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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 12, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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welcome to our view ers in the united states and all around the world. you're watching cnn's continuing coverage of the aftermath of hurricane irma. i'm michael holmes coming to you live from tampa, florida. >> i'm george howell live in atlanta, georgia we're still feeling the effects of this storm, rain still coming down, 3:00 a.m. on the east coast and still more to cover for you this hour. >> tropical depression irma is no longer the monster hurricane that barrelled into florida on sunday and we are now starting to see the scope of destruction
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it left behind. the extent of the devastation still largely unknown because the only road that connects the island change remains closed. jacksonville, florida has surpassed historic flood levels and the national weather service says those levels will keep rising. in southwest florida irma damaged thousands of homes and downed many power lines. millions of people are without power and may be for some time. george, i think the number now is around 7 million people without power. and that could last for weeks in some places. >> 1.4 million people here in the state of georgia alone, michael. i mentioned the rain still coming down here. we're feeling the effects, nothing like what we felt earlier in the day. we felt strong winds saw some flooding in different parts of the region, you talk about
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savannah, georgia, charleston, south carolina you talk about a flash flood emergency situation. that just came across, we understand the death toll from the storm in this part of the united states, three people died in the state of georgia, one person died in the u.s. state of south carolina. the airport situation also another situation weir monitoring because the world's busiest airport here in georgia, see this image, not so busy because of the flights cancelled or delayed. delta, which is based here in atlanta, cancelled 1,100 flight on monday, and southwest canceling the flights, mainly because of the strong winds going through the airport complex. i want to show you this image, this is flight
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this is the misery scale, atlanta, georgia front and center. it will take some time, obviously, today they will start getting back to some partial activity, getting better and better as he we move each day forward. but michael you have to think about the fact there are so many people, especially in the caribbean, who lived through the storm, we were in puerto rico, it was devastating for so many islands and now people are stranded there because planes can't get there. think about the flights delayed from atlanta, the airports in florida, many of those people have to wait and continue waiting until things get back to normal. >> and that could take a little while as you say, particularly on the islands. george, thanks. well, the florida keys took a direct hit from irma on sunday, it was the first point of
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landfall in the united states. and back then this was a category 4 hurricane. in plantation key, there is no electricity or cell service. it could be days before people who stayed to ride out the storm can leave if they want to. cnn's bill weir now with the latest on the destruction there. >> reporter: as the sky over the florida keys turn from stormy black back to paradise blue, that fear and anxiety turned to the heart break today as we got a glimpse of the damage today. we're about 60 miles away from the brunt of the storm, the eye of the storm came ashore, but it's hard to tell it was any more gentle here. you see these touches of humanity. reminders that family lived here year round, you have children's books, a bingo wheel with a ball inside. i met a former fireman who lived
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here who said i found my sink over there, my couch there. but aside from the stuff that is lost, the main concern is about human life and who survived and it's impossible to tell who survived because communication is impossible, all the cell towers are down. so unless you come across your neighbor or relative, it's difficult to figure out who made it out. i watched a parade of first responders, including a fire truck from los angeles. the navy is sending an aircraft carrier with humanitarian relief down to key west. 9/11/17, at 2:30 in the afternoon, they searched this trailer and this symbol means no bodies were found inside. tomorrow we're getting on a boat getting down to the lower keys to really get a sense of lives
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saved and lost down there. until then i'm bill weir, cnn, plantation key florida. >> now, to the north, naples, one of florida's hardest hit cities. we're going to show you how the flooding there turned the streets to canals. the mayor said it's going to require a massive cleanup. officials say most of the city still without power. it could be a week, perhaps more, before it is restored. kristen wellsly joins us now. i want to ask you, naples was so hard hit, what has it been like for you? what have you been able to see in terms of the damage? >> we have seen a lot of downed trees, a lot of downed power lines. but we've also seen a lot of families that are displaced. a lot of families that didn't
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evacuate, that are living in trailer parks and trailer homes that have seen their trailers destroyed. and that's their only means of living. so they are -- homeless at the time. >> which is incredibly sad. i suppose, even for those whose homes are intact with the electricity out, it's hard to get back to normal life, isn't it? >> absolutely. we do not have power for the most part in collier county, which is the county where naples is. most people don't have power here. so they are sitting in the dark tonight. they are sharing their time together with their families in the dark. they are trying to feel their way around where they are with
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downed power lines, which is extremely dangerous. and it's a very dangerous time to be in collier county right now without power. >> yeah now as we said, you're with the newspaper. what has it been like for you and your colleagues to cover this? it's not an easy thing to cover a hurricane. how difficult has it been? >>, you know, i have actually been very proud of my teammates. this is about the fourth hurricane that i've been through. but my -- my -- my teammates have been incredibly resourceful in going out and reporting on what's going on in the county, telling our readers exactly what's going on while they're going back and seeing what's happening in their particular homes and their neighbor neighborhoods. we're telling them what's
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happening not only in their neighborhoods but what's going on in the entire koun sfwi entire region of southwest florida. we are without power so most stores are closed right now. there is a gas shortage right now. we are getting the word out about any resources available for people. where they can get supplies as far as water, food, things like that. we're making sure we get the word out for them. but my colleagues have been absolutely incredible. they have been keeping the public aware as much as possible of things that are available. and a lot of them have not seen hurricanes before. so i've been incredibly proud of them. >> and i think you haven't even been home yourself to see your own house. >> i have not.
