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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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changing our way of life. that's what the terrorists want. >> lisa, it's always great to have your perspective. thank you so much for coming in. i really appreciate it. 13 people killed, more than 100 injured. we'll keep our eye on that. thank you for joining us. "ac360" starts right now. good evening. we're continuing to get information tonight about the terror attack in barcelona, spain, as well as a police investigation going on. four fatalities 75 miles south of barcelona. this is different than what we heard about from earlier today. we want to begin tonight with president trump who toshlgt has members of his own parties questioning his own moral compass and stability. those are not our words. those are the words of fw op laur lawmakers. last night we heard something pretty shocking about what his
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sources are telling him. >> i think there's considerable evidence there's a consensus developing in this military, at the highest levels in the intelligence community, among republicans in congress including the leaders in the business community that the president of the united states, donald trump is unfit to be the president of the united states. that's the undercurrent. i've talked about it with you for weeks that i've been hearing in washington. there's increasing talk about his emotional and mental stability as david gergen referred to. this is extraordinary. it's a dangerous moment in our history. >> extraordinary and dangerous, he said. well, this afternoon senator bob corker, republican from tennessee who at one point was said to be under consideration to be secretary of state for president trump said this about the president's fitness for office. >> the president has not yet -- has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to
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be successful, and we need him to be successful. our nation needs for him to be successful. it doesn't matter whether you're democrat or republican. >> quote, he said, publicly seeking lindsey graham publicly seeking lan city gram publicly stated i said there was moral ee kwish lency between the kkk, neo-nazi, and white supremacists. such a light. he just can't forget his election trouncing the people of south carolina will remember. it's true he didn't say heather heyer was on only the same level. but keep in mind the president demonstrated truthfully saying there were many similarities between na citis, racial
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protesters, and those protesting against them. >> there was a group on this side. yo can call them the left you just called them the left. they came and violently attacked the group you can say what you want, but that's what it is. >> you said there was hatred and violence on both sides. >> yes. i think there's blame on both sides. you look at both sides. i think there's blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. and if you reported it accurately, you would say -- >> excuse me. excuse me. you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. >> fine people on both sides. blame on both sides. violence on both sides. if only we could talk to someone who was actually there.
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it's a shame we never talked to a reporter who was on the scene. oh, wait. actually we did. and when the president says there were good people at this march, that they were quietly there to protest the removal of the robert e. lee statue, that not all of them were neo-nazi or white supremacists, what do you think? is that true? >> reporter: no. everyone who was there knew twha they were doing. thaw were shouting jews will not replace us. they had it very well coordinated. they had an order to the chants. there was no mistaking o someone wandering up and accidentally getting involved in this. >> so there's that. the president said he wasn't establishing an equivalency, but he sure does seem to be pointing the finger at a lot of other counterprotesters who the president said they didn't have a permit to protest who the
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nazis did. another republican senator, tim scott of south carolina also weighed in today with this criticism of the president. >> what we want to see from our president is clarity and moral authority. that moral authority is come prpr promiezed when that happens. >> it was said he was misguided. the president pushed it further, trying to refocus on it. saying, quote, sad to see the culture of our great country with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments, he tweeted. you can't change history, but you can learn from it. who's next. washington, jefferson. so foolish. also he goes on, the beauty of our statues will be taken out of towns an never replaced.
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that was this morning. of course, the nazis and supremacists marching this past weekend was not about marching for the robert e. lee statute. he was back on the electric twitter machine advocating that to any on sevener would consider a war crime. quote, what they did to tifft terrorists when caught there was no more radical islamic terror for 35 year. this is not the first time the president spoke about it. he spoke about it several times during the campaign. listen. >> he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people and he took the 50 terrorists and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pigs' blood. you heard that? right?
