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tv   New Day  CNN  July 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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might. it was a sad night. i don't believe this journey is over. >> we try to improve the affordable care act. no the destroy it. that's what the american people want. >> this is a new day with chris cuomo a cuomo. >> good morning, welcome to new day. 8:00 now in the east. the big story republicans failing in the seven-year effort to dismantle obamacare. a dramatic late-night vote. senator john mccain coming back under duress. he cast that big vote to move the process forward and last night, he gave this skinny repeal the thumbs down. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling the president, it may be time to move on. >> president trump even tried to call john mccain to sway him, but, it obviously did not work. the president blasted the senate vote this morning saying three republican senators and all democrats let the american people down. what is next for headache anext
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care. live on capitol hill, phil what a dramatic night and morni. >> reporter: all taking place live. the culmination of weeks upon weeks of fits and starts and fa failures and what looks like the final end to the repeal and replace effort of obamacare. >> the -- the mos is not agreed to. >> the republican party's seven year effort to appeal obama collapsing after a vote that dragged on into the early morning. in the nd, senator john mccain cast the decisive no vote. republicans' last-ditch effort,
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the skinny repeal amendment voted down 49-51. >> this is a disappointment. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. >> mccain rejecting desperate pleas from vice president mike pence and senate majority leader mi mitch mcconnell. but none of it swaying the veteran senator who lived up to his nickname, the maverick. >> tonight was an unfortunate night. it was a sad night but i don't believe that journey is over. >> so now, mr. president, it's time to move on. >> the vote, capping off a day of uncertainty. the republicans shuffled back and forth from meetings in the senate floor, desperately trying to wrangle the vote force a skeleton repeal bill designed simply to move the process into a conference with the house. but et failure were shown early thursday evening as mccain
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joined colleagues castigating the bill and process. >> we've got to have republicans and democrats sit down together and come up with a bill that gets a majority in both houses. >> mccain's close front senator lindsey graham making clear the merits of the bill were lacking. >> the skinny bill is policy is a disaster. the skinny bill as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. >> each seeking assurance from house speaker paul ryan that the house would not pass the senator bill the senate republicans were trying to pass themselves. ryan eeventually releapting saying the house was willing to go to conference but it wasn't enough for mccain. who said in a statement that the speaker speaker -- did not ease his concern that the shell of a bill to be taken up and pass. >> just -- the idea that the senate majority leader would put something on the floor that would fail, just in general,
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laced on his reputation, the idea in a he would put up the thing republicans have campaigned on for seven years, the issue that is at least possibly responsible for the majorities in the house, senator and controlling the white house, and having that fail in such a dramatic fashion, at 1:30 in the morning with a no-vote by a senator who had just returned as he battles brain cancer, you cannot overstate how big and dramatic this moment was. i think people are still having it inc. isk in. even those who worked on the bill. even some who had an idea mccain was going to vote no, still stunned. >> absolutely. phil. thank you for bringing it all to us. there was so much high drama. so president trump now react to go the defeat on twitter. he vows again to let obamacare im implode. live at the white house. >>reporter: good morning, this is a major setback for the president and for the white house. now, more than six months into the job, there are still
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struggling to show they can get things done ledge lay tivly. -- after of the bill failed, this is what he had to say. the he said three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode. then deal. watch. that tweet showing the president has no intention of changing his strategy of naming, blaming and shaming republicans who stood in the way of getting this bill through. but also the president quite a bit over the last several months this idea of lets obamacare collapse. that would have negative implications for a whole lot of people, something republicans have said they don't necessarily want to see happen. we know that arizona senator john mccain was that third no vote. this despite serious last minute lobbying. vice president, mick pence who
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headed to the hill hoping to cast a tie breaking vote ended up being a last minute lobbyist. that brief conversation was ultimately not successful. the big questions now are what comes next. the white house is signaling towards turning the attention towards tax reform. the other question is whether the white house is show they are good at something other than infighting. >> thank you very much. >> just think about the situation. let's bring everybody back. phil mattingly. cnn political analyst david trucker. perfect panel. phil mattingly. think about what a bizarre world we're living in with this process. the a quick end run. got 50 votes don't have to deal with the 60. everything plays to advantage here for the gop. mcconnell, the master of getting it done. and then, it goes against him because of the very process that he put in place. the he pushed people to make the
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hard decision. they didn't do it. even though in a world where lindsey graham says the bill is kind of a fraud and votes for it and still couldn't get it done. >> report ju>> reporter: mcconnm knew this didn't look good. knew the process was rnts abouting to be treated welt chl gave democrats a lot of openings for attacks. but in their minds it was the only way to actually move forward with repeal. if you're going to try toe get 60 votes, democrats are never going to come on bort. well you don't have 60 votes, reconciliation is the only thing you can move forward. there's a really question, whether you can move anything through the committee process. the whether you can go through regular order. so there's a a very real reason why they chose this path. i think in the end the reality became they don't agree on health care. if you talk to republicans who campaigned on this issue who