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>> i'm going to the leave it there. good luck -- >> yeah i don't know what happened. i rent an apartment here in naples, and i have a home to the north, which is around tampa bay. and i do not know what's happening in either of those homes. i've not been home so i don't know what's been happening. we've been very dedicated to our readers. >> exactly. we were driving around tampa bay today ourselves, our crew, and some trees down, a little bit of damage, hopefully your place isn't one of them. kristen, thanks so much. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you so much. >> the difficult cleanup has gun in miami. thousands of trees were uprooted when the winds ripped through the city. the mayor says clearing the roads is the first concern.
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he said the city also lost power because of the storm. i want to bring in dereck van dam who's been involving that aspect of it. they were fearing a storm surge in tampa but when irma jogged to the east, it didn't happen. where you are there has been storm surge and quite a bit of damage. >> yeah michael, we were not spared the storm surge here in the biscayne bay region. we are in coconut grove, and hurricane irma responsible for thrusting up the entire atlantic ocean by 5 feet and creating what is now the worst damage in these marinas in the past 12 years. we do the math, it brings us back to 2005, we know the hurricane year, wilma, katrina making landfall as well. this moment, this destruction across the area, that doesn't
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make it any easier. the stories are many m here across miami including the sailboats behind me. this is part of a nonprofit organization that's run out of this particular marina. there are nine sailboats, which of which are on this marina, three of them are at the bottom of the marina. there's actually a large yacht, very expensive yacht behind me. that particular yacht was actually tied up and unfortunately loosened up by the strong winds and the tidal surge that moved in across the region and really caused some destruction here. we have a lot of cleanup ahead of us in miami but we have lots to be thankful for too because we were really spared from the full wrath of irma as many of the boats are intact and doing quite well, michael.
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welcome back, everyone, to our continuing coverage of the aftermath of hurricane irma. i'm michael holmes live in tampa, florida for you.
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irma has weakened to a tropical depression now, but the effects still being felt across nine states in the southern u.s. meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us now. bring us up to date on it. >> the impacts far from over. this storm on its last breath when it comes to its tropical characteristics. any sort of convection, thunderstorm activity beginning to weigh in, but the damage done when it comes to the excessive nature of the power outages, 6.8 million customers in florida. even georgia coming in with almost 1 1/2 million customers without power. you see an excess i have number of customers in different states as well. think about jachlt, the impacts, far less than florida and the
12:18 am
number is staggering. when you think about georgia, well known for its pine strees, oak trees, rainfall came down in the spring and summer season. so it doesn't take much for the trees to come down in 1995 hurricano pal brought down 5,000 trees. similar thing expected to happen. they're estimating 5% of the tree canopy in atlanta would suck come to winds. look at florida 6 1/2 inches of florida statewide. that equates to about 7.5 trillion gallons of water that fell from the sky or 11 million olympic-size swimming pools. for every perch in florida, 300000 gallons of water fell
12:19 am
from the sky. and led a significant number of rivers at flood stage. it came just about two weeks after harvey coming ashore, that has never happened in u.s. history to have multiple category 4 in a single season. it moved just east of tampa, and now pushing across the southern united states. so finally, michael, seeing the last of what this storm has to offer, after a historic run and the storm is going to be retired, as is harvey. which has only happened one other time in history to have back to back names retired there. >> millions of people will be saying-to-good rid ans to irma. >> cuba took a major hit as it tore its way through the caribbean. and residents are starting to
12:20 am
see how much it will take to rebuild. >> irma may have departed cuba but she left behind plenty of bad memories. she slammed into cuba as a monster category 5 hurricane, the most powerful storm to hit the island in over 80 years. days later they're beginning to pick up and dry out. she lives across the street. irma dumped 2 feet of water in their apartment. it broke down the door she says, came in and contaminated the sis tern. irma hit halfway down the island to havana, blasting with 185 mile an hour winds, downed trees and tore off roots. the cuban government prides
12:21 am
itself of hurricane preparedness, but the death toll in cuba now stands at 10. the most in any country hit by the storm. >> it struck nearly the entire coastline, defenses were overwhelmed by the store. the president has called on the country to rebuild. and there are hopeful signs cadets clear rubble from the streets and classic american cars are again shining in the bright sun. these two share a park bench and cigar while sandwiched between fallen trees. the island of cuba, he says, is used to hurricanes and we have until november, there could be more. so cuba will keep a close eye on the sea for additional hurricanes as they begin the long walk to recovery. patrick opman,cnn havana.
