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tv   New Day  CNN  October 27, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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there are all of these nuggets coming up. some of which are just confusing. >> more plots than you can shake a stick at. >> he lifted a veil and the veil is still in place courtney of the federal government. >> there are rules that specifically are designed to prohibit any interference from the white house. >> if the fbi looks political, it is is terrible for the country, terrible for law enforcement. >> now we have to find out who in the campaign knew or should have known. >> there is no shame in this. campaign work 101. >> this is "new day" with chris
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cuomo and al is sin camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". chris is off this morning. john berman joins me. >> it is suspicious. i will say it is suspicious. >> we'll tell you what is suspicious coming up. we're following two big stories. releasing not all but most of the files on the jfk assassination. the files adding to suspicion on what happened on that fateful day and breathing new life into conspiracy theories. one of the documents ends on on a big cliffhanger, was lee harvey oswald an agent of the cia. >> and chris cuomo is not here. and president trump himself pressed the justice department to lift a gag order on an fbi informant. i key player into russian efforts to gain influence into the u.s. uranium industry during the obama administration. it is very unusual. you will hear people say it is inappropriate for a president to get this involved is in an
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investigation. we have this all covered for you. a lot of developments overnight. let's again with brianna keeler on the new jfk brianna. >> reporter: the 2,800 are likely to only feed them. the release was meant to tamp down. thousands were kept secret after 11th hour appeals from the fbi and cia. for decades, conspiracy theories have questioned whether lee harvey oswald acted alone in killing john f. kennedy in dallas 54 years ago. in a newly released memo, j. edgar hoover suppressed concern they wouldn't believe he was the lone gunman. the thing i'm concerned about is that mr. katzenbach and having something issued so we can convince the public that oswald is the real assassin. one document reveals the cia
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intercepted a call oswald made to a kgb officer at the russian embassy in moscow less than two months before oswald shot kennedy. oswald spoken in broken russia. and fbi documenting a separate conversation about oswald and two cubans. one said oswald must have been a good shot. a cuban intelligence officer said, oh, he was quite good. when asked why he said that, "i knew him". >> they had a lot of information to suggest that this man, lee harvey oswald, was a danger. >> another cliffhanger, whether oswald worked for the cia. richard helms, deputy cia director under kennedy, was asked if lee harvey on oswald was a cia agent where the document suddenly ends without an answer. even linden b. johnson is said
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to have entertained another theory to explain the assassination. according to helms, johnson claimed he was killed as payback for the assassination of vietnam's president and this was just justice. even though helms said there was no evidence of this claim in agency records. but a memo from fbi director j. edgar hoover to the white house three years after kennedy was killed details reaction inside the soviet union, including conspiracy theories of their own. namely, that johnson himself was behind kennedy's death. the source saying ussr believed there was well-organized conspiracy on the part of the ultra right in the united states to affect a coup. they received a direct warning before oswald's own murder before a jail transfer. a day before oswald was killed, hoover says the fbi office in dallas received a phone call from a man talking in a calm
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voice and saying he was a member of a committee organized to kill oswald and shared that information with the dallas police chief who assured us adequate protection would be given. however, this was not done. oswald's killer, jack ruby, maintained he acted alone and denied making the call. and more may be coming. a white house official telling cnn the president was unhappy with the level of redactions requested by intelligence agencies saying they were not meeting the spirit of the law. trump writing in a memo, i have no choice today but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation's security. but here is what is head scratching about all of this. intelligence agencies have had 25 years to comply with this 1992 law that governs the release of these documents, yet they missed this deadline. they were sending requests for redactions even late yesterday. president trump has given them 180 more days to review their
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reasons for requesting information be withheld. so more documents may yet see get put forward. >> the rereviewing. department of redundancredundan. and lifting a gag order on an fbi inform apt to the informant could speak about russia's obama era uranium deal. jessica schneider is live with more. >> reporter: two sources telling cnn that president trump played a hand in getting this gag order lifted. also an informant who claims he has details on corruption and that uranium deal approved in 2010 can talk to congress. after the president issued his order to a senior staff, we know that white house counsel mcghan relayed the message to the justice department. and weapons night that gag order
