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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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"the lead starts right now. >> a big development on that big beautiful wall tonight. president trump could be backing down from a standoff against democrats and his previous position of pushing fupding for the border wall. one of his biggest critic in washington senator liz bgt warren will be here live to weigh in. a u.s. guided missile submarine is now head today the peninsula as president trump says tonight he's not so sure kim jung-un is as strong as he says is. bill o'reilly briek breaking his silence tonight after sexual
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allegation claims of harassment cost him his job at fox news. good evening, and well cam to a special edition of a prime time edition of the "the lead." . president trump has imperically had a disappointing first 100 days. perhaps that's the reason he recently tweeted about the quote, ridiculous standard of the first 100 days. it is a standard fist established by franklin roosevelt in 1933. fdr passed so many major laws in the first 100 days. that has certainly not been the case with grs and major legislation during this 100 days. congress is more like the dudgeons in the saw movie franchise and no bill gets out
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of alive. you know who was one of the biggest boosters of the 100 day standard? >> think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. >> to help voters what they could accomplish in the first 100 days, candidate trump in october released 100 day action plan. >> on november 8, americans will be voting for that this 100 day plan to restore order to our country, secure our communities, and honesty to our government. >> but now the president says it's a ridiculous standard. he's changed his tune on this marker. president trump often heralds
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his flexibility. take nato. first he said as a candidate nato is obsolete. >> i said here's the problem with nato. it's obsolete. big statement to make when you don't know that much about it, but i learn very quickly. and then the next day standing next to the head of the nato, he said this. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. i read every time it comes out 5.3% unemployment. that is the biggest joke there is. the unemployment note as you know is totally fiction. >> fast forward when the very same bureau that unemployment under president trump was down to 7.4%. >> they may have been phony in the past, but they're real now. >> and then of course there is
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one of the most popular campaign promises. >> you're going to have such great traction of the cost, and it's going to be so easy. >> so easy until they start working on it. >> nobody new healthcare could be so complicated. >> none of this to stay president trump hasn't been busy. he has been. there was that military strike against assad in syria, two sets of immigration bans both which have been stopped by the courts. and he signed more executive orders since any office occupants since world war ii, 25 to be exact. although now that i mention these executive orders -- >> we don't want to continue to watch people signing executive orders because that is not what
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the constitution and these brilliant designers of this document had in mind. we need people that can make dedeals and make this work. right now in washington there's a krid lock. >> we're actually approaching another potential gridlock right now or also a government shutdown. and with the shutdown looming there is breaking news tonight president trump may be willing to wait for funding fort that wall. and zwref, how many how much of a deal breaker was funding for the wall for the president? >> jake, as it turns outlet it wasn't much of a deal breaker at all. tonight just a couple of hours ago the president met with a small group of journalists at the white house. it could come in september in the next round of budget talks.
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the white house is so folktsed on one thing, the count down to 100. president trump breaking thread at the white house tonight with two of his sharpest gop kridices. it's a gesture a cnn administration official tells cnn, to repair relations with two influential republicans and an acknowledgement the president needs all the allies he can get. never mind the president calling the first 100 days a ridiculous standard. from a morning oval office conversation with astronauts to a lunch meeting with u.n. security council mrds, invited to rare session at the white house where north korean nuclear threats weighed heavy. >> this is a real threat to world, whether we want to talk about it or not. north korea is a big world problem we have to solve.
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>> having one goal in mind, showing the president in action, his actions fall short of the promises he made last fall. on november 8 this country will be voting for securitying and honestly for a government. >> trump's approval rating at 43% is lower than any president in the history of modern polling at this point. tonight the white house facing questions as it tries to engineer a turn around. >> we are going to build a great border wall. >> will the president demand the spending bill that must pass by friday to avoid the government shutdown and will he go ahead with the tax reform plan that dramatically cuts the tax rate from 25% to 15%.