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care very deeply about repeal i think it means an enormous amount to their constituents. they're kind of befuddled. if you think about medicaid state senators, expansion, you think about senators whose states have different type of medicaid populations than other states, there it was a lot of skin in the game here that was simply too difficult to overcome. the process night not have looked good but at least according to republican leaders, it was the only one they thought they could pursue. sitting down, bipartisanship is that possible? but that's not what republicans campaigned on. that ets why they pursued this and fallen short. >> david, all of this is set against the backdrop of this battle roy al in the west wing that has been laid there by new yorker reporting and chris' interview yesterday with anthony scaramucci. i'll play you just one excerpt
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about how he seems to be very, very focused on the leaks coming out of the white house. that's his top of priority. he told ryan they'll all be fired by me. i fired one guy the other day. the i have three to four people tomorrow. i'll get the person who leaked that to you. reince priebus, if you want to leak something he'll be asked to resign very shortly. how's this playing out with the president's agenda? >> reporter: i don't think it's playing very well. al-i sin, i think there is emblematic in erm it is of the trying to have the impact on the president's agenda. the white house seems wholly consumed by that which bothers donald trump. he doesn't like leaks, disloyalty. and the white house is singularly focused on addressing problems that annoy president trump and they drop the ball when it comes to presidential leadership on the hill.
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there's plenty of blame to go and. mitch mcconnell deserves blame, house republicans, you they're all a part of this mess at the end of the day. but the x factor in getting big things like this done is always the presidency. because it's the one adult in the room that can corral wayward members of a party, even possibly bring members of another party because of a national base of support. it's the one person in the room elect the by the country and not by a state or district. and in this case, president trump has really been absent from the public stage in creating the public space for senate republicans to take the tough votes, to do things they may not want to do for in a sense of greater policy and political good from the point of view of p republicans. the look at how vital republican the really think repealing obamacare is politically. mitch mcconnell's a very keen electoral operator. he looks at leak elections.
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he was trying to jam his own members to vote for a bill that is very unpopular, and then, when that failed, he was trying to jam them on a bill that would raise premiums 20% just to keep the process alive. that's how important republicans believe repealing and replacing obamacare is to their prospects in the 2018 midterm elections that they were willing to do all of these things just to get to the next step, and it all came crashing down and now they have to figure out what's next. i don't think they know. >> but it's all a window into what the original propositions problem was. it was that the idea is not just to repeal or replace, but to make better. if you're going to raise premiums and people are going to lose care. how is that better? even republicans had to own that. the there's a listen this was never called trump care. it's no the a good reason obamacare was called that because the president had a leadership role. here the president didn't seem
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to have one. and it raises the question of who gets blamed for that. >> well, there were two factors here. one is if you talk to lawmakers who spoke personally to trump about this. he had some dinners in the white house. it was clear he didn't really understand what was in his own bill. i think that sent a worrying signal to a lot of lawmakers. . second thing is publicly he would come out and threaten and lean on members like dean heller of nevada. but then turn around and say the same bill he had been threatening in the past was mean. so, it wasn't clear where trump wanted to go exactly. and the other problem is it's also clear that trump didn't care particularly about health care policy. at least not as much as russia shutting down leak investigations. i thought scaramucci's interviews with you guys yesterday morning and with ryan lizza last night were a real reflection of what is on trump's
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mind. and health care i'm pretty sure was a subject that didn't come up in those interviews. >> david, in terms of the white house chief of staff. i know you're not in the prog nostycation business, but does reince priebus survive the next week? >> that's a very good question. i think part of the lack of leadership coming from the white house has been ta there has been no chain of command in addressing all of these priorities. reince priebus is going to get a lot of blame for the failure of health care. as chris pointed out, he was brought in h because he wa z the washington guy that knew the players. it all starts at the top. and when the president brings in a so called communications director, and that communications director does not report up the chain of command to the chief of staff but reports directly to the president and starts going around the chief of staff threatening to fire everybody, outing the chief of staff as he sees it as being a leaker, there's no way you can present a
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united front and work with your party on the hill to actually get anything done because republicans on the hill are looking at that chaos and saying to themselves, these guys don't know what they're doing, they can't be trusted and if things go south, they're not going to have my back because they don't have each other's back. it's a war over there. and this is a big fail. and if the president wants to right the ship he's got to decide who's in charge, create a chain of command, and he's got to then let people go through that chain of command and tell everybody else to shut up. and in some ways, he should start with himself and make sure that his tweets, which do have an impact and have an ability to reach people are more focused, more -- and more open towards pushing his policies and not towards pushing his own personal agenda. >> it's scaramucci said what he said. he gave liz a one heck of a story, but he i think it's fair to say is a symptom of the
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disease. it's been going on for a long time in this white house. it seems the one thing that may bring the high pressurrepublica they're all asking him to stop. see if he can get them to do it. >> the day is young. thank you for all the insights. all right. so what is even a possibility when it comes to bipartisan work to deliver better health care for people? isn't that what's supposed to be the goal? we're going to talk to a republican congressman next.
