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tv   New Day  CNN  April 28, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea, absolutely. >> the chinese informed the regime they did conduct for the nuclear test. china would be taking sanctions actions on their own. >> this is front and center on our national security radar. >> all scenarios are on the table, so it really is ul up to north korea. >> when it comes to felt care, once again republicans have fallen short. >> i say to republicans in the house, you will pay a huge price in the 2018 elections if you vote for him. >> this is more work. i thought it would be easier. >> this is new day. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, april 28th, 8:00 in the east. president trump warns that a major conflict is possible with north korea. and despite those ominous words, the president says he hopesdy
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lomasy prevails. >> and is it intentional or is it something the white house is going to have to walk back. you have the talk about health care. that's fallen short again, too. there is no vote in a new bill. the president making a very revealing admission about the presidency. what did he say? we're going to tell you. we have a lot to cover on the eve of president trump's 100-day milestone. let's begin with joe johns live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the president was surprisingly blunt in his statement, warning that a face-off with north korea is possible. but at the same time, his top diplomat suggesting direct talks with north korea are possible, too. >> there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> a sobering message from president trump warning about
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the possibility of escalation with north korea in a new interviews with routers, cautioning the u.s. would love to solve things diplomatically but it's very difficult. putting pressure on china to stop their nuclear tests. >> i have established a good relationship with president xi, and i really feel that he is doing everything in his power to help us with the big situations. >> and even offering a surprising insight. >> his father dies. took over a regime. so say what you want, but that's not easy, especially at that age. i'm not giving him credit or not giving him credit. i'm saying that's a very hard thing to do. as to whether or not he's rational, i have no opinion on it. i hope he's rational. >> these remarks coming as seng tear of state rex tillerson indicates a potentially major
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shift in diplomatic policy telling npr the administration is open to direct talks with north korea as long as the agenda is right. >> all scenarios are on the table. we're not looking to pick a fight, but don't give us a reason to have one. >> one of the challenges the administration is facing as it face it is 100-day milestone tomorrow. domestically, republicans now conceding they don't have the 216 votes necessary to move forward with their bill to repeal obamacare. >> you see who passed the bill and trump trying to cram it down in the last 100 days, i think president trump is really making fools of members of congress, of his own party. >> if republicans were to move forward with a health care vote. president trump telling routers, if there is a shut down, there is a shut down.
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this as a new washington post interview sheds light on president trump's reversal on pulling out of nafta. >> i divide eecided we will renegotiate. >> the president telling the post he was all set to terminate the trade deal and looked forward to it until he abruptly changed his mind on wednesday after being persuaded by advisors and the leaders of canada and mexico. 14 million american jobs depend on the trade deal. reflecting on the presidency and realities of governing. >> i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. i actually -- this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> now approaching the final hours of the first 100 days, the president is going back on the road to atlanta to deliver an address to the national rifle association. also tomorrow on the 100th day,
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he plans to go to pennsylvania for a big campaign style rally. >> appreciate it. so the tough talk with president trump provoking a response from north korea. so america's top diplomat is saying the u.s. is open to direct talks with the reclusive regime. how does this mixed message play? we have will ripley live in north korea, the only western tv journalist there. what are you hearing? >> reporter: they really believe this could go one of two ways. there could be some sort of dialogue or it could evolve into an all-out war and they say they are prepared for both options. there is new commentary saying in case a war breaks out, the u.s. will be held wholly accountable for it, no matter who made the preemptive attack. here we have seen repeatedly that this is a regime with
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something to prove. from that military parade on april 18th when they unveiled missiles, to this huge live fire military drill that we saw earlier in the week where there were hundreds of pieces of long-range artillery fired simultaneously with kim jong-un preceding over it and then there is this new propaganda showing an attack on washington, hitting the white house, the capital and what appears to be the "uss carl vinson." all of this showing they will not back down. they will not be intimidated. >> thank you very much. so it has been a dfirst 100 day. we're going to bring in our political panel.
