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tv   New Day  CNN  April 25, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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we begin with a shift president trump believes could keep the government open for business. president trump now backing off his demand for a down payment to fund his border wall, likely averting government shutdown. >> we also have new details emerging about the president's tax plan. it seems to include a big cut in the corporate tax rate. how are you going to pay for that cut, what will it mean for you. a lot at stake day 96 of the trump presidency. let's begin with joe johns at the white house. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, chris. you could say this is a show of flexibility at the white house. perhaps the president showing his negotiating skills. but taking the border wall off the table at least for now is starting to look like the only option given the fact congressional republicans had avoided making government shutdown a priority. president trump signaling a willingness to drop his demand
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for congress to include a down payment for his border wall in this week's must pass spending bill. >> we feel very confident the government is not going to shut down. >> the conservative, conservative journalist, he's open to delaying wall funding hours after touting the importance of the wall on twitter. senate minority leader chuck schumer calling it good for the company as skeptical republicans welcome the shift. >> i'm for a wall that makes sense. a 2200 mile wall doesn't make sense of there's not a big appetite tore that. >> reporter: continuing to insist ultimately mexico will foot the bill for the law. >> why has there been a discussion about shutting down the government over paying for the wall. isn't mexico supposed to pay for the wall? >> i think, jim, the president made clear initially we needed to get the funding going and there will be mechanisms to make sure that happens. >> the president is trying to deliver on key campaign promises, preparing to slash
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corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. he will unveil details of a tax cut plan tomorrow setting up a potential clash with republicans concerned about the impact these cuts will have on increasing the deficit. >> the tax plan will pay for itself with economic growth. >> the administration arguing that the sweeping cuts which go beyond a plan put forth by house speaker ryan will pay for themselves, a theory economists don't buy. meanwhile the trump administration hitting five canadian companies with stiff tariffs of up to 24% on lumber shipped into the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross saying it has been a bad week for u.s./canada trade relations stoking fears about future trade war with america's second largest trading partner. on the foreign policy side the administration continues to watch north korea. there was a big artillery drill there overnight. the president telling conservative journalists last
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evening he's not so sure kim jong-un is as tough as he says he is. the entire united states senate is expected here at the white house complex tomorrow for an unprecedented briefing on north korea. chris and alisyn. >> okay. thank you very much, joe. let's discuss today's big stories with our panel. chris cillizza, a reporter and editor-at-large for cnn politics. smerconish and al b. stoddard. great to have all of you here. chris, what are you watching for this week in terms of this budget bill, this spending bill, and the border wall? >> well, donald trump, i think, has blink. i don't think it's terribly surprising that's the case. look, last week it was we need $4 billion to fund the border wall, now it's we can get it in september. the truth is that $1.4 billion was never going to make it into a spending bill that averts
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shutting down the government. democrats would be universally opposed and concern among republicans concerned about debt and deficit. this is a pragmatic move about someone ultimately a pragmatic dealmaker. i don't think we should be terribly surprised. i do think we should note in the standoff, this first major brinks manship, the president blinked. >> the wall is another example, coming after corporate tax, the next one on the table. how big a deal is it he's not getting what he wants on these things. >> a, he's an overpromiser. during the campaign, everything was going to be easy. everything would happen easy. best health care for nothing. >> mexico paying. >> and mexico paying for the wall. these things are not going to turn out to be the way he described. then we get into this other thing we talked about in the last hour, whether he overreaches in his opening
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gambit for negotiation, strategy that will help him later. we haven't seen that bear fruit yet. the thing with the taxes, he's really taken republicans by surprise. they didn't want to come out once again with something that would shock their members. they wanted to work behind closed doors the way they have been doing now on this new health care bill, keep it under wraps, so it doesn't become an explosion. it's the way that he pops off and just says we're going to do this now or i'm going to walk away from this now that really actually throws much more wrenches into this process beyond the details that he doesn't like to pay attention to really much anyway. >> so michael jackson is this a negotiating tactic or capitulation. >> i think it's a necessary negotiating tactic. the big picture is this. we're headed towards saturday, the 100 day with trump
