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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  June 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world max foster in london. six people are dead in a braisen terror ram panl startwood a van speeding across london bridge mowing down pedestrians people flying in the air and the van swerved into on coming lanes. british media say this is a picture of the rental van. police say the van drove towards borough market, panicked patrons went runnings for their lives
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the attackers got out of the vehicle and started stack people. we have graphic pictures to show from you inside the market. you may find them disturbing. you can see people here with blood on their clothes lying on the floor. others tending to the wounded. norts say 48 people taken to hospital across london. we also have this picture taken by a witness which shows two men on the ground at borough market. we don't know for sure if these are the assailants but police say they shot and killed all three. they are wearing fake explosive attacks. there is no claim of responsibility. police say the investigation is in the early stages. >> our current belief is that there were three attackers but this is early on. so we still got inquiries to work through to be completely confident about that. armed response vehicle rg driving around londed day in day tout to protect the public. they brifly confronted the individuals shot them and they
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are dead. >> well the area where all this happened is just south of london bridge about 10:00 p.m. local time on saturday night. the restaurants and bars were packed with people. take a look at another video. this shows the scene inside one of the crowded cafe. >> well, imagine being there our correspondent swaurd here in thrown. all right. nic robertson. take us through the process. >> london is really weigh up this morning on a beautiful sunday morning in a state of shock max because of course it's the third attack in a period of two months as you and i have been covering what we know we
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saw the map there what was happening in terms of location. hat 10:08 in the afternoon yesterday police got their first call. and that was the call referring to the van. men inside of this van swerving and hitting people. plowing into people. similar to what we saw in westminster similar to what we sigh in niess and very similar to what we saw in berlin swerving into people hitting people we heard of bodies lying on the ground. they ditched the van there and made their way on foot to borough market. borough market they went into a restaurant. they started stabbing people. we know that several people there were stabbed we do not know the state the condition they were in at the moment. a lot of people went to five hospitals or so just along in london. once they were there from borough market and we know borough market for those internationals here that don't know borough market it's a very up market area lots of restaurants, stores, food stories. it was a beautiful saturday
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evening. a lot of people were out there. and drinking. and that time in that time that the first call was made, to when they were apprehended 8 minutes it took the police 8 minutes to apprehending. interesting to point out apprehending shooting them at a point so many people on the ground. of course this coming at a time when we've seen so many terrorist attacks already theer in the country. where the terror there threat had gone down. >> the terror left was leveled lowered just a week ago and people questioning that right now. >> yes, the reason that they were raised was because -- there was never given specifically. but it appeared to be because a bomb was used in manchester and gave the possibility therefore that bomb making cell was on the loose and not within the -- not within the pur vau and oversight
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of the intelligence authorities. so this was -- it meant there was a potential for that to happen imthbt nently and that threat level was raised from severe, which means a threat highly likely to critical which means, a threat -- an attack imminent. so this situation it appears the parameters will be slightly different now. we know that they were wearing fake explosives and certainly won't lead to the immediate conclusion at least on face value that we can see at the moment from the information the police have provided -- it won't lead to the immediate conclusion that there was a bomb factory out there somewhere. but there will be perhaps other parameters involved here that will lead the authorities to raise a threat level. if we look at what happened during the westminster bridge attack during two months ago a similar scenario one attacker not three but a similar scenario mowing people down with a
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vehicle and then -- and then moving on to stab in the case a westminster a police officer. that didn't lead to the threat level being raised. and so we'll have to wait and see what happens. but if it doesn't get raised at this time on the -- on that basis i won be surprised. but as you say part of this also has to do with the political messaging, a critical period of course as we're in the run up to a general election just a few days away -- of people's perception of what the authorities are doing, what steps need to be taken to make people safe. and a lot of that is going to come from how theresa may the prime minister is able to characterize what the decisions that are being made, what's being implemented on the way the way she can convince people that they are making them safe.