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so now, mr. president, it's time to move on. >> that was senate majority leader moments after a very dramatic vote on capitol hill. it happened early this morning and a stunning no vote from senator john mccain sinking the appeal for obama. >> joining us now is scott taylor. >> i'm well non what time you went to sleep but what was your reaction when you saw john mccain get up and give that
5:20 am
thumbi thumbs down? >> i woke up to the news, but i'm certainly disappointed. what happened last night doesn't help the folks that are hurting under that law. individuals across the country and my district hopefully we can work together and get something that addresses those issues. >> do you think that the turmoil in the white house that has been so colorfully outlined in places like the new yorker, yesterday, here, the new communications director anthony scaramucci kind of laid it out. do you think that has been getting in the way of successful legislation and the president's agenda? >> at times, yes, of course. listen, i think some of -- i know there as efforts from the white house to try to get some of these senators to get on board. relationships matter. no matter where you are, no matter what form, whether it's business or in the private sect sector or in government, relationships matter. there's no question about that
5:21 am
that some of that could hinder the ability to get the legislation passed. >> if the chief of staff, reince priebus is locked in a battle roy al with the communications director how can he be doing his job effectively? >> obviously if we want to do big things here in congress of course we need a partner in the white house and certainly the staff to help corral some of those folks. there's no question if they're distracted in some way and not focused on doing thing force the american people that could obviously hinder the ability to get successful legislation passed. >> let's talk about something that did come out of the white house this week. you, we should remind our viewers -- you were a navy sale, an iraq war veteran. what do you think when the president tweeted out he want to the ban transjerp gender soldier? >> honestly very taken aback. you shouldn't be pushing policy
5:22 am
out via tweets. from what i understand of ours we went right in to try to find out information from dod and they didn't have the information either. personally i don't support the ban. i think that if someone is medically physically psychologically ready to serve and meet the standards they should be able to serve. obviously one question in terms of paying for surgery, if you need to have that elective surgery you're not physically psychologically ready to surerv. there's a standard there in the military. there should be equality but at the same time if folks meet all the standards they should have the ability to serve the nation that we all love. i was troubled by it. the there's no question. >> the president, one of his mash rationales he said was that the military cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military world entail. that is not supported by the
5:23 am
facts. any sorts of medical costs for treatment are negligible. >> i have to push back on that a little bit. that is true in toerm terms of overall budget and spending but again, the military is poes supposed to be a lee tal fighting force. if you're not ready to serve you shouldn't come in. >> of course, but why are you assuming a transgender soldier has a medical ailment. >> all right. don't put words in my mouth like that, please. as i said before, i don't support the ban on transgender. if they are ready to go -- if you sign up for an enlist. for three to four years, or whatever it is, but you come in and no matter who you are, whatever it is, and you decide or you want to be able to have surgery ta puts you out of commission for up to a year, and potentially precludes you from serving in some places where you're
5:24 am
supposed to do. that is not fair to the soldiers on your left or right this. is unacceptable to me. that has nothing to do with the ban. that's a different thing and i wouldn't say -- i wouldn't use the words it's medical cost. but disruption, yes. uf have to have a discipline to have a fighting force. that's something i don't support. i don't support the ban either. if folks are ready to go, come serve. >> what does that have to do with the 4,000 transgender soldiers that are in the military. >> from what i understand as i said i didn't agree with how that was rolled out of course in a tweet. and i did hear that general doneford said they won't be affected. and good. they shouldn't be affected in that way. honorable service happening rite now by folks who are transgender in the service right now. i hope that that continues. that they won't have disruption. >> why is the president doing this. >> i can't answer that question. you'll have to ask him. >> why do you think, on a very
5:25 am
busy week, with health care in the fore, that the president would send out these tweets and focus on transgender soldiers? >> again, i can't answer that he kw. you're going to have to squ the white house. i have noed why. but i told you my position on it. >> have you told the president or the white house your thoughts as a veteran? >> well i'm saying that here publicly on national live interview with you and we certainly put out a statement right away. >> congressman thank you for your service, thank you very much for sharing all of your thoughts. >> the republicans fail. you didn't see huge cheering from the democrats. there are calls on both sides to work together. so what are the democrats prepared to do? we have one of their senators who voted late last night, next. hey! you know, progressive is america's number-one motorcycle insurer.