12:22 am
>> thank you for that report. when you think about how many people have been impacted by the storm throughout the caribbean, florida, the state of georgia, just the beginning states as the storm pushes north. you have to consider the american red cross busy right now. let's bring in a spokesperson with the red cross. dan, good to have you with us. what are the priorities? given the long list of places, people who are in bad shape right now. >> it's an unprecedented response. we find ourselves in many stages of the disaster. really still just the early stages in florida and further to the north and southeast earn u.s. and in texas it's in the recovery phase. we're trying to help people get back the to their homes. if they don't have homes, try to
12:23 am
find new places for them to live and really starting them back on the road to recovery. >> let's talk about that as well. again, we are talking about two very catastrophic hurricanes, irma and harvey. in texas as well. when you think about the number of people who are without homes throughout this entire region, what is your organization doing to help people figure out their next steps? >> we're working with a number of partner agencies, especially fema in the u.s., to make sure that people are working on a plan to find new places to live. really our shelter populations, while incredibly high at the heights of the storm, 208,000 people in shelters all across the caribbean, and into the united states. so we have to start the process of getting people on the road to recovery by helping them make a plan.
12:24 am
there are so many resources out there. one of the things the red crossdon does is help people start that plan, start the road to recovery, give them help in finding a way and finding the resources to get them where they can really start to move on. >> dan, so, you know, there are different levels of people affected, right? there are people who had flood insurance perhaps and, you know, maybe they have the ability to rebuild. there are people who maybe they didn't have flood insurance. may they didn't have a lot of money and now they find themselves in a situation where they lost everything. where w what recourse do people have if they were right on the edge already and the storm pushed through and knocked them back? >> it's one of the thing that is we see. i met a woman in dallas, texas. she drove up from houston in advance of the storm. luckily she had her car. she just moved from phoenix to
12:25 am
houston five days before harvey came ashore. and so, she's off on a new life, she decided to stay in dallas for the meantime. red cross is helping her, other agencies, of course, are involved. it's amazing how people remain so resill gent in tient in the such loss. we're going to be with them throughout making sure they have help. one thing we have is a terrific mental health team helping people deal with all the elements of disaster, whether it's for the adults or children. it's a long road to recovery. we're going to be here for that long haul. >> a lot of people certainly in need of help. dan hallburt with the american red cross. thank you for taking the time with us. when we talk about hurricane irma, that was a hurricane, it's
12:26 am
weakening now as it moves north through the eyes. when it was in the caribbean, it was a category 5 storm, it was incredibly powerful and we look at the damage that has been assessed throughout the caribbean as "newsroom" continues. and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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welcome back to cnn "newsroom," our breaking news coverage, the aftermath, of course, of hurricane irma. this storm still giving the effects here in atlanta, georgia. the rain still coming down here, keep in mind this was a very bad storm for many parts of this region, at least 5 people were killed in the southeast earn part of the united states. we're following a situation in charleston, south carolina. we understand in downtown there is a flash flood emergency in effect. we're monitoring the situation there. in jacksonville, florida that city faced historic storm surge from the storm. that is something that is going to be a problem there because the levels are continuing to rise. and also in savannah, georgia
12:31 am
they temporarily shut down a highway leading to the island because of concerns. so this region certainly impacted. it was a strong storm when it came through, we're still feeling the impact there is. and i know in tampa that city was on highlight. a concern about a direct hit there, but people breathing a sigh of relief given how vulnerable that city is to storms. >> i can show you the newspaper, the tampa bay times, and the the headline is we're lucky. there were problems, there was damage from the storm but it could have been worse. and that's what the mayor said. remember, this storm was bigger than the size of florida, which is just extraordinary when you think about it. and before it even got to the united states, irma was plowing
12:32 am
