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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  June 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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remember, too legit to quit. enjoy the finals. thanks for being here. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." great to have you with us. first this afternoon, will president trump move to silence james comey? comey is scheduled to testify this coming week on thursday. and many in washington are expecting fireworks. comey is expected to talk about his private conversations with the president and whether president trump ever attempted to influence the man who was investigating his campaign. and we may get an answer to the most significant question of all, is does james sxoem thinco
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was fired to stop the washington probe. according to a new report, two senior officials saying that the president trump lets the testimony to go on. meaning in less than a week, we could know all the details surrounding his firing and what led up to it. at this moment however all eyes are on the vice president. mike pence is joining top republicans for the annual roast and ride. and that is where we find ryan noes nobles. >> reporter: senator joan any ernts who is speaking right now hint behind me, she is joined by tim skolt and ask the and we asked both about james comey and they both said that they think comey should
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testify. and yesterday erntd one joni er yesterday, when i asked whether the president should invoke executive privilege, this is what she toold ld me. there is some thought that the president miami attemght attemp executive privilege. >> i think he should testify in front of congress that wait public is aware. i think that is smart. >> reporter: we don't know exactly what the white house plans are, but they have signaled that that option is still on the table. but when the pr hit and you also have prominent republican senators who say that they want to hear comey's testimony, you'd think it would make it difficult for the white house to make that move in the next week. >> and it will be really interesting to see what happens. what else are you hearing from
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the folks on the ground there, are they talking about the president and his decision to withdraw from the paris climate deal at all? >> reporte >> reporter: iowa is an interesting place thp. this state leads to the country when it comes to the production of renewable energy. everywhere you drive, you see gigantic wind turbines. ethanoldriver of the economy here. but joni ernst says that she thinks that will affect that market, and she said it could make their more competitive. but one democrat said he is very concern tled that it could hurt business owners and also how it may signal what the president intends going forward. a lot of businesses got off the ground because of lucrative tax credits. there is a wind tax credit that
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is currently set to expire. the senator said she will fight for that to be extended. >> what is interesting, too, if about she thinks that pulling out could actually make their state more competitive, when you talk about the ethanol fuel, how does she see it in being a boost to that part of their economy? >> she points everything back to the free market and she believes that the more that the free market can take part in the government of renewable fuels, the better off the entire world will be and she believe that's what has head start in that department and as a result it's actually become moor competitive than some of the things like coal and natural gas. so she wasn't necessarily behind the move, it was his decision and congress wasn't involved, but she's not worried that's with a will be hurt at all. >> ork. ryan nobles, thank you. back in washington, chairman of the house intelligence committee
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is under fire for keeping a hand in the russia election meddling investigation. devin nunes put his nim on a stack of new temperatures include to go michael flynn and also unmasking involving obama administration officials. and also from california ted lu chairman nunes ask make his toerd by sendi history by sending a subpoena to himself. how concerned are you that he's back in an active role in the investigation? >> i'm very concerned. chairman nunes refused himself because he misled the american people. he went to the white house on a wednesday evening, said he got all this secret information and
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then went back to the white house and then it turns out that the white house gave him the information to disclose. that's why he recused himself and now eats back slighting the terms of his own vee crews al. >> nancy pelosi called on paul ryan to intervene. do you feel like the house intel investigation is off the tracks? >> i think that adam schiff is coming a great job for democrats. but dhar mchairman nunes can't f in and half out. items mess upg t it's messing up the investigation. >> putting yourself in his shoes, what do you think he's trying to accomplish? >> i have no idea. this whole unmasking issue is not the main story. the main story is was there russia collusion, what did trump
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officials say to the russians and vice versa. that's what we quant wt we wan. >> and james comey will testify in front of the senate intel sxhitsi i committee this thursday. he spoke to rosh robert mueller. do you think because mueller spoke to comey about the skoechg the witness and witness tampering could be involved? >> i think that the testimony will be remarkable. americans will watch in real time as they see evidence of obstruction of justice by the president unfold. comey is wlid expeildly expecte that president trump pressured him to drop the michael flynn involve. >> so you don't have a problem with mueller giving him parameters about what he can discuss? >> i do not.