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pu at the moment from only the limited information we have it doesn't appear as if it will be necessary to raise the threat level. but there may be all sorts of information that we're not aware of that the police are gathering right now max that will play into that. >> less than a week to go to the election. issa. i'm sorry to say you had a friend the caught up i did have a friend caught up he was at a bar to borough market he doesn't live here he was there with his fiance and another couple a lady pregnant, heavily pregnant as well. and he did something which i found really worked for him. he basically went on facebook, and he wrote, emergency, please call 999 and send police to black and blue borough this is not a joke he texted cross friends one of swi my husband and he made everyone call police. and tell them exactly where they are. and what they did. they heard these guys come in
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with knives stabbing people he went to the bathroom. he saw it. he was in that restaurant and he went and he hid in the toilet with his fiance and the couple. and from there. >> did you speak to him during this. >> he didn't want to pick up the phone because he didn't want to be heard he was quiet but he was messaging constantly. until he then said responses arrived. after about an hour or so to get them zblout is he all right. >> he is okay. he went to hospital seen at the hospital and hopefully hearing from him this hour on cnn. >> talks with him and all the people caught up with this horrific incident eye witnesses have been speaking to us jack applebee is a restaurant owner near london bridge he described the terror rampage as it unfolded. >> ufs i was outside with a few friends. and it was a little bit crazy people just kept running down the street like this one girl saying they're stabbing everyone they're stabbing people and literally just turned back around and i i've got a
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restaurant full of customers i said everyone to the back to the back i was trying to just as quick as we can literally everyone got up off the seat a rushed to the back. then just saw -- you don't think at the time and just sort of when to go i grabbed the keys for the shutter and sort of tried to put -- put the shutter down. and i literally turned become around and there were the three men standing there one of which with a machete and they had this sort of belt on. we didn't really -- they looked at us and i i didn't know what to do. and everyone was sort of at the back of the restaurant and they just saw carried on going back down towards the street. me and a colleague ran to the front and we saw -- he kept looking out and i sort of managed to get the suretier down we sort of put the shutter down as far as we could it was a moment of moment the shutter was just being slow as usual. and we just saw everyone got locked inside we left the shutter down. when we looked underneath and
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really probably about five minutes everyone was at the back and whichever was with unburied there was a still fap? the shutter about five minutes later there was gunshots every we are and everyone is uprights like trying to keep down and trying to keep everyone calm all the staff everyone just sort of -- everyone did really good job honestly it was a moment of absolute panic. and then for about an hour and a half we were hiding uprights and there is gunshots going everywhere and what we seemed to believe might have been like suicide vests everyone sort of -- we put everyone in the staff room up top. >> interrupt. >> just sort of handing out water to everyone just sort of trying to keep everyone okay. . >> as far as all the. >> he is just waiting for the live signal to come through standing by ready to speak for the cameras waiting for the cue from the broadcast iris to speak. he is very much stepping up to
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the plate in this situations. he has been here before of course. he also spoke when there was that terror attack in manchester last weak. and he is very much a figure. he is the kind of most high profile muslim politician in this country. and he often speaks for the muslim community. but in this situation he'll be speaking for london. and as soon as he is given the cue to speak we'll be crossing to to him of course but we're in in horrific situation where politics is on stand by. we are less than a week away from the british general elections due to take place thursday the uts result comes out friday. i think we'll hear from the main political parties in the coming hours they will suspend campaigning as a result of that. because of this horrific series of events. it's not just what happened last night it's what happened in manchester, what happened in westminster as well. just earlier in year. so politicians really haven digested that, having to address .
