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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  May 13, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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president trump is easily trying to move forward that has left washington in shock mode and shock waves throughout the nation. they're trying to find a replacement for former director james comey as soon as possible. here's what the president told the press yesterday. >> regoing to make a decision praed soon -- >> these are people well-known so we can make the best decision. >> when, next week if possible? >> even then, it's possible. >> the candidate being interviewed today or this week we're told includes six names. you're looking at them on your screen. choosing one of them is not the decision the president could take likely. not only could this person lead the fbi for ten years but he or she can also oversee the ongoing russian investigation which involves the president himself. attorney general jeff sessions which has already recused himself is in charge of
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reviewing the candidates. sessions will recommend his top picks and the president will meet with those finalist. this process is being followed, and she moan they're coming in fast and furious. what can you tell us about these six people? >> a busy day over the department of justice which don't normally working on saturdays. there's a whole list of names right, we have six people. senator john corey is a name that kind of surprised some folks. his ties to the republican parties, currently the senator will make an interesting choice. he is a trump supporting, has been out supporting donald trump is a friend of trump is is known to be quite par zain. who was a judge early on in his career but besides that, what law enforcement experience he has i'm not certain of any.
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the current director, acting direct andrew mccabe has been with the fbi for over 20 years, has served in the deputy/director rank for well over a year. he's most regarded for the most part by people in the fbi but has some issues of his wife who's tied to the democratic party. she ran for state office in virginia and sieved makeup from hilary supporters which is controversy l but during this m he had issued when he went over to the white house and the white house asked him to fox down some of those new york times reports of the investigation and he basically were told tip was telling the white house none of the stories were true? >> and he also said this week people inside the fbi really highly regarded comey which is again going against what we heard at the press coverage this week and from the administration
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itself saying reagan fired comey. >> yeah absolutely. having him say that i think was very important to the agents and the bureau itself. people were very happy that he said that. i can tell you in talking to the many of people at the fbi who i've talked to, no one has came out and said we've had issued with comey, and no one has said they should have fired him and this was a good decision. the bureau is maintaining and doing its thing but no doubt people are feeling the effects of this. there's some uncertainty about what's next. the mission doesn't change but what's going to be the priority of the fbi going forward. the russia investigation has put a lot of focus, negative focus on the fbi but beyond that there's so much they're doing we'll never hear about. russia is a very important sort of component. noun, what russia is going and what russia is trying to do,
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beyond just meddling of our election but how they try to infiltrate our institutions is a big gone of what -- >> which takes time and resources. i want to put back up the six pictures for our viewers of who could be the next fbi director. there was a name added to this list within the last half hour or so. judge henry hudson, what duo yo know about him? >> i don't know much but from what i'm gathering this will be a interesting choice. he's a u.s. district judge in virginia and was nominated by george bush. he was involved in some of the obamacare decisions, he truck down the obamacare back in 2010. in reading become him he's noticed to be very conservative and has ties into the republican party. i think what's also interesting is he, and along with at least two of people whose names have
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surfaced has ties to virginia. and the reason why that is that the person at the department of justice right now, sort of the man running the security division, dana ben te who was the driistrict attorney generaln the attorney general. they have a key part in this investigation, the eastern virginia prosecutors. >> she moan you're working it for us. we appreciate you bringing us the information. thanks. besides the public backlash another reason the president might be eager to move on this week from james comey's firing is morale inside the white house. sources inside the administration tell staffers feel rejected, they describe the president as quote, rabbit. cnn athen that jones outside the white house for us. i understand the president has holding meetings with staff to try to boost morale. what can you tell us about that?