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was lifted. of course the justice department has strict rules limiting any white house matters were especially when it involves the president's political opponents. it was earlier this week they called allegations of corruption. that was approved when hillary clinton was secretary of state. the watergate of the mod age. republicans have been raising questions about reports that russians channeled millions of dollars into the clinton foundation at the same time the deal was being approved to sell a uranium mining company to the russians. and with recent reports that the fbi was simultaneously investigating a subsidiary of that company, they announced it earlier this week. of course with the revelations that the president played a hand in lifting this gag order, democrats are crying foul about the president's reported enter srepbg. in fact, congressman adam schiff tweeted it is is beyond
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disturbing and he plans to launch a probe. alisyn and john, the white house has referred all questions on this to the justice department, but the justice department right now declining to comment. >> we have a lot to discuss. let's start with the declassified jfk files. we have jeffrey toobin and chris cillizza. the jfk files really intriguing. what jumps out at you? >> it is shameful that the cia and intelligence agencies did not get their act together and release all the documents. the fact that this was a last minute rush for 25-year deadline. >> you think it was the cia not the president slow rolling a big reveal? >> no. i'm prepared to blame the trump
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administration -- the trump white house for a lot of things. but this is on the cia. these are their documents. they're the ones who should know that -- how this procedure should have worked. and also they should not be be protecting hundreds of pages of documents more than 50 years after this assassination. >> and the president agrees with you. we have the statement what the president said about this. it was in brianna's piece. do we have that statement? no. is it coming? all right. >> i don't have it either. >> i was told we have it. it's okay. there it is. i will say this to you.
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not only are the intelligence agencies perhaps stonewalling but they are also dropping this ridiculously intriguing new hints. a memo that involves the interview with richard helms, cia director in the 70s. he was asked, is there any information involved with the assassination of kennedy that shows in any way that lee harvey oswald was somehow a cia agent or an agent and then dot, dot, dot. tune in to the next episode. it is like let me tell you the secret of life. and then agh! in has been so weighted with conspiracy is theory, with varying accounts of what happened that anything like that is going to add to it. and i'll echo jeff in that if you are a conspiracy theorist about the kennedy assassination, stuff like that and the fact that we thought we were getting everything and at the 11th hour
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suddenly we're pulling certain things back for relatively national security reasons will only fuel your idea that this is a giant conspiracy theory and just when you were about to get to the bottom of it, the government stepped back in. >> we talk about conspiracy theories. not everybody remembers lee harvey oswald's life. here was an american, former marine, who in 1959 defects to the soviet union and then redefects or undefects back to the united states a couple of months before the assassination, he goes to mexico where he meets with american government officials, among others. he's involved in this group called fair play for cuba, supporting the cuban government in dallas. i mean, there is so much weirdness in this guy's life. what most of these documents are about are not about the assassination per se.
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they're about what the american government knew about his incredibly peck background. and trying to figure out who this person was and what side he was really on and is this serious. >> to that end, for me the most interesting thing that came out, there was a death threat phoned in to lee harvey oswald the day before he was murdered dallas police, said we have this under control. a lot of people thought he was shot to silence him. he did have this certainly odd background for someone at that time. >> meanwhile, speaking of fbi informants, there is a modern day intrigue about this. so president trump had the gag order lifted on an fbi informant so he could testify in front of congress about the uranium one deal that was the obama era deal
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to give this russian nuclear agency access and the ownership of this uranium company. it is not illegal but unusual. anything else we need to know about the president lifting this gag order? >> this has been a recent fox news obsession. this uranium deal which was investigated two years ago and nothing untoward was found. this is clearly an attempt by the president, his allies, to distract attention away from the russia investigation in terms of the trump campaign. and, you know, the president can control the news media narrative by calling this watergate. but that shouldn't tell us that there is anything more to be investigated here than already was. i think this is basically a nonstory except it you is being
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ginned up to distract from an investigation which we don't know the outcome of. >> here's what i would say. trump has a pattern of saying things small and large that other presidents, past presidents might not have done. the interviewing of u.s. attorneys candidates which we learned this week. making clear to his senior staff. he didn't reach out directly to the justice department. making very clear he wanted this gag order lifted. these are things that, you know, i don't want to say regular course of business for him. but he is a line pusher. he is someone very big into this is ridiculous. i'm not going to operate because past presidents did this, that, or the other thing. a little surprising that he would be involved in it. when you look at the trump o uv.
