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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 2, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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designation -- [inaudible]. >> we still consider her a person of interest. we have been in contact with her and plan to engage her upon her return to the country. >> any idea how he broke through the windows or was he able to open or smash the windows? >> he had a device similar to a hammer to smash the windows. >> sheriff, so far i heard a description of the suspect and did the investigation looking into the potential ties or loose ties? >> obviously we will do that and run it down to the very end, but right now at face value, we haven't been able to identify that. >> sheriff, you said he checked in on the 28th to the hotel. did he have tickets to the
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concert? >> i have no idea. >> do you know what he has done between checking in and last night? >> there will be hours and hours of recall that we will have to do with the mgm. >> [inaudible]. >> the fusion center? >> correct. there are cameras everywhere. how did this happen? >> i don't understand what you are alluding to. this individual is a lone wolf and i don't know how it could have been prevented. if it wasn't evident he had weapons in his room, there have been employees going to and fro from his room and nothing was noted. that's what we know now. >> first responders are
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entitledentitled to stop him and can you say how they were able to find the suspect? >> any special event that takes place in the southern nevada region is required to supply police officers to ensure security. the mandalay bay did a great job of hiring police officers. they had sufficient staffing for the concert. when this individual decided to fire upon the crowd which was april 22,000 individuals, it's very difficult to manage that size crowd. you have to ensure you have the proper staffing. as described, our officers responded immediately in conjunction with the fire department as soon as the fire department arrived. they were able to identify where the weapon was being discharged from in a proximity. it's hard to tell what floor it is from the outside but once
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they gain entry from security and phone calls from patrons, they called it down to a possible floor. once they made entry on to the hall way, they immediately knew what woom wroom was in question. >> is there a report of what happened with the room and there was so much smoke from the shells that the smoke alarms were going off. is there truth to that? >> i haven't been told about smoke alarms, but i was told he killed himself. we will have to go through the camera and existing video whether we engaged him at the same time or not. >> you didn't believe this was connected to isis. >> no, ma'am. i can't get into the mind of a psychopath at this time. >> the investigation going on right now at the site of the shooting. how extensive is it and what are
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we talking about with the boulevard being shut down while the ballistics are there? >> we have most of las vegas boulevard open. directly adjacent to the mandalay remains closed. we will ensure we go out to the proper intersections to limit the hindrance of traffic. we are looking at a minimum of 12 additional hours for documentation of this crime scene and the removal of the bodies. >> do you know how long he was able to shoot for and do you happen to know if there was return fire from officers on the ground? >> no. i'm not aware of return fire or the timeline. but we did have s.w.a.t. officers discharge weapons at the room location. >> [inaudible]. were the weapons legally or illegally converted? >> the atf is helping us with that aspect.
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>> were they all in the concert or were any of them in the hotel area? >> i'm not sure. we have people that were deceased and injured outside the vicinity of the concert area. it would be hard to make that determination at this point. we are going to have to talk to the injured individuals to make the assessment. >> how many were shot and how many were injured? >> i don't know, ma'am. the people have been displaced in five separate hospitals so it will require extensive review of that communication with them to determine that. thank you very much. i appreciate everybody's time and appreciate everybody here to the back of me and their support of our police department. we will keep you regularly updated. i can't give you an exact timeline at this point, but we will keep you informed as we receive information. have a great day. thank you. >> welcome to inside politics. i'm john king in washington.
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you have been listening to the sheriff in las vegas, nevada and state officials and law enforcement and federal officials as well updating us on the latest on this tragic investigation under way in las vegas. at least 58 people now dead. more than 500 people wounded in a horrific shooting on the las vegas strip. the deadliest mass shooting in modern united states history. a 64-year-old nevada man named stephen paddock opened fire on a country music festival from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel across the street from the concert hall. he was armed with at least 10 rifles from that vantage point. jason aldean was playing when the gunman began unloading hundreds of rounds. a concert goer captured the video, but it's upsetting to watch and to hear. ♪ ♪
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[ shooting ] >> some at the concert thought it was firecrackers or something wrong with the audio. it took a few moments to realize what was happening. >> there was a sound like it was pyro. like pyrom misfiring. it's like why is this going off now? a few seconds later, it didn't stop. we all realized what was happening and the sounds not only was it the sound, but the shells that were coming down and bullets on the deck of the stage. >> the eyewitnesss say the gunshots continued for 10 or perhaps 15 minutes. they describe utter chaos and panicked people desperately running and trying to find someplace to hide.
