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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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judge curry, calling other mexicans rapists. >> congressman, appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> and thank you so much. john berman is in for anderson cooper. "ac360" starts right now. >> good evening, it's the end of the trump presidency as he knows it and steve bannon feels fine. john berman here, steve bannon out at the white house already back at his old website, breitbart. he is talking, more like spilling, and talking about the presidency he and donald trump fought for is over. that is only one item of a stripping of developments, bannon's firing completes the picture, just watch him go. mi michael flynn first, sean spicer, steve bannon, every single person from this january photo gone, except for the president, vice president and
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andrew jackson on the wall. of course there was vladimir putin on the other end of the call, seriously. this breaks the president from many sides to presidential advisory panels resolved, another one scrapped before it even began, mass resignations from a fourth, the president's committee on the arts. and this evening we learned from the administration on the evangelical advisory board. and carl icahn is out. condemnation from republican senators, sharp criticism from a gop nominee and more all in the wake of the president's conversation and badly received remarks about neo-nazis in charlottesville. and now, a sense the president is isolated. as for steve bannon, he is already back at his old media outlet, breitbart, not own a day
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off. and not far from the new jersey golf club, what is reality here and what is spin? >> that is sometimes hard to figure out, john, that is right. but from what we understand steve bannon was supposed to be fired a couple of weeks ago from what we understand talking to white house sources. and there are several reasons why, not only was the president annoyed with steve bannon, had been for sometime, was lampooned on saturday night live, more recently, john kelly who came from the department of homeland security. he was brought in to bring order to this very disorderly white house, steve bannon just didn't fit in the kelly power structure. he was seen, steve bannon, was sort of freelancing on his own promoting his own agenda. and that was just not going to work under john kelly.
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we were shown sources that steve bannon was given the option to resign, make no mistake this is a firing from even donald trump from his apprentice days would have appreciated. >> so steve bannon is already out at breitbart. already telling the weekly standard saying the presidency we fought for and won is over. how much of a concern is there inside the white house that this could be a problem for them in the white house? >> yeah, i talked to sources for weeks now. remember, this has come up before. steve bannon's head has been on the chopping block more than once, one thing you heard from people at the white house is that the concern was if steve bannon were to leave the west wing he would start firing pot shots back over at breitbart. now steve bannon is back at breitbart. but we're told by a source who talked to steve bannon earlier today that he has no plans to go to a hash tag war as a breitbart editor put it earlier today, against president trump. that he wants to go to war with
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president trump and push for the president's agenda outside the white house. of course, steve bannon really had his i would say -- i don't want to call them disagreements, certainly, with jarod kushner, the president's son-in-law. so it remains to be seen if the president and the issues with jared kushner, may prompt breitbart to respond for kind. >> quickly, do you think other heads could roll? >> yes, we are hearing that sebastien gorka, another controversial staffer at the white house, somebody who drew a lot of fire from democrats and republicans because of his loose lip style. he is on thin ice, the knives are out for him as well. there is another figure in the white house who is quite controversial and had his head on the chopping block. that did not come to pass. we're told by sources it may be a matter of time. certainly he is somebody viewed
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inside the white house pursuing his own agenda at times. the word is the chief of staff john kelly wants everybody on the same page, same team pushing for the president's agenda, not their own agenda, john. >> all right, thank you, so much. before bringing in the panel which i should say includes the reporter who broke tonight's story as well as the journalist whose written account of the definitive, steve bannon influence, that some say led to the firing of bannon. let's take a look at the emergence onto the national stage. >> reporter: for the whole improbable unexpected rise to power, the man whispering in trump's ear was steve bannon, a true right wing. >> they were laughing when i said this guy trump is going to be very serious.
