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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  July 11, 2017 2:00am-2:57am PDT

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efforts to spread damaging information about hillary clinton. that is according to this morning's "new york times" citing three sources familiar with an e-mail sent to trump jr. e-mail reportedly says the information about clinton was part of a kremlin effort to help the trump campaign. >> it was written by british publicist rob goldstone, an entertainment business associate of trump swr connections to moscow. although goldstone suggested the damaging material originated with the russian government, there's no evidence it was related to the russian hacking of the dnc. late last night, don jr.'s newly hired attorney dismissed the report calling it "much ado about nothing." his statement reiterating that don jr. didn't do anything wrong by taking the meeting and that nothing came of it. >> the white house consumed on monday by questions about the meeting. the spokeswoman insisting that the campaign did not collude, describing the meeting as short with absolutely no followup. sanders had fewer answers about
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the white house pattern of denying any possible wrongdoing, only to backrock to and be presenteded with contrary -- backtrack and be presented with contrary office. listen to this from an--camera white house briefing -- >> how are we to take the blanket denials that occurred through the transition and now when it has been proven and recognized by the president's attorney and don jr. that those blanket denials were not factual? >> look, i think the point is that we've tried to make every single time today and then and will continue to make in those statements is that there was simply no collusion that they keep trying to create that there was. >> sanders adds that if president trump only -- he only learned of his son's meeting with the russian lawyer in the last few days. the president himself has been staying largely out of sight. today the second straight day with no public events on his schedule. >> more questions about the players involved in setting up the meeting between donald trump
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jr. and the russian lawyer. the latest additions to the growing cast of characters, music publicist rob goldstone, and his client. this guy, emin agalarov, a pop star who asked goldstone to make that meeting happen. let's sort out who's who with senior international correspondent matthew chance. bring us the flow chart. he is live in moscow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right, and rob goldstone, he's the figure i think who takes place center of this at the moment because he sent the british national, a music publicist, based in new york. we've learned that he's currently located in greece, perhaps on holiday. but he -- he sent this e-mail to don jr. saying, look, you've got to meet with this russian lawyer. she's got information. this is according to "the new york times," she's got information that comes from the russian government that would help you in your campaign against the democrats against hillary clinton. now, that meeting, as we know, took place, it took place.
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rob goldstone represents a contact of don jr. and donald trump in russia. he -- emin agalarov, a pop star in the country, sold a million records. don sr. once appeared in one of his pop videos where he played the boss reprimanding emin around the boardroom table and eventually firing him. the interesting thing about emin, though, is that his father is aras agalarov, one of russia's biggest property developers. moscow's biggest shopping mall. he's the businessman who donald trump partnered with in 2013 to stage the miss universe competition here in the russian capital. there is this direct line of various russian players from donald trump, the president to his son, the music publicist, to the pop star to the biggest property developer, one of the biggest property developers in moscow. that's the suggestion that it was through this route that the
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kremlin attempted to exert its influence on the trump campaign. of course, the kremlin and the trump campaign both categorically deny that. >> all right. fascinating. matthew chance, thanks for breaking that down. nice to see you this morning. i could not find emin on itunes. but his soothing sounds are available on youtube if you're curious, folks. joining us from "the weekly standard," chris dayton live in washington. he celebrates the entire catalog of emin agalarov. good morning to you. >> yes. >> and concert t-shirt sales -- >> yes. i was running to it this morning, in fact, 45 minutes ago. you caught me red-handed. >> we listen to it -- >> even if it's not great for running. great to have you. people get tired of the drip, drip, drip, and no significant details. how major is this one? this feels different, that the russian government, at least according to the e-mail, the e-mail suggested that the russian government was the one who had dirt on hillary clinton, and that's what drew don jr. to this meeting.