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the president may unveil his tax plan on wednesday, but republican leaders tell cnn it could be dead on arrival if it increases the national debt. the president made time for a moment of levity as he talked with peggy whitsson as she broke the record for longest time in space by a u.s. astronaut. >> water is such a precious resource up here, that we also are cleaning up our urine and making it drinkable. it's really not as bad as it sounds. >> well, that's good. better you than me. >> they're trying to show all sort of champs of action and motion and introduction of speeches, including the introduction on monday of his tax plan. that is already being met with
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skepticism from republicans because it could add to thanational debt here. at some point some of these bills actually have to pass. >> joining me to talk about this is democratic senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. i'm glad to be here. >> first, 100 days what grade would you give president trump? >> an f. >> f, why? >> he's a man who ran for office promising he was going to be there for working people. and what has he done? well, first he assembles a team of billionaires and bankers and hands the keys over to them. says to goldman sachs you figure out how to deregulate the economy. and then he signs all these
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executive orders. he signed off on one that makes it easier for government contractors to cheat their employs outf their wages. he signs another one that makes it easier for employsers who kill or maim their employees to hide that. and for me what summarizes it all is trump care, when he embraces this healthcare plan that says it's going to go all the way in and had three main features. part one knocked 24 million people off their healthcare. >> well smsh them might be voluntarily gone. >> well, they're going to be gone, knocked off. number two raise costs for middle class families and so you can provide tax cuts for a number of millionaires and billionaires. i don't know anyone who thought
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the problem in healthcare today is millionaires and billionaires don't have enough tax cuts. he promised to deliver for america's working people. and what he's delivered is gut punch to america's working people. you write extensively in the book about the democratic party and a new woegs asbestos poll finds that 67% find the democratic party is out of touch with the people in the u.s. it's a higher number that say for. among those 44% of democratics say that. what's going on? >> i think what's happening in america right now, where the real energy is just in the grass roots. and a lot of the grass roots, very aggressive grass roots. it's saying, we get it. the game is rigged. it's rigged in favor of those of the top and rigged against
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president trump has a busy week ahead as he marks 100 days in office. back with me is the senior democratic senator from massachusetts, elizabeth warren. she's out with her 11th book titled "this fight is our fight, the battle to save america's middle class." senator, thanks again for being here. so you write in your book that hillary clinton lost because middle and working class voters did not think she was sufficiently going to fight for them. i have heard a lot from voters in those states, pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio, michigan, who to this day have no idea what hillary clinton's economic message was. did you ever think that during time? did you express it to the campaign? >> look, i'm somebody who talks about this stuff i believe in. that's what i did as loudly and as vigorously as i could. and i get it. the campaign was trying to work through as best they could what they thought would be the right
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way to reach the most americans. the real question now for me is not the would have, could have, should have, it's what we're going to now. it's this first 100 days -- this is a milestone. i get it. it's partly about his not following through on his promises. but it's actually making a difference. and the difference he's making is he's making it harder and harder on the working families. it's the focus on how are we going to be in the fight for next 100 days and the next 100 days? democrats do not have a majority in the house or senate. we have to use other tools to fight back. >> bernie sanders is campaigning for a democratic candidate in nebraska who to opposed abortion rights. you are working hard to support female candidates. you talk about your party being at such a minority. i think it's the worst position for the democratic party since the 1920s or something, when you
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include all the state legislatures you lost as well. is it right for senator sanders to reach out and support democrats who oppose abortion rights? >> my position on this has been really clear. i've been very loud about this. i am pro choice. i have been pro choice for a very long time. >> does everybody else have to be? >> i am vigorously pro choice. at the federal level, we may be in a fight over this before the end of the week. remember, the republicans over and over and over keep sticking back in that they want to de-fund planned parenthood, they want to make the decisions about what kind of health care women are going to get access to. keep in mind, the last time the government was shut down at the federal level, what happened was it was ted cruz and it started with de-funding planned parenthood. >> i get that that's where you are. i guess my question is if your party needs to grow, does there need to be a big tent strategy that brings in pro life democrats as well? >> i understand where i am and that not all my colleagues agree with me and not everybody who is
10:19 pm
a democrat agrees with me. that's okay with me. we've got to have people in. but we have to be in the fight. i am in the fight on choice. i am in the fight on economics, because i think this is the heart of where we are as a party. the republicans for 35 years now have basically worked on a government that more and more and more works for those at the top. cut taxes for those at the top. deregulate for those at the top. and kick dirt in everybody else's face. what we have to do as democrats -- what i talk about in this book, how to do it, is we have to be in this fight for working people. that means working people all the way. we gotta be in this fight in order to argue, to make the investments in education, in infrastructure, in basic research. to have trade policies that are going to work for working people. we have to be in that fight. >> i want to ask you one last question. i'm interested in your answer as a law professor and also as somebody who was at harvard a long time.
