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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  June 10, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. good morning. i'm brianna keilar in washington. and this morning president trump is spending the weekend at his new jersey golf club after a very chaotic week. it is not over yet though.
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the president hitting back with a zinger after former fbi director james comey's explosive testimony. here's what he said. >> no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker. but we want to get back to running our great country. >> and now lawmakers are demanding the memos, tapes if there are any, and any other records of president trump's conversations with comey and they want them by june 23. that is not all. you have senator dianne feinstein who is asking the your addition area committee to investigate potential obstruction of justice. we have cnn washington correspondent ryan nobles on the story for us. give us an update here. >> reporter: well, it's become a high stakes game of who do you believe in washington. and president trump is taking the risk that bob mueller the special counsel and former fbi director who has been tasked with investigating russia's swfrns in interference in to the u.s. election is betting that he will
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believe the president in that a defiant press conference friday, he pushed back against james comey's testimony saying that his version of that conversation is dramatically different than james comey's. and even though james comey gave his account under oath, that the president himself is willing do the same. listen to what he had to say. >> are you willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. i hardly know the man, i'm not going to say i want to you pledge allegiance. who would do that? who would pledge allegiance under oath? i hardly know the man. it doesn't make since. no, i didn't say that and i didn't say the other. >> so if robert mueller wanted to speak with you -- >> i'd be glad to tell him what i just are told you. >> reporter: essentially what the president is saying is that he never pressured james comey into ending the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. that is something that comey
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says pretty emphatically during the hearing that he felt as though he was being directed by the president to bring that investigation to a conclusion. of course a lot of he said/he said would be put to an end if those tapes that the president hinted at a few weeks ago in a tweet were ever revealed. james comey says he knows of no recordings of their conversations, butt preside thet refuses to say whether or not they exist. he is being be compelled now by a house intelligence committee to bring forward those tapes. they sent a letter demanding the revelation of those tapes by june 23. whether or not they will come forward, we still don't know. but that of course is the big question that many here in washington have been asking for some time. do these tapes exist and if they do, what is on them. >> ryan nobles, thank you. and we have some folks here who maybe can help us get to the bottom of this. laura jarrett, a. scott bolden,
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and ron brown brownstein. presumably well will find out if there are tapes. you would think.wn brownstein. presumably well will find out if there are tapes. you would think. koenk c congress come compel the president to reveal them. >> there is one person who is definitely going to find out and that is robert mueller the special counsel. there is no question that if there are tapes, and we don't know that they exist iks he w, need them for his investigation and he can certainly subpoena them. >> but a lot of people think that there is probably not tapes. then is part of this thinking carefully legally when he is not -- when president trump is not answering this or is this just on the next episode stay tuned? >> the whole episode has been so unusual in the sense that it began as so many things do with a tweet. it goes back to the original
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tweet which some people have now interpreted as a threat to james comey and have argued that it is an attempt to tamper with a witness would i sby saying he h hope there are not tapes. that is where this all goes back to. eventually we will know one way or the other whether the house republican-are led house which has shown very little inclination to confront the president is willing to push this to the fax if they resist, i agree, i think that may not be the sven are uhe in which we ultimately find out whether there are tapes. but more likely the president kind of signaled yesterday when he said you'll be disappointed in the answer, he seemed to be laying the grounds work to say there aren't tapes which makes you wonder what was he doing in the initial tweet. the whole thing, you can't make the pieces of this fit together. >> and tapes it says in quotations. so recordings i guess we could say. what he said, scott, no collusion, for obstruction, he's a leaker. i mean that was the sort of president trump bumper sticker
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of his reaction to jim comey. was this a leak, having a friend release memos that he had written to the press? >> absolutely not. his personal notes are his personal notes. one, he was former drerirector n he leaked them and he leaked them because of the public statements donald trump was making. >> you just said he leakedybut information. it was his personal notes. and i'll be honest with you, if they didn't want him to leak anything or to do memos or submit any of these memos, they would have exercised their executive privilege. they didn't because it's inexplicabin-pli inexplicable here. trump and his lawyer may be throwing punches, but they are hitting the air. >> what kind of defense is this when he's saying he is a leaker? because we see over and over that a story comes out that they don't like. and then they take the way the
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information came out. but is this in your estimation laura jarrett, is it a leak or just a revelation? >> i think it's a way to try to discredit him. i think that term has so much power behind it now in this administration, it's load. and so they are using it for a reason. but as they said, he didn't commit a crime by doing this. this wasn't classified. certainly if he was still within the fbi and i think there would be questions about disclosing work product like that. but he's a private sit and thci these were with private considerations that were not classified. >> but he and others around him as they attack the idea of leaks, they seem to be constructing a narrative where they are telling the american people actually you shouldn't know what is going on behind the scenes. >> yeah, i think as in many things in the trump administration, this is not really aimed at the american people broadly. this is aimed at providing an argument to reinforce and stoke
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their base. there is a political and legal dimension. politically it's to say yes jim xoem is part of this deep state trying to undermine the presidency that you voted for, they are trying to impede the with will of you the people who voted for me to kind of make it really about his supporters rather than about him. and then legally, i'm not a lawyer, but i think certainly what they are try doing is create doubts about the presence of mind of comey, that would allow them to kind of question his accounts of the meetings and make him say he's trying to make the president look bad. >> i don't know about you, but i think it gave him so much more credibility to own up to that. i mean that couldn't have been an easy thing for him to say. you don't see that happen every so often that someone actually admits, yeah, i gave that to my friend at the columbia law school. i think it made sim l hhim seem credible. >> something for everybody.