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i think that is preept. proept. >> and what is your response to the people who say he shouldn't be coaching comey? >> there is no evidence that he was coaching comey. he is doing a criminal investigation. to see if any criminals were committed. this is an oversight committee. we have a duty to get the truth out to the american people. that is what comey will be testifying about. the conversations between position and the president and the american be public have a right to know that. >> something happened last night on hbo. and i switched the topics for a moment. bill maher uses a racial slur in a conversation with senator ben sasse. listen. >> i have to get to nebraska more. >> you're welcome. we'd love to have you work in the fields with us. >> work in the fields? >> that is part of -- >> nat, i'm a house [ bleep ].
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>> i have to on say we reached out to bill maher, have not heard back. he did release a statement saying friday nights are always my worst night and i regret the wourd word i used and i'm very sorry. the word that we beeped, it aired, was the "n" word. and by the way we want to be completely transparent, cnn and hbo share the same parent company time waern. my question to you, what is your reaction to that exchange? i know you've been on bill maher's show. >> i believe that bill maher's comment was inexcusable and inappropriate. and i'm please that had he has po apologized. i'm a big believer in the first amendment.
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he request scan say twhae wanwh and people can criticize. >> senator ben sasse who was on the other side of that conversation, he seems toen this think this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about this.n think this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about this. t think this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about think this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about this.hi think this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about think this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about this.s k this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about this. t this is a big deal. he has been criticized and sasse has been tweeting about this. senk essentially he wishes that he would have spoken up. doun do you think that response was appropriate? >> i think it gois a big deal tt bill maher said. te it was inappropriate. i can't say what senator satisfisasse should have r have or not have .
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it is a live show. >> i would like believe that i would wouhave said that it is inappropriate. let's talk about climate change. nikki haley defended president pulling out of the paris climate agreement. let's have a listen. >> let me show you what president trump has tweeted about climate change.concept of global warming was crated by pe and for the chinese in on the to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. are you willing to acknowledge that that is nonsense? >> what i will tell you is that the regulations from the paris agreement were disvadvantages or companies. the jobs were not attainable 37 r. it wasn't possible to meet conditions. and so i think we have to look at what is realistic. we have a president that will watch out for the environment.
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we will continue to be a lird in t leader in the environment. we'll do it but unour der our terms. >> standards were set by the underfor the united states. but just to be clear on this -- >> no standards were set by president obama and not passed by the senate because the standards couldn't been achieved. >> but you said the world w wassism powas i impoegz the standards. but moving that aside, you're not willing to acknowledge that calling climate change a chinese shoeks hoax is a big box of crazy? >> president trump believes pollutants are part of the equation. so that is the fact. that is where it stands. he knows that it is changing. he knows that the u.s. has to be responsible and just because we got out of a club didn't mean we
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don't care about the environment. >> so that was pretty significant there when she said the president does believe that the climate is changing. does that answer the question in your mind that whether the president trump believes the climate change is real? >> if the president believes that the climate is changing, he would not have withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement. and nikki haley is simply lying when i she says that the agreement imposes regulations on the u.s. it does nothing. it does not mandate any goals, does not mandate any policy and we can't sue from things happening from this agreement. so i don't know what the president was saying. what nikki haley was saying. >> congress man, thanks for your time. and you can see the whole interview with nikki haley on "state of the union" tomorrow morning. and he will also talk with al
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gore and senator mark waern. warner. that is tomorrow morning 9:00 oi. still ahead, what americans are demands from president trump. and plus climate deal fallout. could his decision put the u.s. at risk? why one cnn analyst says climate change is a nafgs allege security issue. ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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some flights are on hold in san antonio. crews are trying to move a plane that is stuck? t the mud. it was on takeoff when it veered ofrtd r off the run way and got trapped?