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the gunman kept shooting for the broken window. you can see at floor 32 of the mandalay bay and they were able to break in using explosives on the door. they found the shooter dead, presumably of a self-inflicted wound. they believe he was working alone. the fbi saying no connection has been found between the gunman and any international terrorist group. trump spoke calling this an act of pure evil. saying so many families now just shattered. >> hundreds of our fellow citizens are mourning the sudden loss of a loved one. a parent, a child, a brother or sister. we cannot fathom their pain. we cannot imagine their loss. to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you. >> the president said he will visit las vegas on wednesday. we are covering the story from
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every angle. jean casarez is live near the concert venue and we are live in mesquite, nevada. let's start with you on the strip. what is the latest as las vegas tries to come to terms with what happened? >> we are here on the south end of the strip, the mandalay bay is behind me about a mile up there. we have learned a change in emphasis of this investigation. we have confirmed as the police said that the search of the 32nd floor room of the shooter is now complete. the emphasis has gone across the street. across las vegas boulevard on the strip to where that concert venue was where 22,000 country music fans were listening to jason aldean. it is evidence recovery and crime scene interpretation and removal of the bodies we have just learned. we learned a little bit more
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about that 32nd floor room and we know that the perpetrator checked in on september 28th which would have been thursday of this last week. we had 10 rifles. we just learned that hotel staff, house keeping went in and out of the room for the several days he was in there and saw nothing at all out of the ordinary. we heard it was believed he brought in all the rifles by himself. how they can confirm that at this time so easily, i don't know. hotels in las vegas have immense security cameras going at all times. they do believe he was solely responsible for this. we also learned that the female companion he roomed with, they are still looking at as a person of interest and they want to talk with her when she returns to this country.
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this man has property in northern nevada and they are now in the midst of searching that property. we are in southern nevada. northern nevada is a long ways away. about a seven-hour drive from las vegas. northern and southern is very different. they are so far apart. it's interesting that they found more property, but the crime scene investigation continues. it will continue for sometime. days, they are saying. >> jean casarez live on the strip for us. appreciate your reports throughout these trying hours. keeping track of the investigation, isis said the shooter was a convert, but the fbi said there is no evidence to support that. isis is interested in the propaganda, but from everything you are told by your sources, nothing. >> nothing so far. as jean just mentioned, they did a search of the hotel room and one of the first things they do is to see if they left behind
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something to explain what he did. they did a search of the hotel room and his home in mesquite which is in another part of the state. several hours away. again, nothing jumped out at them. one of the things they are doing is going through looking at any computer or social media that he may have posted beforehand. they are looking at the gun purchases and they want to know about when he purchases the firearms. we he has multiple gun purchases and none of those appear to be the ones recovered here in the hotel room. they found a .223 and a .308 caliber. they don't know if they are the weapons he used to fire off all the rounds at the crowd. what people describe is automatic gunfire. things you hear in a war zone. that's not the type of weapon you can just buy off the shelves. perhaps he might have altered
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them. that's what they are looking into as well. again, the why is the big question at this point. he lives in a retirement community outside of las vegas there. nothing really in his background. no criminal history to speak of explains what happened here. >> this investigation continues. we are getting in pictures of the shooter. i think we can show you the pictures. there is one image there. how rare is it in your experience when you are looking into something horrific like this that hours into it, you are talking to people who say we have nothing in terms of a note, a neighbor, a friend, some social media, some nugget of a clue. >> in this day and age, it's very unusual because people leave a lot of electronic footprints. you post on facebook or other social media. it's common and that's where they go immediately. they haven't found that as of
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yet. during a search of his home, they found nothing unusual. the house keeping there at the hotel saw nothing unusual over the last few days as he was staying in that hotel room. they will have to dig a little deeper here and talk to his friends and see if the behavior changed in the last few months or weeks. that could give a clue as to what was wrong in his mind. in doing a background search, he did have a pilot's license. if you have a license, you have to get medically cleared in order to have that. that's a big question that i'm sure federal authorities are going to be looking at at this point. >> as well as searching the other home in northern nevada. come back to us with any new information. authorities are desperately trying to learn everything they can about the gunman in this massacre. he lived in the small town of mesquite, nevada north of las veg vegas. i watched you questioning the