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presidency with very little legislative accomplishment. the common denominator between these two issues, the wall issue and tax cut issue is the fact that republicans can't keep their own houses in order. there hasn't been as far as i know a government shutdown where one party has controlled the white house and both houses of congress unthese new spending rules. it's not the democrats who are causing him fits, it's the fiscal prudent and fiscal conservatism within freedom caucus and other affiliated groups that won't let him do what he wants to do with regard to health care, with regard to the tax cut or with regard to the wall. so that's the story as i see it. >> so cillizza, let's put up tax policy center on business tax cut. every time have you a tax cut deficit hawks are going to say how are you going to pay for it. a tax cut means less money into the government. can you have a straight line analysis here. the underpinning we're hearing from mulvaney is the toughest sale. growth, if you help businesses,
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all ships rise with the tide. this has been said since reagan called trick i will down. do you think that will be se sellable to the congress and the base? >> to the base is a more tough question because the base remains quite loyal to donald trump. to congress, no. you know, look, this is a big problem. basically what you're seeing on the wall and on the tax cut is donald trump and his administration saying, hey, trust me. we're going to take care of this later. so mexico is going pay for the wall but we needed to allocate $1.4 billion. we're going -- don't worry about the deficit that will be caused by these tax cuts, the economy is going to grow so much you're not going to think about it. it's not impossible that that happens, but it also is not the kind of thing members of congress who are very committed on the republican side to trying to cleave down the debt and deficit are just going to sign onto.
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at least i would say members of congress that existed in the republican party over the last several decades, has trump fundamentally altered what it means to be a conservative as it relates to fiscal sanity, fiscal conservatism. i don't think he has. but this corporate tax cut is going to -- his tax program more broadly will put it to the test. >> corporate tax we don't know if it means small businesses or c, that's the engine, small businesses. >> they really need it sit down. they haven't resolved health care. until they abandon it or resolve it, it's the monkey wrench. it's really a weight on their shoulders. until they figure out what they get from that, are they abandoning it and going onto tax reform? >> talked to congress -- >> it's hard to move on. just yesterday house ways and means committee tweeted out something about a study showing how much growth would result from the house republican tax
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reform plan, and that included border adjustment tax. guess what, trump's plan we're supposed to hear about tomorrow doesn't include it. they are at loggerheads still. is 15% going to happen? is anything going to happen? i wouldn't put my money on it until i see real language, get rid of all the sacred cows and people start coming together. so much moneyed interest that will come in and fight every single carve out they are trying to get rid of. it's a long battle. that's why it takes 30 years to come back to the table on this issue. am i confident they are going to get this done in 2017, no. >> let me ask you, 100 days, what's the right metric, doesn't matter at all, do you think the good metric for 100 days is how many positions haven't been filled yet? there's a growing narrative whether or not the president is well served by those around him. what about the fact so many of the positions he needs are still vacant. 556 key positions, 470 no
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nominee, only 22 confirmed. who is going to do all the work of all these proposals. >> well, i do think it's an embarrassment at 100 days, particularly when you remember, chris, all the conversation a month, maybe six weeks ago when attorney general jeff sessions arrives on the job and says all the u.s. attorneys need to tender their letter of resignation, which by the way was well within his rights. you would have thought if they were going to call for the resignations of all the chief law enforcement officers across the country, it meant they had candidates ready to go. they clearly don't. they can't point this at the democrat and say, well, you're not giving us approval. they haven't found individuals. for many of these jobs, i used to have one many, many years ago, they don't require any senate approval. >> let's end on what we call a kicker, chris cillizza. >> in the teeth. that sound great, thanks. >> this is just a little example of some trump humor for you.
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watch this. >> i want to thank ambassador nikki haley for her outstanding leadership and for acting as my personal envoy on this the council. she's doing a good job. now, does everybody like nickkn? otherwise she can easily be replaced. we won't do that. i promise, we won't do that. she's doing a fan job. >> that is some vintage president trump. he takes an instant focus group. do we like her? okay. she can stay. >> we've heard stories where he's walking around mar-a-lago and says, hey, did you see what i did with x. >> did you see the great ad for mar-a-lago on the website? >> this is something he has a tendency to do. he would be at campaign rallies and he would be like, did you see that speech last night?
