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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 6, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to all right. good morning, everyone. john berman here. we have breaking news this morning and it is a storm, likely to become a hurricane that could hit the gulf coast as early as tomorrow. this storm is moving very quickly, not a lot of time to prepare, so pay attention. we will receive an update from the national hurricane center later this hour. in the meantime tropical storm nate gunning for louisiana, mississippi, alabama, all under hurricane watches this morning. new orleans, currently right in its path. the mayor there has already declared a state of emergency.
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nate has claimed the lives of at least 20 people in central america, bringing torrential rains, flash floods, mudslides. meteorologist chad meyer tracking the storm in the weather center. harvey, irma, maria and now nate. >> i think it's important to note because this was a tropical storm it killed 20 people. so we're going to say it's only going to be a category 1 hurricane, let's not worry about it. that is not true. that is the wrong impression of this storm as it crashes through southern louisiana midnight tomorrow night. plaqueman's parish, an 80 mile per hour storm. like a cone that goes east and west of the line, there's a theoretical cone of intensity. 20% one way or the other. we could be 95, we could be 65. we don't know what's going to happen when this things gets in the warm water of the gulf of mexico. the middle ground around 80 miles per hour but it could be
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much more than that. here's the storm. the hurricane hunters flying through it and found 41 miles per hour. we will keep going and find about a 47-mile-per-hour wind. still we're right at 45. that's where we should be. i do believe, though, the 11:00 advisory you just alluded to, they will make those hurricane warnings upgrading the watches. it's just a timetable. here are the watches. many of these areas will get the warning at 11:00 or certainly at 5:00 tonight. and it's also going to be storm surge. there could be five feet of storm surge. that's not katrina-esque where it was 20 feet, but still 5 feet gets into a lot of land areas that have rebuilt from either ivan or katrina or whatever it might be. that's a pretty decent surge. here he what the models are saying right now. they are in good agreement, east and west right straight through southern louisiana. but then where? into mississippi, alabama and into georgia. even if this is still a 50 or
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60-mile-per-hour storm when it gets to montgomery or when it gets north of atlanta, that will bring down power lines and trees and branches and we will have the same type of power outages you would see with a land falling hurricane anywhere in the world. you you get 40, 50, 06 with the old trees and branches will be enough to make power outages across the southeast. this is 36 hours away. that's how quickly this is moving. >> that's the important thing here. there's not a lot of time to prepare. people need to listen over next few hours. appreciate it. chad myers, thanks so much. new developments to tell you about in las vegas. law enforcement source tells cnn the killer there tried but failed to buy tracer ammunition at a gun show near phoenix. tracers let you see where your bullets are going. questions remain this morning about a possible motive. there was a note found in the killer's hotel suite, not a suicide note or any kind of manifesto. the "new york times" reports it contained numbers which at this moment police are scrambling to
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analyze. all 58 murder victims have been identified. they are remembered by these markers on the las vegas trip, handmade by a man from illinois. jean casarez is in las vegas for us with the very latest on the investigation. jean? >> reporter: john, that law enforcement source does tell us that in recent weeks, stephen paddock went to phoenix, arizona, for a gun show and he wanted to buy those types of bullets, the tracer bullets, that allows you to trace the bullet for an intended target. he wasn't able to buy them. they weren't available to him. law enforcement source goesen to say what that does is really allows you to specifically focus on who and what you want to shoot and under the cover of darkness as it was last sunday night, he would merely be spraying into a crowd not knowing where those bullets were going. now we do know that two rounds hit a 43 gallon jet fuel tank that was located 1100 feet from
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the fairgroundses where the people were enjoying the country music. there was damage to the fuel tank, but there was not a public safety issue at that point. we also know, and this was from a press conference a few days ago, someone mentioned a note that was recovered in the room when the search warrant was executed. the sheriff, lombardo, really didn't want to talk about it but "the new york times" is reporting this morning that there were numbers on that note. we knew it was not a suicide note. but they're saying there were numbers on it. forensic investigators are trying to determine what those numbers actually mean. now the girlfriend, marilou danley, we know she's in this country, she's being interviewed by the fbi, but we don't know her whereabouts. they want to keep that private. he did say, though, through her attorney and it's the only comment we've gotten, that it was about two weeks ago that her boyfriend gave her that airplane ticket to go to the philippines and that was when she learned that she was leaving the
