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tv   New Day  CNN  April 21, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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publicly? >> i think the tipping point is in modelling the behavior you can't come forward and there is life after making that report. you know, somewhat ironically, the experience i had with this inappropriate behavior was long ago on my first job. i threw a flag on that stuff as a 22-year-old. there was risk. it was scary. maybe that's my story to tell to young women. you can do this. you can move on with your career. know what your limits are. you can call inappropriate inappropriate and trust your judgment. you can still have a career. that is what we are getting out of this. you can tell the story and move on in the gretchens and megyn kelly can come forward. they can make something after that. that's the way it should be. you should not have to be subject to inappropriate behavior. i hope this culture is on the way to repairing. there are so many good friends and people who still work there.
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>> absolutely. we all feel that way. we are watching with close attention to see what happens next. ladies. thank you. thanks to the international viewers. for you "cnn newsroom" is next. forviewers, can the health care bill pass? "new day" continues right now. >> this is a great bill. a great plan. >> president wants a victory. he keeps coming back to it. i can't see it is feasible. >> a lose-lose-lose situation. we will do everything to stop it. >> the government shutdown could come on his 100th day. >> they have one week to get it done. that's a real deadline. france on high alert after terror attack rocks paris. >> a second suspect has handed himself in to belgian authorities. >> a very, very terrible thing that is going on in the world. i have been saying it for a long time. >> influence that country's presidential election.
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this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to "new day." a race against the clock for president trump and the gop as they look for a legislative win in the first 100 days. the president is focused on health care. the revised plan is getting better and better. members of congress do not know if it has the votes to make it through the house in the next eight days. >> a lot of members of congress are not sure what the president's talking about and complicating matters is a government shutdown is looming. the health care push may affect the outcome. the deadline to keep the government funded is just one week from today. just one day before the president's 100th day in office. the clock is ticking as president trump enters day 92. let's start the coverage with joe johns live at the white house. >> reporter: chris, the attempts continue to salvage a measure of legislative success for the
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trump administration before the clock runs out on the first 100 days. the initial reaction to the effort given the last experience has been one of skepticism. >> we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week. >> reporter: president trump pushing hard for a legislative win before his 100th day in office next week. reviving the health care effort that failed weeks ago. >> the plan gets better and better and better. it has gotten really, really good. a lot of people are liking it. >> reporter: republicans want to help the president deliver on one of his key campaign promises as democrats remain skeptical a deal will be reached. >> you can put lipstick on a sow and call her monique and she is still a pig. that's what this bill is. it's the same terrible bill. >> reporter: a draft proposal published by politico maintains the ban on rejectng patience
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with pre-existing conditions and guaranteed coverage for maternity care. it allows you to seek waivers if it shows in the public interest. concessions aimed at placating moderate and conservatives. >> difficult to do. we are close. it is basically make good on the promises. >> reporter: the effort comes as the congress faces a deadline to pass a massive spending bill to avert a government shutdown. >> i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that? i think we want to keep the government open. don't you agree? i think we'll get both. >> reporter: president trump asking congress to include $1.4 billion to begin building his controversial border wall. the trump white house has one victory they celebrate today. the washington post reporting the trump administration was instrumental in releasing an egyptian-american aide worker.
