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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tear drop. >> she shared her story on facebook, went viral. thanks to people's generosity for a kid they didn't even know, she made it to her prom. >> i'm just speechless. i'm like really hot. i just want to thank everybody who supported me. >> those are some beautiful pictures. >> first of all, she looked great. so did he and the memories are beautiful. >> time now for cnn news room with poppy harlow and john berman. have a great weekend everyone. >> lots of news. let's get started. >> good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm john berman. targeting the transition. new development to signal the russia investigation is widening. "the new york times" reports the trump transition lawyer has ordered members of the transition team to preserve
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documents and other materials related to russia and perhaps no coincidence we have heard from the president this morning. in a statement he wrote, after seven months of investigations and committee hearings about my collusions with the russians, in quotation marks, nobody has been able to show any proof. sad. >> and while the president rails against the russia investigation, the special counsel team is expanding. robert mueller hiring more than a dozen new lawyers. athena jones in the white house with a lot of news. >> you're right. there is a lot going on, a lot of developments. you mentioned off the top "the new york times" is reporting that members of the president's transition team have been ordered to preserve documents and other related materials that could be related to this investigation into russian meddling and possible collusion by trump campaign associates and the russians. the paper is citing a memo from the transition team's general
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counsel's office that says that former transition team members have a duty to preserve any physical and electronic records that are related to this. this is a sign of course that special counsel robert's mueller probe into this is casting a wide net when it comes to this. now the order is meant to cover any transition team information involving russia and ukraine and it seeks any background investigation records involving several people associated with the campaign. that includes paul manafort who was a campaign manager for a period of months, carter page, the business partner of manafort and also a former national security advisor michael flynn. so that is an important development there. you also mentioned the president taking to twitter not just yesterday but also this morning to campaign about these investigationi ins saying after hearing about my collusion with
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the russians, nobody has been able to show any proof. sad. twitter is really the main place we have been seeing any sort of commentary on this investigation. white house officials are referring all questions about the matter to the president's outside legal team and the president himself didn't respond to my shouted questions about the matter yesterday. but he is using twitter to express his anger and frustration. this is happening, as you mentioned, as special counsel mueller is expanding his team of lawyers. he's hired 13 lawyers to handle this investigation. he has plans to hire more. we have spoken about the caliber of the lawyers on this team. these are folks who covered enron and watergate. that is how serious this probe is being taken by mueller. we are also learning last night
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that mike pence has hired his own outside attorney to help deal with this matter and any questions about the russia investigation. that lawyer is a former virginia attorney general and the former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia. now, pence's team say this was in the works for a while, for several weeks and that it was not prompted by any particular bit of news, but it shows that the vice president now feeling the need about a month after the president brought on his own outside legal team, the vice president doing the same. and then finally i want to mention what many of you are saying is an odd memo by rod rosenstein put out last night. i will read to you a part of it and then talk about it. he said americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous officials, particularly when they do not identify the country, let alone the branch or
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agency of government with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated. so rosenstein is saying that americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. that sounds a lot like what we have heard from the president himself. but the justice department says the white house has no role in putting out that memo and it is not clear right now exactly what story or stories rosenstein was referring to. but something that's getting a lot of attention. >> a lot to die guegest. >> don't go on vacation yet. >> there is more coming soon. thanks. >> here to discuss all of that, our political analyst and correspondent for the washington examiner, political commentator and washington post assistant editor and a cnn contribute tor in washington. >> apparently now in the cast of the sound of music. >> you should see your background. it is pretty amazing. >> david, to you, "the new york
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times" reporting that the trump transition team, some specific members have been ordered to preserve documents, preserve materials related to the russia investigation. typically, we don't know why, but typically something like that happens when you get a memo from the justice department that says hang on to this stuff, folks. what is the significance of this? >> poppy, i think the significance is that the team is starting to form in place and spread their investigation wide and into as many facets of the trump transition and campaign as possible. it's not an indication to my read that they have found any criminality or that the investigation has had advanced to an end point. simply, that a few weeks after special prosecutor mueller has gotten his team in place, they are now putting members of the campaign and the transition and other folks in the trump orbit on notice that documentation is out there that they want to look
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at and they want to preserve and the investigation is proceeding a pace. but we are a long way from knowing what all that information they're going to gather is going to meet. >> consider what we've learned in the last two days. you have this, you have the document request. jared kushner looking into the financing there. vice president mike pence luring up, hiring an outside counsel of his own this morning. you really see how far this thing spreads and spreads very, very quickly. let's focus on the vice president right now. is it possible at some point his interest diverge from the president? >> yeah, it is absolutely possible. i think all of this is very smart. you know, it is important that everybody has documentation of everything they have done, everything they have said, every communication. that's something they should have archived all along. as david said, i don't know if this is indication of something to be worried about. it is the beginning of telling
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everyone, look, get everything in order. and pence, you know, i mean, we had that whole thing with flynn lying to him. you know, i'm sure that that's something that concerns him, that makes him want to make sure that he has all his ducks in a row and it's a sign of maturity from everyone to be really smart about whatever is going to happen to them. >> and we should know pence ran the transition. >> right. >> so that's significant as well. he's not named among the five people, though, that "the new york times" points out for these documents. but we are reporting on this, too. the washington post report that broke last night that jared kushner's financial dealings as a private sector businessman are being looked into. that's sort of a yeah, of course they are going to look at everything. but hours after that news, rosenstein put out that statement that has confounded a lot of folks.