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do you like it? some of that is he wants people to applaud for him. there is this constant temperature taking he seems to require. >> panel, thank you very much. great to talk to all of you. so ivanka trump in berlin, her first official overseas trip as white house adviser. the first daughter invited by angela merkel to attend women's empowerment summit. kate bennett traveling with ivanka. she joins us live from berlin. give us the headlines, kate. >> reporter: good morning. you know, ivanka trump actually came in through the back door here today. angela merkel came through the front. ivanka is currently on this panel at the w-20 women's summit where they are discussing among other issues women in the workplace, empowerment, gender equality. she's on the panel with christine lagarde imf and the footballs minister of canada. so this is a very important big global stage for ivanka trump. really her first time
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representing her father's administration officially abroad. she was invited by angela merkel to attend this event in march when she visited the white house. she is, again, dipping her feet into policy. obviously it's not her first time as a business leader being abroad but it is her first time representing her father. the german newspaper yesterday here in berlin called her the first whisperer and questioned whether she might be the conduit to her father's ear and whether she can bend and perhaps be helpful to world leaders such as angela merkel moving forward in the administration. however, back home there was a recent poll that said 61% of americans disapprove of the role ivanka and her husband jared kushner have in the white house, being advisers to her father and father-in-law. getting back to germany she will visit the academy and pay respects to a holocaust
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memorial. big day for ivanka trump. back to you guys. >> kate, thanks. >> check in with us. let us know what happens. trump's border wall may not stand in the way of a budget deal but the question remains is it going to happen? if so, who is going to pay for it. congresswoman marsha blackburn, former member of the trump transition team joins us next. >> plus, how do president trump's voters feel about some of his visiting positions? >> well, he had a change of opinion. he changed his mind. >> the answer coming up on part three of our voter panel. mower. featuring ego's patented, 56 volt, arc lithium battery technology, it delivers the cutting-torque of gas. the ego mower's durable construction makes mowing in difficult conditions easy. the self-propelled model makes it effortless. and it folds flat in seconds for easy storage. the ego power+ mower.
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so stand up to cancer and take the pledge at it only takes a minute to take care of yourself, and nothing rhymes with "org"... okay. ready. we will build a wall. [ applause ] >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who? >> mexico. >> okay. the president getting a more receptive audience at that rally than congress right now. the wall seems to be off the table right now. efforts to avoid a shutdown. so when cnn's jim acosta asked
4:19 am
press secretary the big question, who is going to pay for that wall ultimately, here is what spicer said? >> why has there been a discussion about shutting down the government over paying for the wall. isn't mexico supposed to pay for the wall? >> i think, jim, the president made clear initial hi we needed to get the funding going. there's several mechanisms to make sure that happens. that funding piece will happen in due time. >> the question alone is what's going to happen. could the government wind up shutting down over this or over anything. congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee is here. she's advice chair of the trump transition team. it's good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we have a few things. go from least important arguably to most important. this mar-a-lago being on the state department website, is that just a clear no-go, shouldn't have happened? >> it shouldn't have happened and it ought to come down. >> in terms of accountability, the white house says they didn't know. do you accept that?