through several caribbean islands, at least 36 people died and there are new satellite images that show the devastation across the region. on top, that's how the u.s. and british virgin islands looked before irma and how they look now. you see most of the vegetation has been uprooted. it's just gone. we have a side by side of virgin gorda. irma changing the color of that island. again, almost all the building in barbuda, 95% according to to officials, were damaged or destroyed entirely. one couple got a taste of what could be the worst of irma's damage. it made landfall in the caribbean. they're reporting that
12:33 am
authorities have a better view of the damage done. >> catastrophic damage across the caribbean, a category 5 hurricane roared through these islands late last week, left almost total devastation in its wake, at least 36 people were killed, a number that will surely wise. thousands are homeless, businesses wiped out. on the ie lanes, little food or clean water. thousands of american residents were among those stranded by the storm. this is st. martin today a resort turned to rubble overnight. the island of 72,000 took a direct hit from irma. american officials say they evacuated about 1,200 u.s. cities from st. martin, shuttling them on military transport planes to nearby puerto rico. for those that remain there's been almost no food, power or water for days and the search
12:34 am
for essentials took a turn. looters demanded anything from food to a working car. >> that's roof. the roof is about to come. there it is. the roof just went, jess. the whole roof just went flying off. >> reporter: irma killed at least 8 people when it pummelled the british and u.s. virgin islands. u.s. navy personnel moved in to medevac the most seriously injured. anguilla and barbuda were the hardest hit. >> it became a question at one point of whether we would live to see through it. >> irma raked total devastation there. >> i can barely hear you. >> reporter: irma heavily flooded the streets of havana, cuba.
12:35 am
they cut off power as a safety measure. and as bad as havana was hit, the east coast took a bigger pounding before it turned its sights north. french president, emmanuel macron, is heading to st. martin and st. barts on tuesday to oversee relief there. cnn's jim bitterman joins us from paris to talk about it, mr. macron not necessarily going to be get ago warm welcome. >> no. in fact, it could be quite hostile from what we 'seen, michael. basically a lot of people who have lived on the islands have come back to france we saw a military flight yesterday with a number of people who can complained about the inattention of the french government to their plight. the fact they had to wait five days for food and water.
12:36 am
in the meantime, there was looting and armed gangs running around and that sort of thing. so there was a number of complaints about how the french government handled and prepared for this. the island of st. martin is half dutch and half french. they're making comparisons as to what happened on the dutch side compared to the french side. so mr. macron has that on his plate. he'll be talking about rebuilding, and that's a question a lot of people on the islands have, to what extent the government will be behind the rebuilding effort. of the 21 schools on st. martin, only 3 are usable and the others are basically destroyed. so there's a lot of reconstruction work that has to be done, michael. >> gjim bitterman thanks so muc. mr. macron heading there to do
12:37 am
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welcome back to our continuing coverage, the aftermath of hurricane irma. i'm george howell live in atlanta, georgia. in the state of florida, millions devieded to evacuate as this storm pushed through florida, but there were those that did not evacuate. our ed lavandera went to the fishing village and spoke with people who decided to stay. >> where the everyglades meets the gulf of mexico is an island good land. gary stringer stared down the sharpest edge of the storm blades. he sat in this room as the 130 mile per hour winds whirled
12:42 am
outside. >> did you feel like the house was going to go down? >> i picked up the dogs and said here we go. >> as the winds shook he heard the ripping of a tree. he opened the t door to see the tree had fallen on the neighbor's house, he was spared. emergency officials say some 40 people decided to ride out the storm in goodland, but no injuries reported. boats tossed around, trees toppled, and several homes destroyed. >> it blew out my oil cap. >> the storm surge drew 7 feet of water under his home. >> we have a puffer fish here.
12:43 am
>> he works as a charter fisherman and stayed inside his home with his wife and friend. >> my windows broke on the backside and for a couple hours i thought the house might come down. it got scary. it was something i'll never forget. i'll tell you that much. >> reporter: friends showed up to hug gary stringer grateful he survived. he might have a story to tell, but he feels lucky to walk away. >> i won't do it again. if another one comes i'm going to book a flight about a week early and be on the other side of the world at a ticky bar. no cell phone service, i'll try later. >> you learned yourlessson? >> yes. >> i'm glad. >> ed, thank you so much. cnn following other news around the world this hour as well.
12:44 am
north korea, the u.n., new sanctions against the nation going to the heart of its economy, but the nation still defiant. will ripley is live in pyongyang his report is next.
