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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 18, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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on that note, i have been checking my twitter. it's been a wild day indeed. if you want to tweet me, send a tweet @brookecnn. love the feedback. everything about it. i'm brooke baldwin. let go to washington, "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. welcome to "the lead with jake tapper". i'm jake tapper. the politics lead. firing of president trump's senior staffer steve bannon. the ark connechitect of preside trump's controversial policies and strategies. in many ways the beating heart of the populist nationalism in the white house senior ranks for better or worse. the move comes within two days of bannon's liberal "prospect" magazine opened up talk with internal fights with white house and administration colleagues and flat out contradicted president trump and his posture
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toward north korea by saying there is no viable military solution to the conflict. also this comes within a week of tremendous national controversy over the president's response to the violence surrounding that nazi klan, white supremacist alt right rally in charlottesville, virginia, when which a young woman, heather heyer killed in terrorism allegedly by one of these racist. the president blamed both sides and pilloried by republicans and others. made up for it monday clearly condemning the klan of nazis and keepingly took it all back tuesday saying there were some very fine people marching alongside the nazis. the president seeming simp stym for those in the bigot community prompted democrats to blame bannon, former chairman of breitbart, which he called the platform for the alt right. the president was asked about bannon in that wild tuesday press conference. >> look, i like mr. bannon. he's a friend of mine, but mr.
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bannon came on very late. you know that. i went through 17 senators, governors, and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later than that, and i like him. he's a good man. he is not a racist. i can tell you that. he's a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. but we'll see what happens with mr. bannon but he's a good person and i think the press treats him, frankly, very unfairly. >> we learned today knowing eight days before bannon submitted a letter of resignation, though mr. trump had yet to decide to accept, because long before charlottesville mr. bannon had been a figure of controversy wrestling with other top advisers of the president over policy issues and accused of leaking information to the press. those who blame bannon for the president's controversial comments on race and racists as many kdemocrats have done is no supported by facts. bannon came on the campaign very
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late, the president pointed out. august, 2016, three months from the campaign's victory. one year and two months before then we heard from president trump these thoughts about mexican immigrants from june 2015. >> they're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists, and some, i assume are good people. >> bannon was still runs breitbart when president trump had difficulty finding words to condemn the klan and david duke, with me in february 2016. >> well, just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. okay? i don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white supremacy or white sprem 1i sifts. >> in june, staying judge curiel
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couldn't do his job because of his heritage. >> i'm building a wall, between mexico. not another country. >> it's from indiana. >> mexican heritage and very proud of it. >> none of that is to excuse or make any judgments at all about whatever advice bannon gave mr. trump, once he came onboard two months late perp bannr. bannon had his hand in temporary travel from half dozen muslim countries and focus on undocumented ingrants, sanctuary cities and what he called a globalist position on trade. ran afoul of more traditional chamber of commerce and foreign policy establishment types. the notion those troubled by president trump's response to charlottesville should breathe easier because steve bannon is gone is not supported by facts. something else that caught our eye today. barely a week into donald trump's presidency, this
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forecast taken, speaking with vladimir putin in the over's office. shows how much has changed. national security adviser, michael flynn, out by february. press sex sean spicer, resigned in july, a week later chief of staff reince priebus left the white house and now steve bannon fired with those four specters. the only two left in the photo still in the white house, are the only two elected. the president and vice president. don't forget the guy on the other end of the line there, vladimir putin. joe jones is with me. bannon's firing has been in the works. this wasn't necessarily a direct response to the president's reaction to charlottesville. >> that's true, jake. it was the president's decision, cnn has been told, though. we're also told bannon submitted his resignation back around august 7th. the takeaway, bannon did not jump. he was pushed. a combination of factors that play, including, not limited to the president's well-known irritation with staffers who seem to be getting more media attention than donald trump. there was also that unusually
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candid interview bannon gave coming at a time the new white house chief of staff was trying to impose discipline. >> yet another bombshell shakes the foundation of the trump administration. will trump's controversial chief strategist forced out after a short and stormy tenure at the white house. >> i can run a little hot oh occasions. >> reporter: his deper cher at the end of a brutal week. >> blame on both sides. >> reporter: the last straw, maybe, for bannon a controversial interview the former breitbart news executive gave to the liberal publication, "american prospect." and the official white house statement cited the tough new white house chief of staff john kelly who has been trying to restore order to the west wing. john kelly and steve bannon have mutually agreed today would be steven last day. we're grateful for his service and wish him the best.