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good to see you're in the heat of combat. >> i remember you looked and said boy, those are big crowds your getting. >> he was the ideologue, pushing themes, some of which he crafted over the years. on terrorism. >> we're in an out-right war against jihads, and isis. >> on big money. >> the political class have taken care of themselves and led our country to the break of ruin. >> reporter: on opponents within the republican party and on his holy grail. >> the construction of the administrative state. >> once called the most dangerous political operative in america, bannon is a former navy officer and former banker who made an early investment in the seinfeld tv experience that led to money and experience which he transformed into political battering rams. >> we don't want our kids and
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grandkids futures taken away from us and we'll do whatever we can to make sure it doesn't happen. >> he promoted films on immigration, climate change and the obama administration. bannon's movies praised sarah palin and the right, while savaging hillary clinton and the right. >> with the clintons, nothing is for sale, we are the oneses paying the price. >> through it all he preached the gospel of a government run amo k. >> unbelievable, unbelievable. >> but the time he and trump joined forces bannon was going against the elite. >> i say every day the middle class men and women are ten times smarter than this intellectual group. >> but bannon's outsider status caused friction with the insiders. he was never able to push
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through legislation and fell out of favor with some family members, and critics talked about his ties to the alt-right movement. >> we're a nation with a culture and a reason for being. and i think that is what unites us and what will united this movement going forward. >> and even though he is now out of the white house as he takes a familiar role as breitbart's executive chairman you can expect his war on washington to roll on. >> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight you are sadly mistaken. >> tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> all right, tom, thank you. with that, let's bring in maggie haberman, who broke the story, and the author of bannon and the cloud he once had. and josh, you spoke to steve bannon this afternoon. he told you quote he was going to war for the president. what did he say that entails?
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>> well, that is right. i think the key distinction here he is not going to war with trump against him as a lot of people feared he may. but going to war on behalf of trump's agenda against enemies on capitol hill, you can include mitch conflimcconnell, and paul >> maggie, you broke the story, one that could have been the worst week, where the president said that very fine people marched with the neo-nazis in charlottesville. any sense the firing was connected to that? that has something to do with the timing, the movement, the distraction on what has been going on? >> no, i think we have a need to describe something as a need for distraction, the dust of distraction has to be let go at
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some point. i did not use the word firing in my story and i intentionally didn't use the word firing, john, because forgive me i'm covering the president in new jersey and it's very loud out here. it's not exactly clear how this went down yet. there are multiple versions out there. what is clear is that there had been agreements between steven bannon and the president, sometime last week, that bannon was going to be leaving. and that was essentially stalled or put on hold or what have you because of charlottesville. both because of the events and because you know bannon was really the only person telling the president that he was handling this this right way by leaning into his own impulses. and so because of that, it seemed as if the arrangement was coming undone. and then it suddenly was not. but i think the precipitating factor here much more than charlottesville, if charlottesville at all, i think charlottesville kept bannon for a little while longer. this interview he game with the
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progressive publication with a reporter with whom he had never spoken and steve bannon is many things, but media dumb he is not. and it's very hard to believe he just did this and didn't realize he was on the record, in the anthony scaramucci fashion, how dismissive he was of larry cohn, and he was discussed north korea and said there is no military solution. that is actually a fairly common view among military experts. but it's not one you expect to hear the chief strategist say out loud. >> josh, you have something on this? >> the sources i talked to today confirmed maggie's reporting, this was not a reported firing. the terms were agreed to last week, that bannon met with robert mercer, the right-wing
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billionaire, and then mercer talked about the exit. so it seems there was a planning or foresight to bannon's departure. >> bannon told the weekly standard the trump presidency we fought for and won is over. what do you think he means by that? >> hi, sorry, what i think he means by that is two things. there is some virtue signaling, on trump saying i'm not going to war against you, but he is telling his own followers, the readers of breitbart, other officials in the administration and other conservatives, you know if this check list of things doesn't get done and he cited a bunch, including the wall and some others, it's because i, steve bannon am not there. in reality. all of those things were going