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police when they came and exercised the search warrant there. it was remarkable saying this is a sleepy community. we found nothing unusual. any new information that gives them any clue? >> reporter: we are waiting to hear if they found anything beyond that initial. we haven't found anything unusual statement. what's happening in the area over my shoulder, there is a barricade and a number of vehicles coming in and out and what we are seeing is a pain stakingly slow process. that's the way it is described. they want to comb through the house. there was a lot of concern when they approached the house in the overnight hours, given the carnage that they saw in vegas and what they did was evacuated the immediate neighbors and used a robot to breech the home. when they got in, they did discover that. it was almost perplexing to the authorities and they founded almost confused when they said
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it looked like a normal home. this is almost a prefab community where the homes are similar. 55 plus community. everything is manicured. it is nestled in the hills. there isn't a good reason at least on the surface why this occurred. then when you speak to the family, you hear very much of that same sort of confusion. here's what the brother told us from florida. >> he was my brother. it's like an asteroid fell out of the sky. he had no machine guns when i moved him from melbourne to mesquite. to find out who he bought the machine guns from. again, there is no blaming. he bought the machine guns and he did this. i mean it was him who did this. no doubt about it. he was him. >> completely out of character?
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>> i mean he has never even drawn his gun. it makes no sense. he never hit anybody. >> gun enthusiast? >> he had a couple of hand guns, i think. he had a safe with a couple of hand guns. he might have been had one long rifle, but no automatic weapons that i knew of at any time. there is no -- it just makes no sense. like i said. it's like an asteroid fell. >> how is everyone in the family other than the obvious? [ bleep ] up. [ bleep ] up. i have a mind-year-old mother whose son just killed 50 plus people and is now dead.
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we will see you later. >> we have not run into too many people in the community who know the gunman or his live in girlfriend. but they are all expressing that same confusion, how a fellow retiree would commit this sort of crime. >> on the ground in mesquite, appreciate the reporting. keep in touch. we are all trying to figure out. there were about 22,000 people on the ground at the music festival when the shots rang out. many thought they were hearing fireworks and they realized testifies gunfire. >> i still don't know what's up. i looked back and the girls were sing behind us go down. then my friend said run. >> i put the baby on the ground and got on top of her. when we heard a little break, we
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ran to the bleachers that were behind us and i tried to tuck her as close to the end so she was as protected as possible. >> unrelentless bullets. the only reason he took a break is so the muzzle didn't weld shut and he could keep shooting. >> remarkably, police quickly located the hotel room where the shots were coming from and they blasted their way in. >> on the 32nd floor, everyone needs to move back. all units move back. >> beach, beach, beach. >> he had at least 10 rifles with him in that hotel room. julia is with us and law enforcement analyst and evan perez stays with me in studio. i want to go to you first as a
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police chief who was in washington, d.c. and philadelphia and as you listened to everything from the sheriff, every piece of information, do you have a biggest question or anyone about how this could have been stopped or what is going to have to be done tomorrow? >> i don't know how you stop something like that. the venue no doubt had adequate security. who would have thought almost a block away someone would shootout or ache out a window at the mandalay bay and fire at people. we have to rethink security measures when you have the outdoor events, but i don't know how you prevent something like that. this is just a highly unusual type of case. >> at this conversation we have all too often after big events like this. we had it in the year since 9/11. there are things. you can require every hotels to
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have magnetometers and on days when you know 22,000 people will be across the street on the next day. screen all the bags. is it that accosting or a convenience thing or a combination of those things? >> it's all of the above. we have as a society sort of made a calculation about how much security we want in our daily lives. it may be after this there is going to be a demand that there are reviews of what's in the suitcases and housekeepers are given the ability to look in if they view something suspicious. i think we will find over the next couple of days if not hours, there might have been suspicions about what he was bringing in or things that maybe the housekeepers or whoever else did not feel empowered to express or say. we have to look at that. we are so focused on defense that a part of security is minimizing the risk.