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along with her husband and several other humanitarian workers. the news comes after trump publicly embraced the egypt's president at the white house. despite the history of human rights abuses. >> we are behind president squisquiel sisi. >> reporter: that freed egyptian-american woman aya hijazi described last week as one of the highest priorities is expected to be here at the white house and meet with the president as early as today according to the post. the president expected to spend this weekend, unlike many other weekend, in washington trying to rack up victories. >> the clock is ticking. joe, thank you. president trump tweeted this morning. it is relevant. he says no matter how much i accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days
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and it has been a lot, including supreme court, media will kill. what? he is likening us to nicotine. let's discuss with our panel. david gregory. reporter and editor chris cillizza and abbey fphillips. the 100 day standard is an artificial timeline. the president, david gregory, feels the pressure of that. that's why he's working overtime and trying to get something in the next week on health care. >> there is no question. the legislative agenda is key part of this. any new administration wants to come in and get the ball rolling on capitol hill. in this case, the trump administration is really botched it. they had and have a big portfolio of things to accomplish. so much confidence that can be done. look at the markets. you see a tempering of the
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economic outlook because people are less certain that regulatory reform and tax reform and infrastructure bill and repealing obamacare can be accomplished in part because obamacare came out of the gates and the president cannot unite his own party. that is the problem. that is why he is returning to it. the legislative agenda and not much movement there. the president has areas where he can work with congress. that is what is hanging overall of this. the supreme court and the travel ban botched in his efforts. he may win that substantively. the way he rolled it out was off. the emerging foreign policy where he is getting mixed reviews and positive reviews and dangerous circumstances. all of that weighs on it too. >> cillizza, in queens where the president and i grew up. that is called the two-step. he said this is a stupid standard. i'll do well anyway.
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he is hedging. that's politics. that's fine. the concern is how he may good about it. by he, i mean the collective of the republican leadership. what have you heard about the chances that they would connect this to the continuing resolution act to get the government funded? by that, i mean if you want to keep the government open, you will give me health care. >> i think that donald trump has cand candidly not a deep understanding of how congress and the scheduling works. that is not going to happen. the government shutdown, of course he should say honestly. he should say i want both in that clip you played. he should say i want health care and keep the government open. just because you want it doesn't mean you get it. >> do you think he can get ryan to attach it to the shutdown funding? >> absolutely not. remember and donald trump doesn't always remember this. there is a reason there are
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three parts of the federal government. there is a reason there is an executive branch and legislative branch. if donald trump was 90% popularity, he has more leverage. he is at 40% or 41%. saying that we have to really, really, really good health care bill and it's really coming along and people like it. there is not a lot of evidence other than the freedom caucus and the tuesday group which is the republican moderates. the leaders of those two have met. the full republican congress hasn't seen the bill yet. the idea they will circulate it today or over the weekend and vote next week, doesn't that seem like the same problem that they got into with the bill in the first place? i'm just very skeptical he can dictate exactly what he wants at all times to paul ryan and the house conference.
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>> i don't know, abbey. the house freedom caucus and the tuesday group meeting. that is progress. they are the ones dug in. maybe they will come up with something in the next few days that appeals to both of them. >> you know, i think they have been trying to meet. sure, it is better than where they were a couple of weeks ago when things seem to breakdown. it will actually take a lot more than those two groups meeting to get the bill across the finish line. the changes that they make in private. we don't know if that has gotten the buy-in of the entirety of both caucuses. what we have seen in the past is sometimes when the deals are drafted up by individuals or small groups of people within the freedom caucus or within the tuesday group or at the white house or in leadership. then the full caucus hasn't seen it, it is a huge problem going down the road.