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we have david gregory and reporter and editor at large chris so liz sa. you have a piece about these 100 days. give us the headlines. >> we just really wanted to look at the evolution of donald trump over these 100 days in the early days, you would have people saying that it was just absolutely craziness and chaos. the fact that he has surrounded himself with constantly with new groups of people, sort of adding to his knowledge and really getting a sense of the job and on capitol hill this week it was interesting talking to a lot of people about his evolution. they do feel a little more comfortable with the white house now. >> congress is feeling more comfortable with the president's style? >> yeah. we think the mechanics are working better. they are feeling more confidence
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in his leadership. >> and yet let me read a piece from your piece because i think this is really telling today. in the final hours of the first 100 days, the promise was red marked with a red x, including abandoning nafta. >> there is certainly as we have all seen this week has been an obsession with this benchmark of 100 days. a flurry of activity around executive orders. some of which amount to a blue ribbon commission, basically. but in steve bannon's office he has this giant white board that has all of the campaign promises on. when trump completes something, there is an x. as we saw with the health care vote, the white house was really trying in these last two weeks to get people talking, to get health care moving again, and that effort fell through. so it's going to be an interesting rally in pennsylvania, tomorrow, saturday night with president trump where
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he'll be going back essentially to the state where he laid out his 100 day agenda and a lot of that is still not established. >> so, david, the president could say the 100-day mark doesn't matter, but obviously it does. but equally in importance is validation. what do you see in doing these interviews? do you think this was some kind of therapy for the president, that he wants to talk, to be understood and be validated? >> nobody advising the president, especially this president, who is all over the place would say, you should sit down and do all these interviews. he's clearly doing them because he wants to do them, because it is a kind of therapy for him. he is so incredibly transparent in terms of, wow, i thought it was, you know, look, i like to work hard. i had a great life. boy, this is really a lot of work and you know the history between china and north korea is really complicated. thank god president xi told me.
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he wants to work these things out in these interviews. he wants legacy. he wants to be liked. i think he's working this all out in his head. it is a window into where he is pragmatic, where he listens and it is also appalling that he has allowed himself to think, oh, yeah, i could have said all these things and i didn't know all these things and it is surprising how hard the presidency is. >> he just gave an interview with routers and they released this audio. listen to the president on his feeling of approaching the 100th day. >> well, i loved my previous life. i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. i actually -- this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. i thought it was more of a -- i'm a details oriented person. i think you would say that. but i do miss my old life.
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i like to work, so that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. >> your thoughts? >> he had spent the last few decades playing the roll of donald trump, right? he was the brand manager of himself and his corporation. now, the job is very different. david's point about appalling is i think interesting. the kernel that helped elect donald trump more than anything else is the fact he had never served in elected office before. he wasn't part of this system. he had given money, sure. but he wasn't part of that. that makes him say things like i didn't real lie it would be so hard because he didn't understand the parameters of what the job could be like. some of that is i don't think he thought he could possibly win. but i think is lot of it is based on the fact he's never done anything like this before. being a reality tv star and
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being the face of this company he built as opposed to a day-to-day details manager is not the same thing. he could choose everything he wanted to do in his life. he did it when he wanted to do it. he didn't do stuff he didn't want to do. that's the opposite of being president. >> there seems to be two possibilities in this newfound vulnerability that we're seeing in the president. one is he really didn't know these things. he didn't know how hard the job was or how hard the realities were of the issues. or equally likely is he knew damn well that he was miscasting what china was about, that he was miscasting what repeal and replace was, that he was going after president obama for wanting to golf too much when he knew he was going to golf every chance he got. now he has to own the realities and now people are rewarding him for that saying well, at least he figured it out. >> well, i don't think it was a fair statement that he didn't think he was going to win and have to face all of these
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realities in the presidency. but i think it's also true that he -- you know, his management style in the private sector was completely different than what, you know, normal presidents do. like he likes to pit people against each other, create conflict, you know, in terms of having an audience. so many of the people i talk to said, you know, that there is half a dozen aids sitting in the room and one of them said it is like church, that they say he'll talk about his electoral victories and whatever affirmations he wants that day and they respond and nod. and i think that that gets that sort of what we're talking about here, which is that there's still such a strong obsession with his image and how he's portrayed and that that is really important in the perception of the first 100 days. >> even if you're right, chris, so what is the alternative? the alternative is not better,
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right? if he said things that he deliberately didn't know -- by the way, you could read about the presidency. but to be fair a lot of presidents become students of the presidency when they're president. but my point is if he has flipped into more reasoned and reasonable positions, i think that's probably the best of the alternatives, even if you're still right, which he was being deliberate in what he didn't know. the other point i would throw out there, it is very interesting. i have been up close to president obama and president bush. president bush had great appreciation and understanding of the presidency because of his father. and yet he led a war in iraq where his interagency process broke down to such degree even though he had a level of experience and the people around him had experience. obama in his first 30 days said to people, reporters, he said turns out, 30 days in, turns out i'm pretty good at this job. there was a level of arrogance and he got humbled over time by the job.