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so, it's time for our friends on the other side to
5:30 am
tell us what they have in mind. and we'll see how the american people feel about their ideas. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell turning to democrat the to offer their own ideas. let's discuss the way forward with democratic senator ben cardin of maryland. good to have you. thanks for being on the show. >> chris, it's good to be with you. last night was a pretty dramatic moment. we were able to stop this train going in the wrong direction. now it's time for us to work together to improve the affordable care act. >> i test democrats on a regular business, why aren't you trying to get in there. i understand you don't have the numbers and don't believe in repealing the aca so why would anybody vote for that. okay. but now you know where he we are
5:31 am
and you did have mitch mcconnell do something in this environment that's unusual. which is to say let's look to the other side. john mccann exhorting all. the so what are the opportunity the to do that, to create better health care for americans, because as we know, the aca is far from perfect. >> well, neither party can do this on its own. we need everybody working together. so i'm encouraging the senator alexander, the chairman of the health committee. we have proposals. republicans have proposals that could bring down the overall cost of health care, stabilize the insurance marketplace, bring down the health insurance premiums. i could give you specific examples. i filed legislation dealing with some of the cost issues, dealing with prescription medicines to make it more affordable. dealing with more coordinated integrated models. >> that's where we need to go,s senator, because i think it is
5:32 am
time for specifics, because one of the political dynamics here that needs to be satisfied is a quick win. that's where the president's head is. what do you think could get done in short order? because when you say the word "hearings" that means that i'm going to lose hairline between when they start and when anything actually gets done. so, what do you ipg this, can get done soon? >> well, the senate's in session. we could have a hearing next week. believe me. we could put hearings together quickly. but we believe public input is important. we believe when you come up with a proposal you should let it be aired. let people have an opportunity to understand it. recognize the last bill we voted on was shown to us two hours before we voted on it. the so let's have a more transparent process. there are proposals out there. the i have filed legislation four or five weeks ago that include five or six specific proposals that could help
5:33 am
stabilize the insurance marketplace. these are not novel ideas. republicans are supporting these. we want to make sure the insurance companies know the stability of the market place so more have confidence to enter. we could also make it more stable by having a public option available if there's not competition in a community. so there are things we could do working with republicans quickly. i agree with you. i would like to get it done this year. i would like to get things moving. >> what do you make of the president's challenge to allow the aca to implode. first, do you believe that's a fair reckoning of the disposition of the health care system, that it is in a death spiral? and two, the notion that the president would, although he raised his hand and said i'll faithfully execute the laws of the united states, that he would allow this law to fail? >> chris, you're saying it exactly correct. the affordable care act is not
5:34 am
imploding. it's provided incredible health to millions of access. it has improved dramatically in quality insurance available. reined in the abusive practices of insurance companies. the president should be carrying out the laws of this country that make them effectively work. he is trying to say i'm not sure whether i'm going to do what the law tells me to do on the payments to the insurance companies which causes insurance companies to say maybe i shouldn't stay in the marketplace. i'm not going to enforce the mandate, the president says so therefore healthy younger people don't feel like they have to buy insurance because i don't know if there will be a penalty. the president is doing things that is making the market much more difficult, and that's just wrong. >> so, what about the fundamental issue of the individual marketplaces largely in states that didn't expand
5:35 am
medicaid that are under water. too small,s have one choice. sometimes that's it in a lot of these markets, huge deductibles and premiums rising at ridiculous rates. what's the first thing to stop that bleeding? >> two things. have a public option. have a government plan that's available if there's not competition in that marketplace. so you know you have guaranteed coverage. secondly, enforce the main dates so that the younger healthier people come into the market place so you have more people in the insure the market place the premiums go down so everybody's in the system. lastly make sure the insurance companies know they're going to get the payments that were included in the affordable care act so they can have lower copays and deductible the. that's what you could do immediately that would help stablize the marketplace. >> up until this point it has been the republican show. they are in the majority,
5:36 am
working to satisfy a campaign promise. that seems to be over. maybe some dickering on block plans but now's the time to see who wants to step up on the bipartisan side. we will be watching. thank you for being on the show to make the case. >> thank you, chris. >> all right. >> all right infighting appears to be consuming the west wing. anthony scaramucci taking on reince priebus and steve bannon. is the white house out of control? we have a debate you don't want to miss. next.