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the public increasingly concerned about the security. it does seem to strike metropolitan areas manchester, london i can tell you from living outside london that people in the rural areas are also hugely concerned about this because they don't want to go into cities right now. they can be attacked anywhere at any time. a that he don't know how it's going to happen in the game we got the situation where people just use a vehicle and a knife to attack people often we're told by the metropolitan britting brit isn't a safer country. don't have a gun culture firearms are difficult to smuggle into the country you actually don't need those sorts of things to attack people and kill people. it's just another horrific example of how easy it is to kill people in this capital, in capital of the world maybe we would describe it. we now know the british prime minister theresa may as spoken with president trump. mr. trump tweeted about the attacks earlier saying we need to to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need to -- the courts give us
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back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. then a bit later whatever the united states can do to help out in london and the uk well be there and we'll be with you. god bless. we'll be hearing from sadiq khan as soon as he is given the cue to speak. . >> today i'm appalled and furious that the cowardly terrorists would deliberately target innocent londoner and bystanders enjoying their saturday night. there can be no nusks for the acts ever these terrorists. i'm quite clear that we will never let them win more will we could youer our city or londoners. >> six people killed many more injured what do we know about i'm in close contact with the police commissioner and senior officers. six people killed. more than 40 have been injured
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and taken to hospitals across london. some of them i'm afraid are critical. i want to say this though. the emergency services acted heroically and bril yntly last night mp not only did they tackle the terrorists but helped the injured as a result of the swift action few people have died than would otherwise be the case but also the severity of the injures are less bad than could have been. >> in terms of the police reaction it was very quick for them to apprehend the individuals involved. are we -- are you confident that the threat is over that all the people involved. >> i've been the mayor now for 13 months. and that reinforces my view we have the best police and security services in the world. they plan, prepare and rehearse for these sorts of incidents and we saw the swift response last night. we saw the speed with which they shot the terrorists and also how they helped the injured as well. there are certain things i'm not
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allowed to talk about yet but i'm sure after the government cobra meeting later which i'll be attending. the head of counterer to terror and others will be able to tell the public what's going on. i will say this though people should remain calm and vigilant carry on normal business. the threat level remains at severe. and that's assessed bygy tack independent intelligence experts. severe means attack across the country is highlically. wave got to all be sand ridge lan. seeing anything suspicious or worry about anybody please report it. >> what will you be discussing at the cobra meeting. >> well cobra meetings where the prime minister chairs with various bodies around the table, agencies police experts, including the members of the government and we'll be looking at the investigations unfolding which normally happens ofr after these sorts of horrific attacks. after cobra i'm sure the police will be making a statement. >> now this is the second i can't of this kind in london of
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low intensity attack where you've got somebody use ago vehicle and then using knives, how do you stop this kind of thing from happening in lonen is there a way. >> just like terrorists are constantly evolving finding new ways to disrupt us harm us, attack us, the police and experts and all of us are finding new ways to keep us safe. londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. no reason to be alarmed. one of the things the police all of us needs to do is make sure we're as safe as can be. i'm reassured we are one of the safest global cities in the world if not the safest global city in the world. but we always evolve and review make sure to remain as safe as possibly can. >> there will be many people out there think it's too dangerous to go out what would you say to those people. >> one of the things these terrorists want to do is disrupt our way of life they want to stop us enjoying the freedoms
11:17 pm
