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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 17, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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been debunked on general pershing and that terrorist attack in paris. 12 dead, more than 80 hurt. i'm going to hand it over to jake tapper in washington, i'm brooke baldwin. special coverage continues with jake right now. this is cnn breaking news. [ sirens ] good afternoon, and welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. we again with horrific breaking news in the world lead today after the carnage on the streets in one of the most visited cities in the entire world. we're getting word of a second possible terrorist attack in barcelona. two officers run down at a check point. police say they suffered minor injuries and thankfully did not need to be hospitalized. this comes just a few hours after police in barcelona say a van purposefully rammed through a crowd of people near the popular tourist area of a
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government official in spain now saying that 12 people were killed and 80 were injured. and after seeing the aftermath, it's difficult to doubt it when police say that the death toll could still rise. a witness says that this van in spain was going about 50 miles per hour when it plowed into the crowd. we want to warn you about video we're about to show. it's very graphic and difficult to watch. we're going to use it sparingly, if you have children nearby, you might want them to turn away. [ sirens ] that is what terrorism is. it's a jarring and appalling and sadly all too familiar scene in recent years. isis is now claiming that the attackers are soldiers of their twisted islamic state. police now say two people are under arrest. this is an attack that bears the hallmarks of many we've seen in recent years.
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that bastille attack in nice, france, where a soldier of isis rammed a truck into hundreds of people. let's find out more about this attack and bring in cnn's tom forman at the magic wall. tom, i've been to this tourist area in barcelona, it is usually packed with tourists. it's lined with trees. there are cafes, bees metros, take us through how this horrific attack unfolded. >> as you noted, all of the reasons why this would be attractive to terrorists. one of the cultural and artistic centers of the world. and indeed, this path right down here would be absolutely filled with people around 5:00 in the evening when this unfolded. there are some vehicle accesses on either side, but where the trouble began was right here in the middle where it's all about pedestrians walking. and as you noted, jake, some of this video, very, very tough to watch. if you have kids in the room. you might want to get them out. [ sirens ] police and rescue squads rushing
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to the scene, searching for the terrorists. jammed with restaurants, shopping, and tourists from all over the world. according to eyewitnesss, the van raced along at close to 50 miles an hour, clearly targeting people for a third of a mile. >> all of the sudden there was this tidal wave of people running towards us and it wasn't just a small number, it was a large number of people. children were screaming. there was clearly a lot of distress. >> reporter: the panicked rush for safety had local police referring to a mass trampling. and it wasn't over yet. and the van finally crashed,
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other witnesses say two armed men jumped out. u.s. officials say local authorities believe the men were trying to reach a getaway vehicle but instead ran into a restaurant. >> the police were saying that go away, there's like an armed man. run away because he cannot be here. >> reporter: amid the confusion, blood, shock, and suffering, a few witnesses reporting hearing shots and as police led some to safety, others were told they had to stay put and await evacuation. even as the investigation, the manhunt, and the agony roared around them. >> in the process, jake, of this turning into this, the remains a great deal of confusion. for example, the people who rammed the restaurant for a period of time, people thought it was a standoff, hostage situation, that never happened. we don't know if there actually were gunshots or if people simply thought they saw them, and now there's another incident reported out in the western part of town where police were apparently struck by a vehicle
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at a check point. we don't have details about this either, or whether or not that has anything to do with this, in any event, the spanish authorities are going to work late in the night to sort out, jake, what we've reported on far too often. terrorists striking innocent people. >> that is the last time that we're going to show that graphic video during this show. i want to now bring in omar popal who was in the market close to where the van drove into a crowded street. thanks for joining us. i'm glad yourself, tell me you were in the market, when did you realize something was going wrong? what did you hear. what did you see? >> yes, hello, thank you for having me. what happened is i was in the back of the fruit market. it's very close to los rambalas. and i was with my cousin at the time, as we're heading towards the exit and trying to head the area, just because we wanted to get to the main street. it was kind of like a little
