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tv   New Day  CNN  May 22, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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president of the united states of america. [ applause ] >> thank you and shalom. it is wonderful to be here in israel. president rivlin, mrs. rivlin. prime minister netanyahu, mrs. netanyahu. thank you very much. i am deeply grateful for your invitation and very, very honored to be with you. on my first trip overseas as president, i have come to this is a creditsacred and ancient l the unbreakable bond of the united states and state of israel. the united states and state of israel.
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[ applause ] in this land so rich and history, israel has built one of the world's great civilizations. a strong, resilient, determined and prosporous nation. it is forged in the commitment we never allow the horrors of the last century to be repeated. now we must work together to build a future where the nations of the region are at peace and all of our children can grow and grow up strong and grow up free from terrorism and violence. during my travels in recent days, i have found new reasons for hope. i have just concluded a visit to saudi arabia where yesterday i
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met with king salman and leaders from across the muslim and arab world. and that visit, we reached historic agreements to pursue greater and greater cooperation in the fight against terrorism and its evil ideology. my future travels will take me to visit pope francis at the vatican and nato and european allies. we have before us a rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace to the region and to its people. defeating terrorism and creating a future of harmony and prosperity and peace. we can only get there working together. there is no other way. mr. president, mr. prime minister, i look forward to working closely with both of you
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during my stay. we love israel. we respect israel. i send your people the warmest greetings from your friend and ally. all of the people in the united states of america. we are with you. thank you and god bless you. thank you. [ applause ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> you are watching live
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pictures of president trump in israel. this is the second leg of the first overseas trip. he landed there over an hour ago. he spoke at the international airport in tel aviv. you saw he was greeted by israel president rivlin and prime minister benjamin netanyahu. let's talk about it. welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." chris is off this morning. bermuda bermu john berman is here with me. >> remarkable as the president landed in israel. he flew from riyadh in saudi arabia. the first direct flight ever for anyone flying from saudi arabia, riyadh. the heart of the muslim world. here to tel aviv to jerusalem where the president will go shortly. the center of the jewish faith as well as the christian faith. the president will be going to jerusalem in a little bit. a lot of history made in the next hour here after the president departs this airport. the first president to visit the
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western wall in jerusalem. first sitting president to visit the church of holy seplucar. we will see how they will play out over the next several minutes. the president greeting members of the u.s. delegation as well as the israeli delegation. members of the israeli cabinet did not want to go because they were unable to shake the hand. the prime minister said you will be part. the concession would be they would get the shake the hand. >> that is not the only controversy. this is a trip of high expectation and tension and controversy. let's get reaction now. let's bring in the panel. we have white house correspondent sara murray. she is in jerusalem. we have analyst david gregory
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and aaron david miller and a.b. stoddard. david gregory, what do you see as you watch the historic visit? >> i think as the israeli prime minister noted with pride, this is a president who is putting israel at the e center of the foreign policy. the first foreign trip where he is kochcoming to the middle eas. he is putting reconciliation between faiths and reconciliation as a candidate and how he wants to conduct himself as a president on the world stage. coming to israel says two things. the relationship with the united states and israel as an unbreakable bond he pointed out and a policy vision. the president lining up with sunni countries like saudi arabia yesterday and singling out iran as an enemy which is
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precisely the world view that the israeli prime minister has as well. the israeli prime minister who railed against the president obama administration emphasis nuclear deal with iran. while that is continued under president trump, here rhetorically yesterday the emphasis of isolating iran and responsible for spreading the fires of war throughout the middle east. there will be kindred spirits and speak about conditions to get that started. the systmbols and including the visit to the western wall is a powerful message to send to israel and jews around the world. >> the president said we have a rare opportunity to bring peace to the region. aaron david miller. that is a high bar. that has been reached for by
