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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  June 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers around the world and in the united states this hour, i'm haulau guronny. six people at least have been killed in a brazen terrorist ram page. it started a with van speeding across london bridge, mowing
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down pedestrians. acording to one witness people went flying in the air. the van swerved into oncoming lanes. seeming like a deliberate act. british media say this is the act. they say from there that vehicle drove to nearby borough market, panicked patrons went running for their lives. as witnesses say the attackers started stabbing people. the death toll stands at six. we have graphic pictures to show you from inside borough market. you can see people with blood on their clothing lying on the ground. athorts say more than 30 people have been taken to hospitals across london. more than 80 personal responded to this emergency situation and two men on the ground. we don't know for sure if these were the assailants.
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but police say they shot and killed all three attackers. they were wearing fake explosive vests. take a look. >> our current belief is that there were three attackers. we've still got some inquiries to work through. driving around london day in and day out. bravely confronted these three v individuals, shot them and they are dead. >> reporter: we are as close as authorities will allow us to get to where this all happened. it happened near london bridge. it happened about 3:00 p.m. local time on a saturday night. you can imagine at that time restaurants and bars are packed with people. taek a look at another video that shows the scene inside one of the crowded cafes.
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let's bring in an international diplomatic editor. fred planken as well. i'm going to start with you. six people killed. all three assailants shot dead so no one on the loose. i got here about 45 minutes after it took place flp kill was a lot of chaos and a lot of that stemmed from the police not being sure whether there were still other three. the police moved in very quickly and eliminated these three
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within about eight minutes from all of this happening and all of this on that chaos we saw on that video. but when we got hooer there, were lot of people going down the street. coming down here. the police telling them to move very kwekquickly. some of them with their hands on their heads. there were police officers conducting sweeps or raids back there. we heard several loud bangs as well. it was a very fast moving operation. >> and difficult for police to know among those running who's potentially one of the assailants because they did not know. >> i spoke to one eye witness and saw that take place, the police move in and question three people. but even more reabmarkable in t chaos in borough market, to then identify these people so quick
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and take them out so quickly is something that was very, very remarkable. >> reporter: just so i'm clear the incident with the van, a deliberate attack, then the stabbings at borough market. are those two separate groups of attackers or the same? >> that's one of the things that was really unclear throughout the better part of the night when we were referring to this being two separate incidents even though we knew it was very close and already it seemed the same area. it does seem as though they plowed around the area of london bridge, then continued onto borough market and went on their stabbing ram page there. >> and quickly. no claim of responsibility. >> unclear who's behind it at this point. >> nick robertson. he is coming to us also from the
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borough market area. talk to us about the government response. >> reporter: well, the government, her response has been clear. it took the police several hours before they made a statement. but they've been very clear in that statement. they got the first call local time at eight minutes past 10 and they responded within eight minutes on the scene and having shot the three attackers dead. so the police response has been very fast. we've heard from the ambulance services say they've now transported 30 different people to hospital. tha they've treated others, been taken to six different hospitals across the city. we know the prime minister early this morning at downing street will be having a cobra session. that will be with her security chiefs, her intelligence chiefs, police chief and also there you can expect the transport
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secretary and other key cabinet officials. and she will get a briefing on all the police have been aiv able to discover overnight, all the intelligence services have been able to discover overnight if they now know who the attackers were. if they know this stage if they had been on their intelligence services radar in the past as was the case in manchester attack as was the case in the westminster attack. so all of that will give the prime minister enough information to begin to consider what the ramifications of this may be. and we know after the manchester attack it was on the second cobra session later in the day immediately after the attack that night but it was decided to raise the terror threat level and of course that is something that can be a consideration for the prime minister at this stage though the details we have