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how does this change the game, chris? >> sure. contrary to don jr.'s lawyer, this is much ado about something for sure. this is a big, big issue just because it is so tangible with this idea of the possible collusion narrative. in this "times" story, we have to be careful because there's delimiting information, gaps about what we do not know or things that are speculative. the important thing is that what we do know is that don jr., based on three sources that were cited in the story, did have information, whether or not it was hearsay, whether or not goldstone himself had direct knowledge of these facts, this this information did originate with the russian government. that it was broadly part of a campaign to help trump in the election. and that, you know, these things were not in question. i mean, there's no reason to believe they're ambiguous. so even though this is just one
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instance of it, i mean, from the "times" story, we have to realize that it doesn't sound like goldstone spilled the beans about every single minute detail of this broader campaign. the fact that we know bits of information about where the information came from. that unlike what don jr. said on sunday did not appear to be a pretext meeting, but clearly and unambiguously the point of the meeting is pretty significant information. it's definitely going to be of interest to investigators looking into this matter. >> wean -- we know that don jr. was tweeting about this yesterday. the president was tweet being other things -- tweeting about other things yesterday. >> everything else. >> there's no public events for the public for the second day in a row. do you expect there's a response from the president? >> well, from the president's team, i would hope not. this is the type of situation where i think it's best left to the lawyers and the less said the better. if there is anything that i would expect to hear, i think it's the type of stuff that you
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typically hear from the president in circumstances like this. when there is a story that is potentially damaging to him, his family, his white house, his administration's agenda, the strategy is to deflect. i would certainly expect that if trump himself or some of his aides were going to respond to the story and try to redirect attention elsewhere, that it is going to focus on hillary clinton and her campaign activities and whatever -- what type of stuff they could possibly dig up from reporting in the last year that just simply reorients or attempts to reorient the focus from them and the story. >> i think there are unnamed sources in this "new york times" article. obviously supporters of the president will leap to that, you know, and -- and say, you know, these are more leaks, that there are too many holes or gaps, as you pointed out. it does raise concerns among many on capitol hill about the drip, drip, drip of russian developments. i want to learn to senator mark warner yesterday.
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>> it's also a continuing pattern that we've seen since the election of trump campaign and trump administration officials who have conveniently forgotten meetings with russians only when they are then presented with evidence they have to recant and acknowledge those kind of meetings. it is why we've got to continue this investigation. >> he's the ranking member of the senate intel committee. clearly robert mueller, the special counselor, has a lot of questions and material to go through. >> tons. and i think to your point here, just in what senator warner was talking about, the idea of the drip, drip, drip. so often this from the trump administration's standpoint is laid at the feet of the so-called deep states or people who are deeply embedded in the intelligence apparatus and are lifers, aren't necessarily part
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of the trump team per se. they happen to be incidentally, this is not coming from bob mueller's team. this does not appear to be coming from any sort of intelligence apparatus. this has to do with trump's own orbit now is what it sounds like. when you see jared kushner deflecting attention to don jr. focusing on him, president trump has to make sure he has everything lined up in his own back yard. that seems to be the broader problem here. >> the other problem is health care. they go on the july 4th recess, a number of republicans opposing this bill increased. cnn's latest vote count has ten republican senators opposing this bill. we understand there's a new cbo score, they want a vote by mid to late next week, where do you see this headed? >> it's difficult to tell without knowing the exact details which -- when have i heard that before with respect to health care reform? i believe that with this
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particular read right now there are two things on the table. there's the idea from ted cruz that would allow insurers who offer an obamacare-compliant plan on the exchange to offer some noncompliant insurance that might be cheaper, higher deductibles, fewer benefits. but also lower premiums. that's the stuff that will be attractive to younger, healthier consumers. there are obvious concerns about how that affects premiums for more vulnerable people. cruz's contention is that, look, we're going to directly subsidize these people transparent transparently. we're not doing it through regulations. we'll essentially lay the bill at the foot of taxpayers for higher subsidies. that's the way republicans would care to take care of this particular issue, not through regulations, whether that's going to get moderate support, who knows? i'm interested to know what will happen if that fails and we go with the repeal route. a lot of moderates will be uncomfortable by that, as well. >> chuck grassley expressed concern that the ted cruz amendment could impact a
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pre-existing condition portion of obamacare. i want to ask you about the president's silence on health care and how he's largely staying out of the debate. we'll talk to you in a bit. >> thanks for dropping by so early this morning. >> thanks, guys. to breaking news, 16 people killed when a marine corps plane crash the in mississippi. the fbi is at the scene investigating. no survivors of this crash. this hour it's not clear what went wrong. the kc-130 went down in leflore, mississippi late monday afternoon. it is one of the most widely used aircraft. a local fire chief says the debris field from the crash is five miles in radius. 4,000 gallons of foam were needed to put out the fire. >> we'll have breaking developments all morning. a new result restores the rights of millions of americans to restore your bank or credit card company. it could cost wall street billions of dollars. details next. on mi came across this housentry with water dripping from the ceiling.