10:20 pm
there's an issue about conservative pundit ann coulter and whether she has a right to speak at berkeley. she was incited by the berkeley republicans. former vermont governor howard dean quoted, hate speech is not protected by the first amendment. is that true? >> you know, look, ann coulter has gotten a bigger platform because someone tried to deny her a chance to speak. my view is, let her speak and just don't show up. if you don't like it, don't show up. >> all right. senator elizabeth warren, it's a pleasure having you. >> it's good to see you. thank so much. talking for the first time since being shown the door at fox news, what is bill o'reilly saying he is sad about? it's mid morning in north korea as the world watches and waits for how kim jung-un will celebrate another holiday. tonight, president trump seems to be mocking the dictator. stay with us.
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a white house official told cnn the president will not insist on funding for the wall in this spending bill to keep the government running this week, border security could satisfy the president at this point. is it fair to say the president blinked? how would you interpret it? >> no, i think it's a step in the right direction. i think the american people know where he stands. they know we're at a 17-year low in illegal border crossings. so he is making progress. but they also know washington right now, it's very difficult to get things done, even if you are trying to implement a law that was passed and supported by chuck schumer in 2006. that is building a border security fence. even under those circumstances, the majority -- the minority leader can oppose his own legislation which he supported. mr. trump is working, the american people acknowledge that. progress is being made. it's not in one fell swoop the way we would like to see it. >> i think this was much bigger on tha2006 legislation, but i take your point onboarder
10:26 pm
security. how is it we have a republican white house, republican controlled senate, a republican controlled house of representatives and we're still talking about a possible government shutdown? >> that's a question many americans are asking tonight. it's not just the appearance of the white house caving on the wall spending. the bigger question is, what is the president going to do about subsidies for healthcare which is part of the contentious negotiation that was ahead? is he going to support that or is he going to have a fight on his hands with democrats? we don't know. i think overall, because he has been -- he has aimed so much of his politics at his base and not broadened his base, we now see in "the wall street journal" poll that came out today, in february, among independents, 4% more disapproved of him than approved. that has opened up among independents. it's gone from 9% to 24%. he has had a slide among independents. that makes it harder. he doesn't have as much leverage
10:27 pm
in the congress. >> i should say, the president's support among his supporters, among his base is incredibly solid. 96% do not regret supporting him. that's higher than hillary clinton got in the same poll. >> right. that might also reflect just how dissatisfied so many people were originally with the choice they were given between donald trump and hillary clinton. many of trump's voters would not go back in time and support hillary clinton because they disliked her so passionately, jake. i think still, the key factor here, the key indicator is donald trump's approval rating. it's as low as any president has had in modern times at this stage in his presidency. >> lowest in modern history. i want to ask you about ivanka trump. because she will be in berlin tomorrow. berlin, germany. she was invited by chancellor angela merkal f angela merk elel for a women's
10:28 pm
summit. do you think it's possible that the first daughter, who comes in for a lot of mockery i know by the pundit class and such, do you think it's possible she might be able to actually help her father smooth over some of his rough edges when it comes to his relationships with germany and other countries in the eu? >> you can certainly hope so. right? that she can be a moderating influence, that she can be somebody that makes him more thoughtful. she can give him a different perspective. there's no doubt she's a poised, intelligent, successful woman. yeah, let's not make a mistake, she was born on third base. this is not somebody that was pulled up from the straps. that doesn't matter. you can still be born rich and be successful. you can be born rich and be a failure. she has succeeded. she's a multitasker. she's a well accomplished woman. hopefully she can use those talents. what she has to watch, what the entire family has to watch is the blurry lines between the trump brand, trump business, trump purses, trump shoes and the trump presidency.
