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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 22, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. a busy hour ahead as president trump moves through a day of diplomacy in isreal. he's having dinner later this hour with benjamin netanyahu and the president is enjoying a very warm welcome despite several thorny issues. already in isreal, a bit of history. mr. trump the first sitting president to visit jerusalem's western wall, one of the holiest sights in judaism. earlier in a meeting with isreal's president, he said he hoped his president might give a boost to the long-derailed peace process. >> i also look forward to discussing the peace process with palestinian president abbas. young israeli and palestinian children deserve to grow up in safety and to follow their
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dreams free from the violence that has destroyed so many lives. >> with us to share their reporting and insight this is jacky ca sin niche, mike el bender, shannon petty, piece of bloomberg. this priceless take this morning from the trump commerce secretary wilbur ross. >> there's no question that the liberalizing society and i think the other thing that was n fascinating to me, there was not a single hint of a protester anywhere there the whole time we were there. not one guy with a bad placard. >> there's a reason for that. we'll get to it in a minute. today's breaking news, including this. cnn has now confirmed that michael flynn will invoke his fifth amendment right against self incrimination. this as he refuses to comply with the senate intelligence
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committee subpoena in the russia election meddling investigation. phil mattingly live on capitol hill. very big news, phil. >> that's exactly right. former national security adviser will later today send a letter to the senate intelligence committee saying he will decline to provide any documents requested by that committee, subpoenaed by that committee and will also invoke his fifth amendment rights if requested to testify. now, this was somewhat expected. we had some idea this was coming. his attorneys have made clear that he wasn't going to at least initially respond to some of the document requests, but here's kind of the issues here that are at stake. the senate intelligence committee requested all documents, any documentation between the former national security adviser and russian officials. that's what he's officially declining. the rational according to a person close to flynn is it would be highly imprudent to testify in any way shape or format this point because several members of congress have called for the former national security adviser's prosecution. that is exactly why according to
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this person he will be invoking his fifth amendment rights here. but i think all this does is draw attention to this issue. you know very well, john, there are multiple capitol hill probes. there's also the fbi investigation. associates of flynn have received subpoenas related to a grand jury in terms of their investigation as well. so all of this coming at the same exact time. senate intelligence committee will be informed later today that michael flynn will decline their request for those documents. this only brings more attention to this issue which obviously isn't going away any time soon. >> not any time soon. phil mattingly live for us on capitol hill. general flynn obviously taking the advice of his lawyers, but smart legal move, going to draw a lot of scrutiny. now to isreal. president trump talked tough on iran and said he is convinced the arab world is now ready for a warming toward isreal. prime minister benjamin netanyahu offered a handshake when the president promised iran would never get a nuclear weapon. then an olive branch. as the prime minister puts to rest any talk about anger of
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president trump's sharing of intelligence with russia. >> just so you understand, i never mentioned the word or the name isreal. never mentioned it in that conversation. they're all saying i did. so you have to know the story. never mentioned the word isreal. >> actually, we didn't have that story wrong, but we'll get back to that. cnn sara murray traveling with the president. the two leaders trying to set this aside. the president saying i never mentioned isreal. that's not exactly the point. >> that is not the point. this all gets back to of course the conversation he had with russians in the oval office where he shared highly classified intelligence come of which came from one of our allies isreal. to date no u.s. official has confirmed that isreal was the partner that intelligence came from. the president appeared to have just done that in front of the cameras. that's not what the story said. the story said part of this
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intelligence came from an ally, that that ally may not have been asked for permission and it could cause problems and the ally, the source of the information could be relatively easily identified which we then saw as a number of news outlets including cnn confirmed that intelligence did come from isreal. and this caps off what had been a pretty tightly choreographed day for president trump. he walked this political tight rope when he visited the western wall. he managed to rebuff benjamin netanyahu advances to go along with him to the western wall which would have sent a signal that they believe that was part of isreal and surely would have inflamed tensions with the palestinians and with the arab world. the president was well on his way to sort of leaving behind some of the chaos, some of the controversy that has dogged him at home and had sort of a day full of very presidential images. he was the first sitting american president to visit the western wall, but then he made those comments about isreal,
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about intelligence sharing, and all that controversy just came rushing right back. >> sara, try to stay with us t.t. it's difficult. let's talk about where we are for a minute in the sense that you know there's a good friendship between the prime minister and the president which is very, very 180 degrees different from the emnitty at the end of the obama administration. is that enough is the question. the prime minister clearly trying to throw an olive branch to the president. if it happened, we'll talk about it in private. publicly intelligence cooperation is great. but on the bigger issues, the president says you know, he thinks he can broker israeli palestinian peace. so did the presidents before him s. there any evidence on the table that either boss or netanyahu have the will and the political space to make the tough choices necessary right now? >> probably no evidence yet. i think we're in the honey moon period. and making his first trip to the middle east is a big sign.