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so this transparency is the other side of the coin. >> i'm saying the media should be slow instead of quick to reward donald trump for candor and vulnerability when he intentionally miscast issues to build himself a base that allowed him to ascend in his own party. >> chris, i think both of those -- >> that is your theory. >> can't both of those things be true, that he did those things and also didn't legitimately didn't understand the challenges of the job? >> yes. >> yes, he said, yes, i can solve health care probably knowing that he probably couldn't. but he also didn't understand the parameters of the job. i think our tendency is the first 99 days are predictive of the next 99 days. you know how you can see the nhl is a week to week league. >> any given sunday. >> i think this is a day-to-day presidency. the reflective donald trump
5:16 am
today, my guess is tomorrow night in harrisburg will turn into the campaign donald trump. so, you know, the harder edged donald trump. it is hard to draw broader sweep conclusions about the guy because what he does at 8:00 in the morning versus what he tweets at 8:00 at night -- >> even a successful ceo would be more strategic and visionary than he is. he has been reactive. and his whole chaos theory around this 100 days is ridiculous. they are rushing tax care policy just around the 100 days. take your time. there might be good ideas there. take your time. even if things were all spun around the 100 days, give him time. >> you actually need something that -- >> i do. >> don't underestimate that, the
5:17 am
idea of a big reveal. remember this, guys, formative experiences prior to being president of the united states were as a reality star. i feel like there is a lot of i wonder what's he going to be on next week's episode sentiment in how he runs the government. >> we just saw it in the interviews. let's put the video up there from routers. he interviewed the president and this is what the president wanted him to see during the interview. he showed him the electoral map, and he said all that red, that's me. you see how i won the electoral college? do you see how well i did? he is about the sell. >> and that is when people have been to the oval office, that is often the first topic he talks about. in the health care debate when he brought in the members of the pree dom caucus and the tuesday group, he would quiz each of them about how much he won their districts by. it shows you how he's still stuck in that november mindset. >> but that is also a little
5:18 am
ly lyndon johnson, too. i'd almost rather he talk to the portraits. >> panel, thank you so much for all of the insight. >> in some of these interviews, the president went farther in a provocative way about north korea than he has in the past. who is he messing with here? how dangerous is north korea? how real is the pocket of -- possibility of a conflict? . ssibility of a conflict? . think again.
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well, there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> all right. that was president trump warning in a new interview with routers that a military conflict with north korea is possible. let's discuss with charlie dent of pennsylvania. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. thanks for having me on the show. >> you just got back from your first trip to the korean pen sue la. you saw this all. what was your take on how dangerous north korea is at this moment? >> north korea is a very real threat. i suspect if they were ever to engage with us, it would be in an a symmetry callaway.
5:23 am
they have been involved in developing their short term nuclear missile. simil while he is erratic and brutal, i don't think he is completely irrational. i don't think he has the ability to sustain a long-term fight with us. >> so is it your impression, though -- it is very hard from all these thousands of miles away to know whether the threat is imminent. has something changed? is this the say boar rattling or has something changed this week? >> well, my sense in being on the korean peninsula is the south koreans have heard this before. i think they are less alarmed than we are. they have seen it before. but, yes, the threat is real.