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many u.s. presidents. >> it is indeed. i spend most of my professional career trying to figure out a way to bring israelis and palestinians and arabs together. today, john and alisyn, the key for mr. trump and mr. netanyahu to demonstrate that the channel has been changed. the tension and dysfunction from the obama years has now been replaced with a greater understanding and greater willingness to manage differences in the u.s./israeli relation and do it quietly and discreetly. i think the effort made by each man and they alone have the capacity to move this relationship and israeli peace making forward. mr. trump because he inherited the an alignment with the arab states and mr. netanyahu because he has the capacity. he believes to manage this
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relationship and next near, he is the longest governing serving prime minister surpassing david bengorian. under that is tension and contradictions that have to be deftly managed. >> aaron, i have to stay with you. you devoted a big part of your adult life developing arab and israeli peace. you met with jared kushner. the man the president tasked with figuring this out. what did you well him? >> i told him, alisyn, i wish my father in law had as much confidence in me as his father-in-law has given in him. he has been given mission i am applause able. we both admitted this is hard. i think had i been able to sit down and talk to him, i would have said, look, the reality is
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important as the mediator is, the man or woman in the middle. the important reality is the guys who sit to either side, are they willing to demonstrate the willingness and ownership to make the decisions that would allow a skillful mediator to bridge the gaps. >> christiane amanpour joins us now. christiane, the president is more popular in israel than the in united states. as we note the president seen as unconventional, there are c o'connco unconventional stops. unconventional to go from saudi arabia to israel. the president will be in jerusalem in a matter of hours. what do you see? >> obviously it is a significant trip as you said for the president of the united states to make his first trip to that
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part of the world is an unusual departure. the flight of air force one to israel from riyadh, yes, that was the first time, but not a significant breakthrough. the president and people hoped to bring back from riyadh an agreement from there that israeli flights would have flight rights. we don't believe he has been able to secure that or direct phone calls established between israel and arab world. we don't believe that has happened either. we have not heard about it. what he has done is in israel and riyadh is attack back from campaign rhetoric to more traditional bipartisan u.s. foreign policy. yes, in riyadh, he talked about the need to fight terrorism. that is no different from the other presidents who have been there particularly since 9/11 and said the same thing. in israel, he is saying a lot about peace and trying to bring all sides together talking about
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the three great faiths which have holy site s in jerusalem. he is not talking about moving the embassy. many talk about moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. it is unlikely to happen. he is not talking about other such issues that the israelis really want. also, he will meet with abbas, president of the palestinian authority. a lot of settlement building has happened in the occupied west bank since president trump was elected. this trip to israel is a very traditional allied trip the u.s. president will make. the success bar is very low. across the arab world and israel, they want anybody but obama. this showing deep friendship by
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trump to the leaders is something they like a lot. >> let's bring in sara murray who is in israel. sara, set the scene for us if you would. >> reporter: we are awaiting the president to arrive in israel. he will be arriving by helicopter. he has a busy day. he will continue to have a meeting with president rivlin. you were previewing the number of holy sites. the church of the holy sepulcur. the visit to the western wall. the holy site for those of the jewish faith to pray. we will turn back to diplomatic meetings this afternoon. the president made clear the ultimate deal and goal is mid east peace. he will meet with netanyahu, the prime minister he greeted at the
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arrival ceremony. later on, president trump, his wife, first lady melania trump and benjamin netanyahu and his wife will all dine together. it is worth noting that there are not necessarily high hopes in the trip. that all of a sudden the president will arrive and be here for two days and have a major breakthrough on mid east peace. it is interesting to see what he says about the meetings and process. >> a.b. stoddard, this comes on the heels of all of the reports in the united states over the last eight days. reports that were damaging to this white house. one of them is that the president inside the oval office shared with the russians very sensitive. some people called it classified information provided to the identifies by the israeli intelligence services. will that be of interest today? >> without a doubt.
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secretary of state rex tillerson tried to describe to us the lack of headlines of the russia investigation and sort of controversies engulfing. the world leaders are watching this carefully. they prepared the visits with president trump to the specifications of the schedule and attention span and what he likes to eat. they are rolling out the experience for him. i wonder if he will actually want to come home after dreading this trip all these weeks in advance. i think he is having a wonderful time. he is getting a reprieve from the pressure. i doubt anyone is raising any of this. staff is working behind the scenes to try to see how to deal with this when they return. they know this is a man who speaks off the top of his head and on the trip, he has been disciplined in public.