9:22 am
you will have others on air, but as a counter terrorism expert, i will tell you whether he is motivated by isis or craziness or something in between. the access issue to weaponry in this country is now a national security issue. it just is. you have to minimize the capacity for someone who is either crazy or a terrorist or in between to be able to kill that many people so quickly. that's the unique thing about this country. terrorism and violence that happens elsewhere, here it's because of accessibility of weaponry. i know it's highly political, but as a security person, i'm looking at the access issue and looking at the numbers and absolutely shocked and outraged that for some reason we are not allowed to talk about that. >> no question both the gun control and if you flip from the other side, the security questions are things that need
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to be discussed. in the hours after, this is sensitive. i want to come from your perspective. this is like an asteroid striking and the neighbors saying we had no clue. maybe a traffic violation once or twice, but nothing in the history of the 64-year-old man. you see people saying well, maybe he snapped or there was this. from your experience, that's not right. >> no. they don't snap. you think about it, this is a well-planned execution. he checked in days in advance and brought the weaponry in. if someone snapped, why would they have that with them? mass killings are well planned executions. as far as what the brother said, that's typical. mass killers usually do not have criminal records and have not been treated in a psychiatric facility. it's surprising to everyone. even if we find some warning signs that were missed even in the hotel room or back home in
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mesquite. this is hindsight and it's 20-20. no way to anticipate or predict. it's a very rare event. fortunately. this is unique in terms of the weapon. this automatic weapon is quite rare. it's unfortunate because obviously that led to his ability to kill so many people. >> and evan as we go through this and will continue the conversation later in the program, there are more cameras in las vegas, nevada than probably anywhere in america. you have the outdoor concert grounds where there are hundreds of shells that need to be retrieved from the grounds and the bodies as well. in terms of doing the csi, this will take weeks and months.
9:25 am
>> weeks and months to put together a picture of this guy. this is things they do to figure out what they can learn for the next one. we know the next one is studying what this guy did and we will see that sometime in the future. unfortunately that is the reality that we have here in this country. as julia pointed out, it's difficult to secure a place like this. for example, if the president was going to be there, obviously the hotel would have been searched and there would have been a search of every single renter of a hotel room and know who the rooms were that faced the venue. there is a lot of preparation if you have a vip, but with average people, you don't tend to do these types of things. >> on the idea of trying to put together a sketch and from everything you heard, what would you be doing if you were trying to put together in an office and you have a bullet and you are trying to put together the
9:26 am
pieces, where are you in the process and what are your questions? >> not much we know now and i have been through this process. all we can really come up with is why did he do it? that will put closure on the event for survivors and the rest of us. but it will not help us identify the next mass killer. that's the problem here. these are rare events fortunately, but whatever we learn in the days to come will not help us spot the next one. as we try to shed light on this crime that we not shed a spotlight on the criminal. all too often we humanize him by filling in the gaps and his favorite hobbies and what he like to do and the tv shows he likes. we have to not make this someone into a celebrity for others who might see him as a hero. >> great point to make as we close this conversation. we will pick it up later, but he
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live pictures at the white house with the flag at half-staff, that's one of the steps the president took when he walked into the diplomatic reception room and spoke to a grief-stricken nation. >> last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert. in las vegas, nevada. he brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil to the families of the victims, we
9:32 am
are praying for you and we are here for you. and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. >> again, that was the president a little more than an hour ago saying the country was gripped with sadness, shock, and grieve awaking to this horrible headline approaching 60 killed in the largest mass shooting in our country's history. he will visit on wednesday, but offered these words to families grappling with horror in a nation trying to comprehend what happened last night in vegas. >> in moments of tragedy and horror, america comes together as one. and it always has. our unity cannot be shattered by evil and we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today and
9:33 am