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country. well, yesterday, our own key young law spoke with the hairdresser of stephen paddock. listen carely to what she says. >> the last time i saw him was probably only two months ago. it was just about two months ago. he came in and he got his hair cut and again smelled of alcohol and his girlfriend was with him, and again, just kind of doing her thing and he sat down and was telling me about her leaving to go to the philippines and he was going to be home alone hanging out for a while by himself. it wasn't anything weird or -- it wasn't anything that seemed off. >> reporter: now the girlfriend was in a waiting room. she didn't hear that conversation. but john, two weeks ago, i was told here's your ticket to go to the philippines. he's saying to his hairdresser
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about two months she was going to the philippines. john? >> all right. jean casarez, a timeline issue, investigators will want to hone in on. amid the talk of motivation there are new details about how the killer carefully planned the massacre. brian todd takes you inside. >> reporter: john, we got access to a room at the mandalay bay hotel not far from the shooter's room two floors up and down the hall with a similar view to the one that stephen paddock had. what we saw was a clear vantage point he had to the target area below where 2,000 people had gathered, but we also brought up to the room a former las vegas s.w.a.t. team member john sheehan and he pointed out something extraordinary, the way the shooter picked his room was crucial because the room faced directly east and what that meant was, that there was no building directly opposite the room where police sniper could have taken aim and possibly taken him out. no buildings directly east. there are buildings on other sides, but he said the only way you could actually -- that a
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police sniper could actually shoot at that room where stephen paddock was, was eater from below, possibly from above, maybe from a helicopter, or from a room at the mandalay bay at a side angle, kind of like the one we were in, and he said in that case those shots from police snipers would have bounced off at weird angles an might have hit people in other rooms and believes that stephen paddock knew that would be the case and planned that room very strategically. also, there is information now from the clarke county sheriff joe lamb bordeaux who says they have evidence the shooter stephen paddock may not have intended to die inside that room. he may have tried to escape. that s.w.a.t. team officer we talked to john sheehan said if he tried to escape it probably wouldn't have been very long. >> one of three ways it's going to end for an active shooter and they know this. you will commit suicide, you're going to die in a hail of gunfire with the police, you're going to shoot it out with them
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and you're going to be killed, or you're going to continue on a preplanned rampage at locations b, c, d, e until the police finally stop you. >> you don't believe escape meant escape for good, just to -- >> brian, how could it be? because he rented the room in his own name. on video coming in and out. we know who he is. he's going to be the most wanted man in the world if he does try to leave here. >> reporter: he believes it's the material in the shooter's car that he believes he may have intended to continue his rampage at other locations. police say they found 50 pounds of explosives and 1500 rounds of ammunition inside the shooter's car. >> brian todd in las vegas, thanks so much. joining me now former atf executive matthew horace and former fbi senior profile jonah var ro. i want to start with you, the idea that killer wanted to buy tracers two weeks before the shooting, what use would they have been to him? what does that tell you?
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>> in this case, they wouldn't have been much use because he committed the act under the cover of darkness. they wouldn't have given him any advantage because he wouldn't have seen where the rounds were going or who they might hit. >> and joe, to you, the profiling now, so many people looking for a motive, looking for the why. there was a note a piece of paper left in the room, but it wasn't a suicide note, wasn't a manifesto. it was some kind of a list of numbers. what does that tell you? >> well, it could be any number of things, but the simplest thing is, this individual has already demonstrated an incredible ability to plan, to orchestrate, and it may just be a list of things to do so that he doesn't miss any one item that he was planning to execute, so it may be something as simple as that.
