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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 3, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me on this fourth of july eve. so many of you getting ready to celebrate the patriotic holiday. meantime president trump is trading twitter for the phone, calling these leaders ahead of critical meetings gurg the g-20 summit at the end of the week. that's where the president will come face-to-face for the first time with vladimir putin. the big question -- what will they be discussing? just a day after president trump tweeted himself literally humbling the media, specifically with a body with "cnn" imposed as a head, we're hearing he play by -- so far sources say president trump is not expected to bring up russia's influence. all the meddling not on the stable so far. caitlyn collins is stand i by. if that's not up for discussion
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at the g20, what will they talk about? >> reporter: that's a great question, certainly on everyone's mind as we lead up to this g-20 summit. cnn is learning that the national security team is not expecting him to confront putin over the russian meddling. they're saying it's not on the schedule right now. national security advisory h.r. mcmaster told reporters last week that no aenda or format hag set yet, and it's largely up to the president to decide what to talk to putin about. right now they're thinking confronting him about hacking during the election is not on the fable. official expect two thinking are very urgent, and that is ukraine and syria. syria has been at the forefront of donald trump's presidency ever since the assad regime conducted a chemical attack against its own people, and
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president trump promptly sents missiles to an air base. he's likely to confront putin over russian support for the syrian dictator. po despite whatever the format is, but more broughtly, this is an opportunity for donald trump ands vladimir putin to size each other up. during the entire campaign, trump said he wanted to look for areas where he could work with putin. this is likely a time for him to do that, and figure out if there's a path forward on improving ties. >> caitlyn, thank you so much. for now, president trump, you know, calls of this tweeting, he says it's modern day presidential when he tweets things like this -- >> oh, my god, what's going to happen? >> oh! >> okay. i want you to notice a couple you have times when then candidate donald trump called
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out why he didn't think president barack obama was presidential, including a time the former president didn't wear a tie or the way he handled protesters. >> i definitely think he should have worn a tie. you know, he's the president of the united states. >> that's a good point. i never thought of that. >> let him put on a tie. bill was wearing a tie, not that he has to follow bill. he's a president. it's a formal position. >> what message is he sending by not? >> it's sloppy, it's not appropriate, it's not presidential. he's the president of the united states. let him put on a tie. >> did you see yesterday obama screaming and screaming? and screaming. just like the way he runs the country, nobody listens to him. screaming. >> in one tweet from 2004, then
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donald trump actually called president obama unpresidential. this is specifically what he said, quote -- the way president obama runs down the stairs of air force 1, hopping and bobbing and the way, is so inelegant and unpresidential. do not fall. joining mess chris sill liza. mandy carpenter, used to term an communications director for senator cruz, and steve hull, who used to be chief of russia operations over at the cia. so happy early fourth of july to you, and chris cilizza, if he goes off like this, and president trump defends these tweets as modern-day presidential, his words, what does that even mean? >> i mean, not much. it's not meant to mean all that
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much other than to say, that i have a plan, there's a strategy, this is three-dimensional chess that you guys can't see. i think it's more likely zero dimensional chess in terms of what we know. he just says and does things, and then his aides and he to some stengt work for justify that as some part of a broad ee schema that we just don't see. hypocrisy is not a think that donald trump deals with. what he said said is immaterial to what he says today. what he said about obama, it was true. what he's saying now is also true in his mind. he doesn't see the logical inconsistency, and just glosses over. what he says tomorrow if it contradicts what he says today, is what he says tomorrow. >> i'm with you. for critics who say we're not focusing on the meat and
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potatoes of what's happening. let me point out tweeted 94 times, have been attacks on the media 68 on jobs, 29 on the military. i mean, when you look at that six months in, just trying to understand where the president's mind-set is, it's almost like, chris, and then amanda i want to hear from you, almost like he's a new york businessman obsessed with media, and not so much his own policy. >> two things, brooke. i think looking at thinks twit ear feet, analyzing what he tweets is important. this the unadult rated donald trump. this is the undiluted. him in a phone theoretically. point two, yes, for all of the scolding of the media, and obviously i'm a defender of the media, i get that. >> of course. >> but for all the scolding, look at what he tweets about. he tweets about cnn or "the washington post."