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republicans and democrats. >> the good, bad and ugly, right? laura, you have a great piece that just went up on that our viewers should check out on and this is about the special about counsel robert mueller adding to his team. and in particular, tell us who he has added that has a lot of people thinking, whoa, that really tells us something. >> this is a stoefr cry of cont. earlier this week, jinl acosta reports that marc kasowitz was down at trump tower buying cigars saying we won, trump is in the clear. meanwhile across town, the special be counsel is staffing up with the best and brightest including now michael dreeben who is the foremost criminal can law expert. this is a person who has argued over 100 cases before the supreme court. so it's just a signaling that
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this is being taken really seriously by bob mueller. >> and the designated hack on the fan he wilpanel, i wonder i will ultimately be in the legal court arena or back in the public arena. you have republicans all over capitol hill now basically saying look, this is off our plate. we don't think the president did anything wrong as the president said and even if if i did say it, that is okay. that's the argument we're making. but we'll let the special counsel handle it. it's entirely possible that the special counsel decides that rather than deciding that you can indict the sitting president, he turns the information back over to dock a conscience and p congress and putting it owe their plate what do four, fire months before about a midterm election. >> but what does that do --
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you're talking about a republican congress. i guess then the effect is just more the midterms. >> absolutely. they will play a significant part in all of this. but the hiring of dreeben also tells you that not only mueller is taking the situation seriously, that he expects some of these issues given the fight in donald trump and his team to perhaps go to the supreme court and of an expert in the criminal justice system and someone was who has argued over 100 cases. that is significant. he is not think being report and recommend and put it in about the political process, but he probably will get there because you can't indict the president. but he is also thinking along the way if he gets challenged, he wants the best team in place. >> and he accepts the idea that you can't indict the president? >> i think so he is looking at it which is why he brought on the expert. but ultimately what does that do to the country, the political process and whether ultimately he wants to indict donald trump or not. he is looking at obstruction of
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justice which is another special abouti itspecialty of dreeben's. >> all right. we'll continue be the discussion right after a quick break. i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia?