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the mud. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped? the mud. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped? the mud. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped? the mud. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped? the mud. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped? the mud. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped. it was on takeoff when it veered off the run way and got trapped. fortunately nobody was hurt. this saturday has brought out protesters and demonstrators all across the country both for and against president trump. crowds have gathered in more than 135 u.s. cities from new york to san francisco and what is being billed as a march for truth. those taking part are calling for an independent investigation into the president trump and his alleged ties to russia. these are pictures from new york where are anti-trump protesters filled the streets for hours. this rally in front of the white house is billed as pittsburgh not paris. those gathered here students the president's decision to pull out
12:20 pm
of the paris climate agreement. an anti-trump protesters gathering along the mall. let's health hed on foto portla. alex, welcome. what are you hearing from people on the ground? >> reporter: this march for truth is actually under way here in portland. you can see several hundred people waiviving flags and carrg signs. they were listening to speakers calling for greater trarns city fr trarns city from the trump administration. alongside, there has been a call for peace. the march organizers putting out a code of conduct telling rally
12:21 pm
goers how to behave because it is a time of ve are heightened tension. >> and keep us updated on the ground. hopefully everything stays peaceful. ahead, we'll take you to a place like no ordinary. a spot where it is on easy to sneak across the border, one agent calls it ridiculous. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape. so i sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard-calms the angry gut. president trump's 2018 budget calls for 1 pnt$1.6 bill for a border wall, but the full wall estimated to cost tens ever birl billions. and one border patrol agent has something to say about it.
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vanessa, you spent time getting to know them and trying to see things through their perspective is it and give us a unique look. >> we spent three months with three different border agents. we started in the rio grande valley in texas and we moved to the deserts of tucson. and on to the metropolis of san diego. but we found the most startling place in the area of tucson. we found a barren border with the highest number of drug apprehensions in the country. >> i'm out of tucson with the national border. we are on a reservation in
12:27 pm
southwest arizona and we're pulling up on the san miguel gate. >> that looks like a gate for a corral. >> that's exactly what it is. >> that divides the u.s. and mexico 1234. >> yes. >> reporter: there is no other place like this on the u.s./mexico border. there is the rugged terrain. and heat. but the biggest obstacle may be this. >> i wanted to show you how easies if easy to enter illegally. literally half of me is in mexico. this is is dicridiculous. is this a huge slap in the face
12:28 pm
to say this is what is securing you. >> reporter: but it took six years of goesh negotiations just to get to the border. any understand they have to work with agents, but would never approve a wall. to put something more substantial here, the terrain is incredibly difficult. >> yeah. but you can't put a price on the security of the border. >> why do you think people aren't paying attention to this area? >> you're probably the second group that i ever brought out here. people don't come out here.
12:29 pm
nobody cares to see the reality. >> because the reality is what? >> it's not does yosecure. all rig >> reporter: and there wasn't a lot spragt teparating the two sd this is an area where donald trump would like to put a proposed wall. but the issue is into the winoo funding or infrastructure, but it will be negotiate with the nation, native americans won't approve a wall. >> so interesting. i'm speechless almost. not even a barrier really at all. when it comes to the border wall, i know you've done a look at the time line. and that is the question.
12:30 pm
when will we see what the trump wall looks like .department of homeland securities has a sent difference time line. they will be choosing in the next couple weeks the finalists, the 20 finalists building their border wall in san diego. at the end of july, those will be completed and the department of homeland security are really go ahead and take a look at whether or not these walls can withstand what they need to. so hopefully by the end of the summer or the fall, we could start to see what a trump wall might look like. >> all right. keep us posted. thank you so much. and you can read more of her reporting at stem like teems like the vi
12:31 pm
won't stop in afghanistan. a trio of suicide bombings. and the man being buried was the son of a prominent lawmakering. he was killed as he protested deteriorating securities. this came after a suicide attack on wednesday that killed 90. rising sea levels, powerful hirks and threats that the scientists have warned about after president trump's decision to withdraw from the paris agreement. and the next guest says there is another threat that could be just as dangerous. stay with us.
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12:36 pm
one father says the gesture meant as much to him as it did to his daughter. >> very surreal. almost like a cliché, but ariana grande went in there and she was really, really good with them, really brilliant. so as a parent, it really -- you get goosebumps thinking about it because she knew where she was last moon and tnday and she was last night to happen, we feel more comfortable. >> the picture just priceless. they will be a benefit concert tomorrow in manchester. you can see all the faces there that will be performing with ariana grande in honor of the victims. and my next guest made a connection between threats and
12:37 pm
terror and war and climate change. ka ympt kayyem writes wars often start because of limited natural resources. this is national security issue. the harvard university professor is joining us now to talk about this. do you believe that the president's move to pull out of the paris climate accord could be a threat to our national security? >> and it's not just me. the military as recently as this spring noted that climate variations were a national security threat to the united states. but also to global security. look, why do wars start? they start often for the search for resources. fights over vee sourresources.