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he doesn't often tweet about jobs or the wall or isis. he tweeted about that this morning, but only to say the fake news media isn't covering these things. that's what's really on his mind day in and day out, whether it's illegal votes, hillary clinton and the rigging of the election, whether it's the media, whether it's the wiretapping still unproven of trump tower. that's what animate me. yes, we pay attention to what he says and what he tweets. >> amanda, what do you make of this, and where is the republican outrage? >> i am intrigued by this tweet. hi 'employs one of his most youthful rhetorical devices. he puts on the something, and then denies he ever said it. he's punching cnn in the face, but it's not really real, because it's fake wrestling, so everyone's asking, will this gin
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up violence? we don't have to ask that. he already has at a rally in kentucky on the campaign trail, some trump supporters filly assaulted a black woman. do you know what their defense in court is? essentially donald trump made me do it. they told their lawyers, they told the judge, trump was sea get them out, get them out, so they went after this woman, hauled her out and hurt her. we say cory lieu want douse can i for calling a reporter delusional that he grabbed her, and then we saw a reporter punched in the face. so let's not speculation if he will cause violence. he already has. this is something we need to focus on, you may not take this tweet seriously, but look at what's already happened. >> i do hope you're wrong, and i think of someone like ben fur son, who i know was watching yesterday, and he said you guys are taking this way too seriously, this was a joke. i think i just leave that saying
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it only takes one person. steve, to you, how do you think the tweets will impact his credibility? as he's talking about keen -- how will this impact, on will it not, credibility of the presidents around the world? >> well, in sort of a fascinating turn of events, brooke, i think that vladimir putin will look at the -- at that video that we're referring to about him doing the body slam on cnn and say, hey, maybe i should -- there's a couple pointsers i can use as i crossed media here in moscow. more seriously, though, i think when ought look at the public face that if angela merkel is looking over the photo album she got from the white house with the photos that show her in a very you uncomfortable pose and setting with the president, and then she sees the black slapping good old boy stuff going on in
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the oval office when sergei lavrov and the russian ambassador there -- >> unbeknown to the white house, those photos got out. >> and putin seeing, i think trump coming in these upcoming g-20 sessions. you know, he's looking to be able to sell this cooperation piece, which most americans say, why not? trump himself has said what's wrong? the problem is russia is poised to take advantage of that unless president trump goes in very strong and makes demands and registers some severe concerns about some of the things that putin has done like meddle in election, unless he goes in strong, the russians are going to come out with the upper hand in this initial meeting between putin and trump. >> just quickly, worth noting, steve made me think of it, as caitlyn reported, that at least
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at the moment sources are suggesting he won't be bringing it up. remember, donald trump billed himself as the guy who was okay with confrontation, tell it like it is, the guy who would not kowtow to world leaders. so if that's borne out, and we'll see obviously a couple more days, if that is borne out, it undermines a fundamental premise that donald trump ran on that, he's tougher, he's a fighter. remember, by the way, those words, tougher and a fighter are the way they defended donald trump -- they the white house -- in the way of him attacking micka brzezinski last peek. >> back to the meeting with kiss kisliyat, and laugh adviser, the information he had slipped that ticked off israel, there's a concern on his team that that could happen with putin.
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final those before we go? >>s i agree with everything that everybody is saying. we have to hope that trump will go in and be firm about this because of what he said, but all indications he had will look for cooperation. the russians will take that to the bank. they do it every time. thank you all so much. we are getting some breaking news here. the breaking news is we are getting word a group of pedestrians in boston have been hit by a car near the airport. police are saying there are severe injuries. we will take you to boston live, next. for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement
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don't start humira if you have an infection. just managing your symptoms? ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news here on cnn. you are looking at live pictures of someone clearly on a gurney. this is boston logan airport. sadly let me just tell you what we're learning, according to massachusetts state police, that a car -- i don't know if it's the white taxicab or another car, we don't know yet, this is all just happening now. a car has plowed over a number
11:18 am
of pedestrians at the boston airport. here's a wider shot, so you can get a sense of what's happened. we don't know a lot. paramedics on the scene, fire, ems near the taxicab line. there's some pieces of, who knows, pieces of the car or items on the individual before they were hit. according to the police, the severity of the injuries lange. some severe we're else waiting to see if there's fatalities. clearly this was serious, as they are putting one of several people hid inside the back of the ambulance. we're going to stay all these on the pictures and do this all together. steve hull is just joining me.