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chain of event. i saw a people start yelling and screaming, and then almost instantly, everyone around them was just yelling and screaming and headed in the opposite direction. and in that moment, me and my cousin just turned around and started running back the way we had initially come from. and all you could hear was just people -- an extreme -- so much chaos and everyone screaming and yelling trying to find their other family members just because that area itself and that market is so extremely packed. everyone was just trying to run to safety and -- in the process like a few seconds after everyone started yelling and we turned around. i heard like kind of a loud bang and me and my cousin assumed those were gunshots. after that, we just tried our best to get out as quick as possible. >> did you see anyone who had been injured in any way? >> i did see one girl who looked like she was around 16, 17, after we had finally exited the area, but i just saw a huge gash in her leg and the skin was totally just -- like part of her
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skin just wasn't there and all i could see was flesh. it was very disturbing image and she was trying to get attention of police who were just coming to the scene after we ran out. it was about 20, 30 seconds later. and there was a few police cars coming through. and they were just trying to get their attention to get her to a hospital. >> did ambulances come quickly after that? >> i didn't see any right after we exited the boek re ya. people started running again. i just saw something else that happened, we took off another time. and then by that time, we were about five minutes away from where everything had happened. >> did you see the van or the driver at all? >> no, we were a little bit further from the van in that area. >> can you describe this area for us? i've been there before, but i imagine this is the height of the tourist season. it must have been pretty busy. >> yes, the whole market itself was extremely packed. just a lot of children and tourists all walking around, us
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included. it was just very hard, every single shop has like ten, 10 to 15, 20 people standing outside trying to get the people's attention. it was just a very crowded area. we had come here the day before as well. and it was as crowded if not more so. and once everything, once all the yelling started, it was just -- it was very shocking just to see how quick everyone was able to run out of there just because it was so extremely packed. but in the process, a lot of people were tripping and falling because the floors were also very wet. it was like a fruit market and a lot of drinks and such and just the floor was very well. i witnessed a few people falling over and i also fell, and was able to pick myself up and run out of there. >> how old are you? >> i am 19. >> you're 19. you're just there as a tourist? >> yes. we just got here actually two days ago. >> with your family? >> visiting with a cousin of mine. >> i assume that you called your parents? >> yes.
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i spoke with them earlier. and i was able to get to them before the news, before the story broke. so that was good just because my parents are very easily startled, i just wanted to tell them that i was okay and anything they heard through the news, they would know that we made it to safety. >> good boy. i'm glad you did that. be safe, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> much more on our breaking news. isis now claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack in barcelona, and vice president pence just weighed in. that's next, stay with us. luabl! it's our back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business heri think i might burst..... totally immersed weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct with and join the summer weekenders. somewhere along of self-discovery:
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what they call soldiers of the islamic state. i want to bring in chief national correspondent and evan perez and paul krook shank who is our editor and chief. paul, let me start with you. isis claims it's soldiers of the islamic state were responsible for the attack. what does that tell you about who they are and their operational capabilities? >> well, they make that claim, jake, without evidence at all or proof to back it up. in the philippines, and it had nothing to do with that whatsoever. it remains to be seen with that point if isis had a hand in this, whether they were in touch in some ways or encrypted with these attackers. whether they were really literally soldiers of isis, people who had been in isis territory and were trained and dispatched like the paris and brussels attackers. none of the things are clear at
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this point. but, certainly, it's very concerning that this claim has been made that they're saying the multiple attackers involved. what we know about this attack so far was a very low attack type of attack. it didn't involve as far as we understand, firearms or explosives. it was just going out and renting a van and trying to kill as many people as possible. and that's been the mo of quite a few of these isis-inspired attacks that we've seen in europe over the last year or so. most notably in nice last summer where 86 people were killed. >> jim, what do we know about the jihadi presence in spain? i can't recall a terrorist attack in spain since 2004, the madrid train bombings. >> that's right. the number is certainly lower than a country like france, for instance, or belgium, but it's present there. i spoke to a security source who just a few weeks ago was in barcelona profiling the community there. the militant community there, and he told me while it's small