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he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pigs' blood and he had his men load his rifles and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people, and the 50th person, he said, you back to your people and you tell them what happened. and for 25 years there wasn't a problem, okay? 25 years there wasn't a problem. >> so back then he was saying it was a 25-year solution. now he's saying a 35-year solution. anyway, keeping him honest, authorities say what he's referring to did not happen. did not happen. so that's one thing. for another, if the president offering this madeup story is an example what he would like to do, today that would be called a war crime. so where does all this growing criticism from lawmakers leave the president and his agenda?
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new polling shows that even though 55% disapproved, he still enjoys strong support. david chalian, those words from senator corker, how significant is that for someone who's not only a republican but from the white house criticizing the president? >> it is significant, but i think we're going to have to separate out the kind of significance. you just showed those poll numbers. republicans overall are still with this president out in the country. that doesn't make corker's break with him any less significant. it is incredibly significant. this is man who doesn't really delve into the daily political to-and-fro. he's very much a workhorse in the senate and he's using language we've not heard -- never mind the democrats but any party. the key thing that i think is so significant here is that we're
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two days after anderson, that press cob frensconference, and two days later that they're making these comments to me. if i'm president trump, i'm saying, i still have a problem to fix here. >> a lot of folks on capitol hill, republicans who tweeted about the -- about how bad nazis are or racism is never mentioned the president's name. you have these two questioning the president's fitness to serve, but there's a lot of other folks on capitol hill who distance themselves from what the president said, didn't make it an attack on the president. >> that's absolutely true, anderson. and many, many, many, many republicans have not spoken up against the president, but they spoke up on his behalf. i do think, especially senator corker, his statements today represent one of the most significant breaks from allegiance to the president that we have seen in this entire sa
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gachlt bs saga. he's one of the most respected senators in the country. he was considered at one point for vice president and conversations about secretary of state. i think -- carl bernstein and i have been try ing ing to argue . the issue of stability, the president's emotion alg and mental health is going to become increasingly the focus of this story and should be. there's something about the president and the way he responds. if you look across the board, there's so much anger and pulsivety and mistrust and narcissism. those are questions that senator corker has now putz forcingly into play.
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i think that's ready important along with the competence question. >> to hear the senator talk about that, you don't hear them talking about it every day. >> certainly not publicly from a republican. remember corker is up for re-election in 2018 and we heard the president talk about it. so i do think this is a significant and notable break. maybe it's something about the way the republicans are going the try to run in 2018 as mavericks in a certain way, but i don't think we know what this means for legislation and how they'll vote. corker for instance had been critical. but went along with what the president wanted to ee and what mitch mcconnell wanted to see. when they get back, you're going to have budgeting and tax reform
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as well. if what the senators said or means anything in terms of how he actually behaved in the way mitch mcconnell tweeted out. >> you know how he talked about when they were caught, there's no more terror for 35 years. the president is talking about dipping bullets in pegs' blood. despite the fact that it's false, i'm not sure what he's advocating here. obviously in this day and age, it would be considered a war crime. >> i'm not sure what point he was making either, anderson. the point is you put this down,
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that pershing did this horrific thing and from a muslim's point of view, they believe if you're infected with pig's blood, you're going to hell, not heaven. i think what he was endorsing was a very strong-handed response to terrorism is the only way we're going to put this down and by extension, by extension, some of the people who were in charlottesville on the right, you know, his argument would be they were facing, you know, thugs, and they had to respond in a thuggish way, and we all know that's not true. but i think that's his world view. >> david, do you agree with that? that there is a linkage there? >> i think this was really about terrorism and it was after barcelona was in the news. i do think david is right though. i this i what donald trump is doing here is let's take his
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words s literally. let's be brutally honest and dam ned be political. enough with p.c. nonsense. this was a way for him to go and fortify his base, his most core base of support. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. we, i was going to say, he's always lionizing the past, sort of lionizing a general in this case in this sort of bruit masculinity and force, and he does this a lot, i think, particularly on the matter of terrorism. he's talked for instance about taking families out of terrorists, he suggested that. he's talked about torture and saying that actually worked even though people don't believe that worked in terms of forcing confessions. so i think this is classic trump. there he was in front of that audience and they were cheering
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on with that very kind of visual notion about pig's blood. i think that's what he's up to. he had this nostalgia for the way things used to be and this idea that in some ways generals and people and americans have gotten weakering and part of that weakness, as david said, had to do with political correctness and liberals and the alt-left. he's the one that's going to restore the old order. that's what he's getting at with this. >> just ahead tonight, the man who wrote "art of the deal," he makes a prediction of how much longer the president will be flying on "air force one." that report is next. and the manhunt now under way for terrorists.