mixing and mink willing in the heart of london having a good time they want to stop us voting on thursday in the general elections enjoying the democracy that we have we can't allow them to do it we aroundiac ouked by terrorism. we've shone in previous years and previous decades a stoicism and show that over the next few days and weeks. >> you mentioned the terror at least it was brought back down to severe after being at critical bearing in mind what's happened yoefrpt was a mistake. >> i don't think so. j tack our experts independent from politicianing analyze all the sblgs they have. the last few years now the threat level that be severe across the country that means an attack is highly likely. in the immediate days following the manchester attack it was raised to critical because the police and experts were still pursuing lines of inquiries they weren't sure if other people were involved in the attack in
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manchester. critical means attack a is immen they have reduced to severe. that means attack is highly likely that's why all of us have responsibility to be vigilant if you see anything suspicious please report it to the authorities and experts. but over the course of today and the next few days in london you'll be seeing an increased police presence, some of it armed officers, some of it uniformed officers, some of it plain clothes officers all working incredibly hard to keep us safe. >> now this happened just days before the general election. the manchester attack happened during the election period that was tlfrs the attack on westminster again attack on our democracy. is the britains democracy unthe attack is that the sense you're get sfwloog my response will be respond sees to the attack last night and making sure wree keeping owl things safe. general election is taking place this thursday one of the grate things about our why of life is democracy. elections are wonderful things
11:19 pm
that's one of the things terroristing eight one of the things is we can show is show which weren't koured and voting on thursday making sure we understand our democracy and civil liberties zbloon the conservatives suspended campaigning do you think that's the right move to take so soon before a general election. >> i can understand why people don't want to be canvassing knocking on doors today. my thoughts are with all those affected and caught up by the horrific attack last night. but you know the election is g going to be on thursday. i'll be voting on thursday. some people already voted by postal votes. it's important we do all we can to make sure that we are safe. sort of thing will be exploring at the cobra meeting later on today sfwla is there an argument for postponing the election. >> i'm not an advocate post popen the election i'm a passion knit believer in democracy and making sure we vet and we recognize that actually one of the things these terrorists hate is voting. they hate democracy. they hate elections. and the public choosing who
11:20 pm
should be our leaders rather than leaders being imposed on us i'm looking forward to voting. >> just sending a message to people in london and who are worried. >> londers and our agree city i would urge you to be calm and vigilant you will see increased police presence a including armed officer and uniformed officers. there is no reason to be alarmed by this. we are the safest global city in the world. you saw last night as consequence of our planning our preparation and the rehearsals that take place the swift response from the emergency receives attacking the terrorists but also helping the injured. >> the mayor of london -- the mayor of london there speaking to the media. issa suarez wasway me stchlt
11:21 pm
increased police presence. >> which you would expect of course. >> london is a safe city. >> i'm reassured we are one of the safest global city in the world if not the safest. and people watching. >> what about outside london i know people won't come to london anymore. >> this is it we've seen so many incidents in the last few months and i think even those people international viewers will be thinking twice of whether to come and visit london. but interesting what he said also, praising -- praising the response, the heroism of the forces here. the police it took eight minutes to fet enemy. >> to shoot. >> to shoot. >> the suspects. >> alan kill. >> incredibly bold. >> on an environment where there is so many people. >> yes. >> it was fascinating as well because what they were doing where they're people run hide tell and actually patting people down you saw video arms raised so they could be patted down they could no he very fast
11:22 pm
response he was talking to that. >> we know how to respond to the situations. >> it is trivg but the way they respond the police force and also the -- the ambulances here are being outstanding of course. many people appalled and furious like sadiq khan the first muslim mayor of london to talk about this. >> okay. issa we'll be back with you throughout the hours ahead as we try and make sense of this actually it keeps happening doesn't it. actually hearing from sadiq khan one of his main messages was to go out and vote because they don't want to us vote he says and it's important to do that on thursday. you're watching our continuing coverage of the deadly terror aches in london at least six people dez. dozens wounded some critically more on this when we return.
