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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 28, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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top of the hour, good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. what a difference a thumb makes. ice stuck in the eye of the president and the republican party. overnight, he cast the decisive vote to kill the senate's last ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare. >> it is the latest brushback for an administration reeling from a growing list of failures and criticism. white house infighting and profanity laced -- can't match
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the enormity of the health care. salt in the wounds, nancy pelosi and house democrats about to speak on all of it. also, we'll be listening to what democrats will do and how they will help. we have a lot to cover. let's begin on capitol hill. that is where we find phil mattingly. you have not slept in a long, long time. you were away covering moment by moment of all this. this is huge. >> reporter: no question about it. this is the thing republicans campaigned on. this is why they control the house. itis why they control the senate. it's why they control the white house. the story is moving on. house republicans were frustrated. they were meeting behind closed doors for an hour. i'm told the speaker, speaker ryan made very clear, at least how it was paraphrased, the house is the only functioning body. he read the lyrics to a song the "wreckage of the edmond
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fitzgerald". it's a ship that sank. the republicans were on the victory and ended up failing. listen to what republican charlie dent had to say as he came out of the meeting. >> i was not surprised. it's pretty clear to me this process was not a good one. i think one of the issues was the president never laid out core principles and didn't sell them to the american people. that is a big part of it. there's a lot that went wrong. they should never force this on a partisan basis. i think that's why we are where we are. >> reporter: that's as concise a rundown as things that went wrong that you will here. the process was poor. the white house wasn't involved enough. as we watch these dramatic moments play out, culminating with the thumbs down. they couldn't agree on what
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health care policy should be for the republican party. that's the biggest take away here. the president responded last night, blaming the republicans and democrats for not moving forward. he's up tweeting this morning saying, quote, if republicans are going to pass great legislation in the senate, they must go to a 51-vote majority, not senseless 60. i want to break that down a little bit right now. republicans failed to pass health care because they weren't able to get even 50 votes, let alone 51. the republican process they were pursuing was the reconciliation that requires a simple majority. on top of that, mitch mcconnell made clear, he will not go nuclear on the legislative options. what the president is asking for wouldn't have helped. when it comes to why health care hasn't moved forward, republicans haven't been able to figure out how to do divides.
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the frustration of the house members clear and dramatic episodes we have seen over the last couple days and certainly saw last night. they aren't going to change things anytime soon. keep an eye on what republicans want to do next. a path forward is very much in the air. >> phil mattingly on capitol hill. phil, thank you so much. >> you would win. >> let's discuss with errol lewis. what is the significance of the wreck? >> the significance is they can no longer say they didn't have enough power, the republicans. the republicans who ran on repeal and replace for seven years can no longer say we didn't have the stars aligned
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right. paul ryan said this is the chance. if we are going to do it, this is the chance. what they have needed to do, instead of saying repeal and replace, say reform and rebrand. there are parts of this that most of the people who voted yesterday would all agree on. they could get to 60. they could get to 90 on certain things. things like the cadillac tax. things like negotiating down some of the pharmaceutical prices, where there's broud consensus. as long as they are saying we are going to do it republican only, with 51 votes, that throws it to the caucus. the caucus has no unified decision, no unified set of values, frankly about moving forward. >> they talked about that last night. look at what happened with obamacare. when you have only one party on board, you end up with something that needs fixing. kooe keith, i think you like john mccain this morning. where does this leave the democrats? we asked the democratic congressman what is incumbent on
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you. he damped around the question. the republicans won't work for us. what does your party need to do? >> the democrats have to figure out a way to work with republicans. republicans have to come to the table to make it happen. i don't think anyone who supported this legislation was serious about health care or governing, in part, because of an eight-page bill, a few hours before to be notified about it. it was not a serious effort as errol said to repeal and replace obamacare. i think we are now starting to see some republicans are coming to the table to say we need to work with democratic party, tom cole was saying that earlier. republicans are realizing they have primary campaign promise for the past seven years. president trump filled the campaign promise now they have to come to the table and work with the democratic party. >> skinny repeal wasn't about reforming health care, it was about moving the chains and getting the chance to talk about