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we should be cautious. i agree with chris. there is no chance these two trains are going to be attached to each other and go down the same path next week. republicans have acknowledged they really need democratic votes to get the government funded. even for a short-term continuing resolution. they cannot do that with trying to do health care. it is not possible in the political environment. especially considering the kinds of changes that they're looking at for the bill. >> david gregory. how do you see the request for $1.4 billion for the border wall in the spending bill? >> i don't see it going well. this is the same request that was apparently going to be taken care of by mexico to build the wall. we want to remember that context of how this idea was born. i think what abby and chris are saying is important. now they want to go back to repeal obamacare and to cobble together the aspects that are
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popular ands those that are unpopular. and use the neediest people and use that as leverage to get democrats to support border wall funding. i think the democrats want to be in a position to force their hand so the administration doesn't preside over shutting down of the government which would hurt congress and democrats too. i don't see them going along with that. we'll see how much leverage the administration can use. >> go ahead. >> i would say to david's point. the problem for donald trump here is political leverage tends to work if you have the high ground. he doesn't. he's the least popular president at this point in his presidency in the modern era. you need -- i hate to say it -- you need congress to be afraid of you coming to the district and say i told them they needed to vote for this and they didn't. number one, he likes to be in
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washington and florida. as a home body myself, i won't be critical of that. you know, he's not going to go to districts. even if he did, a lot of the swing districts, he's in the 30s. that's not going to convince a member of congress. you know, i'm skeptical about this. i haven't read the bill. i think it could hurt my politically. but donald trump says i have to be for it. that is not how the political process works. >> you threw him a curve ball. it is all about tough talk. especially with the early foreign policy. abby, he does something he does not do. he had el sisi come here. made nice. showed respect. got the release of an egyptian-american. she will be there with her family at the white house this weekend. he did it in a way that he would have criticized probably during the campaign. don't be nice to these people. tell them how it is. he did it differently and got it done. >> this a really interesting
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story. we are seeing one part of the trump apparatus here that is working. you have defense secretary james mattis heading over to the region and securing the freedom of this egyptian-american and bringing her home on an american plane. you are seeing behind the scenes a process of working and the president doing exactly what at least according to what we know right now. doing what they wanted him to do which was take the temperature down when el sisi came to washington. don't antagonize him and see if we can make progress here. at this moment, it seems to have worked. it is also worth cautioning on situations like this when you flatter someone who is accused of human rights abuses, that tends to have extranality down the road. we don't know what consequences, if any, there will be of that.
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clearly in this particular moment, it worked. >> i think you are right to give us context. this morning, this goes in the big win category. this is a big win. certainly for her family. she and her husband. she's 30 years old. after three years of wrongly imprisoned in egypt. not knowing if she would get out. something the obama administration could not get done. this is a win today for the trump administration. panel, thank you very much for all of that. we have breaking news. isis claims responsibility for the attack in paris that left a police officer dead. candidates in france's presidential election suspending last day of campaigning. one candidate is making strong statements after the attack. president trump is tweeting that the attack will have a big affect on t effect on the presidential election. we have hala gorani with more.
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>> reporter: alisyn, here is what we know. yesterday at 8:50 p.m. a few yards away from where i'm standing here on the champs-elysees, a police van car getted. a man pulled up to the side of the van and emerged from the vehicle and started firing with an automatic weapon. killing one and injured a passerby and tourist. the attacker was then chased by police and killed on the champs-elysees. as you know, isis claimed responsibility on the media communication web site. did not name the individual that paris authorities are telling us was the attacker. karim shirfi we are getting from french authorities. the isis media claim is in fact saying someone named abu youssef el bigi is the named attackatta.
4:17 am
one individual turned himself in in belgium. as you mentioned. a very important political race going on. the election for the first round of the presidential race is on sunday. this is obviously yet again terror which is a campaign issue in this country. chris. >> hala, the politics of fear in play in that election. thanks for being with us. it looks like take two on gop health care reform. freedom caucus would not get behind the first bill. we are hearing from the president things have changed. is that true? what does a member of the caucus say? next. two become one.
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the plan gets better and better and better and it's gotten really, really good. a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week, but i believe we will get it. whether it is next week or
4:22 am
shortly thereafter. >> this is turning into a head scratcher. donald trump saying a bill is getting better and better and we're almost there. can a gop backed plan to change health care make it in just a week? that's just eight days from now which is the 100th day marker for the presidency. that is relevant for the optics issue. joining us now is dave brandt of virginia. the idea there is a new bill. a new plan and it is making its way through so quickly that it could come to a vote next week. is that true? >> well, it is not a new bill. same fundamental bill. significant amendments do two things. lower the price of health care. that was the major thing. republican principles. we like to rely on free markets as much as we can. this is still a federal government structure.