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perhaps indicate he may not need to do that because the three attackers are dead and they didn't have explosives on them. in the case of manchester, explosives were used and it gave the possibility therefore that there could be continuing explosives threat. hala. >> right. reporting live from london. an eye witness, jack applebee is a restaurant owner near london bridge. listen. >> i'm outside with a few friends. it was a little bit crazy. people kept running down the street and this one girl is saying they're stabbing everyone. they're stabbing people and i literally turned around and i've got a restaurant full of customers and i said everyone to the back, everyone to the back and everyone rushed towards the
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back. and then it just sort of -- you don't really think at the tiemp time. and i grabbed the keys to the shutter. and i literally turned back around and there was three men standing there and they had this belt on. we didn't really -- i just didn't really know what to do. they just carried only back down towards the street. me and a colleague ran towards the front and he kept look out. almost as far as we could and it was like a moment of panic. it was slow as usual and sort of everyone got locked inside. but when we looked underneath and about five minutes, everyone was at the back. there was still a gap in the
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shutter. about five minutes later there was gun shots everywhere. and we're just trying to keep everyone calm, all the staff. everyone did a really good job, actually. it was a moment of absolute panic and for about an hour 1/2 gun shots going off everywhere and what we believed was suicide vests. we put everyone in the staff room up top and just sort of handing out water to everyone. just sort of trying to keep everyone okay. it was just crazy and about an hour 1/2 later police knock on the shutter and they call for me to give them the keys to open the shutter and everyone gets escorted out oof there. hands on their heads running towards the shower. it was crazy. >> jonathan wood analyzes global terror threats.
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thanks for be wirin being with . doesn't appear the asailant had any explosives. it appeared the suicide vests are fake. no firearms. >> these types of tactics, knife atacks, vehicle ramming attacks have become much more prevalent since the surge in islamic state terrorism. low tech, no training and very unpredictable. and that's one reason why we've seen home grown jihadists embrace this style of attack. especially in countries where firearms may be -- >> reporter: and we know isis is encouraging what it calls its soldiers to use vehicles to kill civilians. >> that's skplaeexactly right a would not be surprised to see a claim of responsibility. they have a track record of claiming these autonomous ata
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atacks. obviously the police will be investigating any linkages between these incidents and any foreign group. >> reporter: it hasn't been comple completely clear, they claimed the manila incident that turned out not even to be a terrorist attack. they're desperate, if indeed the claim comes, to associate them sv themselves with any attack in a western city. >> and many of these individuals have been motivated by sympathy for islamic state but certainly at this time they're keen to demonstrate their resilience and their ability to bring that conflict here to europe. >> reporter: this is for uk police and counterterrorism agencies, a nightmare. this is the third time in a few weeks. first the westminster
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bridge, then the manchester attack with the suicide vest and what they're saying is a terrorist attack on london bridge. what's going on here? >> this is certainly the highest intensity for more than 10 years. this is exactly the type of incident that the police here in london and around the uk have planned for and trained for, for several years and especially in westminster you've seen more in the way of deployments. and at the same time what it suggests is that this type of attack, these types of tactics very difficult to prevent. >> reporter: the thinking was when they happened in france, germany, you can drive from one country to the next. at least the uk has some sort of natural physical barrier.
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it hasn't been the case in the last few weeks. i wonder has anything changed? >> those conditions remain the case. >> reporter: is there something else at play here? >> we see a comdrivers in the threat environment. groups to strike back at western countries. certainly a new linkage between returnees from libya and other countries to the uk is being deployed in more detail. but certainly historically remains a high target globally and that may well be the case that is driving this high level of activity wea've seen. >> reporter: we appreciate your analsis and expertise. authorities are telling us gunned down. we now know british prime minister teresa may has spoken
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with united states president donald trump. "we need to be smart, vigilant, and tough. we need courts to give us back our rights." a bit later the president tweeted "whatever the united states can do to help out london and the uk we will be there. we are with you god bless!" you're watching our continuing coverage of two violent incidents in london being treated as terrorism.