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he comes out with a statement out of the blue. the justice department said the white house did not order him to put out the statement. he says if you don't know the branch or agencies of the government, the sources should be skeptical but also which country they are affiliated with cht what do you make of it and the timing? >> well, look, i think that statement might as well have read pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. everybody understands that we now have a special counsel who has hired a team and they are investigating and it doesn't mean they are going to end up finding anything, but what's driving the skepticism and in fact what's driving coverage of this as well as the reporting on special counsel's investigation and everyone involved is how the president talks about it. one of the large reasons we are spending so much time on this this morning and in fact every morning because the president this week in particular but most weeks is busy tweeting and telling us how unfair the investigation is, how much of a witch hunt it is.
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and i think if he would actually follow the plan, which is all questions referred to outside counsel and i'm going to focus on jobs and the economy and the agenda that people elected me to enact, i think the president would come out looking much better here. now, if they end up finding something, that will come out eventually. but if the president is innocent as he says and as he really sounds like he is in terms of how he feels about it, that will also all come out also and he'll come out looking better for it. he will look better if you have this investigation to play out. it plays well with his base, but with so many other people it brings more attention to this in a way he claims he doesn't want. >> standby for a moment right now. and part of me hates to do this, but i am reading off of the president's twitter feed right now. he made a statement which begs dissecting. he wrote i am being investigating for firing the fbi director by the man who told me
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to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. again, i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. david, i don't know exactly what that means because if bob mueller, who is the special counsel, told him to fire james comey, that's news to us. if he's talking about rod rosenstein, who is the deputy attorney general who wrote the memo suggesting the fires of james comey should be tied to the clinton campaign, that's news also. this is exactly the kind of statement from the president that i think probably makes his own lawyers very, very nervous. what on earth could this mean, david? >> i have the same reaction as you, john. the first name that popped into my head, we don't know what the president is thinking, but the first name that popped into my head was mueller because he did meet with mueller. we don't know exactly what was said in that meeting. but he referred to someone investigating him now. former fbi director now special
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prosecutor mueller is investigating him and was the fbi director and then the other person, rod rosenstein, wrote that memo that the white house and justice department released in concert with firing james comey before then the president went and gave that interview with lester holt where he said actually, you know, i'm paraphrasing but it wasn't exactly that reason. he had russia in mind when he thought about getting rid of director comey. but we don't know what he means and to your point, john, yes, if you're president trump's white house counsel or his outside private attorney or his justice department, this has to make you cringe because we're not just talking about a general tweet like crooked hillary or little marco or this is a witch hunt. he's really getting to the heart of what we're talking about here. >> he did confirm he is being investigated for firing the fbi director. >> yeah. let's pull up the tweet again. i am being investigated for
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firing the fbi director. that's it. i am being investigated for firing the fbi director. >> pretty specific. >> which is from his mouth, from his tweets. to you, what do you think? >> i really want a follow up tweet to explain that because -- >> don't we all? >> i mean, like david said, is this mueller? what does this mean? i don't know. i don't understand that tweet. and i know that our profession gets, you know, a little crazy about all this tweeting, but i really want a follow up tweet to know what he's tweeting about. >> let's keep in mind, he just said i am being investigated. and, so i think the i am not under investigation no longer applies. according to the president, john, i commend you for calling it a statement because it is a statement, not just a tweet. >> yeah. it's an important point. this is where he communicates he
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will not take questions from reporters very often. the white house said take this is an official statement from the president. officially from the president -- >> i am being invested. >> we'll leave it there. thank you. this morning we are following big news overseas. one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. russia is investigating whether al-baghdadi may have been killed in an air strike. >> at this hour, u.s. military officials say they are unable to confirm whether or not al-baghdadi is in fact dead. russia says the strike took place last month in syria. targeted a command post where isis leaders are meeting. want to bring in ward for the details. what are you learning? >> we should approach this report with a healthy dose of skepticism. they are still investigating the possibility that al-baghdadi may have been killed in this strike