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>> hi anna. the president was working personally to try to bolster the morale of his staff as this tough week was coming to a close. you mentioned we've been told the white house staffers have a sense of dejection. this is in part because the communication in particular was kept out of the loop of the president's decision to fire director comey until really the final moments. they had about an hour or so to prepare a explanations for the president's decision and we saw that was a story that kept changing and that was ultimately a contradicted by the president himself. one of the folks who have been upset, the word we're hearing is rattled is the vice president himself. vice president pence went to capitol hill and said seven times that the president was acting on the recommendations of the justice department, specifically a deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. we learned later in the interview that the president
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gave to nbc that he was planning to fire comey all along. there was not the first time pence found himself delivering a story line or talking points from the white house that weren't true. this is very interesting to see the president addressing this issue in a tweet early yesterday morning, saying as a very active president with lots of things happening it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy. then he went on to say, maybe the best thing to do would be cancel all future press briefings and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy. so, that is the president himself basically telling the media and american people, his spokespeople who has job it is to speak on his behalf may not have all the information they need as they're doing that job. in the interview with fox news the president also talked about future of press briefings. watch that. >> are you moving so quickly that your communications
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department cannot keep up with you? >> yes, it's true. >> so what do we do about that because -- >> we don't have press conferences and we do -- >> you don't mean that. >> just don't have them. unless i have them every two weeks and do it myself. we don't have them. npg it's a good idea. >> so here you have the president suggesting maybe they'll do away with press briefings not just in the tweet but on that interview in fox. the briefing went ahead as expected yesterday, didn't seem that briefings are going to be removed from the table but he's acknowledging that his staffers have a challenge. >> all right athena jones at the white house thank you. toipt talk it over back with our panel, managing editor of cnn jeffrey wolf, and david an drill lee. david i'll start with you. does president trump see the fib
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director position as someone who should be completely neutral? >> it doesn't look like it right now. he seems to view the position as one that he fills and that serves at his pleasure, which is the truth by law. i mean the fbi is hired and fired by the president, but the tradition has been that -- that this is treated as a nonpolitical position, and that -- i mean prior to this the on fbi director who's ever been fired was fired for cause for having misused bureau resources. so this is something entirely different and suggest that the president has a different view of the job. >> there has been so much said about the president prioritizing loyalty and that might have been part of the reason comey was fired because he wouldn't loyal
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and wouldn't pledge his loyalty. i'm looking at the trip from trump's interview with nbc this week, he goes on to say, he's not my man, i didn't upon him, he was appointed along before me. i want to have somebody who's a competent director he's not, he was a show boater. >> buzz the loyal impact the president's process? >> what you just read. >> i'm sorry go ahead zachary and david you have something more you can comment. >> that's a tech book political of what you just said of a tech book employee. if he wants his guy leading the fbi there's no other way you can describe it. the names that we've been talking about, the five of them except for john cornyn seem like nonpolitical names. he likes this theater surrounding who he's going to pick, we saw that when he picked
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his secretary of state. he took romney for dinner and went with the head of the oil company. it'll be interesting if we don't see any of the theater creep up here at some point. >> david do you want to add something? >> and not loyal to him but trump guy running the fbi i think that's a real serious problem because the fbi doesn't serve the president, the fbi serves the people of the united states, and we've seen through our history that sometimes that mean that the fbi has to be able to take a hard look at other -- at members of the administration all the way up to and including the president. >> about the firing and how it all went down david, you write the messenger and the moment were all wrong. could president trump have fired comey at any time without prominenti prominent prompting the kind of blow back weave seen? >> i think if he had gone before the american people and kind of prepared us for this and said
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that here's why i'm making this decision, here's the process i'm going to follow for choosing a successor. i'm going to struck this discuss discusser to investigate the russia situation aggressively and who are the steps i'm going to take to make sure there no interference in that investigation, sure i think the american people would have been understood that and realized to it. it's the lightning bolt out of the blue, even the white house staff doesn't know it's coming or why it's happening. obviously, we seen them scrambling around trying to explain it for four days now, so, you know it was -- there was no preparation for it, no explaining for it just a lightning bolt from the sky. >> zachary clearly the american people are trying to make sense of all of this.
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congress members returned home we seen a lot of them holding in town hall and it's getting tweeted. here's olook at what happened in iowa congressman ron block. >> i can't leave the investigation thing alone in light of the city fbi director being fired by the president while investigating the president, while our attorney general reaccusing himself from the i want investigation. how can the american people have confidence that the four different investigations you talked about is beginning to be credit tabl. i'd like you to stand with me, many of your colleagues and americans wanting an in dependent in vegvestigation of trump, his associates and the illegal hacking or the hacking of the election. >> i disagree, i disagree. i respectfully disagree.
