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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  October 13, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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states can't print money. the government can, states cannot. >> thank you to all of you. that does it for us today. kate bolduan picks up coverage this hour. thank you, john, poppy. hello, kate bold won. two announcements with implications for mills here and abroad, both from the president and just the president. this isn't just a tweet, isn't a big threat, also can't be walked back a moment later. health care and the iran deal on the plate today. the president talking about and teeing up announcement to a supportive crowd he called friends at the value voters summit moments ago. annual gathering of social conservatives. >> we are taking a little different route than we hoped because getting congress, they
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forgot what their pledges were. we're going a little different route. in the end, it is going to be just as effective, and maybe it will even be better. >> this just hours after the trump white house deals a crippling blow to obamacare, cutting off subsidies to help low income americans afford health insurance. next hour, the president is targeting another obama legacy item, iran nuclear deal. he is expected to announce the agreement no longer serves america's national interests, but will stop short of scrapping the deal all together. let's again with the president as he wrapped the speech moments ago. senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny is there. two big announcements, two major obama legacy items. what is the president telling folks today? >> reporter: indeed, kate, good morning. the president was clear when he was talking about what congress has not done in terms of repealing and replacing obamacare. call it the political equivalent
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of making lemonade out of lem ons. we covered these value voter sum its and other conservative groups for years. the anthem, rallying cry has been to repeal and replace obamacare. the president becomes the first sitting president to address the group, and frankly he is before the group without any action legislatively in obamacare. the president gave a bit of a jab to members of congress for failing to uphold their pledge. he is using executive action which he criticized president obama for doing, using the power of his pen here, but he said it could be better than actually repealing and replacing obamacare. most people know that that actually is not true. the president is going forward on his own because congress did not do what they said. kate, i am struck by the optimism with conservative activists from across the country, gathering in washington. they love to see there is one of their own, a republican, in the
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white house. when you breakdown the accomplishments, the only accomplishment the president was able to tout here was the nomination and appointment of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. that's a major issue for conservative voters. the president goes on to talk about the iran speech he will give next hour, and called iran a terrorist nation and that of course is something he will be addressing at the white house as he is headed back there right now, kate. >> huge announcements coming up. great to see you. joining me to continue the discussion, david sanger, cnn analyst and national security correspondent at the new york times. mark preston, senior political analyst, chris cillizza, and nia malika-henderson, senior reporter. great to see all of you. mark, on health care, let's start there. the president hit on that quite
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a bit in the speech. this was threatened for months, cancelling the subsidies, this divides his party. if you look at republican member, she wrote on twitter this after the president announced it, cutting health care subsidies means more uninsured in my district. the president promised more access, affordable coverage, this does the opposite. what does this all mean? >> couple things, puts incredible pressure on republicans in congress to try to do something to make sure the markets are not destabilized because the insurance companies now are looking at this and anticipate this. this is going to hurt them. the question is how do you stabilize markets to the point where president trump and the republican controlled congress can get through and repeal and replace obamacare. that won't happen in the next couple months. if it happens, perhaps happen in the first quarter of the next year. bottom line is you're going to see action from republicans who are going to try to stabilize
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markets, maybe some bipartisan fix. unclear if democrats will agree on that. they have to get hard line conservatives that don't want any kind of fix in the next month or two. >> nia, democrats call it sabotage, what the president announced. a federal court did rule in favor of republicans who sued over this saying payments were against the law. so which is it, sabotage or following through or both? >> i think it is both, right? i mean it does go a long way in terms of undermining the affordable care act. open enrollment starting in a couple weeks, see what the markets look like, what insurance companies do. they've always been nervous about this prospect in terms of what it would do to bottom lines. talking $7 billion, talking 7 million people, and couple what he did here with saying he is not going to make insurance payments, those subsidy payments, couple that with wla he did with the executive order,
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saying associations and people can band together and sell and buy insurance across state lines that don't meet with some of the restrictions that are part of the affordable care act. that again is a blow. you have to look at those two things and really see that this will have a big impact in terms of how the affordable care act works at this point. one of the things you look for going forward is to see what the different states do. people like bassera in california, are we going to see that sort of thing where a democratic attorneys general in some big states try to see if they can go at this and challenge the legality and overturn the original court case that ruled in favor of the house gop that brought this case originally. >> meantime, as you said, open enrollment is right around the corner. >> yes. good luck. >> exactly. chris, take this in
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administration with the iran deal move. both cut at the heart of the obama legacy. you say that's what today's big news is really about, why? >> i do. i would say that's what the big story of the first nine months of donald trump's presidency are, daca, travel ban, paris climate accord. there's a lot of things. but essentially what you see is a roll back, reversal of virtually every policy that barack obama put in place, this being the central piece, health care being the central piece, the one that has his name on it. why? because donald trump came of age politically speaking in the last decadish and through birtherism, that's where he got the start. it was this rejection of validity of barack obama generally speaking to be president. that transformed itself into i'm going to be the president that
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undoes what obama did not just because of obama but because liberals are wrong about what government can and should do. it is how trump positioned himself in the campaign, worked extremely well, and i think he's sort of doing the same as president. the problem of course is that's not necessarily your own vision. getting rid of the other guy's stuff is step one. the step two which mark mentioned this on repeal and replace, they've not been able to get their own positive vision passed through. >> but just getting rid of what the other guy did, that's what basically he ran on. >> it is what he ran on. and i would say it has very real consequences. getting rid of what the other guy did means something. but my point is governing is typically, typically voters and constituents are looking for you don't like this, got rid of that, cleaned the decks. what's the next thing you want to do with this. >> and david, that leads us to the iran deal.