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the turmoil inside the white house is real, and on full display. did you see ryan liz's latest piece in the "new yorker"? you should read it. you've missed scaramucci making his case to the people he was brought in by the president to do some things and most of them start and end within the white house. so, what happens there and what does it mean to the president's agenda. the let's discuss with former
5:41 am
senior communications adviser for the trump campaign. jason miller. former senior advisor to president clinton, richard. fellows, unless you have the ability to curl up with a great book like amanda wakes up, you can buy your copy -- i have ten -- unless you have the ability to do that, you must deal with reality. the reality is jason miller, it is thunder dome in the white house. two men enter, one man leaves. how did it get to this point? >> well, chris, i think one thing to keep in mind here is that president trump likes to surround himself with folks who are passionate and like to mix it up. he likes to see them hash it out and see which idea or opinion comes to the top. up to a point. i think this is really the critical distinction here is at a certain point the president will look and say this is becoming a distraction or
5:42 am
getting in the way of the agenda, and then, folks will find themselves on the outs. that's not where you want to be. i think that things have gotten a little bit too heated. i think woo he saw from anthony's comments last night that he probably went too far. i think anthony is a breath of fresh air coming into the white house. i love his focus on the leaks. i think it's going to be a great team meamat teammate. specially after the republican turn coats shot down obamacare last night. >> well, let's adjust talk about one of the operating assumptions which is the last few days it's heated up. my suggestion would be you've had a problem there for a long time. you worked in h close quarters like this. have you ever seen anything like this where it scaramucci vs. riens. that's oversimplifies it. >> this has fwn going on you have who the family members attack. who went after jared, who is
5:43 am
jarrod trying to dwekill -- we about it all the time. have you ever heard anything like this. >> i don't think any of us have ever seen anything like this in the history of modern american olympics or the history of politics any time in our lifetime anywhere in the world. i think jason has done a pretty good job of putting forth the white house talking points. of the president likes to have a lot of people with different view s views around them. this is beyond anything. the crazy thing is we try to even talk about this in the context of regular business. but this is -- look at the cover of the -- the "new york post." >> this is a friendly forum for the president. right? it's run by -- survivor white house. and they have the cover as the survivor white house with these little character tours of everybody. >> what seem the to me is where are the adults in this. and the real losers -- is it
5:44 am
going to be -- i think nobody wins this. and the american people are the biggest losers. when you look at what happened last night on the senate floor with john mccann and lisa merkowski and susan collins, those were real profiles in courage. the i think if we look to john mccain today we can see a way forward. we have to start to work together. and somebody in washington -- it won't be president trump. it went be anybody in his immediate sish immediate circle but somebody in washington has to step forward and say this craziness cannot continue. >> courage to you, cowardist to jason miller. is that too fair an assessment because is there a fair criticism that the president has been too okay with the blood sport? that he hasn't been a heavy enough hand or good enough example of how to treat each other with decency, how to focus
5:45 am
on the right things, how not to get distracted, how not to make it personal? >> chris, i disagree a little bit with the set upthere. i think what the president wants to see is folks in his administration advocating for what he wants to get done and push z hview point the forward. i think the fact that scaramucci has been able to draw attention to these issues of leaks that have really hamstrung this white house in a way i haven't seen at any point in my professional life is a good thing. if he's aim to clamp down on those, whether getting those to stop, i think that's a good thing. going back to the earlier point, this is all about the american people and president trump's agenda. >> chris -- jason could i interrupt? >> quick -- >> this is not about the american people this. is about who got invited to dinner on wednesday night. that's what makes this crazy. >> i think you're missing my broader point here is that
5:46 am
president trump likes this competition of ideas. but he wants to see his agenda being implemented and wants to see strong people stepping forward to go and do that. this is not a white house that i think is a good place for wall flowers. he definitely wants people who are aggressive, get out and push of the message. now we need to make sure that message is going to tax cuts infrastructure, this president ran on and his historic victory on important things. now we need all of these people pointing in h the same direction. i've worked with them. there's no reason that these three shouldn't be able to get along and work on behalf of the president. >> the question is, given that they should be able to, will it happen and will they get the chance? is someone going to be out because of what's happening in that white house in as early as today. we'll see. thank you. >> oh, chris, is this your copy of amanda-- >> yes i'm sorry did i chief that an your chair.