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well, there's some sort of new police operation going on outside barcelona. unclear if it's connected to today's terror attack in barcelona itself. it left at least 13 people and is 00 people hurt. two suspects are in custody from that. however, the driver of the van, the mass murderer remains at large. the latest on new operation in just a moment, but first how the van attack unfolded earlier. around 5:00 p.m. local time a white van suddenly accelerated into the crowd on one of barcelona's most popular bouleva boulevards.
5:20 pm
driving at about 50 miles an hour according to some eyewitnesses, zigzagging in an effort to hit as many people as possible. >> spanish authorities already declared it a terrorist attack. >> i saw it plow into the more chants, the pedestrians, i saw people flying over the vehicle, you know, just flying, you know, all around the vehicle. and it was just a really, really horrific scene of, you know, immediate carnage. >> reporter: panicked survivors fled the horrific scene.
5:21 pm
the dead and more than 100 injured were strewn all over the boulevard. this woman points out the number of bodies she can see from her win toe overlooking las ramblas. two armed men were seen jumped out of the van after they crashed. police believe they were trying to get to a getaway vehicle. the driver of the van is still on the run. spain now joins the growing list of european countries along with britain, france, and germany, which have seen vehicles used as weapons of terror amongst unsuspecting crowds of civilians. it's sickening, a lot to talk about. so, becky, let's start with this new incident we're hearing
5:22 pm
about. where exactly is it and what do we know about it? >> reporter: this the town of cam brils, which is 120 kilometers southwest of barcelona near a city called tear go na. what we're being told is there is an ongoing police operation. it is not clear whether it is associated with the terror attack that happened just two blocks away from where i am tonight in barcelona earlier on today, but police and authorities telling us three suspects, three suspects have been taken down in what is a possible terror attack. again, i've got be very clear about this. it is unclear at present. we're trying to ensure that we're translating spanish media appropriately, but it's unclear at present what's happening 00 miles southwest of here is
5:23 pm
associated with what happened on las ramblas in the center of barcelona today. what we do know is residents are being told to stay indoors. as you rightly pointed out, the incident today involved a van plowing into pedestrians on what is an extremely business street in the center of barcelona killed 13, and we have some 100 others injured. some 18 nationalities involved as victims of this attack. you pointed out that the van driver abandoned the vehicle. he fled the scene, and he is on the run. portly authorities have told us there is no evidence that he is armed. it appears, according to authorities, that he and possibly another may have been trying to get toward a getaway vehicle. it's not clear whether they made it. so that's the situation here
5:24 pm
some hours ago. we have an ongoing situation. >> right. just to clarify a couple of things. first of all, the afternoon attack, two people were seen, apparently by witnesses running from a van. to we assume one was a drive and the other was a person and we assume that driver has not been caught. the two people who have been caught, do we know, is it one of the people who left the vehicle, or do we not know? >> that is not clear either. >> okay. >> there have been tourists. one is a man of moroccan descent and another is from a spanish enclave in morocco. it's unclear if they're connected with what happen atlas ram blass. as you can see, the develops are very, very clear here. the situation is this. the van driber -- go on. >> so this other incident that's
5:25 pm
happening, weapon don't know if that was a separate terror attack 75 miles out of barcelona more recently and there's a pree police operation for that and whether the one going on in barcelona has to do with a second attack. >> correct. >> okay. i just wanted to clarify that. so, paul, isis has claimed responsibility for this. is it clear -- i mean is it known for sure that it is isis? >> they've offered no proof. >> do they normally offer proof? >> sometimes they offer proof, a video they might have recorded or a jihadi name they might have used. they fraud endly claimed that before. >> we're going to start putting out pictures we just received of tape from this operation in cam
5:26 pm