1:16 pm
in number, it's very insular, it's insulated, it's hard to penetrate. but you have a lot of pakistani nationals origin there, moroc n moroccans as well, ties to not only admiration for isis but other terror groups, which is a very powerful pakistani terror group. if this was indeed isis, it would be unusual for two reasons, one for the first attack in spain, two they didn't appear to be suicidal. right. if it appears they did have a getaway car or ran away, didn't kill themselves in the attack. the final thing is this, is that the power and mayhem that just an automobile can cause. and keep in mind, we've now seen this in france, that nice attack, which killed dozens of people. this attack here, we've seen cars used twice in canada as vehicles, of course, a different kind of extremist. white supremacist extremist, but just on saturday in charlottesville, we saw a car, of course used to very deadly effect. >> evan perez, u.s. officials
1:17 pm
say they're learning the terrorists might have tried to reach a getaway vehicle. spanish media also reporting that one person is in custody who was the person who rented the van. we don't know if he was the driver. what does all of this information say to you about how many people may be involved in this attack? >> well jake, the minute you add more than one person, it really adds complexity to this attack. and so that's one of the big concerns here. once the u.s. authorities heard from their spanish counterparts that there was this idea of a second vehicle that might have been a getaway van or a getaway vehicle, it really then adds to the complexity of it and they started looking to social media, they were trying to figure out whether or not there was a cell that was at work here. and obviously with the second incident with the police officers that were run over, that really caused attention whether or not that might have been the getaway van. police say on their twitter page that they located the vehicle west of barcelona and they have been checking out to see whether or not it had any explosives.
1:18 pm
nothing yet has been reported on that, but i bet you now the concern here is whether there are other people who may have been involved in the planning of this, jake. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you so much. much more on the terrorist attack in spain, and what investigators should be asking the two people in police custody right now. police republican senator bob corker of tennessee, his harsh words for president trump. stick around. we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online
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we're back with the breaking news in our world lead. terrorist attack rocking the heart of barcelona, spain, 13 people have been killed. at least 80 have been wounded. both figures we're told could certainly climb. former cia operative, former counterterrorism official and former fbi special agent james joining us now. phil, let me start with you. isis affiliate is claiming responsibility for the attack. frankly we don't know if that's true and we don't know if these
1:23 pm
so-called soldiers of the islamic state were trained in iraq or syria or just inspired or if they're just claiming responsibility for something they had nothing to do with. >> that's right, jake, but that would not be the close to the top of the list of the questions i'd be asking the people who are in custody now. right now you're interested in people and eminent threat. they're going to open their mouths, the first question is do you know of anything that's supposed to happen in the next 24 hours that's a follow on and can you name the people who would be involved in that? even if they don't speak, jake, there's a second order of stuff they can provide. for example, driver's license that has a residence? that residence has fingerprints. do the fingerprints in that residence match the people the fingerprints and the people in custody? do they have a cell phone. there's a lot of information i can acquire if they don't to want speak. the first question ain't isis. it's do you know of something that's going to happen after this? >> bob, two police officers were hit by a driver in a separate incident. these vehicle attacks are becoming more common and
1:24 pm
frankly, i know they're impossible to stop. >> oh absolutely all you need is to be able to drive a car or a truck and you can cause mass casualties. and, you know, this police attack, if it's connected, what the police are doing in barcelona is putting up a barriers around town. they're cordening off parts of the city in circles. and these may be people involved trying to get away. we're going to have to wait to see. >> and james, two people are in custody. what's the most important thing right now for spanish police to be doing? >> absolutely jake, interviewing those folks and trying to find out, are there other cells or other potential imminent attacks we need to look at to try to mitigate? the next thing is we need look at the broader picture in our strategy. since 2006, there've only been i think 31 total vehicular homicide type attacks like this.