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>> and it makes sense, right? because the judiciary committee oversees the fbi. and so i think initially both chuck grassley, top chairman of the judiciary committee, along with feinstein felt like wait a minute, we oversee the body that is at issue here. so how come the intelligence committee gets to go first. obviously comey has provided a lot of details, but there are still a lot of questions. and he can provide are a lot of facts that they want to know. >> and the intelligence committee is a perfect vehicle for the broader -- is not a perfect vehicle. is an imperfect vehicle for the broader investigation. their expertise is the underlying question of russian meddling in the election. even the financial issues. people in the intelligence committee have are told me even on the questions of whether there are financial links between figures of the trump orbit broadly speaking, that is not their expertise much less a
7:18 am
sub version of law enforcement investigation. it does kind of make the argument that would it make sense to have a selective committee looking at all aspects, but short of that, but also the broader question of whether republicans on the hild truly want to be the ones with their hands in the muck going through this or whether their preference is to step back and say let the special counsel handle it. >> i think what dianne feinstein's letter does is ask the judiciary committee to focus solely on the obstruction of justice. every other investigation on the senate and house side as well as mueller's investigation is focusing on counterintelligence, russia, and now maybe obstruction of justice. you put it in just one committee and that's all they will focus on. you will be effective, you will be efficient with it, you have a legal team to support it. and then it laser like focuses
7:19 am
on whether donald trump committed obstruction of justice or not. >> i want to play something that donald trump said if i can find what it is specifically that i do want to play. where he's talking about loyalty and what he -- well, he is responding to comey saying that he asked for loyalty and then there was the exchange where comey said honest loilgity a ite created picture of it being uncomfortable. hire w here was president trump's response. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of -- >> 100%. i didn't say under oath i hardly know the man. who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? i hardly know the man. it doesn't make sense. no, i didn't say that. and i didn't say the other. >> he also said, though, in addition to his not asking for the loyalty, he said if i did
7:20 am
though from everything that i read, there wouldn't have been anything the matter with it. >> he was referring to the if i said let it go, there would be nothing wrong. and that i think is a very -- that is really where we've been over the last week, where you have a debate among legal scholars. a number of former prosecutors saying if he did say that, that is evidence of obstruction justice and others say no, it's fine, which is the position that most congressional republicans have said. even if he said it, it's okay. >> we'll go back to the loyalty in a moment. but the idea of let it go and that that would have been fine, that is his representation. >> that means it's subject to interpretation at least in donald trump's world. but if you just take the statement by itself, maybe you can have a debate about it. but if you take that statement and put it with all the other meetings and things that were said and all the other things
7:21 am
that comey did subsequently, it's pretty clear that if i'm an employer and i have an employee no matter how much i don't know that person, i have the power to hire and fire you james comey and of course in my first 100 dies days i want to know whether i'll be loyal or not. he said i'll be honest. >> jinl comey was on the hill and he was asked by senators different things, this language that he describes president trump using, the i hope you can, and the defense clearly of president trump is he wasn't directing him. comey said he felt -- maybe he said the language wasn't directing him, but he certainly felt that it was an ask. in that consideration legally,
7:22 am
do they consider other factors that add to the context? they are alone so strange in the oval office and he is the president and this is the fbi director. does that factor in? >> absolutely. and it was interesting watching this develop in real time because on twitter, numerous legal scholars came out and said actually, here is a case where hope on was just enough. so this idea that a hope isn't even sufficient for obstruction was swatted down but i think sometimes we lose sight of it's for the just the fact that the bod sass said can let this go. but he was fired. and the fact that he was fired is the thing that caps it. it's what makes all of this more problematic. >> and there may be an intermediary step if dan coates is forced to acknowledge that the president asked him to ask comey to lay off. but i still think the threshold question here is ultimately this will be decided by legal
7:23 am
standards in a court of law whether what the president did met a legal standard of obstruction justice or more likely it is still back in the lap of congress that says here are the facts, and you ultimately have to decide what the sanction is because the other option is the president -- the special counsel will have to choose to indict and try a sitting president. >> but the second most important fact in this whole scenario is the fact that he asked the other people who were in the meeting, comey's boss, to step out of that meeting. so that shows intentionality, that shows some corruptible intent, if you will. and by the way, you play a lawyer on tv. >> i do. >> thank you so much. i hope you will stick around. right? you know what i did there. laura, ron, scott, thank you so much. senator dianne feinstein, we talked about the letter that she sent. she's going to be a guest on
7:24 am
state of the union tomorrow with jake tapper at 9:00 a.m. senator susan collins is also going to be on the show. you don't want to miss this episode of "state of the union." the president and his fired fbi director each accusing the other of lying. so which one does republican congressman francis rooney believe? we'll ask him coming up. [vo] we greatest racehorse who ever lived? of course he was strong... ...intelligent. ...explosive. but the true secret to his perfection... was a heart, twice the size of an average horse. sometimes., washed up, never. new age perfect rosy tone moisturizer
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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. welcome back. it's 00 story of lies, leaks and possible audiotapes. james comey's blockbuster appearance before the senate intelligence committee might be over, but now the russia investigation is picking up steam and the fired fbi director's testimony could give the special counsel a lot to consider. the president's declaration that he is willing to testify under oath. >> 100%.