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we have four investigations going on now, the president lest see what they produce. i've heard zero evidence, zero evidence of collusion with russia. zero evidence of trump campaign collusion with russia. >> zack still on the line, what do you make? >> it's interesting they were all focused on the repeal of obamacare, now they've apparently turned towards the firing of jim comey, they make for great t.v. i think a lot of republican congressmen, albeit interesting to see how many more of them go forward. bloom had one earlier where they were talking about obamacare. if you look at opinion polls and outpourings of frustration town halls of americans, even a country that supported president trump are confused by the way
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he's leading it's not just people in washington. americans are kind of flabbergasted i think at what's coming out of white house and it didn't seem like it's going to change. >> zachary wolf and david thanks for talking it over with us. still to come, tail of the take. the president and his aids refuse and deny whether there are tapes recording of talks with james comey. you're live in the cnn newsroom. intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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[vo] the grille is distinctive. but it's usually seen from the rear. the all-new audi q5 is here. president trump surprised add lot of people yesterday with his warning to the man he just fired, head of fbi, he mentioned the word taste in a tweet about jaime comey. that word triggers a memory of a darker chapter in american history. cnn brian has more. >> president trump's threat to
1:20 pm
his fired fbi director isn't subtle. quote, james comey ber hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. the white house denies it was a threat but were any of the conversations taped? >> identify talked to the president he has nothing further to add on that. >> there were three conversations whoop him and his fbi director, two phone calls and a one on one dinner they had at the white house. press sean spicer didn't respond when he was asked if there was credible to tape those conversations. press circumstance told us -- that's different from a bill-in taping system using by presidents kennedy, johnson and nixon. during nixon's recordings, a 1972 oval office conversation about how to push back on the watergate conversation. that white house taping system
1:21 pm
was shut down in the summer of 1973. >> the american people, press or media didn't know anything about the taping systems until alexander butter field, a white house aid in july of 1973 told the senate watergate committee, told the staff that there was a taping system. at that point, richard nixon had the opportunity to destroy the tapes and decided not to. >> as for the one on one dinner between comey at the white house, there was no none systems to tape conversations. they say the president can bring in a recording device or have an aid take notes on the information but it's unlikely he would. could comey tape the conversations on his end? we have no information from the fbi. that will only be allowed if the president himself is under investigation which trump says he's not, and if the fbi chief got a warn to tape him.
1:22 pm
>> i cannot imagine that happening, the fbi director does not tape conversations with the president or members of the hill. >> if there are conversations of trump and comey at the white house there is significant pressure on trump and his team to produce them. this letter we obtained from top house democrats elisha cummings and john is calling on the white house to produce, hanover any recordings, communications, e-mails between trump and comey in this matter. so far no comment on this letter from the white house. anna. >> brian todd in washington thank you. let's bring in paul call len joining us. paul, one member of the democrats said the firing of james comey and the warning president tweeted afterwards added to an obstruction of justice rgs is that how you see it? >> no i don't think the congressman is wrong on that. it could be a first step in the
1:23 pm
progress of leading towards the obstruction of justice, but firing comey alone doesn't add up to that crime. >> what about the tweet? a threat about you better not -- you better watch out if there are tapes out there? >> well, if you do gown the road if there was some massive obstruction of justice in other areas, documents being destroyed and activity investigations being interfered with this could be one element of the crime. we only know he fired his fbi director and he's saying -- trump's version of the tapes is going to be i'm warning this guy better not tell lies about me because maybe there are tapes that will establish what the truth is. i think that's what the president is trying to imply. i think the president can be indicted stupidity of the way he's handling the firing. he's immune to criminal charges while he's president of the
1:24 pm
united states. the only way the president can be processed criminally is by the filing of art calls impeachment and after impeechlts he can be prosecuted criminally. that's the way it works. >> let me ask you about that because richard blumming fall told can't inn that impeechls against donald trump. it may well produce another united states versus nixon on subpoena that went to the united states supreme court. it may produce impeachment proceedings although we're far from that possibility. what is the threshold to get to a point where impeachment proceedings happen? >> to show you how crazy lawyers are i was reading the nixon impeechlts this afternoon to see what nixon was charged with. he was charged with obstruction of justice but a lot of it involved him not responding to congressional subpoenas, him trying to suppress other witnesses from testifying. there was no incident to the
1:25 pm
saturday night mass conjecture but the ar ls of impeachment never charged in this case son. instead they focused on specific acts, disobey yans of subpoenas, destruction of evidence, paying off witnesses not to testify about the watergate burglary. specific criminal acts. and coming back to the trump situation, i don't think we're at a point yet where we know or anybody has articulated criminal acts that have been obstructed by the firing of comey. could this be an early step in a process that may lead to bad thing for the president, yes, but there could be a fork in the road where it goes another way as well. >> already paul call len thank you for laying it out for us. still ahead, history lessons, when he took office he was one of youngest governors in california now he's the old e in
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the nation. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. . tonight at 9:00, the ax files where cnn political commentator david axle ron, it views right hoar on cnn. there's talks -- asked talked about how governor brown sees california role in a world where trump is president. >> on your special tonight you talk with governor jerry brown of course a vocal opponent of some of president trump's policies, did you get a sense of his strategies to fight back against the administration? >> it's interesting, he sees california as charted its own direction. brown, this was his second go
1:31 pm
around as governor, he was one of the youngest governors in the '70s in california then he came back in 2010 for a second go around, now he's the oldest governor in america. he's always been a champion on climate change issues and environmental issues and california is charting its own course, a very aggressive course on climate manage, on immigration issues, a quarter of the population in california are immigrants and he's strongly a proponent of immigrant rights. they have had great success with the affordable care act and he's a big proponent of that. so, in all these areas, california's going one way and the administration in washington is going the other. as the largest state in the country the direction california goes is meaningful and he takes great pride in that. >> it almost sounds like you're saying he believes state really do have quite a bit of power to
1:32 pm
mick a difference. >> certainly a state that big. the markets in california are big. on an issue like climb, if they prom mull gait regulations those regulations mean something to farmers. one thing, anna that he took to light in saying is when he took over california was sort of an economic basket case, huge debt, high unemployment. he raised texass on the wealthy, he's promulgated some significant regulation around for example environmental issues, they completely embrace the affordable care act and they've been very successful. the economy is strong and he's brought unemployment way down so he likes to hold it up as a rebuttal to some of the arguments that you hear being made in washington. >> got you.