6:15 am
in question. the strike took place may 28th in the evening. as you said targeted an isis command post where a military council meeting was reportedly taking place. they're saying that 300 isis soldiers were present at the meeting. that in addition to that 30 mid level field commanders were present at the meeting. i mention those points only because they raise real red flags because isis is adept and has learned a lot from the changes in the battlefield in the past few years from the threat of drones, threat of air strikes. they tend not to travel in large numbers. so it will be very much inconceivable to think that al-baghdadi, the leader of isis, would be sitting down with 330 isis members in the southern suburb of rocca. that is of course their self-declared capital. but it is also the target of a major assault and we have been led to blaelieve in previous wes
6:16 am
that most of isis leadership had left rocca, that they were pushing down south. the americans are saying we can't comment on this yet. but we do know they're trying to explore whether or not the russians reached out to them through the deconfliction channel on may 28th to announce some kind of a strike in the evening. as you know, the russians and the americans have this deconfliction channel to avoid a possible crash in the skies, if you will. if it turns out that indeed there was a russian strike that the u.s. was made aware of through the deconfliction channel on may 28th then the u.s. can try to drill down on the details, see more information about what kind of a strike it was. but honestly, weeks after such a huge strike taking place, it is hard to belief that that many isis shoulders and field commanders and the leader of isis was killed as well, that we would not have heard about it is inconceivable. >> all right. let us know if there are any new developments. appreciate it.
6:17 am
the breaking news, the president seeming to confirm he is in fact under investigation. a pretty stunning statement. we will have much more on that. plus, united after the shooting. democrats and republicans show they can come together. the question this morning, can it last? again, the president moments ago put out a statement that said i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director. what on earth does that mean? how will his staff respond? we are asking the white house as we speak. >> plus, day five of deliberations after a judge tells a deadlocked cosby jury try again. go back to work.
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6:22 am
republicans to give to steve scalise, a gesture of unity after wednesday's shooting. >> another emotional moment when special agent came out on crutches and threw out the first pitch. his heroism saved many, many lives. so ryan nobles is with us. a beautiful night and a beautiful moment to see. as we learn more about the improving condition of congressman ska leateve scalise can you tell us? >> an emotional night. and the condition of congressman steve scalise on the night of everyone up here. you guys mentioned his condition is improving but the problem where he is being treated cautioning that he has a long road ahead. he went through a second surgery yesterday to repair organs and a broken leg that he sustained during that shooting and they are cautioning that he could be in the hospital for some time. but as you mention, he remains
6:23 am
in critical condition, but that condition is improving. adds you guys pointed out, steve scalise, his condition, his prognosis certainly the minds of everyone at that baseball game last night. they were wearing shirts that said team steve scalise. it was a dramatic show of unity and i think the question a lot of people have is does this now transfer into the day-to-day operations of congress? both republicans and democrats over the past few days have said they want to point out to the american people that they don't hate each other, that they're able to go out to lunch and dinner and spend time with each other despite the fact they have these political differences. we don't see that in the political rhetoric that comes out of this building, but there is some hope that changes the dialogue a little bit. they will be confronted with them when they all come back to work on monday. john and poppy. >> ryan nobles on capitol hill for us. joining us how is republican
6:24 am
congressman lee zeldon of new york. i think america whens when we see democrats and republicans actually come together and it is rare to see. congressman, our question to you this morning and i'm sure your heart was warms by that last night also, what are you going to do personally in the days and weeks ahead to try to keep this spirit going? >> i think for many people, including myself, we were permanently impacted by the events of this week. there are important lessons for all of us to learn, whether you are in congress or you are watching this at home in any corner of america. it is okay to disagree. we are the greatest nation in the world because we allow disagreements. we can end up with better final solutions when we talk about our differences and hear each other's ideas. i belong to the bipartisan working group. i wish we had 535 members of the
6:25 am