brie yoes. again, we don't know if this is a separate terror attack and they say they have knew lal ietzed some people or if this is a police operation based on the van terror attack from barcelona. so continue, sorry. >> right. we don't know if they were involved. remember that manila casino attack had nothing to do with them and yet they said it did. it's a horrible loss of life and very troubling details. the night before there was a huge house explosion about a couple hundred kilometers away, and one possibility is that was explosives that were involved. they might have been trying to build a bomb, several bombs. there might have been some kind of malfunction. that might not have worked out
5:27 pm
so well, and so they went to blan b and improvised this attack. >> what are the capabilities of the spanish intelligence police and others. i'm trying to think off the top of my head. wasn't there a train boxing a couple of years ago? >> that's right. the madrid train bombing. the worst terror attack in the west. 190 people killed. they were before that dealing with other groups. they've really been going after these radicals, terrorists inside the country. there have been a couple hundred arrests. a quarter of them have been in barcelona. it's a real radicalization inside the country. in fact, just in april there were nine arrests of a cell, i
5:28 pm
believe, were linked to the terror attacks, and so barcelona has seen plotting activity before. >> we're continuing follow this very closely. we're also going to talk to an american who witnessed the van attack earlier today. we'll talk to him later on tonight. paul, thank you. becky anderson as well. thank you. we ooh going to turn to the president next. another one of his advisory councils is scrapped. i'll talk with a member of the group for his take as well as dr. cornell west. usaa to me means
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president trump has disbanded a group. tonight later on the program i'm going to talk to one of those leaders, afl-cio president richard trumka. faith leaders are not abandoning him. bishop harry jackson is part of the board. he joins me with dr. cohouston cornell. you have ceos of companies which you generally don't think of as necessarily in the vanguard of, you know, making moral decisions. they're the ones who have been with drawing from these councils, and a lot of the faith leaders who have been backing the president are still backing him. what does that say to you? >> you know, there's a long
5:33 pm
history of figures staying with status quo. >> we saw that with dr. king. >> he was critical. >> his team was, but many -- >> absolutely, absolutely. when you think of the clergy there in charlottesville, brother seth and bitny and the others, they were bearing witness, tracy were bearing witness. we were always trying to bear witness, but it's always a prophetic slice. when it comes to ceos, it usually takes a while. thank god they're willing to step forward but i think most importantly we're seeing now an escalating awakening and an intensifying of a bearing witness around the country. >> you know, it's interesting. i was thinking about you earlier because i was talking with the rabbi, the synagogue in charlottesville. >> beautiful. >> and he was saying that there were brothers and sisters who
5:34 pm
were catholic, who were other christian denominations, who were standing outside with him outside the synagogue saying we want to stand here to help protect you even though we're not members of your congregation. you're talking about people standing up. >> it was eck min cal. >> buddhists -- exactly. i want to say this i think we're in such a crucial moment in the history of american civilization. we've reached a very low point. this is a nadinadir. you see, i come from a group of people who after 400 years have taught the world so much about what is love. and because justice is what love looks like in public, it means you're willing to keep track of not just the best but put your
5:35 pm
body on the line to keep alive the best. most of human history is a cycle of hatred, violence, terror, trauma, domination, or oppression. what breaks it love. what breaks it bearing witness to justice. what breaks it is the victims of an empire, of male supremacy, white supremacy, the victim of of anti-jewish or anti--- when they're accountable that's what democracy is all about, but without the love and the dialogue and the bearing witness we lose it. >> bishop jackson, i want to bring you in here. just a few days ago the president tells a crowd of police he wishes they would rough up suspects, not put their hands on their heads as they put them in the police car, let them hit their head. now he says there were good
5:36 pm
people. he said they will not replace us. i'm wondering, does any of that give you pause on this president? >> not really. at this point i'm advocating people reeducating their lives. it has to do with the african-american community. i believe he open, his administration is open to working through some of these systemic problems that they have. >> where do you see that? >> i want to counsel on the voice -- where i see it? in my discussions. >> the president doesn't seem to talk about that. >> we're not about to talk about it publicly, but they've come up privately. you've got to be in the room with the person you're