10:29 pm
that is a steady drip, drip, drip that has been hounding this family since they campaigned, during the transition and now during the first 100 days that feel like dog years but it's only 100 days. it's not going to go away. we saw it today with the state department -- >> the state department website got a lot of attention for plugging the president's mar-a-lago resort. it was also on the website of the u.s. embassy in the u.k. i think it was taken off one of the websites. >> it's completely outrageous. >> it's outrageous. it's completely outrageous. part of the thing that is shocking to me with a few exceptions, you don't hear conservatives shouting about this. one of the things you want to be able to rely on the conservatives for is limited government, clean government, small government, this is -- you literally have somebody who says, my house, my business is the winter white house. this is an ad.
10:30 pm
you would pay a billion dollars for this ad. it's on the state department -- listen, is that making america great again? i don't think so. >> can you imagine, if the shoe were on the other foot, we had hillary clinton in office and the state department was hawking the clinton foundation. conservatives would be outraged. >> let me say, there is outrage inside the white house. >> are you outraged? >> om outraged. but i want to say this -- >> that's his outrage face. >> i'm happy the white house reacted immediately. the thing came down. but i also want to point out, this is part of a $72 million click bait campaign the state department previously engaged in. it was not done under the trump administration. it's part what have they are trying to fert out, the waste and silly government programs. you heard, go see the forest near you ads. i think they're stupid. those are the things that -- >> stop.
10:31 pm
>> the president of china having been there, it references prime minister abe being there. it references things within the last 100 days while donald trump was president. >> no, it was done under a lower level. >> there's where you -- we lose credibility. let us not pretend what is true is not true. let us say this blurry lines between personal profit and government should be something that outrages all americans. >> you force me into reminding you, this is left over from the obama administration. i tried not to say that. >> come on. come on. >> it's a $72 million click bait campaign. >> congressman, the part about mar-a-lago is not left over from the obama administration. that's the point. >> when they put it in -- i'm in agreement with van. it sounded like a real estate ad. it was stupid. it was taken down immediately for that reason. i don't think it should be up. i'm in agreement with you on that. but i'm saying the bureaucracy does all kinds of silly and stupid things. >> wait a minute.
10:32 pm
jack -- >> i'm an appropriator. >> let david talk. >> jack, it's just not true you can blame this on the bureaucracy. presidents create a culture within the white house. you know that. people take their cue from how the president acts. when the president and his family are so close to the line, i think they have created blurry lines, there's a deep sense that they are being enriched during this process. somebody over at the state department sells mar-a-lago. >> we have to leave it there. thanks one and all. coming up, a town hall event on cnn, america united or divided. ohio governor and former presidential president john kasich will join anderson cooper tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. they have detained an american and threatened to blow up a u.s. aircraft carrier. what will north korea do now that the united states is sending a nuclear submarine to the region? that story next.