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remaining teleprompter trump and given direct speeches without going off script. so far, a success. everyone knows what he is going through at home. >> the president is heading to marine one. he will be flying to jerusalem where we just got that scene setter from sara murray. david gregory, what are you looking for today including the tension? >> again, we watch the choreography of the visit as aaron was saying. it is so significant because it representing a changing of the channel. you have a president make israel a priority so early in his administration. something that president obama did not do and criticized for not doing. you have that. you have a like minded approach to foreign policy and policy and
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security policy in the region with netanyahu and president trump. it will be a question of how much effort the trump administration wants to dedicate to the notion of peace between israelis and palestinians. on this other issue of sharing intelligence. this has been a major issue. you have a former director of mm moussad who called bush a bull in a china shop or something similar to that. he talked about withholding intelligence from the cia. i hope this comes up not at the top official level, but does go back and forth. the choreography of the trip and the visit to the western wall and discussion whether the israeli prime minister would accompany president trump to the western wall. that is so significant politically and very significant
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religiously. it sends a strong signal we will see later to the israeli people and rest of the world about how the united states views the jewish character in jerusalem and israel which is a message the israelis want sent. >> we saw an interesting picture. almost a team sfphoto of the netanyahu family and trump family as they begin this trip. that is an image that both leaders want to send to domestic audiences. they are united. one thing that does happen when u.s. leaders visit israel or any country, the host country likes to show off and point to the important things for that country and what they want to portray. we believe this is president trump's first visit to israel. aaron david miller, that is an issue of huge significance for anyone interested in history. until you are there and see for yourself the land of monumental
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importance, but very, very small. it is hard to understand the conflicts at play. >> i think examining the real estate and this president knows a bit about real estate. it is critically important. i have been on a number of helicopter rides with a number of secretaries of state and defense ministers when they fly over. i think time is the biggest enemy here of the president's schedule that some effort was not made by israeli prime minister who is fundamentally devoted and determined to demonstrate how small physically a country israel it is and how vulnerable that helicopter ride was not included. i only say one other thing, john. no president in his right mind would dare schedule the first presidential trip to the middle east which is usually a place where american hopes and dreams
3:20 am
come to die. it is a testament to what the president believed is a warm reception in riyadh and israel and jerusalem that in effect, president trump felt comfortable enough to venture out into the region. >> a risky trip. a trip we are seeing play out before our eyes. on marine one. he will have a meeting with the president of israel and historic morning continues. >> absolutely. it is filled with so much expectation and possible tensions. we are keeping an eye on all of this for you. >> can the president escape what has been skiesichasing him heree united states? all of the issues with russia and james comey? he will testify before the senate judiciary committee. the potential fallout from that when "new day" continues.
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holiday inn express, be the readiest. very busy day here. president trump lands in israel a short time ago for the first foreign trip and first personal trip to israel. he appears to be pleased to fly way from the controversial back home. fbi director james comey now agreeing to testify.