11:19 am
he was with -- forgive me. steve rogers, tell me -- we don't know a lot, but if please on the ground, what are they doing? priority is what? >> priority now is to make sure they keep everyone safe. you will have a joint terrorism task force on scene, because brooke, unfortunately it looks like a passenger that we've had worldwide with people driving carts into a crowd. we don't know that yet, but that will be the priority, to keep the people safe. i don't know, brooke, because it's all fresh, if they captured. individual. >> we don't know. >> but that will be a priority, too, to find this individual and make sure that the people are safety. motive is very important. they need to have that individual in custody. once they get that individual in
11:20 am
custody, then the investigation truly begins. if this is a driver who was drunk, or a driver who just had a horrific accident, that's one thing, but if there is a terrorist matrix, we have a problem on our hands. >> before we go there, because we don't know, as you point out, this is a tragedy that's happened the day before the fourth of july. this is boston, a city that has a massive celebration, as many american cities do. what do you make of the location being the boston airport and the timing? we'll emphasize the point that we don't know if it's a terrorist-related, but they're looking for large crowds, and then they drive into the targets. >> actually forgive me for jumping this. it could be the car. it looks like air bags have
11:21 am
deployed. this is a taxicab. we have no idea if the drier of the car is alive, taken into custody, but that appears to be the vehicle involved. >> the police have do a complete forensics or they may have the individual. it could be a taxi cap driver? a bad, bad accident, but i cannot emphasize one overriding point. they need the driver of the car in order to proceed into the investigation. look, i'm sure that airports around the country will have a heightened state of alert. we do have huge crowds tonight and tomorrow at fourth of july celebrations. not that we were not already on a shy alert, but this will emphasize that point. >> i also have daniel lynnski on the phone. thank you, sir, for calling in i
11:22 am
don't know if you have seen the images we are looking at. it looks like the taxicab is perhaps a vehicle that -- what does it look like you? >> that's the taxi staging area. i did get to review some of the video. i'm looking at the tenor and tone and the response and the tension in the troopers on the scene, and the pace of the scene. what i believe we have, my assessment is a taxi had either a medical event or some type of failing of its systems, and a tragic accident has occurred, and they're responding in that sense. i don't get a sense that it's a bigger organized attack at this point, just from the response of looking at the troopers, the crime scene is up, and the other tax driver is being kept there. if you know the lox, that's where the taxis are held under they're called for planes that have landed and people
11:23 am
off-loading. clearly a place where if somebody slips a break, the general area is where the taxi drivers get and gather food while waiting in between operation. it's not the most traveled areas for pedestrians. tell be taxi drivers alone in that queue, so it's more towards a tragic accident, but that's something that mass state will figure out. they'll go in there figure out the taxi driver, what's going on, gather witness statements going on. obviously we have a large celebration, july 4th going on, and they're going to make sure they take all the steps to keep people i've, but it looks as if it's a tragic accident. >> i understand that it's a taxicab staging area, but we saw where you could be eating, tables. so this isn't anyway near the
11:24 am
outside of terminals where attention would be getting dropped occupy. this is an area where taxicab drivers would be sitting and waiting? is that correct? >> they stage there, and sometimes they wait up to an hour. there's a cafe that serves taxi drivers. they sit and wait their turn to be the next one in the queue. it's not a play where travelers are going, so less likely to be a place where looking for an attack, this wouldn't be -- it looks like make a mechanical failure or human error or medical event and the cap proceeded forward into the area where they often sit and gather and have coffee preparing for the next route. hopefully that's what it is and it's tragic, obviously, our amazing ems in boston will do their work to get the best
11:25 am
outcomes as possible. right now, just tenor and tone of what i'm seeing, the troop es' attention on the crowd, it doesn't appear as if it was bigger than an accident. if it was, we would start to see tactical teams showing up, additional resources are sources, and we haven't seen that. it looks like massport is treating it as an accident scene, but that's my ceasant. >> daniel limskey, thank you so much for your assessment. so, so important, knowing the area and the ground and the optics of all of this. thank you so much, sir, for calling in. a quick break, we'll be back after this. ♪ ♪
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back to our breaking news, live pictures around boston logan airplane the day before the fourth of july, we are covering multiple injuries, as it appears a driver, perhaps the driver of that taxicab, slammed into pedestrians. according to our last guest, it sounds like this is the taxicab staging area, an area where the cab drivers are actually sitting in those tables, you know, versus a bite to eat in between shifts or rides. we don't know the severity of the injuries, also don't know if it was deliberate, was it a health incident on behalf of the driver? was it a mechanical failure with the car? we don't node yet. as soon as we know anything else, i promise we'll pass it along. turning now to politics, it is almost july 4th, america's
11:31 am
independence day, millions sendic hard-earned vacation time. everywhere, except jersey. all state parks shut down over a fight involving the budget. one mass has defied the odds, one man victorious in reaching the promised sand, and he is the very man who closed the beaches in the first place. yes, new jersey governor chris christie, relaxes on a beach despite closing it to the public. when asked whether he got some sun, governor christie says -- nah. >> i didn't get any sun today. no. no, there's no one at a state park, there's no lifeguards, no one to pick up the garbage, no one providing any service. next. next! excuse me, next.