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to be incredible heavy rifts. this allowed steve bannon to say this happened because he was not physically present to push them true. again, stoeve bannon is a savvy operator and knows the base he will play to. >> sorry, steve bannon will not go to war with the president but what about the people who work inside the white house? >> and i think that is where bannon's efforts will be. his interview with me, he was very on message saying this is a positive, we're going to move forward to advance trump's agenda. he made it clear he will go after people who he feels are inhibiting trump's agenda. as he discussed, it includes people like gary cohn, i had a source compare his did eparture
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obi-one kanobi, where he said if you strike me down you will only be stronger. >> people refer to him as darth vader, when in fact he may see himself as obi-one kanobi, did he seem surprised? >> not at all, he didn't seem somebody surprised. bannon has a manic energy, that is what we had today when we spoke. >> you know maggie there are a lot of people out there who now see steve bannon gone, saying get rid of bannon, and we'll get rid of the cancer in the white house. some people think he had questionable views on race. anything on that where he ends and donald trump begins? >> yes, they end and begin in basically the same place. and steve bannon and his defenders have been very
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adamant, you heard the president say this on tuesday at the breathtaking press conference that he did or whatever it was th in trump tower, with all of us about charlottesville. he was adamant about defending steve bannon, saying he is not a racist, that is not who he is. a lot of people around bannon have made a similar case, and bannon has always thought to draw a line against his nationalism, economics, it's not racial. and the left, the politics, and my friend wrote a piece related to this, in the u.s., politics tend to break along race lines, not class lines. bannon does not engage in it himself, is what everybody close to him has said. he however has not put a stop to it. and there has been all sorts of race baiting that has gone on in
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posts, not breitbart, but some posts at breitbart. i think people who think it's the end of steve bannon, still a new moment at the white house, i think they're going to end up very disappointed. this is who donald trump is. very long -- >> very little change, from when he jumped into the campaign, maggie stick around, we'll have many more questions, we'll bring in the rest of the panel plenty to talk about. whether it's steve bannon, carl icahn, we'll see more on the mayor of charlottesville on why he has changed his mind and says the statue of robert e. lee has got to go. >> heads up. you need the best equipment. for the best ride. the best fit. and the best night's sleep.
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no shortage of breaking news, steve bannon leaving the white house, late-breaking details on jared kushner's involvement. there is also carl icahn stepping down as special adviser to the president. yep, that carl iicahn. >> the great carl icahn, a tremendous businessman. >> i want carl icahn negotiating for me. >> carl icahn called me, a great
5:21 pm
guy, very successful. i have carl icahn ready. carl icahn endorsed me. >> carl icahn endorsed me recently, one of the great businessmen. >> so i have carl icahn, does anybody know carl? carl is great. >> might need new talking points soon. back now, joining us ed martin and jen saki, ed, you are a supporter of donald trump. do you think the steve bannon move pushes the white house in the right direction? because we've heard from some republicans who think they lost a key ally in the west wing. >> you know, i don't think it changes much, i don't agree with maggie where she asserted in the previous segment about trump's position on race or bannon. i do agree that trump is in charge, key issues like immigration, trade, poiappointi
5:22 pm
judges. i think bannon's genius was communication over the last five to ten years, i'm not talking about the issues, i think his talent. i think trump needs to bring in more conservatives to signal to some of us that the base is still being heard. but i don't think cohen or kushner are going to tell trump what to do, i think they will have input, and he will stick to the issues. >> one of the things that maggie haberman talked about, nobody tells trump what to do. how do you think it shifts the power? >> i think it remains to be seen. it's not clear if that position will be filled. i want to fulfill, i didn't say bannon's position on race, donald trump's position on race, i did say they have the same national impulses and i'm not sure what he was deriving from
5:23 pm
that. but i did hear a number of republicans suggest today, one that was happy to have steve bannon in the white house, he is concern border wed about who fi role. to your point, john, donald trump is not easily pulled in a certain direction. and frankly, you know just in terms of his wish for effectiveness, that a lot of people in new york city, for instance, had instilled in jared kushner and ivan ka trump, where they were not able to pull him in a certain direction. donald trump has a lot of impulses that he has stuck to and believed in for 35 years. and i don't expect that is going to change with the absence of steve bannon and i don't think he is going to be that much more
5:24 pm
pliable. >> josh, too what extent do you think that steve bannon has already won an important battle if not war with the republican party where he has shifted the republican party at least among the base to the more populist wing right now? >> in that sense, he has won, bannon had been trying since 2012 and 2013 somebody who could change the focus of republican politics, and he tried first for sarah palin, then lou dobbs to run for president, and jeff sessions, not because he thought he could win but because he thought he could elevate the trade issues to the top of the agenda. and rasmegardless of what trump does or doesn't accomplish, i think it succeeded the party, shaping it, radically different from where the other republican leaders wanted to direct the party.