4:20 am
if so, still, where is the accountability especially in light of these concerns about conflicts that the president and his family has with government. >> there should be a statement to provide some clarity as to how that happened. that's the kind of thing that should not happen. if it did get posted, take it down immediately. >> so critic say it's proof trump can't separate himself from his business. he's going to make money off the presidency. >> i think there again, if this was put up by someone, it needs to come down. there needs to be that clarity brought to the issue that no, indeed, it was a mistake and it's down. >> that's mar-a-lago. as a window into the larger conflict issue, where is your level of concern. we have calendars up of how often he goes there. in truth, the president can go wherever he wants. he does pick his own properties. we do know he's raised the membership fee of mar-a-lago 100%, from $100 to $200,000. he's making money off these visits. is that okay? >> i think what you have to look
4:21 am
at is the compliance that the government ethics office requires and make certain every i is dotted, every t is crossed and that he is in compliance just as all federal employees and elected officials are in compliance. that's the important thing to do. they are the ones to say if he is or is not in compliance and will more or less be the referee on that situation. >> we'll have to wait and see if the og decides to do anything about it. >> that's right. >> i haven't seen it. there's an outside lawsuit but nothing in house as of yet. the wall. is this the death knell of the wall. concessions yesterday, i always saw the wall as an analogy to make the border safer of the president takes every opportunity to say, no, no, no, i mean a wall. now it looks like there's no wall in this pass. >> most people, what i hear from people who are concerned about security on the southern border,
4:22 am
yes, it can be fencing. it can be the wall. it can be surveillance, and it needs to be a combination. with you the most interesting thing to me is the reason for wanting the wall has really changed over the last couple of years. you go into new hampshire where the opioid crisis is rampant. they want it to stem the flow of drugs into the communities. you talk to other communities, they will say, you need to increase that surveillance because of gangs and stop some of the movement of gangs. some of my friends who work in slavery and sex trafficking say let's get this wall and surveillance in place to end this and stem this flow of sex trafficking into the country. so interestingly enough, as the discussion around the wall has taken place, there are so many different groups for different reasons, whether it's drugs, whether it's gangs, whether it's
4:23 am
human trafficking that are saying do something to put some security and some accountability on that border. our border patrol will tell you if there was something that was consistent that people knew was going to be in place, it would help them, just as border crossings are down 70% since january, what they want is certainty and stability in that region. >> it's interesting. that statistic, we can talk about the trends they have been going down for a white net negative people coming into the country period, let alone legally. kind of makes a different point. trump with his mouth may have made people come into the country less. that argument goes to why people say you don't need the wall. first of all, you do have a lot of fencing, restriction physically a lot of places. >> sure. >> build a wall behind the fence. then you have people like lindsey graham, you going to build it over mountains, 200 square miles of places you can't
4:24 am
get past. that's something else. you get to where most people want to stop it you're not stopping drugs coming through with a wall because it's tunneled through and taken through legitimate crossings. >> this is surveillance. >> he's not talking surveillance, he's talking wall. i'm not arguing surveillance or other security measures. you go to new hampshire, i promise you, i was there this weekend. they are not asking for a wall. they are asking for help. trump promised them help. a lot of them voted for trump for help this has not come yet. >> the cause with the opioids and heroin is the trafficking. they want that dealt with. you're exactly right. they want to see the bill. the 21st century bill repassed and president obama signed into law in december. they want that implemented because there is a pathway in there for dealing with mental health and with the drug crisis. you're exactly right on that. they want hhs to move forward
4:25 am
with some of the framework around that. i agree, we're all anxious to see that done. we want our mental health professionals, our law enforcement professionals to have what they need, the health care professionals, to be able to address the opioid crisis. what we also want is to make certain we are working with border patrol inappropriate surveillance ways in order to stem that flow and to stop that entry of those items, that illegal entry into our country. >> absolutely. so you wind up with the same point, though. you want these things to happen. maybe it's not about a wall. maybe it's about these other things. fine. then you get to the payment place. do you think it's time to drop the ruse that mexico is going to pay for this wall? >> i think there are ways mexico can pay for this wall? >> how? >> when you look at our relationship with them in different areas. so i think it's not the primary issue at this point. the primary issue should be how
4:26 am