4:23 am
not totally happy with that outcome. at least cracks the door open to states to opt out of the insurance regulations. what trump ran on and i ran on a couple years ago and american people are demanding on both sides. bernie sanders. drain the swamp out of the d.c. and special interests and let health care return to the states so you can go back to the day where the kid can buy a policy that is affordable. right now, they cannot do that. that is the test case. can a young person go out and buy affordable health care? we are trying to get there. >> let's deal with the process and then the policy. there is no new bill. you just seen a list of punch points if they wind up put the correct way in a document, you may be comfortable voting. is that accurate? >> that's right. we are still waiting otn th the official text. >> you can get that done in a week? >> yeah. the maine experiment has been
4:24 am
done well with pre-existing conditions and lowering premiums. we have that language which is not that hard to come up with. it allows states to opt out of the regs to opt out of the price. and then we can all get to yes. that is the goal. president trump was good in the negotiating process. he said yes. we said yes to him. somehow something in the swamp said no. we waited another couple weeks. vice president pence met with us. he had a great compromise. we are working on the text. if that goes into play, we are all a yes. we have a better health care system. >> when you say we all. you are talking about the caucus. when you say something came out of the swamp, some of the tuesday group may take offense to that because they took offense to some of what was in the there. a lot of members in your party, not in your caucus, didn't like the idea of the cbo score saying
4:25 am
10 million plus people left without care. all of these states, governors coming and saying i can barely afford this now. you are taking money and expect medicaid work? how do you get past those problems in one week? >> yeah. none of the changes effect the group and no one is talking about other groups. i'm friends with people in the tuesday group. the press likes to put a wedge in there. the swamp of special interests what we are talking about. too often policies designed to apiece them instead of the american person. we are trying to reduce premiums for the average person back home. the forgotten man back home. this is about good policy. >> why would the -- look, this is a complex thing. that is part of the reason it is so surprising you can get it done in a week. the idea that it is just the forgotten man you are dealing
4:26 am
with. there are a lot of forgotten men and women and their kids who get their health care from medicaid as you know. i know you don't like medicaid. i know what you want to do to medicaid. that is 10 million people at minimum. there are a lot of people by your political stripe and the democrats who won't accept that. >> right. you know more than i do about myself. putting words in my mouth isn't helpful. i know medicare and medicaid are insolve insolvent. >> tell us what you will do. >> we have $100 trillion. we have $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities that are medicare, social security, medicaid. nobody has shown any ability to fix the problems we have in the country. we are starting to get it going. this is historic opportunity.
4:27 am
>> president trump doesn't want to touch social security or medicare. let's deal with the matter. what will you do on health care that is so important to so many millions of americans? >> there is good medicaid reforms in the bill. the primary onus here is fixing the system in the ditch. obamacare is in the death spiral. now anthem is threatening to leave some states. then you may not have any health care. it is in the ditch right now. we're trying to fix it. >> that is speculative. you had people who dropped out. the idea aca is in a death spiral is controversy. >> it is not that the premiums have gone up 30% a year. >> it is a small population. a bigger population you will take coverage in the effort to repeal the bit. you own that reality.
4:28 am
>> no, i don't. the small population, rates went up 180%. >> you have over 1 million families affected by the premiums. you have over 1 million families. i don't deny the facts. what i'm saying, you must own what you want and i haven't seen the bill and i'm not sure one exists. if the set of punch points is what you referring to them as, what do you do about the 10 million you cut off the medicaid role? do you still do that? >> it is not about cutting people off of roles. it is about making a product affordable so people can get insurance. right now, everyone may have obamacare. there is an $11,000 deductible on the bronze plan. the average american according to the study, they have $400 in the bank in savings. how does an american pay for an $11,000 deductible? they don't. they have the glitzy policy you talk about, but no health care.