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welcome back, everyone. tropical depression irma still leave ago path of serious damage. it has killed at least five people left millions without power in the southeast ern united states. jacksonville is suffering the worst flooding it has seen in a century. the only road that connects the florida keys is closed. thousands of people that rode out the storm there don't have water or cell service. and charleston remains under a flash flood emergency. more in our next hour on hurricane irma. right now let's take it to john vause who's following other international headlines. >> north korea has been hit with
12:49 am
tough new u.n. sanctions aimed at kj and his missile programs. the u.n. approved the sanctions which includes a ban on those working over sea and textile exports. north korea will also be hit with a 30% reduction in oil imports and well short of the trump administration's demand last week that oil supplies be totally cut off. despite that u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley described the sanctions as a win. >> in short, these are by far the strongest measures ever imposed on north korea. they give us a better chance to halt the regime's ability to fuel and finance its nuclear and missile programs. but we all noknow these steps oy work if all nations implement them completely and
12:50 am
aggressively. >> will ripley live for us in pyongyang. we're waiting to see how north korea will respond, but that response could be the launch of an icbm? >> yes, south korea said north korea could launch an icbm at any moment. it didn't happen on their founder's day holiday or this morning. one thing i learned about north korea it's not if but when. we know they're going to launch, we don't know what's going to trigger it. but north korea not happy about the sanctions. they've been issuing warnings against the u.s. for days. saying they're going to bring about the permanent extinction of north korea. but another round of sanctions makes it difficult for the regime to bring in money but they have proven to be able to do it with round after round of sanctions. >> it seems both ri russia and china had a hand in getting the
12:51 am
sanctions toned down. so they appear to be the same as previous sanctions passed by the council which didn't work. >> right. because there are always was, bribes can be made, fake companies established, things smuggled. and yes, nikki haley pointed out this round of sanctions could cut 90% of north korea's export income but there's other income from other means that is not reported, whether it's weapons proliferation or online activities. they've been accused of tens of millions of dollars of cyber bank heists. this is a company that knows how to bring in revenue despite difficult economic circumstances. what you didn't see on the bill, you didn't see kim jong-un named or blacklisted, a full embar go on oil, and their national carrier continues to fly.
12:52 am
that was also something china and russia would not have allowed. >> they are masters at getting around sanctions. will, thank you. a late night paralimb tear win for theresa may. despite many claiming it's a government power. they approved the eu withdrawal bill which makes eu laws into uk laws in 2019. but the bill faces a final vote later this year and many lawmakers are demanding significant changes before then. bee yan koe, we have this vote still to come later this year. hypothetically if this bill should fail that vote, what happens then? >> it's quite a complicated process. so before it gets to the third reading, which is when it has its next vote.
12:53 am
it goes to committee stage. it can take it line by line, decon construct it and make amendments then it has the third readings and then it goes to the house of lords to the house of commons. if the house of lords is happy, then it will pass the bill back to the house of commons if they make amendments. it's a ping-pong. it can go back and forth between both houses until both of them are happy with the wording. if it fails that, then the government is going to be in quite a tricky position. because the whole purpose of the third reading is to allow people to amend the existing bill and finish it in such a way that across the house there's support for it. so it can reach the final stage, which is royal assent. >> okay obviously some difficult days ahead for prime minister
12:54 am
theresa may but it was a good day for her there in parliament. >> over the past few weeks harvey and irma have set devastating records, this was the first two two category 4 have made landfall on mainland. but when they asked if this mean it is trump administration would take a look at the link between climate change and the storms, bossert dodged the question. >> are these storms giving this administration some pause when it comes to the issue of climate change? >> i think what's prunt to us is making sure the response is there. causality is outside my ability right now. and the white house also refused to say if the president's skeptical views about climate change have
12:55 am
actually altered in any way. just last week with the head of the envier mental protection agency told cnn now was not the time to talk about the issue. meanwhile on the climate page on the epa's web site everything from the obama administration has been deleted with a promise it will be updated soon. our coverage of tropical storm continues after a short break. stay with us i'm john vause in laz. >> i'm george howell live in atlanta. >> i'm michael holmes. for our u.s. viewers early start is next. you're watching cnn. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool?
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. this morning a first look at the stunning devastation hurricane irma left in the florida keys. it is so bad, some areas in the keys cannot be reached to fully examine the damage. we have coverage this morning from the keys from cuba and other hart hit areas. >> after these second record breaking hurricane in weeks, climate change is back in focus but the white house will not draw a connection between


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