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having this previous relationship is a good first step. these are also far word. we need to see action. it's going to be a long haul. we're not even in the first inning. we're in the first minute of the first inning. >> the middle east peace of this into the broader puzzle of what president trump is doing in the middle east. he's clearly lining up the united states behind the saudi vision of the middle east. president obama forged a kind of moment with iran with the nuclear deal. president trump is not doing that. but he does need as the saudis and israelis, as their cooperation becomes more public against isis and against iran, they need a validate or. he's being that. by relaunching the peace process he's making it politically easier for a lot of these sunni muslim leaders to work with isreal to contain iran. i think that's where the middle east peace component really comes in. >> the timing is so interesting. president ra han knee wins in
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iran. he says i want to reach out and test the new administration. the president is making clear no thanks. not interested in having that conversati conversation. to your point, the president is trying to make -- have them share their interest for making iran the boogy man. on that very subject. can distrust of iran somehow get the arab world to be more friendly? you say tacitly. how about more openly with isreal? >> very historic over the last two days. i can see a much deeper path to friendship with isreal. a lot of that is brought on by whatever it takes, but a lot of it is by whatever is happening with iran. >> the fact that you have taken a very strong position on iran not only helps security but also helps propel the possibility of reconciliation and peace. and that will help o--
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>> little bet hard to hear. can see us six months down the road where there is a peace process where arabs are brokering, israelis are participating? when we talk about a peace process, there is no process at the moment. >> that's right. and it will takes possibly years of single focus on this project to get it moving and not a lot of room for error. we heard netanyahu earlier in your clip say how terrific intelligence sharing is. i have no doubt that the israeli prime minister is filled with a sense of awe and wonder at our president's ability to share information and intel. these are the sort of things that there's almost no room for error here. and as we've seen president trump sort of changes rhetoric from the campaign when it comes to other foreign players,
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mexico, china. it's also shifted somewhat on isreal too. he's not quite the full throat ed endos merment that he was du the campaign. >> not moving it on this trip. he's had things to say the prime minister hasn't liked. >> i actually was looking up when he said that, as he called middle east peace the ultimate deal, but he also said he's look at a two state and one state solution and he was going to i'll take the one both parties like. so he has come a long way on in terms from the israeli perspective on israeli politics. but there are as you said, some bumps in the road that haven't been resolved. >> sara, if you're still with us, this president is a firm believer in his own deal making able abilities. he's going to try. history has showed in the past administrations, bill clinton put an enormous amount of time and resources.