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>> interesting analysis right there. and joe, if i can stay with you for a moment right now, the bit of information we just had reported before that the hairdresser was saying that the killer was talking about his girlfriend going to the philippines two months ago, but the girlfriend's attorney says she was surprised with tickets just two weeks ago. so this may add to that timeline. he was thinking about getting her away, way before, if you believe her attorney, she knows she was going? >> yeah. this has been -- this has been in the planning, if not in the ideation for months, maybe even years. it's just finally, unfortunately, was executed. you have to be careful with witnesses because witnesses often times even in bank robberies you'll have six different witnesses give you six different descriptions, so you have to be careful. the one thing that is -- that we cannot -- there is no room for
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discussion is, this individual's rep till yan indifference for human life and i think that is at the core of this and the one character that tends to do these things is the psychopathic personality. and this, in fact, may be what we are looking at. >> rep till yan indifference for human life. that is a phrase that is incredibly applicable right here. what was found in his car, explosives, 1600 rounds of ammunition, what more would you want to learn from that and what does that tell you, matthew? >> initially, i'm sure law enforcement was concerned with whether there was going to be a booby-trap situation but he had a plan to do something after this event. doesn't mean it's a good plan because as you know there's no perfect crime, and as the lieutenant described from the s.w.a.t. team there was no out for this individual. he was either going to be
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killed, he was going to kill himself or continue the rampage. 1600 rounds automatic firing weapons, it could only shoot a couple minutes anyway. it wasn't a good plan. none of it makes sense. >> it seems obvious now there was no out, that someone was going to get him, still, though, matthew, he did plan we're told by authorities for some kind of escape. he had the cameras looking outside in the hallway there and there may be other indicators that we're not being told directly that he wanted to get out or thought he might be able to get out. what does that tell you? >> at the end of the day, as strategic and tackle like it may seem the suspect planned there were many holes in this plan and at the end of the day is was a no-win situation for him. >> and joe, his travel and the idea that there were other locations that he had been looking at for some time? >> well, i think that speaks to his cunning and again to that
7:14 am
dkz are -- -- the psychopathic traits where can i do the most harm. the psychopath doesn't need a reason to do things. i have talked to them where they have told me the reason i did it because i could. and this may be simply what we're looking at, someone who just has total disdain for humanity. >> chilling. all right. matthew and joe, thanks so much. still ahead, listen to this -- >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. it could be the calm before the storm. >> what is the storm, mr. president? he warned of something surrounded by the country's top military leaders, but what does it mean? also a cnn exclusive, the special counsel's team, they interviewed the author of that very, very, very interesting russian dossier. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think
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killer. at this moment president trump scheduled to be in his daily intelligence briefing. maybe the storm will come up? what storm you ask? the coming storm that the president inexplicably alluded to surrounded by the nation's top military officials. listen to this. >> you guys know what this represents? [ inaudible ] maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> calm before the storm. is the united states about to face some dire military conflict or was that merely four words strung together at random? cnn's joe johns at the white house for us this morning. anything concrete to be learned here, joe? >> nothing concrete at least so far, john, but i have to say, the circumstances of that video that you just saw and the audio, make it even more unusual.
7:20 am
the journalists here at the white house in the pool that covers the president closely every day, were all ready to go home, they were under the assumption that the work had been finished for the day when they were hastily summoned and taken into record what appeared to be perhaps impromptu remarks by the president, not clear certainly, ambiguous remarks. just a tad more information about what the president talked to his military leaders about last night. in a read out that came to the white house, it indicated that they talked about north korea, no surprise, they talked about isis, talked about niger where three american green berets were killed. just this week and we're told they talked about iran. of course the big question is whether the president will decertify the iran nuclear agreement, which he's been highly critical of. a lot of indications that he
7:21 am
will next week, that will send it up to capitol hill for 60 days for congress to figure out what to do. the president also issued something of an unusual rebuke for his military leaders, demanding that they get information to him quicker about options for military solutions when he needs them. listen. >> moving forward i also expect you to provide me with a broad range of military options when needed at a much faster pace. i know that government bureaucracy is slow, but i am depending on you to overcome the obstacles of bureaucracy. >> reporter: hard not to mention the fact that the readout today said the president also talked to his military leaders about the hurricanes that recently hit the united states, which, obviously, raises the question whether he might have been referring to that type of storm. in any event we expect to see the president around 12:30 eastern time, that's about two hours from now, at a hispanic
7:22 am
heritage event attended by about 200 people. perhaps that will be an opportunity for the president to expand on his remarks. john? >> or maybe just tease to the next episode. joe johns at the white house, thanks so much. joining me david gergen, senior political analyst and david rhodes global affairs analyst. david gergen to you, you are a communications expert. had any one of the four presidents you worked for communicated that there was an imminent storm, an imminent storm coming, and this was the calm before the storm, it would indicate maybe a cause for serious concern. when this president says it, what does it mean? >> well, he's got the great tease. he understand how to build an audience bs but i must say this is unprecedented for any president i know. typically, if you're preparing to go into a storm, the president is with this national security advisors in deep study, deep deliberations and a sense
7:23 am