do we address illegal entry of individuals and products. >> that's not how the president has defined the issue. he says i'm going to build a wall. mexico is going to pay for it. front me the money. nobody buys it. >> congress is going to work through how we address this -- >> not the mexico part. congress has no interest in getting mexico to pay for it. you know that. >> the president prosecute will propose, congress will dispose, as we work through budget issues we'll work through this in the appropriate way. of course we're concerned about deficit and debt in the long-term and so we're going to do this in a fiscally responsible way. the american people are depending on us to get this fiscal house in order and to address the issues that they care deeply about, the drugs, human trafficking, fighting the gangs that are affecting local communities. and to do this in a fiscally responsible manner and we'll get
4:27 am
it done. >> marsha black burn, thank you for this visit to new york. >> thank you. >> good to have you. >> alisyn. >> chris, what is the latest on russia? well, senators are expressing frustration with their own investigation into russia's election meddling. we will speak to a member of the intel committee about what's wrong. that's next. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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sources tell cnn senators are increasingly frustrated over the pace of the intel committee's investigation into russia's meddling in the election and possible ties to the trump campaign. new poll numbers show most americans think congress should not be handling it at all. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll says 73% of americans believe an independent commission should be in charge. joining us to discuss is a member of that committee, independent senator angus king from maine. always good to see you, senator. >> chris, good to see you this morning. >> what do you say in response to this 73% of americans in the poll that say this investigation must be independently done? >> well, i understand that. i hear a lot of that in maine. i think that's a natural
4:32 am
reaction. i think the issue is if we start with a new so-called independent commission, it would still be appointed by and created by congress and perhaps even the president, and you'd end up starting all over again. you'd end up getting clearances for staff and still end up with some group of people. we have 15 now, eight republicans, six democrats and me. it would look largely like that. i don't know that you would gain anything. plus our committee has a history of dealing with the intelligence community. we know the people. we have the clearances. we're already deep into the document search. we had staff members at the cia all weekend going through the documents. so i understand that impulse but i'm not sure you would really be any further ahead. and in the long run, we have to produce a report that's credible. i understand that. if it's not credible, if it's not independent, then the public
4:33 am
isn't going to accept it. but my pressure is going to be public hearings, get the witnesses before, let the public see what we see and draw the same conclusions. >> all right. the secondary criticism is the work is not getting done. there's reporting out there you don't have enough staffers and the staffers who are appointed to this aren't really professionally up to snuff. they are not lawyers, forensic people. they don't have an investigative background. what do you make of that situation? >> they do have an investigative background. some of the people working on this worked on the committee's investigation of the benghazi weapons of mass destruction, of the massive torture report. these are people that have experience. i think at some point, chris, in this process when we get to the point of calling witnesses and interviewing witnesses, we do -- i think we should bring in some prosecutorial experience, if you will. people who are experts at
4:34 am
examining witnesses and getting to the bottom of those kinds of questions. we're still building up to that. so i see that as a progression in terms of how we staff. but right now we're plowing through thousands of pages. i've been out to the cia myself, read through many, many documents, continuing to do that. we've got to have the background. this is a really complex matter involving at least three federal security agencies, a foreign government, probably i don't know how many people, a number of people that are involved that have to be interviewed. so i think i understand the frustration. i feel it myself. everybody wants to get on with this, everybody wants an answer. my major concern is we get it right. >> and what about the reporting that senator burr, obviously the chair of the committee, republican, has not been quick to sign off on subpoena request from the intel committee. what do you think of that? has there been any sign, in
4:35 am
estimation of partisan blocking? >> the answer to your second question is no. i believe -- and this is not easy, chris. this is a very tense situation, obviously involving the president of the united states and a recently completed election. there are high feelings. chairman burr and mark warner have worked together very well so far. it's not going to be an easy, go ahead, everything go down in a simple way but i believe richard burr understands, as i told him the other day, history has its eyes on us and on him. and this is probably the most important work any of us have ever done. it may be the most important work we ever do. we have to be sure we do it right. i haven't seen evidence of chairman burr slow walking this. if i do, i'm going to poke him.