bipartisan working group. what the american public doesn't get to see enough is that republicans and democrats, when we're on the floor or we're out around washington, d.c., we get along well. we know each other's families. we know each other's passions on issues, even though we disagree on issues. so i think that the permanent -- the less sons that we learned this week that we feel will permanently impact our lives because this hits so close to him should be stories and lessens that we're sharing with not just other colleagues but with the american public. >> congressman, i'm glad to hear that and i hope we all see we hear more of it and that this is lasting. the president just tweeted moments ago. i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fb ix director. witch hunt. two things here. that is the president confirming he is being investigated. and he is also saying we don't know if he's talking about
6:26 am
special counsel mueller or rod rosenstein. but what is your take on that from the president? >> well, i'm being investigated as you just pointed out on your last segment can be taken quite literally as i am being investigated. and if he means anything other than the literal meaning of those words, it is going to require a follow up statement from the white house or maybe a follow up tweet. i don't know if he's referring to mr. rosenstein. i don't know if he's referring to mr. mueller. again, when you try to make a statement in 140 characters or less, people will take it for what they interpret it for. and if you mean something different than the way it is interpreted, it would require further clarification. >> it does require further clarification. and where we're pressing the white house for that now. congressman, you have been a supporter of donald trump for a long type.
6:27 am
you have given some free straight advice to the campaign and now to the white house. what is your advice this morning after a tweet like that? it seems to me that it puts supporters like you in a bit of a bind trying to explain somehow the inexplicable. >> well, it is a -- it certainly has great potential and in some cases has shown high effectiveness of being a powerful tool to get your message out as that account he tweeted from has 32 million followers and he updated it with a tweet in the middle of my sentence. it is possible you might cut me off to address the follow up tweet, maybe it would be making news for a completely different reason. >> no such luck. >> it's a powerful tool, but i do believe that it can be used more effectively to achieve his purpose. you know, i don't know the strategy behind, you know, this morning -- this latest tweet you are asking me about.
6:28 am
but if there is a bigger strategy that makes sense, i'm all ears. i will go home and listen to it. >> congressman, as far as we know, the only person leading an investigation of the president for possible obstruction of justice, according to the washington post, is bob mueller. so let's -- all we have to work with is his tweet and assuming he's talking about bob mueller, he is then saying i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. if he's talking about bob mueller, what do you make of that? >> that would be a pretty valid concern if you had bob mueller asking questions into why the president fired the fbi director and in any way, shape or form was trying to imply that he did the wrong thing by doing that and mr. mueller did in fact provide counsel. there is a lot of speculation in me saying that because we're acting under a few assumptions on that tweet. but i think you would have a
6:29 am
pretty valid point in that case if he did in fact -- if he is referring to mr. mueller and he did give advice from mr. mueller. but i'm not one who would be able to confirm. >> look, it is possible he is talking about the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, which is equally problematic. but you don't have to answer for that this morning as you sit he here. thanks so much for being with us. >> have a good weekend. with us next our legal experts are going to weigh in on this. the president confirming that he is being investigated. we'll talk about that next. so you miss the big city? i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile. you can do that?
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6:34 am
told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. >> president seems to confirm -- does confirm in that tweet he is under investigation for firing james comey. it is unclear, though, who he is accusing of telling him to fire the former fbi director. is it mueller? is it rosenstein? who is it? our legal experts are here to help us discuss. cnn legal analyst and counsel and cnn contributor and professor. paul to you first, what do you make of this? >> it is another bizarre development. rod rosenstein probably is the person he's referring to, the acting attorney general who is in charge of the russia investigation and who did that memo outlining problems that comey had had previously. but who knows? he gave an interview with lester holt that he made up his mind to fire him previously. >> but he isn't leading this
6:35 am
investigation. mueller is. >> mueller is. but mueller answers to rosenstein within the confines of the justice department and only rosenstein has the authority to actually fire mueller. so he's -- i think the president is now obsessed with rod rosenstein and is going back looking at the rosenstein memo, which recommended firing -- well, was critical of comey. >> that is one plausible thread here. steve to you, number one, the president confirms he is under investigation in this statement, which is a major development right there. if that is what the president meant to do. but number two. if paul is right, and he's trying to stick fingers in the eye of the deputy attorney general right now, what is the game here? is he trying to force rod rosenstein out? we had that bizarre cryptic memo from rod rosenstein last night. is he trying to pressure him maybe to resign? >> maybe. i think it is always trying to get inside the president's head and more dane rouse to try to get inside his tweets.