4:29 am
we ruined the health care market and ruined the banking market with the financial crisis by telling bankers, you can't do banking. throw the risk on fannie and freddie. now a crisis. now you can't do insurance. guess how that will work out? we're in the ditch. we have to fix it. >> what about the 10 million? are they in the ditch or can you promise the people watching that won't happen? the next time the cbo scores it, it won't say states have to drop the millions of people off the roles? >> we don't want to drop anybody. our goal is to get every single person good hemalth care. i worked at the world bank. my goal is to help people. free markets help people. china and india are free market. 2.5 billion people on the planet can feed people and provide health care. under central government, they could not. all of history is examples of
4:30 am
what i'm talking about. we can do better for every single person and get everybody in the labor force and high skilled job. prepare everybody for a business career. every young kid i want to be successful. that's what we're fighting for. >> dave brat, i appreciate you being on the show. the motivation is clear when we see the bill. thank you for making the case on "new day." >> thank you. you got it. you bet. >> we look forward to that. attorney general jeff sessions making comments about a federal judge and angering hawaii in the process. the reaction to the controversial comments next. whoa!
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attorney general jeff sessions is under fire for controversial comments about a federal judge ruling on the president's travel ban. >> we are confident that the president will prevail on appeal and particularly in the supreme court if not the ninth circuit. this is a huge matter. i really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the pacific can issue an order that
4:35 am
stops the president of the united states from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional powers. >> well, hawaii did not take kindly to that. in response, hawaii's senator tweeted quote hey, jeff sessions, this island in the pacific has been the 50th state for going on 58 years. we won't succumb to your dog whistle politics. we have senator with us here in studio. >> great to be here. >> what do you think about the attorney general's comments? >> really bizarre. friendly reminder to jeff sessions as attorney general, number one, hawaii, that island in the pacific is our 50th state. number two, judges routinely issue orders that apply nationwide. there is nothing amazing about that fact except that our constitutional system is amazing. a judge can uphold individual
4:36 am
rights against a president who issues an unkoconstitutional order. it is the marvel of the world. i think attorney general sessions needs to be reminded this amazing fact is part of our constitution. >> the attorney general was being flip on the radio show, i assume. he knows, he says he knows hawaii is a state and in fact this is the official statement from the justice department. hawaii is in fact an island in the pacific. a beautiful one. where the attorney general's granddaughter was born. the point is there is a problem when a flawed opinion by a single judge can block the president's lawful exercise of authority to keep the entire country safe. that's their real beef is that they think the judges are activists. >> and they're wrong because the order is in fact unconstitutional. it imposes a religious preference. donald trump promised a muslim
4:37 am
ban. >> hold on. there is not anything in there that says you cannot come in if you are muslim. they wrote it to keep that out. yes, these are muslim majority kun tro countries. there are others that are not on the list. >> their argument is entitled to be heard. it has been rejected by three courts. two district court judges and court of appeals. they could expedite appeal if they want to the united states supreme court. it would have to hear the arguments which in my view, in all due respect, miss tatakmist. the affect of the ban is on muslim majority nations and initially imposed a preference in favor of one religion against another. that is a violation. >> they fixed that in the second good around. >> it was still the same. the second order was less
4:38 am
objectionable than the first. here is the important point, alisyn. the kind of talk about the federal courts is disrespectful to the independence of our judiciary. the attorney general of the united states should be demonstrating respect for the courts, not talking about district court judge in this way. the president did the same when he referred to the so-called judge. >> this is not obviously the first time as you are pointing out that we heard mr. trump or his associates speak about judges in this way. we all remember the case of judge curiel presiding over trump university and that case. then candidate trump said he can't be impartial because he is mexican. judge curiel is american. he was born in indiana. do you think -- does this really have a harmful effect? i know it is not pleasant and
4:39 am
you think it is disrespectful. does it really harm this branch of government? >> that is a very important question and it goes to the core principles of our democracy. judges don't have police forces. they rely on their credibility and trust and respect for the enforceability of the orders. people obey the courts because other branches of government demonstrate comparespect for th. this kind of talk blaming the court of appeals for a terrorism attack and striking down the order and talking about the mexican heritage or the so-called judge reference. all undermines the respect for the judiciary. the checks against the system and checks against the tyran nur nical. >> i want to talk about the wall. the president is asking for