5:37 pm
prophesizing to. i believe our president needs biblical direction. i believe we need to do all the things that dr. west talked about who is an iconic figure in an african-american community. but i think we're going have to have these voices operating on both sides of the aisle, republican and democrat. and i believe we'll also have to deal with the education gap in america and we do have to bring jobs to the hood. what i hope this president will engage in proactive problem solving at a very, very grassroots level. that's why many of the folks on the counsel are still there. >> let me bring in dr. west. >> i would say to my dear brother that certainly we want a variety of voices in different contexts, but when you get in that room. you have to tell the truth. bear witness and keep in mind
5:38 pm
everything. love is not a play thing. love requires unbelievable vulnerability, able to take a risk, ke know sis, emptying yourself to be of service most vulnerable, the underdogs, those who have been trashing. the immigrants and so forth. that's where i bring critique to bear. >> don't critique me, sir. don't critique me. >> i don't know enough about you to critique you. but if i knew you enough, i would. >> no, you don't. >> all of us need to be critiqued. >> we all are the voice for the voiceless. >> absolutely. we're all fallible, brother, that's all i'm saying. >> the only voices we're hearing for justice are progressive voices, not conservative voices
5:39 pm
as well, we won't get the message. what i hope my congregation will to is be radical missionaries who enter both parties and then engage in this democratic process. largely we're having african-americans and hispanics ignore busd they don't vote. we don't vote. we don't engage. we aren't active in the proactive beginnings of these stages. >> i hope you and i can covenant together to work together toward god's goals. >> objection. i understand the argument of being in the room when it happened, to quote "hamilton." there are folks in that room who may be being used because you're in the room, but are you listening? is it pop that there would come
5:40 pm
a time when the president doesn't move on just jus it is reform which seems to be exactly the direct opposite direction of where you want it to go in criminal justice reform that you would rethink your involvement? that you do would actually step down if you felt your voice wasn't being heard? >> i think that's a matter of personal integrity. we've got to bleeb our president counts. if we feel like we'll never be heard, there's no way i need to. i'm a cancer survivor. i'm on a mission. those are my life issues. i'm not going to compromise or sell out on those. >> i appreciate that. doctor, let me finish with you. i've heard from folks. they're scare. people are worried. people are black, white, gay, straight, whoever they are,
5:41 pm
there's a lot of people from a lot of dirmgt van taj points, and i'm wondering what you would say to the people tonight sitting in their homes saying this not the country they recognize. what do you say to people? >> i would say it's clear that the nation has the blues and we can learn something from the blues people, and the blues people are on intimate terms with catastrophe. wake up every day with a heartache and a heart break. for your me it's not new. there's a whole lot of folk, indigenous people and working people. it's not new at all. but we're staying fortified. we make a difference by doing. what telling what. the condition of truth allowing suving to speak no matter what color. one of the critiques to my dear brother is you can't just talk about black people. you have to be morally consistent p you have to stay in
5:42 pm
contact with everybody. that's imagegy news people, gay brothers, bisexuals, trans, people in tel aviv, gaza, and go forth, that's the legacy o jerusalem and mary lou williams on the piano. >> can i add a last word? >> sure. >> i think this is so very important. the church is at facility in in ways with what's happening morally. >> that's true, my brother. >> i believe -- martin luther king's letter from the birmingham jstill applies today. we need to call on our nation to pray, we need to have a focused agenda. some guys like you and me who i deeply respect, we need to learn how to work together across
5:43 pm
these great aisles so there will be a unified sound of conscience and a return to more reality that these people need. >> you bring marvin gaye and cold train and everything in the room every time you come. >> i salute you, brother. >> appreciate it. i like it when you call me brother sfloo you are too. we're getting information. we're going have live report on that next. also the guy who wrote the "art of the deal," what wrote. there's a guy who wrote it. what he thinks is likely going to happen to the pr. he actually thinks the president is going to resign. i'm going to speak to the author. ahead.