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>> speak english. >> it is not that atypical for trump. if you are talking about the broad sweep of presidency, it is a little. >> chris cillizza got very nice grades. chris, jeffrey toobin, thanks so much. >> went to the best school. appreciate it. the nigerien soldier who was first on the scene after a todayly ambush that killed four u.s. soldiers said the convoy became separated during the attack. arwa damon is live in niger with the exclusive details. we should know we are the first network on the ground in this country where there are so many questions. arwa? >> reporter: good morning. now, when this soldier arrived on scene, he described how he saw american and nigerien troops back-to-back in defensive positions. he saw bodies of two americans
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killed in the back of a u.s. sroeubg, the third body lying close by, and three nigeriens who were killed as well. he said they noticed that some of the brush was smoking. there was smoke rising from the ash. villagers said it was the attackers that as they were fleeing they created somewhat of a smokesscreen. two vehicles separated from the rest of the attack. initially carried out by assailants in eight vehicles. and very quickly, this is when it got really intense, dozens of attackers arriving on the backs of motorcycles. but what he did also say, which is thought to be very surprising, was that he said that the green berets, along with nigerien counter parts, actually stopped at his base the day before the attack october 3rd. he didn't know why they were there.
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but after he and his unit got the orders to respond to the attack, he said he was very surprised. because the americans and nigeriens were a light convoy. they didn't have sufficient manpower or fire power given the threat that he himself believed were out in this zone. >> arwa, thank you very much for being on the ground in niger and for all of that reporting. we will check back with you. so president trump promising the biggest tax cut ever. could his plan result in millions actually paying more? we will ask one of the biggest supporters in congress next. oup: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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sources tell cnn president trump directed his senior staff to have the justice department lift a gag order on an fbi informant to the informant could speak to congress about russia's obama-era uranium deal. joining is chris collins of new york to talk about this and so much more. good morning, congressman. >> yes. good morning, alisyn. >> are you comfortable the president would exert his influence over the fbi to have a
4:22 am
lifted gag order on this informant? >> well, certainly the president is allowed to do what he is going to do. and i know he certainly has been frustrated with much of the russia investigation. in doing this, he is trying to ensure that all aspects of the investigation. so, no, i don't have any problem with that. let the truth speak for itself. >> just to be clear, they are supposed to operate independently, particularly when it comes to the president or any president's political opponents. and here the president is trying to get some dirt on what happened with hillary clinton. >> well, i mean, if there was someone that is under a gag order and therefore his part of the story was not released, to have it released most would say we want to hear from as many possible individuals as you can. and if somebody has a gag order
4:23 am
on them and could not speak and that part of the story wasn't told i guess could now say is it will be told. the truth is the truth. so i don't see any harm in this at all. >> it is a little confusing because, as you may know, the department of justice would not allow two fbi officials to speak about james comey's firing. so when it's the investigation into what happened with russia meddling and james comey's tpaour firing, the justice department won't allow them to speak. but when the president wants it to be about hillary clinton, he will lift the gag order. >> that's his prerogative. >> okay. let's move on. taxes. how would you feel if state and local taxes were no longer deductible under the president's new plan? that would affect your
4:24 am
constituents in new york in particular. >> our tax plan is igniting the economic engine of growth through making the u.s. competitive with the rest of the world on corporate taxes and also unleashing the job creators of small business, the pass throughs and reducing their income taxes. they will reinvest that. certainly part of the concern has been the pay fors. how do we keep our debt in line as we are unleashing the economic engine. it will generate what we know will be the growth that ultimately will make a difference with the deficit. state and local income taxes are awe bigger deal in new york, new jersey, california. >> so would you get on board with those? >> we have taken care of the middle and upper middle income earners by virtue of the fact that we have doubled the standard deduction to $24,000.
4:25 am
anybody anyone in these states with a half a million dollar house or that value, they will take a standard deduction unless property taxes and mortgage interest is more than $24,000. so you are getting into is a pretty expensive house. over half a million dollars. now, i know our governor and i know senator schumer worried about the millionaires and billionaires on wall street making millions of dollars will not be allowed to deduct the millionaires tax that our governor imposed. it was supposed to sunset and did not. we are one of the highest taxed states in the nation on the millionaires and billionaires, hedge fund folks. this is not protecting the millionaires and billionaires that governor cuomo and senator schumer want to protect. it's not. they're going to pay more taxes, alisyn. there's no two ways about it. we are protecting the middle income earners, upper middle income earners.