4:40 am
congress for $1.4 billion in the budget to pay for the wall. will that happen? >> in my view, no because it is a waste of money. his own secretary of homeland security has rejected the idea of a wall from sea to shining sea, as he has put it. that money could be better spent on other forms of border security or on other forms of national security that are equally important to national defense including education, diplomatic corps, all kinds of national needs for infrastructure that are important rather than a wall which will be ineffective. >> and i'm truly curious. what happened to mexico paying for the wall? >> that is a question that donald trump should come on the show to answer. i doubt you will see an answer anytime soon. >> he is invited every day. senator blumenthal, thank you very much. we should let you know, attorney
4:41 am
general jeff sessions and john kelly will be live with kate bolduan. stay tuned for that at 11:00 a.m. good for kate. it is called ground zero for climate change in america. do people living there accept the science? next. your insurance company
4:42 am
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severe weather ready to strike the south. cnn meteorologist karen maginnis has the forecast. >> we have severe storms rocking the area all the way from amarillo to oklahoma city. an area of low pressure and a lingering frontal system triggers the storms. nt just the hail and high winds, but lightning. as a matter of fact, in the past 15 minutes or so, we saw report coming from the el rino, oklahoma. west of oklahoma city, an oil tank tanker facility center on fire. presumed this was started by lightning. there was lightning in the area. if you are watching from new york city to philadelphia, some rain showers there. keep the rain in the forecast. over the next three to five days. across the red river valley and extending into the arklatex region. 2 to 4 inches of rainfall.
4:46 am
shifts a bit further to the east as we go to saturday and sunday. look for storms right around dallas and also into little rock. alisyn. >> thank you, karen, for all that. climate change is a hard sell in some parts of louisiana. despite stark evidence of changing sea levels along the coastline. cnn's ed lavandera says the effects of climate change are most visible in the u.s. ed joins us live from houma, louisiana. tell us what you found, ed. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. you know that divide between climate change advocates and skeptics is really deep in louisiana. it is really an interesting place to examine the issue. perhaps in no other place in the country has the effects of climate change are so visible. you find so many skeptics looking out in the ocean. for more than 30 years, jeff poe
4:47 am
guided fishing trips and chasing speckled trout and other fish in the waters in lake charles, louisiana. >> you consider yourself an environmentalist? >> for sure. without a doubt. that's just my thing with the climate change. i just don't know there is anything we can do about it. >> reporter: you are traveling the waters because according to a study from yale university, this part of southern louisiana has one of the highest concentrations of climate change deniers and skeptics in the country. >> speckled trout. i'm not a denier. i won't put it that way. i'm skeptical as to how much control we have. >> reporter: climate change experts say people are denying what is around them. around here climate change ask a hard sell as we sat down with
4:48 am
cecil clark and leo dotson. >> i don't think it is real. >> reporter: is there anything to change your mind? >> if he was 500 years old and told me it changed. i would believe it. in my lifetime, i didn't see any change. >> reporter: you have to hear from a 500-year-old scientist? >> right. >> reporter: one scientist described the louisiana coastline to us as the ground zero of climate change in the united states. where the coastline is disappearing in large part according to scientific studies because of rising sea levels. a new tulane university study calculates sea levels along the louisiana coast are rising 10 to 13 millimeters per year. it may not sound significant, but scientists say it is more than enough to cause significant damage in the next 50 years. pilot charlie hammonds has seen the gulf of mexico since he was a teenager. that's how long he has been
4:49 am
flying over the vast marshland. he says the gulf waters spread north like a cancer and much of the water you see below used to be land. >> this is gorgeous. probably when i was a young pilot, i say at least three or four times what you see here. >> you used to land next to islands? >> way out in the bay now. they are gone. >> the islands are gone? you could not land next to it? >> no. open water. open water. >> reporter: just look at how the louisiana coastline has changed. nasa recorded the satellite images and from the mid-1980s to now, you can see a subtle and steady change around the town of houma capturing the coastline and how it is disappearing. charlie hammond says the coastline is swallowing up water. >> like a cancer.