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bannon, the latest, in a long lichte of top trump advisers to head for the exit including sean spicer and reince priebus. the president indicated his days were numbered this week. >> he's a good man. he is nos a racist. i can tell you that. we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. >> reporter: a darling of the alt right, role of keeping the promises the president made during the campaign. >> hold us accountable to what we promised. hold us accountable for delivering on what we promised. >> reporter: the blowback coming from the left and right, breitbart editor reacting to bannon's ouster on twister, one ominous word "war." nancy pelosi said it doesn't disguise where president trump himself stands on white sprechl sifts and the bigoted beliefs they advance. this may not quell the blowback from controversial remarks earlier in the week. the mother of the woman killed in a car attack by an alt right
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sympathizer said she has no interest in meeting the president. >> i've just missed his calls. the call, the first call looked like actually came during the funeral. >> reporter: and there was more fallout still. news today that some top-shelf charities were cancelling events at trump's flagship mar-a-lago resort including the american cancer society, the american red cross, the soomin g. komen foundation and the cleveland clinic. >> joe johns, thank you so much. bringing in maggie haymerman on the phone. white house correspondent for the "new york times" who broke this story among many, many others. that's for joining us. what's the latest reporting how this all went down? >> reporter: so, look, there's too many things, two confused versions. i think the reality is some mixture of them. bannon has been, said to be in trouble for several weeks. he was supposed to, according to my colleague that reported this, two weeks, three weeks ago when reince priebus was fired. the president wanted to make a
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move then, but a number of people intervened on steve bannon's behalf saying trump would lose the base if he did this. real people. mark meadow, chairmans of the house freedom caucus and several others suggested it was a mistake leaving time pass. john kelly, new chief of staff, evaluating steve bannon's role. they had, as i understand it, come to an agreement either mid or late last week about the departure. the events around charlottesville put all that off and delayed everything, and then question whether the deal to have bannon leave would be looked at again. or negotiated. once he gave that interview to the "american prospect" the wheels were set in motion. steve bannon is not a dumb man or dumb about the way the media works in terms of on and off the record. it would be surprising if he thought he was just calling a reporter he never had spoken with for a gentle chat about policy not going on the record. somebody close to bannon
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disputed all of this. and said that he put in his resignation august 7th to become effective august 14th and that was d.c. laid because of charlottesville. a lot of robert are contradicts that. as ever, you know, jake, it's trumpland. the things are complicated. >> appreciate that. >> reporter: doing my best here. for a friday. >> steve bannon, of course, a former executive chairman of breitbart news. already we saw senior editor tweeting simply from breitbart "war." #war. one of the risks obviously talked about, better to have bannon inside the tent doing his thing out than outside the tent doing his thing in. is there a risk now for president trump for somebody who has these nationalistic media outlets out there, now being on the outside? >> reporter: i think there's a bigger risk, frankly, for
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trump's staff. i don't think bannon's going to target the president personally and that these sites, i don't think they have as much sway with a lot of the hard-core voters as they would like to say. if you read the comments section on breitbart, which i do periodically. >> why would you ever do that? >> reporter: because -- sometimes you need to steer into the abyss, and clearly, those who follow breitbart still support trump and a lot of this is sort of railing on one side or another. i do think the people around trump have a lot to figure. that bannon's not going to burn the whole house but part of it down. >> we know of several people he's clashed with in the administration including jared kushner. >> reporter: right. >> congratulations on yet another scoop. will bannon's firing help president trump regain ground lost with the public after his charlottesville remarks is next. stay with us. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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we're back with our politics lead as the white house tries to make another course correction with the fires of president trump's senior vat gist steve bannon. my panel is here with a lot to discuss. start with andre in south carolina. have to supporter of president trump. what's your reaction? are you worried as a support every of the president firing steve bannon might hurt him with the base? >> i don't believe so. i think steve bannon played a great part in this election in getting donald trump elected. there's no question that he had a different angle into helping the president in a big primary get out of that, and he came in to the white house, but i think the president is ever evolving moo much like he would run a fortune 500 company. once that person got what he needed handled, getting him positioned in the president around now there are different thing. this is ever evolving, america's
1:17 pm