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suing your bank or credit card company just got easier. the new regulation will likely face steep political backlash. the consumer financial protection bureau, the cfpb, has a new rule that could stop people from filing bank lawsuits. there are arbitration that forces consumers to solve problems in private mediation instead. companies say it's faster, but critics argue it's less effective. -- introducing new legislation is a bold move. the treasury department accuses the department of overreach. it's recommended limiting its powers. one part of the administration's plan to trim financial
2:17 am
regulations. new jersey voters refusing to let governor chris christie off the hook for sunning himself on a beach that he closed to the public. you see, the governor was auditioning for his next potential gig as a sports host on new york's wfan when the angry calls began pouring in -- especially this one. mike in montclair -- >> what's up, mike? >> governor, next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you -- >> yeah? >> you put your fat ass in a car and go to one that's open to all your constituents, not just -- >> interesting, mike. you know what -- >> what's that? what's that, gov? >> you know, mike, i love -- i love getting calls from communists in montclair -- >> communists in montclair? you're a bully, governor. i don't like bullies. >> you know what -- listen, i'm not the one who came on the air -- hey, hold on, mike -- >> your career -- >> i'm not the guy who came on the air, swore on the air, and -- >> who swore? >> you did. >> get the heck out of here. >> you know, you're swearing on the air, mike.
2:18 am
you're a bum. so let's -- >> you have -- >> that -- >> -- bad optics -- >> mike, i'd like to look at your optics every day. >> let's look at his optics. despite christie's historically low 15% approval rating in new jersey, wfan confirms he is a candidate to take over the afternoon time slot of the legendary mike francesa who's retiring later this year. how would you like it if someone came and got a look at your optics? >> right? i got to say that sports fans on the radio, it's a whole genre i don't get. >> they are some fire the up people. the government doesn't strike me as someone offended by swearing. >> no. entertaining. all right. here comes the judge. yankees slugger aaron judge put on quite a show at the all-star home run derby. coy wire gets out his tape measure for this morning's "bleacher report." [man] we're campers. look at us. look at us.
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choose by the gig or unlimited. call or go to introducing xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. yankees rookie slugger aaron judge putting the gavel down on the competition last night at the home run derby. >> i hope he has a long career of puns. coy wire, more in the "bleacher report." hey there. you can't have fun without funs in the morning. good morning -- without punning in the morning. good morning. 3.9 miles of home runs. he's a supernatural force arguably becoming the new face of baseball while playing for one of the most iconic franchises in sports. 6'7", 282 pounds. a mythical beast of sorts in the
2:24 am
sport. he cleared the 5 flips-foot mark -- 500-foot mark five times when no one else did it once. taking home the trophy as the home run derby champ. aaron judge holding court on a national stage and laying down the law. the day was off to a bad start for rafael nadal even before his match began at wimbledon. leaping up after tying his shoe in a tunnel slammed his head on a doorframe. he dug himself into the hole early. dropping the first sets to the 16th seat muller. he rallied making the match what some are calling one of the best ever at wimbledon. after over four hours, the number-two seed in the world, number two ranked player in the world, rather, nadal, shocked by muller in what is an instant
2:25 am
classic at wimbledon. senate reds' matt cozart can add another first to his life -- owner of a brand-new donkey. his teammate, joey votto, told cozard he was buy him a donkey if he made the all-star team after he said how much fun his son had at a petting zoo. one problem -- they live if a townhouse that isn't exactly donkey friendly. >> for the final being -- time being, my mom's going to have to have the donkey. then i need to get land to figure it out. >> are you going to name him all-star? >> i don't know, i'm going to have to figure it out soon. like i said, when we started off after the break, you know, i'm sure that donkey's going to be in the clubhouse somewhere. >> can't wait to see video of donkey in a clubhouse. he's going to have the fans help him choose a name. he's probably wishing he had a better time at the car dealership or something -- >> yeah. >> sounds like a pain in the --
2:26 am
get it? >> ah! you are strong this morning. >> all right. >> i'm on the cincinnati zoo website. i don't see a donkey there this morning. i'm just watching cozart. >> thank you. donald trump jr. was told the january government had tie -- the russian government had ties to hillary clinton. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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donald trump jr. was told the russian government was providing damaging information about hillary clinton. a stunning new report in this morning's "new york times" ahead. and 16 people killed in a marine corps plane crash in mississippi. a huge debris field, we're told, and no survivors. many questions this morning. the fbi is on site. we'll have the latest
2:31 am
information moments away. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. 30 minutes past the hour. a first -- not only did donald trump jr. meet with a russian lawyer, there's no reporting that don jr. was told the russian government was directing the government's efforts to spread damaging information about hillary clinton, that's according to "the new york time times". they cite three sources that say the information was parts of a kremlin effort to help the trump campaign. >> the e-mail was written by british publicist rob goldstone, an entertainment business associate of trump sr. with connections to moscow. although goldstone suggested the damaging material originated with the russian government, there's no evidence it was related to the russian hacking of the dnc. last night, don jr.'s newly hired attorney dismissed the report calling it much ado about nothing. his statement reiterating that don jr. didn't do anything wrong by taking the meeting and that nothing came of the meeting.