5:44 pm
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spanish authorities have been carrying out another operation. spanish media calling it terror in the wake of that. becky anderson joins us now. what do we know? >> reporter: let's be clear about what we know and what we don't know at this point. this spanish state broadcast ter tve reporting that four terrorists as they described them have been killed in what they describe as a terror
5:47 pm
incident in the town of cambrils and terragona, which is about 75 miles southwest of barcelona. what we know is this is a separate incident, not, it seems, related to what happened here in barcelona late this afternoon about two blocks away from me on las ramblas, which is the main pedestrian thoroughfare in barcelona where 30 were killed and more than 100 were injured when a van plowed into pedestrians and tourists, throwing them across the road. this menning women, and children. the van driver fled the scene. he abandoned the vehicle. and he as we understand it is still on the run. we were told earlier. there's no evidence he was armed. it does appear he may have been trying to get toward a getaway vehicle, but it's not clear if
5:48 pm
he made it. there's two separate incidents. one around 5:00 p.m. this afternoon on las ramblas. a deadly van when it plowed into people. more than a dozen dead and 00 injur injured. and in the past cup of hours, four terrorists now dead 75 miles southwest of here in the town of cambrils near the city of terragona. that is what is clear at this point. anderson? >> becky, i appreciate that. we're going to continue to follow this throughout the rhett of the hour. more on things at home, tony schwartz. he says the president will probably resign. schwartz spent nearly a year with trump ghostwriting "the art of the deal." he said he's going to declare
5:49 pm
victory and mueller will leave him no choice. he said it would be amazing if he makes it to the end of the year. would be surprised if he survived by fall. what makes you feel so strongly now? >> well, i think the snowball is beginning to gather momentum as it comes down the mountain. it reminds me a lot of watergate and the last days of nixon. when the tide turns, it really turns and that's what happened here. you look at the range of things that have happened and what he's gone back and forth saying to kim jong-un about north korea, and you've got kind of -- he's put himself in an isolated no-win position. the level of
5:50 pm
but what he's done is he's pushed away all the potential allies and they were beginning to diminish in number anyway and he's now pushed away business people, ceos. he's now pushed away bannon. you see bannon playing politics with his own boss. he's pushed away, you know, a good percentage of the congress. even in his own party. so where's the potential to survive? and then sitting in the background on this, anderson, is mueller's continuing investigation into russia. he's been lying -- it's not he started lying when he became president or when he started running for president. this is a man who's been deceitful and manipulative for 50 years plus.