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the president is not going to certify the deal again, he is not going to tear it up, he is kicking it to congress. do we know what the real fallout will be after the president's announcement? >> well, it depends entirely, kate, how well he can control how congress reacts. so he wants to create the impression that he is completely disavowing the iran deal, which is the signature element of president obama's foreign policy just as obamacare was the signature element of his domestic policy. it was one major accomplishment of the obama era. it was removing iran from that collection of countries that we were highly concerned would have a nuclear weapon. and here, president trump ran into a problem because while he denounced the iran deal repeatedly during the campaign, described to me and maggie haber man at length in interviews why
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he thought this was a disaster of a deal and he could have negotiated it better, once he got into office he discovered you couldn't just walk away with ease. for one thing, the iranians haven't violated terms of the deal within the four corners of the agreement itself. iaea says that, other signator east, allies britain, france, germany say they haven't seen significant violations. so the president had to reach for another justification which was they were violating the spirit of the deal because they continue to launch ballistic missiles, support terrorism, all of which aren't covered in the deal. >> mark, it will be up to congress to decide what to do about iran's compliance. isn't it entirely possible congress does nothing? if that happens, what then? >> that's a good question. i'm not quite sure. basically when you think of congress, right, it is not a fine tuned, well oiled efficient
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machine, right? and -- >> what? that's breaking news. >> breaking news. get the banner up. >> but let me say this in simple terms. congress can chew gum and walk at the same time. what congress can't do and shown the past couple years, they're ineffective doing, chewing multiple pieces of gum and walking at the same time. >> in congress' defense, it does choke, there's a choking hazard. keep going. i am loving this. >> think of putting seven or eight pieces of gum in the mouth and chewing it, tell me how much fun it is. it is not fun, it is not effective, it is bad. but seriously. that's the situation we're in. you have daca, you have the iran deal, you've got the federal budget, debt ceiling has to be addressed, repeal and replace obamacare. to chris' point in the beginning, they have no accomplishments, there's no accomplishments of getting anything done.
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>> difficult to chew several pieces of gum at the same time, david sanger, isn't this what their job is? go ahead. >> in this particular case i'm not sure the white house would be unhappy if congress does what congress does best which is do nothing. there's one thing they're trying to get around, have the president have to sign off every 90 days on certification. it was driving him crazy because he felt like iran should be in violation even if you couldn't find or demonstrate evidence that they were, and he wanted a way to push back. what the european allies are all saying to him is if you want to push back against all of the other bad things iran is doing around the world and there's a long list, let's focus on that, but don't undo the iran deal. what they'd like to do is get a piece of legislation that basically takes away the 90 day requirement for the president. sets up some triggers that if iran violated them would put sanctions back in.