2:32 am
>> the white house consumed on monday by questions about the meeting. spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders insisting the campaign did not collude, describing the meeting as "very short, with absolutely no followup." in an off camera briefing, she had fewer answers about the white house pattern of denying any possible wrongdoing only to backtrack and offer amended answers when presented with contrary evidence. >> how are we to take all of these blanket denials that occurred through the transition and now when it has been proven and recognized by the president's attorney and don jr. that those blanket denials were not factual? >> look, i think the point is that we've tried to make every single time today and then and will continue to make in those statements is that there was simply no collusion that they keep trying that create that there was. >> sanders said president trump only learned of his son's meeting with the russian lawyer in the last few days.
2:33 am
the president himself has been largely staying out of sight. today is the second straight day with no public events on his schedule. more questions business players involved in setting up that meeting between donald trump jr. and the russian lawyer. the latest addition to the growing cast of characters is music publicist rob goldstone and his client, emin agalarov, a pop star who asked goldstone to make the meeting happen. helping sort out who's who, senior international correspondent matthew chance live in moscow. we know you are a big emin agalarov fan, as well. help explain all these characters are. >> reporter: yeah, emin is perhaps the most colorful of the characters as you mentioned. he's a massive pop star in the former soviet union. i think it's safe to say he's the biggest pop phenomenon that's come out of azerbaijan. he's been living in russia since he was a 4-year-old kid. interestingly, he actually had a
2:34 am
pop music video that donald trump appeared in. he appeared in it playing the role of the box as he always does in "the apprentice" role. he said, what's wrong with you, emin? i'm tired of you. you're fired. it was a parody of the show "the apprentice." the really interesting thing about emin is that he is the son -- his dad is one of the biggest property developers in russia. he owns the biggest shopping mall, for instance, in the russian capital. and aras agalarov, father of emin, he is the business partner that donald trump had when they jointly staged the miss universe competition in moscow in 2013. there is this direct line of connection from the president of the united states to the media publicist, music publicist, goldstone, to the pop star to his father. the suggestion is that that was the channel that was used by the
2:35 am
russian government. they obviously have close contacts with the businessman, as well. the russian government to try and manipulate and access the trump campaign. of course, the trump administration totally denies that as does the kremlin. they say they've got nothing to do with any of this. >> the biggest pop star to ever come out of azerbaijan, good stuff. matthew chance live for us this morning. thank you. yeah, it's -- what a tangled web we weave indeed. joining us this morning, "weekly standard" report chris deiten live in our washington bureau. good morning. donald trump jr. tweeted about the story eight times yesterday. should be interesting how silent he is on it today now that even the uber trump-friendly "the new york post" is reporting on "the new york times" on their cover. how significant is this "new york times" report? how does it change the argument? >> it's a big story because we have an instance here of a tangible piece of evidence that
2:36 am
points in the direction of what this entire narrative has been about all along, right? trying to demonstrate some sort of link, some piece of evidence between the trump campaign and russian actors, be they state actors themselves or people doing their bidding in an effort to influence the election. this "times" story has a lot of delimiting information. we have to be careful about that. there are gaps we have to fill. there are things we can take away based on the story that we know. one of those things is that donald trump jr. supposedly entered the meeting not under the pretext that it would be about kremlin-linked information to help his father in the campaign, but that was the actual point of it. it didn't seem terribly ambiguous. we heard that donald trump jr. said that we talked a lot about the russian adoption issue and blow back from previous u.s. policy. it made it sound like the point
2:37 am
of the meeting. no. that sounds like that was brought up in the meeting, and that this kremlin-linked information stuff had an over arching point. >> and we should be clear, there's great reporting about the russian adoption issue that is in many cases really a russian sanctions issue. that's what -- that's what that is about. you know, there's lobbying from attorneys, apparently like this attorney here on behalf of people who have been sanctioned by the u.s. government and don't like it. >> that's exactly right. so that, you know, kind of goes back. that's actually a great point that you bring up. the lawyer who was at the center of all this. we have as matthew described all of these people who were fixers, connectors, people trying to set up the meeting. goldstone himself, the agalarov family -- as a quick aside i peeked at a youtube foe of trump and -- youtube video of trump and agalarov.