6:36 am
but this could be part of laying the ground work for firing rod rosenstein and that of course would change who was in charge of overseeing special counsel bob mueller and the russia investigation. that honor would fall to the associate attorney general. so maybe what we're seeing is the president starting to sew the seeds of discord so when and if he wants to move rosenstein out, there has been some ground swell against him. >> the president has been i think it is fair to say, obsessed with proving to the american public that he is not under investigation. you'll recall his letter firing james comey. and by the way, thank you for three times saying i was not under investigation. why would he say this morning i am being investigated? >> obviously, he's had solid information sent in his direction that the focus of this investigation has shifted to include him. and in fairness, you know, what the president -- and i know he understands this because he's been involved in a lot of legal
6:37 am
cases. during an investigation if another piece of evidence is uncovered, the investigation can shift to a new target. and i think the president is concerned that it's now shifting in his direction. >> you know, and steve the other developments which were big before this happened, the trump transition team, "the new york times" reports told to hang on to all their memos. vice president mike pence hiring his own lawyer. how significant is all of this? >> yeah. i think it's more and more noise, and more and more momentum coming out of bob mueller's investigation. so john i think what we're heading for is some kind of showdown between the special counsel investigation on the one hand and the president on the other. i think the question is going to be whether the president allows the investigation to go forward or whether in fact we see a repeat of history with another saturday night massacre like situation where he becomes so frustrated with this momentum, with this noise, with this pressure that he take it is
6:38 am
legally possible but political suicide cal step of shutting down the whole investigation. >> i think the white house now needs to respond and fill us in with what the president is thinking here because this is an interesting development here. paul, steve, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> the cosby jury deliberating right now for the fifth straight day. moments ago, they came back. they asked their seventh question. are they going to be deadlocked, or will be jury be able to reach a decision? next. i wish you were here. i miss home. ♪
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6:43 am
court rroom moments ago. what are you learning? >> reporter: about 30 minutes into this fifth day of deliberations when they came back and said they had a seventh question in this case. now, remember, it was 11:30 yesterday, their fourth day of deliberating where the jury came back and said they were deadlocked. they can't make a unanimous decision about this verdict. what we don't know at this point is what that question is. but we also don't know at which degree they're deadlocked. are they deadlocked between members of the jury or are they deadlocked on particular counts of these three counts of aggravated indecent assault. there is a lot of questions surrounding the confusion and this lange ck of being able to e on this verdict. but we are certainly waiting and tensions are certainly rising. you have been hearing jean talk about how this jury has expressed frustration just with
6:44 am
their body language inside the courtroom. we have seen frustration outside the courtroom where accusers have been standing by, cosby accusers from the past, waiting to hear this verdict. cosby supporters also there to see how this jury will decide this case. so as soon as we get answers to that seventh question, we will let you know, but this jury going out for more than 40 hours. >> well, they're considering these three different counts. we'll see if they could come to a unanimous decision. we're following a lot this friday morning. the russia investigation this morning. the president tweeting and confirming he's under investigation. much more than that ahead. r smo. get super fruit moroccan argan oil. in the all new fructis sleek & shine. hair is 2x stronger. super sleek even in 97% humidity. all new garnier fructis. super fruit. super hair. garnier. "how to win at business."
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this week cnn is focussing on champions for change. i wanted to highlight an incredibly special organization, a place the group itself says they hope you never need to know about. friends of karen provides emotional, financial and advocacy support of families of critically ill children. no one is prepared to have a critically ill child. i mean, i think people avoid thinking about it. >> yeah. i mean, that's the number one thing families always say. we never thought this was going to happen to us and nobody does. no one is prepared for it. you are not prepared financial for it and emotionally for it. that's where friends of karen comes in. >> it's always hard when she's
6:50 am
getting treatment. >> sara helps family face the unfaceable. she is one of a dozen social workers at friends of karen, an organization that supports the >> how many families are you working with right now? >> i have a case load of about 40. >> four-zero? >> four-zero. >> this is the process. she started losing her hair. this is her twin sister, zoey. >> take the case of 14-year-old zariyah giddy and her family. their world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with sarcoma in her leg. what's it like to hear that your child has cancer? >> uh. it's -- i'm sorry. getting emotional. it's the worst thing possible to hear. it's really heartbreaking. it really is. >> hello! how are you? >> good.