yes, he's studying an issue and you usually know what it is and if it's military action involved it's important for the president to get out in front of the public and tell them what he is doing. if you want to take us into a conflict, mr. president, make sure you have the country on your side first. otherwise, support can slip away from you very quickly. >> and as for that tease, david gergen, he said, you'll find out. you'll find out what he means. is that a message that's helpful either within the military or u.s. allies or american people? >> i think it is a message. when you got a military gathering, joe johns said, people at the press were ready to go home, thought there was a lid on, and then hustled back in, there's a drama to all of that which suggests yes, there is something that's fairly imminent. we didn't know last night whether it might be north korea or iran or maybe a reshuffling of his senior national security team, but today, the speculation is centering mostly on iran because we know he has to make
7:24 am
this certification decision by the 15th. >> david rhodes, let's talk about iran right now, because the speculation is that the president's going to move to decertify the iran nuclear deal, but what does that mean and what does it not mean? because there's a big statement there. >> basically this is the president kicking another campaign promise -- i'm sorry kicking an issue to congress while he keeps another campaign promise. he will decertify the deal, but it's up to congress what do they do about that? they can reimpose sanctions on iran which would ab bri xwats the deal, iran could start building a bomb immediately, or congress can do nothing. this is him -- it's a divisive and will divide the international community. it's like the wall promise, but he's not showing real leadership here. >> decertifying the deal does not in and of itself end it. >> it doesn't. the other international parties that are part of it, the european union, the brits and others, china and russia, don't want this deal to go away. the u.n. doesn't want it to go
7:25 am
away nor does iran. he makes a political point but he's sort of again confusion internationally about the american -- >> does congress want this responsibility of deciding whether or not to impose new sanctions on iran? >> every republican in congress voted against the deal when it came up under the obama administration so it puts pressure again on these members of congress. this will alienate, you know, members of congress, the growing tension between the republican party, and congress, and president trump himself. also, i question this language for his base. he ran against military -- he said we wasted all this money in foreign countries and here he is for the people who voted for him talking about a gathering storm, lightly about using military force. >> david gergen, doesn't just put him at odds with the other signers of this deal it buts him at odds with members of his own administration. secretary mattis thinks it would be a good idea for the united states to stay in the deal. maybe his national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster, maybe the secretary of state rex
7:26 am
tillerson. they among other things say iran is complying with the technical aspects of the nuclear deal and think it would be good for the u.s. to stay in. >> you're right, john. this iranian question will be explosive if the president decertifies because it is going to send a signal to our allies around the world, that we may unilaterally walk away and that would unravel the deal and iran would resume its nuclear program, you know, overnight. so that's a big deal on the world stage. internally inside his administration, to overrule the advice on one of the most important issues of our time, overrule the advice of his top national security people is also a big deal. and it does risk that one or more would walk. we've seen that happen before that a secretary of state has walked in the past when a
7:27 am
president carter took military action he didn't approve of and he walked. at this time when there's so much instability in the white house, there's a clear desire on the part of senior people around to get things called domed down it may be a way for tillerson to say i'm out of here. financial reasons for tax reasons why tillerson may want to stay until the end of the year but if the presidents overrules tillerson, overrules mattis, that the likelihood is that they will leave sooner than expected. >> all right. we'll be watching. david gergen and david rhodes thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. his name is christopher steele, a form british spy, and he's been talking to robert mueller's team, the special counsel's team, as it investigates possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign. we'll tell you why, next.
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a cnn exclusive robert mueller's probe into possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign includes a former british style, christopher steele who authored the headline making dossier president trump slammed as fabricated. shimon prokupecz has all the details here. >> investigators working with special counsel bob mueller met this summer with christopher steele as you said, the former british intelligence official, mi6 officer, who put together what many now call the dossier which contains a series of memos detailing alleged russian efforts to aid president donald trump's campaign. steele was hired by a washington firm, paid first by anti-trump
7:33 am
republicans, and then democrats. the special counsel is now working to determine whether any of the series of contacts between trump campaign associates and suspected russian operatives broke u.s. law. we don't know what information steele may have provided to mueller's team, but we know steele previously provided the fbi information, some of the sources he used to put together his memos. we've also been told that while the intelligence community haven't verified some of the most salacious details in the dossier parts have been corroborated. the president has taken issue with the intelligence community and steele calling it fake news and tweets but despite the president's words congressional investigators want to take a -- still want to talk to steele. take a listen. >> though we have been inkrids me enlightened at our ability to rebuild backwards the steele dossier up to a certain day, getting past that point has been
7:34 am
somewhat impossible. >> and part of that is because they really have not been able to talk to steele. yesterday they said that when senator burr did have that press conference earlier in the week he indicated that burr somehow was not -- that steele was somehow not cooperating with congressional investigators. but we're told steele hasn't ruled out talking to the senate intelligence committee, though there is no indication as to when that might take place. john? >> all right. shimon prokupecz, thanks so much. now here to discuss cnn legal and national analyst ash shah, a former fbi special agent. i find it fascinating the day after we hear from senate leaders they can't talk to christopher steele, they're dying to talk to this guy, can't do it and it's holding them up. we magically learned he has been interviewed by the special counsel, so what message is it fair to take from that? >> well, i think that we have to understand these are two parallel investigations that are going on, with different goals.