4:36 am
>> let me know. i'll give you a good platform for poking right here on "new day," sir. so this meeting with the full senate and president for a briefing on north korea, unusual. what do you make of it? what do you make of the white house's posturing on north korea? >> well, it's not unusual in the scene we have these kinds of briefings quite frequently. we had one three weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago on the strike into syria, but what's unusual is going to the white house. the logistics, i frankly don't understand why it's not easier to bring four people here than it is to take 100 there. i'm not sure why they are doing it that way. i'm going to certainly go because i want to hear from general mattis and secretary of state tillerson, the various people that are going to be briefing us. so you know, here or there, i think the important thing is to get the information. in terms of north korea, as you have been discussing all morning, this is a really,
4:37 am
really difficult problem. in my view, it's only going to be solved -- and i'm not even sure what solved means, but perhaps to get to a pause in this nuclear pursuit by north koreans, it's only going to be solved through china. i like that we're going to the u.n., we're going to try to increase sanctions through the u.n. but this is a country that is so pour and so economically isolated already, it's hard to know what additional international sanctions will have effect. but the chinese, they could do it if they choose. >> senator king, as always, thank you for your perspective. have a good time up at the white house. >> thank youish chris. >> alisyn. >> chris, since becoming president, some of donald trump's positions shifted. how do his loyal supporters feel about that? i asked them next. whoa, this thing is crazy.
4:38 am
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it is day 96 of the trump presidency, part three of our trump voter panel. during the campaign since trump took office i sat down with a group of diehard trump voters to gauge feelings on his process. how do they feel now about some of his shifting positions? as usual, they have strong opinions. i do want to get all of your takes on what some call flip-flop, some call 180 degree turn. listen to this. >> i said, here is the problem with nato, it's obsolete. i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> we're going to have a great
4:42 am
relationship with putin and russia. right now we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. >> look at the dates there. the dates are a year apart. the dates reflect a time when he was not president, not privy to some of the materials he would be provided as the president. some of the highly confidential secret materials? >> does he need confidential secret material to know nato is relevant? >> he had a change of opinion. he changed his mind. >> you're comfortable with that? >> i am comfortable with that. i feel we are entitled to change with circumstances, with timing. >> it's foolish to hold onto a particular view and be shown evidence for something else. >> you're comfortable he now believes in working with nato, he now believes in getting involved, if need be, in syria, he now no longer believes china is a currency manipulator. you're comfortable with his
4:43 am
changes of position. >> i'm satisfied with them. i believe that everything is fluid. you can't make an informed decision if you don't have the proper information. >> did you feel he was not informed during the campaign? >> i think he was as informed as they could make him. >> he wasn't the president? >> that's not true. that's not true. he goes behind closed doors just like president obama did of the united states. he gets firsthand information like everybody else does. as the president -- that's a bunch of crap and you all know it. it's a bunch of crap. let me calm down here. he goes behind closed doors. he got secure information on this country just like mrs. clinton did. >> before he was elected. >> that's correct. why would they hide information like that to somebody that's going to become the next possible president of the united states. that's ridiculous. come on. i know --
4:44 am
>> secretary of state, she was privy -- >> no, they did classified briefings. they did. once they were nominees, they got -- hold on. alex, you're comfortable with the shift in position. >> except chinese currency. >> why not? >> because china is currency manipulator. >> why is he saying they are not. >> because unfortunately he needs china. >> again, sometimes you have to negotiate. he needs china right now because you've got -- >> he bombed the place, needs help now. he started the war, he should go there and finish the damn thing. >> he didn't start the war. >> the country bombed syria. >> come on. that was obama. >> syria was disgusting, sad. >> he dealt with it.
4:45 am
>> during the campaign -- >> there have been -- i get it. but what -- >> why does he -- >> what did obama do in all this? obama had -- >> the country -- >> why -- >> trump did. >> what about mr. trump's shifting positions? >> at this point he had a situation to deal with. did we want to take the chance of next day taking these people, poor innocent people and gassing them again. >> how are you feeling about all this? i know you've been listening intently to your fellow panelists? >> i want to say donald trump, president trump, we all gave him a pass because he wasn't a politician, but he's starting to fit the bill. adults are human. i can't agree with panelists. we can't sit back and let the leader of the country -- the population. >> are you comfortable with where the administration is today on north korea. >> i'm not.