5:25 pm
>> you know, jen psaki, the break-up was not directly related to charlottesville. from a communication standpoint, do you think the white house can effectively say steve bannon is out. many of you people associate bannon with these things. now we're turning a page. is this an opportunity for the president? >> well, if they wanted to use it as an opportunity they would have done it today and they would not have done that. there was a lot of conflicted reporting on whether or not he was fired or resigned, what the timing was. but what no one was suggesting from the inside and no one reported was that this was about charlottesville. because as maggie said and i think others have said on the panel that is exactly how donald trump feels what he said on tuesday and saturday, is who he is. and the people who support that will continue to be aligned with him. the people who don't will continue to be opposed. it will be difficult for them from a communications perspective to now say a day or two days or three days from now
5:26 pm
oh, this was about charlottesville, we're actually getting the person who is perceived as being sympathetic to white supremacy out. and the truth is they have a couple of other people for the african-american community and others concerned about their alignment are still in there. sebastien gorka and others, so they would have to take more steps, today would have been the day to do it. >> as for gorka, we'll see by the end of tonight. >> jen has worked in administration, you are looking close at the machinations, many are saying trump is in charge, bannon is out, so there will be a turn the page on this. what we've all said, i think you guys are getting it now is that trump has changed the republican party and the real america. the alignment that sounds like
5:27 pm
america first is happening and changing every aspect of the republican and democratic party. and i don't think that things like charlottesville are going to change that trajectory. and i don't think bannon leaving is going to change that because that is who trump is, kushner, cohen, nobody is is going to change that. >> the message that the president will not change is the president's message and the president is alone this week where he said many fine people march alongside the nazis. and maggie, let me ask you about the administrative qualities of the white house, do you think there is a sense it will operate more smoothly? >> i think general kelly is trying to put some structure in place and processes in place. those still appear to be ongoing, from what i have heard and i think that he has no tolerance for people who he considers to be freelancers, and i think he considered steve bannon to be a freelancer.