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if iran got close to a bomb, if iran went wild with ballistic missile testing, but fundamentally they don't really want to mess with the deal itself, they know that right now it is working and the allies would not be with us. >> cc on this conversation, bob corker. great to see you. thanks so much. coming up. is the president playing clean up on his message to puerto rico? this as lawmakers arrive to see the damage firsthand on the ground. we're going to take you there live. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad,
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the president has been threatening it for months and he made good on the threat last night, cutting subsidies to help lower income americans pay for insurance. subsidies the federal court ruled were illegal, subsidies that have not just supported democrats but divided the
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republican party. this will hit millions of americans. the president touting he is replacing obamacare step by step by step. this is definitely a major step in dismantling, but is it sabotage as democrats say? cnn congressional correspondent phil mattingly joins me from capitol hill. what's the impact and what's the reaction on the hill. >> look at the marketplace, these are subsidies to the insurance companies that allow insurers to cut prices how they offer insurance in specific areas for lower income individuals. so the market reality, presumptive nominepremiums will go up. some may want to pull out all together. politically, akin to rolling a hand grenade into a complicated, difficult last couple of weeks for congress this year. you look at what's on the agenda, tax reform, daca, government spending bill, any number of reauthorizations, adding this to the game is problematic for republican
8:19 am
leadership. republicans are opposed to obamacare, republicans were opposed to csrs, republicans and the lawsuit is the reason they were deemed illegal, allowed the president to make this move. republicans in the leadership level wanted the administration to continue payments because they understand what it means for the marketplace. now democrats are going to demand they be paid. look at what the senate minority leader chuck schumer and nancy pelosi said. it is a spiteful act, a vast pointless sabotage, leveled at working families in every corner of america. trump will try to blame the affordable care act, but this will fall on his back and he will pay the price for it. that recognition of marketplace effect there as well. you mention an important point as lawmakers try to figure out what the path forward is now that this is on their plate. republican party is divided. senior republican leaders, lamar alexander, key health care senator in this chamber want to do something. there's bipartisan negotiations for short term funding. worth noting republican repeal
8:20 am
plans in the transition period into the replace funded the csr subsidy for insurance companies as well. that's acknowledgment why this is important. conservative republicans don't want to do anything to fix obamacare, they're opposed to it, and think this is not only the right move, nothing should be done to prop it up. listen to what jim jordan had to say earlier. >> the csr payments are in fact illegal. the president said he is no longer going to engage in making these payments. let's move forward, do what we should have done a long time ago, what we in the house passed, let's move forward on that. >> obviously the issue is there's no legislative near term for repeal and replace, have to wait a couple months. how do they handle this? there will be a congressional fight. democrats will hold out until they get the payments, republicans have to figure out how can they move forward while understanding the party is going to be divided and still try to figure out a way to get this
8:21 am
done. there's a deal to be made. the question is, do republicans want to take it, given opposition to the law all together. >> seems like it is getting tougher, not easier. but i could be wrong. great to see you, thank you so much. joining me to discuss, congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, kate, great to be with you. >> phil laid out the parameters where we are, the president cancelling payments. you raised concern about this before. what's your reaction to his move? >> well, first cautionary reduction payments will need to be made. impart of a group of members called problem solvers caucus, about 45 of us. we put out legislation to stabilize the individual insurance market to ensure cautionary reduction payments are brought under the appropriations process to provide relief to employers through the man at a time, companies over 500 employees,
8:22 am
and repeal medical device tax. we have a bipartisan plan that includes insuring cautionary reduction payments. i am fearful that the president made this announcement this will destabilize insurance markets, raise premiums for folks. 57% in pennsylvania of the exchanges receive these payments. that means premiums will spike, there will be greater instability and likely larger number of people that become uninsured. >> you say you're fearful it could destabilize. do you see this as sabotaging health care markets? >> well, certainly it is not helpful. i think the president is ill advised to take this course of action because we at the end of the day will own this. we, the republican party, will own this. i believe -- >> that's different than what we heard from republicans so long, for so many republicans. they say no matter what, this is on obama. trump himself said it. you say now republicans own
8:23 am
this. >> well, broke is a former president. president trump is the president. he is a republican. we control the congress. we own the system now. so we are going to have to figure out a way to destabilize this situation. barack obama is no longer in the equation. so this is on us. i believe his action will force us to enter a bipartisan agreement on the reduction of payments. either way we're putting a bill on the president's desk that stabilizes the market. >> you're also a realist. do you think there's a realistic way there's going to be movement on this since the president has now placed his marker on this. this will have to be. the president's actions will result in higher premiums for
8:24 am
too many americans. in my state, that will be the case, higher premiums. i suspect more insurance companies may end up pulling out of the market and will see higher numbers of uninsured individuals. i believe that will be the consequence. that's going to put enormous pressure on us in congress to do something. we have to send the bill to the president. whether or not he signs it, i don't know. i hope he would. maybe that's what he wants us to do. maybe he is forcing us to take some action. >> can i ask about the iran deal? is the president making the right move decertifying the iran agreement? >> well, i would like to see exactly what the president is going to do. i voted against the iran deal back in 2015 when it came up. i think it is seriously flawed. that said, i would be hesitant to walk away from the iranian agreement now that the moneys have been released to tehran. now we have to make sure the iranians comply with the agreement. the challenge is not what's happening today or tomorrow, it
8:25 am
is what happens in ten years when much of this agreement goes away, iran would be able to restart its nuclear weapons program. that's the big fear. if the president were to walk away today, it would put tremendous pressure on all of us, maybe -- >> sounds like it is not walking away entirely, he wants to kick it to congress is what it sounds like. should he be kicking it to congress? >> well, if he wants to take it to congress, i can live with that, but i also believe that congress has to be very circumspect how we proceed. i believe iran and its leaders have engaged in serious terrorist activity, they're bad actors. we all know that. the question is how do we confront iran on the nonnuclear activities now and their meddling in the region causing instability and chaos everywhere they go. i think that's the issue. if congress acts, i suspect we should try to act on areas outside of the nuclear agreement to put pressure on tehran.