7:35 am
mueller's goal is to follow every lead that he can in ord to build a potentially criminal case against people who may have broken the law, and to that extent, he needs to make sure that the people who are providing him the information, the people who might testify, you know, that they're not going to -- what they're going to say doesn't get leaked in some other way that could compromise other witnesses. there's a little bit of attention there between those two investigations and i think right now, mueller is essentially claiming priority over this particular individual. doesn't mean maybe down the line he won't talk to congressional investigators. >> our reporting has been the intelligence community believes some of the information in thes do deyeah was incredible enough to merit further looks but the special counsel will have a different standard here by which to judge this. how will he be looking at this information?
7:36 am
>> sure. so this is where we look at it from both a counterintelligence point of view and then a criminal point of view. so, from a counterintelligence point of view it's important to remember that the so-called steele dossier is actually raw intelligence. this is a former british spy who's basically talked to his sources, they've given him the information that they have, some of it may be true, some of it may not be true. it's raw intelligence. but for mueller's purposes it's a great source of leads that they can then try to core rob bray or verify by other means and he can maybe through other intelligence reporting we have through the fbi, cia, nsa, determine how much of it is true. now, on the criminal side, he has a little bit of a higher burden. if he wants to eventually use any of this information, in a case, he can't bring the dossier into a courtroom. it's hearsay. it's a bunch of statements from third parties. so he has to actually has to
7:37 am
find those very sources and get the information straight from them. so what's significant about the fact he's working directly with christopher steele and as shimon reported may be getting some of the identities of the sources means he may be getting directly to the source of the information that is contained in the steele dossier. >> so interesting, watergate prosecutor richard called it a road map, the dossier a road map here, and based on what you're saying that's how the special counsel might use these interviews? >> that's right. i mean if you're looking at a sprawling investigation and someone hands you, you know, a blueprint for how the crime was committed, any investigator would follow up on it. if they found that it was a -- it led to a wall and nothing was true, so be it. but you follow every lead that you can and here there are a lot. some will be corroborated, some may not be. mueller's job is to figure out which ones those are. >> if you're christopher steele,
7:38 am
former mi6 british intelligence guy, who would you rather talk to here, the special counsel investigators or the congressional committees? >> well, i can't speak for mr. steele but if i were him, he is a former british spy. he was an mi6. i think that he has in that capacity worked with american intelligence before. he has undoubtedly worked with the cia and potentially the fbi. so you know, i think he knows that that is the -- mueller's team is going to understand the intelligence intricacies and need for sensitivity with regard to the information he's provided. i don't know that he might have the same confidence in a congressional committee that may have other interests, political, you know, agendas potentially to give that information to them as well. >> sure. intelligence, you know, intelligence people, often politicians, scare them. not a world they're comfortable
7:39 am
in. great to have you with us. interesting insight. appreciate it. >> thank you so much, john. very shortly vice president pence is going to be in the american virgin islands, so badly hit by hurricane maria. one puerto rican woman wants him to ignore the photo ops and go directly where the damage is.
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call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. sfx: mnemonic very shortly vice president pence will see the american islands devastated by hurricane maria up close. he left florida for st. croix and the u.s. virgin islands just a short time ago. he will tour the damage there first before he heads to puerto rico and meets with the governor there. this as the death toll in puerto rico just rose to 36. cnn's leyla santiago joins us now live in san juan. leyla, what's the latest from puerto rico? >> well, as you just mentioned, john, the death toll now at 36. and that death toll includes
7:44 am
people who have died from suicide, people who have died from lack of oxygen because they don't have the power to run oxygen tanks. today they reported those additional deaths, which include someone who was found under the remains of a home, so still a lot of challenges. even as we were out with fema in the last 24 hours as we choppered in on a black hawk as they were making their way into remote areas people telling us they still need water. water was a big request from the area we went to yesterday on the western part of the island. certainly a lot of people wanted to be known what is happening outside of where we are right now. the capital san juan. those outer lying areas that are desperate for help. i want you to listen to a plea from a woman in florida, she is from a small municipality here, and i want you to listen to what her message is for vice president pence as he makes his way to puerto rico today.