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it more. there are republicans on the show who were serious about reforming health care, bill cassidy and others who care about the system. how much is on the president, you know, here? this isn't just a failure for mitch mcconnell or paul ryan. how much is on the president who promised to repeal and replace obamacare and do it easily? how much is he to blame for a closing argument? >> he said from the beginning this would be easy. we are finding out it's not. we are going to be so tired of winning, i'm ready to start winning here. he campaigned on repealing obamacare, so did the senators and the house. >> many times. >> many times. how many times did i hear my candidate say we are going to repeal obamacare, skyrocketing cost, lower premiums, we have to make changes. at least those that voted in this measure to change
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obamacare, at least they have something on record saying, look, i did what i could. i put my vote on the line to change obamacare and make changes. president trump doesn't have that. he's not going to be able to say here is concrete evidence of what i did to repeal and replace obamacare. you can't blame it on the republicans or democrats. you can't blame it on the three republicans who didn't vote. they said we have to work together. republicans have to work together. the conservative and moderate republicans have to get together to move the ball down the field. >> he can and did blame three republicans. >> he did. >> he doesn't hold water, i take your point. >> he shouldn't. >> president obama did roll out, cancel a foreign trip and wept out and did town halls. president trump likes being out of the white house, around people. he could have done this. why do you think he didn't? >> i'm not sure it would have made -- >> did he not believe in the bill? he calls the house version mean. >> i'm not sure where he would
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have gone? where do you go to sell the last version. maine, alaska? i don't know if he would have been well received there with the kind of message he had. hen you see the medicaid expansion, for example, they wanted to roll back. 40% of addiction treatment and alzheimers in west virginia are being dealt with through medicaid expansion. you are not going to say let's get rid of it. it's a tough message. >> a stunning rebuke of the white house and the presidency, not just this vote on the floor, but also the boy scouts and the president saying don't fire jeff sessions and the military saying we are not going to implement your transgender policy. have they lost control of their management? >> a lot of it is their wrong doing. if they would stay on message
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and go to arizona to push health care. stay on message and work to repeal and replace obamacare and talk about jobs, undermining the attorney general, allowing your new communications director to undermine your chief of staff. going to a boy scout jamboree and talking politics. anyone with the sound advice of political experts would know not to do. the problem, is this does a tremendous job to get his base excited. this does it. this is red meat for them. the distraction causes him to be unable to get stuff done. >> they are the people that bet on him to help make their lives better through making health care more affordable. >> they would stay on message. the reality is not they, it's he. if president trump could stay on message maybe they could move. all the issues are self-inflicted wounds cause zed by the president of the united
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states, not the staff. to the extent the other people are, he is in charge of it. he has to get involved and know the details about health care. they didn't know it required 60 votes. >> there was a part of that tweet -- >> there was a part. >> there's something that he would have proposed that would have required 60 votes that don't deal with reconciliation. the votes are not going to make a difference. something they are saying, errol, everyone is talking about the distractions of the white house. if only the white house could stay on message. what is the message? what have we seen that this isn't the central thrust of what trumpism is? >> i will tell you. from the moment the campaign began, this is above -- i should say this is a feature, not a bug. this is not an aberration from a trump agenda. define the trump agenda.
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it exists somewhere online, but not the way he operates. he operates in an atmosphere of chaos. he pits people against each other. for scaramucci to do some of the crazy things that happened the last two days is only possible because he reports directly to the president, not the chief of staff. anybody of any organization of any size, you cannot have people reporting to different bosses unless you want a lot of chaos. this is what the president likes. it's how he has chosen to run the white house. he gets certain things from it. it's entertaining. there's certain things you don't get like legislation. >> so important. thank you all very much. have a nice weekend. >> let's talk more about all of this and that scaramucci rant. >> the white house is wrestling with this fight between the two top advisers. there was the f-bomb and
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suggestions of physical acts that are impossible. athena jones at the white house with the fighting we see no signs of letting up. >> reporter: that's exactly right. this is unusually public to see this level of infighting and profanity on the record with the new communications director, anthony scaramucci and the rant, that phone call he made to the new yorkers, ryan lizza, complaining profusely about not only chief of staff, reince priebus, but also steve bannon, another of the president's top advisers. interestingly, we haven't seen reaction from the president himself to that profanity laced tirade, as you mentioned the f-bomb used several times. we saw scaramucci tweet last night after ryan lizza published an account of their interview. i use colorful language.