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suzanne malveaux is now on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. certainly a busy week on the hill despite the fact the president is overseas. many committees on the house and senate side looking into the russia/trump investigation. they will continue in earnest. they are reacting to the breaking news over the weekend. first and foremost, james comey has agreed to go before and testify before the senate judiciary committee. that is good news to senator there is. reacting over the weekend. we heard from senator rubio. he said there is a cloud that hung over the administration. they want to get to the bottom of it. senator mccain still calling it a watergate style investigation in size and scope. the other breaking news. reacting to "the new york times" bombshell report that said president trump in the oval office meeting the day after he fired comey actually told them
3:26 am
why he wanted to do it and what it was about and in his words, saying i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy and a real nut job. i face great pressure because of russia. that is taken off. many officials on the campaign as officials in the white house reacting to that and they are not denying he had discussions, but trying to characterize it in a different way. >> i think what the president was trying to convey to the russians is i'm not distracted by this issue that is here. >> the gift of tst of the conve is the president feels he is hamstrung in the ability to work with russia from areas of cooperation because this is in the news. >> reporter: also, we are expecting in the news looking for it and not until after
3:27 am
memorial day. we do expect the attorney general sessions to also go before the senate panel this week on thursday to get more of the same type of questions. alisyn and john. >> suzanne malveaux on kpcapito hill. we want to bring back david gregory and a.b. stoddard and analyst david drucker. not denying the subject. the context of the meeting with the president and russian leaders where he called fired fbi director james comey a nut job. one notable thing while the white house is trying to brush this off. republicans are not jumping to the defense of the administration. some seem shocked. john mccain said he was speechless. listen to this. >> with the appointment of mr. mueller, we are now at the stage of a scandal. now the question is how is it
3:28 am
handled? is it handled like watergate where drip, drip, drip, every day? or handle it like ronald reagan handled iran contra? >> david drucker, mccain said he was speechless with the oval office meeting. they are having a hard time with it. >> they are. they were initially pleased to see robert mueller appointed. in their mind, this sweeps it off the table for them and they get back to work. what do you plan to do? now when you have an investigation with a special coup counsel, it can go in any direction. some are worried this could complete in the middle of the election year or lead up to 2020. if it doesn't exonerate mr. trump and people around him, it could be a problem for republicans.
3:29 am
they reached a point where they are done with trump unconventional. well, trump's different, but he won. look at the opportunities we have. they are tired of it. they are concerned about it and they want it to stop. >> do you see evidence they are actually tired of it and want it to stop? >> david and i have had conversations with them all along. they have been tired of it since january 20th. they were publicly always defending the president. they now see him as a liability. the house is in play. 24 seats away from minority. these approval numbers. the trump districts never matter. it is the swing district. hillary clinton won or trump won by less than 7 or 5 or 4 points. republicans could lose majority in the house. they will look out for number one. that is them. there's been a shift since the revelation, the last two weeks have seemed like eight months.
3:30 am
when you got to the point where mueller was named as david points out, they hoped in some of the conversations they hoped that comey would not testify. he would be designated a witness by mueller. now he will testify. it will consume the news. as david said, they are sick of racing down the hall answering questions. >> steve bannon left the overseas trip. reince priebus coming back to the white house to manage the messaging this week. david gregory, we heard from a.b., the fired fbi director will testify as soon as next week after memorial day before the senate intelligence committee. >> this is true what david said. the mueller investigation moves forward and like senator mccain said, it could be a drip, drip,
3:31 am
drip aspect as leaks will come from it from interviews they do from leads they pursue. you already seen that in the past week. this comey showdown is huge. i never heard more pathetic spin than i heard from the secretary of state and national security adviser about the president just letting off steam to russian officials about the crazy nut job fbi director he fired. now he is a little bit more at ease to pursue areas of interest. that is inappropriate. you are talking russian officials who are the target of the investigation for interfering in our election. this is an aspect of president trump that is so self destructive that he would allow himself to vent in that way or worse which perhaps compromises our relationship with russia or perhaps be tough with them. it makes no sense. that drama will play out as
3:32 am
comey testifies. if he testifies and testifies publicly then what the president has said versus comey said is sussed out. whether the president told the truth or did not tell the truth after apparently threatening the fbi director in the middle of the investigation. there's no question it will be a huge drama and we have the contrast with donald trump sticking to script in the first foreign trip. it is different from the self destruction from the past couple weeks. >> david drucker, look at the fanfare and ceremony and media attention. he is trying to shift away from what's going on at home to what he has called the biggest witch hunt in history. >> right. he is the guy that controls the witch. if he calms down, maybe less hunt. every time he acts
3:33 am
conventionally and doesn't stray from script, i'm talking about neil gorsuch and getting the health care bill through the house. >> congressional address. >> the joint session speech. great examples when he sticks to the script and acts conventionally and not like a disruptive outsider, he has success. when he strays and decides to go it alone and freelances, nothing but trouble. the question about the foreign trip wasn't so much will the president not be able to handle it. will he stick to a stricript an deliver on behalf of the united states. his hosts are making it all about him. so far, he is making it all about the united states. if he keeps doing that, it is a contrast from the american people have seen over the last two weeks preceding. the president off the rails. here is the president acting presidential. he set low expectations, but it
3:34 am
is all about the visuals. what we found in his numbers, they have been higher in trump districts than elsewhere. even those numbers are sagging. he is in dangerous territory. >> it will be very fascinating to see. panel. thank you very much. we want to issue a clarification to a story we brought you last wednesday. we reported on meetings that congress member amash was having with the staff and freedom caucus to discuss the next steps with the president. we mistakenly reported the meetings have taken place. we had incomplete information and the meetings did not happen. we are always happy to set the record straight. we are following the president's trim p to israel. but first, the vice president snubbed at notre dame commencement. we will have that and more when "new day" returns.