always will. forever. >> cnn is at the white house when the president spoke. it was a somber statement including quoteing for the scriptures as he tried to lead a nervous nation at the moment. >> no question. this has become as we have seen in the white house, this is part of the job to unify and try to console and bring sense or at least explaining to this act of tragedy in las vegas. the help has been brief and they do not know any more specific details. they do not have a reason to believe at this point that it is an act of domestic terrorism. the president a few moments ago was welcoming the prime minister of thailand here to the white house. reporters asked him if there was a reason to believe it was domestic terrorism and he didn't
9:34 am
answer. a gun control question was always asked and he did not answer. we have seen too many of these incidents play out. there will be that debate, but that is not happening here and now. the president wanting to visit las vegas and wednesday and still scheduled for puerto rico tomorrow. a different kind of devastation and flying back to washington and likely nevada on wednesday. this is something that the president was dealing with a lot from north korea. a lot of controversy set aside for the moment. he spoke by phone to sheriff joseph lombardo who is leading the investigation here. we will hear more from the president in the oval office in the next hour. >> appreciate the reporting from the white house. president trump said in his remarks amid this tragedy there
9:35 am
are heroes. i want to talk to a paramedic who was called to the scene in las vegas last night. number one, thank you for everything you did last night and this morning and everything you do every day and not just in something horrible like this. we don't say thank you enough. i want to you take me back. you got there about 10:45 last night. what did you see? >> thanks for having us on this somber morning in las vegas. i arrived with one of my coworkers to hundreds of emergency apparatus spread throughout las vegas boulevard and multiple ambulances in a staging area to help anybody in need. >> how many trips did you make back and forth? >> we saw lots from critical patients being carried to walking wounded and those who
9:36 am
were walking and shot in the lower extremities and people bleeding from being trampled on. every type of injury you could imagine. people coming to us and people we were going in to grab. >> how long have you been doing this. how long have you been on this job? >> i have been working here since 2003. 15 years here in las vegas. this is one of the events that is one of the most tragic i have seen and hopefully the last. >> the people who were able to talk and running and may have been banged up from getting knocked over, not people who were critically injured, what were they saying? >> most of them were saying please help and most of them pointing in the direction of more critical patients and skip them and go on to someone more injured. we had bypassers allowing us to load people in their vehicles and loading people in the back of trucks and cars and anything and everything we could. we had ambulances and well over 120 ambulances that responded to
9:37 am
this incident and off duty crews. we sent out a mass page. we had crews by the handfuls getting in the ambulances and heading down to the staging area where they were ready to transport. we had different types of patients approaching. >> one of the things the people benefitted from is your training. when you go into the situations, you have a 2u7ble vision to execute the task at hand and get them the treatment they need and get them to the hospital. when you hear numbers like 59 killed, perhaps it will rise. 500 plus injured. some of them with gunshot wounds or other injuries. what goes through your mind when you get to step back and understand the context of this? >> for us it's one of the things our first initial reaction is to help, help, help. one of the first things we teach is safety. we were able to sit back and analyze the situation and we were also able to be effective in this situation. we have a staging area and a hot
9:38 am
zone, warm zone, and cold zone. in the hot zone they were treating everyone. in the warm zone people were coming to us and leapfrogging people to get to more critical patients and now we can take a deep breath and analyze the situation. we know that our training paid off. we know that las vegas when it comes to ems and first responders with law enforcement, we are top notch. we did a great job last night. it was a symphony in a chaotic moment. >> did you have an understanding of what was happening or it was an all points bulletin of get there and get there now? >> when we first got the call, me and my leadership team we have a page group that comes to the dispatch center. we were told it was nine patients we were seeing. when we were told it was nine it caught our attention because it's at a popular event around
9:39 am
the harvest festival. as we came down, we started to get more and more information and they told us this was going to be a very large event. we rounded everybody up and like i said, every manager and supervisor came in and participated and helped. >> i wanted to say again, thank you for your work and thank your colleagues for your work in the last 12 plus hours, but every single day. we don't say thank you enough who save many, many lives last night. appreciate it. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> we will get an update from the hospital on the hundreds of people wounded in this horrible mass shooting. if you can train oxford to sit...