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and so you know this is something that's important. losing my mom to heart disease and then being diagnosed myself. it's like a war we're trying to fight against these diseases. resilience is in my dna. i won't die like my mom. it's a big challenge, but the challenge in it of itself is really what keeps me going. i could really make a difference in these people's lives. that would be my dream. i'm hala garani. as we continue to broadcast live fromlanden this morning. at least six people were killed and 30 wounded in a pair of
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terrorist incidents in london. three assailants were also shot dead. it's our understanding there are no other assail ants on the loose. they say a speeding van mowed down pedestrians on the london bridge. from there the van drove to nearby borough market and panicked patrons went running for their lives as witnesses say the attackers started stabbing people. when details of the terrible incident started coming in, one of the first eye witnesses was mark roberts. he was at london bridge and spoke to ana cabrara. >> the police got here very quickly and the shots sounded to me like it was coming from the borough market area. that's in suffx.
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i know london fairly well and that sounded to me like the area it was coming from. >> is that the same direction the van was headed? >> it's a bit further on. so that would have been consistent with somebody getting out of the van and running away and being caught? >> when you saw the van j incident unfolding, how long did it take for police to respond? do you have a sense of how long it took? >> it was very quick. i mean there were police patrolling round all the time anyway in the area. and i was at london bridge station tonight and there were probably half a dozen police at the station itself earlier in the evening just being a presence. so they have been missing very quickly. i'm not going to be up to
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continue on the line because i'm at the moment i'm on a bus. the police have gathered together all the police on the bridge and they're taking us to a hotel where they're going to take statements from us. so that moment i'm being transported by police to another location. >> okay and the people that you are with, all people who are unl injured or are some of them who are loaded up effected directly by this incident? >> they're all uninjured. there's people who have been treated. there were paramedics all over the place dealing with people who have been injured. >> about how many people have been injured? >> in my line of sight i could see maybe five or six people on the ground spread out across the area that i could see but i couldn't see anymore.
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>> an eye witness in the immediate aftermath speaking to cnn. a security analyst and former asistent secretary for homeland security. so julia, it appears that all the assailants have been taken out and it apeers as though these two incidents starting with the ramming into pedestrians and the stabbing at borough market are one incident and not two. >> this is a different kind of attack than we've seen in the past. it was highly orchestrated but not very sophisticated. you have two men who organized to do the attack. the terminology loan wolf won't apl aply. and this will be the beginning of the investigation. not only do we not know who they are, but whether there was any cooperation with any outside
9:23 pm
entities. did any of them travel? were they inspired somehow? i will say something on just what we've seen unfolding as you have been too overnight. the response by the london police, the metropolitan police predominantly was truly remarkable. if you told me that three men entered a van, went across london bridge and had knives to continue the attack, well tonight is a horrible knife. it's clear that the quick reaction, the communication to the public. if you followed them on facebook or twitter, they were getting communications out quickly to tell the public what to do. that's what police train for in today's day and age and you're telling the public how to protect themselves. >> and you're right to highlight that, julia. because it took them eight minutes to respond to the incident according to reports
9:24 pm
and we were following the metropolitan police's twitter feed and they were providing updates in real time, making sure people didn't get false information on social media. so they definitely did a great job. but for counterterrorism agencies, this is a nightmare. this is about the third time in about a month we're see an attack. more high tech i manchester, and more low tech here. but stheng is going on where the intensity has increased in a considerable ways. we haven't seen this in years. >> part of it is going to be a reaction to the -- this focus on ramadan. it's only two weeks old now. we've had two aic tas in london alone and so clear whatever