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the french president describing the attack here in london as an attack on free societies as we hear that french are amongst the victims here in london last night. you're joining us, here an update on the horrendous breaking new six people killed. 48 taken to hospital in a pair of attacks in london. some in critical condition three assailants also shot dead. here is what we know in the first incident police say a speeding van mode down pedestrians on london bridge. from there the van drove to nearby borough market panic the patrons went running as the attackers started stack people. so far no claim of responsibility for these attacks. join me now from los angeles as cnn law enforcement credibilitier steve moore. i mean feels like more of the same doesn't it? >> it droels does i'm afraid, max. it feels like we're on an
11:27 pm
endless cycle of these things. so close to what happened near parliament recently. i just -- it's stunning. >> the -- you use of a vehicle wsh it's as ever effective isn't it. people don't realize that it's a terror attack when a vehicle comes careering towards them they think it's an out of control vehicle. that's. >> that's true and that's how the face of terrorism is changing now. what used to be a business of people with guns and bombs has now become the business of any person with mental or whatever problems who can drive a car, who can buy a knife. it's -- it's changing our world as we speak. and we're going to have to change our methods in order to address the new threat. >> we're hearing from issa earlier that people responded in
11:28 pm
the correct way according to the police. they put their hands up to show that they weren't perpetrators in the attack. so as they ran out they showed they were the victims as it were. but you know you could never get used to the idea that someone running through a market with a knife or with a car is a terror -- you take -- you need time to digest that information don't you. how do people learn from this? >> well, unfortunately they're learning from watching this attack. people are -- believe it or not people are becoming more and more sophisticated in how they deal with this. i would say that the majority of the people who were victims of the attack or in the neighborhood of the attack responded in such an appropriate way because they've unfortunately seen it recently. and they kind of know what the police are going to be needing them to do. they're also being much safer.
11:29 pm
i saw a video of the police going into a pub i think yelling for people to get down. very smart thing what they're coulding is the terrorists won't get down. >> yeah. and i know we've seen it in london before, other european cities and around the world of course. it's happened again. it's grim. we're going to bring viewers the latest updates. also less than a week away from a british election on thursday. people are to go out out and vote londened mayor encouraged people to do so in the face of the attack what the political parties are doing in light of that, next. first kid you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely to... ...choose luvs than first time moms. live, learn, & get luvs. of being there for my son's winning shot.
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the terror attack hitting london last night. we're hearing now the conservative party the ruling party theresa may's party has suspended campaigning for the general election with a few days to go until the election on thursday the labor party will follow suit we expect. we'll bring you the news as it comes through. theresa may due to hold a rally here in london today. she'll be meeting victims probably intd and speaking outside downing street. bring all that to you live after two terror incidents leaving six
11:34 pm
people dead. police say the attacks were connected. it all startwood a van plowing into pedestrians on london bridge one witness saw he saw someone jump into the water to avoid getting hit. the attackers went to nearby borough market and started stabbing people. more than 48 people taken to hospital learning some french nationals amongst the victims as well people in hospital in a critical condition. london police say three suspects were shot and killed within 8 minutes actually of initial callout wearing fake explosive vests so far no one made any claim of responsibility for the attacks. i'm joined by former special agent bobby chacon in palm spring in california. thank you very much for indeed for joining us. we're looking for a claim of responsibility. but, you know, what does it really mean when it's just another terror attack on a european capitol following the pattern. >> right like you said with steve earlier it's getting
11:35 pm
routine at this point the claim of attacks next day, the family is somewhat implicated in knowledge. so i think -- i mean i think that this one is particularly i different from the manchester attack, similar much to the earlier attack before manchester. but, yeah, i think that you know -- i think they'll claim responsibility whether these guys had been associated with them or not because that's what gets enemy the attack, the gets them the press, the media agency and in effect that's what they want. >> should the threat level have been lowered just a few days ago here in the uk after manchester? >> you know, that's -- i'm not privy to the intelligence going on. i think it's quite possible that this attack had nothing to do with that attack, that the group -- that carried out tonight's attack or last night's attack was not on the radar as the manchester the attacker might have been with his father previously being you know
11:36 pm
related to some libyan terrorists, his berry being known to authorities. i think this attack, you know it's for the really related to that attack. so i don't think it's -- it's the same thing. i think that itould be that based on thents quite appropriate to lower the threat level. you know this attack -- it doesn't look like it's connected at all to that attack. this -- you know we're learning the next couple of days exactly what happened and how these guys put this together. but it seems like this is a much lower level group, less sophisticated. much less planning needed to carry this out, in attack out. so i don't -- i certainly don't think it's automatically a mistake for them to have lowered the threat level juts because this happened. if this was a bombing or we were already able to tie some of these people to you know the cell obviously operating in manchester, you know then maybe you'd have something to go on with that. but these guys don't seem
11:37 pm
connected, don't seem to have been using the same level of sophisticaten as the manchester cell had. it's yet to be seen who these guys were. but certainly the mow dalt of the attack how crude it was doesn't seem to lend itself to the fact that these guys were as internationally tied as the manchester cell was. so therefore i -- i'm not really you know thinking that it was a total mistake to lower the threat level based on what they had as intelligence it may have been perfectly appropriate. >> okay. bobby, thank you for joining us. from the callout we understand it was less than nine months from the point at which the callout happened and those three suspects were shot dead. extraordinary work done by the british police today. still to come breaking news coverage of the london terror attacks continues live from the british capital with more details next.
