling government report on wells fargo showing regulators failed to act on hundreds if not thousands of red flags. that according to the review of the office of the comptroller. one-alarming red flag in january of 2010 where the regulator was aware of the sales tactics and aggressive sales tactics. the board knew about aggressive sales practices as early as 2004. wells fargo declined to comment. thanks for joining us. i'm alison kosik. "new day" starts right now. bill o'reilly is leaving the network in the wake of mounding allegations of sexual harassment. >> this is the threat of the job. >> myrthey are cut by the same
2:59 am
cloth. they are two of a kind. >> the trump administration is conducting a review of our iran policy. >> if there is trouble in the region, you find iran. >> the president said we have armada going to the peninsula. it is happening. >> these mistakes could be problematic. >> this is a rudderless administration from aircraft carrier fiasco to the lack of coordination in messagesing. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. up first, fox news firing bill o'reilly after two decades as the face of the network. fox's parent company caving to pressure as sexual harassment claims piled up and advertisers left the show. >> o'reilly has and continues to say the allegations are unfounded. he says they are the price of
3:00 am
celebrity. president trump silent so far on the man he recently defended as a good person. trump said he didn't think o'reilly did anything wrong. all this as the new administration talks tough on iran and looks for new ways to pressure north korea. we have it all covered four. let's start with dave briggs on bill o'reilly's demise. we should mention, dave, of course, worked at fox news. >> with the lady you are sitting next to. >> i'm sandwiched by you. >> guys, it is a stunning turn of events for the king of cable news. these events started with a "new york times" piece three weeks ago. here are the facts which led to the departure of the man that changed our industry. bill o'reilly's two decade reign as the king of fox news coming to abrupt end. >> bill o'reilly, the biggest


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