9:25 pm
action called out is being heard and we cannot deny there is an election coming up i don't know how this plays in particular. terror tends to help the more conservative candidate. but we know they have wreaked havoc, to put it in people's minds in terms of how they're voting or thinking. so the fact there's an election coming up has got to be relevant not only for terrorists but to british authorities who are going to have to be focussed on the fact that there's not just two attacks but there could be others. these calls to action go out to pred predominantly men who may be sympathetic. >> and no claim of responsibility so far but that's not unusual. usually if it's isis that wants
9:26 pm
to associate itself, it takes a few hours or days. >> i would expect something by tomorrow -- 12 or 13 hours. simply because isis says they're ho ours, doesn't mean law enforcement accepts it. whoever these men are, their names have not been identified or we're known to at least one counterterrorism agency. they may be known by others in the eu or others in the united states. so there's going to be a focus on who they are or who they were coordinating with. but this is something that has got to make them very nervous about what's going to unfold in the next week or two and try to stop it with the international community and their support. this is why the schism during the manchester investigation was so worrisome because we know
9:27 pm
that these cases -- these are borderless threats and therefore the investigations have to be borderless. >> we remember the leaks of those images of the aftermath of the suicide bombing in the arena that led to the brief suspension of information sharing between the two countries. thanks very much. six people killed, assailants taken out. the loved ones of people going through absolute hell as this country faces yet another terrorist attack. this is the third attack in the uk in the past two 1/2 months. a 52-year-old man plowed into pedestrians on westminster bridge, five people were killed including the officer. the attacker was killed by police. on may 22nd, less than two ecwoos ago, a suicide bomber blew himself up just after an ariana grande concert and 22
9:28 pm
people were killed, hundreds more inhadjurjured, many still hospitals and a few hours ago a van slammed into pedestrians on london bridge. and on a saturday night borough market is buzzing with activity, caves. it was quite a warm day. out just to have fun on a saturday night with an evening ending in horror. coming up we'll have more on the deadly terror atacks that have shut down parts of london. ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the subaru impreza.
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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. this is cnn breaking news. welcome back everybody. to our viewers in the united states and all around the world as we continue to follow our breaking news out of london. we can still hear helicopters over head. still a tense situation near london bridge. two terror incidents have left people dead. it all started with a van plowing into pedestrians on the bridge itself. one witness says he saw someone jump into the water to avoid getting hit. they started stabbing people in
9:33 pm
borough market. it was packed with customers. 30 people have been hospitalized. they say three suspects were shot and killed. we have this picture taken by a witness which shows two men on the ground and you can see they are wearing explosive vests that are fake. earlier metropolitan police sent out a message, run, hide, tell, it urged people to get to safety, barricade themselves if they can. what is the latest you're hearing from police in london, samuel? >> we're getting a much clearer picture of how they responded to the incident. but they do believe that there were only three assailants and that those three assailants were shot though they're not 100% certain of that. what we now know is that at exactly 1008:00 local time, they
9:34 pm
get a call saying there's been an incident on london bridge and we hear a car is ramming into people, flinging them into the air, maybe 20 or 30 people and there's armed vehicles patrolling london day in and day out and they're amung the first to respond to the incident on london bridge and within a minute they realize there's something going on in borough mark market. borough market is one of the more popular places to gather on a weekend. and they the police are there and shoot the assailants there. and that's within eight minutes they get the first call. and you can see pedestrians coming in and out of night clubs with their hands up because police aren't sure who is part of the public and who is one of these assailants.