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i will not give up the fight for donald trump's algd. i made a mistake in trusting our reporter. it won't happen again. of course, neither of those is any sort of apology, but is trying to signal he has learned his lesson. we have made clear scaramucci did not make it clear for it to be off the record. there's a seat learning curve for someone who hasn't worked in communications. he has a lot of experience with the media. here is a larger point. this is a president and white house team saying they were going to be disrupters, they had a better way of doing things, they are going to change the way the system works. the only disruption we are seeing is here at the white house and it's not proving to be effective. it is a distraction. it is getting in the way of the president getting much done. sarah huckabee sanders, the new press secretary was asked about
7:15 am
the scaramucci tirade. this is what he said. sometimes he's a passionate guy. sometimes he might let the passion get the better of him. i think that happened. the use of colorful language i don't anticipate he will again. what we don't know is whether this feud is going to continue one more point huckabee sanders made is the president encourages healthy competition. is this viewed as healthy and does he think this is going to help him accomplish what he wants to? >> great question. the answer seems to be not likely. thank you so much. ryan lizza, the reporter that received the expletive laced phone call from scaramucci and recorded it joins us next. has he heard back fwr the white house since publishing the details? >> russia not waiting for president trump to sign off or not on the sanctions. the kremlin retaliated. president trump, today, heading to long island to crackdown on
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this is the interview that everyone is talking about this morning with a lot of bleeps or subtitles. the communications director calls the chief of staff a paranoid sitz frenic. >> that's what we can say on television. he said his only mistake was trusting a reporter. we are joined by ryan lizza who is that reporter who wrote the piece and nia maleeka henderson. ryan, the statement from scaramucci is i made a mistake in trusting a reporter, it won't happen again. is that what happened?
7:21 am
he trusted you and you betrayed his trust? >> no. when the communications director from the white house tells you on the record he's about to fire the entire communications staff, he called the fbi to investigate the chief of staff at the white house and the chief strategist of the president is engaged in autofa lash owe, that's a set of comments and my job is not to keep things private and confidential when the communications director tells me. my job is to report them so the public understands what's going on at the white house. so, if anthony, you know, had a good relationship views that as, you know, a betrayal of trust, i think he needs to learn what it means to be communications director and how to interact with reporters.
7:22 am
>> yes. >> i had a conversation with anthony yesterday where he and i both agreed and that the interview was on the record and would be public. he didn't like the fact yesterday that the piece was coming out because i think he, you know, had second thoughts about some of the things he said. but it was an on the record, extremely news worthy conversation. my job as a reporter is to put that stuff in the public domain. >> when a communications director communicates with a reporter, it's reasonable to expect they might end up in a public record some day. >> when a white house official calls me, it's no different than going on air and talking to the public. that's how it works in print. >> not often with the terms he used. let's talk about what ryan lizza said on tv. >> children cover your ears. >> let's move on.
7:23 am
talk about reince priebus and the impact this has on the inner workings of the west wing. the people who need to advance the president's agenda, where does it leave them right now? >> it leaves them, in many ways, whe where they have been. a faction of his own in the weakened reince priebus, missing sean spicer and other folks as well that he brought into the white house. i don't think we know, right, what's going to go on here. this has just been a staple of this white house, all this feuding, almost like sibling rivalry, mean girls, nerds versus jock except they are going to, you know, the jocks are going to the high school newspaper to rat out the nerds. that is what's going on at this point. we have seen this. obviously, it happened with sessions as well.