5:28 pm
but at the end of the day, john kelly is not sleeping with donald trump at night, taking his phone and putting it in the safe. donald trump has a number of people he speaks to at night. there is only so much you can control. >> all right, maggie haberman, jen psaki, and a promise of war after this split-up. next? huh? good god, we'll ask about the editor. and what is it good for? he will say absolutely nothing. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move. i wineverver wash my hair again
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so steve bannon already back at breitbart, his old news outlet was revved up even before he arrived. and a tweet, hash tag war. the source at the website tells cnn, money, they had been preparing stories critical of people in the trump white house, but likely will at least for now, not directly attack the president. and steve bannon is promising to go to war for the president. we'll be joined by senior breitbart editor, for some background from cnn's randy
5:32 pm
kaye. >> after breitbart editor steve bannon was in the white house, breitbart news tweeted out what a time to be alive after bannon was named chief strategist. but the right wing nationalist website also made clear that trump would be heldab accountab for his campaign promises. the editor at the times spoke in november telling the newspaper, quote, our little will not be to donald trump. our loyalty is to our readers and values regardless of what role steve bannon has. he later said this to "the today show". >> when we feel like the president is not honoring the pledges he made to the public, he will get critical coverage. >> breitbart's spokesperson questioned sean spicer on issues like immigration and a promise of a border wall with mexico. >> why is the government
5:33 pm
focusing so much on existing security measures rather than fighting for the wall he promised? >> are those for offenses or walls? >> that is called a baller wall, a levee wall. >> when the president publicly criticized attorney general jeff sessions, breitbart pushed back saying that sessions embodied the movement that elected donald trump and called him a critical part of the administration. still, the news is mostly the president and steve bannon, other white house advisers have been frequent targets, most notably, jared kushner, after bannon clashed with kushner, he called him a democrat talking about scandals. this talks about enemies in the administration by name. listing national security adviser h.r. mcmaster, deputy national security adviser dina powell, and economic adviser gary cohn. in april, the spokesperson
5:34 pm
predicted bannon would use breitbart to attack his opponents in the white house if he ever were to leave his post. >> if steve moves out and donald trump starts to veer to the center and abandoning the promises he made to the base that got him elected and to the others that got him elected, i think steve would direct the blame at why trump has turned on the promises at the people running the show, jared kushner, gary cohn, the so-called democrats, he calls them. >> randy kaye. >> thank you so much for joining us, you know, steve bannon in the remarkable interview with "the weekly standard," he said this, now i'm free. i have my hands back on my weapons, i've got my hands back on my weapons, there is no doubt, i built a [ bleep ]
5:35 pm
machine at breitbart. what do you think he means by that? >> i don't think it's ambiguous, i think it's pretty clear in what he thinks the president needs to deliver and i think actually the president is in agreement with him, too. certainly that is what i understand the case to be. but there are people in there who don't subscribe to the way that donald trump was elected. >> in there? >> in the white house, they don't hide it. it is not a secret. there are people who have more fealty to the obama style, and george bush style. so i think that breitbart wants to come back, you know it can be playful and very useful when we need to crack a nut at the people who mean to stop things like the border wall and the trade agenda, i don't think it will come down to bannon versus trump, but bannon versus people who he thinks are impeding the trump agenda. >> even if he thinks they're
5:36 pm
inside the white house? >> why not? >> who should be nervous about the agenda -- >> we have dina powell, gary cohn, jared kushner. >> that is everyone left. >> i mean if you look at where they're coming from these are people with a much more democratic bent to them. we always forget, the republicans won. it's almost like there has been a collective failure to recognize that even in the senate and house it seems that people have forgotten that the republicans won, that is why there has not been a major legislative win so far, nor any movement on what the base elected this man to do. and if i were president trump and watching all of this play out right now i would go thank goodness steve is on the outside going to help me deliver what i was trying to deliver. >> what do you think it would take for steve bannon to go against the president? >> i think if he came out and said i am going against what i
5:37 pm
promised when i was elected, then of course there are people out there already who are frustrated with the pace, what they believe is a slow pace and what they believe are the distractions, week in, week out, somebody is fired, hired, somebody is given another role. they think of it as distractions. they want policy changes to be implemented. we've all seen the famous white board, i think people are scared because the white board is sitting in the back of the removal van somewhere. >> we have the best whiete boards. >> with the president right there, one of the things that steve bannon said, i'm paraphrasing here, he feels that moderate republicans as he calls them and that could include a lot of people that folks don't consider moderate by the way are starting to split with the president right now. >> we have to be clear right this, the leadership in the
5:38 pm
house and senate is not helping the president to deliver what the base wanted him to deliver and therefore there will be a lot of calls for that to change. and it's not for the sake of aiming our frustrations at them but actually proving, you can demonstrate how these people are holding up the process. you have a weird situation going on where people are trying to redefine these things. you guys enter the segment, by calling it the national breitbart set. we have to get back to some sort of sane discourse like you and i are having here and actually have the real policy debates that america needs to have. >> thank you for accusing me of being sane, i will notice that you suggest that breitbart may go after the house and senate and leadership, which means everybody let in the white house, which means it will be an interesting time. thank you for joining us, i appreciate it. with steve bannon gone there
5:39 pm
are still plenty of other people, controversial in the white house. one of them is adviser sebastien gorka, who may be on thin ice, as was reported. cnn's drew griffin investigated gorka, what he found next. nnec. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. experience advanced safety technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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the separation with steve bannon doesn't exactly clear the white house of controversial figures. and sebastian gorka is a deputy assistant to the president. >> this is national security. >> that is right. >> the baritone sebastian gorka, impeccably dressed and groomed and certainly sounds like a tough talking adviser.