2:38 am
there's more youtube evidence of the connections between the families and supposed fondness there. the lawyer here at the center of this was part of the sanctions stuff. she was quoted, i believe in nwr four or -- in npr four or five years ago. it's not like this person was an unknown quantity in googling. to not know who this was or potential kremlin contacts begs disbelief. >> and transparency would be helpful, but that's not happening any time soon. yesterday off camera, nothing on the white house schedule as of now. you could argue the same transparency is being used with the health care plan. the senate is trying to hash it out. up to ten senate republicans opposing the bill. names added over the july 4th recess. could they continue to see more no votes in the senate, or is there a chance that mitch mcconnell, with this ted ted cruz fix amendment could somehow get a vote and enough votes late
2:39 am
next week? >> i find that hard to believe just because of how tepid moderates have been with the idea of alterring some of the regulations and restrictions that obamacare put in place on insurers already. we have to go back to the key debate where moderates and conservatives had to do with obamacare regulations themselves. a lot affected insurance coverage of people with pre-existing continues and people's ability to access that coverage at an affordable price. that issue has manifested in different ways throughout the process, including i think to a lesser extent but no less extent with this ted cruz idea of allowing insure force offer different plans that might not be obamacare compliant. that's going to earn -- trying to earn moderate support will be a difficult road. >> yeah. senator susan collins saying she needs a complete overhaul. we can listen right here. >> i do need a complete overhaul
2:40 am
in order to get to yes. i hope that our colleagues will take another look at the bill that senator cassidy and i introduced earlier this year. i'm not claiming that bill's perfect, but it provides a foundation from which we could proceed. >> what do you think the chances are that they do something here? it feels like every day this patient is, you know, slipping away on life support. >> first of all, listening to the idea of an overhaul and the timeline we're on, it seems that the republican slogan at this point should be rome wasn't built in a day, but health care, we can do that in 45 minutes. it's absolutely incredible how fast they're trying to push this process through and doing it kind of under the cover of darkness and not having public hearings about how do the stability funds and money that's going to subsidize people who
2:41 am
might face higher costs, is that sufficient? what are the changes going to do? it is the idea of let's push something across the finish line and help that it works out well. the feasibility of doing that and getting people to legitimately get behind a plan on the moderate wing like collins is part of and the conservative wing is such a difficult task. the gap is significant and the issues both sides are addressing are so different. >> you wonder if they write off her and rand paul, opposite end of the spectrum and try to get everyone else. the august recess is drawing very near. time is running out. from "the weekly standard," chris, thank you. >> nice with the sunrise behind him at the capitol. >> thanks. breaking news this morning, 16 people killed when a marine corps plane crashed in mississippi. the fbi is at the scene investigating. no one survived the crash. at this hour, it's not clear what went wrong. the kc-130 went down in rural leflore, mississippi, late
2:42 am
monday afternoon. the 130 is one of the military's most widely used aircraft. a local fire chief says the debris field from the crash is five miles in radius and 4,000 gallons of foam were needed to put out the fire. a big blow to silicon valley. the trump administration denying a rule that helps foreign companies begin startups in the u.s. it allows those with fast-growing businesses to apply for parole status, a visa that lets you work in the u.s. it was due to start next week. the department of homeland security suspended it until 2018 and may ultimately eliminate the program. the move was quickly slammed by tech leaders and industry groups. for example, the paypal co-founder, max levchin, from ukraine, tweeted, "as an immigrant and entrepreneur who's created tens of thousands of jobs in the u.s. i am beyond disappointed in this decision." tech has greatly benefitted from foreign-born talent. the future of immigration is almost the biggest issue for
2:43 am
silicon valley today. it is one of the topics discussed there at last month's tech summit. the heads of apple, microsoft, amazon, met with the president at the white house. they have his ear, but on the subject apparently he is not listening. >> no. 42 minutes past the hour. finally free of the grip of isis. what's next for the city? is the isis stronghold in syria the next to fall? are you ready. for color this bold and hair this nourished? garnier nutrisse ultra color with avocado, olive and shea oils. it nourishes hair to boost color. from dull brown to our bluest black. nutrisse ultra color. nourished hair. bolder color. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... best one ever! for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
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of your back pain?trol new icyhot lidocaine patch. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. time for what's coming up on "new day" with chris cuomo joins us. another interview with kellyanne conway on the way. chris, the world enjoyed it very much. ke kellyanne called that meeting with the lawyer standard operating procedure. how do you think she'd refer to it today? >> probably the same way.