5:24 am
i think they all try to analyze this guy and realize this is a man who killed members of his family, so no one can be sure of what he will do. but we do know he wants to survive. i don't think he will take any actions that will lead to the down fall of his regime. >> what about president trump and his tough talk? do you think that is effective in getting kim jong-un's attention and having him back off? >> well, i believe president trump has actually been pretty effective in trying to get the chinese to re-engage in a more constructive manner and i think we have been partially successful in that regard. the chinese and the russias have very damaged relations with that regime itself. i see the chinese moving in a more constructive way than they had. but i don't think the president is incorrect to say there is a potential for conflict on the korean peninsula. but we are trying to avoid that. >> i want to show you how the
5:25 am
american people are feeling right now. 37% say, yes, they believe it is an immediate threat. 49% believe it is a long-term threat. 13% believe not a threat. so clearly it is on the minds of americans, but as you stand here today, you tell americans what about this threat? >> well, i tell the american people that the north koreans are a nuclear power. we can't tolerate that, developing this short and medium range missile capability is unacceptable. the purpose of my trip to south korea was frankly to ensure we can move our troops -- we are trying to move our troops out of seoul and move them down south out of the line of artillery fire because we know the north korean strategy. they intend to other take seoul. they could kill thousands of people if they were engaged in an aattack.
5:26 am
but it is a real threat. the patience has not been affected and i think it is appropriate that the administration is engaging the chinese in a special way on this issue. >> i want to shift gears to health care. as early as sunday, reince priebus said there could be a vote this week on the repeal and replacement of obamacare. you said yesterday that you were not going to be on board with the so-called new and improved version of that bill. what went wrong? what was wrong with it in your eyes? >> well, the bill that's before us and the amendment that's been offered in my view don't change the fundamental dynamics of the bill. it does not address the concerns i raised previously, that there is not a soft enough landing for people on medicaid in states like mine that have expand edex. there is a lack of affordability for too many americans. they won't be able to afford the exchanges on the maximum credit of $4,000 and too many people are going to be losing coverage.
5:27 am
those are my underlying concerns. that's why i'm opposed to the bill. >> so, congressman, look, it just feels as though there is no way to bring all of these factions together. i mean, how are you ever going to find something that suits the conservative freedom caucus, the moderate tuesday group, democrats, your constituents? where are you in terms of optimism of finding something today? >> well, i'm not terribly optimistic right now. i think we need to change the paradigm. here's what we need to do, work this bill from the center out. let's go focus on the problems we all agree are there. we know the individual market is broken. it was in bad shape before obamacare. it is worse now because of obamacare. let's focus on the individual market. there are taxes that add to the cost of health care in obamacare that i think both republicans and democrats feel should be removed. so let's focus on those. let's try to do this in a bipartisan manner so we could
5:28 am
have sustainable reform. in 2010 they muscled obamacare through and we have been fighting about it ever since. we as republicans i believe should try to take a different approach. if we try to muscle a bill through, we will be fighting about it as well forever. we need a durable, sustainable solution. and i think we should figure it out. >> nice to talk to you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> senator bernie sanders now a major leader for the democrat party sounding off his take on president trump's tax wish list on the posturing on north corko and what does the senator see as the huge hip rasy. the senator makes the case to you next. "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life.
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president trump ramping it up with a major conflict washing with north korea. is the president escalating tensions with his words for a reason? joining us now is bernie sanders. the senator of vermont, from vermont. good to have you, senator.
5:33 am
thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> so by ramping up the hot talk, the president argues he has gotten china more involved in quieting north korea. the tough talk the working. do you agree? >> clearly china is the key to this whole thing. china is major economic hub of north korea. china has to apply the screws and tell north korea if their economy is going to survive, they cannot continue to expand their nuclear arms program and their missile program. so china is in fact the key. people have been working on china for years. if trump is doing that, he's doing the right thing. >> two out of three americans say if north korea attacks the south, the u.s. should use troops to stop them. do you agree? >> look, north korea, i don't want to be doing detailed foreign policy or classified stuff here. north korea is a real danger to this world. and we have got to do everything we can, a, to prevent a nuclear
5:34 am
war to get them to stop their nuclear program and i think china and the rest of the world have to come together to demand that. right now, chris, i am sitting here on capitol hill worried whether or not the government is going to shut down and i'm very worried on how the proposal brought forth by the trump administration about tax breaks at the same time they want to cut health care, day care and the needs of the american people. and i think the american people have to stand up and say clearly, that is decline of so much incoming wealth, the last thing we need to do is give gigantic tax breaks. >> the president argues he's bringing growth. he's going to free up corporations that you democrats want to tax to death and i am going to double the
5:35 am
deductibility for those individual little guy families that i am the champion of. >> this packs the relief to the middle class, but that has nothing to do with giving hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to the well thinkiest people in this country. what you know they're talking about is trickle down economics. if we lower the taxes for the largest corporations, if you give tax breaks to billionaires, somehow that money is going to trickle down into good jobs for working families. it is a failed economic policy. trickle down economics has not worked. and on top of that we're trying to do now, literally today or next week is bring back the disastrous health care proposal to throw 24 million people off of health insurance, defund planned parenthood, end even more tax breaks for the top 2%.