7:29 am
>> reporter: suggests the special counsel probe into russian election hacking could now include mr. trump's firing of james comey. >> since part of this goes to the rationale behind the firing of mr. comey and the rationale of trying to deflect if not stop the investigation of general flynn, it involves the president so i would expect at some point that mr. mueller would feel that he has to depose the president. >> reporter: report's memos which he says he wrote immediately after the meetings and phone calls are now in mueller's possession and they could form the basis of expanding the investigation to include the president's alleged asking of comey to back off his investigation of former national security adviser michael flynn, something comey hinted at on thursday. >> do you believe this will rise to the obstruction of justice? >> i don't know. that is bob mueller's job to sort that out. >> reporter: it appears muldler may also be looking into others
7:30 am
around the president. sources tell cnn that comey told senators behind closed doors that the fbi has investigated the possibility of an undisclosed third unencounter between kislyak and jeff are sessions. sources tell cnn are that the meeting was discussed in an intercept of a call between russian officials. those investigators have not concluded if it occurred. the justice department insists there was no encounter, but democrats are pouncing. >> what we have is a pattern of contacts with the russian by flynn, by sessions, by kushner. secret and then concealed. in fact denied noble violation of the law, that denial as former -- >> perjury? >> could be perjury are. >> reporter: next tuesday, attorney general sessions will appear before the senate appropriations committee, a hearing liking to turn into a grilling on the russia answer. >> we need to know the answer to a number of questions regarding
7:31 am
the attorney general. >> reporter: the drivp, drip, drip shows no sign of abating. >> so jared, i'll let you take over. >> reporter: cnn is told the senate intelligence committee will soon interview jared kushner. and flynn has now turned over 600 pages of subpoenaed documents to the house in-tillerson tell againinte intelligence committee, but is still refusing to testify without immunity. >> i'm glad he has turned it over. and i hope in about due course he will come in front of the witnesses and the other witnesses that we've on identified will come over also. >> and joining me now is congressman francis rooney, part of a small group who actually had dinner with the president earlier this week before the comey testimony. i know that that had to do with foreign affairs and that is certainly very important issue right now and the president made comments on that yesterday. but i want to ask you as we see all of the committees weighing
7:32 am
investigations, going through them, there is this special counsel robert mueller who has his own investigation. if this rises to a level when it comes to whether donald trump, whether the president fired jim comey in an attempt to stop, to be structure tobstruct the russ investigation, who takes that up? would it be congress or do you think it will be the special counsel that would run with something? >> i think that will depend on what kind of facts that are deduced. what we have now is we have mccabe saying there was no hindrance or be instruction and then we have this hope and feelings testimony yesterday of director comey making some other allegations. so if the -- >> so this is and on going pentagon oinvestigation. >> and we'll have to see what facts come up. these things continued to take a life of their own which is one of my problems with having a special investigator in the first place. you don't know how much time it will go or how much mission
7:33 am
creep will endure until we get back to work on solving problems. >> hope and feelings testimony you said. you are not a facn of jim comey. >> not at all. i would have fired him january 20th for what he did during the campaign. >> that's what trump said he did fire him for. you mean the clinton case? >> i don't know why he waited. >> but trump championed o eed s the highlighting of clinton's e-mails. >> are well, yeah, that is kind of strange, so on -- >> so why where would he fire him? >> because of what happened in the first round where he hid hillary clinton's wrongdoing. >> when did he do that? >> when he said he was going to back off the investigation. and then he changed his mind later. the whole thing was a total mess. you'd expect 9 fthe fbi directo to manage his affairs better. and he might not have minded it
7:34 am
then, but i think he minds it now. >> and you did have this dinner, just several senators and members of congress, this was not a lot of folks there with president trump the other night. i want you to listen to something very pertinent issue right now when it comes to foreign policy and that is the issue over qatar and four nations in that region really shutting the door, cutting off ties with qatar. let's listen to delivering accounts of this or descriptions of this, points of view of this from the secretary of state and the president. >> the block and i hade ialso c hardship on the people qatar and people of livelihoods who 2k34e7bd p. depend on the commerce of qatar. it is hindering u.s. military actions in the region and campaign against isis. >> the time had come to call on qatar to end its funding. they have to end that funding.