8:26 am
that's what i think we ought to do. >> congressman, everyone knows you're retiring after seven terms. you had been considering it awhile. you made the decision in the mid summer. did president trump play a factor in your decision? >> well, part of this decision was personal. i have run for office 13 times, four for statehouse, two for senate, seven times for congress. 13 and 0, it is nice. that said, i think there has been some frustration that's predated donald trump. ever since the government shutdown in 2013, i have always been concerned there are a lot of folks have a difficult time getting a yes. concerned both parties are seeing increasing elements of isolationism, protectionism, nativism and at times nilism, both parties have this problem, these are not attributes of a great nation. i think we have to correct things. i believe the country is going flew a political realignment
8:27 am
now. the democratic party is not in a good place, heck, their party taken over by a guy, bernie sanders, not even a democrat, and our party taken over by donald trump who until recently wasn't even republican. so we have this shift going on. and i think that's frustrating. but some of the aktctions cause frustration. i don't enjoy spending days responding to the tweet of the moment. and i think that's been a real problem for us. it distracted us from serious substantive matters, talking about miss universe or the president's comments on charlottesville or whatever the issue is, it makes life more difficult to focus on tax reform or whatever the more important issue of the moment is. >> i would love more time to reflect on your thoughts on the institution later. let's focus on the here and
8:28 am on your plate. thanks for coming in. great to see you. >> kate, thanks for having me. great to be with you, too. coming up. the update from puerto rico. there's more people in puerto rico without power today, not less. what's going on? house speaker paul ryan getting a firsthand look, set to tour the devastated island and new message to the puerto rican people from the president. that's next. . your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th. don't put it off 'til later.
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witness katy perry work. witness katy perry firework. witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. new this morning, president trump has a new message for the people of puerto rico. early morning tweet, he wrote the wonderful people of puerto rico with their unmatched spirit know how bad things were before the hurricanes. i will always be with them. that of course comes after the president seemed to threaten to pull fema and first responders off the island just yesterday saying they can't be there forever, he tweeted. that did not sit well with folks on the ground. this won't either. today, only 9% of the island has
8:33 am
power. that's down from 17% yesterday. yes, down from yesterday. leila santiago is live where she has been since before the storm hit. what's going on with the power now? >> reporter: well, at this point you said it, 9% of the power has been restored. put this in perspective. 91% of the island is still without power three weeks after hurricane maria, what happened overnight to see the shift and not improvement, the opposite direction. they told me there was some sort of failure in the central system. they're working to get that restored. again, i asked what the long term goals are, kate, they told me 25% by the end of the month. again, flip the numbers around. that means end of the month, likely 75% of this island will not have power.