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we're back with breaking news. new comments from president trump about dictator kim
10:37 pm
jung-un. the president telling a white house reception, i'm not so sure he is so strong like he says he is. i'm not so sure at all. cnn cameras were not allowed in that reception. his comments come after north korea threatened to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier. the u.s. is sending a nuclear powered submarine. it's docking at north korea marks the anniversary of its korean people's army. a major military milestone that could give the herimate kingdom an excuse to fire off a test missile. let's go to will ripley, the only american journalist in pyongyang. it's now mid tuesday morning there. any signs of the activity by the north korean government we see on holidays? >> reporter: if there was going to be a nuclear test, it would happen pretty much right about now. it would be detected outside of north korea, an artificial earthquake. as far as we know, that has not happened. analysts believe that kim jong-un could order a sixth nuclear test at any moment. as for a missile launch, they
10:38 pm
can roll out the solid fuel missiles quickly and given the fact that this u.s. nuclear submarine will be rolling up in south korea, it would be a day that north korea may want to fire back, so to speak. >> has the north reacted to the expected arrival of the u.s. submarine? >> reporter: they have not specifically commented. there was a state media article out yesterday calling the actions of the united states reckless, referring to the "carl vinson "carrier strike group which is moving toward the peninsula after the detour. north korea continues to say they will stand strong and defend themselves against what they feel is the threat of attack by the united states. >> the sub's arrival comes as north korea holds a third american citizen in custody. has pyongyang yet to say why it is holding this man? >> reporter: it's a mystery right now. his name is tony kim. we know he was here as a visiting professor on a several week assignment at a university here in north korea that accepts
10:39 pm
foreign professors, including some americans. he was at the airport steps away from boarding his flight. he was taken to an unknown location. we believe based on past cases he's probably being interrogated right now. it could be some time before north korea reveals this prisoner and announces what charges he is facing. he joined at least two other americans detained here in north korea. otto warmbier, serving 15 years hard labor for taking a political banner off the wall of his hotel. also kim dong-chul, accused of spying. this is why the state department urges americans to think twice before traveling here to north korea, given the tensions as of late. >> will ripley in pyongyang, thank you. stay safe. our pop culture lead. tonight for the first time since fox news fired him, bill o'reilly addressed the sexual harassment scandal on his
10:40 pm
podcast. >> i'm sad i'm not on television anymore. i was very surprised how it all turned out. i can't say a lot, because there's much stuff going on right now. but i can tell you that i'm very confident that truth will come out and when it does, i don't know if you are going to be surprised. but i think you are going to be shaken as i am. there's a lot of stuff involved here. >> oh, how the sleazy have fallen. o'reilly promised more information in the future about the circumstances surrounding his exit. two sources told cnn money that o'reilly will be paid tens of millions of dollars on his way out of fox news. coming up, he was pushed out of the transition team by the vice-president and the president's son-in-law. what grade does governor chris christie still a good friend of president trump give his buddy for his first 100 days? there he is in the green room there. he will join us next.
10:41 pm
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10:45 pm
advisor of new jersey. chris christy. a current trump friend. i think that's fair to say. >> absolutely. >> you talk all the time. >> we do. >> what grade would you give him? >> i would give him a b. >> a b? >> i would. i would give him a b. i would say the reason i give him a b is first and foremost because of neil gorsuch. i think getting that done and getting it done in the way that he did with someone with gorsuch's record is something that will well survive his presidency. i think that's an important accomplishment for the american people moving forward in terms of supporting his agenda. i also think some of the things he has done by executive action have been good on the regulatory side. i can see in new jersey that businesses are responding really well. i think with some of the implementation and the way his staff has served him has not been good. i think they have to get their act together in that regard and
10:46 pm