1:25 pm
five of them, as your graphic just showed have happened since march. so we know this is the new normal. we need to start focussing on this. and i think that that's going to be part of our robust package going forward is figuring out ways to protect pedestrian thoroughfares. >> phil mud, number of attacks in europe over the last couple of years. is spain known particularly as a hot bed of terrorist radicalization? >> no, but isis has talked about spain. this is like ancient history, there was an islamic presence in spain that talk abouted. and isis talked about retaking this territory. you should also understand proximity to north africa. places like morocco were key recruitment sites for north africans going to train for isis and syria and iraq. you have to wonder about whether anybody came across the very short to conduct it.
1:26 pm
that's one of the questions you would ask here? >> what type of cooperation is there between u.s. intelligence and law enforcement and spanish counterparts? >> absolutely. while spain is part of the united states, the united kingdom, new zealand, australia, and canada, we have a fairly good system of information sharing. that's signal information, stuff we pick up from coms, human intelligence, as well as military intelligence. i imagine we're working closely with them because these types of attacks, sometimes these drels have an ex us is and connections to other countries and the disruption and the follow on arrests and intelligence gathering will be part of that effort. >> all right. everyone, thank you so much. appreciate it. he was once a vice presidential hopeful, now a republican senator is saying president trump might not be competent enough to be the president. that's next. r been more valuable! it's our back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry
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1:31 pm
spain, quote, the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong, we love you. and then the president tweeted this, studying what general pershing of the united states did to terrorists when caught. there was no more radical islamic terror for 35 years. let's take a look to this story that he has told about general pershing and how he handled terrorist. the president has discussed this claim in much more detail before. take a look. >> he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people. and he took the 50 terrorists and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pigs blood and he had his men load his rifles and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. and the 50th person, he said, you go back to your people, and you tell them what happened.
1:32 pm
and for 25 years there wasn't a problem. >> so. that story is not true. there is no evidence backing up president trump's claim that in the early 1900s, general john pershing tried to quell a muslim uprising by dipping 50 bullets in pig's blood which is offensive to muslims and shooting 49 muslim insurgents and telling the fifth to tell even what he say. there is zero evidence to that. none. not true. there is evidence that a different military leader in the philippines may have buried dead insurgents with a dead pig, but none that pershing did it, or even approved of it. and most important, there is no evidence that burying dead insurgents with a pig did anything to stop the violence. so, just to be clear, what happened today in the face of a horrific terrorist attack, where
1:33 pm
people are still finding out that loved ones have been killed or injured, president trump just told the world to study a story that is not true. a lie. about an american general dipping bullets in pig's blood and killing insurgents. a story that by the way, does nothing to help keep our soldiers and the american people traveling the world safer. at times of crisis, the nation turns to it's president for reassurance and for truth and for moral clarity and the lie about general pershing does not provide any of those. also, one might observe the very different reactions from this president. today's islamic terrorist attack which the president condemned immediately and with this inflammatory untrue story and how president trump responded to the white supremacist terrorist attack on saturday. which is an attack he has yet to
1:34 pm
unequivocally call terrorism at all. there are signs that president trump's rhetoric this week is causing major distress among members on capitol hill in a way we have not seen before. some are finally going public with their dismay. today's south carolina senator tim scott said that the president's moral authority is compromised. >> i'm not going to defend the indefensible, i'm not here to do that. i'm here to be clear, and precise, his comments were strong, the tuesday comments started erasing them. we want to see clarity and moral authority and the moral authority's compromised when tuesday happens. there's no question about that. we should all call them on the carpet. i have. >> another republican senator and a key early supporter of president trump, senator bob corker of tennessee is now publicly questioning his competen competence. let's bring in jim acosta near
1:35 pm
where the president's working on his working vacation. and senator corker delivered what can only be called a stinging rebuke to president trump earlier today. >> that's right, jake. these are some of the strongest words yet coming from a fellow republican. and it's remarkable because bob corker is not one of the president's usual critics. listen to what he had to say. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. he also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation.