8:34 am
and these are the words from the puerto rican government on the same day the speaker of the house is scheduled to visit the island. i have been told by organizers as well as people in the puerto rican government that speaker paul ryan is expected to take a flight so he will get an aerial view of the island. that will be his exposure outside of the capitol. remember, when president trump visited, he was criticized for the same thing, for not talking to people on the ground outside at san juan as we have done. just in the last few days, we got out of san juan, talked to people in the western part of the island and interior, very different story out there than what it is here. out there, bridges have collapsed, communities remain isolated, remain with no communication. mothers praying for help for their babies, elderly without medications, people without water. a third of the island still without water on the day the
8:35 am
speaker of the house is bringing in a delegation from the u.s. >> the video we're showing from traveling the island is still so shocking. you spoke to folks you met weeks ago, they're still struggling. what are they telling you? >> reporter: you know, i spoke to one woman who didn't have a roof over her house. she was in the central part of the island. kate, without a roof over her house she's still flying the u.s. flag, calling the united states the salvation. meanwhile, in that same statement saying she's waiting for help, the help has not arrived. we are seeing fema aid moving, we're certainly seeing more movement today than a week ago, two weeks ago, three weeks ago at this point, but somehow it is still not reaching the most vulnerable communities on this island of 3.5 million u.s. citizens. >> house speaker, congressional
8:36 am
delegation, getting a first hand look of their own today on some of it. probably not all of it. great to see you. thank you so much. breaking news coming into us just now. the president set to layout his path forward very soon on the iran nuclear deal, the secretary of state, the president's national security adviser layout the new defense of the president's approach. what are they saying? that's coming up. first this. his brother had a love for sports but congenital heart defect kept him on the sidelines and sadly his brother passed away at ten years old. this week's cnn hero launched a nonprofit that gives other seriously ill children a front row seat to their favorite sports. >> when you have a child who is dealing with a life-threatening illness, their treatment protocol might be two, three years, and their tanks start to go dry. >> you a big ou fan? >> game day experiences provide an opportunity for a family to get out as a family, just being
8:37 am
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imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. breaking news. secretary of state rex tillerson and the president's national security adviser mcmaster briefing reporters on what the president will say in just minutes and why he is making the dramatic move. michelle kosinski was at the briefing and has the details. what are they saying, what are you hearing? >> reporter: the first thing we
8:42 am
heard from secretary of state tillerson sounded like reassurance. he wanted to say off the bat the u.s. is staying in the iran nuclear deal, we're not out of the deal, not renegotiating the deal, the deal is intact. he wanted to say that over and over again to make sure everybody knew this is not the collapse of the iran nuclear deal into greater unknown than exists now. but what they want to do is kick this to congress. there's a law congress passed when this deal was formed that said every 90 days, the white house has to certify the deal and stipulate a couple things, including that it is in the best national interest of the country to stay in the nuclear deal. is what we're getting out of the deal good enough to keep lifting sanctions on iran, allowing people to do business with iran. in this case, the president is
8:43 am
saying no, he is not going to certify it but wants congress to rework that law and put in specific trigger points see if iran does certain things, like expand ballistic missile program or wants parts of the deal sunset, they start doing more in the nuclear program, then immediately congress would reimpose sanctions that were lifted as part of the iran nuclear deal. they want congress to rework things so if iran does certain things, the sanctions go back on. they say if congress touches any of the sanctions that were part of the deal in the first place, that's essentially -- it is a renegotiating or a partial reworking of the iran deal without any of the other
8:44 am
countries that were part of it. they say this plan is reckless, use words like illogical, crazy. they feel this is a dangerous idea and a dangerous approach to foreign policy. what you hear from the white house, this is the most reasonable option. we're not breaking apart the deal itself, we're still in the deal, we just want to work out the part where the president has to certify it and congress can or cannot lift sanctions. there are a couple of options. congress can do nothing, leave lifting of sanctions as it is, they can choose to reimpose sanctions right now, and that would end the deal, or they can have trigger points. >> threading the needle, but where to. thank you very much. appreciate it. the president making his announcement shortly, we'll bring that to you live. joining me, greg meeks, senior democrat on the house
8:45 am
foreign affairs committee. thanks for coming in. you said the deal is imperfect, not a perfect deal, but wrote a letter to the president asking him to recertify. he is not going to do that. what does today's announcement mean? >> it is very worrying. i worry about today's announcement because what the president says matters. see, what people have to realize first, the reason for the deal was for one reason, to stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and the only way we were able to do that, not by bilateral sanctions by the united states, we've had bilateral sanctions by the united states and not prevent them continuing to move forward, it was the multilateral sanctions, getting p 5 plus 1 together, other nations, germany, france, russia, china, the eu, that's what put -- when the sanctions were collective, that made iran come to the table. violating that, then it is the united states that is pulling out and violating the agreement