7:35 am
and its extremist ideology in terms of funding. i want to call on all of the nations to stop immediately supporting terrorism. >> they are at odds. who is right? >> this is very interesting foreign policy situation because qatar is kind of the fault line of the realignment of our allies and hedge moan in the middle east. they have been off the reservation in getting close iran. >> is president trump favoring saudi arabia in too much of a degree and i think as a lot of people might look at this and maybe they aren't familiar with all of the intricacies of the region, the concern is that by taking a pro saudi stance, he
7:36 am
could destabilize the region. >> historically our allies have been the sunni arabs. and basically led by egypt. and to a lesser extent turkey. and now president trump has brought our alliance back to the sunnis. but he's focused a little more on saudi arabia. egypt has a lot of problems right now. >> you don't have any concerns about this kind of realignment? >> no, be i think it's important that we realign behind the sunnis and move around from iran. i think that was a -- >> can you go too far? >> you can always go too far. it needs to settle out a bit. it's pretty fresh now. trump's trip was just two weeks ago. and i think what the secretary of state and president said both have elements of veracity here. saudi arabia and the emirates might have overstepped a tad bit in a complete blockade, but they definitely want to get qatar's attention. >> do you worry as a might be
7:37 am
ofs house foreign affairs committee when you hear mixed mess ands coming from the state department and the white house? >> not really. this is a new administration. they are still finding their way. what is really important is that the trump administration staff up the state department with assistant secretaries and deputy assistant secretaries so they can get the diplomacy put in place. >> all right. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. president trump is facing deadlines and battle lines. we'll break it down with our panel. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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7:42 am
comey, we learned in the letter it was kind of odd that in the letter that he wrote to comey, he said you've assured me three times i'm not under investigation. and then there was some question as to whether that was true and we learned actually it was true and jim comey made this clear. >> right. so obviously mueller now has the mem memos. he might be investigating the president at this point in that context, but no, the president was told on multiple occasions comey made clear that he was not under investigation for the russia collusion investigation. but what was significant also about comey's testimony was that he laid out why he did not make this public at the time as well. and one of the main reasons that concerned him was that that could change at any point as the investigation broadened. so we don't know the current status of that. >> because he's been gone from the fbi for a month. >> that's right. and the other important that is point to raise is that everyone is talking as if the firing of jim comey which the president
7:43 am
had the right do which jim comey accepted and said for whatever grounds, you can do it. so everyone knows that going in there. but jim comey also said that the president did not do on anything that was in his mind that was-hch what president trump was saying was that comey was going to be fired and when you fire cmey, all of a sudden the investigation is going to stop. that's not true. the investigation continues. and so the notion that somehow that comey's firing was going to end the investigation and that that was obstruction of justice, there is nothing to ob structure if the investigation continues which president trump knew, which the department of justice knows. >> but president trump said that that was on his mind as he did it, he himself gave it as a reason. >> fine. but the investigation was going to continue.question is did comey have credit and, dcomey
7:44 am
have the trust and faith of the agency and of the american people. and the president felt that he didn't. the memo laid out that he didn't and so he was fired. but the investigation continues and nothing was ob structustruc. >> i question the relevance ever those comments because under the corruption statute or the statute we're talking about, obstruction of justice, you don't have to stop the investigation. you can attempt to stop the investigation and you have an obstruction of justice charge. that's the first thing. second of all, donald trump may have had the power to fire comey, but he certainly wouldn't be visible because his intent here while he's being investigated or better yet while his campaign team is being investigated and he's the titular head of that campaign
7:45 am
team, team, and given what we know about the conversations, it would not be visible to terminate comey for the reasons that trump gave publicly and privately. >> legal experts are saying that that is the very heart of this, looking into whether donald trump fired comey for a corrupt reason to get in the way of this investigation. that is a very real thing they are talking about. >> absolutely. and what comey said during his testimony, one of the most riveting things that he said in my opinion was when he noted that his personal belief is that he was fired because of the russia investigation, because of the michael flynn component of that investigation. that is a piece of evidence in this case as muldler moves forward comey's sworn system that he was under the impression and he said he took this was something of a dagger, he said he takes the president at his word that he was fired because of the russia investigation.