1:36 pm
>> reporter: following his comments on want violence in charlottesville. but on twitter, the president is still in clean-up mode. blasting republicans who criticized him. and falsely claiming he did not put white supremacists on the same level as the people protesting them, tweeting, lindsey graham falsely stated i said there is moral equivalency between them. he also attacked arizona senator jeff flake, cheering on his primary opponent, tweeting, great to see that dr. kelly ward is running against flake jeff flake who is weak on borders, crime, and a nonfactor in senate. he's toxic. graham hit back, in the manner in which you handled the strategy, you are receiving praise from some of the most racist and hate-filled individuals and groups in our country. for the sake of our nation as our president, please fix this. gop senator bob corker lashed out at the president's reporters in tennessee saying -- >> the president has not yet -- has not been able to demonstrate
1:37 pm
the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> reporter: the president is showing more sympathy from the confederate. >> was george washington a slave owner? you're changing history. you're changing culture. >> reporter: the president tweeted sad to see that history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. you can't change history, but learn from it. robert e. lee, stone wall jackson, who's next, washington, jefferson, so foolish. democrats aren't buying it. >> president trump has made a living off of changing the subject. you know, he wants this now to be about statues and monuments, and the last time i checked, the republican party was frankly in favor of local control.
1:38 pm
>> reporter: joining the debate, the chief strategist steve bannon slammed white supremacists to the progressive american prospect saying, et no nationalism, it's losers, it's a fringe element. we've got to help crush it, you know, help crush it more. at first bannon claimed he didn't know he was being interviewed. >> he called me. and weirdly he never said that we were off the record. >> reporter: but sources close to bannon said he intended them to divert attention from the president's comments on charlottesville. one source told cnn, bannon knew full well this would distract from criticism. >> reporter: now the white house declined to comment, but a spokesperson did weigh in on the future of the top economic advisor gary kohn who was with mr. trump on tuesday. kohn was upset by the comments, but the white house said kohn is not going anywhere. >> thank you so much. what do the president's two different reactions to two
1:39 pm
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welcome back. we got a lot to talk about with political panel today. before the break we played what senator bob corker, republican of tennessee said about president trump. let me replay it for those who didn't catch it. >> the president has not yet -- has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.
1:44 pm
he also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation. >> anyone think he was trying to appeal to the elite or delta quarter that was at the chattanooga rotary club. david, i'm hearing this from a lot of republicans on capitol hill. and now they're starting to say it publicly, they do have actual concerns about president trump's ability to do this job. >> jake, look, all of those members are entitled to their own opinion. they're a separate branch and senator corker is an independent guy, independent voice, and identify heard from him and from senator scott saying something similar. yet, i haven't heard it from any other folks, we'll wait and see. >> i need to walk back what i said last night. the republicans on the hill are emasculating. well, some spine, let me change the metaphor, spine today from senator corker because i'm a political analyst, i look. i don't see political gain for
1:45 pm
bob corker in this. he's got a primary. when he criticized the president back in june, there was a poll in the tennessee star that said 76% of his states republicans agreed with the president, not with corker. so this is a rare moment of political courage. this is a stable, serious man, corker, he was short list for secretary of state. he's one of the workhorses, not one of the show horses. so when he says something like that, it carries weight. the president, he's raising serious concerns in the minds of serious people as to whether he is stable or competent to be the leader of the free world. >> i'm hearing from republicans on capitol hill with these expressions, and again, very few of them are willing to say it publicly, and they want look, they should say, they want the president to succeed, they support much of his agenda. they want him to be monday speech trump. that's what they want. >> right. exactly. and that's in fact what tim scott said. he praised monday's speech and
1:46 pm