7:24 am
sessions is essentially staying on at this point. and brpriebus, this has been th story he's had the six months in the white house. every day seemed to be his last day or last week. if he survives the full-on blast from scaramucci, and clearly it was directed or sanctioned by trump. he sort of teflon. it seems to be that he can with stand this and keep going. you know, who knows? we can wake up tomorrow or next week and see a reshuffling or resorting of this staff. again, this week has been so terrible, maybe the white house can blame priebus for the failures of what was supposed to be american heroes week. >> ryan -- >> wow! i did not know that was this week's -- >> yes. >> you are the american hero
7:25 am
right now. >> ryan, on a serious note, i want to get your take on some of the part of your reporting that stood out to us. he said to you, scaramucci, he had digital footprints of sort on some of the folks inside the white house. he was going to the fbi with those. your reporting is that he moved on to the side, just like my pen fell to the floor and didn't finish the thought. that's a really big deal if he has digital footprints of folks. >> i'm really glad you brought that up. what's been lost in some of the more colorful quotes is the fact, two things, one that the communications director at the white house believes that it's the fbi's job to investigate petty, you know, retaliatory leaks that happens in every, you know, every white house. and there's an idea that the fbi should be brought in to sort out, you know, some turf battle
7:26 am
in the white house that is really not the standard operating procedure. two, these kind of cryptic and i didn't get much follow up on this, to be honest. we have what he said, a cryptic reference to digital fingerprints, this idea and this obscure reference he change the subject on to lie detectors. all seeming to suggest that he's trying to create a culture in the white house where people will be too scared to talk to the press because he is driven by this idea that the way to help trump is to make sure that white house officials don't talk to reporters unless it's authorized by, you know, people above them. you know, i think we can debate whether that's actually the problem at the white house right now. >> i have to say, if he was being serious, the fbi is collecting information about non-classified leaks from aides and advisers, i think that would
7:27 am
be illegal. we'll have to wait and see what he meant. >> i think the fbi would rop their eyes and say we are not in the business of doing that. it's serious and gotten lost in the more colorful quotes. >> i think people need to pay attention. thanks for being with us. house republicans say they did their part but the obamacare repeal died in the senate. where do republicans go from here? we are going to speak to a member of congress that helped pass the initial version. stay with us. feeling good in slim fit? that's cool. looking fabulous in my little black dress? that's cool. getting the body you want without surgery, needles, or downtime? that's coolsculpting. coolsculpting is the only fda-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment.
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coaster week of health care debate. in the wee hours of the morning, senator john mccain voting against the last ditch effort to repeal obamacare. let's get reaction from chris stewart of utah. he voted to pass republican health care reform in the house. thank you for being here. who does this failure fall on? is this mitch mcconnell's fault? is it the president's fault? whose fault is it? >> i don't think it's one individual's fault. obviously, we are disappointed. mitch mcconnell did everything he could. the president does everything he could. >> you think the president spoke about it enough in the days coming up to it? he certainly talked a lot about the attorney general that he doesn't like. >> believe me, i shared that frustration. i think he did all he could. we have been working on this for months, not just this week. he's working behind the scenes
7:33 am
having conversations the press wasn't reporting on, but, at the end of the day, these are individual senators who have to make their own decision. i'm so disappointed and frustrated and a little angry over this. we have been saying for months we need to do this. it's better for the american people. we are trying to help what is a failing system and to be left with the system this place. people say to me all the time, will you work with the democrats. i respond two ways, one is, we tried to work with the democrats. the second is i don't know a single democratic proposal other than spending more money. i don't know what we do now. i want to say i'm not hopeless about it, but i'm very frustrated. >> you said you were angry a moment ago. are you angry at john mccain, sue collins? what is your point? >> this is better than the existing program we have now and the millions of americans affected by the failing program.