business, what the president is contending to, and i appreciate his loyalty but now it's about governing and vastly different than getting elected. >> and kaitlan collins, one of our white house reporters. how much interviewing, talking about fighting with colleagues in the white house and the administration and basically revealed that the president was posturing on north korea and no military, viable military option, which i thought was stunning of an admission. how much did that play a role in this? >> really the last straw for the president. he's been fuming observer that interview all week. even as recently at last night and at his golf course, in bedminster. we've seen from time and time again. every time steve bannon is in the dog house he gets credits for the president's success or winning the election for him, that happened back in april. circulating, bannon on magazine covers and the president came out and told a "new york post"
1:18 pm
columnist he's his own best strategist. we've seen that in this time since bannon has fallen out of the president's good graces. maintain aglow profile. did not travel with the president to new jersey at all during this working vacation. instead staying in his temporary office in the executive office building why the white house is undergoing renovations and didn't go to the signing of the trade memo monday when the president returned briefly to washington. >> trade is one of his issues. >> advocated strongly for that. unusual. we saw bannon was really aware how in trouble his position in the administration was this time. but it was really that interview where he completely contradicted the president's stance on north korea, saying there was no military solution. he essentially mocked the president who has been saying for weeks he was going to respond with fire and fury and acting like he was the president saying he could make these personnel changes at the state department. something trump does not like. >> josh green, you are the world
1:19 pm
authority on stephen bannon other than, perhaps stephen bannon. were you surprised by the timing of this? >> i was a little surprised by the timing of it, because the role trump really plays for bannon, he isn't so much the great manipulator that he's portrayed as being on "saturday night live." he is bannon's ultimate soldier and attack dog, winds up in crazy crises where everybody else abandoned him. back in the campaign it was true, during the "access hollywood" scandal. bannon engineered a way out of that for trump and we seem to be involved in the same kind of situation now in the wake of charlottesville. every fortune 500 ceo abandoning trump. republicans, congress, abandoning trump. steve bannon is the one guy who stood up for him and publicly defended him. i'm a little surprised he was pushed out right now at this pivotal moment for trump's presidency, because this really leaves trump without anybody in the white house willing to go out there and defend him against the toughest charges.
1:20 pm
>> and jen, you work for the obama white house, and president obama made tough personnel decisions. i don't know of anybody quite as controversy at stephen bannon but he fired a couple national security advisers. there were moves like that. how much does -- how much difference does it make to fire somebody like that? >> well, you can argue that steve bannon's role or relevance in the white house was overstated. certainly he was a big part of the campaign, and that i think was because he shared, helped promotes and ideology he shared. no one staffer particularly changes ultimately the ship the president is leading himself. so for president obama i remember one of our early firings was the social secretary. seems quite quaint at this point. now, steve bannon's role, what's clear from this is that if you're on the wrong side of jared and ivanka you're probably
1:21 pm
at risk on the chopping block, if you are promoting yourself as a number of people have said here. that's not something the president likes. that's not uncommon for a president, but typically even with this white house it's not going to necessarily change the entire internal dynamic. i wouldn't suspect. >> one thing i wonder, kaitlan, steve bannon was a voice for reducing the american military footprint abroad such in afghanistan. is there anyone else now in the administration that could hold that argument, that would make that argument, mattis, mcmaster. jared kushner, is there anyone that might be saying, we actually should be sending fewer troops abroad, not more? >> exactly the question that's been on everyone's mind this week. you know the president is at camp david in a meeting with his national security team right now. we know they're discussing afghanistan, but that's what everyone has raised since bannon left. a lot of people who didn't think heinged in the white house, but
1:22 pm
that's the question. who is left in the white house to advocate for that position? as you look, the people in the white house aren't typically conservatives who think that should happen. the dean of powells, the cohens, jared kushners. how many conservatives are really left in this white house with the republican president? >> i don't know if conservative is the right word. nationalists, maybe? different, all the words don't mean anything anymore. stick around. everyone, take a quick break and look back over perhaps the toughest week president trump has had. stay with us. for your heart...
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1:27 pm
chance people like sebastian gorka will get pushed out. some other bannon loyalists, who are not particularly well liked by the faction that remains in the white house. because you really have a culture change and a vacuum now that bannon has left, and odd as it sounds in a republican white house, you'll have an administration effectively controlled by democrats. you have gary cohen, former democrat. stephen mnuchin, jared and ivanka and others in the white house who don't have a traditional republican background, and who certainly don't have the nationalist, populist politics that bannon pushed so hard, maybe too hard, from his job in the west wing. >> and andrei, one of the things trump supporters are worried about that now breitbart, the website, the, that bannon said he wanted to be the platform for the alt right, now it will be weaponized further. obviously it has gone after bannon's rivals within the white house.