4:46 am
plain and simple. you know what, if these panelists believe that he gets the wrong information and goes into north korea and does something stupid, it could be detrimental to this country. it really could. >> are you comfortable with the tough talk against north korea? >> i'll take any tough talk with president trump if he's going to back it up, but he's not backing it up. >> what can we do? we've got the leader of a country that's been flaunting the fact he has these missiles and he sends them up. do we have to wait until one of them is nuclear tipped and takes out one of our allies. >> absolutely not. >> then i have to agree we as a country need to say, you know, we're not going to turn our head anymore. this is something that i'm very passionate about. >> you think tough talk will take care of that? >> look, i don't know about the tough talk. >> of course you have to talk and try to come to a resolution.
4:47 am
the guy is a maniac. he's insane. >> you're talking about kim jong-un. [ laughter ] >> i'm glad you clarified that. if you don't sit down and talk, there's no chance to get a resolution here and try to make peace. >> okay. donald trump's campaign slogan, make america great again, what does that mean to these voters as we approach the 100 day mark? our fiery panel tackles that next. hey allergy muddlers
4:48 am
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cog hahn down on washington and made this mess of this country. to me, i'd rather -- let's start with them and every year he has to do it now. >> we all have to file our taxes every year. i have a question for you. is it possible there is nothing president trump could do that would make you upset. >> yes. because it could fall in the realm of he could do no wrong. >> at this point, no. >> did you make excuses for him when he made fun of the handicap reporter? it's on the tape. i don't know what you saw. >> i want to stand on this,
4:53 am
okay? >> everyone calm down, please. okay. this is what happens if you watch trump and watch all of his speeches. i watched most of his speeches, okay? he uses hand gestures all the time. >> you ygot to be kidding me. >> when he was talking about the gentleman and, yes, he was handicapped. he was using hand gestures, but he's used the same hand gestures. >> i've seen the videos comparing -- >> what about his muslim ban during the campaign? did you back him on that? >> i did. >> they all jump up and cheer. i couldn't support that. i never -- i never supported a deportation. i said, you know, a wall would
4:54 am
probably help out with the infiltration of heroin. >> why did you go to 45 of his rallies? >> why did you vote for him? >> when donald trump told me when he was going to do whatever he could do to help the people that found themselves involved with heroin use, i transformed my heart and i followed this man around the countryside and i listened to him talk and supported him because of his promise that he was going to help these kids and these young adults get off this heroin. >> you haven't seen that today? >> he's failed. >> as we approach the 100-day mark, what does make america great again mean to you?
4:55 am
4:56 am
4:57 am
4:58 am
some people who obviously are having some voters remorse because they realize when you get to washington it is much more complicated. >> you have more people on the panel holding strong. >> so they really believed in him. >> well, it is tough to get voters to move off this spot, but they reject the status quo and they are not going to turn around and say they were wrong to do that, not yet. >> what is your take? you can tweet us using the #newday. >> all right. there is a lot of news. the wall is off the table. will it ever get built? let's get after it. >> we feel very confident is government is not going to shut down. >> the border wall has never really been vetted by congress. >> president trump will take the wall off the table for now. >> this is a waste of money and
4:59 am
counter productive. >> the tax plan will pay for itself with economic growth. >> what he has delivered is a gut punch. >> north korea is a big problem and a problem we have to finally solve. >> there is an urgency here. >> diplomacy against an adversary can only be backed up when against force. >> you literally have somebody who says my house, my business is the winter white house. >> this is "new day" is chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your new day. government shut down says president trump is willing to take the border wall off the table in an effort towards shut down. >> and then there is the president's tax plan. we learned it includes a daughter and son mick cut in the corporate tax rate. it is day 96 of the trump
5:00 am
presidency. good morning, joe. >> reporter: the administration taking the position that at least for now it won't insist on funding for the president's border wall. could clear the way to avoid an embarrassing government shut down for republicans. however, the fact of the matter is there may have been no other option. >> president trump signaling a willingness to drop his demand for congress to include a down payment for his border wall in this week's must-pass spending bill. the president now telling conservative journalists he is open to delaying wall funding until september's negotiations after touting the portion of a wall on tweeter. chuck schumer calling the decision good for the country as skeptical republicans also welcome to the shift. >> i'm for a wall where it makes sense. but a


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