said on tuesday, donald trump essentially erased all of that. you know interesting thing about corker, you're right, he's up for primary and he's in a southern state which also sort of makes this, i think, a little bit more brave for him to do it, but i still think, i mean, if you look at the numbers of elected republicans, right? if you look at governors, folks in both chambers of congress. it's about 300 people, right. and the people who have come out and said something maybe, 20, 25, so i still don't think we are getting the numbers yet in terms of people really criticizing this president so frontally in the way that bob corker has done. and a lot of folks don't even know -- we talked about this before, they don't to want use his name. they want to use platitudes about racism is wrong, white supremacy is wrong, anything like that. we'll see, i think this does represent a shift in something of a crack and we'll see what happens. >> there is actually a policy debate that's emerged from charlottesville, carnage and
1:47 pm
horror which is that there is now a debate about whether or not there should be confederate monuments standing in the public square. this is something -- i think nancy pelosi and cory booker have suggested they be taken down out of the capitol hill. it's a debate that's going on in cities and counties. president trump tweeted, he had a long tweet storm about this this morning. sad to see the history and culture being ripped apart. you can't change history, but you can learn from it. robert e. lee, stone wall jackson, who's next? so foolish. i suppose this was an illusion to the fact that the mayor had statues taken away two nights ago overnight. steve bannon has said, david, that he wants democrats and the left to be calling the president racist and talking about tearing down monuments, that this helps him. is that the strategy? >> listen, first of all, let's go back to your thing. everybody, this president wants
1:48 pm
america to succeed, right? this monument debate's been going on for quite some time. the statue hall still remains there, there are ten states that still have confederate statues representing their states in the u.s. capitol. you know, it's been going on for quite some time. this didn't start with this president. >> not at all. >> so i don't think that this president is looking to divide america. i look to what's the next page. if we were to say, what could we do to bring america together? that's what people need to focus on. tomorrow, today as we talk about this, not one person is getting healthier, we need to talk about the monuments, the debateful, throated, have it in the congress. let state and local municipalities decide what monuments stay. the stuff that's on federal land. let's have a debate and talk about it. >> i think it is. it's offensive to folks. i think it should be taken down. let the state local governments like what happened in baltimore and a full throated debate in the congress and let's remove those things that are offensive. >> so why is the president weighing in on this debate which
1:49 pm
predates his presidency by a lot? not because he gives a rips snort about confederacy or history or art. he couldn't pass a class on american history at trump university. he couldn't tell you stone wall jackson's first name or where he died or how he got the nickname stone wall, he doesn't know nothing about this. he's doing this to divert, divide, and distract. and god bless the democrats. we shouldn't be the donkey, it should be the large mouth bass. if we see a shiny object, boom, trump says we hit it. charlottesville was not about the robert e. lee statue. those nazis were chanting, jews will not replace us. they weren't chanting we love robert e. lee. they were nazis and the president put them on heather heyer and people who put their bodies in the way of those nazis. we should have a debate about the monuments. i think mitch, the mayor of new orleans gave the best speech. everybody should google and
1:50 pm
watch it. i don't think the democrats should chase the president down monument row. i think they should talk about charlottesville and honor the memory of the woman that was opposing nazis and focus on the fact that the president seems to be an apoll gist for those guys. >> paul, i disagree forcefully as possible that he's an apoll gist for the nazi parties. >> he said there were some nice guys. >> listen, paul, i don't know what he was referring to in that, full-throated, full-throated rebuke of the nazi party. nazis, listen, the president has jewish grandchildren, all right. do you think, do you really think the guy that wants to embrace the people that to want wipe his grandkids out? >> if that's your argument, he's on firm ground with a lot of americans. he's on firm ground with white evangelicals and republicans because he does tap into the sense among many white americans that their culture is under siege, they feel that there's a sense of loss. i think that's what he's tapping into. we talk about identity politics on the left, i think trump plays
1:51 pm