4:50 am
it is moving. i watch it every year. it keeps moving farther and farther and farther every year. >> eventually everyone will retreat? >> yeah. >> reporter: along the desolate roads along the bay, one of the first signs that things are not right when you come across cyprus trees whithering away. they depend on fresh water. so much saltwater has risen from the gulf of mexico, these trees are whithering away. leaves have fallen off. the trees will crumble into the march. spots like this around here are often >> after all this, you'd think charlie and others would be on the climate change bandwagon. >> there are a will the of people that think that climate change is contributing to what you're seeing. >> i don't buy that.
4:51 am
>> they minimize the impact of climate change. they say marsh land is naturally sinking and oil companies have carved canals through the marsh here, allowing salt water to creep north. but for environmental activists, the skepticism is bewildering. >> i don't know how you can look at skien tiffic data and see this very, very plainly and then say it is not happening. >> climate change. >> there stands one dying tree. a clue that underground not everything is right. he could see how the landscape and trees have disappeared. charles has been in a native american community where 350 now live. now it is down to about 70. they fled north to escape the
4:52 am
encroaching golf wa inin inin i >> do you think this is the natural evolution of the planet, or do you think man made causes have created such a rapid change here. >> i believe that the gulf of mexico is such a powerful force that it wants to make its way north. >> skept nichl around here thrives even as chris and others prepare to be the next to pack up and move north. >> and, chris, despite the overwhelming evidence about the effects of climate change, that skepticism is rooted deeply here in the louisiana pipeline. >> you see the people there who are living it. you see it in washington, d.c.
4:53 am
with the people who are supposed to be changing it. tank you very much. so the president couldn't get a radical change to your health care done in 92 days. now he says he could get it done in eight. a reality check next. i love how usaa gives me the and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs.
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a young boy who suffers from a rare form of brain cancer gets his wish all thanks to a bunch of police officers in boston. jason carol has this week's
4:57 am
beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: this past january this family was out on vacation. one of their boys, a precocious six-year-old fell off his snow board and hit his head. at worst the family thought he might have a concussion. then came a devastating concussion. >> life with four boys was crazy before this anyway and now it is unimaginable. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer and there is no cure. >> i think every moment has been challenging because we're constantly reminded of how quickly our life changed. >> reporter: devin dreamed of one day becoming a police officer like his uncle. but now doctors have given him eight months to live, it is day by day.
4:58 am
enter his local police department who stood by his family. >> when he hear of my fight of any kid facing a challenge, we sep forward. you have to take care of the future and you have to show parents going through this they're not alone. >> reporter: the boston pd made him an honorary commissioner. he's relishing his new roles and offers law enforcement device. >> do not get eaten by a bear. >> the boston pd has stepped in before to help make a day a little easier for a child suffering from brain cancer. the department made four-year-old an honorary police officer. >> what is also moving to me is to see the support coming from this department. >> it is somethng we have done for years and years and years. >> reporter: despite the odds, his family is hoping he will be the first to beat the disease.
4:59 am
and they will plan what they will do when they call the nasty rock in his brain is gone. >> i'm going to eat ice cream every single day. ice cream! >> reporter: devin did serve and eat ice cream the day we saw him and later flew to rome where he was blessed by the pope. >> okay, that's adorable. >> he's a young kid, but he'll remember. the time he has here is time well spent. >> we love seeing those things that the police officers do above and beyond, but his little face, be careful not to be eaten by a bear. >> that's good advice. all right. we are following a lot of news for you this morning, including the late st on health care. can he get it done next? >> the plan gets better and
5:00 am
better. this will be great health care. >> if it passes you're in trouble. if it doesn't pass you're in trouble. >> we want to keep the government open. don't you agree? >> in case there was any doubt that we are very much behind the president. >> days before the presidential election, a terrorist in paris. >> the attacker was a french national who was known to authorities. >> we have to be strong, and we have to be vigilant. this is new day with chris comeau and alison cam rat toe. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." and it is a race against the clock for president trump, desperate for a legislative victory. is there any proof that there could be a vote by the house, let alone the senate on health care. >> and do they


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