12:38 pm
migrations start because there is no water or food. people moving and fighting which are nam security implications for us because our interests are inch pli indicated in the consequences of climate migration or wars. and as you point out, members of trump's own cabinet not just the military, but miss leaders in his cabinet think climate change is a security threat. i quant want to read for you wh james mattis said in march. he said climate change can be a driver of instability and the department of defense must pay attention to this fa nom npheno. is it surprising that the president didn't take his advice? >> it's not surprising. president trump framed it as an economic issue. but economics are related to national security temperature so the fact that -- the defense
12:39 pm
department has been on this bandwagon for a long time. they know what is going on. so just think of the rise of the oceans. so cities will begin to drown essentially. there is no question about it. that will have an impact on the movement of people. and it's not just a foreign phenomenon. new york worries about it, miami for example. the rise of the waters or any climate changes is leading to mass disruption. so it's a homeland security issue. we started with noaa predicting that it will be above average. these changes will lead to disruption in the homeland as well as global changes in our national security. >> so i don't want to be an alarmist. obviously what you say is concerning. and we know that the president, and saw the article from h.r.
12:40 pm
mcmaster in which the number one priority is keeping america safe. what is your advice in terms of dealing with the climate change issue as a threat when it comes to security? >> it's advice that i think almost anyone who looks at the phenomenons that are going on in the world would give this administration. they continued to view global security is what does the u.s. need versus other country. if you think of the threats, terrorism, sish threcyber threa pandemics and climate change. those four primary issues as relate to the national security are all borderless. what happens in other parts of the world impact us. and so this sort of more transactional viewpoint that was related in the "wall street journal" article doesn't fit into the kinds of threats we face today. of course and north korea is a
12:41 pm
threat. but if you look at the threats that don't have borders, we have to global address it gleeobally. >> and i want to ask you about russia's meddling in the 2016 election. vladimir putin has been vocal. listen to how he denied being behind the hacking of the dnc. >> translator: hackers are like ar artists. they woke up today, read something about the state as to at a ti state relations and they are pat patriotic and contribute to a way they think is right. >> and he had denied that they had anything do with it and now they say patriotic russian hackers may have decided on their own do with it.
12:42 pm
>> and it is so bizarre. a couple theories out there. one is clearly we have a whole bunch of hearings coming up. putin is getting nervous about maybe what is going to be disclosed. he wants to get out there and have deniability because remember, he is concerned not just about how the trump white house, but of on justly if congre obviously if congress would put on more sanctions band and tips to play with trump.justly if obviously if congress would put on more sanctions band and tips to play with trump. in other words he makes complaints about the trump administration, he sends out a tweet about wanting the compounds back and then the trump administration makes overtures to give them back and then the ones in virginia and maryland. and so i think we're going to hear a lot more from putin in the next bike givweek given the hearing coming up. >> and speaking with toying with
12:43 pm
2ru6r trump, another comments he made was that he had no relationship with trump. but he went on to say that trump is from outside the political establishment and that could be a good thing. thanks for always if your in-sites. we appreciate it. could president trump try to stop the former fbi director from testifying? we'll talk about that option. and why some legal sxernexperts he won't be able to do it and it's his own fault. it's his own fault. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today.
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there's more to know.