4:26 am
i'm confident in my district, 98% of my taxpayers will be taking the standard deductions. so this doesn't mean anything to them. >> okay. while we have you, congressman, i do want to ask about the ethics issue that at the moment you are facing. it is reviewing some business dealings that you did to see if they were appropriate. did you share some sort of nonpublic information with the nih in attempting for immunotherapeutics. >> the trial failed. i lost everything i had in it. believe me, i didn't have any inside information that would indicate otherwise hold o. you had at one point 25 million, 50
4:27 am
million stakes in the company. and you don't have those anymore? >> no. i owned 38 million shares that at one time, with a lot of hype around the company, was worth $30 million. today it is is worth zero. i never sold a share. and clearly the indication that i would have had insider information to tell me about all the good things that were going to happen clearly was not the case because good things clearly didn't happen. our trial failed. i reviewed everything with ethics. today the three initial allegations with me were all dismissed by the office of congressional ethics. they are not the real deal. they turned it over to the committee that just said we're going to review things, but that's where it stands. i wish they had reviewed things and just ended the situation.
4:28 am
here they didn't. that's unfortunate. but i certainly did nothing wrong. clearly, i had no insider information that good things were coming because what came was the company derailed, the trial failed, i lost everything. never sold a share. it is unfortunate we had what we thought would be a life-saving drug that did not show significant difference to a practice see bow. >> when the findings were they had substantial reason to believe that you did engage in some sort of insider trading or insider information, not true? >> no. there's two different things. there is the congressional ethics committee. i call that the real deal. they are reviewing the oce report, the office of congressional ethics. the mall cops. they're not the real deal. they thought you one of my e-mail to investors may have had
4:29 am
not public information. that's not true. and the ceo of the company has put forth an affidavit saying there was nothing in that e-mail that was not public information. but also the company failed. so there was certainly no insider information that was going to make anyone money. it was just the thought that we had a life-saving drug. we truly did. i truly thought this was going to make a big difference for those with is secondary multiple sclerosis. i you lost everything. never sold a share. we have an affidavit that said in and all information in the e-mail you are referring to was already in the public domain. right now it is is unfortunate. the congressional ethics committee is simply reviewing the report from the oce and they will get to it on their time frame. unform, that could be two years from frnow. >> thank you very much for
4:30 am
explaining all of that to us and for being on good day. >> good being with you, alisyn. >> you too. in just minutes we will talk to kellyanne conway. but wait there's more. we have new jersey governor chris christie talking about the president's opioid commission and much more. up next on the new jfk documents released ends in a cliffhanger. was lee harvey oswald an agent of the cia? we'll discuss that and many more revelations next. ture's bounty e helps protect eyes from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing] nature's bounty lutein blue. because you're better off healthy.
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>> one of the newly declassified jfk as nation documents, was harvey oswald an agent of the cia. author of a cool and shocking act, the secret history of the kennedy assassination. phil, let me start with you. that document i'm talking about was an interview with richard helms, the director of the cia during the 1970s. he was asking is there any information involved with the assassination of kennedy that in
4:35 am
any way shows he was a cia eight or agent. then it goes, dot, dot, dot and ends. that's part of what wasn't released overnight. that is an unbelievable cliffhanger. >> apparently the government is going to continue to hold back for months and months the super secret documents about this turning point in american history. the cia has been adamant there was no tie to lee harvey oswald. >> clearly there was something they didn't want released. maybe it comes up in april. there are some interesting nuggets. warnings that the fbi gave about lee harvey oswald being at risk after the kennedy assassination. this is skj. edgar hoover.