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george w. bush put it away then tried to jump in. president obama was hot and cold. do they give you any factual perceptions of why they think things are different or just that president trump is different, therefore, watch, we're going to pull this off? >> i think they really believe this is a new administration and that this president has warmer ties with both sides. that's certainly true of prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we know he was no fan of president obama. so in that sense, it is true. in the sense that he is trying to use iran as a common enemy to bring them together, okay, fine, that's a starting point. and i think that the other reality is that these world leaders are aware that when the president is frustrated, he lashes out very publicly at the person who is the source of that frustration. so i think we're seeing with president abbas as well as prime minister netanyahu that they both at least want to start in president trump's good graces. whether that equals a peace
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deal, you know, obviously we have a long way to see if that's true. and as you guys were pointing out, this also requires a lot of time, a lot of attention at a point where president trump's time and attention is certainly divided. he has a number of controversies playing out at home and we saw that sort of manifested in two of his top aides only staying through the saudi arabia part of the trip. they need to do some strategic planning to try to get this administration back on track when the president returns to the united states. there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical that it won't be quite as simple as the ultimate deal maker may be hoping. >> an excellent point. reince pre-bru-- first time his has gone through some of these things. on this issue of the president's mess-up, he shared intelligence he was not supposed to share. everyone a trying is trying to o
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away. we also learn from how this administration communicates. here's secretary of state rex tillerson on air force one saying no big deal. >> i don't know that theree anything to apologize for. >> there are some concerns that he did release intelligence without the israeliys permission. >> i think to the extent they have any question or need clarification, i'm sure we're happy to provide that. >> that's the secretary of state. here's the united nations ambassador from the united, nikki haley suggesting there is a little clean-up to do. >> so much of what i do's united nations is based on sensitive information. so much of what a lot of cabinet members, what they do is based on sensitive information, so we're trying to reassure all of our counter parts that what they tell us is kept, trusted and valued and we will return the favor. >> a little bit of -- >> one was a politician and one was not. rex tillerson was never in government before and nikki haley very much was. maybe that has something to do
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with it. this isn't the first time you've seen those two officials in particular take completely different tacks on an issue. >> i think that's when we talk about where do we go for middle east peace process from here, part of it will have to be can we trust the united states with our information with their word? do we know where they stand? are they credible? are they flip flopping all over the place? are your views constantly evolving and you don't wknow where they stand? you don't finish you're telling you what you want to hear. that will be important for the parties on the other side of the table to have. right now still leaders all across the world are trying to figure out this administration and what their views are and what they stand for and what they believe in. >> do you have a point? >> yes. concerning jewish americans and conservatives in isreal are beginning to wonder a little bit about donald trump or some of the reasons you raised earlier not keeping his campaign promise to move the u.s. ambassador. then the intelligence now kind
9:15 am
of fitz into ths into that piec. not accompanying netanyahu to the western wall which would have sent a powerful message. so they're starting to ask a lot of questions. one of the things toii want to is how his comments play out in the israeli press tomorrow. >> rocky last week. you make a key point there. if the president can move the ball when it comes to peace, a lot of these political sides might be forgiven. we'll continue the conversation. up next, pressure but no lecture. the president calls on arab and muslim leaders to do more to might e fight extremists.
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he's due to have dinner with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. pra pr perhaps statements before that, we'll keep you updated with that. the tone on islam was a big highlight of that. >> i think islam hates us. there's something there that is a tremendous hatred there. >> this is not a battle between different faiths. different sects or different civilizations. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people, all in the name of religion. people that want to protect life and want to protect their religion. >> big change in tone there. another source of debate, the president's decision at that summit of 50 plus nations in saudi arabia to play down political and human rights abuses across much of the arab
9:21 am
and muslim world. >> we are want here to lecture. we are not here to tell other people how to live. what to do, who to be, or how to worship. instead we are here to offer partnership based on shared interests and values. >> it's not an approach that i entirely agree with. they believe that on the countries that are cooperative with us on other issues, like saudi arabia, like egypt, we should privately confront them on the issues of human rights, that you'll get a better result that way. i have a different take on it. i believe human rights are important to speak about publicly. >> what did we learn yesterday? that was stop one. the president made a decision to go to saudi arabia first to have a very different tone from candidate trump on the subject of islam and the islam -- the possibility that these arab and muslim nations could come join him as he said in a fight. what's your biggest take away from yesterday?