1:28 pm
reince priebus, jared kushner, gary cohen and others. now with bannon out of the white house, people say, who knows? likely they will not attack president trump but likely other people in the administration. does that matter? >> well, it does matter. you want every friend you can get when trying to govern and at some point in time this president has to try to work with the legislative branch and anytime there's chaos or someone's stirring the pot that makes it more difficult and we've seen that by following just one vote show on health care. every vote matters. if we can cause a little chaos, it stops not only what the president is allowed to get done but what the people of this country sent him there to do. >> talk about charlottesville a second. kaitlan a remarkable moment on "good morning america" today with susan bro, mother of heather heyer, visually killed by 0 domestic terrorist, likely one of those racists marching. this is what she had to say about the phone calls and
1:29 pm
whether or not she would talk to president trump. roll that tape. >> i have not, and now i will not. at first i just missed his calls. the call -- the first call it looked like actually came during the funeral. >> i'm not talking to the president now. i'm sorry. >> what did -- >> what he said about my child and not that i saw somebody else's tweets about him. i saw an actual clip of him as a press conference equating the protestors, like ms. heyer with the kkk and the white supremacists. >> this is a -- a disaster. and maybe in any other white house this would be the biggest story of the day, but it's the trump white house, so it's not. first of all, the sheer imcompetence, calling during the funeral. second of all a grieving mother, obviously offended by what president trump said. it's awful. any inclination that the white house will try to fix this in
1:30 pm
any way? >> a great question. actually we've not heard back from the white house on that. we've been asking since heather heyer was killed or saturday, have they reached out to her? what was the plan and they kept saying they were recording a call, making a time convenient with the family. until that interview we found out she not want to speak to them and they called during the funeral. it shows why they hadn't been returning requests for comment or when the call would be set up. shows the difference in the president. when the osu tack happ uchlu at the president flew there and saw those students and talked to them and talked to the victims. it shows that he did not travel to charlottesville after all of this happened. you're exactly right. any other day, any other white house, this would be the biggest story of this week. what it really shows, they haven't even called the mother of the girl who was killed. from saturday. >> haven't gotten through to her. anyway, jen sake, i want to ask you about president obama.
1:31 pm
i've heard from liberals and progressives, disappointed they haven't heard more from president obama this week after a horrific racial week of tensions, the death of a young woman protesting the klan. he did send out some tweets in which he quoted nelson mandela. one became the most retweeted in all-time, but, did you wish that he did more? do you wish he spoke out more this week? >> as an american, sure. because i think for eight years people were used to him rising to the moment when in was a crisis, and even people who don't like him or don't like his politics, i think would probably say that when the country needed money to be a moral leader he was there. but he thought a lot about the role he wanted to play post-presidency and leave room for other people to rise to the moment. i think a lot of people have. >> all right. thanks so much. great panel. appreciate it, everyone. one of the few black republicans in congress reacts
1:32 pm
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we're back with breaking news in our "the lead." steve bannon fireds. joining me to talk about this, thanks for joinings us, congresswoman. >> good to see you. >> do you support the president firing steve bannon? >> well, i support any changes in the white house at this point. i think that this is probably a, a showing of general kelly shaking things up knowing that things aren't going quite well in the white house and, you know, i think this might about good move. hopefully anything is better than nothing, and the aftermath, after the president's initial response on the nazis marring on charlottesville and what mitt romney said on facebook today, "what the president communicated
1:37 pm
caused racists to rejoice, american -- appaologizapologize unequivocally racists are to blame for the murder and violence in charlottesville." do you agree and do you think that would make a difference? >> i think now more than ever, people in the united states and even throughout the world need certainty and leadership. and it would have been nice to get that. but this goes to show. i said this before. we have to stop looking to washington to solve all of our problems and tell us how to feel what to do. we have to start looking wirth and making sure that we are the ones being examples out there. that way no matter what happens in the white house, the people are still voicing their opinions, their concerns and they're the ones writing history. >> you participated in a unity rally this week in salt lake city and said the racism is not
1:38 pm