11:32 am
next. i'm done. we're talking about the closure of government, and you're you can tag about your tmz stuff. >> the governor later clarified his denial of getting sun by saying, and i quote -- he had a baseball cap on. he defended his beach trip this morning. >> it's where we live, one of the places we live. what a great bit the journal i678 by the star ledger. they actually caught a politician being where he was said he was going to be, with his wife, children and friends. so it's a bit of -- i'm sure they'll get a pulitzer, they caught me doing what i said i was going to do with the people i said i was going to be with. >> matt arguo is with me, with new, who mass covered the governor extensively. nice to talk with you today. listen, new jerseyians are
11:33 am
reacting the way they are, not just because of the pictures on the beach and the stark contrast between the vast sanded governor and hi family and everyone else packed in around other beaches, but he's mr. i tell it like it is. >> yeah, look, we're at a point with the folks in new jersey and governor christie, he's just not liked. new jerseyians are ready to see him go, and he's right now the lowest polled governor in modern history, so folks are fatigued, ready to see them go. we're in this budget shutdown. the intricacies of who's to blame, they don't pay attention to, but a lot of folks don't have a high opinion about him, and now they've images of him when fans the fury. >> so he was the one asking the
11:34 am
governor, because parent he wouldn't have said anything had the governor not had a pinkish skin tone, would this story not been broken, if your colleague had not been so astute. >> my colleague and i didn't know at the time, but another one of our colleagues had snapped a picture of the governor on the beach. so it was a way for my colleague looking at another story, he wanted to open up the question. he was getting criticism for being it park to begin with. there were a lot of memes, and when he sensed the question from high colleague, he immediately wanted to bring up that christie attitude and bring that brashness that we often see with the governor when he gets questions he doesn't like. but, matt, let me go back to the representative for the governor said he did not get any sun, he
11:35 am
had a baseball hat on. chris cillizza was call it on spin hall of fame. >> i don't think it's as much as governor political snark. people are definitely upset and the fact he told a colleague that he had no sun was a useless things to say. there was no reason for it. he obviously knew that it wasn't true, so i think again that adds to the sanger, but the image itself is enough to have the governor's approval rating drop even further. >> 15% according to the latest quinnipiac poll. maybe he'll go to the white house and have another chapter. matt, thank you so much for
11:36 am
joining me on the chris christie sun-gate? is that what we're calling it not. a close adviser apparently going all democrat, we'll talk about that, and while a crowd gathered as a vigil for a missing graduate student, a chilling photo reveals who have spotted in the background. the school says it is the suspect in the abduction standing there. now investigators are revealing what they found on his computer, including weapon sides about how to plan a kidnapping. we'll have a live report, next.