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president trump touching down in israel. he was greeted by prime minister netanyahu and president rivlin. two hours from now, mr. trump will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit israel's western wall. this coming one day after the major speech to the muslim world in saudi arabia. president trump softening his tone on islam and calling on all muslim majority nations to drive out terrorists. federal authorities are working to determine if a fatal st stabbing at the university of maryland was a hate crime. one was visiting friends when he was approached by a white man and stabbed in the chest. the student is facing murder charges. the motive for the attack is
3:40 am
unclear. a group of notre dame graduates walking out in protest of vice president mike pence delivering the address. the university estimated about 30 of the 131 graduates protested against the policies as vice president and the former governor of indiana where the school is located. you watch them walk out. >> i read that better than i would have. president trump arriving in jerusalem. up next, it is a tale of two president trumps on the campaign trail. he said islam hates us on the campaign trail. yesterday, he called islam one of the world's great faiths. so which one is it? we take a closer look when "new day" continues.
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all right. we are having breaking news all morning for you because president trump is on the first quite historic trip.
3:45 am
he is in israel and we are looking up in the sky here because we are looking for -- there it is. marine one. the president is about to land in jerusalem. this is the president's first personal trip to israel. of course, this is in his first few months in the white house. he wanted to let all of these countries know how important they were to him particularly israel. it is landing now in jerusalem. >> that is not marine one right there. it is a helicopter in advance of marine one. the president will land shortly. and alisyn said over the next couple hours, you will see frankly history. fairly high drama in terms of international trips. the president will hold bilateral meeting with the israeli president rivlin. we will see it. and joint statements from the presidents. president trump will visit the
3:46 am
western wall in jerusalem. he will not be going, we were told, with prime minister netanyahu. he will go on what we are calling a private visit. the reason the prime minister is not going because of the g geography of the western wall is fraught with controversy. >> that is the controversy over its ownership. it is in jerusalem and it is where the president is making a point of going which sends a message loud and clear. so his visit is the second stop. he departed saudi arabia. he delivered the major speech on islam. here to discuss that, let's bring in chief international correspondent christiane amanpour and fellow for the senior center for islam. great to have you both here. we want to talk about the
3:47 am
president's shifting tone. quite dramatic how differently he is specialiaking in the past hours than as he did as a candidate. let's remind you of a taste then and now. >> i think islam hates us. there's something there that is a tremendous hatred there. >> this is not a battle between different faiths, different sects or different civilizati civilizations. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people all in the name of religion. people a wathat want to protect life. >> christiane, he went on to say islam is a great and wonderful
3:48 am
religion. who do we listen to? >> people were all listening to that president trump. knowing that the other president trump was left on the campaign trail and he has shifted rhetoric back to more or less traditional american foreign policy. he got a very, very warm gold plated welcome as you could see with the chandeliers hanging in the opulent room with the leaders hanging back. he said this is not a sectarian issue. all of the people in the room were sunni and the idea was essentially in non geostrtategi issue. give him the thick pile of the shag of the red carpet moving.