12:47 pm
. we're just days away from hearing from james comey maybe. there is still a chance that the president could try to stop him
12:48 pm
by invoking executive privilege. the white house says trump has not made a final decision, but the times is reporting that he is likely to let him to testify. joining us to discuss, michael zeldin. mueller is the special council in the investigation. and thanks for being with us. if the president wanted to invoke executive privilege, do you think he has the grounds to do so? >> well, he has the right to assert it. the u.s. versus nixon supreme court case that the president has the right to confidentiality in communications with his top policy advisers so they can give a free exchange of ideas. but that privilege is not absolute. president obama tried to use it in the fasts and tur xwrus investigati furious investigation and loss. president bush tried to use it in the firing of u.s. attorneys office and lost. i think that the probable
12:49 pm
outcome for in president were you to assert it against comey's testimony is that he will lose. but he can assert it if he wants to try. >> and richard neixon also lost when he tried to assert it. >> that's right. and to that exact point, the one thing to keep in mind is that even were the president able to prevail with respect to congress, which i don't think he will, he would lose in the face of mueller's request for the same testimony because nixon made clear that the law enforcement interests override executive privilege interests. so if he wins today, he still loses dodg s too many. so if you are going to lose tomorrow, you might as well not put up the political muster. >> so if he doesn't invoke it, does that signify that he has nothing to hide? >> that's what people are
12:50 pm
encourage him to say. i've none 234nothing wrong and him testify because i was into the trying to obstruct justice. >> did the president try to interfere with his investigation of flynn in a way that is obstructive of justice? that's what comey's -- the heart of his testimony will be all about. >> we know mueller has comments about the parameters, so that there aren't any legal entanglements involved with what he says in front of the public and congress. do you think we will hear the exact details of his meetings with the president? >> well, i think we'll hear broad outlines of those meetings. we'll understand what meetings took place, when they took place, what comey's recollection of what was said at those meetings. i don't think we'll see the memos. the memos are in the possession
12:51 pm
of the fbi. they're not in comey's possession. we'll hear from comey what was his standard practice about, how did he write memos, what was his intention in writing them here, what was his state of mind when he heard the president say to him, don't fire flynn, or whatever else he might have said. that's what i think we'll hear basically. >> all right. michael, the world will be watching. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, ana. >> live pictures right now of vice president pence. he is rolling into boone, iowa, on a motorcycle, we're told. i'm looking for him in the crowd. maybe my eyesight isn't so good. oh, wait, here they come. let's see. is that him in the front? do we know? we don't know for sure. but we are told he is on a motorcycle. and we're knowing this is an event called roast and ride. that's been sponsored or held by senator joanie ernst.
12:52 pm
the vice president expected to arrive here any moment. we'll take you back as soon as we see him. over the last several years san francisco has seen a steady rise in the homeless population. skyrocketing rents and home prices has made it nearly impossible for those to find homes or housing. this week, cnn hero came up with an innovative way to reach those in need. meet denise sand eval. >> reporter: these are people who get turned away, often who get treated poorly. our idea is to just to open our arms. i think josh has got you all set up. hygiene connects you to your sense of dignity. we learn their names, we learn their stories, we provide all this extra support. it's like creating community around them. we call that radical hospitality. >> to see it again, or you want to learn more about other heroes, go to and you can nominate someone you think should be a 2017 cnn hero.
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moments ago, vice president pence cruising into boone, iowa, on a motorcycle. he's the guy in the white helmet there at the front of the pack. this is also where senator joanie ernst is holding her annual roast and ride. and this was just moments ago where he took off the helmet, waved to the crowd and he just took the podium. let's listen. >> -- protecting our families every day. the president signed two more bills supporting the men and women of law enforcement in the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] you know, there's a lot of men
12:58 pm
and women wearing the uniform of law enforcement. and more than a few wearing the uniform of the united states here. would you mind giving these police officers and all these peace officers a big round of applause they deserve? thank you for what you do to protect our families. [ cheers and applause ] and president trump has been working tirelessly with iowa's conservative leaders in washington. every single day, to keep the promises he's made to the american people. and let me say from my heart, as the proud father of a united states marine, i couldn't be more grateful to be vice president to a president who cares so deeply about the men and women of the armed forces of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] already this year, working with
12:59 pm
this 23-year military veteran turned senator joanie ernst -- [ cheers and applause ] -- president donald trump has been busy rebuilding or military, restoring the arsenal of democracy. and congress in fact under the president's leadership and with your senator's support just passed the largest increase in military spending in nearly ten years. [ cheers and applause ] and, you know, working with that iowa farmer, chairman chuck grassley, president trump's also been keeping his word to appoint principled conservatives to the courts in this land, like the newest justice of the supreme court of the united states, justice neil gorsuch. >> we're listening in to mike pence speaking live in boone, iowa, among the crowd there, joanie ernst. we'll bring you the highlights
1:00 pm
we'll bring you the highlights in the "newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- top of the hour. you're in the "cnn newsroom." i like to have some company. i'm ana cabrera in new york. we're just days away from hearing for the very first time from james comey since he was fired as the director of the fbi. comey is scheduled to testify this coming thursday. his very words have the potential to rock washington and really blow open the investigation into the current administration and what came before the election. comey is expected to talk about his private conversations with the president, and whether president trump ever attempted to influence the man who at the time was investigating his campaign, and russia's meddling in the u.s. election. we may finally get the answer to the most significant question of all, does comey think he was fired to stop the russia probe.


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