9:22 am
>> the tone is different but the policy isn't. the president is still fighting the travel ban in this country. you talk all you want, but there's a lot of damage that's been done with muslims in this country that that speech did not fix. >> does the travel ban debate here affect the willingness of those countries, particularly saudi arabia, kuwait, others in the region, e kwigypt, to do wh the president asked them to do? to step up their own efforts to not teach in their own religious schools, especially the saudis who support this all around the world. >> most of the countries that you rattled off are not part of the travel ban. some of them have come out and said this is not -- >> this isn't a big deal. >> but rhetorically. >> i think it does modestly but remember they view, especially the saudis who have been rivals with iran for decades, they view
9:23 am
isis and they view iran's rise as much more -- much bigger priorities than this other stuff. you never hear any more about the 9/11 lawsuit bill. the saudis have come out and said this was a horrible blow to bilater bilateral relations. you never hear about that anymore. do think with iran and with isis they found sort of the right strategic leverage over a lot of these countries. >> the tone i think is an important point. we've seen trump now just a total change in tone from the campaign and how he deals with now a host of foreign leaders. we saw the mexican foreign minister actually in the oval office toning down trump's speech s a call from justin trudeau got him off his plan to rewrite nafta and now a majorly different tone in saudi arabia. to be fair to the president, one that is getting him rave reviews in his first couple days. >> the question is what's the
9:24 am
situation six months from now and a year from now? listen to the president's rhetoric about asking these muslim and arab nations, drive them out. he also said he needed them to do more to crack down on terror financing. >> a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land. and drive them out of this earth. >> pretty strong message from the president there essentially saying i'll help you but you have to take the lead. that's where we'll focus on the different tone in the early days, because it is his first trip. but six months or a year from now you focus on did he get results. >> strong message but easier said than done. for a lot of these countries say
9:25 am
all right, dow you do it. we've been trying to do it for years. sticking to the point of is this message going to stay consistent. is he going to keep on them? we're all focused on the middle east for the next day or so. then what happens at home? the white house has only so much band width. north korea is on the front. not to mention the domestic issues going on at home with health care, tax reform and a russia investigation. it's all great we're paying attention and talking about the middle east now and the president will say he's going to be there and back them up. is the president going to have the band width going forward with everything else happening to continue beyond a day or two. >> wilbur ross saying want a single hint of a protester. maybe he doesn't get out. they're not allowed to protest, sir. they go to jail for a very long time if they do and they're kept miles and miles away from their leadership. up next pleading the fifth. more on that and we're waiting to see president trump and prime
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welcome back. again keeping our eyes on the president who's in isreal this hour for dinner with the prime
9:30 am
minister benjamin netanyahu. we'll take you there live when we see the two leaders. back home here, more proof presidential problems don't go away when the president leaves the country. we just learned moments ago michael flynn plans to defy a subpoena. flynn won't answer questions and won't provide documents related to the russian interference in the u.s. presidential election last year. questions of suspected collusion between russia and the trump campaign. you may recall back in the heat of that campaign, it was general flynn leading attacks on aides of hillary clinton who found themselves in legal jeopardy over her e-mails. >> the very last thing john just said is no individual too big to jail, that should include people like hillary clinton. five people around her have been given immunity to include her former chief of staff. when you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime. so i don't know how he can sit there and say something like that with all of the things that have been going around, just
9:31 am
swirling around hillary clinton with her e-mail. >> if you're seeking immunity, it means you probably have committed a crime. of course it means no such thing. general flynn said that. that was plolitical rhetoric in the heat of the campaign. it is smart when you're under investigation by the fbi and the new special counsel to get a good lawyer and not answer questions because anything you say can and will as they say on television be used against you in future investigations. political general flynn looks like a hypocrite. but what does this mean? >> this means that the probe into flynn is going to continue whether or not he gives the committee these documents. as phil mattingly said this wasn't necessarily unexpected, but this doesn't mean that they're going to be like, oh, well, too bad. move along. this continues. >> this continues and the president's overseas, but next time there's a white house
9:32 am