5:36 am
what we are seeing in the trump administration and what this 100 days is all about is old-fashioned republican economics, tax breaks to people who don't need it, cuts programs to the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. >> your party, arguably is losing the battle for the middle class. we saw this play out in the presidential election. where are the bold democrat proposals to counter what we're hearing? where is the agenda for the middle class? >> that's a good question and i think people like senator schumer are working on that. here's where we have to go. i just introduced a legislation that raises the minimum wage to $15. i will be introducing legislation to say the united states should guarantee health care to all people through a medicare for all, single payer program. we have introduced legislation that says wall street needs a speculation tax so we can fund public colleges and universities
5:37 am
tuition free. every kid in this country who has the ability and the desire should be able to get a college education. we have, yes, tomorrow you are going to hundreds of thousands of people marching on washington. donald trump thinks climate change is a hoax. donald trump is dead wrong. the scientific community is virtually unanimous. climate change is real. we have the potential to create millions of jobs as we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel into solar, into wind, into sustainable energy and energy efficiency. >> the president argues that this is pie in the sky. they are not ready for wind power to take over fossil fuels. you are crushing jobs in this country in the interest of science that isn't present day reality. >> that is total nonsense. in fact, the corporate world is now investing two out of three of their dollars in energy going to sustainable energy.
5:38 am
the fact is that jobs in the solar industries, in the wind industry in this country and around the world are exploding. the future from an economic point of view is investing in sustainable energy and energy efficiency. that's where the jobs are. from a health perspective, we have good knows how many kids in this country suffering from asthma and other illnesses related to pollution. and clearly when the scientists tell us we are right now on the verge of very, very, very serious problems because of climate change, drought, flood, now is the time to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels. it is really internationally embarrassing that we have a president who is so far out of touch from where the science is. >> let's see where the white house comes down on whether or not to pull out of the agreement. your points are well made. thank you for being an idea new day" as wuls. >> we have some breaking news. the first economic report card
5:39 am
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we got the first quarter numbers for the first economic report card for the trump presidency. we have chief business correspondent joining us now. >> well, this is the slowest economic growth in three years.
5:43 am
0.7%, this is weaker than many people have been expecting and it feeds into this narrative of slow growth since the economy came out of e session. we had a decent quarter but since then the main culprit here has been personal spending, which is two-thirds of the american economy has slowed a little bit. so there is nervousness amongst consumers and that's holding back economic growth. but donald trump tends to use the stock market as a barometer of his day-to-day success. the stock market is telling us it thinks donald trump will be able to enact policies that will get growth revved up. here is what the stock market reflects. it is up 5.2%. the profitability of those big companies is a broad measure of the stock market. barack obama had a bigger early stock market rally, but that's because the economy cratered in the first 100 days and then it
5:44 am
roared back. take a look at george w. bush. he had a negative reading there. here's george w. bush and there is ronald reagan. let me show you another thing here. this is what the trump rally looks like. you can see election, presidency, speech to congress, health care fails. this is france avoiding frexit. that's what the bump looks like. let me took it on top of the rest of the story. look at that. this trump rally is just the very, very icing on a very big cake here that begin several years ago. to continue this, what donald trump needs to do is get real good tax reform, get infrastructure spending and boost the profits of american companies to match that and extend it. guys? >> the reality is you are testing the limits on expansion. christine, thank you very much. so this week cnn here was living alone in the streets of israel eating out of garbage cans at 14
5:45 am
years of age. years later, she wanted to spare teens her fate. so she created a safe haven. >> to be homeless at a young age, it is very lonely. when you don't have your family, you will also have a split heart. i know exactly what they are going through. i want children to feel alive and secure. i want them to feel they can be hugged and they will not be in danger. we so see in a different way . d >> a powerful story of giving back. you can see the full story at nominate someone you think could be a hero. >> meanwhile, comedian and cnn host tackling a very difficult topic, race in america. he's going to go toe to toe with
5:46 am