7:34 am
this isn't a choice between something that is working perfectly in the republican plan, it's a choice between a system that hurt millions of americans. >> can i tell you, though, the skinny bill, john mccain and susan collins were looking at the skinny repeal saying 50 million fewer people on health care, premiums rising 20% and they may have looked at that and said that is not better than what we have right now. >> we have had this conversation a number of times. i am skeptical of some of the cbo numbers. they haven't, for example, they have con flated an idea they are kicking people off health care. it's simply not true. millions of the people are going to choose not to participate in the plans which they feel like they can't afford. we were hoping to provide them with plans they can afford. look, i understand people make their own decisions. i'm not going to call out individual senators. i'm going to say we are very disappointed. >> is part of what is to blame
7:35 am
for this, congressman, the soap opera to use newt gingrich's phrase, the soap opera playing out in the white house. does that have an impact on getting real points on the board in terms of legislation? >> yeah, i think in this particular case, in repealing obamacare, i don't think it had a direct impact. i have to tell you, i'm frustrated with that as well. i hear things and hear the interviews, this is absolute nonsense and so undisciplined. look, we have real challenges in our nation, it's not just health care. it's tax reform and intelligence reform. we live in a dangerous world. we have real challenges, yet these, you know, these continual d distractions with republicans attacking republicans is so unnecessary. it's nonsense if you are trying to accomplish things for the american people to spend time on
7:36 am
things that are meaningless. >> it's interesting. one of the things you said in the past is you quit reading the president's tweets because you don't think they are policy and a lot of the frustration you are feeling right now. this week, he announced policy, major policy on twitter that he is banning or would like to ban transgender individuals from the military. you know, do you have to change your opinion, perhaps whether or not you read the president's tweets and major policy? >> not really. that's not the first time he has announced a policy through twitter. i mean, a vast majority of tweets are not substantial policy decisions. they are something much less than that. the problem i have and i have expressed is, so we spend a lot of time talking about these different things, these things on twitter, but we are not talking about the important issues. i can't tell you how many times i have come on television to talk about national security,
7:37 am
for xhamp example. instead, they read the latest twitter on what the president tweeted. we spend the whole interview talking about that rather than north korea. >> is that just -- i know a lot of it, many members of congress blame the media for that. it can't be all our fault. does that go to the white house? >> i'm not calling you out. the media is reacting in a way that's fairly predictable. there's shared responsibility between the tweets and the media. i wish the media would ignore the tweets. i think the american people would appreciate that. >> i hear ya, but you can't ignore tweets when he's making policy, huge, sweeping policy on them. congressman, we appreciate you coming on. >> good discussion. >> good discussion. >> thank you. president trump has been promising for a long time to crack down on bloodthirsty
7:38 am
gangs. ms-13 is a cruel, machete loving gang. cnn went to where the president is going today to talk to the gang members. what we found might shock you. the president's policies may be making the gangs stronger. a live report, next. en and still have dry eye symptoms? ready for some relief? xiidra is the first and only eye drop approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting. chat with your eye doctor about xiidra.
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7:43 am
president heading to long island and the gang linked to at least 23 murders there. he said they hack people to death with machetes. >> it is a campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration. home base for ms-13 is in el salvadore. this gang may be getting more powerful, why? because of president trump's policies. you spent time with the gang in long island. he says it's the epicenter of the crisis. >> we have been reporting on long island, talking to immigrants. we talked with two gang members. they describe the situation where the level of fear among immigrants is so high, it is emboldening the gang, easier to recruit. immigrants are afraid they are not going to police to report
7:44 am
ms-13. this is what they told us. >> it's not ms-13, you are a target. if you are not in it, you are a target. if you don't want to be a target, you join. you know, you can't beat them, join them. >> reporter: ms-13 is one of the most violent gangs in america. >> the vicious, disgusting and horrible ms-13 gang members. >> we have machetes as a weapon of choice. chains, sometimes with a lock. >> reporter: the fbi says there's a surge of ms-13 activity in recruitment in the last two years. we wanted to know what leads them to join. >> they can do whatever they want. the old immigrants, they feel if they go to the police, they get deported. whatever happens to them, let it happen. >> this gives them the opportunity to tell immigrants, what are you going to do, report
7:45 am
us? they are going to accuse you. they are going to associate you with us. >> reporter: these gang members agreed to be interviewed if we disguise their voices. speaking out against the gang can be deadly. at 16 and 17, they have already been gang members for years. >> at one point, i feel like, is that what i'm for, taking somebody's loved one and hurting them? >> ms-13 -- they hurt beth. >> we are getting them out and going fast. we are liberating towns like long island, where i grew up. >> reporter: for some, long island means summer in the ha
7:46 am
hamptons. in the last two years, the fbi says they committed more than 20 murders on long island. >> we are seeing they are targeting some of the most recently arrived coming into families who are in transition with immigration status and young people who don't know a lot of people in the community, who are easily targeted and scared. >> translator: they tried to kill him because they cut him twice with a machete in the stomach and hit him. >> reporter: margarita is from el salvadore. until now, too scared to speak up. >> translator: after, they say there were four gunshots. he doesn't call the police. >> reporter: her teenage son is hiding in a safe house. she says ms-13 is trying to kill him because he refused to join them. she's a witness. like many others, won't go to the police for fear she will get
7:47 am
deported. >> translator: so, ms-13 sees we don't have the support of the police. we feel afraid to call them, so they feel more free to go around bothering people. >> reporter: between february and may of this year, i.c.e. arrested 108 undocumented immigrants a day with no criminal record, an increase of 150% from the same period a year ago. >> i have said it 100 times, that is a crime in this country illegally. we target the most violent criminals, not the victims, to remove them. >> reporter: the ms-13 gang members i spoke with have a member for young people thinking of joining up. >> reporter: there's nowhere you are safe? >> you won't be able to.