11:38 pm
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we're in london with breaking news for you at least six people dead, dozens more taken to hospital after two terror attacks in the heart of this city. on saturday night. multiple victims stabbed in a rampage through borough market a busy area filled with shops and
11:42 pm
cafe people hid in panic moments later a vehicle slammed across london bridge rouse rouds ever people many london mayor khan the police presence increased across the capitol many issa. >> i want to bring our viewers just a sense of what was happening specifically in -- in one of these key areas you were mentioning there. just for openness the person we're about to interview is a friend of mine garreth i hope you're with us. tell our viewers around the world what happened what what you saw. >> so i was in a busy restaurant in borough. just left the high street just walking out onto the street auchlds i heard a bang. and then i looked out into the street people started running down the stret. and then started entering the restaurants and locking themselves into the restaurant across the street. and a bit of chaos and panic and
11:43 pm
fear and the in the restaurants as well we didn't know what was going on. and standing back with a couple of friends one heavily pregnant. and then glass started mark. and we ran uprights to the toilet. and just as i looked down the stairs a guy had come into the restaurant and uncovered a big knife looked like a machete. then we -- i grabbed my friends and dashed straight into the -- into one -- one cubicle with the four of us we were quiet. and we were probably in there for about an hour. and i tried to contact some key friends and on facebook trying to let people know to send the armed response unit there straight away, fearing for our lives as we were hearing bombing noise which we thought were gunshots which thought it was game over for ourselves.
11:44 pm
>>. >> garreth during that -- during the hour garreth i know because you were texting my husband, friends of course. and you were telling him asking him to call police. you said you saw someone with a machete. also you texted us saying knife at well just one person -- how many other people did you see what did they look like if you can remember. >> it was a bit of chaos basically when we were upstairs. and there was a bunch of people that came. everything happened quite suddenly. so i couldn't really identify anybody. but it was a guy in a brown coat, wielding a big knife, just lots of shouting and screaming. . texting and try toing call because all of a sudden fs there was a deathly silence and when the girl screaming and shouting is there anybody yurmts and she
11:45 pm
said i don't know. i don't know. basically i was talking to your husband the entire time telling him -- telling him to send the armed response unit the right away basically we fear for our live and we think it's became over because we thought they would shoot through the hour after an hour of being in a silence in a cubicle one heavily pregnant due last week basically fearing for her life. and the armed response unit came and she went to show whether or not the armed response or not whether it was somebody else pretending to be them. but that put the fear of god into me when i had to open the door and to the armed response unit. but luckily i saw it was fine. and then they took us all out there was blood in the restaurant and the street. the people clutching themselves holding next with bloody towels we had to run around 100 meters,
11:46 pm
150 meter was a pregnant woman of nine months and probably about 50 police officers out. and it was extremely scarey. and excuse me. >> and garreth, you're from wales. you've worked in londonen you also manage troubles as well and throughout the hour you were hiding in there you were teching i was calling the police telling them where you were and your number you weren't picking up the phone. give me a sense how you felt that moment as someone who has lived in london. when you left what were you feeling i know you were petrified give me a sense what everyone else apprehend you what they were feeling. >> i think it's the first time in my life i felt it's absolute game over. i've lived in london 12 years and i recently lived close to the previous attack as well and i'm glad to be away from london now. ufrlts i came down for one evening and happened to the pick
11:47 pm