8:46 am
which then means our word is not good and it sloits us from even our most valued allies. >> congressman, they're saying specifically he is not throwing out the deal. do you see that as a victory or you don't believe it? >> what he is doing is he is going contrary to what our allies have said, by not certifying the deal with all our allies and the certifying of inspections. >> you think in essence he is pulling out of the deal? >> in essence, he is saying they don't want to live up to what the facts are, so the problem to me is here we are again with this particular president, the facts say everything. whether you have everybody looking at the deal that says iran has complied, then the facts then say you should certify, except for this
8:47 am
president doesn't care what the facts are. he is going to say whatever the facts, i'm going to do what i want to do, and that divides us. he has done that every step of the way in almost everything he has done since he has been president of the united states. >> he is kicking this to congress, saying congress needs to come up with triggers. does that give you, if he is kicking it to you guys, do you see it as an opportunity to fix it, improve it, protect it? >> you're not going to -- the deal, i talked to our allies, you can't renegotiate the deal. the deal is not going to be renegotiated without our allies. it is not going to be something that's done simply by the united states of america. >> what i'm hearing from you is that you don't care, you think they're selling something that is different than what they're giving us, no matter how he sells it today, you think the deal is over? >> i'm saying the message that it is sending, so i would hope that congress, and this congress has not been as functional
8:48 am
because again, i think this president found a way to divide the american people, he found a way to divide congress, even found a way to divide the republican party, so i don't know what will happen with this congress because i am confused by it myself being a member of it. i know the american people have to be confused by it also, and i think that's partially done because of the president of the united states. >> so let me ask you about health care while i have you here. the president cancelling subsidy payments, members of congress, many a conversation about what this would mean. you call it sabotage. but a court ruled it illegal. the court ruled that there was not appropriations for it, and that payments were wrong. does he have a point? >> no. see, but he knows it is sabotage because they don't want to come to the table to work something out so that those issues, you know, that people may have problem with the affordable care act can be fixed. >> does this bring you to the
8:49 am
table? >> no. what does it have the effect of doing, it just shows heartlessness of this particular president. who is going to be victimized by it. it is going to be the poor, individuals, americans who don't have health care. >> the president says democrats come to the table and fix it. that's what he tweeted. >> democrats talked about coming to the table. only the president talks about repeal and replace, that's not fixing, that's getting rid of. >> it was collapsing now. in reality it is collapsing now that he makes its move because you say it is sabotage. do you have obligation to come to the table? >> it is on him and the republican party as what mr. dent said on your show, it is him and the republican party. he is sabotaging the affordable care act and quality health care to millions of americans. that's why i think you'll see a number of states attorney generals suing the president and
8:50 am
the congress to make sure that does not happen. >> what i hear is this does nothing to get democrats to the table to negotiate a bipartisan deal, even though charlie dent was optimistic that could happen. congressman, great to have you. a lot of work ahead. coming up, live pictures the death toll from the wildfires there is still on the rise. 31 people killed. thousands of homes, structures, people's livelihoods lost. the fires are still burning. we will take you there for an update. . and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you.
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>> the fires are burning and the death tolls are rising.
8:54 am
ravaging entire communities and they are devastating. firefighters are desperately working all night long. all day long to try to put out the flame. the death toll jumped to 31 people. authorities say they have been finding bodies that are so severely burned they have to use dental records and fingerprints to identify them for their families. ryan young is live with an update. ryan, what's going on behind you? >> we wanted to get closer to where the firefighting efforts are going on. they have been going for four days straight to contain the fire. what they are doing is setting up a fire line. this is happening right now. they set a path through here and you can hear the fire and it starts to go up these trees here. they have been working nonstop. you talked about the number of people who died -- 31. there are a number of people who are still missing. they brought in cadaver dogs. this is the operation going on
8:55 am
right now. with the heavy winds, they are t cutting a path and cutting down trees and as they set these lines, this has no more fuel to go on. 8,000 firefighters are in this area. we will pan up to show you the ridge line so you can see the firefighters who are standing by. they moved heavy machinery into this area to clear a path and down this mountain, there are million dollar homes sitting up here. they want to make sure they get out. the fire intensity you can feel it on your skin. >> i want to make sure, it looks like you are really close to the flame. you are all safe, right?
8:56 am
>> they got our back and we are watching out for each other. >> please stay safe. >> coming up for us in just minutes, president trump and a major announcement on the future of the iran nuclear deal. the president targeting a key legacy item of president obama. what is president trump's vision now for the path forward with iran? that is coming up. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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