only taught, but that more importantly, can be untaught. it can be reversed at the rally. and came face-to-face with a white supremacists. having problems with the idea of holding signs upside down and front side up. no a surprise, i suppose. what would you say to this gentleman as he puts down his upside-down sign? to abandon his hateful ideology. >> first and foremost, you can tell, thats that man, i'm not a victim. he's got no influence on me one way or the other. i knew something was off about him and kind of thinking, poor guy. can't even hold his sign up correctly. but, this, to me, again, goes to show that e we have to be really comfortable in our skin. stand very comfortable in our principles. so that when idiots like that show up, that we are not victims but empowered and can be a great
1:39 pm
example to them. we have to remember that i, and me, and everybody else who thinks like me, believes in unity, believes in diversity. who care about people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin, can stand up and have, make sure that this person has no influence over us. that this person is the one feeling kpleefeel feeling completely alone knowing they're the ones flawed. not us. >> a new poll out showed 67% of republicans approve of the way president trump handled the response to the charlottesville attack. i suppose you're not in that 67%. does that surprise you? that so many in your party approved of his response? >> i think what's surprises me the most is that there's so many people that are looking to the president for a response. i can tell you now, my kids care more about what i say on twitter, my actions, than they do about what happens at the white house. and i would guarantee that most americans that have children or
1:40 pm
somebody that looks up to them would care more or are affected more by what they do, what they say, how they respond. than they do about somebody else. it's time for us to make sure we are the role models, and, again, watching what was going on at charlottesville i didn't have to wait for the particular ed to tell me how to react other feel. i knew exactly what i needed to do and how to represent, express the voice of the people i represent. that's exactly what i'm going to continue to do and pleading to everyone that is listening right now, that it is time for you to take the power back into your hands. don't wait for washington. don't wait for somebody to tell you why you should be angry and how to behave when you're angry. just make sure that you are the one that is expressing love, unity and that american patriotism that is -- that believes in individual liberties and freedom. and love. >> republican congresswoman mia love of utah. great to you have on. thanks so much. >> thank you, jake. an american among the
1:41 pm
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we're back. an american among the 14 innocents killed in the islamic terrorist attacks in spain. identified. 43-year-old jared tucker from lafayette, california. tucker was in barcelona celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary with his wife. this tragic news comes as authorities learns the attacks could have, believe it or not, been more horrific. hours before that van ran through the busy area,
1:46 pm
accidentally bly upew up a hous. they believe those bomb was part of the plan. police stopped five terrorists, killing them, who tried to drive an audi van into more pedestrians. and at the placa rambla, they must realize there's a terror cell in spain and some members are clearly still on the loose? >> reporter: yes. still trying to hunt those various different elements down, jake, but spain has actually been fighting its own quiet war against terrorism for quite some time. the country right now really trying to come to terms with the violence over the last day. it's almost hard to imagine that this is where such horrific violence took place. until you look at the faces of those who pass by. less than 24 hours earlier, a
1:47 pm
van careened through this pedestrian street cutting down tourists and locals. a moment frozen in time for those who survived. a moment they expected to die. authorities say it could have been so much worse. the sign simply reads, "pray for barcelona." most tell us they were placing themselves for some sort of attack, hardly lessening the shock, sorrow or impact. this now say they believe that this terror assault was likely planning something, using massive explosive power. not just vehicles as a weapon. this is the working hypothesis. that explosives be being prepared in a house somewhere 150 miles from barcelona. on wednesday the house was destroyed in a massive blast. the police chief says the occupants appeared to have been trying to make explosives out of butane gas. did that force the cell to bring
1:48 pm
forward their plans? with the van attack that killed over a dozen people and wounded around 100? people are now linking that attack with another that was thwarted hours later in the seaside resort town of cambrills. five men in an audi rammed through peds. th pedestrians. then a shoot-out with police. and a fifth cornered shouting aleppo, appeared to be shot once but got up only to be shot a second time. he also died. authorities say there were wearing fake suicide vests, and had an ax and knives in their car. the investigation will go on. just as the pain caused by these attacks will endure. and, jake, authorities are saying they have identified all five attackers that were killed in cambrills amend saying they've identified three of the
1:49 pm
individuals they have in custody, but as we said earlier, some members of this terrorist cell still remain at large. >> all right. arwa damon in barcelona. thank you so much. the violence in virginia brought attention to racists and nazis and the ones fighting nazis as well. cnn takes you inside the anti-fascist movement. stay with us. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
1:50 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the national league by most accounts almost all the people protesting against the hateful bigot, nazis and klansmen in charlottesville were peaceful. but not all.