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>> there were people hiding underneath my car for cover. i had six people in my car, people without shoes and running just to get away. >> right now, we need your truck. we just need to get people to the hospital, okay? >> okay. put them all in the back. >> you can see the confusion and the eyewitness accounts are compelling. they became witness to or victims of the deadliest mass shooting in american history when a gunman opened fire on a musical festival in the center of the las vegas strip. outside the university medical center of southern nevada in las vegas. what's the latest on those being treated for injuries as we sadly see the numbers rise?
9:45 am
>> reporter: exactly, john. what we know is that now we have 58 fatalities. we have the only level one trauma center in the state of nevada here. universal medical center. this is where they would treat the most horrific injuries. they had 30 patients treated in the trauma center and taken to the operating room and 12 are in critical condition. there is another hospital that has three campuses here. the st. rose dignity health has 55 patients and four remain in critical and some have been discharged, but the other wounds are trampling injuries and cuts from climbing over fences as people tried to escape. and we also heard from sunrise hospital which is the closest to the strip. they received 180 patients and of those, 14 have passed away. they performed some 30
9:46 am
surgeries. the one thing that is really heartening since we have been here is the response to the blood banks. overnight while still in the dark, people were lining up and opened up another one here about 45 minutes ago here at the university medical center. one woman who was here with the university medical center and said when people think of trauma, they think of university medical center and we wanted to open up a blood bank here. right down the street, people were lining up to get in and said they will be there to try to take as much blood as they can. at this point they are saying that is as important as donations for the people who are trying to recover as far as money. they are trying to encourage people who are trying to blake blo mood donations. the police have this roadblocked off because they are allowing people who work at the hospital to make sure no one goes there
9:47 am
who doesn't belong. for the people who are trying to figure out where their loved ones might be. they are suggesting they are going to the headquarters and there they will work with them to help them find out where their loved ones are. for people who can't make the trek. the coroner's office will work with those folks, but they want people to show up in person. since have been standing out here, i saw a guy from a fast food shop with sandwiches coming by and a woman called in an order that she wanted to donate to the nurse's station here at the hospital. a bunch of sandwiches and people really rallying around the first responders who are taking care of the people and who are tragically impacted here. >> wonderful to hear the accounts of kindness and just to repeat what was said, if you are in the las vegas area and can give blood, it is the most urgent need. please do so if you can. the firsthand accounts of what
9:48 am
happened are terrifying. a gunman opening fire at a concert with 22,000 people on the ground. 58 are kill and that may go up. in the hours after the shooting, the congressman is there in las vegas and he spent time visiting the victims. thank you for spending time with us on this terrible day. let me ask you, we saw you at the top of the hour and you were at the briefing with the political leadership. anything come up since then? anything new related to the search warrants and the investigation and the biggest question, the people of your community, the question of why. >> john, we are here at the central command center, the metro police department where federal and local agencies are collaborating and the latest that we have is that 59 confirmed dead and over 500 people have been confirmed
9:49 am
wounded. i spent this morning starting at 3:00 in the morning visiting sunrise hospital where they had 190 victims and over 15 had passed. that was several hours ago. i want to say i'm so proud of all the doctors and the nurses and the nurse's assistants and everybody at the hospital including the police officers and first responders who are working tirelessly. i was there and right in front of my eyes, you can see people about to pass away and i want to say there is a lot of heroes today. i'm very proud of my community and my state. >> amen to that. can't say that enough. the first responder, strangers helping strangers and neighbors helping neighbors. i want to know for the viewers that we continue our conversation. the president and the first lady planned a moment of silence at 2:45 p.m. the president and first lady of the united states want to have a
9:50 am
moment of silence. what's your biggest question as you are there and what is the biggest question about the investigation and is anything in your private conversations helped you answer the question of why this gunman did this? >> all the conversations that we had this morning, we don't have a motive yet. the fbi and department of homeland security and local law enforcement have been working tirelessly. they have visited the home of the shooter. they haven't found much as far as motive. i know this is something we will be working towards in the next days and weeks to come. if anybody from las vegas is watching this. we need people to donate blood at united blood services. that's probably the biggest need we have. >> appreciate your time.