5:43 pm
>> don't test this white house, pyongyang. >> but inside the government and military circles of counterterrorism, critics say sebastian gorka doesn't have the authority to speak on national security. which is why republican and terrorist expert michael smith calls sebastian gorka a fake terrorism expert. >> the description that comes to mind is an enthusiast. >> and it comes from others, even those who know sebastian gorka professionally, all of them saying he lacks practical experience in government, has never served as an adviser, and sebastian gorka's resume shows no evidence he speaks arabic or has spent any extended time in
5:44 pm
an arabic country. mia bloom sat with him at the defense intelligence meeting. >> he made errors, all you had to do was see lawrence of arabia to know he was wrong on accounts. >> he advised president trump in february on key issues. >> and we are charged with doing long-range initiatives of real importance to the president. and it's a enough of task forces. >> reporter: his title is deputy extremist assistant to the president, and strategist. >> so there are questions on what sebastian gorka's role really is. white house aides view him with skepticism, both inside and outside the administration. his most prominent role seems to
5:45 pm
be defending the president on tv, and fuelling the alt-right movement tirades, according to sources, mr. trump values him. >> that is just fake news. >> i'm just going to ignore the insults because i don't really think it gets us anywhere. >> sebastian gorka's start in politics began in his homeland when he tried and failed to become mayor in a small town in hungary. his political ties have been the source of unfounded allegations he is anti-semitic. cnn has found no evidence he has held anti-semitic views, but the allegations will no go away, largely because of a medal he was given by his father, a medal that said at one time he was a
5:46 pm
member of the nazi government. a current leader said they were never involved with the nazis and says sebastian gorka is not a pledged member. he says he wears the medal to honor his father. sebastian gorka did get a phd in political science. one sebastian gorka friend is an adviser on his dissertation which he says was competent. he calls some of the criticism partisan. >> he is knowledgeable, i would not call him an expert on terrorism. >> sloan says he didn't anticipate his huge rise in the white house. >> his level of expertise doesn't match the level where he stands in the white house. >> sebastian gorka's work in the u.s. began when he sat up think tanks along with his wife whose family runs an iron company in
5:47 pm
pennsylvania, and sebastian gorka began to offer himself on islamic terror, even writing a book called "defeating jihad," and was a favored guest on fox tv. his own resume includes teaching at the fbi, but his company's contract was not renewed. he submitted a brief in the boston bottoming federal terrorist case but was never called to testify. and yes, he was a professor at georgetown university, although he was not a fully tenured member of the faculty. >> he seems on paper to have a pretty good resume. but when it comes to the matter of substance, his work on counterterrorism, he is just basically parroting other people's works and adding tips regarding the conservative think tanks. >> and one spokesperson said the
5:48 pm
president's deputy adviser is missing crucial experience. >> most of the scholars that i worked with in counterterrorism speak arabic, they have counterterrorism or academic credentials overseas and have done research in foreign languages and have done work in these communities. is it surprising the position he is in? >> it's horrifying, this is not a game. you have to understand what is happening here, it is about saving people's lives. >> cnn tried for months to get answers from sebastian gorka and the white house on sebastian gorka's role, his credentials, his duties, level of security clearance and an in-depth interview with sebastian gorka. of the white house press office and sebastian gorka himself have refused. >> all right, drew griffin joins me now and drew you obviously heard the reporting tonight that
5:49 pm
the firing of steve bannon may not be the end at the white house, what is particularly crucial -- >> i keep watching my e-mails, jim acosta has sources who say he is on thin ice, a senior official saying there is a nervous feeling about the people at the white house and the changes. the official saying it's not so much about bannon as it is about the overall stability. no hard evidence but the official speculated that sebastian gorka may be the next person to go down. that is a quote from a senior administration official speaking on condition of a nonimity, andi did speak to one source, have you been fired or offered a resignation? no response. >> as of now drew griffin thank you very much. coming up, changing hearts and minds in charlottesville.