serve the president better. >> specifically, i assume you are talking about the travel ban. are there other items that -- >> i don't think the way the whole health care situation was handles either on the hill or at the white house was exemplary. we didn't get the result we needed to get. they're going at it again. i wish them the best of luck to try to get something that will be able to pass the house and senate and get to the president's desk. i've been a governor 7 1/2 years. you rely upon your staff to be able to tee the ball up and make sure that when you swing, you hit the ball and you hit the ball far. i know they're working hard at it. he has a lot of good people there working very hard. but the american people in the 100 day mark, it's a historical marker. people start to judge you. they judge governors and presidents by how many touchdowns in the end zone. the president knows how to do that. he has to make sure that we get everybody focused on the task at hand. >> is there anybody in the white house that has run a government before that you know of? >> run a government, i don't think so. >> in the way you run the new
10:47 pm
jersey -- >> there's no governors that are in the white house. >> how about with experience? >> i think rick deerborn, his deputy chief for legislative affairs, he's a long history on capitol hill. i think rick is a competent guy. that's one person that i know for sure. i worked with rick during the transition. >> fair there aren't enough? is it fair to -- >> listen, time will tell. everybody is taking a different appropriate. we will see if that approach is effective or not in the long run. so far i think not having a number of people there at the upper level who know how to do those things is creating a delay. let's see if it bars them from doing things. right now it's creating a delay. the thing that keeps moving this administration forward is the president and the president's charisma, the president's push for what he wants to get done. he believes in certain things. he continues to talk about those things. i think that's the main driver of this administration is the president. but the president needs to make sure he has people pushing behind him. >> i have heard people say that
10:48 pm
one of the biggest mistakes that the trump team made was during transition when jared kushner and mike pence took over the transition from you and threw out your plans and started from scratch. obviously, the transition was a rocky period. is that a fair criticism? >> i don't know. i wasn't involved intimately in what they did after i left. so it's hard for me to gauge that, jake. i could tell you that during the time that we led the transition, we put together a really deep, detailed effective plan in the likelihood that donald trump was going to become president trump. i'm proud of the work we did. i think they decided to go in a different direction. that was clearly their choice to be able to make. i have great respect for the vice-president. we worked together as governors. there's somebody who has run a government. pence did a great job in i indiana. when the president asked him to take over the transition, i
10:49 pm
didn't have a problem with it because of who he asked to replace me, which was the vice-president who had a lot of experience. >> you were appointed to chair a white house commission on the opioid epidemic. which i know you have been very active in new jersey. the president treated about the border wall today. he wrote, the wall is a very how much of it is drug dealers from mexico or wherever and how much of is big pharma pushing opiods in a way that's irresponsible? >> i think it's both. jake, i think there's no doubt that the cheap pure heroin that is coming up from over our southern border it is replacing opiods. the dynamic is this for people who really studied it and we have in new jersey. 4 out of five heroin addicts
10:50 pm
start with addictive opiods. they get addicted almost immediately. people have addictive personality or addictive disorder, they get they're too expensive. the problem that the president's talking about is the cheap, pure heroin that's coming up that's so much cheaper than the opioids that people immediately become heroin addicts with all the criminal aspects that attach to that, with the infectious aspects that come to that and the death. in new jersey last year, four times the number of people who were murdered by a gun died of opioid overdose. >> that's insane. >> three times the number of people that died in automobile accident died in opioid. three-times of the number of people that died in an automobile accident were killed by opioids. it's a combination. that's why in new jersey we now have a law that says when you go first to a doc no more than a five-day supply on the first prescription. they were giving 30-day supplies of this stuff and it gets people
10:51 pm
hooked. it's one of the things we need to deal with. we need to deal with interdiction at the border, with much better education of our kids. we're back in the '70s in education in terms of the mode. they've made pamphlets, the department of education. we have young children. they don't read pamphlets. if it's not on a smartphone, not part of social media, they don't get it. i'll reach out to our friends on social media, how can you help in educating kids on the dangers of opioids and the dangers of drugs? the third is treatment. less stigmatized. >> and a stepdown program. >> sometimes medication assisted treatment as well. >> you'll come back and talk more about the opioid epidemic. >> we will. >> good to see you, sir. brutal cell phone video showing the alleged abduction and torture of a gay man in chechnya. the reporters that cover the story, are dealing with threats.