1:33 pm
last question for you, i'm curious what would be going through your mind right now if you were part of the current administration and where do you go from here? >> yeah, no if i was sean spicer i would have -- i know he's in the naval reserves, i probably wow put in for one of those cruisers headed for north carolina right about now. the waters would beless choppy than the ones he faces in the white house. i thought it was interesting on friday you saw the press briefing, spicer came back from his naval duties, and hr macmaster the hr security adviser gave a long brief on the president's upcoming trip. everything's ordered saying this president asked for this this was the strategy, and sean has a lengthy treat on what's going on right now the what trump and the administration was doing. all was men to say, forget about
1:34 pm
the car wreck over here, we're moving forward. the president's doing what he's supposed to be doing, trying to reassure people the chaos we seen this week is not overreasoning the white house. whether they're successful owner we'll see. doesn't feel like this story's going away any time soon. >> david axle rod thank for your time. >> always good to see you anna. don't forget about the ax files it's tonight right here on cnn. still ahead a picture worth a thousand words. after seeing this, allies of the united states has a lot to say how the world views the trump presidency right now. a reminder at 10:00 p.m. eastern, "united shades of america" shaking you to corners of america we don't get to see. this week an indian reservation where having a sense of humor
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a u.s. military official now confirms a second close endenton countier between a russian military fighter jet and an american fighter plane operating in international airspace
1:40 pm
happened yesterday over the black sea, more than 100 miles south of crimea. the russian fighters flu between 45 feet of the plane. this is the second close encounter this week. u.s. satellite has picked up missile movement in north korea. satellites show that kim jong is prepapering for launch. right now the u.s. is simpling monitoring. them a senior north korean diplomat has opened the door to have direct talks with the united states. other reporters were told the country will hold dialogue under right conditions with the united states. earlier this month president trump also expressed willingness to meet with the leader of north korea under certain
1:41 pm
circumstances. president trump is gearing up for a big week, he's preparing for his first trip abroad since taking office. he'll carry with him a message of unity. the political fall out of the firing of james comb my as fbi director has sparked some concern of political leaders abroad. cnn correspondent nick robinson take a look. >> trump, comey, that russian meeting is enough to worriry britain's closest allies. british campaign heating up, trump a issue, the u.s. flailing our position leader looking to lay hits on the pm. >> a governor would want a strong and friendly with the united states, but we will not
1:42 pm
be afraid to speak our mind. >> even the philippines outspoken leader shane at the process speck of trump in the driving seat of north korea. >> the first victim -- countries and the rest. because if those are really nuclear warheads, that means the end of the world. >> at least one american diplomat at a loss tweeting this. increasingly difficult to wake up overseas to news at home knowing i'll spend the rest of the day explaining our doknock cities. in london those worries resonate. >> trump has the idea of -- it's a shame because he plays games
1:43 pm
with democracy as it is. >> we got a strange impression of him over here i think. >> it giving trump administration a dictator feel. >> mostly though the world is busy getting on with its own stuff like elections, in france relieve the trump-style candidate last. >> we will work hard in french -- >> more than 100 days now the french is watching, worried of what will come next. nick robinson cnn, london. >> the president will meet with the pope this week. pope france says he will not judge president trump until after they're meeting. their meeting is set to happen on the 24th at the vatican. the pope says i'll tell him what i think and he'll tell me what he thinks. today pope francis led a mass at a place where a young brother and sister say they saw the
1:44 pm
virg virgin mary appear 300 years ago. >> hope frances is here to mem rate the -- this is where mary was said to have appeared in 1917. in front of a crowd of 600,000 people all over the world pope frances -- two of these three children. the thinker, lucia died in twooifr and she is on the path to saint hood. the version of -- is one of the largest figures in the world. she's known for miracles and -- many say she predicted the last wars of the industry. a candle light visual is on the spot with the mary said to have appeared praying for piece in
1:45 pm
the world. asking for humanity to tear down walls and end the wars that are tearing apart our world. julia gallagher cnn, portugal. it is called ransom ware and will only give you your commuter data back if you pay up. a strike that leads 99-day countries. your live in the cnn newsroom. ♪ the first-ever lexus lc. experience amazing