7:46 am
the president sat down with lester holt just days after firing james comey and made that very plain. >> and it could be very well that the president did not have any faith that comey could lead this investigation and get to the bottom of it because what i believe the president wants, the reason why mueller is such a fantastic pick is because he wants this to be settled, he wants to be proven. >> do you think the president is thrill that had there is special counsel? >> i think the president is thrilling that at the end of the day when you saw that comey testimony -- >> i don't hear anyone saying that the president is happy that there is special counsel. that is like a worst nightmare. >> the president i believe is haech that at the end of the day, comey's testimony proved that he was not under investigation. and showed to the american people that comey on was owe vertsly political in his actions and the last thing is when you put in muldler, and hopefully everything that will come out if it goes the way it did with that testimony, it will show that
7:47 am
there was no collusion between president trump or candidate trump and the russians. and when you put somebody like mueller in there do that, it will be final and we'll be able to move on. because since he came, there has been cloud over this presidency and to try to delegitimize him and get in the way of the things he's trying to do for the american people like the infrastructure bill that no one is talking about. >> comey said that donald trump wasn't under investigation. that is a big difference. >> if there was collusion, he would be under investigation. don't mince abowords. the president was not under investigation. [ everybody talking at once ] >> his notes were turned over to mueller and the only reason they were turned over is because now because of the president's own words and comey's memos, those are under investigation right now. and remember the reason that comey was hesitant to everyone
7:48 am
tell donald trump that he wasn't under investigation is because this is a time in space. he could eventually become under investigation. >> but he told him three times even though he discussed with some associates that it might not be appropriate. >> exactly. i don't contend that he didn't tell him that, that he personally was not under investigation. he certainly told hirm tham tha. but about the irony is that he is now under investigation because of his conduct with comey and because of his desire to have comey put out a statement that said that he wasn't personally under investigation. >> and breaking new, we found the special prosecutor. they replaced mueller with -- listen, you don't know that he is under investigation. you cannot confirm that. that is not fact. >> i promise you he is based on those mem moos. >> he is looking at the memos, so we know that this is of particular interest to bob
7:49 am
mueller. >> that is called an investigation of donald trump 's conduct and possible obstruction of justice charges. those are facts. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. rebecca, appreciate you being here. a. scott bolden, paris denard. the prosecution in the bill cosby trial has rested. and now the defense is preparing to make its case. we'll have a live report nix. your only worry... will be navigating the local traffic. get help with hotels, free twenty-four-hour flight changes, and our price match guarantee. travelocity.® wander wisely.™
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. bill cosby's defense team is expected to present its case monday in his assault trial. the prosecution rested yesterday after calling 12 witnesses over five days. and that included some really intense testimony from the key witness andrea constand. she claims that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004 and jean casarez has been covering this for us. you actually have a cnn special that is airing tonight on the cosby trial. tell us about that.
7:54 am
>> reporter: we do. it is one hour at 9:00 and it is all about the case against cosby. you know what makes this so significant is that there are other cases against bill cosby, civil actions. but this is the only criminal case because there was only one woman who went forward to police and went public back in 2005 andrea constand. she is the one. we look at her of willife, you learn a little about the person in the hour tonight. and it's all about this criminal case against bill cosby. >> do you get a sense that he is going to testify, that bill cosby will testify is this because it sounds like there is a big possibility he will not defend himself personally. >> reporter: he publicly said in a radio interview he was not going to testify. i've been in the courtroom, i listened to everything. the devil is in the details. and right at the end of the day yesterday, i heard the judge say to the jury the defense if they choose to present a case it will
7:55 am
be on monday and then i will give you instructions. well, if about bill cosby would take the stand, that would be days. now, saying that, you never know what a defense is going to do until they say, your honor, the defense rests. then you know for sure what witnesses they put on and what witnesses they have not put on. but my guess is with what the judge has said, the defense case may last that one day on monday. >> and even if he doesn't testify, what is their defense? we will see. thank you for paying attention to all of this for us. and check this out, you can watch the special report, the case against cosby, tonight at 9:00 eastern and pacific only here on cnn. i'm brianna keilar in washington. thank you so much for watching. there is so much more ahead in the next hour with fredricka whitfie whitfield. stays crack-proof.
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8:00 am
. it's 11:00 on the east coast. two weeks, that is how long the president has to hand over any memos or tapes relating to conversations with fired fbi director james comey. house investigators say they want to see this material and set june 23 as the cutoff date. this as president trump says he is willing to testify under oath. >> so he said those things under ode. would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of -- >> 100%. >> trump is spending the weekend


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