briefing or the president overseas or his people talking, podium overseas or back here in washington. do you support general flynn taking immunity? don't you want general flynn to tell the truth? these things have a way of not going away. >> legally it is sound advice not to say anything. keep your mouth shut. politically he could have had the opportunity to come out there, say his peace, say it had nothing to do with it. people could look him in the eye and decide whether or not high believed him. they could have had a real moment to clear his rep taegzut or his side of the story. legally that might not a good idea but image wise it could have helped. >> talking about taking the fifth, not getting immunity. i think what it does is it puts an additional layer of importance on bob mueller's independent investigation, what's going on with the fbi. it tells us that the biggest headlines, the biggest results from these investigations may not come from congress. they may come from the professional investigators and fbi. i think we also suspected that
9:33 am
after the announcement, but for me this adds another layer. >> there have been some interest ing steps from flynn. we saw this story about how flynn supporters, we can assume saying that they did notify the transition team that this investigation was happening. i don't know how that helps flynn in this process. when flynn reregistered as -- not reregistered, but when he finally registered his lobbying document, that seemed to me to sort of take away his argument that he correctly, you know, didn't register the first time. so i think this move, you know, don't tell the senate, don't tell the house anything you don't need to, to need for him right now to have this play out in congress any more than it is, but i think there's been some interesting steps from flynn along the way that not only is this going to continue but continue in some interesting and fascinating ways. >> he's a central figure.
9:34 am
i want to come back to this issue this the president's discussing right now with prime minister netanyahu which was his decision to share, very sensitive israeli intelligence in a meeting in the oval office with a russian foreign minister and russian ambassador to the united states. in politics they call it spin. there's an old saying you might know at home. listen here to the secretary of state and national security adviser essentially trying to say there's no there there. >> i think what the president was trying to convey to the russians is look, i'm not going to be distracted by this. >> the gist of the conversation was that the president feels as if he's hamstrung in his ability to work with russia, to find areas of cooperation because this has been obviously so much in the news. and that was the intention of that portion of the conversation. >> i mixed up the context. this is them talking about the president saying that jim comey, the former fbi director was a nut job and that by firing him he had relieved the pressure on
9:35 am
the white house. critics say that's the president sort of screening some intent to obstruct justice. >> the problem is that spins them back into the criticism. tillerson saying he doesn't want the pressure of this and mcmaster saying that he felt hamstrung. you don't fire the guy looking into an investigation into your own campaign because you feel pressure. all right? and even if that was the case, i suppose there is a world in which trump honestly believed that comey was mishandling this and mishandled several things along the way, but the problem is, obviously one of credibility. and 23 thif they find a shred o evidence between trump, trump's campaigns and the russians at this point i think just triples this administration. >> it also is not what they told the american people. the russians were getting i guess straighter talk than the american people and that is problem mat tick. >> the interesting thing though
9:36 am
it goes back, his first and only big formal press conference, he actually said what mcmaster said in that clip. he expressed deep frustration with his political inability to have some kind of compromise with the russians because of all this swirling talk . it's kind of interesting to hear 2 co it come back, but i think it's sort of reinforces the problem. >> how many different explanations are there going to be about why comey was fired and how many different nondenial/denials are there going to be saying i did not say the world isreal in that meeting with russia. no one says you did. when mcmaster came out right after and says he didn't talk about strategy or sources no. one said you did. get the story straight and get your denial in line with what's being said. and give us your side of the story too. so what did you say in the meeting? >> mcmaster i believe in that interview also said that it wasn't in the briefing material. >> he said that repeatedly now
9:37 am
that the president did not get sources -- >> he didn't even know. >> let's step more broadly. if you watch the sunday shows for people's context on big stories in washington, marco rubio who if you remember was one of those little marco candidate trump called him back in the race. if you try to follow the news the last ten days, news consumer, on the internet, online, on the radio, you can be a little confused with everything that happened in the last ten days. the firing of comey. the different spin on that. talk about the president. what he said in the meetings. marco rubio saying if there's one guy not surprised in washington, it's him. >> i don't understand why people are that shocked. this president ran a very unconventional campaign. i was there for a big part of it in the beginning. that's what the american people voted for. in essence, this white house is not much different from the campaign. people got what they voted for. >> is that amusement? >> resign.