the restaurant there just by chance and it was -- it was absolutely -- it was just fear and just looking into my friend's eyes basically in the small kookicle seeing the fear in their is looking at a william about to give birth and seeing the fear in her eyes trying to calm her down not trying to to make a sweek or sound we could hear people walking up and down we had to keep deadly silent because we thought we were going to be gunned down base country we could hear the shots oud and just the fear was immense basically. >> yeah. >> just total chaos. >> a terrifying -- a a terrifying experience. i'm so happy to hear you are well as well as our viewers more importantly let's tell the viewers the lady with you the pregnant lady she is well baby is doing well even though you went to hospital with them thank
11:48 pm
you garreth. >> yeah. >> for bringing us up to date with what happened. i'll be speaking to you soon as well and max what garreth is saying he has lived here a while 11 years or twelve years or so and he was close to westminster attack he has a place just over westminster bridge. this is just someone who has lived here so shocking absolutely shocking what he went through. the messages i was getting late last night saying please hurry, help. this is not a joke. this is happening, get someone fast. i can't pick up the phone. >> and you and i -- you live here i work here you just don't expect it to happen dpiet the fact we brought up in in close to you. >> very frequently which is what we've seen in the last month or so. >> garreth survived. others didn't. others still critical in hospital. nothing really positive to say
11:49 pm
about this at this point but you're watching cnn stay with us for more breaking coverage of the deadly terror attacks here the deadly terror attacks here in london.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor,
11:52 pm
given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. another week, another terror attack here in europe. not meant to sound flippant but it's the reality of the situation.
11:53 pm
this week it's in london and last week it was in manchester and they are preparing for a benefit concert by ariana grande. phil black is live fors through. does this event roll together with what happened in london last night, now? >> yeah, it's going to influence it certainly, you have to think. last night as news of events in london were breaking this appeared to be a normal saturday night in manchester, the streets were full. but of course this isn't entirely normal here not yet. the police presence is extraordinarily high. people are coming to the center of town to leave flowers and messages to think about the 22 victims including the seven children who were killed in the bombing after the ariana grande concert just under two weeks ago. the people here are processing
11:54 pm
the horror of that attack. the people here i think will be able to feel empathy for the shock and anger for the people in london as well. this was always going to be an emotional weekend for the people in manchester as the tribute concert will be played before 50,000 people to raise money for the victims and to send a powerful message to the people who plan and support these sorts of violent acts and last night grande tweeted she is praying for london. and that message and that event carries an extra poignantsy. >> ariana grande visited hospital last night. they were powerful images of ariana grande going to see people caught up in the attack
11:55 pm
on her concert and quite extraordinary moments there. and that was part of the healing process and then we have this happening in london now. it's horribly fwrim. we'll have more of our breaking news in the coming hours. -- captions by vitac -- we, the tv loving people, want our whole house to be filled with entertainment. roooooaaar!!! easy boy. but we don't want annual contracts and hardware. you scoundrel! ugh! we just want to stream live tv. and we want it for 10 dollars a month. (raspy) wow. i'd like that in my house. it's a very big house. yeah, mine too. look at us. just two bros with sick houses. high five.
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>r this ip this . r p >> welcomi>> welcomr >r this ip this . r p >> welcomi>> welco united states and around the world. i'm mi'm max united states and around the world. i'm mi'm ma foster in londn where it has just gone 8:00 a.m. people waking up to the wake of another terrorist attack. the city's mayor spoke about 30 minutes ago offering strong condemnation. >> i'm appalled and furious that these cowardly terrorists would target innocent londoners and


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