9:35 pm
even entering restaurants and having to tell people to get down and looking around to see who is an assailant and who isn't. at this point they're putting extra police on the street. today, here in london, across the capitol and one of the most telling is hearing from eye witnesses who are saying somebody came all the sudden into one of the restaurants and said there's a man with a knife coming, comes in, stabs a waitress and another patron of the restaurant and walks out. so that is the scene we're getting a much clearer picture of from police in london. >> all right. samuel burke. a lot of praise by police and how quickly they reacted and in a very confusing situation. as samuel mentioned t was unclear who could have been responsible and who was just an innocent bistander. jack applebee is a restaurant
9:36 pm
owner standing nearby when suddenly people came down the street in pang. >> i'd say probably about six or seven times. each time there's four gun shots at a time. >> and where exactly did you see these men in the vest that you describes. were they right outside your restaurant -- >> they were two men. one of which we saw the vest on, which luckily one of my colleagues. he was so good. he's like -- he's a devout muslim and such a good guy. he was honestly one of the heroes in this. he saw the vest and told everyone to get back and put everyone to safety. and we're just worried about an explosion -- >> did it look like a suicide vest? did it look like what you've
9:37 pm
seen pictures of? >> no, i just saw big packets all around him like. just around his stomach but nothing went off and there were police lights all on the body making sure they don't move. the police seemed to do a really good job really quickly and i didn't see any actual casualties or injuries. like all of our customers were okay. i'm just so glad they never came in. we couldn't get the shutters down and if we couldn't get the shutters down and they ran in or something, i don't know. >> well, i am joined by palm springs, california and former member of the israeli counterterrorist unit from los angeles. bobby, first of all this is more reminiscent of the westminster
9:38 pm
bridge atwrak tack where it wasw tech attack. unlike in manchester where it appears the terrorists had had some sort of specialized training. what do you make of an attack like this? >> i would think of it certainly -- and this is before we know anything about it -- these guys may have self radicalized. they may have operated independently. for me, something like this tells me is three guys, possibly radicalized. i'm assuming it's another ramadan attack. we've had dozens around the world. and because of the low tech style they probably didn't have the support and planning that went into the manchester bombing last week but they were inspired somehow by isis ideology or
9:39 pm
radical ideology and so we may not find the same network that was found in manchester. >> aaron cohen, you can't really protect the scity the size of london from these attacks. it's virtually impossible to prevent them. >> i don't know if i agree with that. there's a lot more that can be done and needs to be done. take the ariana grande concert for instance. the terrorists who ended up opening fire there are blowing themselves up. did a little bit of surveillance and realized the end of the concert was a soft area because large scale events tend to soften down and blew up right near the tube station. i'm not a structural engineer but i can tell you balereds can
9:40 pm
be put in place for the people riding bicycles. there's 30,000 people who cross that bridge by googling it and it's a national symbol in london. you can't protected every bridge and every event. but you can certainly implore or lay down and i've been saying this for years, take a multilayer event. meani meaning, every layer would have to fail. eight minutes is good in any country. so hats off to those counterterrorism officers. london almost feels undersiege right now . there are security measures that
9:41 pm
can be done. we found out in israel over 25 years ago. these layers can be applied. and i think while british -- they're applying pressure overseas. the more they aply, the more defense we're going to have to be put on and an honest, realistic look has to be approached with targets, otherwise we're going to see more terror. >> it's a city of 8 million people with many landmarks, many high profile targets. millions of tourists in the uk as we speak. so obviously this is an area you might see those types of patrons and customers in those area. three assailants were killed by athorltuthorities authorities. so presumably if they got together and planned this,
9:42 pm
authorities are going toing have to look back at whether they missed communication between them or this had been something they spoke about, maybe hear is would other people, right? that's the kind of intelligence gathering they need do now, back tracking to how this all started. >> obviously they probably already started that process. as you mentioned earlier, the mechanism of attack here was so crude and basic that they didn't really need a lot of help, they didn't need a network to provide this stuff. so this could be three thugs that turn to this ideology decided to get a van and a couple of big knives and carry this out. so i'm not so sure they needed to have a big network. a lot of times family members could have clued somebody in. they talked about it. and with an event like this,
9:43 pm
they may not have talked to a lot of other people than themselves and eight minutes is a good response time. in the city i'm from in a landmark like the london bridge, the response time would probably be less than that. and when i read a report about an hour ago that said two of the community police officers ran away from the attackers because they were unarmed. the london authorities have to start thinking about pushing weapons training down to more police officers in the street, especially in terrorists areas like that. they can be less than lethal modes but they have to start thinking in those terms. we have to start arming them with the capability not to run
9:44 pm
away if they have a machete -- >> yeah, despite that, it's took them eight minutes to get to the scene. it's not like there was a huge delay because the beat cops weren't armed. >> but if they were armed, we have to see, they may have been there earlier. so the uk, like london said. they seem to be under siege now and you may have to change your methods a bit. >> spot on. for every second you waist, another innocent person is killed. that's the mathematical equation with terror. the weapons have to sink down to the patrol level. you don't have time to wait for specialized units. in my unit in israel.