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the new season of cnn "united shades of america" premiers on sunday and kamal bell explores issues and talks about the leader of a white supremist. >> so i think white people do need to talk about their whiteness here. >> we're here to talk about white privilege. we want to bring it back, make america great again. >> so you're a fan of white privilege? >> oh, yeah. >> what do you love about white privilege? >> it looks great. like the people are good looking and, you know, nice suits. great literature. like, yeah, i just want to bathe
5:51 am
in white privilege. >> he joins us now. he's also the author of a new book, the awkward thoughts of kamau bell. okay. you were laughing there, but some of the things sounded to you absurd. were there moments you were appalled and wanted to slap him? >> there is moments you can see my jaw muscle dropping pretty heavily because the thing i try to do is i try to listen to people, whether i agree with them or not because i'm not thinking about what my response is, i'm thinking about what the viewer's response. for a lot of people it wasn't long ago we thought there was no way that president trump was going to win. there is still people that don't understand the seed at the base of trump's base are these people and they don't want the america for all of us. >> what did you get from him in terms of how he views people who look like you? >> there is this false historical narrative that he baked into his head that america
5:52 am
is for white people. so he has this sort of -- he shared with me somehow all the black and brown people are going to evaporate into our countries. >> did you try to amuse him? i know you want a forum where people can voice their opinions. but does there come a point where you have to give him facts and disabuse him of this very narrow image that he has of the country? >> yes. there is a point where i push back a couple of times. the thing is i am keeping the conversation light trying to get himself to reveal about himself that he wouldn't reveal in other interviews. the whole show show it is viewer of that. the show is really centered on the beautiful story of immigrants and refugees that come to this country who want to be a part of this country. a lot of them are fleeing heavy
5:53 am
things. but the show is a lump of those people so america could be reminded of that. but you can't just show that because there is also this. >> how do you think that plays into the perspective? where they say you voted more trump. you are a racist. and either you are a racist or you forgave someone pandering to raci racism. >> i think people will only vote for republicans and some people only vote for democrats. a lot of people don't think that deeply into it. i think we have to relegislate this. hillary clinton was a deviciving figure in this. i understand that i do think that those elements are at play in people for voted for trump. but i know i have family members, my wife is white. therefore, i have family members that are white and i know a lot of them voted for trump because that's their team. we need to get out of the team
5:54 am
sport of politics. >> my book is about how i learned in my life that having awkward conversations like the ones i have lead me to be a smarter and hopefully better person. >> do you think we are getting more or less united? >> i think we are at a quit cal point. i live in berkeley. right now in my neighborhood where i live there is like a weekly fight. >> between who? >> elements who don't live in berkeley. >> that leads us to what happened with an kol tor. >> yes, i believe she should have able to speak. i think she needs to be responsive of the fact she's a flame thrower. they generally travel with lots of security. they work with the university and go, i know that what i do is divisive. please help me.
5:55 am
i don't think ann wanted to speak at berkeley. i think she wanted the story of i got canceled. >> be sure to watch "united shades of america" sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> it's friday, but we have better stuff ahead in the good stuff next. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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how could you make pizza any better? >> i don't know. i will tell you. a message in a pizza box helped save a man's life. he lost his will to live after his wife lost her battle with cancer. little did he know the pizza place he frequented started a pay it forward with pizza. they bought dennis a pie with a special message inside, stay strong. >> when you do something nice that works, you see somebody benefitting, you know, he made me happy. >> he says the kind gesture helped lift him from a deep december py despair. >> that's really beautiful. a small act of kindness for somebody does change their day. it changes their life in that
6:00 am
way. that's a good reminder. >> and pizza. >> pizza helps everything. >> there it is. >> that is the wisdom of this next man, john berman. >> doesn't eat pizza, body beautiful. >> is that right? >> don't get that by accident. >> it is carb heavy, but pizza in kindness is worth the carbs. we've got a lot of news, so let's get to it. good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. i thought it would be easier. that's from the man who sits in the oval office from the commander in chief of the armed forces and the leader of the free world. it turns out this being president of the united states thing is more work than donald trump thought. he actually said that outloud. indeed, developing this morning they don't have the votes. not now, not yet. the question is not ever? the efforts to repeal or replace obamacare on hold again. but the big news this g,


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