5:51 pm
so what's going to get uncovered by an investigation that really looks into every corner is almost incalculable. >> for a president who hates losers, talks about losers as if losing something is the worst thing imaginable, if he left the presidency before his term, wouldn't he be considered a loser and wouldn't that be into intolerable or do you think he will attempt to make quitting seem like working harder or being a victor? >> yeah. there's no question he's going to do that because he paints even the most disastrous of things he does, including what he said about the events in virginia over the past week, as evidence of his own brilliance. so what he's going to do is he's going to blame it on the democrats. he's going to actually blame it on the republicans. he's going to blame it on
5:52 pm
anybody he can and he's going to say that he did everything he could to save america and, by the way, i don't want to write his talk for him, his resignation speech. but he is going to try his very best to paint this as his own victory and he's the ultimate victim. but he did everything he could. >> all the time you spent with him -- >> he's going to do it, of course, to stay out of prison. that's why he's going to do it. >> all the time you spent with him, did he ever express any sort of moral equivalence between racist and those who counter them? were you surprised by the remarks he made unscripted, without a teleprompter on tuesday? >> look, it's hard not to be surprised by any human being who says the kind of unbelievably
5:53 pm
crazy things he said. the word moral never came up during the 18 months that i spent with donald trump. that was not part of his vocabulary. it was, how do i do whatever is best for me or what i perceive is best for me and how do i get over on everybody else. the idea of moral equivalence, i guarantee you that that phrase is no more than a few days old in donald trump's brain. >> tony schwartz, thank you very much. i appreciate it. coming up, we'll hear from the rabbi in charlottesville who was inside his synagogue as nazis marched by chanting outside his synagogue. i'll talk to him ahead. e to dominate relentlessly today. csiri: okay, i'll remind you. [door crashing] [reminder ding] dj: already on it. ♪ [siri ding]
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the president of the congregation beth israel in charlottesville tells a hair w
5:57 pm
harrowing story. a man dressed in fatigues with a long rifle standing across the street from the temple shouting there's the synagogue and sieg heil. having to remove them to keep them safe because they were afraid the synagogues was going to be burned down. earlier i spoke with the rabbi. i'm wondering if you can just describe what this past weekend was like for you and the other members of your congregation, particularly on saturday when you had neo-nazis, white supremacists, people with rifling outside of your synagogue. >> yeah. it was obviously very shocking to see and also in some ways a wake-up call. you know, it's one thing to read the hate on the internet or on a website and you imagine a person sitting in the basement typing it out in anger but to actually see the hate, to see it really walking in front of you, to see
5:58 pm
people walking around the streets, it was really quite an experience. we had people all over town armed, walking around with arms, all kinds of uniforms. nobody quite knew who was who. eventually you did, you know, when they started chanting or when they unfurled their flags. that's the experience of being here on the streets of charlottesville and seeing people walking by with a lot of anger in their eyes and carrying guns and people were trying to find the right way to react and to be able to express ourselves peacefully without encountering violence. all over there were scenes -- one day the story will be told about the solidarity that happened between people here in charlottesville, all faiths and of all different kinds. >> the president has a religious advisory council. to our knowledge, no one on that council has resigned in protest over what the president has said. i'm cwondering if you're
5:59 pm
surprised by that, that somebody might have stepped down. >> yeah. i mean, if i had a teaching to share with the president, you know, it would be this. i mean, there is a teaching that says this. it's not just for the president. i think it's for everybody. every person. but certainly for leaders. you know, he says if you believe that you can destroy, then you must believe that you can repair. and i think that means that once in a while everybody who is a leader, whether it's of a small organization, a big country or just a person, sometimes has to look in the mirror and say, have i been part of this, what have i done? and if you recognize your part in it, it's to do whatever you can, the same energy, the same passion, the same skill that created a problem, you can apply to repairing a problem and that's what i think leadership is about, helping to repair and helping to move forward and i would hope that the president and everyone else who's involved in this will take that to heart.
6:00 pm
>> you know, one of the things that the president said was that on friday night, on the uva campus, those people who had marched upon the robert e. lee statue, that there were good people among them, that they weren't all neo-nazis and white supremacists. this was a group of several hundred, mostly young men, or men of different ages, carrying torches chanting "blood and soil," chanting "jews will not replace us." just as a rabbi, as a person of faith, when you heard the president say that there were good people there in that crowd, is it possible for good people to march with torches chanting those things? >> yeah. i was -- i was actually inside the church while that march was taking place. we were part of a very, very broad interfaith service but i think the sounds i'm hearing in the background, you know, they answer that question. and i would say