7:45 am
>> don't go to san juan. go inside the country like where i live, inside the country. you're not going to see nothing outside of the country. inside the cupstry is where you're going to see the disaster, where you can't -- there's towns you can't go in. >> right. >> you don't know the people that have been there because they don't know, they don't have no communication. >> reporter: and john, you know, i have been here since hurricane irma. i have seen the challenges people without power even before hurricane maria, but i have to tell you, i certainly understand the challenges and the logistics and reaching some of these places. yesterday, our crew, our crew, even got stuck in an area just outside of there when we went in by road. but i have to tell you something else i've noticed that is more aid making it to the area.
7:46 am
the aid is not enough yet to make it to everyone but we're seeing more choppers, more helicopter, more national guard and more relief making it to areas outside of san juan. >> positive signs, leyla, but positive signs that need to keep on going. cannot stop now. leyla santiago in san juan, thanks so much. that, of course, you know, puerto rico dealing with irma and then maria and now there's tropical storm nate headed directly for the gulf coast. we're going to get a forecast update minutes from now. you have to pay attention to this. this storm is moving very, very quickly. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance,
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all right. new this morning, we now know the names of all 58 people killed in the shootings in las vegas. one of them was 34-year-old charleston hartsfield. thousands gathered last night for a vigil in his memory. the off-duty las vegas police officer and father of two went to the concert with his wife. so many more injured at the concert fighting for their lives in the hospital. scott mclane has been spending tile with them and joins us now. scott, again, they will be fighting for some time? >> yeah. absolutely. i should point out off the bat we know the identities of all 58 victims who were killed in this attack. they range in age from 20 years old to 67 as you mentioned, one of them was an off-duty police officer charlton hartsfield, a father of two, husband, national guardsman. he was an all-around patriot according to his colleagues.
7:52 am
he was remembered in a vigil as you said. plenty of people fighting for their lives, 29 in critical condition across two hospitals. one woman in the hospital her name is rosemary melonson her daughters convinced her to come to the concert on sunday because it was something they wanted to do she ended up getting hit with the bullet hit in the stomach and lung. her husband steve talked about the support the family is getting inside the hospital from the families of other victims who find themselves in similar situations. listen. >> other family members there, and i'll remember that there was another woman that was there and we talked and she cried, i told her about my wife, she cried, held me. i cried, i held her. i asked her about her loved one. she told me her husband was shot in the head. >> there are also so, so, so
7:53 am
many heros to talk about. people who put their own lives on the line to save others. one of them is raymond paige, he was actually shooting video while he was herding people into his pick-up truck into the cab and into the back of his truck as well to take them to area hospitals. these were people who all had gunshot wounds. many of them needed immediate attention. here's what he told erin burnett about that experience. >> at the time i was just thinking just to get as many people as i could that were in the area and as quickly as possible and i knew they were shooting from -- well i say they, i thought at the time two shooters but i thought the gunfire was coming from the mandalay bay so my truck was facing that direction so i wanted to get turned around and out of there as quick as possible. >> reporter: and john, yesterday a man from illinois placed 58 small white wooden cross underneath the "welcome to las
7:54 am
vegas" sign, the famous sign he's also done that for similar tragedies in this country, john. >> all right. scott mclean for us in las vegas, we know the names of all 58 people killed in this massacre. they were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends to so many and these names will not be forgotten. ♪
7:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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hello on this friday. i'm ana cabrera in for kate bolduan. more breaking news after a very busy news week, another major american city in the cross heirs of a killer storm. tropical storm nate is heading towards new england and louisiana's governor has just declared a state of emergency as the gulf coast braces for impact. this storm has already caused at least 20 deaths in central america and the national hurricane center just updated its forecast. let's get to meteorologist chad myers for the details. where and when will this storm hit the u.s.? >> very close to maybe 50 miles one way or the other of plaquemines parish which is south of new orleans and that will be tomorrow night. so we have about 36 hours


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