2:48 am
look, we're taking this on. you guys have done a great job covering it this morning so far. what's different? okay. so you have solicitation which is come and meet with me, i have information for you. donald jr. admits that that's why he went to the meeting. we know today, "the new york times" has advanced the story. not only did he know this was going to be about getting opposition research, opo, research on hillary clinton, but the person he was meeting with had a connection to the kremlin. what does that mean? that triggers a different level of scrutiny. one you have to be careful when you're doing something like that. it's not just typical opposition research because when you're working with a hostile foreign power, that can raise legal issues. even if everything about don jr. and why he did this and what it means about him is taken out of
2:49 am
this, it shows something that the administration is looking at, the need to investigate something like this matters. even if you take don jr. out of it, any culpability, responsibility, liability, whatever word you want to use that means onus, take it out, it means that it matters. the other take on today is what is the real timeline for health care? all three of us, we're happy with blessed with healthy kids, thank god. we know how expensive it is with the deductible and co-pay. there are too many families to use this as a political football. it feels like that's what it's become. we'll take that on, as well. >> mike pence calling it historic achievement, getting rid of obamacare. certainly some stories behind that. chris will have the latest on the plane crash, as well -- >> we're light on details on it. we don't want to get too far into the speculation before we know.
2:50 am
we'll advance the story when we can. >> thank you. like a good snap, all of snapchat's stock gains have officially disappeared, nexted. point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. pressure. i feel it every day. but at night, it's the last thing on my mind. for 10 years, my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape, so i sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform. ( ♪ ) nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and our july 4th event is the perfect time to buy one. save up to $500 on select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. iraq's prime minister declaring victory after troops recaptured mosul from isis. the move marks an end to a nine-month operation which began when fighters of varying ethnic and religious backgrounds made a coordinated push toward the city as u.s.-led air strikes helped pave the way. many questions including what's next for the liberated city, what's next in the battle against isis. the commander of the international military coalition fighting the terror group says the focus now shifts to syria. >> as of an hour ago, what was job number two for us, raqqah, syria, is now number one. we're prosecuting that by a and
2:55 am
through local partners. the coalition is performing the same kind of missions there. we'll take raqqah. >> jomana with us. a significant and symbolic victory. still a very long road ahead. >> reporter: absolutely. a major blow to isis and a major victory for the iraqis. as you mention, really tough task ahead for the iraqi government. they need to make sure they secure, stabilize, and hold the territory they recaptured from isis including mosul. they have a phenomenal reconstruction effort ahead. not clear where they're going to get the money for that, estimated in the billions perhaps after the devastation of the fighting. perhaps the most daunting challenge ahead for them is to try and rebuild trust amongst iraqis within the community to make sure they try and amend the sectarian divide, that same divide that allowed isis to
2:56 am
exploit it and rise in the first place. they still have some territory in iraq, not as major as mosul, of course, to try and recapture from isis and the concern is that the group now will return back to its roots as an insurgent group and start carrying out attacks in urban areas like baghdad. and as you heard, the coalition will be focusing on syria, on the self-declared area of isis. a tough fight expected to last for months. >> indeed, another long slog ahead. thank you. 56 minutes past the hour. time to check your money this morning. global stock markets mixed. u.s. stocks closed mostly up. the dow down a little bit. the rally in tech stocks boosting the nasdaq and s&p. investors have high hopes for tech as wall street head into earnings season. the sector is the best performing this year. the nasdaq up 18%. second-quarter earnings kick off on friday. jpmorgan, citi bank, wells fargo all report. experts expect another great quarter for the banks.
2:57 am
companies expected to grow 6% from last year. all of snapchat's stock market gains have disappeared. shares of the parent company snap fell below the ipo price of $17. the first time since going public. investors concerned about grow at thing losses and weak user growth. snapchat added just eight million users in the first three months of the year. instagram added 100 million in the same time period. snap stock down 42% from its peak in march. watch that one today. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "the new york times" reporting the first crack at collusion. "new day" will stay with us right now. we'll see you tomorrow. the president's campaign did not collude in any way. >> donald trump jr. was informed in an e-mail compromising information about hillary clinton. part of a russian government effort to help his father's campaign. >> that's opposition research. you're always looking to get the upper hand. >> what's been revealed for the first time is potential,


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