9:45 pm
for every second wasted, another innocent is killed. for every round you waste, another innocent is killed. you don't have time. the response has to be rapid, and shots need to be trained in how to fire bullets into a crowd of people and that needs to get to patrol. so 100% on bobby's answer. >> reporter: all right. thanks very much. this is definitely a conversation i know this country will have regarding how to response to these attacks. and also to the threat and how to gather the type of intelligence you need to make sure plots are thwarted before they become a horrific attack that takes the lives of innocent civilians. stay with us, we'll have much more on the terrorist attacks. i was out here smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me.
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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. at least six people were killed and 30 wounded saturday night in back-to-back terror attacks in central london. three suspected attackers were shot and killed. so far there's been no claim of responsibility. multiple victims were stabbed in a rampage through borough market. a busy area buzzing on a
9:50 pm
saturday night with shops and cafes. moments earlier a vehicle raced across nearby london bridge. you see it there on the map. slamming into crowds of pedestrians. let's get more on all this with cnn law enforcement contributor steve moore. he joins me now from los angeles. via skype. we were discussing with our other guest the fact this was a low-tech attack. it didn't involve like the manchester arena bombing a sophisticated suicide vest or anything like that. and this would be the second time in 2 1/2 months since the westminster bridge attack we're seei something similar. what's your take? what do you make of what we're witnessing? >> first of all, it's ramadan. and we kind of expected this grassroots type of operation. on the other hand, i hate to look at it from the positive on this. but you can see now that the security that they have going in britain is causing people to go
9:51 pm
more and more to the essentially crude attacks because it's rare they can mount these attacks such as they did in manchester. >> one way to look at it. we were discussing with other experts the fact that for many years, and we've covered attacks in france, in belgium, in germany. and for many years the uk hadn't been a target since the 2007 attacks. what's going on now? in 2 1/2 months you're seeing three. >> you're seeing the radicalization. london has a very large population. and statistically you're going to get a certain number of radicals in that group. you're getting more people and at the same time iis catching
9:52 pm
on more and more in britain, which is kind of surprising to a lot of people. >> and by the way, as you're speaking to us, we're seeing a still image of the suspects taken out by the cops. and they're wearing what appear to be fake suicide vests. what do you make of that? >> that's obviously meant to deter or delay any response. the thought is -- of the terrorists that if i have a bomb vest on officers won't approach, so if one of us gets shot it gives the other more time to attack. and the british forces were very -- very appropriately ignored what looked like crude devices. but it was designed to assist them in killing more people. >> thanks very much, steve moore. we appreciate it.
9:53 pm
coming up, we'll continue our coverage of the terror attacks that have rocked london. stay with us. we'll be right back. what if there was a paint for your door... ...that not only made a big first impression... ...but was designed to withstand sunlight this bright... ...this bright... ...or even this bright. if a paint could protect your door's color against the strongest uv rays... makes you wonder... is it still paint? aura grand entrance from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
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you're watching our breaking news coverage out of london. at least six people have been killed. 30 injured. in two back-to-back terror attacks. three assailants were also shot dead. in the first attack a van mowed down pedestrians on london
9:57 pm
bridge. police say from there the van drove to nearby borough market where the attackers started stabbing people, panicked patrons went running for their lives as witnesses say the attackers startedssauing them. far there have been no claims of responsibility. we'll be right back with more. b. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers and around the world. i'm hala gorani. it is 6:00 a.m. in london now, whereea at l six people are dead in a frightening terror rampage. it started with a van speeding across london bridge mowing down pedestrians in the 10:00 p.m. hour in the british capital. one witness says people went flying into the air and that the van appeared to aim for people walking along the bridge deliberately. british media say this is the rental van. police say from there it drove to nearby borough market, pani


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