9:51 am
if you are in the las vegas area and are healy and can do so, please give blood. also about puerto rico and the shooting in vegas. they will bring those to you. national security analyst and the chief and law enforcement analyst is still with us. evan perez as well. you have a little bit of new information on the investigation. >> one of the oddest things is that the brother of the shooter said that their father was formerly on the fbi most wanted list. there is precious little that turned up as far as criminal records on the shooter. his father is benjamin paddock who is now deceased was added to the most wanted list and he was a bank robber. the brother mentioned this fact. we have been checking it out.
9:52 am
we have heard from the fbi that that is accurate. the father's name is benjamin paddock and on the fbi most wanted list. we don't know if it has anything to do with it and probably not, but we have more information on the father deceased so many years ago than we do on the suspect. >> we are going to be seeing all of the first responders, the military, fema, and we are going to be seeing the people of puerto rico. they are amazing what has been done in a short period of time on puerto rico. never a piece of land that we have known. the telecommunications was nonexistent and in a bad shape. the grid was totally destroyed. we have gotten tremendous amounts of food and water and
9:53 am
lots of other supplies generally speaking on the island. we will be going tomorrow morning first thing. we are going to be meeting with governor matt because of the difficulty of getting into the virgin islands, he will probably meet us in puerto rico and importantly also on wednesday morning very early we will be leaving for las vegas where we are going to be seeing the governor who i just spoke to and the mayor, governor of the state and the mayor of las vegas and the sheriff who has done such a great job. and in terms of the speed. we all appreciate it. we are going to puerto rico tomorrow and on wednesday as i just said we will be going to las vegas on a very, very sad moment for me and for everybody. for everybody no matter where
9:54 am
you are. no matter what your thought process, this is a sad day. we will be doing that on wednesday. we will be spending the full day there and maybe longer than that. thank you very much, everybody. >> updating us on those tasks. now trying to comfort the people of las vegas. just in the sense that this was a lone shooter. while they have a lot to investigate, i assume if you were the police chief in las vegas, nevada, no issue with the president coming to see you so soon after something like this? >> i don't believe so. it draws resources in terms of security, but this is a time when the president should make that trip. whatever the sheriff has to do as well as other people that he has assisting, they will do and
9:55 am
be just fine. >> julia in the terms of the investigation going forward throughout this hour. is there anything you have heard in the last hour or so. little bits of information. can you connect any dots here? >> not yet. i'm very careful and we all should be. i was surprised they came out this quickly in saying no foreign ties because it appears and they said that the woman, the girlfriend has left the country. i'm very careful at moments like this. i don't want to just lead to any conclusions. what i am looking at is that time period beforehand. that's a lot of weaponry and a lot of days in a hotel. there is no on and off switch. it's not like he got triggered to do this. some people may give us more evidence. i keep all avenues open.
9:56 am
there are not too many of these. with this gentlemen not seeing anything they found to be suspicious. what goes through your mind? >> most are extraordinarily ordinary. we can't anticipate those. even those close such as his brother. i caution against using this term as the largest. the worst. first of all, it doesn't try and those who were killed and whether it was a record or not. it's just as tragic that is very
9:57 am
compelling to others who might like to break the record. >> that's an interesting and a sad point. appreciate it. appreciate you hanging with us as we deal with this breaking news coverage. that's it for us. i hope wolf blitzer picks it up after a quick break.
9:58 am
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