4:36 am
there is nothing new on the oswald case except that he is dead. we received a call in our dallas office from a man talk anything a calm voice and saying he was a member a committee organized to kill oswald. this is days after the assassination. >> and i believe hoover was angry. that is covering yourself, right? don't blame the fbi. i had a couple. it was odd. and i did due diligence, reported it to dallas. and something went amis. clearly something did. the footage we see over and over of ruby coming and shooting oswald up close you constantly say, how did the dallas police let that happen? and when oswald was apprehended, why wasn't he tape-recorded? why don't we have documents from him? this is starting to put all roads lead to mexico city. there is one document that's just come out where we follow
4:37 am
oswald's journey to mexico city, the meeting, what they're wearing. if we can ever figure out what oswald did in mexico city and who he met with, and the cia was very busy in mexico city in the late 50s and 60s. >> as a matter of fact, we have something that gets to that in a phone call. according to an intercepted phone call in mexico city,s on w58d called the soviet agency identifying himself by name and speaking in broken russian stating the above and asking whether there was anything new concerning telegram to washington. >> i've always thought this mexico city incident is really the secret chapter of the kennedy assassination drama. oswald goes to mexico city, meeting with cuban spice, russian spice and other people who at the height of the cold war might have wanted to see
4:38 am
john kennedy dead. >> it is fascinating if you look back on this how many steps they took from the very beginning after the assassination which only raises new questions and fueled new conspiracy theories, doug. as i go back and i read again the statement from j. edgar hoover talking about being concerned about what he is going to say to the american people. he said the thing i'm concerned about and the deputy attorney general is having something issued to convince the public that oswald is the real assassin. shouldn't he be concerned about getting the actual facts and proof to the american people? >> absolutely. i believe that completely. everybody in government was trying to get the kennedy assassination behind them. they were worried about what this meant. and the cold war. how was russia looking at this?
4:39 am
were people thinking america was in chaos. how did it play out in cuba? from the very top, is linden skwr johnson said get this behind us. hoover was just part of the larger apparatus trying to do that. >> phil, your big takeaway with these overnight documents. did you learn anything new that jumps out for you? >> we have seen most of these documents. the 2,800 that were released last night, we have seen most of those documents before. now i guess we are seeing them in full. the documents we have been most eager to see are still redacted. maybe we will see them next april. >> thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. john, a frightening hit on
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all right. listen up, miami fans. ravens dominated last night. the win came with a price. joe flacco knocked out of the game after a brutal hit. andy scholes has more on this morning's bleacher report. >> joe flacco had to leave the game due to injury. he went out in the second quarter after a brutal hit by the dolphins alonso. he slid on this play. he lowers the shoulder and drills him. his ear was bleeding. ravens said after the game he suffered a concussion. the ravens won big, 40-0.
4:45 am
j.j. watt helped raise more than $37 million for hurricane harvey relief. yesterday he announced how he was going to be using that money. >> i apologize it has been a bit since my last update. i didn't anticipate breaking my leg. that threw a wrench into things. we are going to rebuild homes, child care programs, provide food and professional and medical services, physical and mental health for those affected by the hurricane. >> alisyn, he will be on the field tonight for game three of the world series, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. i will be there as well. this place will be rocking when he comes out to throw out the first pitch. >> i bet you're right, andy. thank you very much. we'll be watching. did president trump cross the line when he reportedly asked to lift a gag order on an fbi informant? counselor to the president
4:46 am
kellyanne conway will be live on this and so much more next. we can do this. at fidelity, our online planning tools are clear and straightforward so you can plan for retirement while saving for the things you want to do today. -whoo!
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limiting the white house matters. let's discuss this with kellyanne conway. tell us why this was important to the president to lift the gag order? >> i did want to correct the report, and it looks like others indicate this, it was chairman grassly that made the request, and that's the proper channel here. and there's a source in cnn's own reporting that says the justice department made this decision independently. >> hold on. hold on. >> it's not unusual for a president to weigh in. this president, as you saw from the jfk files to this particular investigation, alisyn, is for transparency, and he believes, as others do, that the fbi informant to be free to say what
4:51 am
he knows. chuck grassley made this request to the justice department last week. >> we appreciate that. and we also have reporting that the president pressed for it, so he is interested in it. >> i think we should all be interested in, i certainly am, and i'm not the president. we wasted a lot of time, and i don't know how much you pay for your graphics but you have had doozees out there, and now we are faced with the possibility, and it looks like the probability that the dnc and the clinton campaign paid a foreign agent for information to try and smear a political political opp >> that's different than a russian -- >> i didn't say he was russian, i said he was foreign.