9:38 am
>> you know who else isn't surprised is the people who have been with the president through the campaign. from the very beginning, they said it was however many months of crisis of the day, craziness, it was nonstop every day for that campaign and it will be that ride for the next four years. >> it depends what the expectation is. people expected him to be a different type of politician, but i think there may have been an expectation that he'll get different results and so far we haven't seen that. >> we're expecting to hear momentarily from president trump and the prime minister netanyahu. we'll be back in just a moment. s gal, isn't it? coffee: look, she's sweet, she's got natural stevia, no bitter aftertaste, and zero calories. all the partners agree? even iced tea? especially iced tea. goodbye, sugar. hello, new splenda naturals.
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netany just so you understand, i never mentioned the word or the name isreal. never mentioned it during that conversation. they're all saying i did.
9:43 am
so you had to know the story wrong. never mentioned the word isreal. >> president donald trump, prime minister benjamin netanyahu a short time ago speaking in jerusalem. i want to welcome our international viewers joining us here on "inside politics." waiting to hear from the two leaders. they're in a meeting right now in jerusalem. they're supposed to have dinner a bit later. we're expecting remarks from the prime minister and the president. we will take tyou there live. that conversation was about a source of tension in the relationship at the moment. the president a week or so ago in a meeting with russian diplomats shared some top secret intelligence about isis, intelligence that he was not supposed to share. intelligence that had not been shared with other u.s. allies. both leaders, this is their first meeting in isreal. these two men who know each other. yes, they have some differences but who have a lot of shared interests and a lot of friendship. the prime minister trying to do a favor. the president essentially c confirming it was israeli
9:44 am
intelligence shared. he said i never said isreal. >> you saw the smirk from netanyahu as he said it. i think this also raises a question whof what trump is goi to bring back after this trip. it seems to me so far it's going to be one of optics. he needs to perform in a presidential manner to bring back some reviews that he's capable of doing this. the deal we saw with the saudi arms deal wasn't all that unusual. the business deals that came out of that were already in the works or had already been announced. maybe we'll -- it's unlikely that middle east peace is going to be solved in this dinner tonight, so what he got good reviews for in the first couple days was basically staying on script and not talking to the media. here we have the first time he's out in front of reporters and essentially confirms reports through the back door that he's trying to deny. >> but also happy i think to get
9:45 am
the prime minister. but if anything a key point you make. you judge these trips in the moment but then you circle back in six months or a year. if nothing else he has turned a page where president obama was turning his nose. try to be more friendly with iran. if we negotiate this nuclear deal, perhaps iran to be enticed back into a responsible community. president trump has fossaid for that. right now they're in compliance. but that's the biggest change. now i want you to have a tougher posture toward iran. >> right. i mean, i've kind of been talking about how he flip flops on a lot of things. but yeah, i think iran is one consistent theme we've heard here and the other consistency i think as people try and look at this trip and figure out what is this foreign policy going forward, we're not going to bug you on human rights. do your thing.