6:51 am
how are you? >> it's always a fine balance talking about the finances and the emotional piece, but you want a parent to know that we are going to pay their bills so that they can sit by their child's bed. >> they helped me along the way so that i was able to maintain my sanity and not have to worry about one aspect of my life while i'm worrying about the health of my child. >> so, come on, i'll show you my office. this is what i spend some of my day doing. part of what friends of karen does is we pay family bills. so, this is for cell phone, hospital expenses, medicines. these are the things that keep a family afloat when their child is sick. >> do you ever get to the bottom of the pile? >> there's always a new pile. >> this really is a house, isn't it? >> it is a house. >> reporter: judith is executive director of friends of karen. >> we can't prevent the pain, but we can certainly lessen that pain for a family. there isn't a person at friends of karen that doesn't feel the mission in their heart and work their hardest because they
6:52 am
really care about the kids and their families. >> what are the darkest moments? >> well, we all get an e-mail when a child dies. while most, maybe 80% of children, are cured, it's always -- one is too many. >> friends of karen is named after the first child helped nearly 40 years ago. it's based out of a 150-year-old house, a genuine home for the organization. >> i need 15 of these, please. >> home to the volunteers, a home to the 15,000 children they've helped, a home for so many memories. >> i remember this family. we love you, eric james barron. we miss you, buddy. look at this. this is the celebrity "jeopardy" check that you won for friends of karen. >> so, yes, i once played "jeopardy" on behalf of friends of karen and i was really nervous. so beforehand, i wrote judy a note, hoping she'd say, don't worry, do the best you can, it
6:53 am
will be okay. no, essentially, she wrote back and said, quit whining. think of all the remarkable friends of karen children who will benefit from the donation we'll receive from "jeopardy!." think about the horrible treatment they endure every day and the strength they have to endure it. being on "jeopardy!" will be a piece of cake compared to that. >> i can't tell you how grateful we are to you for being so smart and for playing. >> i was thrilled. i was thrilled that it worked out. >> he is the winner, $42,900. >> how'd i do? >> like a backpack. >> their simple services, as simple as an art project, can make brothers, sisters, twins, included, safe, remembered. >> here when she got sick. >> most of us hate to think about these situations. at friends of karen, they joke that they ruin all kinds of dinner parties by bringing up what they do. and my mind often drifts towards the pain and the tragedy, but they don't, not the social
6:54 am
workers, not the families. >> kissing her. always kissing her forehead, yes. >> these pictures here. >> i often tell zariyah laying down in a hospital bed or in a wheelchair. and a couple weeks ago, i went to visit them and it was the first time i saw her standing and walking, and the smile on her face was huge. >> those smiles must make all the difference. >> it does. that's what gets you through, knowing what it can look like at the end and what you're hopeful for for each family. >> i love those smiles. gives you a sense of what these families are dealing with. after we filmed this story, a month or so ago, zariyah went back to the hospital twice for an infection in her leg, and it was scary. it was very scary. but because of getting families so strong with the help of friends of karen, they got through it and they hope the next scan shows the cancer in remission. go to and check out the cnn special hosted by sanjay gupta, tomorrow
6:55 am
night, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. >> so glad you did that. we're both parents, and all you want is a healthy child. and for people that have to go through that i'm glad friends of karen is there. >> it's a wonderful place. a wonderful place. >> all right. all right, we've got a lot of news today. the president is moments away from heading to miami. he's got an announcement on policy toward cuba. but just moments ago, he made a stunning statement, admitting that he is under investigation and appearing, we think, maybe to attack his own deputy attorney general. much more coming up. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you?
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-- captions by vitac -- good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm john berman. we have breaking news this morning, a major admission from the president, we think. in a statement, he confirms he is under investigation for firing former fbi director james comey. here are his exact words. the tweet speaks for itself. "i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt." that statement raises more questions, including is he also attacking his own deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein? >> he very well may be. also at the same time this morning, "the new york times" reports members of the trump transition team have now been ordered to preserve documents and other materials related to the russia investigation, all of this shaking out as the special counsel's team expands in number and widens its reach. we're covering all the angles. let's begin at the white house this morning with


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