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we have a significant update out of boston logan airport,
11:41 am
where a tax staging area, you know, ended up hitting a number of people who were in the way. ten people have gone to the hospital. jason carroll has been working the phones. he has a very important piece of information on whether or not this is deliberate. >> this according to two law enforcement sources, who tell cnn, brooke, this was an accident apparently the driver of that tax cab in question there confused the brake with the gas, and then plowed into the pedestrians there at that tax pool. this whole incident, just to recap, starten about 1:44, that's when the call initially came in that there was all of this activity going on there in east boston. apparently the taxicab driver once again, according to two law enforcement sources confusing the gas with the brake, and then plows in waiting at that taxi pool. we're getting word that ten
11:42 am
people were injured during the incident. we're still trying to get confirmation of the extent. four people taken to tufts, the remaining two taken to mass general hospital. that was a crowded section there at the time. i was looking for a tweet that ran it about 1:20 p.m. and they had some 320 taxis waiting there at that particular time, so you can imagine how crowded it was at 1:44 when the call initially came in. once again we're now hearing from not one, but two law enforcement sources that tell us this was now an accident that the driver of the taxicab, cooperating with the authorities apparently, got confused between the brake and the gas. brooke? >> jason, thank you so much for the update out of boston. let's move on, though. federal authorities say a man's abduction fantasy may have led to the death of a university
11:43 am
of illinois graduate student yingying came to america to continue her education. the fbi has reason to believe she is dead, because her abductor was talking about the kidnapping on tape. he appeared in court today on charge. fbi said he frequented an online forum known as abduction 101. there are threads like perfect abduction fancy and the university of illinois confirms the suspect in this abduction showed up to the student's vigil last week. kay lee hartung captured this photo. university fills say he is the man in the top right corner of the photo. ka kaylee is with us live. what more are they telling you?
11:44 am
>> reporter: well, brooks christianson was arrested on friday. it was the day before that the zhang family so full of hope that the university had organized this walk through campus for members of the community to show theirs support for yingying and her family. we have now confirmed that that is in fact brent christianson, the suspect in this kidnapping in the top right-hand corner. i had taken that photo as folks were congregating here on the step just before that walk begaunt, really startling to see him and have his identity confirmed at that walk in her honor. >> we know that police believe she is dead based on what he said in this recording, but they won't elaborate. do you know -- what more do you know about that? >> reporter: well, let's start at the beginning of the evidence
11:45 am
here, brooke. the last sighting of yingying, she was seen getting into a car that police say christianson was driving that day and he ons. they found the records, as you mentioned of the absuction of the 101 site and the kidnapping fantasy site. then on that same day that we attended the walk in her honor, he was already under surveillan surveillance. that's when authorities can further him telling someone, we don't know how, how he kidnapped her. that's all the evident authorities are currently willing to share, but thoughts say they have additional evidence. >> i still can't believe you caught him in that photo. thank you so much. steve rogers is still with us here. i'm going to bring steve into the conversation. just first going back to the photo, where you can see kaylee caught. police say that was the abdu
11:46 am
abductor, who went to the vigil. is this something, you know, that in a sick, twist the way, that they want to see what's going on? >> brooke, yeah, a couple things. one is he carried out his faerchts from beginning to end. that could have been part of his fantasy ending this. in another sick, twisted way, some of these criminals will go to the scene of funerals, wakes. >> why? >> well, sometimes, believe it or not they're remorseful, looking for forgiveness in their own way. they're having a hard time coping with what they did, or just confirming like what i did, and i got all these people gathered in one area to mourn my victim. it's a sick crime, and this, brooke, believe me, this was at least appears to be a crime of opportunity this poor girl at that bus stop became his victim.
11:47 am
>> apparently this website is for -- or at least marketed for consenting adults, sexual fantasy, you know, into acting out kidnappings, but they have had to, i think privatize the site or close it in, because it's been sited in multiple criminal complaints for people such as this individual, with nefarious intent, not just do it for -- how does it 'em exist? >> it shouldn't. we'll always hear the first amendment, no one is committing a crime. this is inciting a criminal act. this individual actually carried this act out, and in his mind, you know what? he probably figures he's performed a fantasy in his mind. maybe he feels he didn't do anything wrong, but here's what's key. the key is the police got him right away. now the motive, what was his motive?
11:48 am
weeble probably find out it was and simple and tragic, well, i went on a website, decided to carry out a fantasy and it went too far. what troubles me is the fact he changed hi story, and when he cleaned the passenger side more meticulously than the driver's side and sid to the police in another story, i let let her go, that may be the signal that led police to believe she's no longer with us. >> thank you, steve, so much. next here we're talking taxes, raising taxes on the rich sounds like a plan from the democrats. one of the president's closes advisers is pushing the idea. we'll talk about steve bannon's latest plan. and the white house is weighing in on the video the president tweeted, the whole wrestling cnn video? more on that. because tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the hotel you want.