9:46 am
that's not our game. maybe we'll pressure you behind the scenes at some point, but on human rights we're going to leave it alone. those are the two consistencies i think people can get. >> they're enforcing the iran deal. they have had multiple opportunities to try to roll it back. they could have not signed over the recent waiver on sanctions. what they're doing is they're taking on iran and other issues. the thing about that is that wasn't the obama administration. in the last few months of the obama administration, their solution to a rising iran, because they knew iran would use money to fund its proxies was an arms race. they were going to arm the saudis which now donald trump has done and they were going to keep isreal's military edge. i don't know what they're going to do on the iran deal but so far they're basically enforcing it while trying to take out iran's ballistic missile through economic means. >> another thing we don't know is what if anything this president is do to actually get
9:47 am
the parties back to a piece process as opposed to saying we would like to talk peace. they haven't talked peace in some time. he's in the meeting now with prime minister netanyahu. one of the things that had foreign the policy establishment rolling his eyes is when prime minister netanyahu was here in february, let's listen to the president here when he's asked do you favor the two state solution meaning an independent jewish state of isreal and an independent pal stein? do you favor it as the ultimate resolution? >> i'm looking at two state and one state. i like the one that both parties like. so as far as the ambassadembass to jerusalem, i'd like to see that happen. we're looking at it very, very strongly. we're looking at it with great care, great care, believe me. we'll see what happens. >> on the last part he has listened to the foreign policy establishment and he is not going to push that on this trip because they know that would
9:48 am
incite the palestinians. welcome to the middle east mr. president. on the first one the ambassadors roll their eyes and even mock the president when he says one state, two state. but there are some people who think a guy's who's not so bogged down in the details but who does broad per a ra-- >> there are a lot who think bringing the two state solution down to one option was a good move because the palestinian government has simply crumbled. it's not what it was 10, 15 years ago. not when george w bush endorsed the two state solution. the premise of the two state solution are not workable. you can't have the mutually
9:49 am
agreed upon land swaps. so it's actually when he says two state, one state, i'll do the one what the parties want, what he's really saying is i recognize the situation on the ground has changed dramatically and i'm keeping the traditional u.s. role of sort of being -- trying to be an honest broker. that was the same when he told netanyahu to hold off on settlements. i'm not trying to translate from trump into establishment here, but the idea of bringing the two state so collusion dolution dow many options isn't quite as unconventional as it might sound. >> this is one of the things about trump and the guy makes some sense on a lot of things. the problem here is going to be execution and whether or not he has the focus and the energy and the attention to see that through. >> and whether the other leaders involved, again, have the political strength, have the political capacity and will to do what's left. you mentioned one of the reasons netanyahu doesn't skm bacome ba
9:50 am
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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. back again. waiting to hear from president donald trump, prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they're in jerusalem. we're told those remarks likely to slip past the top of the hour. let me go around the table quickly. saudi arabia yesterday, isreal today. the president goes on to a meeting with the pope. they have some tensions over immigration and other issues. the g7 and the nato summit. what are we looking for? >> i think an error free performance here from the president. it feels like the pitfall, he's made the biggest mistakes. so far, so good from the president. >> i would say let's keep our eyes back here for the moment. trump is sent back to chief of
9:55 am
staff and chief strategist back to washington, d.c. nothing wrong with, that but can they get the ship straight here? d.c. for when the president comes back? >> including tomorrow rolling out a budget with $800 billion in medicaid cups. when the prime minister and the president speak it will be right there. >> you can't judge a trip only in the moment. you've got to circle back six months later, a year later to see what came out of a summit. watch the nato summit. the president is due to announce a new troop surge. we're going to hear that at the nato summit or once he's back state side. we'll find out whether he's willing to plunge thousands more american sb americans into a conflict. at the g7 the most likely area of tension will be sanctions on russia. we'll see if the president keeps those in place. that will also be an in the moment thing to watch. >> i think this administration benefits a lot in expectations game. i think the expectations were
9:56 am
low going into this trip given the swirl of drama. as jackie was saying it goes through without any major gaps, it would hair-- >> judge them all equally by that what they do. stay with us. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." those remarks coming up in just a few minutes. wolf blitzer takes over our coverage in just a moment. have a great day. hera
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. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you're watching from around the world thanks for joining us. right now we're following breaking news on michael flynn. a source tells cnn that he will refuse a congressional subpoena. instead he's prepared to plead the fifth amendment meaning he won't answer questions from the u.s. congress on his dealings with russian agents. we're going to get to this major development in just a few moments. but first take a


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