white identity politics very well -- >> wouldn't that be everybody's house identity politics. let's do away with identity politics. >> we have to take a quick break. we're going to come back. you aren't going anywhere. stick around. much more to talk about. we'll be right back after this break. eart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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welcome back to the lead. this just in to cnn in the wake of his charlottesville reaction, president trump ended plans for an advisory council on infrastructure. that's according to one white house official talking to cnn. this is of course after already two business panels were disbanded after leaders of industry began to leave his side. whether he disbanded them or
1:56 pm
they fled him as a subject of debate. let's talk about this for one second. why are these business leaders fleeing these advisory councils? i mean, do they really -- do they need to do it? are they morally outraged? >> it's virtue signaling to their customers they don't necessarily want to be attached to trump because of what's happened in the wake -- in the wake of charlottesville. and you saw some of that early on. them essentially having to say no it's better to be at the seat of the table, you know, happened a little after the muslim ban. you saw some people flee. and we saw underarmor and remember, steph curry who is a part of that family and wears underarmor sneakers, he was critical of the ceo of that company for being on these councils. i think it's mainly that. they want to protect their brand, and they feel like a trump, at this point, any association with trump isn't
1:57 pm
good for the brand. >> i want to ask you about an interview steve bannon gave when he called up the editor of the american prospect and just started talking. he didn't think it was an interview, then he said apparently he told people that no i did it to distract people and it was act of genius, but more importantly, he said in this interview about north korea, there's no military solution, forget it. until somebody solves that shows me ten million people in seoul don't die in the first 30 minutes. i don't know what you're talking about. there's no military solution here. they got us. which seemed to be, to me, completely undermining the strategy of the president talking tough, fire and fury whether it was seem to be having some effect on north korea and here bannon says the president's bluffing. there's no military action we're going to take.
1:58 pm
>> i think obviously north korea poses a threat, not just to the region, but the entire globe. and so i'm not sure what steve's talking about there. and i don't know, i haven't sat down and talked with general dunford and any other joints of chief to see if there is a military option. military option always remains viable and you have to be prepared. >> general mattis, chairman of the joint chiefs, chief of staff -- >> mcmaster too. >> three marines, first. all of whom who are close, served together, in fact, mattis gave kelly his first start. these three are like brothers. they're more than brothers, they're marines. and then general mcmaster happens to be an army guy -- >> poor guy. >> national security guy. i hope my president is the listening to them. who did serve in the navy.
1:59 pm
and i do respect that service. i can't imagine he has the sort of knowledge and expertise that those four generals have. he don't know jack about north korea. i don't know why the president would listen to him. >> i'm stunned that bannon would go and tell this person he's never met before, from the american prospect, you know, it's all just a bluff. there's no actual military option. >> and there's this idea that he's doing it just to distract from the story about charlottesville that it was some strategy, he said a number of things in there about trump and how this whole thing works for him. when democrats talk about racism. so it's unclear why he did that and whether or not of this puts him on further thin ice which we been told he's been on for a while. >> thanks one and all for being here. appreciate it. be sure to tune in on monday. we have a cnn special event, i'm moderating a town hall with
2:00 pm
house speaker, paul ryan. speaker ryan will answer questions about the challenges facing congress when lawmakers return to the hill. everything from the federal budget, tax reform, infrastructure, there might be a question or two about president trump. town hall airs monday on cnn at 9:00 p.m. that is it for the lead. jake tapper signing off. turning over to wolf blitzer next door. happening now, breaking news, terror on the street. a van plows into pedestrians in a busy barcelona neighborhood in a horrifying attack directly in front of a hotel housing an american college basketball team. at least 13 people are dead. scores more are injured. and now, there's word of another vehicle plowing into a police at a check point. international man hunt. at least two people have been arrested following the barcelona attack and terror investigators are now searching for more amid reports the suspects may have been trying to reach a getaway