1:54 pm
in their midst a sometimes very violent known at anti-fa, sometiming with police and storefronts occasionally. at least two assaulted in virginia by protestors over the weekend including this cameraman from the richmond cbs affiliate. sarah gilman takes us inside and antifa and shows us the group like you've never seen it before. >> reporter: it's 6:00 a.m. in portland, oregon. we're headed to a bar with blacked out windows. >> they wanted to meet us really early in the morning because they're concerned about a lot of people being around. >> reporter: we are meeting members of the grove city antifa, shore for anti-fascist. the main goal, disrupt neo-nazis and white supremacists and take on government and capitalism. antifa is any group willing to stand up against fascists by any means necessary. >> reporter: by any means
1:55 pm
necessary, they say, can mean outing a white nationalist at theirs work or to their neighbors. or as we've seen recently, violence. fires, property damage. hand-to-hand combat. at protests across the country. >> explain to me the reasons behind fighting? >> you have to make it so unpalatable to be doing white supremacist things and they don't want to do that that's what's worked. put your body in the way and sometimes it's violence. >> reporter: no telling how many are in the u.s. because there isn't any one organization. most of local groups that recruit and communicate through social media. experts who track these organizations say their membership is drgrowing in response to the election of donald trump. violence and property destruction led to more than 200 arrests in washington, d.c. on inauguration day.
1:56 pm
prosecutors say they were wearing masks, covered head to toe in black, a tactic the antifa called black block. >> people dress in black cloth for a few things. >> reporter: scott crow leading anarchist led this group for deg kade. >> people put on a masks to become anonymous and able to move more freely and do what we need to do, whether it is illegal or not. >> reporter: so some people push back on that and say the black block is to keep peep from beam identified and arrested when they break the law. >> damn right. it's a good way to avoid the ramifications of law enforcement. [ chanting ] fascists go home! >> we saw that at a mayday protest in new york city. >> we cover our face, because -- the nazis will try to find out who we are. and -- that is a very bad thick, because they harass people. when they organize, they kill people, hurt people, fight
1:57 pm
people. and we're the ones who are fighting back. they are the second coming of hitler. >> reporter: police in berkeley told us they haven't seen this kind of destruction since the 1960s. law enforcement in other cities are dealing with similar situations. like in portland, oregon wherability where antifa has been involved in tense violence according to police and the wearing on the community. >> it is new. like a rumble mentality of, i'm going to bring my friends. you bring your friends and we're going to fight it out in the park. it's not something we've seen here. it's no the good for the city. people are frustrated by it. it's affecting their livability, their business. >> reporter: has it become more violent? >> it happens quicker. the fire starting we saw on mayday is something we haven't seen much of in the past. the running through the street, breaking windows, and everything in sight -- we haven't seen it as consistently as we've seen it
1:58 pm
in the last eight months. >> reporter: but it's the violence that's got's them attention. directly confronting groups that preach white nationalist r isis rhetoric, like on inauguration day, richard spencer was punched in the face. and it was the antifa movement that caused berkeley to cancel speeches by those like michael ianknoplous. >> and nazis that go to these rallies itching for a fight. we're there to say, we'll stand in your way. >> reporter: the thing is jake, experts who i talked to say the antifa violence may end up actually hurting their cause. across the country people who are dressing in black cloth are getting arrested. authorities are taking this seriously. that's not stoting them at all. they believe this tactic is working.
1:59 pm
one of the interesting things that i found in doing this reporting was really surprising to me. we found that a lot of these newability fa members are young people. disenfranchised young people who felt that they were let down by both parties, after the election. and this is where they ended up. jake? >> all right, fascinating stuff. obviously, we're not comparing their ideology to the vile bigotry of the klan or nazis but they are an increasingly violent player in these protests. thank you so much. appreciate it. how does the latest white house firing of steve bannon impact president trump's relationship with republicans in congress? or his agenda going forward? sure to be one of the questions a cnn special event monday i'm moderating. exclusive town hall with house speaker paul ryan in his home town of wisconsin. answering questions about the challenges facing lawmakers when they return from the summer break. catch this town hall monday night at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn.
2:00 pm
join me this sunday for "state of the union" talking with ohio governor john kasich and congressman adam schiff. democrat of california. sunday morning, 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern. thanks for watching and follow me on facebook and twitt twitter @jaketapper, tweet the show @theleadcnn. now turning to over to wolf blitzer. happening now, bannon fired. president trump dismisses his divisive chief strategist steve bannon as the west wing is buffeted by a storm of racially charged controversy over the president's wee responsible to the violence in charlottesville. and forcing out bannon with ties to the alt right do anything to calm the uproar? heading for the breitbart. what bannon once calm add form foal