7:48 am
the message i'm going to give to anybody thinking about it, don't join. >> back now with dan. dan, it was so interesting as we were watching an important point that a lot of people are making is immigrants are afraid to come forward, immigrants who could help them capture and catch members of ms-13. they are afraid because of the trump administration policy. they are afraid they will be deported. >> that's why it's so scary and nuanced. we reached out to the white house for comment last night. this is what they told us, senior trump administration officials say, quote, the reality is we are removing ms-13 and other criminal gang members in large numbers and they are hurting. if you want to look at strategies that need to change and change right away, sanctuary cities would be at the top of that list. >> fascinating piece, thank you
7:49 am
for bringing it to us. >> thanks so much. >> thanks. russia firing back demanding u.s. diplomats leave moscow. the president has yet to decide if the sanctions will become law. will he sign this bill? we are live, next. there's nothing more important so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. visit booking.yeah! when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin.
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so, russia retaliating this morning before the president decided whether or not he would sign a new sanctions bill into law. russia ordering u.s. diplomats to leave moscow and vacate two storage properties in retaliation to the sanctions congress passed overwhelmingly that are sitting on the president's desk. what will he do? will he sign it because it takes power away from him. >> reporter: russia has been warning for months they were going to retaliate president obama for acting against russia for meddling in the u.s. election by kicking out 35 russian diplomats and seizing these two enormous properties in
7:54 am
maryland and new york. the russians have been trolling the u.s. an social media about this saying we are going to do something and retaliate in kind. clearly, now, before the president signs the sanctions bill, they see the writing on the wall. they know, even if the president vetoed this, the numbers are there for it to be overridden. you know, let's say the president decided to veto this. some could see it as siding with russia or giving a gift to russia. you saw the white house yesterday talking about some option to that. that it could be, well, we are going to veto this to come up with something tougher. of course, now, with the numbers in the senate, a veto is not likely going to happen anyway. here is what the russian foreign ministry is saying in a strongly worded message. this measure, the sanctions bill is proof the united states is hostile to foreign policy,
7:55 am
hiding behind its sense of superiority, the u.s. arrogantly ignores the stance of other countries. the bill is indication the relations of russia are being dragged down by political infighting in the united states. >> they responded saying we received the notification. ambassador stressed protest. what russia is doing is saying, we are going to cap the number of u.s. diplomats allowed to stay there at 455. that's the same number of russian diplomats in the u.s. we don't know the exact number that is being kicked out because the state department isn't releasing that number and russia is limiting the u.s. use of two properties. >> michelle kaczynski for us at the state department. just in, anthony scaramucci
7:56 am
arriving at the white house. he got there 30 minutes ago. did he do it silently and without profanities? we are waiting to find out. we are also waiting to find out what the president has to say about reince priebus or the health care defeat. stay with us. ting eye gel with hyaluronic acid born to outperform the #1... prestige eye cream for better hydration. and your best look yet. olay eyes collection. ageless.
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hello, i'm monica. thanks for being with us on this friday. from slim to none, the seven-year itch, to fulfill a seven year republican promise to change the health care. rejecting the slimmed down obamacare repeal in a fatal blow delivered by republican senator john mccain. so much drama, you could hear a gasp as he gave the bill a big thumbs down.


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