4:52 am
and joe manchin indicated yesterday he did not think it was appropriate. using a foreign intelligence and assets to create a dossier that they have still discredited, that can't be verified, and it was paid. i saw you on earlier this morning on a panel situation saying that how in the world can they pay millions and nobody knows that it happened? that's a great question. >> thank you. >> and the dnc wasted a ton of money on the major loss, and nobody takes responsible for millions of dollars. let's hear what this guy has to say. >> we have been covering it, and that brings us to cambridge analytica, which was your data-collecting data analytics firm during the trump campaign
4:53 am
that was reached out to wikileaks, of all places, and that has a tie to russia, so that is also a foreign entity, of course, and wanting their help with the data collection. square those two for us? >> i only know what i read in the press on this, which is that julian assange said he rejected it and never happened. alexander nicks from cambridge analytica did it. cambridge analytica was paid by the campaign, and you know brad was the digital director. >> if you knew it was true, okay, so as he testified to -- i shouldn't say testified, but quoted, are you uncomfortable with trying to bring in
4:54 am
wikileaks to help? >> any of that was unnecessary, for a reason. we beat hillary clinton fairly and squarely. russia did not tell her not to go to wisconsin or michigan. she came up with that all by herself. we did not tell them to spend millions on some phoney dossier rather than beating him on the issues, because she couldn't -- >> we're clear on that. are you comfortable the trump campaign through the cambridge analytica had a connection to wikileaks? >> they didn't have a connection to wikileaks. >> they reached out to help with the data. >> no, not to help with the data. it was something about releasing the e-mails. i was the campaign manager and i couldn't be bothered with that. donald trump beat hillary clinton on the issues.
4:55 am
people wanted their taxes leveled. >> surely you were interested in the data collection. if they were pressing wikileaks to help unearth more e-mails, you are okay with that? >> the campaign was not doing that. >> the data firm that you were using, and paid $6 million to did that. >> they reached out to julian assange. i have already told you it's completely unnecessary because we beat her on the issues and continue to. people are writing about our discussion and earlier in your broadcast two commentators mentioned we just like to talk about hillary, you are talking about hillary. i will make a deal -- >> let's move along with the interview and not mention her.
4:56 am
let's not mention her. you treat her book like it's not fiction and everything else, and you allow people from her campaign on your network for the last year to sit there and never admit they paid millions of dollars for this phoney dossier work. >> it seems hard for you not to talk about hillary clinton. >> you brought her up. >> let's not talk about her for the rest of the interview. let's do that. >> awesome. >> let's move on. one last point on wikileaks, are you saying you knew nothing about the data that cambridge analytica trying to get wikileaks help with unearthing the -- >> the first i learned of that was this week through the news. >> okay. you would be uncomfortable or comfortable with that? >> alisyn, i answered your questions.
4:57 am
uncomfortable with what? the data i collected had everything had with the unforgotten voter. these are people who had never voted republican or had not voted in years, and they were there for donald trump because of his superior message. i know i was -- god, i hope that's not a squirrel and not a rat. i was -- it's better than the lawn mower that is always back there. it's your show and you can pick what you want to talk about, but i was hoping we could talk about the opioid epidemic, and i feel we are ignoring issues that affect a lot of americans, and there were lots of democrats in the audience that made me happy,
4:58 am
and it's a nonby -- >> it's a universal issue. one last thing on russia. what is it that worries the president about the uranium deal? the russia thing is confusing, because as you know this president has talked a lot about how russia could be a good friend, and russia could help the world with peace, and why now the fixation on the uranium one deal. >> the president is not worried about the uranium one, and the people that should be worried about it are the ones that benefited from it. you can't turn around and be part of the decision-making process for him to get 20% of our rights. he was not secretary of state or president at the time when russian folks were trying to infiltrate the state department and get an advantage for this particular deal. that was reported in t"the hill
4:59 am
last week. >> he said it could be a friend. he wants the informant to be able to testify, because he has some interests? >> shouldn't we all. cnn is so vested in russia, russia, russia, and are we going to drop that because it gets a little too close to the woman that ran last time, and i won't say her name. >> you might be breaking the rule. >> this is a very important point. we have talked about this for the last year, so let's at least close the loop, can't we, and look at what the clinton campaign and democrats did. on russia, you know trump sat down with him for a long visit this past spring and summer, and that's a very important visit. they discussed a long range of
5:00 am
issues and i hope the media covered that at length, and the president said many times if there's something to work on with russia, if we can work together to defeat isis once and for all. >> he's opposed for the uranium deal? >> you are saying the president is worried and uncomfortable? he didn't make half a million-dollar speech in russia. >> your white house has been talking about it a lot. i want to know what is it that bothers you about it? >> zero. what bothers me about it is we can't get all of you who have been obsessed with russia, russia, to report on the other shoe -- >> what that shoe? >> uranium one was covered at length, and i talked about it -- >> you don't think that should


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