10:52 pm
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our buried lead, that's what we call stories that aren't getting enough attention. last week, we brought you the story of hundreds of gay men in chechnya allegedly being rounded up and tortured by authorities. chechnya, a longtime islamic republic is part of the russian federation. now a prominent reporter who first exposed this crackdown says she's gone into hiding after receiving death threats. abandoning our moscow apartment and planning to leave the country. cnn's matthew chance is in moscow for us. he joins us now live. you spoke to the journalist at the center of this. what can you tell us about the threat she's facing?
10:56 pm
>> reporter: well, jake, in russia where journalists are routinely beaten up and even murdered for their work, you have to take these kinds of threats seriously. they come after the reporting of all those allegations about a crackdown against gay men in chechnya. conservative clerics are calling for retribution against the instigators of the report. one independent russian newspaper has been singled out. its editors have said the threat is an incitement to the massacre of journalists. and that newspaper's lead reporter on chechnya now tells me that she's fleeing the country. this is what's happening on the streets of chechnya. the lawless russian republic where gay men are allegedly being abducted and tortured. cnn obtained this cell phone video from one victim who told us of horrifying abuse. >> they tied wires to my hand and put metal clippers on my
10:57 pm
ears to electrocute me. when they shock you, you jump high above the ground. >> reporter: chechen authorities deny gay men like those we met even exist there. now the russian reporter who first exposed the gay crackdown is also living in fear. forced into hiding amid a terrifying death threat. >> this is the first time when we got that threat, that kind of threat when people got together in a mosque and announced actually jihad on all the staff of novaya gazeta. >> reporter: the threats made by muslim clerics in chechnya were rebroadcast on local television. religious leaders are shown addressing thousands of faithful from reports of a gay crackdown and demanding retribution against those spreading what they call gossip and lies. it's a threat journalists in
10:58 pm
russia particularly at novaya gazeta take seriously. in 2006 their star chechnyan reporter anna was shot dead. her desk is still kept as a shrine. five other journalists at this same newspaper have also been killed in mafia-style hits. a sign of how dangerous reporting in russia can be and how grave are reporters like her to continue despite the risks. >> the only way they can stop the people that might possibly think of murdering my colleagues is to show them. >> reporter: you're prepared to put your life on the line? >> yeah. absolutely. that makes me much stronger than my enemies in chechnya. >> reporter: strength to defend in the face of the greatest
10:59 pm
threats. jake, the response of the russian authorities has been pretty unsatisfactory. of course, there's denial that there is any crackdown on gay men in russia. when it comes to the threats to the journalists they say it's against any action that can endanger their safety. but that's hardly reassuring, in a country that groups list as one of the most dangerous in the world for journalists. >> so upsetting. matthew chance live for us in moscow. thank you so much. be sure to follow me fab and twitter. be sure to tune in tomorrow either at 4:00 p.m. eastern or 9:00 p.m. again for another special edition of "the lead." as we count down to day number 1 100 of president trump in office. now i turn you over to anderson cooper who is with ohio governor and presidential candidate john kasich. [ applause ]
11:00 pm
welcome. tonight a cnn town hall event. ohio governor john kasich opens up about his run for president, his campaign rivalry with the current president, the divisions in america and the question over whether he'll run again. >> tonight, he's been called every democrat's favorite republican. >> maybe you don't know this, but i ran for president. >> he's the republican that goes against the grain, against the party and straight to the heart. >> raise their hand and said, what about trump? i said what about trump? let's talk about dr. king. >> now, is this swing state blue collar republican keeping a primary eye on the president? >> i don't see it. i just don't see it. >> really? >> you don't close the door on anything. >> donald trump's once and perhaps future challenger, governor with steel town roots and the determination to make a dins back in the spotlight. >> somebody's got to stop breaking the logjam in this country. this is ridiculous. the people are all poorer for it. >> governor john kasich, your questions all come together