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first the good news, the cyber attack that hit 99 countries and more than 75,000 computers have been halted. the bad news, cyber experts warn there could be a reboot. hackers hit hospitals, major offices and countries around the world are a ransom ware gould govern cry. things happening at hospitals --
1:50 pm
bringing in cnn correspondent claire sebastian joining us from new york. how did this take off? >> it's one hack that led toing to, we believe this stems from a set of data that leaked online from a u.s. national security agency back in april, they were the first to discover putting this expert in the window of the system and that was used as the attack. microsoft has published a fix to this but people hadn't yet updated their commuter. what happened the mal ware was able to spread and scan the internet for the people that didn't have the security fix and infect them. that's why you see so many countries were effected. >> i am so guilty in seeing the updates and ignoring them for quite sometime because i don't want to stop what i'm doing and take the time to take the
1:51 pm
updates. how did this all get stopped? >> there was a 22-year-old private security research erg in the uk who was looking into this. he was saying for the mal ware to spread it had to communicate with an unregistered demain. he registered it had domain and stopped the mal ware. this is only a temporary fix, experts say we are not out of the woods yet, somebody can come in and rewrite the code and have it registered with different unregistered domain. for the moment we believe it stopped. >> feel like it impacted big businesses, governments, entities, hospitals universities, i heard something about gas stations taking a hit, but for vings do we need to worry about if there is a reboot, take any action? >> i think this is a wake-one
1:52 pm
call. a lot of cyber crime is exploring human information. you shouldn't open e-mails and unverify final attacks. this is really important, this is how companies like microsoft try to stay ahead of the bad actors. it's important if your a company or individual to take these thing soaresly. >> thank for that good reminder to all of us. still ahead, a parading podium. ye you're here in the cnn newsroom. can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company.
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take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. politics often collide -- and this year is no exception. the grand finale le featuring 26 acts. one country not there, russia. euro vision hose te crane barred the russian contestant from coming into the country because she performed in crimea. 200 million people around the world watched this contest last year. you can expect thing to get icy on tonight's "saturday night live" after melissa mccarthy host. that'll be having a field day
1:58 pm
with her act of sean spicer. here's a preview. >> is the trump administration making america laugh again or just making the press even more frustrated? >> the president has nothing further to add on that. >> a credible crises intensify this week. and making late night cometic rewrite their script ig up until their time. >> any other questions? >> yeah just mentally though are you okay? >> are you kidding me? >> melissa mccarthy back this weekend, it's perfect timing for her to post s & l partly in character. >> and also i don't talk so good. >> friday the same day sean spicer returned to his real podium, mccarthy was in full spicer regalia whizzing down the treat on her podium.
1:59 pm
going the extra mile to impose her return. ♪ >> one likely purchase line, pricer impr pricer improm thank you press briefing. just how long will mccarthy get to play spicer is an open question. his absence from the briefing room earlier this week stirring speculation on his future. >> he's going a god job but he gets beat up. >> will he be there tomorrow? >> he's be there for beginning. >> tonight the fans are waiting for mccarthy's impression. brian stelter cnn, new york. >> coming up live next hour you have live pictures right now from the department of justice where attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein are
2:00 pm
interviewing candidates to be the next fbi director. we know six candidates that have interviewed for the job, any moment we expect to see a seven candidate. who will it be, we're bring it to you live as soon as we know. stay with us. you're live in the cnn inn newsroom i'm monica barrera in new york. we begin with sources are describing as plummeting morale inside the white house following the firing of fbi director james comey. the vice president as rattled and president trump himself as agitated and isolated. the president is trying to move on by picking a new fbi director as soon as possible. he's what he said earlier today. >> do you think you might make a decision before you leave for saudi? >> these are outstanding people that are very well known, so


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