3:49 am
there was a funny reality i need to read from president sisi. the strong man president of egypt. he said to mr. trump, you are a unique personality capable of doing the impossible. i agree mr. trump said. he complimented him on his shoes. understand this is what is happening on this trip. an a lot of personal flattery of boosting mr. trump. determined to give him a good trip allow him to divert attention from the political crisis that he faces at home. of course, the reaction on the street is different. it really is. reaction on the street whether i in saudi arabia or egypt or yemen or elsewhere. >> okay. here is marine one now. the president has just landed in jerusalem. we will continue to follow all of his steps for you as we continue this conversation.
3:50 am
haroon, so many were hartearhea to hear president trump take a softer tone on islam. not you. you found it dispushinturbingdi. why? >> it is a little weird that he pivoted so quickly. attacking the clinton foundation for taking money from the saudis and in the course of pone speec, he pivopivots. this sounded like it was written by a saudi pr firm. it is disturbing when you flatter trump, he says what you want to hear. it makes me wonder if this is good for america or is this good for donald trump ego. >> how do you explain? >> i think he was flattered. i think saudi arabia threw a lot of money at him. he wabtsz nts to get away from
3:51 am
tanking numbers. >> he still chose clearly, he wants to establish good relationship with saudi arabia. >> it is easy. saudis are desperate for the united states to get back in the corner. they have a ton of money. if you look at the speech he gave. at the end of the day, it is not about isis, it is about iran. u.s. is dragged into it fighting saudi arabia wars for it. >> christiane, there was no talk with saudi arabia as far as we know about human rights abuses. the president said publicly we're not here to lecture other countries. we are not here to impose our will. we respect other countries live as they want. >> you can imagine people in the human rights community and
3:52 am
democracy communicate ty are up about that. a president would talk about human rights and democracy a little bit despite the fact they get best business done in private and not lecturing in public. the speech was a lecture, but not on america's values. it was a lecture on telling them to drive it out and drive it out. you remember the famous refrain he kept saying about radical islam. even though we were told he was never going to utter the words radical islam, extremism. we were told he reverted and changed his tune afterwards. the bottom line is almost abo. anybody but obama. they wanted in israel and saudi arabia and gulf region. they thought that president obama was too far toward iran. too far away from involvement in
3:53 am
the region. in other words, pulling out of iraq. the tack too far away by leaving syria to burn and letting everybody including saudi arabia and everybody else wage proxy wars there. this is a chance for saudi arabia to get the president to be on their side and realign the middle east in that region. >> christiane and haroon, thank you. >> you are looking at pictures in jerusalem where the president just touched down. he will get out of marine one shortly. the first foreign trip of his administration. we will keep on it coming up. iko s a new netw when i got this unlimited plan they told me they were all the same. they're not. verizon has the largest, most-reliable 4g lte network in america. it's basically made for places like this. honey, what if it was just us out here? right. so, i ordered you a car. thank you. you don't want to be out here at night 'cause of the, uh, coyotes. ok, thanks, bud. bye. be nice to have your car for some shelter.
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3:57 am
they lost by 44 in game two. without isaiah thomas. mark led an amazing comeback after trailing 16 at the half. game tied and bradley hits the three with .1 left on the clock. celtics win 111-108. lebron james was not in the best of moods in the post game interviews. >> couldn't get into a rhythm tonight. is that what it was based on defense or not feeling it? >> no, pretty poor. what do you want me to say? it seemed like you ask a lot of questions when we only lose. kenny, you always come around when we lose. i swear. okay. >> i expect to see a better
3:58 am
motivated lebron in the next game. >> that is scary. thanks, andy. >> i like how you acted like you are on the team. very nice. it is very busy news day. we are following president trump who has just arrived in jerusalem. he is set to speak with israel's president. we will bring all of that to you the moment it happens. stay with us. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites.
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or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. your visit here mr. president is historic. >> we must work together to build a future where the nations of the region are at peace. >> i think islam hates us. >> we must seek partners, not perfection and make allies of all who share our goals. >> mr. lavrov is the stooge of a thug and murderer and he had no business in the oval office. >> i think what the president was trying to convey to the russians is i'm not distracted. >> in two weeks, we


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