5:50 pm
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looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. mike singer called for the removal of the monuments in downtown charlotte. this is a week after the white supremacists and neo-nazis marched in favor of keeping the statue, and when a young woman, heather heyer, was killed in the charlotte attack, mike, thank you for joining us. my question to you, what has changed? these statues have been up for a
5:54 pm
long time but the questions about them have changed. what is difference now? >> i think everything changed last weekend. i think that was one of those moments in the nation's history where everything turns. i've been likening it in my mind to dylann roof, and the water hosts on the peaceful protesters in birmingham, or joseph welch confronting mccarthy, saying at long last have you no decency. this is a moment of people seeing differences, myself included among them. all of a sudden these statues of civil war generals installed in the jim crow era, they became touch stones of terror, the twisted totems that people are clearly drawn to, trying to
5:55 pm
create a whole architecture of intimidation and hatred around them that was visited around our town. it was evil. and as the days went on and especially i mean, the turning point for me was this extremely powerful memorial service for heather heyer, a woman mowed down by a weaponized car, and it seemed there was no option left. >> what do you make of the mother of heather heyer, she says she missed the call from the president and has no interest in speaking to him now and now is saying to the president, think before you speak. >> she is a strong passionate woman who reminds me of thousands of people i know in this city. this is a creative, dynamic, diverse tolerant city where you are invited to be exactly who you are in life. and susan bro talked about how
5:56 pm
passionate and tenacious her daughter was. she was a woman who didn't see color. her supervisor, an african-american, told the story about her boyfriend, she was dating him. she never told the supervisor he was black, and when heather got upset, she dumped him. that is how she saw the world. it doesn't surprise her mom that she had those views. >> when you last spoke to anderson you said an aide to the president reached out and said the president would get in touch with you. have you spoken to the president? >> haven't heard yet. my phone is still on. i would be happy to talk to him. i think the work we have on unifying. healing, the most important work is reinvigorating the democracy we have. these people, the terrorists, the alt-right movement they basically are like arsonists, they want to set fire to the
5:57 pm
pillars that are underneath our democracy. tolerance, rescue -- reconciliation, they -- our country is so much better than that. this is a parade. the country has been rising up in favor of the tolerance and dynamic instances you see in cities like charlotte and around the country. the door is wide open for the president and lots of other people to join that trend. >> all right, mayor, we know you're working on a memorial for heather heyer, we thank you for that. thank you so much. >> we have an update on one of the neo-nazi leaders, christopher cantwell, who many saw in the video armed and talking tough, who later they saw him crying and sniveling,
5:58 pm
who was afraid he would be arrested. his fearful dreams are coming true. the law enforcement connected to the charlottesville, virginia investigation, say that arrest warrants have been issued for him but have yet to be served. >> all right, ahead, chief of staff reportedly has more where that came from. the senior advisers, famously absent. and the next wave of organizations choosing to dump trump in events from mar-a-lago, and "ac360" will tackle it next when they continue. let's see,
5:59 pm
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all right, i'm chris cuomo