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a tax hike for the wealthy to pay tax cuts for the middle class. sounds like a talking point from the left, but surprisingly the idea is being floated by one of the men who has president
11:53 am
trump's ear, steve bannon -- he's works from behind the scenes. so with me now two different opinions, grover norquist, president of americans for tax reform, an organization that opposed all -- and dillon rat gan, for a and chairman of -- holdings, so gentlemen, let's get started. everyone knows your name because you pushed republicans to sign that pledge not to raise taxes of any kind. i have a feeling you entirely disagree with mr. bannon? >> yes. it's a particularly cruel thing for bannon to do. had we grown during the obama year at ronald reagan rates of 4% rather than 2% as obama d. there would be 12 million more americans working today.
11:54 am
that's the problem we need to fix. that's why trump won the election. raising taxes hertz economic growth, obama reminded us of that. reagan pointed out that that was in fact the case. we need lower rates across the board, and the president is pushing particularly for taxes on businesses to be reduced, to subject that it might make somebody field good to know that somebody else is paying higher taxes, that's a cruel thing to do when you're hurting somebody. the whole point of high tax rates is so politicians can tell the middle class, are we screwing you? not as much as that guy over there. it's the excuse they use to damage the middle class. if somebody is in the white house and hasn't read history, that's unfortunate. >> i heard the word "cruel" said twice here.
11:55 am
dill dylan? your response. >> in other words, cut all taxes no matter what is an incredibly appealing pr message, incredibly appealing political message. the reality is taxes are either an incent iive we are not encouraging money to be invested in american business especially new business where job is created. it will outrage the right and quite honestly it will never happen. from an actual policy standpoint, if you want to make something happened to create jobs in this country, you would drive towards tax incentives that benefit investment in
11:56 am
business formation and discourage consumption or frivolous use of capital. so the issue is not are you taxing the rich or the poor, if you really want to create jobs. the issue is are you using tax policy to intelligently encourage investment in new business formation while discouraging excessive appeared frivolous consumption. unfortunately that part of the tax bee date never makes it into the fear because of the appeal taught the, raise taxes or leave the rich alone. >> grover, dylan is saying this would be a political win. the majority of americans agree with the notion of taxes, say, a bill gates and helping out a guy in the middle class. he picked up independents and reached a bipartisan graeme agreement on something like this, don't you think it would be a win? >> no. the president is putting forward a significant reduction on the
11:57 am
tax burden. there's not a single democrat who would vote to reduce taxes overall. they'll cheerily vote to raise taxes on some people. that's what democrats do. but they also raise taxes on lower and middle-income people as obama did for obamacase, massive mini taxes on middle and poor people. they do e. oh, look we're going to tax bill gates over here other the kennedy and wheel they do that, they pick the pockets of middle-income people. it's all an effort -- it's a standard act that politics do, all taxes discourage whatever you are taxes, taxes income discouraging work. why would you do that more than absolutely necessary to fund a limited government. >> and you willy -- here's where i agree with grover.
11:58 am
taxes income is a booed idea, because you want people to generate income, so where do you collect that money first? i would strongly argue that a consumption tax, especially a discretionary tax, is a of place to begin tax and for theater a very aggressive state tax. ultimately there's very little evidence that the children of the rich -- if you can't allow income to be encouraged while discouraging idle wealth for people who don't work, i would say that would be a more intelligent use of property. >> let ate play this on you and we'll go. steve bannon pitches this idea to the president. president trump then says what?
11:59 am
you and he's all ears. there's no evidence that donald trump has any idea remotely -- add ideologuer. his an an impulse i have opportunist who changes. >> trump has very consistently said he wants to reduce tax rates and bring business taxes down to create more jobs and opportunity. he's committed to abolishing the -- to dramically increase the per capita, or the exemption for individuals from 6,000 up to 12 for an individual, from 12 to 24 for a family of four. >> so no? >> this is not going anywhere, it's an tuft distraction, because it's a cruel joke on middle income people to think that killing their jobs helps them. thank you both so much.
12:00 pm
you are watching cnn on this monday afternoon. thank you so much for being with me. just one day after tweeting himself body slamming the media, president trump is now back to white house business, trading his twitter for the phone. that's where the president will come to -- vladimir putin, what will they discuss? more on that? just a moment. let's go to the white house to my colleague over there, cnn's sarah