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. when sean spicer resigned last week, we lost melissa mccarthy's uncanny parody on saturday might live. but thank good there's a new impersonati impersonation. watch this sendup of anthony scaramucci. >> i love the president. thank you. i love him. i love you. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> i freaking love you. >> oh. >> thank you. i'm going to fire so many people. i don't know who it's going to be reince, but i'm going to get to the bottom of the leakage of the white house, you hear me, reince? >> that's actor and comedian
5:53 am
mario cantone. and mario joins us now. great to see you. >> what time is it? what time do you kids get up in the morning? i don't know how you do this. this is brutal. i only got up for you. for him. because he promised me sex. that's why i got up. >> oh, my god. >> by the way -- >> thank you for the flowers. i appreciate it. are you proud of me? he was call me at all hours of the night. >> he loves your impersonation. >> he was giving me like advice. i was like thank you. >> but here's why. because this is different than what you normally do. you are a brilliant perform 0er. everybody knows that. the but the relevance to our political culture now, mccarthy wasn't just funny. it was about the window baldwin's not just funny. it's about the window that the is a ti
5:54 am
saturday tire -- political commentator. the date this happened, like when someone tweeted the comparison, i was lying in bed depressed. i couldn't get out of bed. you know me. i sleep late. so all of a sudden, that happened and then another person did -- and i don't have a twitter for all of us. i leave it there like an abandoned amusement park. i retweeted and it went crazy. then anthony called me. >> anthony who is trump in the president show on comedy central. >> you so quickly channelled him. figured out anthony scaramucci. we have another clip. watch this. >> there's an old italian expression my mother used to use when somebody hurt her. she'd say stick the umbrella up my ass but don't oepen it. >> i love ethnics. >> and i love president chump. >> well,s i'm italian, and i
5:55 am
know this guy. i just -- >> you -- >> i got to tell you. when i listened to -- i saw the interview you did with him because he forced me to. i said what time is your show on. he goes you don't know what time. >> i said i'm not up at 6:00 in the morning to look at your pretty face. so, then he said -- chris you tweeted me again. the phone interview is really interesting. so i listened to the phone interview and half way through i said this is exhausting. i said i know italians repeat themselves but this guy's taking it to a whole other level. >> he did say things like that. there's an old italian expression. >> i loves the italian expressio expressions. i just think -- >> what do you think is so funny? >> well there was one moment in it that you didn't show -- >> is it too dirty. >> no it's not and no one really
5:56 am
laughed at it but they were talking about the theme of the show. there's always a theme of the president's show every week. mooch, tell them the theme. i went joe paterno. and so -- that happened with you. >> he did quote coach paterno. >> my favorite thing is s skchlt uzad me. it's so like italian. it's hilarious. >> do we have time for another clip or do people have to watch on line? you have to watch on line with sister slaps the presidecaramuc president. >> i absolutely do. the because you know if i didn't, he'd come around -- >> you've got a great talent. there's a void and who could fill it better than you. >> i'm just happy anthony and comedy central called me. i love the show. you've got to strike while the
5:57 am
iron's hot. who knows if he'll be here in october. we don't know. >> we're going to enjoy it. >> take it for all its worth. >> thank you so much. >> good luck on your book. what's it auld amanda wakes up with an erection? >> no. the. >> oh, my god. >> amanda wakes up. it is a touching and poignant novel. >> your new beach read. >> see what it taalians do. >> cnn news room with poppy harlow and john berman is going to pick up right after this break. >> you're so great. thank you for being here. your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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